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The Daar Of
mong the great lessons learned by the one who performs Hajj is the
importance of moderation in all matters. Allah has said regarding the
Islamic Heritage Muslim Ummah, what translated means, *Thus We have made you
(Muslims) a Wasat nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messen-
ger (Mohammad) be a witness over you.+ [2:143]. “A Wasat nation” means just
P.O. Box 450186 and fair witnesses who do not deviate from the truth, fairness and moderation in all
Kissimmee, FL matters. Therefore, they are neither extremists nor are they over-lenient.
34745-0186 U.S.A.
Hajj is full of situations and examples that indicate the importance of
Fax (407) 348-9693 moderation and fairness. The Sunnah of the Prophet, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, in throwing the pebbles during the rituals of Hajj is one simple example.
He once said to Ibn Abbas, “Pick for me some pebbles.” Ibn Abbas picked up
seven pebbles for him, and the Prophet held them in his hand and said to the people,
Volume 10 Issue 2 “Pick pebbles similar to these (in size).” He then said to them, “O people!

Thul-Hijjah 1422 Beware of extremism in the religion, for the ones before you were destroyed
because of their extremism in their religion.” [Ahmad & An-Nasaii].
February 2002 The Prophet’s saying, “Pick pebbles similar to these” means use pebbles
similar in size to these ones I have. This means neither pick pebbles that are too
What’s Inside small nor rocks that are too big, but rather use pebbles that are moderate in size.
Therefore, the Sunnah of the Prophet in this matter has been clarified for us without
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ambiguities. The Muslim is commanded to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet as he
Characteristics of the Saved Group
has commanded, and not go to either sides of extremism.
Feature Article ............................. 4
Is There A Good Bid’ah The Prophet’s saying, “Beware of extremism” is a general statement
regarding all matters of belief and acts of worship. Therefore, Muslims are prohib-
Salafi Concepts ........................... 6 ited from extremism in all matters and affairs, and are commanded to follow the
Disputes & Divisions: Causes and Sunnah of the Prophet in all aspects of the religion.
Effects (1/2)
Satan is always seeking to mislead people away from the Straight Path, by
Character of the Muslim .............. 8 either leading them to extremism or to negligence, not preferring one over the other.
How to Achieve At-Tawbah Some of the Salaf said, “For each and every command Allah has revealed, Satan
seeks to lead the people to one of two: either extremism or negligence and over-
Family Issues ................................ 10 leniency, and he does not care which one of those two he achieves.” Therefore,
The Requirements of Hijab (2/2) Satan always plots to snare the Muslim in one of his traps, and into this he puts all
his efforts, to mislead the people away from the Straight Path.
The Lawful & Unlawful ............. 12
Riba & Its Evil Effects
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The Muslim Creed 1 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

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Characteristics of
The Saved Group
l-Firqah An-Najiyah means the what Allah has written for them. In tributes could freely announce his
Saved Group, which is the addition, they call upon people to Bid’ah, forcing the Mubtadi’ to hide his
group that follows the guidance observe and adhere by the best Islamic Bid’ah, just as the Zanadiqah (heretics)
of the Messenger of Allah, the compan- behavior and conduct. hide their Kufr.”
ions and those who follow their lead,
until the Day of Judgment. We have 8 — They also approve the 9 — They are strictly firm on
previously mentioned some of the Ayat that describe Allah’s Attributes, their beliefs. When Hercules (the ruler
distinguishing characteristics of this according to their apparent meanings, of Rome) asked Abu Sufyan, just after
group, and now we conclude this topic, without equating, resembling, altering Mohammad became a Messenger, about
praying to Allah that He makes us or denying them. Imam Ash-Shawkani those who embrace Islam with the
among them. said, “The clear Truth, no doubt about Prophet, “Does any of them abandon his
it, is the way of the best generation, then religion out of his dislike for it, after
6 — The Saved Group follows the following one, and then the follow- they had embraced it?” Abu Sufyan
the guidance of the Messenger of Allah, ing one. They, may Allah grant them said, “No.” He said, “Such is the case
Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, both in His Mercy
public and private. It also follows the and guide us Members of Al-Firqan An-Najiyah advise one an-
way of the early Muhajirin and Ansar. all to follow other with patience when suffering from a hardship,
Furthermore, it follows the Prophet’s their guid-
and to be grateful and thankful to Allah when enjoy-
advice, “Hold fast to my Sunnah and ance and
to the Sunnah of the rightly-guided imitate their ing a bounty. Furthermore, they feel content with
Caliphs after me, clench to it and hold way, ap- what Allah has written for them.
on to it with your teeth.” [Ahmad, Abu proved the
Dawood & At-Tirmithi]. Texts concerning Allah’s Attributes with Iman when its sweetness touches
according to their apparent meanings.” the hearts, no one will want to abandon
7 — They enjoin righteousness it afterwards.”
and forbid evil as the religion com- Imam As-Shawkani also said,
mands. They also believe that Hajj, “And those (righteous persons) who Also, Ibn Taymiyyah said, “As
Jihad and congregational and ‘Eid came after them (of latter generations) for Ahlu As-Sunnah wal Hadith, we do
prayers shall be held behind the rulers, explained to the people the misguidance not know of anyone among their
whether these rulers were pious or of the deviant sects and warned Mus- scholars, or among their pious members,
wicked. They attend the Jama’ah lims against them, just as the Tabi’in who had abandoned his beliefs. They
prayers and provide good advice to the have done with Al-Ja’d ibn Dirham and are always the most firm on their
Ummah. They also advise one another those who approved of his evil opinions beliefs, even if they are tested with
with patience when suffering from a and followed his misguided way. Al- various types of trials and even if they
hardship, and to be grateful and thank- Firqah An-Najiyah were always like endure various Fitan (calamities, tests,
ful to Allah when enjoying a bounty. this, so that no Mubtadi’ (innovator in etc.). This was also the case with the
Furthermore, they feel content with the religion) with regards to the At- earlier Prophets and those who followed

The Muslim Creed 2 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

them, such as the people of Al-Ukhdud members. There are numerous Texts in These are but some of the
(who preferred to be burnt alive rather the Quran and Sunnah that command characteristics of Al-Firqah An-Najiyah.
than give up their Faith). Such was also the believers to love and give their May Allah make us all among those
the case with the Salaf of this Ummah, loyalty and respect to the companions. who follow the true guidance of the
the companions, the Tabi’in (the The Messenger of Allah said, what Salaf and follow their righteous con-
successive generation who took up the translated means, “One is in the duct. This is the only way to gain safety
Manhaj of the companions) and the company of those whom he loves.” from the Fire, as the Messenger of Allah
noted Imams.” [Al-Bukhari, Muslim & Ahmad]. They has informed us. Embracing the
also love and respect their righteous characteristics of Al-Firqah An-Najiyah
10 — They also give their love Salaf, both the scholars and the com- and then implementing them are both
and loyalty to those whom Allah and moners among them, and warn against required from those Muslims who seek
His Messenger love, such as the com- defying their way, or having any ill to follow the guidance of the Salaf with
panions and the Prophet’s family feelings towards them. excellence until the Day of Judgment.

