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by sessny
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 13
A/N: Since this has been taken ro! A"" and added to a #ord docu!ent$ due to so!e ht!l codes in the
original story$ the line spacing and paragraphs !y be %arying in si&e$ '(%e i)ed !ost o it but *ust so you
They have always been fighting. Since that first week when Jongin had just started high school. He had
opened the main entrance door straight in Kyungsoo's face. t was the beginning of hell! or at least that's
what he thought. "ut now! one and a half years later! Jongin found himself anticipating every school day.
He finds himself searching for Kyungsoo in the corridors. He doesn't want to go home until Kyungsoo is
How should he tell anyone that there'#s a moment before his knuckles meet Kyungsoo's face! where he
wants to stop himself and instead push Kyungsoo against the lockers and assault his face with kisses.
s there any sense in that$ %an you hate someone who's so loveable$ &r maybe it's the other way around
with Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is hate'able and yet Jongin loves him.
Chapter 1
-here(s a ine line bet#een #anting so!eone
And #anting so!eone dead
.i! /ongin #as being pushed bet#een these t#o sides$ o%er the line$ al!ost e%eryday+ 0e #as lying on one
o the beds at the school nurse #hile thinking back+ 't had begun #hen he started his irst year in high
school+ 0e had been so e)cited$ and e%erything #as supposed to be great+ 0e #as going to be in the sa!e
class as his best riend 1h Sehun$ #hich they both ound to be a great success+ /ongin #as al#ays running
to school because he o%erslept a lot$ not because he disliked school or anything$ he *ust liked sleeping+
Sehun #ould call hi! 23 ti!es beore /ongin #as disturbed by it and inally got out o bed+
/ongin re!e!bered that one day as i it had happened *ust last #eek+ 0e couldn(t belie%e it had already
been a year and a hal+
Running to school as usual$ on a rainy day #hen he hadn(t had the ti!e to grab an u!brella+ When he
arri%ed at the school gates he practially kicked the! open and stu!bled inside+ An angry gro#l #as heard
along #ith a loud thu!p+ /ongin looked behind the door and ound he had accidentally kicked it open in
so!eone(s ace+ Not *ust anyones ace+
,o .yungsoo had 4uite a reputation around hi!+ 0is unior! #as al#ays !essily put together and the
teachers #ould al#ays pester hi! about it$ not that he cared about it+ 5ut that #asn(t e%erything there #as
to it+ Ru!or had it that .yungsoo #as the leader o an underground gang #ho #ent around picking ights
#ith other gangs+ Nobody had ob*ected to the ru!or because .yungsoo and his riends$ or rather allies$
#ere bruised up ro! ti!e to ti!e+
-he boy stood up+ 6%en though he #as shorter than /ongin$ he #as a year older+ /ongin elt his blood turn
to ice in his %eins as he stared at the one in ront o hi!+ 0is brain #as yelling orders to get out o there as
soon as possible+ 5ut his legs #ouldn(t !o%e+
.yungsoo #as really good looking as #ell$ e%en though he had a cracked lip today$ and no# he #as
bleeding ro! the nose by the i!pact o the door+ -his #as the irst ti!e /ongin had seen the !an up close
and he #as e)a!ining e%erything about .yungsoo+ 0is perectly round$ ha&el eyes that burned #ith ury+
/ongin !o%ed his stare to the !an(s lips+ 7ink$ plu! and #ith a s!all crack on the botto!+ ' the ru!ors
#ere right$ he probably got it ro! ighting yesterday+ As /ongin e)a!ined his o%er all acial eatures$ he
noticed the de%ilish look that the boy had$ and snapped out o his trance+
8'(! sorry98 /ongin practically yelled as he did a perect :3 degree bo#+
.yungsoo snorted and rolled his eyes+ /ongin elt the i!pact o the ist hitting hi! in the sto!ach long
beore it e%en arri%ed+
0e ell to the loor and tried desperately to catch his breath+
8'(! sorry8 .yungsoo said #ith ob%ious sarcas!$ beore e)iting the building and going out to the rain #hich
soaked hi! i!!ediately+ 0e didn(t see! to care about that either+
/ongin sighed to hi!sel on the bed and sat up+ -he bleeding ro! his nose had stopped by no#+ Since that
