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by Rick Heizman

One of the mottos of the Bangladesh armed forces is:
In Allah We Trust & All Others We Dominate
The second half of that motto is especially disturbing.

Tensions are super high on the Bangladesh/Burma border, after an escalating series
of deadly incidents during May 2014, and continuing into June.

Bangladesh is moving tanks, artillery and thousands
of troops to the border.

Islamic jihadist terrorist groups are sending heavily
armed mujahideen fighters - some from other
countries - into this corner of Burma known as
Arakan or Rakhine State.

Jihadist terrorist training is being done at camps in
the jungles, as recent photos and videos found on
Turkish, Indonesian, and other jihadist websites show.

Militant leaders have been captured with bomb-making, weapons tactics, and other terrorist
pursuits on their computers with which they intended to teach the many jihadists eager to kill
Buddhists and seize the land for Muslims, and Muslims only.

According to Bangladeshi media and military sources, the Bangladesh
Army's Chittagong-based 24th Infantry Division has moved thousands
of troops, heavy artillery, and an armored column of tanks to the
Burmese border. Bangladeshi Navy ships have made aggressive
moves towards Burmese Naval ships and coastal defenses.

The Burmese Army's Western Command has moved five light
infantry brigades to the border area, supported by heavy artillery
units after the repeated cross-border attacks, in May, 2014, by
Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) jihadi terrorists, and
other groups - all operating under the indirect and/or the direct
cover and collaboration of the Bangladesh military.
Bangladeshi tanks on Burma-Bangladesh
This border has been volatile, porous, and problematic since the British days. Not only is it a
border between countries, but it is a border between people and their faiths - it is a border
between Muslims and Buddhists, and between Islam and Buddhism.

On the Burmese side of the border is Arakan / Rakhine State, which is primarily and deeply
Buddhist, and has been so, for over 1000 years. This is the
continuous homeland of the Rakhine Buddhists, and they
do not aspire to take anyone else's land. However, Arakan
has a large Bengali Muslim population that began to move
into Arakan in large numbers during the British days before
WWII, and then in much greater numbers since WWII. The
Rakhine Buddhists live in peace and harmony with all other
ethnicities and faiths, except for the Bengali Muslims.

On the Bangladesh side of the border the people are
almost entirely Muslim. Islam started to arrive in the 13th century - by force and violent conquests.
Bangladesh actually has had a long and deep history of Buddhism - starting about 1000 years
before Islam even existed. Ancient Bengal (also known as Vanga) had Vedic, Hindu, and then
Buddhist rulers and empires, starting as early as the 7th century BC. The Golden Age of the
Bengal area was the great Pala Buddhist Empire which ruled a very large area for four centuries
from 750 - 1120 AD and ushered in a period of stability and prosperity. There are detailed records
by famous Chinese monk scholars describing many huge monasteries, intricate stone and brick
temples and stupas, and many thousands of monks. But, the Buddhists could not withstand the
compassionless violence, intolerance and conquest of the Muslims.

The land now called Bangladesh, historically a Buddhist land for millennium, now has less then
one percent Buddhist population (about one million out of 160 million total). Mostly known as the
Jumma people, these Buddhists, along with the largely
Hindu Bodo tribes and others, are constantly subject to
attacks, intolerance, village burnings, massacres,
discrimination, rapes, kidnapping and converting women
to Islam, destruction of temples, burning of homes, and
land confiscations.
In the Muslim world the conquest of Arakan would be the next natural step in the overall
conquest which starting in Arabia, conquered and converted the peoples of Persia,
Afghanistan and Pakistan areas, and spread across India and up to present-day Bangladesh.
Arakan is simply the next infidel land that must succumb to Islam regardless of what the
Arakan people prefer.

The Muslims of Bangladesh are aggressively pushing the Buddhists and Hindus out of
Bangladesh in order to have their homes, possessions and farmland for themselves. And, the
Bengali Muslims who have surged into Arakan have fought, killed, massacred, and demanded
that Northern Arakan be given to them - even though they are the minority! They put out so
much false and manipulative media, and false accusations against the Buddhists, along with
a made-up history of a people with a made-up identity - Rohingya - a term they say is
ancient and ties them to the land of Arakan, even before the Buddhists. But, the word is just a
few decades old. At the time of independence (late 1940s) Muslim leaders in Arakan
demanded a Muslim State, and in all the official documents going back and forth they never
called themselves Rohingya but referred to themselves as Arakan Muslims or simply the
Muslims (the only group of people to define themselves by religion, and the only people to
demand a State defined by religion).