Seeing Allah in the Next Life Pillars of Islam

n numerous places in the Quran, Allah states that the believers will see ngel Jibreal came to Prophet
Him in the Hereafter, such as what He said regarding the Day of Resurrec- Mohammad, Salla Allahu
tion, *On that Day, some faces will be bright. Looking at their Lord.+ Alayhi Wasallam, and asked
[75:22-23]. Abu Hurayrah reported that some of the companions asked the him, “O Mohammad, tell me about
Prophet, “Will we see our Lord on the Day of Resurrection?” He replied, Islam.” The Prophet replied: Islam is:
“Are you harmed by looking at the moon when it is full?” They replied,
“No.” He said, “Verily, you will see Him likewise.” [Al-Bukhari]. To declare that La Ilaha Illa Allah
No god in existence is worthy of
In another narration, the Prophet said, “Verily, each one of you will worship but Allah
see Allah on the Day when you must meet Him, and there will not be and Mohammad Rasoolu Allah.
between Him and you a veil nor a translator.” [Al-Bukhari]. The Prophet Mohammad is the Messenger of
also said, “The Day of Resurrection is the first Day that any eye will look Allah and His slave, and he is to be
at Allah.” [Ad-Daraqutni]. followed and obeyed in everything he
had delivered from Allah.
For the residents of Paradise, the pleasure of seeing Allah, which
itself is greater than all other pleasures of Paradise, is a special blessing. To perform the prayers
Regarding the verse, *For them is whatever they wish, and there is with Us Perform the five daily prayers in their
something additional.+ [50:35], Ali bin Abi Taleb and Anas said that the times and observing all their laws and
“additional” thing here is looking at Allah. rituals
To give the Zakat
Also, Suhaib reported that once, the Prophet recited the verse, *For For every 85 grams of gold you own
those who do right is a good reward and (something) additional.+ and then or an equivalent amount of currency
said, “When the people deserving Paradise have entered it, and those you pay 2.5% annually. Other rules
deserving Hellfire have entered it, a heralder will call out, ‘O people of apply to assets other than money.
Paradise, Allah has a promise for you which He wants to fulfill.’ They will
ask, ‘What is it? Has He not made our scale (of good deeds) heavy, made To fast Ramadan
our faces shining, entered us into Paradise and saved us from Hellfire?’ Abstain from food, water, sexual
The veil will then be removed and they will gaze at Him. Nothing which intercourse, and other things that
He has bestowed on them will be dearer to them than gazing at Him. And would break the fast, from sunrise to
sunset, during the month of Ramadan.
that is ‘something additional.’” [Ahmad & At-Tirmithi].
And to perform Hajj if you can
As for the disbelievers, they will not enjoy the blessing of seeing Perform the pilgrimage to Makkah
Allah in the Hereafter, for Allah has said, *But on that Day they will be once in a lifetime, with performing all
veiled from their Lord.+ [83:15]. the required rituals.

The Muslim Creed 3 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Feature Article

Is there a
Good Bid’ah?
here is no doubt that all types of guidance sent with Mohammad. The Imam Malik once said, “Who-
innovations in the religion are worst matters are matters of innova- ever introduces in the religion a Bid’ah
types of sin, misguidance and tions, and every innovation is a that he claims is good, it will be as if
error. All innovations are in Hellfire, heresy.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]. He claiming that Mohammad has not
because they constitute a legislation also said, “Beware of matters of delivered the Message in its entirety.
about which Allah has not given an innovations, for every innovation is a Allah said, *This day, I have perfected
authority, and because they entail Bid’ah, every Bid’ah is a heresy, and your religion for you, completed My
adding to or deleting from the religion every heresy is in Hellfire.” [Abu Favor upon you, and have chosen for
without authority from Allah. They are Dawood & At-Tirmithi], and, “Who- you Islam as your religion.+ [5:3].
also a sin because they involve altering ever performs an act that is not a part Hence, what was not a religion then, is
Allah’s Words and the words of His of our matter (religion), it will be not a religion today, and nothing will
Messenger. Finally, innovations are a rejected.” [Muslim]. correct the affairs of this Ummah except
serious type of sin because they corrupt that which rightly guided the affairs of
the integrity of Islam and indicate a Furthermore, ibn Umar said, its early generations.”
tendency to follow the vague matters in “Every Bid’ah is a heresy, even if the
the religion for the purpose of causing people thought it was good.” Also, ibn Furthermore, Imam Ash-Shafi’i
Fitnah (calamity, trial) and doubts that Mas’ud said, “Follow the Sunnah, and said, “Whoever introduces a new matter
shatter the unity of the Muslims. do not innovate, for you have been that he likes into the religion will have
sufficed (since the religion is com- (erroneously) legislated.” Mullah
Allah has decreed that He plete).” He also said, “Being moderate Ahmad Ar-Rumi also said, “Hence,
Himself will protect and preserve the in performing the Sunnah is better than whoever innovates an act or a saying
integrity of Islam. He has sent His being active indulging in the Bid’ah.” with which he intends to draw closer to
Messenger with the correct guidance In addition, ibn Abbas said, “Beware of Allah, will have legislated what Allah
and the religion that He has decided will Bid’ahs.” Huthayfah ibn Al-Yaman has not given an authority. Therefore,
dominate all other religions, even if the once held two rocks and put one on top every type of innovation in the acts of
evil ones hate it. The Messenger of of the other, and then said, “Do you see worship is necessarily evil.”
Allah has thus issued the decree that all light between these two rocks?” The
innovations in the religion are sins and people said, “O Abu Abdullah! We only We end these statements of the
misguidance. Such was the case with see a little light.” He said, “By He in scholars by mentioning a statement by
the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Whose Hand is my soul! The innova- Imam Ash-Shatibi in his book, Al-
respected scholars of Islam, for they all tions will appear until the truth becomes I’tisam, “The religion is complete and
warned against indulging in Bid’ah or as weak as the light that you can see does not need any additions or deletions,
implementing it in any form or manner. between these two rocks. By Allah! The because, *This day, I have perfected
Bid’ahs will be so widespread that when your religion for you, completed My
The Prophet used to say in his a part of it is abandoned, the people will Favor upon you, and have chosen for
speeches, “The best speech is the Book say that a part of the Sunnah has been you Islam as your religion.+ [5:3]. It is
of Allah, and the best guidance is the abandoned!” a fact that the Prophet did not die until he

