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n previous years we had published a series of articles titled “The
The Daar Of Misguided Sects,” in which we showed that not every person who
calls himself Muslim represents Islam, nor that every group that
Islamic Heritage attaches itself to Islam is necessarily a part of the Ummah. The Prophet
Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam had foretold of this when he stated that
P.O. Box 450186 this Ummah will divide into seventy three groups, and that only one
Kissimmee, FL will be saved from Hellfire. He then described this Saved Group that
it is the one that follows his guidance and the way and guidance of his
34745-0186 U.S.A. companions. We also detailed the attributes and basis of this Saved
Fax (407) 348-9693 Group. As for the other sects, even though they attribute themselves to Islam, it is clear to any person with sane mind and sound compre-
hension that they are far from it. This is because their principles are
not derived from Islam, save the name. Allah said, what translated
Volume 9 Issue 9 means, B“This is my Straight Path, so follow it, and follow not other
Rajab 1422 paths, for they will separate you away from Allah’s Path.”C
September 2001
Studying the misguided sects and their basic principles is of
great importance. This will be an aid for Muslims to be aware of them
and protect themselves and others from their evil. This also shows
In this issue how these sects are not a part of Islam, but in reality they deform the
Islamic message and its beauty, and seek to destroy it from its roots,
intentionally or unintentionally. The driving force behind this can
The Mufti of Saudi Arabia on the either be ignorance and hatred, or simply being mislead by the devils
Recent Attacks in the U.S. ........ 4 from amongst the Jinn or mankind.

The Major Scholars on Hijack- The Muslim who has adequate knowledge in the religion will
ing & Suicide ............................ 6 have no problem in identifying such misguided sects and their evil
ways, for Islam is pure, clear and simple. The Prophet had stated, “I
Ignorance .................................. 8 have left you on a clear path, its day is as clear as its nights, no one
Evil Effects, Cause & Cure will go astray except the one who is destroyed.” [Ahmad, At-Tirmithi
& Ibn Majah]. Therefore, he who embraces this religion must clearly
Salafi Concepts ........................ 11 understand its basics and pillars, and the correct creed has to be well
Referring to the Quran & Sunnah established in his heart, so that he can distinguish between true
Muslims and those who claim to be Muslims but embrace beliefs and
The Prophet Said .................... 14 perform acts to the contrary.
“The burden of proof...” (1/2) . . . continued on page 2

The Muslim Creed 1 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

Also in other issues of this for the Muslim to achieve his goals, unto Allah with sure knowledge,
newsletter, we explained the simple and these means can only bring I and whosoever follows me with
and short message of Islam and its good for the creation. Therefore, sure knowledge. And Glorified
core, which all people can under- utilizing illegal methods and means and Exalted be Allah And I am
stand and comprehend. This mes- can never lead to serving Islam and not of the Mushrikeen (poly-
sage in brief first calls on mankind Muslims or to please Allah. It is also C [12:108]. As for igno-
to abandon worshipping the slaves impermissible for the Muslim to rance, it is enemy number one to
and instead worship Lord of the claim that Allah has allowed such Islam and Muslims. Therefore, he
slaves. Whoever does not achieve and such, while He did not, thus who speaks about the religion with-
and establish this is not a Muslim. resorting to impermissible and ille- out knowledge and without being
Islam also seeks to establish total gal means and practices to achieve qualified to speak on religious is-
and complete justice, for it is the his so-called noble goal, and do this sues, will indeed be on a path of
religion of justice and equality and in the name of Islam, while Islam is misguidance. He will be among
it abhors injustice and tyranny, and innocent of it. Therefore, assaulting those whom the Messenger of Al-
the worst form of injustice is ascrib- the innocent and resorting to vio- lah had foretold about, those igno-
ing partners with Allah in worship. lence, such as what the whole world rant who give Fatwa about that
Islam is a message that was re- had witnessed on September 11th, which they know not. Such people
vealed to us from Allah, the Most 2001, can never be a valid means will thus be committing acts of mis-
Just, so it can rule people with jus- with which one can seek to serve guidance and misleading others as
tice and fairness. Thus, no person any noble goal. well, as we saw on TV screens on
can ever justify his assaults or injus- September 11th.
tice through Islam, or claim that his The principles of Islam and
actions are derived from it, no mat- all its rules have been revealed, and Because of all this, we, at
ter what justifications and argu- the religion has been completed and The Daar of Islamic Heritage, Inc.,
ments he can provide. perfected for us, BThis day, I have have been striving hard for the past
perfected your religion for you, eleven years through our books,
Therefore, it is clear that completed My Favor upon you, newsletters, annual meetings, etc.,
Allah has blessed us with guidance and have chosen for you Islam as to spread the correct religion of Is-
to the Straight Path. It is then nec- your religion.C C [5:3]. Islam is a lam. Through these means we have
essary that we thank Him for this complete religion and is in no need shown the path of the early believ-
bounty. Staying firm on Allah’s of being amended by the any indi- ers, may Allah be pleased with them
Path saves the Muslim from confu- vidual or group. He who sincerely all. We have also shown that what
sion and misguidance. On the other seeks Allah’s pleasure and accep- we witness today of people spread-
hand, those who follow paths other tance and strives to be on the ing mischief in the land, are all re-
than that of the believers, they will Straight Path, then Allah will make sults from these misguided sects
certainly be misled and will bring his life easy and will grant him guid- with corrupts understanding of Is-
destruction upon themselves and ance, BAs for him who gives (in lam and deviant ideologies.
others, while they think they are charity) and keeps his duty to Al-
protecting Islam and fighting for it, lah and fears Him. And believes The first step towards de-
BThose whose efforts have been in Al-Husna. We will make stroying these sects is to expose
wasted in this life while they smooth for him the path of ease them and destroy the basis of their
thought that they were acquiring (goodness).C C [92:5-7]. ideologies, through spreading cor-
good by their deeds!C C [18:104]. rect knowledge and showing their
Seeking religious knowl- deviance. We have to fight these
It is established in Islam edge from its pure sources is what sects using all permissible means, to
that ends do not justify the means, safeguards one from calamities and protect Muslims and humanity
as some ideologies claim. Allah has misguidance, BSay (O Moham- from them and to end mischief and
legislated legal methods and means mad), “This is my way; I invite destruction in the land.
The Muslim Creed 2 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9
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The Muslim Creed 3 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

