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Lesson Planning


GRADE: 7th , scoala Gheorghe Banea Macin
LEVEL: beginners, 3rd year of study
TEXT BOOK: Snapshot, Ed. Longman
TOPIC: A superstar it! attitu"e
LE##ON AI$#:
To develop Ss' speaking competences
To revise and reinforce grammar concerning Reporte" spee%!
To encourage speaking and comprehension skills
OB&ECTIVE#: B' t!e en" o( t!e lesson t!e
stu"ents ill )e a)le to:
Use correctly the revised grammar problems
Use the ne ords and phrases in particular circumstances
!reate their on situations and deal ith ne circumstances in a conversation
TI$E: "# min
#KILL# INVOLVED: speaking, reading, riting
AID#: te$tbook, blackboard,
A%ti*it' +: Warm-up ( 3min)
Teacher's activity: T enters the classroom, greets the Ss, asks them ho they are, if there
are any Ss missing. !hatting in English T creates the specific atmosphere for an English
class. T asks the students about their homeork and check it ith them.
Students' activity: Ss anser the %uestions and in turn read their homeork.
Class management: hole&class activity
Skills: speaking, reading
A%ti*it' ,: ( 5 min)
Teacher's activity: T asks the students to build sentences using an ad'ective or an adverb
ith too / enough together ith a verb. They can make up dialogs if they ant. (e$.)* *
+++,- T elicit the best anser and reminds the Ss the rule of using too/enough
Students' activity: Ss speak and talk about their e$perience.
Class management: hole&class activity, pair&ork
Skills: speaking, reading, riting
A%ti*it' -: ( 7 min )
Teacher's activity: T asks the Ss if they have a favourite film star and talk about their
favourite sort of films. T asks the Ss about their favourite .ollyood film and ho is
acting the main part.
Students activity: Each group of students choose an actor*actress and a film hich they
ant to talk about. They can rite on their notebook and ork in pairs.
Class management: pair ork, group ork activity
Skills: reading, riting, speaking
A%ti*it' .: (15 min )
Teacher's activity: T asks the Ss to read about they have already ritten one by one
Students' activity: Ss read and teacher supervises and check their pronunciation and
Class management: hole&class activity, group ork activity
Skills: speaking , reading
A%ti*it' /: (10 min)
Teacher's activity: T tells students that they can also use in their comments the phrases
ith /too*enough0 or 1eported speech statements or any other grammar structures such as
2assive voice or !onditionals if they ant to.
Students' activity: Ss perform their task.
Class management: individually, hole&class activity
Skills: speaking, riting,
A%ti*it' 0: 1ee"2)a%3 (7min)
Teacher's activity: T asks the Ss to role&play the situations in hich they ould have the
opportunity to intervie their favourite star.
Students' activity: Ss roleplay the situation.
Class management: pair&ork
Skills: riting, speaking, acting
A%ti*it' 4 : Ho5eor3 (3min)
Teacher's activity: T evaluates students3 activity and tell them about hat they have to do
for the ne$t time. T e$plains hat and ho they have to do their tasks and ish them a nice