The Muslim Creed 4 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

explained all what people need in matters a required or a recommended act. When become required from the Muslims if he
of life and religion, and there is no there is such evidence, then it is not a kept performing it with them in congre-
dispute among the followers of the Bid’ah to begin with.” gation. He then said, “The Hadith then
Sunnah about this fact. If this is the case, proves that praying Tarawi’h in congre-
then the innovator will be as if he is Some people who claim that gation is originally a part of the Sunnah,
saying that the religion is not complete there are some good Bid’ahs in the for the Prophet performed it in congrega-
and that there are still matters of it that religion rely on Umar ibn Al-Khattab’s tion first. This fact indicates that
could be amended. This is because if words when he saw the Muslims pray Tarawi’h prayer is allowed in congrega-
such a person thought that the religion is Tarawi’h prayer in congregation in tion in Ramadhan in the Masjid. When
complete, he would not have innovated in Ramadhan, “This is a good Bid’ah.” the Prophet later on did not join the
or amended it. Those who do or say this Ibn ‘Hajar refuteed this claim, saying, congregation, he did this so that it does
are truly led astray from the true path.” “Umar only meant the linguistic mean- not become an obligatory act of worship.
He also said, “The person who invents a ing of the Bid’ah, for linguistically, the This does not mean that this type of
Bid’ah, has placed himself as an equal Bid’ah is a matter that was not pre- prayer is not allowed. The time of the
with Allah, since he has introduced a ceded, as Allah said, *Say (O Moham- Prophet was the time of revelation and
legislation as Allah does, and has thus mad), “I am not a Bid’an (new thing) legislation, and it was possible that since
opened a door for division and has among the Messengers (i.e. I am not the people were active in performing this
disputed Allah’s right to legislate Alone, the first Messenger).+ [46:9]. Hence, type of prayer in congregation, that it
and this is a great sin indeed.” Umar was not talking about the reli- might be legislated as an obligatory
gious Bid’ah, for the Prophet said that worship. When the Prophet died, this
These are several evidences and all types of Bid’ah are a heresy.” element was eliminated (because there
proofs that clearly outlaw all innova-
tions in the religion. These proofs The innovators have no proofs that sup-
should be sufficient to discourage Also, ibn
people from indulging in Bid’ahs or Kathir
port their invented Bid’ahs except the
supporting those who invent them. The commented statements of some scholars who have
innovators have no proofs to support that the divided the Bid’ah into five types, where
their invented Bid’ahs except the Ayah,
statements of some scholars who have *The some types are allowed, so they claim.
divided the Bid’ah into five types, where Badi’ of
some types are allowed, so they claim. the heavens and the earth.+ [2:117], was no longer a revelation from Allah),
“Means the One Who created the and Muslims then performed Tarawi’h in
The scholars of Islam have heavens and earth without a similar congregation, which was already a
refuted the false claim that there are creation that preceded them. Mujahid permissible act in the religion.”
good Bid’ahs. Imam Ash-Shatibi, for and As-Suddi also said that this is what
example, said, “This statement is an the Badi’ linguistically means.” He also In summary, we have proven
invented matter itself and has no proof said that there are two types of Bid’ah: that all types of innovations in the
in the religion to support it. It is also A religious type, regarding which the religion are a heresy and that they are all
contradictory, for the invention by Prophet said, “Every innovation is a in the Fire, meaning those who indulge
definition has no grounds that legalize it Bid’ah and every Bid’ah is a heresy.” in the Bid’ahs are in the Fire. Further-
from the Texts of the religion or the And sometimes, the Bid’ah is meant in more, there are no good Bid’ahs, for
general guidelines provided by the its linguistic context, such as Umar’s they are all evil and a type of misguid-
religion. This is because if there was saying, “This is a good Bid’ah,” when ance, and whoever claims that a certain
any proof that a certain matter is he saw the Muslims to pray the Bid’ah is good will have claimed that
required, recommended or allowed, it Tarawi’h’ in congregation. Prophet Mohammad, Salla Allahu
would not have been called a Bid’ah Alayhi Wasallam, has not honestly and
then.” Also, Mohammad Rashid Ridha Imam Ash-Shatibi also refuted completely delivered the Message. In
said, “The linguistic (non-religious) those who claimed that there are good addition, those who claim that there is a
Bid’ahs are five types and are divided Bid’ahs in the religion, and said that good Bid’ah are correct only when they
into good and bad. The invention in Umar’s statement, “Was only meant in are talking about innovations in matters
matters of religion are all bad.” the linguistic context of the Bid’ah.” He of life and not matters of religion. The
Furthermore, ibn ‘Hajar Al-Haytami also said that the Prophet did not perform Muslim Ummah all agree that all types
said, “The Bid’ah is that which does not this prayer in congregation just before his of innovations in the religion are evil, a
have a basis in the religion that makes it death for a clear purpose, that it does not heresy, a sin and a misguidance.

The Muslim Creed 5 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Salafi Concepts

