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Unit 25 P3- Ana Grou

Planning the maintenance

It is important to a company plan the maintenance, so it will save resources and time. When
the maintenance day comes, employees will know what they need to do. It will be more
effective in by having planned maintenance because each task will be given to the right
person, and many different processes can be done in simultaneous. This will save a lot of
money and time automatically.
Gantt charts were created in 191 by !enry Gantt. !is charts was created in order to help
manufacturing supervisors check whether their work was on, behind or ahead of schedule.
"ctually, this chart is used for many circumstances such as maintenance plan, pro#ect
management, etc.
Use of Gantt charts
Gant charts are often used in pro#ect management $in this case maintenance plan%, it is really useful was it shows activities
$events or tasks% shown against time. &n the left of the chart is a list of the events and along the top is a time scale. 'ach event is
shown by a bar( the length and position of the bar reflects the begin date, duration and end date of the event.
When users want to set up a Gantt chart, they need to think through all of the events involved in maintenance plan. "s part of the
process, users will define who will be responsible for each event, how long each event should take, and what issues their team
can face.
This chart ensures that the right people are doing the correct event and they have workarounds for potential issues before they
start with the maintenance plan.
Gantt charts also help users to define practical aspects of the maintenance plan such as the minimum and ma)imum time will take
to each event be done, and what events re*uire to be done before others be able to start.
Gantt charts also help to identify the se*uence of events that must individually be done in time if the maintenance is to be done
on time.
To conclude, Gantt charts are used to keep a team informed of progress. !owever, communication is re*uired between the team,
so they will be able to update the chart.
+elow, there is an e)ample of a Gantt chart,
-eference, http,
Identify events
Gantt charts don/t give information unless users include all of the events needed for the maintenance plan be completed.
To begin, users must list all of these events. Then, for each event, note its original begin data and its estimated period.
0or e)ample if users want to create a maintenance plan, it is important to create a list similar as below,
Activity Duration
Backup of hard disks 1 day
Scan of specific hard disks with
1 days
Update of operating systems 2 days

Events relationships
Gantt charts display the relationship between the maintenance plan and events. 3ome events will need to be done before users can
start the ne)t one, and others can/t finish until preceding ones have finished. 0or e)ample, if a company wants to update their
operating systems, they must backup data from hard disks before.
These dependent events are known as linear! or se"uential! activities.
&thers events are known as 4parallel5 6 these activities may be done at the same time as others activities.
7sers don/t have to do these activities in se*uence, but they can sometimes need other activities to be ended.
It is important to users identify which of the activities are linear and parallel, so they will be able to have a better understanding
and better organisation.
In Gantt charts, there are the following relationships between linear activities,
Start to Start# These activities can/t begin until a preceding activity starts.
$inish to $inish % These activities can/t finish before a preceding activity finishes.
$inish to Start % These activities can/t begin before a previous activity is ended.
"fter users identified activities and its relationships, then they can draw Gantt charts by using software such as 8icrosoft 9ro#ect,
Gantto or 8atchware.
"s long the maintenance moves, it is important to users update the Gantt Graph, so it will them to keep the activities and team
" resource is what needs to be addressed in order to the maintenance plan be done properly. There are three categories that must
be considered by users when planning it,
8aterials. This includes the hardware and software that users will need in order to complete the maintenance plan successfully.
0or e)ample, technicians will have to have certain e)ternal hard disks in order to store the data when it is time to backup data
from many machines.
:osts. This includes the costs included when maintaining computer systems. :osts include operating systems, antivirus licenses,
backup software, etc.
9eople. This includes the people involved on the pro#ect. When doing the maintenance plan, employers must address each person
to each activity.