The Mufti of Saudi Arabia
on the Recent
Terrorist Attacks
In The U.S.A.
hat had recently taken place in the United Myself, and have also made it forbidden amongst
States of America was a very serious and yourselves. Therefore, do not oppress each other.”
grave occurrence, on account of which [Muslim]. This is a general commandment for all
thousands of souls had perished. This action does slaves of Allah, which entails establishing justice
not conform to the Islamic Shari’ah (legislation) and amongst Muslims and non-Muslim alike. It is not
is not sanctioned by it. This is not from the religion. permissible for any person to be unjust with others
These actions do not conform to the spirit and nor oppress them, even if there were hatred and
foundations of the Shari’ah for many reasons. dislike between them. Allah says, BO you who
believe! Stand out firmly for Allah and be just
Verily, Allah, the Exalted, has commanded witnesses and let not the enmity and hatred of
fairness, and has based the Heavens and earth on others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is
justice. It is on account of this justice that the nearer to piety, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is
Messengers were sent and the Books were revealed. Well-Acquainted with what you do.C C [5:8]. Hence,
Allah has said, BVerily, Allah commands with from a legislative point of view, even hatred and
justice and benevolence, and the giving of near dislike do not permit the commission of injustice and
relatives (in charity) and He forbids from obscene oppression.
and evil deeds, and oppression. He cautions you,
that perchance you may remember.C C [16:90], and, Based upon what has preceded, it is obliga-
BIndeed We have sent Our Messengers with clear tory that all of us --states and societies, Muslims and
proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and non-Muslims-- to be aware of a number of important
the Balance (justice) that mankind may keep up facts:
C [57:25]. Allah has also judged and decreed
that no soul can bear the burden of another soul, a 1-- These events that have recently taken
result of the perfection of Allah’s justice. On this He place in the United States, and all actions of similar
said, BAnd no bearer of burdens will bear the nature, such as hijacking plane, taking hostages or
burden of another.C C [6:164]. killing the innocent, without just cause, are all noth-
ing but a manifestation of injustice, oppression and
Indeed, Allah has forbidden injustice on His tyranny. The Islamic Shari’ah does not sanction or
Own Self, and has also declared it forbidden among accept any of these actions. Rather, it expressly
His slaves. He has said in a Qudsi Hadith, “O My forbids them and declares them amongst the gravest
slave! Indeed I have forbidden injustice upon of sins.

The Muslim Creed 4 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

2-- The Muslim who comprehends his reli- sane and just person who knows the true details of
gion and acts upon the Book of Allah and the Sunnah Islam can ever describe it with such descriptions, nor
of His Prophet, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, does make such accusations against it. History clearly
not allow himself to fall into the likes of these actions, shows that the nations of the earth have never
because of what they entail of exposing oneself to the experienced from the followers of Islam but justice
Wrath of Allah and also what results from them of and the fulfillment of the rights of others.
harm and destruction.
The above is a presentation of the truth and
3-- It is obligatory upon the scholars of the an attempt to remove any confusion regarding the
Ummah to explain the truth concerning such actions recent events. I ask Allah that He inspires us with
and that they make clear to the whole world that the that which contains our guidance, that He guides us
Shari’ah of Allah and the religion of Islam do not to the ways of Islam, and that He strengthen His
sanction these types of actions, ever. religion and raise high His Word. Indeed, He is the
Most Kind and Most Generous. And may the
4-- It is upon the media outlets and whoever prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad,
is behind them, from amongst those who make and upon his family and all his companions.
accusations against the Muslims and who strive to
revile this noble and upright religion, and describe it The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
with that which it is free from, all in order to kindle President of the Committee of Major Scholars and
tribulation and to harm the reputation of Islam and the Center for Knowledge Based Research and
Muslims — it is obligatory upon them to restrain Verdicts -- Shaykh Abdul-Azeez bin Abdullah bin
from this misguidance. They should realize that no Mohammad Aal Ash-Shaikh.