Disputes & Divisions

Causes and Effects
After the Prophet’s death, his

efore Prophet Mohammad, Salla persons killed Caliph Uthman, and
Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, was companions followed the path that he disunity and disputes spread amongst
sent, the people were living in had drawn for them. This has led them the Muslims thereafter. The first group
utter ignorance and complete disunity. to unite and not be divided. By Allah’s to divide the Muslims and rebel against
The truth was not clear to them, so they blessings and leave, there were no their ruler was Al-Khawarij, who denied
were lost between the misguidance of disputes among them in matters of Ali bin Abi Talib as the Caliph and
idol worshipping, Christianity, Judaism, creed, or any matter that made them rejected Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan as
and Majoosism (fire-worshipping). The declare each other as misguided or well, and declared both of them and
people remained on these misguided heretic. Imam Tash Kubra Zadah Al- their followers as Kuffar and shed their
paths until Allah sent Mohammad, Salla ‘Hanafi said, “The companions, may blood.
Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, with the Allah be pleased with them all, were at
Truth. He sent him with a Book and a the time of the Prophet on one creed, After that, many sects ap-
revelation that unified the people and because they were present at the time of peared, one after the other. By the end
brought their hearts together. The revelation and they were honored by of the era of the companions, two major
Prophet took great care of the people, accompanying the Messenger of Allah.” sects had appeared: Al-Qadariyyah and
and he did not die but after he had There were some disputes among them Al-Murji’ah, and then Al-Mu’tazilah
explained to them everything that would in matters of Fiqh (Islamic jurispru- and Al-Jahmiyyah appeared at the end
save them from Hellfire. Allah said, dence), but this did not divide them nor of the Umayyid dynasty.
what translated means, *This day, I made some of them Kuffar or heretics.
have perfected your religion for you, Rather, those who performed Ijtihad and
completed My Favor upon you, and reached the correct decision attained two The Causes of Divisions and
have chosen for you Islam as your rewards, and those who reached the Disputes
religion.+ [5:3]. wrong decision attained one reward, as
the authentic Hadith regarding Ijtihad
Also, the Prophet said, what rules. 1— Internal factors
translated means, “I have left you on
the white sheet, its night is as clear as These are the causes that came
its day, no one will stray from it but How Did Division and from within the Muslim Ummah,
will be destroyed.” [Ahmad]. Further- Disputes Start in the Ummah because of the special nature of the
more, Abu Ad-Dardaa’ said, “Once, the Ummah and of its members:
Messenger of Allah came to us and said, We have stated that the com-
‘By Allah, I shall leave you on the panions did not divide or dispute in
white path, its night is as clear as its matters of creed and belief. This was a) Ignorance in the Religion:
day.’ I then said to him, ‘Allah and His also the case for the masses of Muslims The main cause for the divisions and
Messenger have said the truth, you have during the reign of Abu Bakr, Umar and misguidance that spread in the Ummah,
indeed left us on the white path.’” [Al- the beginning of the reign of Uthman. from the time of the companions until
‘Hakim & Ibn Abi ‘Asim]. Then, some misguided and unjust the present time, is the failure to

The Muslim Creed 6 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Da’wah Basics
understand the true essence of the Dardaa’ once said, “Why do I see that
religion and its implications. your scholars are dying and your
ignorant ones not learning?! I fear that
Ibrahim Al-Timimi said, the first will pass away and the latter

ontroversies and problems
“Caliph Umar bin Al-Khattab was will never acquire knowledge… And that face the callers unto
thinking and wondering one day: Why why do I see you full of food and Islam can be avoided if they
would this Ummah divide and dispute deprived of knowledge?!” distinguish between a principle idea
while its Prophet is one and the same? that Muslims must believe in and
So he sent for Ibn Abbas and asked him: Also, Imam Al-‘Hasan Al- tactical positions they may need to
Why would this Ummah dispute and Basri said, “The worker without take in certain situations and at certain
divide while its Prophet is one, its knowledge is like the traveler who is
Qiblah (direction of prayer) is one and lost. He destroys more than he builds. Basic ideals and principles
its Book is one? Ibn Abbas answered: O So seek knowledge in a manner that will can never change, although how to
not affect achieve them may change or vary.
worship, and Some people may fall into confusion
The worker without knowledge perform and become unable to distinguish
worship in a between that which is a basic prin-
is like the traveler who is lost. He manner that ciple and that which can be changed.
will not affect
destroys more than he builds. seeking As an illustration of this,
when the Prophet started the call to
Islam, he did not boast that the
There are
disbelievers were his brothers or that
leader of the believers! The Quran was people (Al-Khawarij) who sought he loved them. Rather, he told them
sent to us and we read it and learned worship and abandoned knowledge, that he wants to change their ways,
why its Ayat were revealed. And there until they raised the sword against the tradition and religion. He did not
will be people who will read the Quran Ummah of Mohammad. Had they want to gain their trust and confidence
but will not acquire knowledge in why sought knowledge, they would not have to later surprise them with war.
its Ayat were revealed. This will lead fallen into this.” Imam Ash-Shatibi Instead, the Prophet stood fast to what
every group to understand it differently, said, “He means Al-Khawarij, because were basic principles and did not
and this will cause divisions and they read the Quran but did not compre- change the way he treated the
disputes.” hend its meanings.” disbelievers. He said to them, as the
Quran states, *Say, “O disbelievers.
I worship not that which you
Imam Ash-Shatibi said, “What One of the reasons that leads to
worship.”+ [109:1-2]. The Prophet,
Ibn Abbas has said is the truth. If the ignorance that will cause discord and on the other hand, dealt differently
person knows why the Ayah or Surah division in the Ummah is for the person with the hypocrites, treating them
was revealed, he will know its meaning to think that he is knowledgeable, or for harshly sometimes and with leniency
and implications. But if he does not the people to think that he is knowledge- at other times. The basics did not
know why it was revealed, then he will able, while in reality he is not or has not change, only the means to achieve
use his mind to understand it, and thus yet reached that level of knowledge. them changed according to need.
every person will derive a different
understanding. Thus, such people will The Messenger of Allah, Salla To confuse what is basic and
have no knowledge that will lead them Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, said, what what is a means of achieving it might
to the truth or guide them when they translated means, “Allah does not take lead to many evils, including compro-
mising the religion. This can also lead
have problems. Therefore, they follow away knowledge by taking it away
to being harsh with others in matters
opinion and conjecture that will not from the hearts of the slaves. Rather, that can be achieved with leniency
suffice for the truth, so they fall into Allah takes away knowledge by taking manner, and so forth. The basics of
misguidance and will also misguide away the scholars. And when there is the religion cannot be changed or
others.” not a scholar left, the people will take compromised. We can reach our
the ignorant ones as leaders (and goals in basic matters by sometimes
Our righteous ancestors did scholars). They will ask them and they changing the way we approach them,
indeed recognize the harmful effects of will give answers without knowledge, but only through what the Shari’ah
ignorance on the Ummah and that it will thus falling into misguidance and permits. Islam has the correct answer
be a cause for division and discord. also misguiding others.” [Al-Bukhari to these kinds of problems which are
Imam Ibn Abdul-Barr narrated that Ad- & Muslim]. continuously facing Muslims.