Lies and falsehoods repeated over time become fact especially in the Muslim world, where
all non-Muslims are largely seen and treated with contempt and supremacy, and the duty of
Muslims is to convert or exterminate all others and make the entire world Islamic - not a
rainbow of different faiths and different people living respectfully in harmony - but one faith
forced on all, as is said and urged to do in many many verses of the Quran.
Some Significant Border Incidents Leading Up to the
Severe Escalation of Incidents During May, 2014

One of the more atrocious and recent terrorist operations by the Rohingya Solidarity Organization
(RSO) was the killing of one unarmed Road Officer (Lan-bo) Kyaw Kyaw Wai and the abduction
and kidnap of three unarmed Burmese military engineers near the border on November 6, 2012.
The attack was an ambush on a 13-men unarmed construction team from the Burma Army
General Engineering unit which was (ironically) building the Burma-Bangladesh Friendship Road
on the Burmese side of the borderline.

The Bengali Muslim terrorists raided the construction site
yesterday about 6 in the evening, and an officer was killed and
3 unarmed engineering soldiers were captured. The rest of the
13-men crew managed to escape. The three men are still
missing and we think they were already killed, said a local
Buddhist from nearby Aung-tha-byay village.

Usually, there were some armed troops guarding them, because
of previous incidents with Bengali Muslims. A local Buddhist
monk, who heard the gunshots of the nearby ambush, explained,
The raid happened during the time that the army soldiers were
helping villagers celebrate an important Buddhist festival and its
ceremonies. The RSO terrorists knew that news, and took the
opportunity to raid the unprotected and unarmed engineering
troops by the border.

In mid 2013, photos were discovered on a Turkish Islamist website which showed the three
engineers. We now know that after the photos were taken they had their heads cut off!
Captured-&-beheaded Engineer
Sergeant Khaing Htoo Aung (25)
with his parents, and sister - 2010.
January 2014: Ambush of Burma Police Patrol - Du-chi-yar-dan

On the dark night of January 13, 2014, near the border, about 50 Bengali Muslims
(Rohingya) from the large Muslim village of Du-chi-yar-dan - led by a group of ten RSO-
trained terrorists - ambushed a 5-man Security-Police team, which was accompanied by 4
civilian village administrative officials, as they were doing their regular round of the perimeter
of Du-chi-yar-dan villages - checking for illegals sneaking across the nearby Bangladesh
border, smugglers of contraband, weapons or people, or anything else that might be
problematic in that somewhat lawless and sometimes violent part of Arakan.

Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein ordered his men not to
shoot, and shouted to the mob to calm down, and that his
patrol had no intention of causing harm, and that they were
merely on routine border patrol. When it quickly became
apparent that their lives were in danger, the Sergeant ordered
the men to flee, and he tried to slow down the rushing Muslim
mob by shooting his M-22 rifle twice into the air, however, the
mob was unstoppable.
As he tried to catch up with them he got lost in the dark and
became tangled in the old fishing nets spread out in the middle
of a field. The Muslims, eager for blood, caught him and
dragged him back into the village, ripping his uniform and
police equipment off of his body.
They then dragged him into the village Mosque and executed him by cutting his throat from
ear to ear. Later four or five RSO terrorists took his body to the beach and dumped his body in
the sea from a small boat. His body has still not been found, however, authorities found
pieces of his uniform and gear hidden in the mosque, and the madrassa (Islamic school).

The RSO-trained Bengali Muslim terrorists were able to sneak back across the border into
Bangladesh next night, according to Rohingya villagers who have been cooperating with the
Burmese authorities.