day$ .yungsoo had !ade /ongin a %icti! or his bullying+ 't didn(t !atter to .yungsoo that /ongin had
already apologi&ed+ 't also didn(t !atter to hi! that he had been suspended ro! the school or #eeks$
!ultiple ti!es+
No#$ /ongin looked at the !an on the bed ne)t to his+ ;ip cracked like that irst day they had !et$ and a bit
bruised as #ell+ When #as it /ongin had started to ight back< Was it a year already<
.yungsoo #as !ocking hi!+ 7ro%ocing hi!$ #hile kicking hi! on the loor+ Suddenly$ #hate%er sel control
/ongin had$ let+ 0e had al#ays told hi!sel to be the bigger !an$ to not let .yungsoo drag hi! do#n to his
le%el+ /ongin probably blacked out because the ne)t thing he re!e!bers$ three teachers #ere desperately
pulling hi! o ro! .yungsoo$ #ho #as lying co%ered in blood on the corridor loor+
't #asn(t until he reali&ed his knuckles #ere aching$ that he ound out he had probably punched .yungsoo
!ultiple ti!es #hile sitting astride on hi!+ /ongin #as suspended or 2 #eeks that ti!e+
-he nurse returned and let /ongin lea%e the inar!ary irst+ She didn(t #ant the! lea%ing on the sa!e ti!e$
in case they decided to thro# ists at each other again+ /ongin s!iled !ockingly to#ards .yungsoo beore
e)iting the roo!+
As he entered the classroo!$ you(d think people #ould gi%e hi! strange looks$ or at least #hisper about
#hat had happened to his bruised ace+ 5ut no one did+ No one cared about it any!ore because it #as part
o a daily lie+ .yungsoo and /ongin ighting #as a part o so!e sort o nor! no#+ So!eti!es .yungsoo #as
the one #ho started the ight$ and so!eti!es it #as /ongin #ho ga%e the irst punch+
-hey #ould go at a ight literally the second they sa# each other+ /ongin #ondered i .yungsoo still
re!e!bered #hy they #ere ighting+ /ongin didn(t+ 0e thinks it #as probably because o that irst !eeting$
but then again it see!ed #eird that t#o people #ould ight or al!ost t#o years si!ply because so!eone
accidentally opened a door in the other(s ace+
/ongin sat do#n in his chair ne)t to Sehun$ #ho handed hi! a notebook #ith the notes he had taken or
/ongin #hile he #as at the nursery+ /ongin s!iled his thanks to the boy beore trying to concentrate on
#hat the teacher #as talking about+ So!ething about history+
5ut concentrating is diicult$ especially #hen .yungsoo looked so da!n ine #ith his cracked lip and
bruised body+ -he #ay he had s!irked #hen /ongin thre# that irst punch at hi!$ as i he #anted to get
beat up+ -hey #ere al#ays laughing no#days$ /ongin and .yungsoo+ =runting$ stu!bling$ hurting but still
s!iling+ 't #as a!using+ /ongin had dreaded going to school during his irst year+ No# that hal o second
year had passed$ he anticipated it+ 0e #aited all day long *ust to be able to punch the lights out o
.yungsoo+ 6%en better #ere the days #hen .yungsoo #ould ind hi! irst+ >aybe at his locker+ 0e #ould
tug at /ongin(s shirt$ send hi! lying through the corridor beore pushing hi! against a #all and punching
hi!+ /ongin elt like a !asochist or liking those !o!ents+ 5ut it #as the #ay .yungsoo s!iled at those
!o!ents$ the scent o hi!$ the gli!pse in his eyes+ 't sent shi%ers through /ongin+ ?et seconds ater being
punched$ he #as so angry his !ind #as blinded #ith hatred or the guy+
8.i! /ongin8 a ir! %oice said+
/ongin looked up at his teacher #ho had an annoyed look on her ace+
8?eah8 he said nonchalantly+
-hat #as another thing about /ongin that had changed+ Since he started ighting #ith .yungsoo$ his grades
had dropped+ 0e #as !issing out on lessons because he had to patch hi!sel up at the inar!ary$ and
so!eti!es he #as also suspended or #eeks+ Sehun did his best to help /ongin but he #as still alling
behind+ >aybe he(d ha%e to retake his last year at this rate+
8's !y lesson boring you<8 she asked+
8Actually$ yes8 /ongin heard hi!sel ans#er+ 0e couldn(t help his lousy attitude because the raging anger
that .yungsoo had started in hi! #as still lo#ing through his %eins+
0e #as thro#n out o the classroo!+ @sually$ he #ould(%e elt bad about it+ No$ nor!ally he #ouldn(t e%en
had said so!ething like that+ 5ut no# he didn(t e%en care about it+ >aybe he should *ust skip the rest o the
