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Building IQ Viridity Energy Econetix Control 4 R2EV

Building IQ

BuildingIQ Demand Management System
Michael Zimmerman, CEO




Commercial Building Sector Dynamics...
Massive Driver of Demand...
20%+ of all energy in the US Leading source of GHG Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems:

Struggling to Cope...
Sector slump with earnings, market caps under pressure Increasing energy prices and demand Substantial green requirements from investors, tenants and government

40-50% of building energy Nearly 10% of total US energy demand / emissions





Energy Innovation in Building Sector
Key Drivers:
- High capex with long payback

New materials

New buildings only (1-3%)

Alternative energies

Uncertain ROI, limited uptake

Energy efficiency

Still mostly soft ROI and / or manual (audits/reporting, re-tuning, outsourcing)

Smart Grid

Availability of scalable, demand-side solutions for largest market segments?
BuildingIQ 8


BuildingIQ Overview
BuildingIQ is a new demand management and response system for the commercial building sector:
- Plugs into existing Building Management Control Systems (BMCS) - Addresses both new & existing building stock Leverages external data, machine learning and proprietary algorithms to continuously optimize BMCS controls Software only – no capex / upgrades required

Developed by scientists at the Energy Research Centre at CSIRO, Australia’s national research lab (patents pending) BuildingIQ improves property operating income / market value, increases green ratings and enhances utility of existing plant BuildingIQ enables real-time, adaptive demand response at the Edge of the Smart Grid
Confidential BuildingIQ 9

BuildingIQ Components
Intelligent, proactive and adaptive HVAC control system
Key inputs:
- Environmental data - Real-time and forecast




Existing infrastructure Real-time and forecast environmental data Tenant feedback

Continuous modelling of building’s response to conditions Optimized forecasts determines: - Temp set-points Running schedule Incorporates tenant comfort
Confidential BuildingIQ 10

BuildingIQ In Action...
Original profile
BuildingIQ optimized profile

Pre-cooling and demand response

Optimized start on cold morning
Confidential BuildingIQ 11

BuildingIQ Model and ROI
Business Model
Sold to commercial building owners (REITs, government) On-premise appliance with central server for data feeds, reporting SAAS revenue model – aligned with operating expenses Pays for itself out of savings Upside: share of demand response revenue

Hard savings:
- 30% reduction in energy (est. $100k/ yr) - Reduced HVAC operating expenses; deferred capex

Valuation impact from increased income and green ratings Revenue from demand response Other:
- Reduced emissions - More attractive/ competitive property - Increased tenant retention




BuildingIQ in the Smart Grid
BuildingIQ reduces network demand by 30% while maintaining or improving tenant comfort BuildingIQ has unique insight into the Edge of the Grid
- detailed understanding of consumption history and trends - ability to forecast demand at the building level, as well as run demand scenarios - ability to optimize cost and consumption based on actual performance as well as real-time streams of environmental, tariff and other data

BuildingIQ has unique ability to manage demand at the Edge
- in response to specific situations (“reduce demand to X now”) - tied to specific parameters (“if X degrees or warmer, never use more than XX power between 2-5pm”) - buildings can be managed on an aggregate basis
Confidential BuildingIQ 13

Mike Zimmerman +1 415 513 2861 + 61 2 9332 0600
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Viridity Energy

November 18, 2009

Green Beat Innovation Competition

Audrey Zibelman President and CEO Phone: 484-534-2222
11/20/2009 17

The Smart Grid is the Game Changer
Demand Reductions On-Site Storage Distributed Generation

Grid Based Generation

• Two-way communication makes customer-owned distributed generation and demand management available to the grid • Customers are suppliers to the market • Grid-based generation is coupled and co-optimized with customer generation and controllable demand to maintain system balance at the lowest possible price
11/20/2009 18

Viridity 24/7 Optimization Process
Customer Added-Value
Energy Efficiency Supply Savings Carbon Reduction

Aggregates Customer Loads & Bids into Markets

RTO/ISO Energy Market Operations





From Peak Shaving to Virtual Generation



From Peak Shaving to Virtual Generation



Redefining Power Economics:
Transforming electric consumers into producers Virtual Power Generation Demand Management + Distributed Generation + Storage (Optimized over 24/7 and coupled with the wholesale markets)

A Virtual Power Plant that achieves significant revenue – up to 3x traditional demand response.


September 28, 2009

Thank You.
Audrey Zibelman, President and CEO 484-534-2222




Energy Efficiency Made Personal

Consumers are looking for ways to be more energy efficient but lack the tools and the knowledge they need to make the change.

Home Energy Efficiency Systems

Plug & Play Installation Real-Time Energy Monitoring & Control Social Networking Integration

An Integrated Approach to Residential Energy Efficiency

February 14th, 2010
For more information visit:

Control 4

Control4 Energy Systems Overview
Paul Nagel

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 35 | Control4® Confidential

The Smart Grid Buck Stops Here
The Challenge
Generally, customers don’t like: • new technology • changing their behavior • crimping their style • opting-in Without transparency, they are suspicious: • of utilities (no offense) • of smart meters • of dynamic pricing • of programs directly marketed by “Big Brother”.

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 36 | Control4® Confidential

Data Alone Won’t Cut It

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 37 | Control4® Confidential

The Control4 Energy Management System

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 38 | Control4® Confidential

Empower Consumers with Information

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 39 | Control4® Confidential

Keep it Simple

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 40 | Control4® Confidential

Reinforce Value

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 41 | Control4® Confidential

Amp up the Engagement

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 42 | Control4® Confidential

Deliver Control & Automation

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 43 | Control4® Confidential

Deliver Control & Automation

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 44 | Control4® Confidential

Control4 ROI
30% Advanced Control & Automation 15% Engagement

Delivers Transparency Efficient Energy Management

Conservation of Resources

Consumer is in Charge 10% Control Increased DR Participation Improved Customer Satisfaction At Last Pricing Clarity

5% Data

Reduce Emissions

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 45 | Control4® Confidential


September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 46 | Control4® Confidential

Engage the Consumer. Optimize the Grid.

September, 2009 | Control4® Confidential May 2009 | 47 | Control4® Confidential

Thank You!



™ 2.0

A solution: for Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy Integration, the Smart Grid Alex Livingston President, R2EV

Clean Transportation

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Clean Transportation

Fleets scale sets to add range Reduces costs Improves efficiency

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Clean Transportation

Rapidly replace batteries at a Green Box™ exchange facility

Green Box™ exchange facility

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Green Box™ Residential & Commercial: Integrate and Store Renewable Energy, Load Leveling

Image from

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Renewable Demand Response: Mitigate Blackouts within the Grid



Image from

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Clean Sustainable Transportation

Image from

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Li-Ion Li-Poly Zinc-Air Fuel Cells ?

™ 2.0

Mission: Replace combustion fuel Integrate new technology Improve performance Sustainable

Renewable Energy Platform
Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

A scalable battery, for any vehicle

SMART for 2 EV 8 Batteries Range 100 miles Top Speed 65+ mph

Nissan Leaf 14 Batteries Range 100 miles Top Speed 65+ mph

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

U.S. Army demonstration units: Replace Fuel Generators Field Tactical Power

Joint Development with the world’s largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Fuel 2.0: unifying technology for renewable energy.

Image from

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |

Utilities, Businesses, Policy-makers choose Fuel 2.0, enable the Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles

Image from

Alex Livingston | | O:208.489.0007 |


™ 2.0

Alex Livingston R2EV Alex Livingston President, R2EV

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