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The Muslim Creed 5 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

The Scholars on
Hijacking and Suicide
2. Shaykh Ibn Jibreen on Hijacking
he recent terrorist attacks that took place on
September 11th, 2001, in New York and Planes and Ships
Washington DC, and which have caused
thousands to perish, have brought forward numer- “Question: There are those who hijack a
ous questions on the permissibility of such actions plane or a ship, and do so to apply pressure upon
according to the Islamic Shari’ah. Since these evil the country to which this plane or ship is headed.
acts have been attributed to Islam, while the religion They might also threaten to kill the passengers, and
is innocent of it, we sought to bring forth the state- in some instances they actually kill some of them,
ments of some scholars of this present time, to clearly until their demands are met. So what is the ruling on
show where Islam stands regarding such acts of vio- such actions, especially since such actions terrify the
lence, and to put an end to such questions and doubts passengers?”
raised against Islam and Muslims.
Response: “It is incumbent upon every coun-
try to provide sufficient security to prevent the likes
1. Shaykh Ibn Baaz on Hijacking of these rebels from taking over planes or ships. It is
Planes and Kidnapping: upon the respective country to provide every airline
with security sufficient to repel any hijacking attempt
“It is well known to every person who has by the aggressors. They should also coordinate a
the slightest bit of common sense is that hijacking full passenger search prior to boarding. Thus, they
airplanes and kidnapping children and the like are should not permit anyone to proceed to board until
grave crimes. Their evil effects are far and wide, as after they have ascertained that no one is in posses-
is the great harm and inconvenience caused to the sion of weapons, even if it be a piece of metal (bar
innocent. The total effect of these acts cannot be or the like).
comprehended except by Allah.
In addition, some gangs may force the air-
Likewise, it is well known that these crimes craft to divert to another destination. In such cases,
are not specific to any particular country over and if there are amongst the crew or passengers anyone
above another, or any specific group over and above with sufficient physical training to overpower them,
another. Rather, it encompasses the entire world. then the rebels’ plans will be foiled.

Therefore, it is obligatory upon all govern- Therefore, there is no doubt that hijacking is
ments and those in charge from amongst the schol- a mistake, ignorance and falsehood. Further, it is a
ars and everyone else to afford these issues great transgression beyond the limits, causing terror to the
concern, and to exert themselves as much as pos- passengers and threatening their lives. Allah knows
sible in ending this evil.” best.”

The Muslim Creed 6 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

3. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen On At- 4. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen on Com-
tacking the Enemy by Blowing One- mitting Suicide
self Up In a Car
Question: “What is the ruling regarding sui-
Question: “What is the ruling regarding acts cide in Islam?”
of Jihad by means of suicide, such as attaching ex-
plosives to a car and storming the enemy, whereby Response: “Suicide is when a person kills
the person knows without a doubt that he will die as himself intentionally by whatever means. This is im-
a result of this action? permissible and is regarded as one the major sins,
and likewise is included in the general statement of
Response: “Indeed, my opinion is that he is Allah, BAnd whoever kills a believer intentionally,
regarded as one who has committed suicide, and as his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the
a result he shall be punished in Hell, for the Prophet Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and
said, ‘Indeed, whoever (intentionally) kills himself, a great punishment is prepared for him.C C [4:93].
then certainly he will be punished in the Fire of This is also established in the Sunnah on the author-
Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever.’ [Al-Bukhari ity of the Prophet Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, who
&Muslim]. said, “Indeed, whoever (intentionally) kills himself,
then certainly he will be punished in the Fire of
However, the person who is ignorant and Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever.” [Al-Bukhari
does not know, and believes that his action is good & Muslim].
and pleasing to Allah, then we hope that Allah for-
gives him for that which he did out of Ijtihaad, even In reality, the one who commits suicide, gen-
though I do not find any excuse for him in the present erally does so because of his desperate situation, ei-
time. ther as a direct result of an act of Allah or a human
being. So you find him unable to cope with that which
The reason for this is because this type of has afflicted him, and in actual fact he is like the one
suicide is well known and widespread amongst the who is seeking shelter from scorching heat with fire.
people, so it is upon the person to ask the people of So he has progressed from that which was bad to
knowledge regarding it, until the right guidance for that which is far worse. Had he been patient, Allah
him is differentiated from error. would have assisted him in dealing with his diffi-
It is surprising that these people kill them-
selves despite Allah having forbidden this, for He
had said in the noble Quran, BAnd do not kill your-
selves. Surely, Allah is Most Merciful to you.C C 5. Shaykh Ibn Baaz on Those Who
[4:29]. And many amongst these people do not de- Partake in Bombings & Hijackings
sire anything except revenge from the enemy, by
whatever means possible, be it permissible or im- Question: Concerning Jamaa’at Al-Jihad and
permissible. So they only want to satisfy their thirst cooperating with them?
for revenge.
“They are not to be cooperated with, nor
We ask Allah, the Exalted and Ever-High, are they to be given Salam to. Rather, they are to be
to bless us with knowledge and foresight in the re- boycotted and shunned, and people are to be warned
ligion, and also in our actions, all in a way that against their evil. This is because they are a Fitnah
pleases Him. Indeed, Allah is All-Powerful over all (tribulation, trial), are harmful to the Muslims, and
things. they are the brothers of Satan.”