day< -o!orro# #ould be better+
When he got ho!e$ his parents #ere already there+ 0e could sense the ato!sphere and kne# that this
#asn(t going to be a praticulary pleasant con%ersation+
8We got another call ro! your school earlier+8 0is ather said+ -hey #ere kind o used to it$ but it #as still
oreign or the! to think that their straight A(s son #as no# considered one o the school rascals #ho
risked ha%ing to retake a year+
8What #as it about this ti!e<8 /ongin asked$ as i he didn(t kno#+
8-he ight+8 0is !other said+ 8/ongin$ #hy are you like this<8
8't(s not the irst ti!e #e ight$ you kno#+8 /ongin said+
8Well$ apparently this ti!e you pushed so!eone else in the process and it see!s he #as really shocked and
also a bit in*ured+8 the !other tried+
8'(! sorry about that but ' don(t really pay attention to surroundings #hen punching his lights out+8 /ongin
e)plained+ 0e hated #hen he had to e)plain hi!sel to his parents$ they already kne# these things so #hy
pester hi! about it<
ACanBt you *ust stay a#ay ro! hi!$ dear<C she pleads+
ANot really$ #e go to the sa!e school$ our lockers are 4uite close and our classroo!s are ne)t to each
other+C /ongin says+ -he truth is /ongin doesnBt #ant to stay a#ay$ but he igures that it #ouldnBt help his
situation to ad!it to that+
0is parents let hi! lea%e or this ti!e+ /ongin thro#s hi!sel on the bed #hen he reaches his roo!+ 0e
groans to the pillo# in rustration+ -his #hole thing #ith .yungsoo #as too !essed up to e%en be able to
e)plain to anyone+ Who #ould understand< 0o# should he tell anyone that thereBs a !o!ent beore his
knuckles !eet .yungsooBs ace$ #here he #ants to stop hi!sel and instead push .yungsoo against the
lockers and assault his ace #ith kisses+
's there any sense in that< Can you hate so!eone #hoBs so lo%eable< 1r !aybe itBs the other #ay around
#ith .yungsoo+ .yungsoo is hate-able and yet /ongin lo%es hi!+
,inner is 4uiet+ No one says a #ord until /ongin puts his plate in the dish#asher$ thatBs #hen his ather
inally speaks up+
AWeBre going to transer you to another school$ /ongin+C 0e says stily+
AWhat<9C /ongin yells+ ANo #ay9C
AWhy not< We canBt ha%e you go around getting beat up e%ery day9C 0is ather raises his %oice+
A5ut ' ha%e riends there9C
A?ouBll !ake ne# ones$ dear+C 0is !other tunes in+
A' you transer !e$ 'Bll ail e%ery sub*ect deliberately+C
A,onBt be so i!!ature$ /ongin9C 0is ather yells+ A?ou #ill learn good !anners again and your grades #ill go
A' you transer !e ' s#ear 'Bll be #orseC /ongin #hispers through clenched teeth+
-hatBs the last thing they say beore /ongin runs out o the kitchen+ 0e grabs his shoes and his deni! *acket
#hile e)iting the house+ Rage lo#ing through hi!+ Since #hen did he beco!e such an angry person< Well$
ob%iously it #as since .yungsoo started bullying hi!+ /ust the thought o .yungsoo !ade a s!irk spread on
his ace+
/ongin isnBt really looking #here heBs going+ 0e *ust needs to ind so!eone to %ent his anger on+ -hatBs #hat
.yungsoo did$ right< 0eBd go out #ith his gang and punch people *ust because he could do it+ 't #as as
si!ple as that+ /ongin #ould do it too+
A0ey$ punk9C a husky %oice called+ AWhere do you think youBre going<C
0e turned around and sa# a group o i%e guys co!ing out o an alley+ /ongin kne# this #as it+ 0e #as
considering his options+ ' he thre# a punch at these guys$ thereBs a chance heBd get arrested+ 5ut i the
others #ere the ones #ho started it$ then #hate%er /ongin did to the! #ould only be sel-deense$ right<
/ongin kept #alking a#ay ro! the!$ kno#ing e)actly ho# pro%oking he #as being+ 0e heard the! ollo#
hi! or a e# steps$ and then he elt a hand on his shoulder+ >entally preparing or the i!pact still couldnBt
ease the pain o eeling a ist hit his *a#+ 0e stu!bled and hit a #all+
A'B! talking to you+C -he husky %oice said+
A' kno#+C /ongin replied+
Another punch hit hi! in the sto!ach this ti!e+ /ongin groaned and gasped or air #hile supporting hi!sel
against the #all+
1ne o the other guys grabbed his collar and pulled hi! in to an alley+ -his #as it$ /ongin could punch the!