Sixteen Rohingya men were arrested, and are suspected of orchestrating the brutal ambush
of the police patrol. Information gathered from them tells that there were 19 RSO terrorists
from Bangladesh involved in the planned and well-orchestrated attack, some of who had
recently attended a Mujahid Jihadist training camp at the OIC-supported and Saudi-funded
Rohingya Solidarity Organization Headquarters hidden in jungle in neighboring Bangladesh.
On January 3, 2014, the terrorist group snuck back into the Rohingya Village of Du-chi-yar-dan
and gave weapons training to a large number of the villagers. THE TRAINING WAS DONE AT
(Note - a mosque is the house of worship for Muslims, equivalent to temples, synagogues, and
churches, and a madrassa is an Islamic religious school, for teaching the morals and values of Islam).
Rohingya Militant Terrorists Are Being Trained,
Rohingya Propaganda is Fooling Many
The military training of the Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), a notoriously fanatic and
violent group of Bengali Muslim / Rohingya terrorists has been going on for a long time, and
has recently intensified, as they are winning the propaganda war with their never-ending false
and manipulative media, which is influencing many people, organizations and countries.

The Rohingya Solidarity Organization came into existence around 1980 and became the
main and most militant faction among the Rohingya. Given its more rigid hard-line religious
stance, the RSO soon secured the support of the most violent and intolerant like-minded
groups in the Muslim world. According to Indian counter-terrorism reports, Bengali Muslims /
Rohingya are being trained in the use of weapons, weapon techniques, bomb-making
skills, explosives knowledge, and ambush and assassination skills at jungle-hidden camps.

Bangladesh-trained and based RSO (and other) terrorists
have been committing brutal cross-border raids inside
Burmas Arakan/Rakhine State frequently. And, the influential
Rohingya Lobby in the West, manages to put out plenty of
false and manipulative media, which turns everything around
and accuses, denigrates and demonizes the indigenous
Buddhists to the point of absurdity - and the naive and gullible
Western activists believe it to such an extent that they don't
even consider hearing the voices of, and learning the reality
of - the Buddhists. Groups such as MSF-Holland, Human
Rights Watch, UNHCR and others put out heavily slanted
'reports' which will contain not even a sentence saying
anything good about the Rakhine Buddhists, and instead be
full of charges against the Buddhists and whitewashing the 'Rohingya' as pure, gentle victims
of the warrantless wrath of the Buddhists.

Arakan may become the next Kashmir.
Bangladesh quietly backing the RSO and
others in their jihad against the Rakhine and
Burmese, and their planned conquest of
Arakan, is similar to the way Pakistan is behind
its militant groups in their attacks against India
and their goal of seizing Kashmir.

May 12: Firefight after Bengali Militants Breach Border

At around 7 pm on May 12, a Burmese Border Police patrol ran into a group of about 10
Bengali militants trying to cross the border fence between Bangladeshs Barlu-khali Village
and Burmas Taung-byo-let-wel Village.

The resulting fire-fight lasted only about 15 minutes as the Bengali terrorists quickly withdrew
back into the safety of Bangladesh that night. However, the next morning they tried again.

May 13
Bengali terrorists tried to enter into Burma again, at 6 am, but were repelled by Burmese
police patrols after an hour-long firefight.

Burmese authorities did not announce the casualties from the two skirmishes of May 12 and
13, but many locals said that the Bengalis left a couple of dead bodies hanging on the border
fence. Later Muangdaw District Police Chief Shwe Than confirmed that two Bengali militants -
one a Bangladesh Army major, and the other a private in the RSO Bengali-Jihadi-
Brigade - were killed in that short firefight. (Note: one was official ARMY, the other was

The Bangladeshi government then declared in Bangladeshi newspapers their displeasure at
Burmese armys use of heavy mortars, as a few 60 mm mortar shells had landed on
Bangladeshi soil. But, they still refused to publicly declare the existence of RSO terrorist
camps and thousands of Bengali terrorists, who are training and massing inside Bangladesh.
RSO terrorists, trained by unofficial elements of the Bangladeshi Army and Pakistani terrorist
groups in Bangladesh, had been testing Burmese patience since a few years ago, by regular
incursions into northern Arakan, with the help of local Bengali Muslim Rohingya illegals.
India had to build the longest fence in
the world to keep out the Bengalis -
who were causing so many problems.
(And, the 2nd longest fence in the world
was built by India on its border with Pakistan)
Now, Burma is starting to belatedly
build a fence on her own border.
May 17: Ambush of Burma Police Patrol by Bengali Militants

In the early morning of May 17, four members of a Burmese police patrol were killed, one policeman
was wounded, and two policemen were reported
missing. That day, a heavily-armed group of RSO
Bengali Muslim militants crossed the border and were
quietly hiding and waiting to ambush an 8-men lightly-
armed Burmese police unit which was conducting their
daily routine patrol of the border fence. The patrol was
then attacked by surprise by at least 60 heavily-armed
RSO terrorists.