The Muslim Creed 7 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9


llah has said in the Noble Quran, what Ignorance is a major reason why many Mus-
translated means, BSay, “Are those who lims fall into all types of ‘Haram (the prohibitions)
know equal to those who do not know?”C C and Bid’ahs, as Imam Ibn Taymiyyah has stated,
[39:9]. When we read through the Quran, we will “What brings about the benefit of the son of Adam
find that ignorance is one of the reasons why the are Iman and working the good deeds. What nullifies
previous nations before the Muslim Ummah defied those two are ignorance —the opposite of knowl-
their Messengers and rejected their Messages. Allah edge— which will misguide such people, and also
said, what translated means, BThey said, “O Moses! following the desires and what the heart wants, thus
Make for us a god as they have gods.” He said, making such people among the defiant rebels and the
“Verily, you are a people who know not.”C C [7:138]. cursed persons.”
Also, Allah said that Prophet Salih said to his people,
B“And I convey to you that wherewith I have been Nowadays, ignorance in the religion has be-
sent, but I see that you are a people given to come widespread. This is a sign of the Last Hour, as
ignorance!”C C [46:23], and that Prophet Ibrahim the Prophet has informed us. Anas narrated that the
said to his people, B“Do you order me to worship Messenger of Allah said, what translated means,
other than Allah, O you ignorant people?”C C [39:64]. “Raising up knowledge while ignorance remain-
ing (on earth) is a Sign of the (Last) Hour.” [Al-
Allah Almighty has warned the Muslims Bukhari, Muslim & ibn Majah]. Also, Abu Hurayrah
against following the ways of the Jews, whom He reported that the Messenger of Allah said, “Time
is angry with, because they chose to disobey Him will be shortened, the knowledge will be raised up,
after He has sent down to them the knowledge and the Fitan (trials, calamities, etc.) will appear, stin-
the true guidance. Allah has also commanded the giness will be widespread and Al-Haraj will appear
Muslims to avoid the Christians’ ways, for they in abundance.” He was asked, “And what is Al-
worship Allah without knowledge, and are thus Haraj?” He said, “Murder!” [Muslim & ibn Majah].
lost in the darkness of misguidance. Allah has According to these Hadiths, knowledge of the reli-
ordered the Muslims to ask Him for guidance to gion will be raised up just before the Last Hour
the Straight Path, which entails acquiring knowl- commences.
edge in the Truth and abiding by it. When one
acquires knowledge in Islam and then implements Ibn ‘Hajar said in Fat’h Al-Bari, “This Ha-
it, he will, in fact, be renouncing all those who dith indicates that ignorance will be so widespread
indulge in Bid’ah (innovation in the religion) and that its opposite —knowledge— will be scarce, as is
misguidance. One of our Salaf (righteous ances- evident by the Prophet’s saying that ‘knowledge will
tors) once stated that, “Whoever worships Allah be raised up.’ Then, only ignorance will remain.
with ignorance, he will bring about more harm Although a few scholars will also remain, they will be
than benefit.” much fewer than the ignorant ones!” Also, Abu