all he #anted here+ 0e elt the adrenaline rush through hi!$ spreading his anger through his #hole body+ A
s!irk or!ed on his ace$ #hich only pro%oked the guys e%en !ore+
A-he uck are you laughing at<9C 0usky %oice asked+
A?our aceC /ongin said #ith ob%ious tone+
0e nearly didnBt escape ro! the punch that #as ai!ed at hi!$ and a surprise spread a!oung the guys as
their leader hit his ist in the bricks+ 0e groaned in pain and one o the other guys #ere going at /ongin this
/ongin kicked hi! seconds beore he #as punched$ and the guy ell to the ground+ Another punch landed
on /onginBs *a# and he stu!bled once !ore+ 0e launched hi!sel at the guy and pushed hi! against the
#all opposite o hi!sel+
=roans and hea%y panting echoed through the alley as punches #ere thro#n$ along #ith kicking sounds
and the sound o bodies alling to the ground+ Suddenly$ /ongin lost his balance and !ultiple hits #ere
thro#n at hi!+ 0e ell to the ground and they all started kicking hi!+ Cursing at hi! and pro%oking hi!+
/ongin couldnBt stand up though+ 0is body #as too sore and he #as #ay too battled to be able to handle his
o#n !obility+ 0e closed his eyes and #aited or the! to lea%e hi! alone$ hopeully that #ould be beore
he died+
-he !en started groaning and grunting in pain again$ #hich sounded #eird to /ongin #ho #as still lying on
the ground #ith his eyes closed+ >uled sounds #ere heard and /ongin tried to pry his eyes open to get a
look at #hat #as going on+ 5ut beore that$ he heard a a!iliar %oice+
AStay the uck a#ay ro! hi!9C the %oice said+ /ongin couldnBt place the %oice and he got the eeling he had
only %aguely heard it beore+
A0eBs !ine+ No one punches hi! but !e$ get it<9C the %oice said+ A e# !ore punches #ere heard beore
the sound o running steps echoed through the alley+ -he guys #ere running a#ay+
/ongin stayed still$ breathing hurt and trying to !o%e #as e%en #orse+ 0e used all his brain capacity to ind
a ace or the %oice he had heard+ When he elt a pair o strong ar!s pull hi! up to a sitting position leaned
against the #all$ /ongin caught a gli!pse o the person+
-hatBs #hy he couldnBt 4uite recogni&e the %oice+ 0e had only heard it speak a sarcastic A'B! sorryC beore+
-he other ti!es that noise had co!e ro! this personBs !outh #ere #hen /onging #as punching hi!+
AWhat the uck are you doing in this neighborhood at this ti!e<C ,o .yungsoo asked+
A' thought ' #as a better ighter than this+C /ongin ad!itted+
A?ouBre a terrible ighter+C
A'B%e beaten you !ultiple ti!es+C
A1nly because ' let you+C -he s!irk on .yungsooBs ace #as al!ost hearable+
/ongin !ade a ace$ but it hurt so he only ended up grunting again+
AWhy are you alone<C /ongin asked+
AWhereBs your gang<C
AWhat gang<C .yungsoo chuckled+
A?eah$ right+C
A?ou #ant !e to take you to the hospital<C .yungsoo asked+
A0o# about ho!e<C
A'Bd rather die+C
A?ou look like shit+C
A?ouBre a dick+C /ongin said #ith cocky %oice+
.yungsoo pushed his ar! a little$ #hich !ade /ongin groan in pain+ >aybe he should go to a hospital ater