The Muslim Creed 7 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Charactare of the Muslim

How to Achieve
means, *Know they not that Allah

here are some facts that, if the the sins and errors of those who repent
Muslim remembers them, they into righteous deeds which will be accepts repentance from His slaves
will help him achieve true recorded in their Books of Deeds on the and takes the charities and that Allah
repentance to Allah and disown his Day of Resurrection. Therefore, what Alone is the One Who forgives and
mistakes, and they are as follows: is more beneficial to the slave than accepts repentance, Most Merciful?+
frequent Tawbah to Allah? This is [9:104].
1 -- At-Tawbah erases sins: especially true if one realizes that all
At-Tawbah erases the sins from the mankind fall into errors and sins. The ‘Aaishah, may Allah be
slave’s Book of Records. The Messen- Messenger of Allah clearly stated this pleased with her, narrated that the
ger of Allah said, what translated fact, when he said, what translated Messenger of Allah said, what trans-
means, “The repenter from the sin is means, “All the offspring of Adam lated means, “When the slave admits
like the one who is without sin.” [Ibn will fall into errors. And the best (his errors, sins, mistakes, etc.) and
Majah]. Also, Allah said, what trans- among those who fall into errors, are then repents, then Allah will forgive
lated means, *Except those who the repenters.”
repent and believe (in Islamic Mono- [Ahmad & At-
theism) and do righteous deeds, for Tirmithi]. All those who truly repent from the mis-
those, Allah will change their sins takes, sins, Kufr or Shirk that they fell
into good deeds, and Allah is Oft- 2 -- Allah into, then Allah will accept their Tawbah
Forgiving, Most Merciful.+ [25:70]. promised to accept
Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah the Tawbah from and forgive them their mistakes.
said, what translated means, “Some His slaves: There
people will wish they had made more are many proofs to this promise, among him.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim].
errors: those are the ones whom them is, *And verily, I am indeed
Allah changed their sins into righ- Forgiving to him who repents, 3 -- Allah loves At-Tawbah
teous deeds.” [Al-Hakim]. believes (in My Oneness) and does from His slaves: He said, what trans-
righteous good deeds, and then lated means, *Truly, Allah loves those
In the first Hadith, the Messen- remains constant in doing them, (till who turn unto Him in repentance
ger of Allah states that At-Tawbah his death).+ [20:82]. Therefore, all and loves those who purify them-
erases sins, until the repenting person those who truly repent from the mis- selves (by cleansing their bodies and
becomes like the one who did not sin. takes, sins, Kufr or Shirk that they fell washing up for prayer).+ [2:222]. Also
In the Ayah and the second Hadith, into, then Allah will accept their the Messenger of Allah said, what
Allah and His Messenger state that Tawbah and forgive them their mis- translated means, “Allah is more
Allah, the Most Merciful, will change takes. Also, Allah said, what translated happy when His slave repents to Him

The Muslim Creed 8 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

than when one of you whose (the man) said, ‘O Allah! You are my said that the Messenger of Allah said,
Ra’hilah (camel or donkey) escapes slave and I am your Lord!’; he made what translated means, “Allah spreads
from him in the desert with all his a mistake because of his extreme His Hand open during the night so
food and drink, felt it impossible to happiness.’” [Muslim]. that the one who erred in the day can
recover his Ra’hilah, came next to a repent. And He spreads open His
tree and laid down and slept under its Allah loves that His slaves Hand during the day so that the one
shade. And as he was like this, he repent to Him, that He calls upon them who erred at night can repent, until
found his Ra’hilah right next to him to repent and promises them with the sun rises from where it usually
and he grasped it by its belt. Then, he forgiveness. Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari sets.” [Muslim].

Brotherhood in Islam

he Prophet, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, has said, “Be, O slaves of Allah, as brothers.” [Muslim].
In this Hadith, the Prophet orders the Muslims to be all loving brothers and all slaves of Allah who
avoid what Allah has forbidden, such as envy, hatred, shunning, selling on each other, etc. He also
commands the use of all means and methods that will direct the Muslims to be brothers, such as visiting
each other, giving gifts to each other and fulfilling each other’s rights.

Some Requirements of Brotherhood

The Prophet said, “The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he neither deals him injustice, nor
fails him, nor despises him.” [Muslim]. In this Hadith, the Prophet details to us some of the obligations of
Muslim brotherhood:

1 — The Muslim is prohibited from dealing his Muslim brother with injustice, whether involving his
brother’s wealth, hand, tongue, honor, etc.

2 — The Muslim is prohibited from failing his Muslim brother, providing he is able to aid him, as
Allah has said, what translated means, *…but if they seek your help in religion, it is your duty to help
them.+ [8:72]. Also, the Messenger of Allah said, what translated means, “Give victory to your (believing)
brother when he is unjust and when he is dealt with injustice!” The companions asked, “O Messenger of
Allah! This is aiding him when he is dealt with injustice (meaning it is understood), so how about aiding him
when he is unjust?” He said, “You prevent his hand (from committing injustice).” [Al-Bukhari].

3 — Being truthful with other Muslims while conversing with them. Truthfulness is a sign of Taqwa
(fear from Allah). It is also the path to acquire Al-Birr (all that which is righteous and good) which guides
and directs one to Paradise. No Muslim is allowed to tell his brother something that involves a lie.

4 — The Muslim is disallowed to despise, look down at or belittle his believing brothers and sisters.
The Muslim is important to Allah, however his financial or social status may be. Despising Muslims is
indeed a grave sin, as the Messenger of Allah has stated, “It is enough evil for one to despise of his Mus-
lim brother.” Despising Muslims is a sign of arrogance which Allah and His Messenger have firmly prohib-
ited. The Prophet said, “Arrogance involves rejecting the truth and despising people.” [Muslim].

The Muslim Creed 9 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Family Corner

The Requirements
of Hijab (2/2)
llah has required that Muslim women, the hair on the top of their
women adhere to a code of heads like a camel’s hump. Curse
dress, and he detailed these them, for verily they are cursed.” In
requirements in the Quran and the another narration, he said, “...scantily
Sunnah of His Prophet. We started last dressed women, who go astray and
month discussing these requirements, make others go astray; they will not
and this month we conclude this topic, enter Paradise nor smell its fra-
Allah willing. grance, although it can be smelled
from afar.” [ Muslim & At-Tabarani].
“Scantily dressed women” are those
2-- Thickness who wear clothing that reveal more than
what they conceal, thereby increasing
The woman’s garment should their attractiveness while opening the
be thick and opaque so as not to display path to a host of evils.
skin color and form of the body beneath
it. Delicate or transparent clothing do 3-- Looseness
not constitute a proper covering. Imam
Al-Qurtubi reports a narration from Women’s clothing must hang
‘Aaishah that some women from the loosely enough and not be so tight-
tribe of Tamim came to see her wearing fitting as to show the shape and size of
transparent clothing. ‘Aaishah said to the woman’s body. This obviously
them, “If you are believing women, then includes such things as skintight body
know that these are not the clothes of suits, etc. The following Hadith clearly
believing women.” He also reports that proves this point. Usaama ibn Zayd
a bride came to her wearing a sheer, narrated, “The Messenger of Allah gave
transparent Khimar, and ‘Aaishah said, me a gift of thick Coptic cloth he had
“A women who wears such clothing received as a gift from Dahiah Al-
does not believe in Surat An-Noor Kalbee, and so I gave it to my wife.
[24].” Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah
asked me, ‘Why didn’t you wear the
*And tell the believing women to Furthermore, the following Coptic cloth?’ I replied, ‘I gave it to my
lower their gaze and guard their pri- Hadith makes this point graphically wife.’ The Prophet said, ‘Tell her to
vate parts from sin and not show of
their Zeenah except only that which
clear. The Messenger of Allah, Salla wear a thick gown under it, for I fear
is apparent, and draw their head Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, said, what that it may describe the size of her
covers over their necks and bosoms translated means, “There will be in the limbs.’” [Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi & Al-
and not reveal their adornment.+ last of my Ummah, scantily dressed Hkim].