The Muslim Creed 8 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

Waa-il said, “Once, I was sitting with Abdullah ibn Imam ibn Al-Qayyim said, “The origin of
Mas’ud and Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari who both said that Kufr and Shirk comes from saying about Allah
the Messenger of Allah has said, ‘There will be days without knowledge, which is one of the most prohib-
that will come just before the Hour, when knowl- ited acts in the Sight of Allah. It produces the most
edge will be raised up, ignorance will be sent down harmful effects, because it entails lying with regards
(and spread on earth) and when Al-Haraj and Al- to Allah and describing Him with what is not appro-
Maraj (murder and violence) will be in abundance!’” priate. This also entails changing and altering Allah’s
[Al-Bukhari & Muslim]. religion, denying what He has approved while ap-
proving what He has denied, implementing what He
The Messenger of Allah has stated that knowl- has rejected while rejecting what He has commanded
edge of the religion will be raised up in several other to be carried out, hating those who are His loyalists
authentic Hadiths, such as, “Allah will not raise up while taking His enemies as loyal friends, detesting
knowledge by erasing it from the slaves’ (hearts), what He loves while loving what He hates, and
but He will raise up knowledge by bringing death describing Him with what is not appropriate with
to the scholars (when their appointed terms expire). regards to His Attributes, Speech and Actions.”
When He has not left a scholar, people will then
appoint ignorant lead- Allah has prohibited
ers (or false scholars), for His slaves to issue
and will ask them and Muslims ar aree obliged to seek religious decrees that
they will give Fatwa (re- knowledge in Islam fr om its tr
from trueue proclaim a matter as ei-
r esour
esources,ces, the Quran and the
ligious decrees) without ther prohibited or al-
knowledge, and will lowed in the religion
thus be misguided and Sunnah of the Messenger of Al- without knowledge or
also a source for mis-
guidance.” [Al- lah, accor
accordingding to the way the proof from the Quran or
Sunnah. He said, what
Bukhari, Ahmad & ibn companions understood and imple- translated means, BAnd
Majah]. Imam An-
Nawawi said, “This
mented them. say not concerning that
which your tongues put
Hadith explains what forth falsely, “This is
raising up the knowledge means in the previous lawful and this is forbidden,” so as to invent lies
Hadiths, that is, not by erasing it from people’s against Allah. Verily, those who invent lies against
hearts, but by the death of the scholars who carry Allah will never prosper.C C [16:116], and, BAnd
such knowledge. Then, people will seek some igno- verily, among them is a party who distort the Book
rant persons who will rule with their ignorance, thus with their tongues (while they read it), so that you
becoming misguided themselves and will also mis- may think it is from the Book, but it is not from the
guide others.” Book, and they say, “This is from Allah,” but it is
not from Allah; and they speak a lie against Allah
Issuing Fatwas without knowledge is indeed while they know it.C C [3:78].
a major sin and Bid’ah. Allah said, what translated
means, BSay (O Mohammad), “(But) the things Inventing a lie against Allah is a major sin and
that my Lord has forbidden are great evil sins a dangerous path to take, and indeed an act of
whether committed openly or secretly, sins of all transgression against Allah that also misguides people,
kinds, unrighteous oppression, joining partners in BThen who does more wrong than one who invents
worship with Allah for which He has given no a lie against Allah, to lead mankind astray without
authority, and saying things about Allah of which knowledge. Certainly, Allah guides not the people
you have no knowledge.”C C [7:33]. who are wrongdoers.C C [6:144]. This Ayah states

The Muslim Creed 9 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

that there is no greater evil than for one to prohibit It is amazing that some Muslims in the present
what Allah has allowed or to allow what He has time discard this much needed caution, as they rush
prohibited. This Ayah emphasizes the grave mistake to give answers about various matters and aspects of
and miscalculation of those who invent a Bid’ah and the religion, without having the necessary knowl-
thus relate to Allah what He did not legislate. edge, and often with arrogance and defiance, thus
allowing what Allah has prohibited or prohibiting
We have presented ample evidence from the what Allah has permitted. Muslims are obliged to
Quran and Sunnah emphasizing the importance of seek knowledge in Islam from its true resources, the
avoiding issuing religious decrees or indulging in Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger,
what one has no knowledge of. The religion and also according to the way the companions understood
sound minds agree that it is better for people to and implemented them. They are also obliged to seek
merely say, “I do not know,” about what they do not matters of Ijmaa’, where the entire community of
know. When people see that such persons fear Allah scholars agree on a matter of the religion. This is the
and are cautious with regards the religion, they will True Path and the way of the Saved Group.
only respect and appreciate them more. The true
Muslim never utters a saying without knowledge, Therefore, it is necessary to have fear from
taking the example of the best and most knowledge- Allah, to seek knowledge in the religion and to know
able of all mankind, the Messenger of Allah, Salla that he whom Allah wants his good, He will grant him
Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, who used to say, “I do not knowledge in the religion. And when you seek the
have knowledge in this,” when asked about what knowledge of Islam, seek it for the sake of Allah
Allah did not yet reveal to him. Also, the compan- Alone and intend to implement it as soon as you learn
ions, especially the most knowledgeable among them, it. But do not seek knowledge merely to gain access
used to be cautious when asked about matters of the to fame, positions or winning arguments. And make
religion. Abu Bakr once said, “Which sky will cover all your deeds sincere for the sake of Allah, and pray
me and which earth will carry me, if I say about the that Allah accepts your deeds, for He is the One Who
Book of Allah that which I have no knowledge!” accepts the supplication from His slaves.

Good Conduct

he most important aspect of good conduct is controlling the tongue, so that it utters only what
is righteous and beneficial, and that it would not violate other people’s honor. The Prophet said,
what translated means, “The ones most beloved to me and closest to me in the Hereafter are
those with good conduct and manners. And the most hated ones to me and the furthest away from
me in the Hereafter are those with the worst manners, who talk a lot, Al-Mutashaddiqun (who
unnecessarily use big words to fool people into thinking that they have knowledge) and Al-
Mutafayhiqoon (the arrogant ones).” [Ahmad]. He also said, “The man may utter a word that he
does not care much for, but he will be thrown because of it in Hellfire for seventy years.” [At-
Tirmithi], and, “The man would attain through his good conduct the same rewards as those who
pray the nights and fast the days.” [Al-‘Hakim]. Also among the methods of safeguarding the tongue
is avoiding mentioning others with what they hate, behind their backs, which is Al-Ghibah, or
backbiting. The Prophet said, what translated means, “Al-Ghibah is mentioning your brother (in his
absence) with what he hates.” [Abu Dawood].