all+ 0is parents #ould kill hi! i he ca!e ho!e like this+ 0eBd *ust ha%e to #ait until they #ere asleep$ then
he could sneak in and e%erything #ould be ine+ -heyBd lea%e or #ork beore /ongin #ent to school so heBd
be sae at least until to!orro# aternoon+
.yungsoo helped /ongin up to his eet+ 0e put /onginBs ar! around his shoulders$ and held one o his ar!s
around /onginBs #aist+ 't #as the only #ay he could take the #eight o the taller boy as they #alked out o
the alley+ -hey didnBt talk or the #hole #alk+ .yungsoo #as ai!lessly #alking until /ongin started gi%ing
hi! directions to his ho!e+ -hat #as the only #ords that #ere spoken bet#een the t#o or the rest o the
night$ beore they reached /onginBs house+ /ongin stu!bled to the door$ lea%ing .yungsoo on the side#alk+
A?ouBll be ok ro! here<C .yungsoo asked+
A?eah+ -han-A
A,onBt+C .yungsoo cut in+ 0e #alked up to /ongin and leaned in close+ 0e lo#ered his %oice to a #hisper
and his breath landed sotly on /onginBs neck+ AWeBre not riends or anything+C
't sent shi%er do#n /onginBs spine+ 0e turned his head but .yungsoo had already #ithdra#n and #as
heading back out to the side#alk+ /ongin #atched as the shorter boy #alked a#ay in to the night$ lea%ing
hi! alone outside the house+
0e 4uietly entered and #ent to sleep+
/ongin #aited at .yungsooBs locker+ 0e hadnBt seen hi! all day and #as so rustrated he could kill the !an+
When .yungsoo inally sho#ed up$ he only sighed+ 't #as strange to see .yungsoo so indierent to his
presence$ and that pissed /ongin o e%en !ore+
AWhat< ?ouBre not going to punch !e or blocking you ro! your locker<C /ongin asked+
ANo$ /onginC he sighed+
A-hose thugs beat you up pretty bad yesterday+C
A'B! ine+C
A?ou still look like shit+C
/ongin sla!!ed .yungsoo in to the lockers+ -he sound echoed through the e!pty corridor and silence
illed in shortly ater#ards+ -here #ere no students let at the school because it #as already late+ /ongin
didnBt gi%e it !uch thought$ but it #as strange that .yungsoo #ould stay so long in the school ater classes
had ended+
A/ongin$ #hat are you doing<C .yungsoo #hispered+ Whene%er .yungsoo #hispered his na!e$ /ongin lost
all connection #ith reality+ 5ecause they had ne%er really talked to each other$ the sound o .yungsooBs
%oice #as still oreign to hi!$ but he lo%ed it already+
A/ongin+C Another #hisper ro! .yungsoo+
AWhat<C /ongin asked #ith a s!irk+
A=et$ the uck$ a#ay ro! !e+C
/ongin took a step back and sighed ro! disappoint!ent+ 0e didnBt kno# #hat he e)pected$ but a sudden
rustration and anger illed hi! up+ 0e pushed .yungsoo against the lockers again+
A0o# is it possible or you to constantly piss !e o<C /ongin asked rhetorically+ 0e #anted to punch
.yungsoo so bad right no#+ 0e could practically eel the ire in his o#n eyes as he glared at .yungsoo+
A1ne o !y !any char!sC .yungsoo ans#ered any#ay+
.yungsoo pushed /ongin to the opposite side o the corridor$ and then 4uickly le# at hi!$ pressing hi!