The Muslim Creed 10 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

4-- Color, Appearance & colors and to avoid bright designs, ers. This is a general ruling of the
Demeanor patterns and colors. This point should Shari’ah, which encompasses not only
serve also as a reminder to Muslim men dress, but also such things as manners,
Allah said, *O wives of the who are in position of responsibility for customs, religious practices and festivi-
Prophet! You are not like any other their women. The Messenger of Allah ties, transactions, etc. Indeed, dissimi-
women; if you fear (Allah), then do has warned in an authentic that amongst larity with the disbelievers is a prece-
not be too pleasant of speech, lest one the three individuals who would not dent that was established by the first
in whose heart is a disease should feel enter Paradise will be, “...Ad-Dayooth, generation of Islam. The following
desire (for you).+ [33:32]. The reason who is contented with obscenity Hadiths and statements of Umar will
for reveling this Ayah was not the fear within his family,” meaning a cuck- help to clarify this position:
of distrust nor misbehavior on the part old— a man who permits the women he
of women. Rather, it was to prevent is responsible for, such as his wife, Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn Al-‘Aas
them from speaking invitingly, walking daughter, etc., to engage in illicit sexual said, “The Messenger of Allah saw me
seductively, or dressing revealingly so relations or to display their beauty to wearing two saffron-colored garments,
as to arouse sexual desire in the heart of men, thereby stimulating sexual desire! and then said, ‘Indeed, these are the
lecherous and evil men. Seductive clothes of Kuffar (disbelievers), so do
dressing and enticing speech are the not wear them.’” [Muslim]. Also,
5-- Difference from Men’s Abdullah ibn Umar said, “The Messen-
characteristics of ill-intentioned women.
Clothing ger of Allah said, ‘Whoever resembles
Imam Al-Qurtubi mentioned that
a people is one of them.’” [Abu
Mujahid had said, “Women (before the
The clothing of a Muslim Dawood]. Furthermore, Abu Musa Al-
advent of Islam) used to walk in a
woman must not resemble the clothing Ash’ari related that Umar bin Al-
sensuous and seductive manner.”
of men. The following Hadiths prove Khattab once said to him, “... I shall not
Maqatil said, “The women used to wear
this point.
an untied piece of cloth on their heads, Abu
while provocatively toying with their Hurayrah Women’s clothing must hang loosely
necklaces, earrings and other ornamen- said, “The
tal jewelry.” Messenger of
enough and not be so tight-fitting as
Allah cursed to show the shape and size of the
Furthermore, Allah has com- the man who
manded women not to display their wears
woman’s body.
beauty, meaning both natural and women’s
acquired beauty, *...And do not make a clothes and the woman who wears honor those whom Allah has dishon-
display of yourselves like the display- men’s clothes.” [Abu Dawood & Ibn ored, nor esteem those He has humili-
ing of the ignorance of long ago...+ Majah]. Also, Abdullah ibn Umar said ated, nor bring close those whom He has
[33:33]. that he heard the Messenger of Allah kept afar.” [Ahmad].
say, “The man who resembles a
A garment which is intended to woman and the woman who re-
conceal a woman and her beauty from sembles a man are not of us (i.e., not
public view cannot be a thing which 7-- No Vain or Ostentatious
of the believers).” [Ahmad]. Addition-
enhances her beauty. Therefore, the gar- Dressing
ally, Abu Dawood related a narration
ment cannot contain bright colors, bold from Umm Salamah which states that
designs or shiny and reflective material The woman’s dress must not be
the Prophet forbade women to bundle
that draw men’s attention. Al-Tabarruj an expression of ostentation, vanity or
their Khumoor on their heads in such a
means not only “to display oneself,” but as a status symbol by being excessively
way as to resemble the turban of a man.
also “to spruce up one’s charms for the showy or expensive, nor must it be
Western Muslim sisters should pay
purpose of exciting desire!” excessively tattered so as to gain
specific attention to this point, since,
admiration and fame for being humble.
regretfully, this has become a wide-
Imam Ath-Thahabi says in his Ibn Umar reported that the Messenger
spread practice amongst them!
book, Kitab Al-Kaba’ir (The Book of of Allah, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam,
Major Sins), “Amongst the deeds which said, what translated means, “Whoever
a woman is cursed for are displaying the 6-- Difference from the Cloth- dresses for ostentation in this world,
adornments she wears, wearing perfume ing of the Disbelievers Allah will dress that person in a dress
when she goes out, and wearing colorful of humiliation on the Day of Resur-
clothes...” Hence, the Muslim woman is Women’s clothing must not rection, and then set it on fire.” [Abu
encouraged to wear muted, somber resemble the clothing of the disbeliev- Dawood].