As soon as the gunshots were heard, in the distance,
Captain Sit Min Thu - leading an army platoon nearby - rushed to the ambush site and engaged the
RSO militants. The firefight was over in less than 30 minutes as the Bengalis fled across the border-
fence, back into their safe haven of Bangladesh.

At the ambush site Burmese soldiers found Police-Sub-Inspector Nway Oo Maung badly wounded,
as well as the bodies of four dead policemen. Two policemen from the ambushed patrol were
missing, and presumed kidnapped.

Two of the dead policemens bodies were found to be booby-trapped with mines!

Captain Sit Min Thuss platoon and more reinforcements then crossed the border and chased the
Bengalis, pursuing them deep into Bangladesh. Burmese army units then finally discovered a
fortified RSO base-camp at Bangladeshs Trakul Muslim Village just a few miles from the borderline.
Burmese army units then attacked the camp between 1 and 3 pm, and again from 8 to 10 pm on the
same day, May 17. Scores of Bengali terrorists were killed by devastating Burmese frontal attacks
on the fortified Trakul Camp.

Finally a 500-strong Bengali militant force - supported by
heavily-armed Bangladesh Army infantry and artillery
approached the besieged Trakul Camp and Burmese
army units withdrew back into the Burma side of the

Inside Bangladesh, the RSO have three fortified camps:

1 - the RSO HQ and Jihadist Training Camp at
Naikhongchari in Bandarban District - across from Maungdaw Township of Burmas north-Arakan,

2 - another base-camp somewhere nearby, and

3 - the front-line camp at Trakul - close to the border.

Because of international laws, the Burmese army had previously never deployed army combat
units right along the border fence, and only lightly-armed and combat-inexperienced police
security battalions were normally patrolling the Bangladesh-Burma border.

But, that policy is now being abandoned as RSO terrorists, and others, have been steadily
accelerating their devastating cross-border raids on Burma Police units.

May 28: Burmese Forces Stop 2 RSO Terrorists - 1 Dead

At about 9:00 am on May 28, an army platoon, led by
Lieutenant Zaw Moe Aung, observed two armed RSO
terrorists in their yellowish camouflage uniforms who
had crossed the border and were advancing inside
Burmese territory. Once they reached about 80-yards
inside Burma the army unit challenged them to stop
and surrender. But the two fired back, and during the
short fire fight one RSO militant was killed and the
other one escaped back into Bangladesh.

The dead terrorist, about 30 years old, was dressed in the now well-known RSO camouflage
uniform. He was carrying an M-22 automatic rifle (cheap Chinese copy of AK-47), and more than
200 rounds of ammunition.

May 29: Clash between Burma Army and RSO Terrorists

May 29, at about 3:30 am, an Army Company led by Captain Htun Naung observed ten RSO
terrorists trying again to enter Burmese territory, by stealthily approaching the border fence, under
the pre-dawn darkness.

Again, Burmese soldiers challenged them to surrender - but they refused - and a long firefight
ensued in which 3 RSO terrorists were killed and their
three M-22 automatic assault rifles captured along with
more than 1,000 rounds of ammo.

According to local Buddhists from the Yakhine Pan
Chaung Buddhist Village on the Bangladesh side of the
border, Border Guard troops forced them to collect the 3
bodies of the BGB who were killed. The bodies had
been left where they were shot, well inside Burmas side
of the border.

"BGB bastards, together with RSO militants, forced us native Buddhists to march ahead at
gunpoint and collect the bodies of their dead BGBs. But once we reached near Post-52 Burmese
soldiers started firing indiscriminately at us. Bullets were flying all around and over us. I just ran up
the nearby hill away from shootings and I got knocked out. When I came to I found I'd soiled my
pants. So many BGBs got shot too. I don't know how many. Definitely many dead BGBs lying
there right now," said one local Buddhist later, after being forced to be a porter.

He also added that the RSO militants and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) troops were
in totally different camouflage uniforms and Burmese soldiers didn't seem to discriminate
between RSO and BGB. The Burmese - rightfully - challenged any armed man approaching
the border-fence, which is well inside Burma.