against the lockers+ 0is #hole body screa!ed ro! pain and .yungsoo noticed+
A'B! not going to har! you in this state$ /ongin+ 'B! not that pathetic+C
What the uck< Was /ongin pathetic in this state< ,id .yungsoo pity hi! or being all beat up like that< 1h
no$ /ongin #as not going to be considered pathetic$ or belo# ighting le%el+ -hey #ere going to ight like
usual+ /ongin #ould not go ho!e until .yungsoo #as bleeding+ /ongin pushed hi! a#ay and punched hi!
in the sto!ach+ 0e gro#led and cursed under his breath+
A'B! #arning you$ /ongin9C he yelled+
/ongin s!irked+
-hat #as the trigger or .yungsoo+ 0e thre# a punch at /onginBs ace and hit his *a#+
AShit$ .yungsoo9C /ongin groaned+ .yungsoo grabbed his collar and pulled hi! close+
A' like it #hen you say !y na!e like that+C 0e #hispered+
/ongin pushed hi! a#ay and #as *ust about to kick hi!$ #hen one o the teachers appeared+
AStop it9 5oth o you9C she de!anded+
-hey stepped a#ay ro! each other and looked do#n at the loor+
A=ood+C She said+ A' honestly canBt #ait or you to change schools+C
When she had let$ /ongin sa# .yungsoo staring at hi!+ 0e asked hi! #hy but .yungsoo #ouldnBt reply+
A?ouBre s#itching schools<C
ANo+C /ongin said 4uickly+ 0e really #asnBt going to do that+ AWhy do you care<C
A' donBt+C
/ongin let beore .yungsoo ater all+ 0is anger #as a bit at ease ater the ight+ -hatBs ho# he al#ays elt
ater an encounter #ith .yungsoo+ 0e #as cal!+ ' it #as one thing he had learned ro! this past year$ it
#as that .yungsoo #as his relie+ ' he #as angry$ heBd punch .yungsoo+ ' he #as sad$ heBd punch
.yungsoo+ ' he had ailed a test$ heBd punch .yungsoo+ 't !ade e%erything eel better+ /ongin had a eeling
it #as like that or .yungsoo as #ell+ 5ut o course he couldnBt be sure because up until yesterday$ they had
ne%er spoken to each other+
/ongin got the eeling that things #ere going to change ro! no# on+ 0e #asnBt sure ho#$ but he could eel
Chapter 2
/ongin(s parents hadn(t co!pletely dropped the idea o transerring /ongin to another school$ but they had
put the sub*ect on ice or the !o!ent being+ .yungsoo still #asn(t keen on ighting #ith /ongin e%en
though he #as considered to be healed up already+ -his #as the #orst part o high school so ar$ it elt so
strange to ad!it it+ 5ut ha%ing gone three #eeks #ithout getting in to a ight #as so oreign he couldn(t
help but eel strange about it+ 0e could go to sleep peaceully #ithout bruises and sore parts that bothered
hi! #hile lying do#n to sleep$ yet he hated it+
Another day #ithout tasting .yungsoo(s a!ous knuckle sand#iches and /ongin #as pissed o or no
reason again+ 0e had e%en been orced to stay behind ater classes because o detention+ So!ething about
being rude to the teacher$ or #hate%er+ /ongin couldn(t care less+
A0o# do you like that$ punk<9C /ongin heard so!eone yell through the corridor+ 0ope illed his heart as he
#ished or it to be .yungsoo$ although he had already registered that it #asn(t the older boy(s %oice+
0e hid behind a corner to listen to the ight+ 0e couldn(t see #ho they #ere #ithout re%ealing his presence
so he tried to igure out #ho it #as by listening to their %oices+
A grunt #as heard as the other person hit the lockers+ So!ething #as a!iliar about that grunt$ !aybe too
a!iliar+ Ater the sa!e person chuckled$ /ongin #as sure about the identity o one o the ighters$ it #as
.yungsoo+ No doubt+ /ongin #ould recogni&e that grunt and chuckle any#here$ especially since he had
heard it e%eryday or o%er a year already+
A' #ill kill you$ you got that<9C the una!iliar one said+ /ongin guessed that it #as so!eone ro! senior