The Muslim Creed 11 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

The Lawful & Unlawful

Riba and Its

Evil Effects
iba (usury) is two types: interest are (really) believers!+ [2:278]. From money and at the same time avoid
on lent money; and taking a the last Ayah it is clear that Riba is Allah’s Anger.
superior thing of the same kind prohibited, whether in large or small
of goods by giving more of the same amounts. Al-Bukhari reported that ibn Certificates of Deposit are a
kind of goods of inferior quality, e.g., Abbas confirmed that this Ayah was the form of financial dealing that incorpo-
dates (type of fruit) of superior quality last one revealed concerning Riba. rates usury. Muslim scholars of past and
for dates of inferior quality in greater present have agreed that such dealings
amount. Riba was prohibited in Juda- The Sunnah of the Prophet are prohibited. Ibn Qudamah said,
ism, Christianity, and is one of the major reported that Riba is one of the seven “Every loan that guarantees interest is
sins in Islam. It was the Jews who first major sins. When he was asked about prohibited.” Also, Ibn Al-Munthir said,
introduced Riba on a large scale. Allah the seven destructive sins, he mentioned “The scholars of Islam have all agreed
said what translated means, *For the Riba as one of them as was reported by that if one loans money with interest,
wrongdoing of the Jews, We made Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Also Al- that he has committed Riba.” Further-
unlawful for them certain good foods Bukhari and Muslim reported that the more, Ibn ‘Hazm in his book, Al-
that have been lawful for them, and Prophet said, what translated means, Muhalla, said, “Any loan that guaran-
for their hindering many from Allah’s “Allah has cursed the one who takes tees a return of more, or even less, than
way. And their taking of Riba though Riba, the one who pays it, the wit- the principal, is indeed Riba. There is
they were forbidden their devouring of nesses to it and the one who records unanimity among the scholars that this is
men’s substance wrongfully; (bribery). it.”. Riba is even more dangerous than prohibited.” In addition, Imam Al-
And We have prepared for the disbe- adultery. The
lieves among them a painful Prophet said,
torment.+ [4:160-161]. “Riba has Success can only be attained by obeying
Allah has forbidden Riba for (kinds of)
Allah Almighty, not disobeying Him. If
Muslims. He said, what translated sins, the usury can lead to any good, then Allah
means, *O you who believe! Eat not smallest (in
Riba (usury) doubled and multiplied, deed) is would not have prohibited it.
but fear Allah that you may be equal to
successful.+ [3:130], *Those who eat committing adultery with one’s Shawkani confirmed the above in his
Riba will not stand (on the Day of mother!” [Ibn Majah]. book, Nail Al-Awtar.
Resurrection) except like the standing
of a person beaten by Satan leading From the above, it is clear that Therefore, there is a unanimous
him to insanity. That is because they Riba of all kinds is ‘Haram (prohibited). ruling that a loan with guaranteed
say: “Trading is only like Riba.” Every Muslim must avoid dealing with interest is ‘Haram. Allah has ordered the
Whereas Allah has permitted trading Riba if Allah’s pleasure is what he Muslims in the Quran to follow what the
and prohibited Riba.+ [2:275], and, *O seeks. Allah has allowed the Muslims to scholars of the Ummah had agreed
you who believe! Be afraid of Allah invest their money in a lawful way. upon! Allah said, *And whoever
and give up what remains (due to you) Merchants, landlords and rich Muslims contradicts and opposes the Messen-
from Riba (from now onward), if you have numerous ways to invest their ger (of Allah) after the right path has

The Muslim Creed 12 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

been shown clearly to him, and Other Muslims claim that the mon in a nation, that nation provokes
follows other than the believers’ way. economy cannot survive without Riba! Allah’s punishment (on them).” Allah
We shall keep him in the path he has The answer to that is simple, as well. will bless the nation that observes His
chosen, and burn him in Hell: What The Muslim nation has maintained laws. He said, what translated means,
an evil destination!+ [4:115]. world class economy for many centuries *Whoever fears Allah, Allah will let
without Riba. Also, the example of (their life be full of) ease.+ [65:4].
Some Muslims in the present what interest did to the economy of
time dispute the above evidence! They many countries is clear. During the Many misguided Muslims also
say that Allah has only prohibited large 1960s and 1970s, Brazil was expected say, “Usury will only lead to economic
interest rates. Allah Himself refutes to be a world economic power. Now, the success.” The answer to this false claim
what these people say. He said, what country is on the brink of bankruptcy! is: Success can only be attained by
translated means, *And Allah made The principal of the entire Brazilian debt obeying Allah, not disobeying Him.
trading permissible and prohibited to world banks is less that one third of Furthermore, if usury can lead to any
Riba.+ [2:275], and, *And if you the interest on those loans. Brazil no good, then Allah would not have
repent (from taking Riba) then take longer can afford paying interest on the prohibited it. Allah described Riba and
only your principal!+ [2:279]. loans nor even pay the principal. A intoxicants as having, *Some bene-
terrible economical tragedy is apparent fits.+ [2:219]. But Allah then continues,
Some Muslims also say, “The in Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt and *And their harm is more than the
one who takes the loan does not mind many other countries are facing the same good they do.+ [2:219]. Also, to claim
paying a low interest rate, and since he fate, because of Riba! Allah said, what that usury is good for the economy is as
accepts this, then it is permissible.” translated means, *And if you do not if saying that Islam is incomplete! Allah
This can easily be refuted by giving this (quit dealing with Riba) then Allah will has only decreed what is good for
example: If a man and a woman both declare war on you and His mankind and prohibited what can harm
consent to commit adultery, will that Messenger.+ [2:279]. Also, Imam them. Riba is a matter that Allah, His
make adultery lawful? Riba is ‘Haram Ahmad narrated that the Prophet said, Messenger and the Muslim Ummah
whether people agree or object to what translated means, “When Zina have agreed that it is prohibited. And
dealing with it. (adultery) and Riba (usury) are com- who has any say after that?!

Continued from page 1 ... Editorial

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyem said, who hold fast to the Straight Path and with it you shall reach (your
“Among the ways of Satan is that he established for us by the Messenger of goals).” [Al-Bukhari]. Al-Qasd means
investigates the soul to know its nature Allah and followed by his companions.” the middle ground between two extremes
and kind, meaning is the person active in actions and sayings, and this means
and hard-working or is he weak and Moderation while avoiding that people must be moderate and be in
lazy. If he sees that the person tends to extremism and negligence is the righ- the middle between the extremes. He
be lazy and not active in the acts of teous way and the straight path that also said, “Your religion is a moderate
worship, he then works on discouraging Muslims should follow. Allah has guidance, therefore, follow it. For he
him from fulfilling his religious duties, commanded this in His Book, as well as who tries to take the religion to ex-
whispers to him about the difficulties of His Messenger in his Sunnah. There- tremes, he shall loose.” [Ahmad].
performing these acts and encourages fore, moderation is in reality what Allah Furthermore, Ibn Mas’ood, may Allah be
him to rest and relax instead, until the and His Messenger have set and the pleased with him, used to always say,
person neglects the acts of worship or limits they have drawn for us. Allah has “Being moderate in the Sunnah is better
abandons them completely. said, what translated means, *And than being active in the Bid’ah.”
those, who, when they spend, are
But if Satan feels that the neither extravagant nor niggardly, but Allah’s religion is the middle
person is strong and active in the acts of hold a medium way between those ground between those who are extreme
worship, he then whispers to him that he extremes.+ [25:67], and, *And be and fanatic, and those who are lazy and
has to do other voluntary acts as well, moderate in your walking, and lower neglectful. The best people are those
until the person neglects the obligatory your voice.+ [31:19]. who are in the middle between extremes
and exceeds the limit performing the and instead follow the guidance of the
voluntary. Most people fall into one of Also, the Prophet said, what Messenger of Allah and the path he has
these two extremes, except the very few translated means, “Al-Qasd, Al-Qasd, shown us.