Indisputable evidence from the whole fiasco is clearly highlighting the undeniable fact that
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is either directing the RSO terrorists or that the notorious
BGB itself - famously well known for their drug and human smuggling operations on the
border line - is playing the dual role of border guards / terrorists - as they share the same
supremacy and contempt of Buddhists and other infidels, and the same goal of making all
people and land Islamic.

May 30: All Day Skirmishes
On May 30, 2014, RSO militants allegedly backed by BGB started unprovoked firing at
Burmese Border-guard posts at 7 am. The gunfire continued intermittently almost all day
between BGB & RSO militants and the Burmese forces. Again, the Bangladesh side alleged
that the Myanmar troops started the shooting by opening fire on a team of BGB which was
waiting to retrieve the dead body of the militant (or soldier) captured on May 28, who
subsequentially died of his wounds.
Burmese Army Preparing Cross-Border Bombardment

There are already 12 Infantry Battalions (one army division) of the Burmese Armys Ann-
based Western Military Command (Na-Pa-Kha) now stationed inside Maungdaw Township,
but only two infantry battalions, LIB-352 and LIB-345, are in the northern-Maungdaw area
where the Bengali militants are infiltrating.

To rectify that serious defense deficiency two more light infantry battalions from Kyauk Phyu
Township, in the Southern-Arakan area, have been rapidly moved up into the area by boats.

At the same time, the Burmese Army is
moving heavy artillery pieces - such as 155
mm Soltan guns and 105 mm howitzers - just
behind the borderline, for a cross-border
bombardment to take out the fortified bases
of the RSO Bengali militant terrorists - within
a 20-mile radius from the point of the latest
cross-border terrorist attacks.

Various armored units of Burma Army Armored Corps
have also been moved up just behind the borderline,
to support and spearhead the cross-border infantry
raids, if required. Burmese Army Western Command
already has drawn up a detailed operational plan to
capture Bangladesh's Chittagong within three days of
the outbreak of a border war.

A border war between Bangladesh and Burma is inevitable as long as Bangladesh is still
harboring anti-Buddhist Islamist terrorists like
RSO and others, and allowing them to launch
their jihad and their intended conquest of land,
while on the surface, the Bangladeshi
Government is cracking down and hunting
down the terrorists. The problem is that so
many in the armed forces are beholden to the
same ideology and fanaticism of the RSO /
al-Qeada / Taliban type of militant Islam.

A Bangladeshi army colonel giving a speech at
the RSO militant terrorist camp in Naikhongchari.

This shows the close collaboration and
kinship between the professional army and
the eager fanatic jihadists.

Bangladeshi politicians and Imams attending a
RSO graduating ceremony at Naikhongchari.

This shows that the government, the Islamic
religious leaders, and the militant jihadists
all are working and colluding together.

New batch of Bengali-Muslim recruits, eager for
RSO terrorist training at Naikhongchari.

No shortage of men and boys eager to kill
Buddhists and other infidels.

Prominent Islamist politician Nurul Islam visiting RSO
HQ at the outskirts of Naikhongchari.

Nurul Islam had a hand in the September, 2012
attacks on Buddhists, in Ramu and Coxs Bazar,
where Muslim mobs burned and destroyed
dozens of Buddhist temples and monasteries,
scores of Buddhist homes, and Buddhist villages.
An estimated 25,000 Muslims took part. Why? A
photo on Facebook of a damaged Quran.
In and around the region hate,
hate messages, and hate speech
are common among the Muslims.

Taliban-Trained Bengali-Muslim RSO Terrorists Captured

Three Bengali Muslim (Rohingya) militants, trained by the notorious and violent terrorist
group Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) of Pakistan - in how to terrorize and kill Buddhists in Burma -
were caught by detectives of the Bangladeshi Police Anti-Terrorism Unit in Dhaka,
Bangladesh, on January 19, 2014. The three Rohingya terrorists were on their way to
Teknaf, and then sneak across the Burma-Bangladesh border, to assist Tehrik-e-Azadi
Arakan' (TAA), their like-minded organization just over the border in Rakhine State.
Osman(23), Mehmud(26), and Fakhrul Hasan(50) are from Burma, but, had moved to
Pakistan and joined and participated in Taliban
and al-Qaeda jihad training and actions.