The Muslim Creed 10 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

Salafi Concepts...

Referring to the
Quran and Sunnah
llah has commanded all people to follow left you on the clear path, its days are as clear as
and implement His Book and also to obey its nights, none will be led away from it except he
His Messenger, Mohammad, Salla Allahu who is destroyed.” [Ahmad & Ibn Majah].
Alayhi Wasallam. He said, what translated means,
BO Prophet (Mohammad)! Keep your duty to Al-
lah, and obey not the disbelievers and the hypo- Following the Messenger
crites (i.e., do not follow their advice). Verily!
Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise. And follow Allah has commanded us to obey the Mes-
that which is inspired in you from your Lord. senger and warned us against disobeying him and
Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you defying his guidance. He said, what translated
C [33:1-2]. In order for this command to be
do.C means, BIt is not for a believer, man or woman,
implemented and fulfilled, Allah has commanded when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a
His Messenger to convey the Book and to explain it matter that they should have any option in their
to mankind. In this regard, He said, what translated decision. And whoever disobeys Allah and His
means, BO Messenger! Proclaim (the Message) C
Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error.C
which has been sent down to you from your [33:36], and, BHe who obeys the Messenger (Mo-
Lord. And if you do not, then you have not con- hammad), has indeed obeyed Allah.C C [4:80].
veyed His Message. Allah will protect you from
mankind. Verily, Allah guides not the people who Also, Imam Ibn Kathir commented on the
disbelieve.CC [5:67], and, BAnd We have also sent Ayah, BAnd let those who oppose the Messenger’s
down unto you (O Mohammad) the reminder and (Mohammad) commandment…C C [24:63], saying,
the advice (the Quran), that you may explain clearly “The commandment of the Messenger of Allah is
to men what is sent down to them, and that they his way, path, Manhaj, method, Sunnah and legisla-
may give thought.C C [16:44]. tion. Hence, every deed and action is weighed against
the Prophet’s deeds and actions. Whatever con-
It is a fact that the Messenger has perfectly forms with the Sunnah is accepted, and whatever
conveyed the Message from Allah. The Prophet defies it of sayings and deeds are rejected, whoever
has not left any command that will draw us closer to may be those who say or perform them. Therefore,
Allah but has ordered us to implement it, after let those who defy the Prophet’s Shari’ah inwardly
implementing it himself. He has also not left any or outwardly beware and be afraid. The Messenger
matter that will draw us away from Allah but has of Allah said, ‘Whoever obeys me will enter Para-
warned us against it, after staying away from it dise. Whoever disobeys me will have refused (to
himself. He said, what translated means, “I have enter Paradise).’ [Al-Bukhari]. Hence, following

The Muslim Creed 11 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

the Messenger of Allah is a required obligation cause it is Allah Who has commanded us to obey
upon every Muslim, male or female. Furthermore, the Messenger.’”
following the Messenger indicates obeying what
Allah has commanded us and what He has revealed
to His Messenger of the Sunnah. The Messenger of Referring to Allah and His Messen-
Allah also said, ‘I have left with you two matters ger in All Disputes
that if you hold fast unto them, you will never be
led astray after me: the Book of Allah and the Allah said, what translated means, BO you
Sunnah of His Prophet.’ [Malik]. who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger
(Mohammad), and those of you (Muslims) who
Also, Jabir narrated that Umar bin Al- are in authority. And if you differ in anything
Khattab once brought a copy of the Torah, saying, amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His
‘O Messenger of Allah! This is a copy of the To- Messenger, if you believe in Allah and in the Last
rah.’ The Messenger kept silent. So Umar started to Day. That is better and more suitable for final
read from it, while the face of the Messenger of determination.C C [4:59]. Obeying Allah entails obey-
Allah was changing ing His Book, while
The PPrrophet did not leave any com- obeying
color (out of anger). His Messenger
Then, Abu Bakr said, entails following his
‘May the Thawakil (fe- mand that will draw us closer to Sunnah. Obeying those
Allah, but or der ed us to implement in
males who lose their
loved ones) lose you order
dered authority entails
obeying them in what
(this is meant as a way it, af ter
after implementing it himself .
himself. they command us,
He also did not leave any matter which
of criticizing someone, in turn must con-
not literally)! Do you not form with Allah’s obe-
see what is happening to that will draw us away fr om Allah, dience. When a dis-
the face of the Messen-
ger of Allah?’ Umar then but has war warnedned us against it. pute arises with regards
to a matter of the reli-
looked at the Mess- gion, we are required
enger’s face and said, ‘I seek refuge with Allah from to refer to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His
Allah’s Anger and from His Messenger’s anger. We Messenger, and to adopt the position which the
accept Allah as our Lord, Islam as our religion and Quran and Sunnah testify to its validity. Truly, the
Mohammad as our Prophet.’ Then, the Messenger Quran and Sunnah are the final authority regarding
of Allah said, ‘By He in whose Hand is my soul! If any dispute, always leading and directing the Mus-
Musa was alive and you then follow him and lims to the best and most safe results.
abandon me, you will have gone astray from the
Straight Path. If Musa were to be alive during my Allah said in another Ayah, what translated
time as a prophet, he would have followed me.’ means, BBut no, by your Lord, they can have no
[Ahmad & Ad-Darimi]. Faith, until they make you (O Mohammad) judge
in all disputes between them, and find in them-
This Hadith states that true success in the selves no resistance against your decisions, and
Dunya (the life of this world) and the Akhirah (the accept (them) with full submission.C C [4:65]. This
Last Life) is connected and closely tied to following Ayah’s explanation according to Ibn Kathir is, “Al-
the Prophet and implementing his Sunnah. In his lah swears by His Most Honorable Self, that no
book, Ar-Risalah, Imam Ash-Shafi’i stated that, person will attain Iman until he or she refers to the
‘Whoever accepts what the Messenger of Allah Messenger of Allah in all matters, because what the
commands, will have accepted it from Allah, be- Messenger commands is the truth that must be