The Muslim Creed 13 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

Washing for Prayer
udhu means to wash the face, translated means, “When one performs
hands, arms, head and feet Wudhu, he should rinse his mouth.”
with water, as a prelude to [Abu Dawood & Al-Bayhaqi], and, “If
prayer. Allah has said, what translated one of you performs Wudhu, he
means, *O you who believe, when you should sniff water up his nostrils and
rise for prayer, wash your face and then blow it out.” [Al-Bukhari &
your hands up to the elbows, and wipe Muslim]. The Sunnah of the Prophet is
your heads and wash your feet up to to rinse the mouth and clean the nose
the ankles.+ [5:6]. Also, the Messenger with the same handful of water, using
has said, what translated means, “Allah the right hand. Spit the water out of the
does not accept the prayer of one who mouth and blow it out the nose with the
nullifies his Wudhu, until he performs left hand, as was mentioned by Ali bin
it again.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]. The Abi Talib.
Ummah has also consented that it is a
requirement of the prayer, and hence a 6 — Wash the face, forehead to
requirement of Islam. chin and ear to ear, making sure that no
area is left dry.

7 — Rub the fingers through

Its Virtues
the beard, as was described of the
Prophet’s Wudhu by ‘Aaishah, his wife.
The Prophet said, what trans-
lated means, “Shall I inform you of a
8 — Wash the forearms, with
deed by which Allah erases sins and
the right arm first, up to the elbows,
raises the rank?” The companions
making sure that no area is left dry.
said, “Certainly, O Messenger of
Allah.” The Prophet said, “Performing
9 — Wipe the head with your
Wudhu when one dislikes it (such as
wet fingers, starting from the forehead
early in the morning, in cold weather,
taking them to the nape of the neck and
etc.) and the many steps taken to reach
bringing them back to the forehead. It is
the mosques.” [Muslim].
allowed to wipe the turban, as Al-
Mughirah bin Shu’bah narrated, “I saw
the Messenger of Allah perform
How to Perform Wudhu Wudhu, and he wiped his turban and
shoes.” [Muslim].
1 — Make the intention, which
is the desire to do the action to please 10 — Clean the ears. Insert the
Allah by following His commands. It is tips of the index fingers, wet with water,
purely a matter of the heart and must not into the ears, twisting them around the
be uttered by the tongue. folds of the ears, and then pass the
thumbs behind the ears from the bottom
2 — Use Miswak (a branch of a upwards.
middle eastern tree used to maintain
cleanliness of the teeth). Note: Wiping the head and ears
can be combined together as one action,
3 — Mention the name of using the same water used to wipe the
Allah, saying, “Bismillahi Arrahman head.
11 — Wash the feet, with the
4 — Wash the hands up to the right foot first, up to the ankles, includ-
wrist. ing the heels and between the toes.

5 — Rinse the mouth and clean 12 — Follow the prescribed

the nose. The Prophet said, what sequence above.

The Muslim Creed 14 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

13 — Rub the limbs with water 16 — Begin with the right side. perform Mas’h (wiping) over the socks
by rubbing hands wet with water over with wet hands instead of washing the
the parts of the body that are washed 17 — Minimize the amount of feet, as “The Messenger of Allah
during Wudhu because it was narrated water used, even if one has access to an performed Wudhu and wiped over his
that, “The Messenger of Allah was unlimited resource of water, such as a socks and sandals.” [Ahmad]. Only the
brought a pot which he used for sea or a river. top of the socks should be wiped. Mas’h
Wudhu, and then he rubbed his arms.” is allowed provided that the following
[Ibn Khuzaymah], and in another 18 — Du’aa’ (supplication) conditions are met:
narration regarding the Prophet, “... he after Wudhu, “Ash-hadu alla ilaha illa-
performed Wudhu, rubbing his llah wahduhu la sharika lah, wa ash- a. The socks are put on after
limbs.” [Abu Dawood]. hadu anna Mohammadan abduhu wa performing complete Wudhu.
rasuluh. Allahumma ij’alni mina
14 — Immediate sequence. attawwabin wa ij’alni mina b - Mas’h does not exceed the
Each step of Wudhu must be performed almuttahirin,” which means, “I testify time limit, which is one day from the
right after the other in the sequence that there is no deity worthy of worship time you start wiping over them for non
described above. except Allah alone, and I testify that travelers, and three days for travelers.
Mohammad is His slave and Messenger.
15 — During Wudhu, it is O Allah, make me among those who
permissible to do each wash once, twice, repent and make me among those who 20 — It is preferable to pray
or three times. Repeating each step keep purifying themselves.” two Rak’ahs after Wudhu.
three times is the preferred Sunnah of
the Prophet. 19 — It is permissible to Note: Parts 1,6,8,9,11 and 12
are the pillars of Wudhu, meaning not
performing them correctly renders one’s
Wudhu void.

The Ever-Merciful Istawa

Upon the Throne What Nullifies Wudhu

1 — A secretion of the penis,

By Sheikh vagina or anus (including urine and
Abdullah As-Sabt feces). The Prophet said, what trans-
lated means, “Allah does not accept
the prayer of a person who A’hdath
(has released gas, with or without sound,
Some deviated sects claim that Allah is or uses the restroom) until he performs
everywhere while others deny the existence of a new Wudhu” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim].
Allah’s Throne altogether. This book refutes all
these claims, affirming that Allah rose upon His
Throne. This argument is supported by many 2 — Deep sleep that makes one
Ayat, authentic Hadiths and sayings of famous unaware of his surroundings.
Imams. The book also contains a logical argu-
ment, leaving the deviant ones with no alterna- 3 — Touching the sexual
tive but to believe in the Istiwaa’ of Allah upon organs without any barrier between the
His Throne, as He mentioned of Himself. hand and the organ. The Prophet said,
what translated means, “Whoever
touches his sexual organ (without any
Soft-back book, 51 pages covering) must perform Wudhu.”

[Ahmad & Malik].

4 — Eating camel meat. A man

Price includes shipping & handling. Quantity queries welcome asked the Messenger of Allah, “Should I
Mail your order and payment to: perform Wudhu after eating camel
DIH P.O. Box 450186 Kissimmee, FL 34745-0186 meat?” The Prophet replied, “Yes.”
[Muslim & Ahmad].

The Muslim Creed 15 February 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2

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