year$ !aybe ro! .yungsoo(s class+
/ongin rounded the corner to look at the ight+ 0e #as shocked to ind .yungsoo at a great disad%antage+
0e #as already bleeding$ and he didn(t look like he #as resisting either+ 't pissed /ongin o to see hi! like
that+ 0e #alked up to the! #ith ire burning in his eyes+
AWhat do #e ha%e here<C 0e said cockily+
A=et lost$ brat9C the other !an said$ and punched .yungsoo once !ore$ in the sto!ach+
-he sight o so!eone else punching .yungsoo #as e%en !ore inuriating than anything /ongin had e%er
e)perienced+ .yungsoo #as only allo#ed to get his ass kicked by /ongin$ no one else had the right to hurt
hi!+ -hat(s #hat /ongin thought beore kicking the boy in the ribs+
-he boy stu!bled and !ade a loud s4ueal ro! the pain+ 0e leaned against the #all and tried to get a#ay+
/ongin #ould ha%e none o that+ ,uring these #eeks he had been so rustrated and angry$ and he hadn(t
been able to ight it out+ Since .yungsoo #ouldn(t ight hi!$ this guy #ould ha%e to do or no#+
/ongin grabbed the boy(s shirt and thre# hi! to the loor+ 0e started kicking hi! #ith great orce+ -he
eeling o lesh against the soles o his shoes #as so co!ortably a!iliar that he al!ost elt nostalgic about
it+ ;istening to the boy #hi!per in pain #as like !usic to his ears+ =osh$ ho# he !issed this+
5et#een one o the kicks$ ootsteps #ere heard echoing through the corridor+ 1ne o the teachers #ere
co!ing+ Duickly$ /ongin grabbed .yungsoo and pulled hi! along+ -hey ran through the corridor and
practically le# out o the doors+ .yungsoo #as stu!bling and /ongin did his best to keep the! both on
their eet+ 5ut ater a #hile$ it beca!e too !uch or hi! and they both collapsed on the grass+
A' hate running+C .yungsoo panted #ith his eyes closed+
/ongin looked at hi!$ the #ay his chest !o%ed up and do#n hea%ily as he breathed+ -he #ay he #atered
his lips #ith his tongue+ When he say the irst signs o .yungsoo turning to look at hi!$ he 4uickly looked
A?ou didn(t ha%e to do that+C .yungsoo said under his breath+
A' couldn(t *ust stand by and #atch you get beat up+C
AWell$ that(s kind o contradictory considering you(re al#ays punching !e+C
-here #as a !o!ent o silence bet#een the!+
A'(! the only one #ho(s allo#ed to do it+C /ongin #hispered$ he didn(t think .yungsoo heard hi!$ but he
AWhat(s that supposed to !ean<C
ANothing+ We(re e%en no#+C
ANo #e(re not+C .yungsoo said+
A0o# so<C
.yungsoo sat up and !ade a ace+ 0e #as probably in pain$ but he didn(t #ant to let it sho#+ As he stood
up$ he !ade a grunt and /ongin #anted desperately to help hi! but he igured it(d be #eird+ 1ne day he
#as kicking .yungsoo(s butt$ and the ne)t one he #anted to patch hi! up and !ake hi! eel good+ -here(s
no sense in that$ he thought to hi!sel #ith a sigh+
0e heard .yungsoo start to #alk a#ay+ 0e #anted to ollo#$ but he didn(t+
't took /ongin a lot o sel control not to ask hi! about #hy .yungsoo hadn(t kicked the daylight out o the
other guy+ At irst it al!ost elt like .yungsoo #as cheating on hi! #hen he had gone punching an other
guy$ but /ongin reali&ed ho# stupid that sounded and shook the eeling o+ 0e had no right to eel such
things+ /ongin slapped hi!sel in the ace lightly+
A=et a grip o yoursel$ /onginC he told hi!sel+ A?ou hate the guy and he has practically ruined your lie so
don(t go all sot heart all o a sudden and care about #hether he gets his ass kicked or not+C
0e got up and started #alking ho!e+ 't #as already late again$ his parents #ould be angry #ith hi! again+
Suddenly /ongin elt bad about it+ What had he been doing this past year< 0e had disappointed his parents$