The Muslim Creed 12 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

obeyed inwardly and outwardly. This is why Allah strength depart, and be patient. Surely, Allah is
said, B…and find in themselves no resistance with those who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones,
against your decisions, and accept with full C [8:46]. Also, those who blindly follow the
submission.C C, meaning, ‘When they refer to you Mathahib when the Mathhab contradicts a Text
for judgment, they must obey you inwardly in what from the Quran or Sunnah, then they will be prefer-
you decide, and then submit to that decision with- ring the Mathhab over what Allah and His Messen-
out hesitation.’” ger have said. Allah said, what translated means,
BO you who believe! Do not put (yourselves or
your opinions) forward before Allah and His Mes-
The Danger of Taqlid senger (Mohammad), and fear Allah. Verily! Al-
lah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.C C [49:1]. This is
We have listed several Texts that emphasize why the Salaf (righteous ancestors) were the most
the importance of following the Quran and Sunnah serious and firm in their following and obedience
and implementing them. These are the two re- for the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. They
sources of Islam that Allah requires from us to used to reject every opinion that did not conform
follow and obey. This demonstrates how far away with the Sunnah.
from the truth are those who perform Taqlid (blind
following) of the Mathahib, because these people Blind following of Mathahib only became
simply reject the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah common after the end of the first three righteous
without valid justification. They claim that the generations of Islam whom the Prophet has attested
Hadith opposes their Mathhab, as if the Mathhab is to their righteousness. The Ummah will never be
the judge over the Sunnah, not the other way around. led aright except by holding fast to that which the
Such people are unaware that they are defying the first three generations held fast unto. The early
orders of the Imams of the Mathahib themselves generations of this Ummah followed the path of the
who have emphasized the necessity of following the Messenger of Allah and refrained from blind fol-
Quran and Sunnah. Imam Ash-Shafii said, “If you lowing of their scholars, and also refrained from
find that my opinion defies the Hadith of the Mes- obeying their desires and whims.
senger of Allah, then throw my opinion against the
wall.” What is even equally erroneous regarding
Taqlid is the practice of those who choose from
The Messenger of Allah has commanded us every Mathhab what satisfies their desires and whims
to refer to the Quran and Sunnah when disputes and what they see as easy for them to follow. They
arise. He said, “For those who will live long, they do not seek the evidence from the Quran and Sun-
will witness many disputes. Therefore, hold fast nah. Yet, they think that they are rightly guided and
to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly- that they are not followers of the Mathahib any-
guided Caliphs after me, hold on to it with your more. They are mistaken, for they only seek the
teeth. And beware of matters of innovation, for rulings that suit them, thus obeying their desires and
every innovation is a Bid’ah and every Bid’ah is a not the Quran and Sunnah.
heresy.” [Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah & At-
Tirmithi]. There is no doubt that when one is being We ask Allah that He makes us among those
fanatic about his opinion or the opinion of whom he who follow and obey the Book of Allah and the
imitates in Taqlid, then the various disputes and Sunnah of His Prophet. We also ask Him that He
differences that Allah has warned us from will ap- makes us among those who obey Allah’s Commands
pear. He said, what translated means, BAnd obey and His Messenger’s decisions in all our affairs, and
Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute the last of our speech is: all the thanks and praises
(with one another) lest you lose courage and your are due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

The Muslim Creed 13 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

“The burden The Prophet
of proof is
on the claimant...”
bn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, narr- monies uncover the truth and prove or disprove the
ated that the Messenger of Allah, Salla Allahu truthfulness of the claimant, and also describe what
Alayhi Wasallam, had said, what translated has been witnessed. This is used to solidify the claim
means, brought forward, providing the testimonies are truth-
ful. There are several kinds of testimonies accord-
“If what people claim is taken at face ing to the Shari’ah:
value, then some will claim other people’s
1— Testimony in cases of adultery. Allah
possessions and blood. Therefore, the bur-
said in the Quran, what translated means, BAnd those
den of proof is on the claimant, and Yamin of your women who commit illegal sexual inter-
(oath) is on whoever denies (the charges laid course, take the evidence of four witnesses from
against him).” amongst you against them.C C [4:15] and, BAnd those
who accuse chaste women, and produce not four
Related by Al-Bayhaqi and others. witnesses, flog them.CC [24:4]. Therefore, testimony
concerning claims of adultery requires the presence
of four adult men who have witnessed the act while
The Status of this Hadith in progress.