At the time of arrest, on January 18, 2014, they
had (among other things) a laptop computer
containing manuals on making various types of
bombs, explosives knowledge, and techniques
and usage of various weapons. Mehmud and
Osman were experts in making 12 types of
bombs, including car bombs, ambush bombs,
suicide bombs, and secondary bombs set to go off as rescuers assist the victims of an initial blast.
According to Bangladeshi police investigators, they were planning to re-energize the militant
terrorist groups, to teach their bomb-making and weapon tactics skills, to participate in jihad
against the Buddhist and Hindu minorities, and to plot and execute devastating terrorist
attacks in Burma - as well as to strike down Muslims that they perceived to be uncommitted to
the Taliban ideology.
Also captured from them were detailed plans, and a list of Bengali-Muslim contacts to operate
with in Maungdaw, Buthidaung, and Sittwe. The captured documents and crucial information
from the terrorists is giving Burmas Counter-Terrorism Police, in both Yangon and Sittwe,
very good leads to track down and detain those local Bengali-Muslims who are collaborating
with the Pakistani Taliban, al-Qaeda, the RSO, and other Islamic terrorist groups.

by Rick Heizman, June 2014, San Francisco
Tehrik-e-Taliban, a notorious and violent terrorist group based in Pakistan, gained notoriety
for a powerful car-bomb attempt that failed in the United States at the always crowded iconic
landmark of New York City - Times Square - on May 1, 2010. They have established a
branch in Arakan, known as Tehrik-e-Azadi Arakan (TAA).
For your information:

To be clear, most Muslims in the world dont do the actions described in this report.
Fortunately, many Muslims do NOT do what is stated again and again in the Quran.
HOWEVER, there are many - far too many - Muslims who ARE carrying out killings, rapes,
bombings, destruction, jihad, etc., and following an ideology of supremacy, hate, intolerance,
and absurdity.

All Muslims are NOT the same, and I never intend for that to be inferred.
When I, or anyone, says Muslims it does not mean all Muslims. This basic concept is
understood by most people, and in most conversation. It seems that when someone
disagrees, but has no valid points to counter with they will resort to the accusation: You are
calling ALL Muslims terrorists etc, but that is a baseless falsehood (known as a canard) that
is used because it is inflammatory, implies racism, and because the accuser actually has
nothing rational to back-up his disagreement.
If someone says The mothers picked up the kids from the schools in the towns where the
flood danger was high. - it does NOT mean all mothers, does not mean all kids, nor all
schools, nor all towns.
Similarly, Muslims does not mean all Muslims.

It IS important to understand, criticize, and expose what it going on. And since the large
Muslim world is not doing much - if anything - to curb or speak out against the horrible abuses
being done in the name of Islam, then I, and others, will write and speak for the countless
victims whom are suffering, dying, fleeing, and being abused in many terrible ways, everyday,
every hour, every minute, in so many places.

I, and these reports, do NOT advocate harm or violence to be used against Muslims, nor
anyone. But, let it be acknowledged that people under attack have to, and have the right to
defend and prevent harm from coming to their families, their villages, the defenseless, and
themselves. But, once again: the less violence the better, and no violence is best.

I encourage Muslims to allow examination, discussion, debate, and critique of Islam, its
ideology, its practice, and its needed transformation - and all of this should be without
danger, threat, or fear of any reprisals.

And, I encourage Muslims to allow those who want to leave it to let them do so, with no
consequences. Let people have the free and unfettered right to be different.

And, lastly I encourage Muslims to speak out, demonstrate, show your displeasure, and do
whatever you can do - to counter and oppose the Muslims who are causing the massive
worldwide outrage, fear and dislike of Muslims and of Islam.
Those Muslims who are engaged in killing, torturing, burning, hijacking, ethnic cleansing,
forced conversion, honor killings, bombings, and beheadings do NOT need to be tolerated -
they need massive public outcry against them, from people of all kinds of faiths, including and
especially their own - and, this means that people have to KNOW what is happening.

Putting ones head in the sand - believing that if you dont know and dont want to know about
something then it actually doesnt happen - will not and cannot solve these problems, nor save lives.

Efforts by some to prevent people from being informed are repressive and ridiculous, and
reek of intolerance and assumed supremacy, and is counter to freedom, diversity and open-

Now, read this motto again that is at the beginning of this report:

In Allah We Trust & All Others We Dominate (One of the mottos of the Bangladesh Military)
Now you can really see how disturbing the second half is.

Hoping for peace and harmony,
in diversity,
with metta (loving kindness)
- Rick Heizman