Rogelio Damián Ortiz Cortés

Age: 25 years old
Date of Birth: 09/06/1988
Address: Inca poniente #123, Fraccionamiento Azteca, Guadalupe N.L., C.P. 67150
Home Phone Number: (0181) 83373708
Cel Phone: (044) 811 508 9316

Studying History

Elementary School: Colegio Regiomontano Contry A.C.
Middle School: Colegio Regiomontano Contry A.C.
High School: Universidad Tecmilenio campus Las Torres
Professional: Currently studying Licenciatura en Lenguaje y Producción Audiovisual at Facultad de
Artes Visuales de la U.A.N.L. (Bachelor’s Degree in AV language and production 7th semester)

Other Languages: inglés 90%
 Adobe Flash 90%
 Office 90%
 Photoshop 90%,
 After Effects 90%
 Pro Tools 60%
 Premiere 90%
 Final Cut 90%

Former Employments:
1. Teleperformance – Customer Service
2. Hispanic Teleservices – Customer Service
3. LifeTime Cinema – Social Videos Creation and Editing (June 2013 - October 2013)
4. Morral de yute! Publicity Agency - Motion Graphics Creation, Video Recording, Video
Editing. (December 2013 – June 2014)

I have always been interested in video creation and over the years I’ve depeloped a liking for
cinema and its language, noticing the things that people only translate with their mind but without
noticing they’re there, like lighting, the importance of camera angles, temperatures and colors,
cinematographic fotography, script, etcetera.
Lately I have started to develop more into the area of motion graphics thanks to my former
employement, designing and animating for businesses and corporations that solicit them. (Accion
TI, Transregio, Morphos Recycling, Prodasis, Cardenas).
I have been working in production, directing, photography, lighting, editing and art during 7
semesters because of school, but my own homemade videos and editing come since I was in
middle school, doing it all with very basic programs and then in my degree I started learning to use
more professional video editing softwares and I’m excited to keep learning and applying all I’ve
learned to be able to project my ideas in a more visually appealing way to the public.
On 2013 I finished the filming of an 18 minutes short,“El Viajero”, which was sent and selected to
participate in several film festivals in the country, directed by Daniel Guzmán and written by Juan
Pablo Cháirez. In this short I worked as Assistant Director and Director of Photography .
Nominated as Best National Short in the Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey and selected
to participate in Morelia’s Mórbido Film Festival .

Short Video “El Viajero”:

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