2— Testimony concerning murder, theft, al-

Imam Ibn Daqiq Al-‘Eid said, “This Hadith cohol consumption and false accusations. These
is a pillar of Islamic Jurisprudence, and the best law types of violations are called “Al-‘Hudud, meaning
to refer to in matters of differences and conflicting they warrant a prescribed punishment.” Allah said,
claims.” Also Imam An-Nawawi said, “This Hadith what translated means, BAnd take for witness two
is a pillar of Shari’ah.” This Hadith lays down the just persons from among you (Muslims).C C [65:2].
legislative ground for fair judging between people, Therefore, the testimony of two adult males is re-
to preserve their rights and honor, to pursue justice quired in such cases. Some scholars also require two
and to give each his rights. adult male witnesses in marriage and divorce con-

Kinds of Proof 3— With regards to selling, debts and rent-

als; all monetary cases. Allah said in the Quran, what
Proof that is presented in any case mainly translated means, BAnd get two witnesses out of
contains a testimony to what has happened. Testi- your own men. And if there are not two men (avail-

The Muslim Creed 14 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

able), then a man and two women, such as you The wisdom behind burdening the claimant
agree for witnesses.CC [2:282]. This kind requires with producing the proof is that he is claiming a mat-
the witness of two adult males or one male and two ter that was not witnessed by all. Witnesses and evi-
females. dence establish what had really happened.

4— With regards to child custody, giving

birth and virginity. Such matters are usually not ac- Acceptance of Valid Evidence
cessible to men, therefore, the testimony of women
is required. In some cases, the testimony of one adult The judge has to ask the defendant about
female is accepted. ‘Uqbah ibn Al-Harith said, “I what he has been accused of. If he admits, then the
married a woman. Afterwards, a black woman came matter is closed, for admitting guilt is sufficient as
forward and said, ‘I have suckled you both.’ Then, I proof. If the defendant denies the charges, then the
went to the Prophet and told him that I married such judge will ask the claimant to present his proof. If he
and such woman, then a black woman came forth brings forward sufficient proof to his claim, the judge
with a claim, saying, ‘I have suckled you both,’ and will have to rule in his favor. If the defendant denies
she is lying.” The Prophet turned his face away from or disputes what that proof establishes, his denial will
him. ‘Uqbah repeated what he had said, then the be of no value in this case. If all what the claimant
Prophet said, “How about this matter when she has is the disputed integrity of the defendant, pro-
claims to have suckled you both? Leave her (di- viding he also has no sufficient proof, then the claim-
vorce your wife, since you are not eligible to marry ant is entitled to request the judge to require the de-
her).” [Al-Bukhari]. Afterwards, ‘Uqbah divorced fendant to swear to his innocence, and the defendant
his wife and she married another man. This Hadith will have to swear by Allah that all claims made
proves that the testimony of only one female is ac- against him are false. If the defendant swears that he
cepted in such matters. is innocent, and when there is no proof to the con-
trary, then his innocence must be declared.
The claimant has to produce sufficient evi-
dence to validate his claim, as the Hadith states, “And The Prophet once asked a claimant, “Do you
the burden of proof is on the claimant.” In another have proof?” He said, “No.” The Prophet said,
narration for this Hadith, Imam Muslim reported that “Then you have only (the defendant’s) oath.” [Mus-
the Prophet said to the claimant, “Provide your two lim]. This Hadith also proves that sufficient evidence
witnesses.” Therefore, if the claimant establishes the is proof enough to the guilt of the accused, even if he
truthfulness of his case, he then wins it. swears to the contrary.

The Virtue of Charity

Allah said, what translated means, BThose who spend their wealth (in Allah’s Cause) by night
and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no
C [2:274].
fear, nor shall they grieve.C

It was also narrated that once, the Messenger of Allah visited Bilal, who had some dates stored
in his house. He said to him, “O Bilal, what is this?” He said, “Something I am saving for tomorrow
(future needs).” He said, “Don’t you fear that tomorrow you will see its fumes in Hellfire? Spend
O Bilal, and don’t have fear that Allah will not sustain you.” [Muslim].

The Muslim Creed 15 September 2001 Vol. 9 No. 9

Our Objectives

8 To project a clear image of the religion of Islam in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah
as understood by as-Salaf as-Saleh (pious predecessors).

8 To warn Muslims against all types of Shirk (Polytheism) and Bidah (innovation) related
to religion, and against the sacrileges, the fabricated weak Hadith (Prophetic traditions)
which mar the beauty of Islam.

8 To oppose and refute the advent tenets and ideologies such as atheism, communism and

8 To cooperate with Sunni Muslim organizations to achieve the above objectives.

8 To propagate Islam amongst non-Muslims.

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