gotten distant ro! his best riend$ lo#ered his grades and gotten beat up by so!e rando! person
e%eryday *ust because he accidentally opened a door in his ace+
/ongin reali&ed he needed to change+ 0e couldn(t keep this up+ -here #as no uture #aiting or hi! i he
kept this up$ and this #as the perect ti!e to stop because .yungsoo #asn(t going out o his #ay to ind
/ongin and kick hi!+
A'(! ho!eC he said casually as he entered the house+
0is parents #ere sitting at the dinner table$ #aiting or hi!+
A>o!$ dad+++C /ongin started+ A' ha%e so!ething to announce+C
-here #as a silence in the roo!+ /ongin had interrupted the! and they didn(t kno# #hat to say any !ore+
A'(! going to stop ighting+C
0is parents lit up+ -he !other e%en let her chair to e!brace her son+ 0is ather s!iled proudly+ And /ongin
elt that #hate%er scolding he had had co!ing #as no# #ashed a#ay+ 0e(d escaped this argu!ent easily+
>aybe his parents #ere going to let hi! stay in the sa!e school+ -hen he(d i) things #ith Sehun$ #ho he
hadn(t treated airly or a year+
A?ou kno#$ ' hardly e%er recogni&e you any!oreC Sehun said #hen class ended+ -hey stayed in the roo!
or a #hile+
AWhat(s that supposed to !ean<C /ongin asked #hile still sitting do#n+
A?ou(re ace is so perectly handso!e and unbruised+C
/ongin ro#ned+ 0e didn(t kno# #hy$ but he couldn(t take his riend(s #ords as a co!pli!ent+ 0e #as trying
so hard not to get in to ights any!ore+ 't had only been a #eek since he told his parents he #as going to
stop$ and he already elt like this #ould be #orse than 4uit s!oking+ /ongin !issed the eeling o skin
orceully !eeting his knuckles+ 1r #ell$ to be precise$ he !issed .yungsoo(s skin and the #ay he(d al#ays
grunt and s!ile ater /ongin punched hi!+
Suddenly the door le# open and one o their class!ates stood there$ out o breath$ #ith a panicked ace+
A,o .yungsoo is getting his ass kicked9C he announced to the re!aining students+ 6%erybody started
chattering in surprise+ 't #asn(t usual to hear that .yungsoo #as the one getting his ass kicked$ because he
#as oten the one kicking ass+ 6)cept #hen he #as ighting /ongin+
"or the irst ti!e in a year$ /ongin relected on the act that .yungsoo had only gotten his ass kicked in
school #hen he #as ighting /ongin+ 0e suddenly re!e!bered the older boy !entioning so!ething about
letting /ongin #in$ #hich only !ade things !ore conusing+
-hey rushed out ro! the classroo! and do#n the hall#ay to get their o#n peek o the ight+ -he a!iliar
grunts and kicks #ere heard+ /ongin pushed his #ay through the !ob o students that #ere surrounding
the t#o ighters+ 0e had so!e a#areness about Sehun #ho #as behind hi!$ but it %anished as soon as he
sa# .yungsoo lying on the loor #hile the other guy #as kicking hi!+ 't #asn(t the sa!e guy ro! the other
day$ #hich !ade /ongin #onder i .yungsoo #as planning on picking a ight #ith e%ery student in the
/ongin 4uickly grabbed a hold o .yungsoo(s ar!$ pulling hi! up to a standing position and helping hi! to
lean on a #all$ beore turning to the person #ho had been kicking hi!+
ACare to e)plain this !ess<C /ongin said #hile piercing his eyes on the !an+
AReally$ .yungsoo< ?ou ha%e a boyriend no#< -hat(s cute-C the !an started$ but his sentence #as cut o
by the !eeting #ith /ongin(s ist+
AAns#er !e #hen '(! talking to you$ asshole9C /ongin said+
Sehun ran up to hi!$ trying to pry hi! a#ay ro! the other !an+
A/ongin9 Stop it9 ?ou #eren(t supposed to ight any!ore9 Who cares about .yungsoo any#ay++C Sehun
/ongin inally cal!ed do#n enough to reali&e he(d do best in #alking a#ay ro! the scene$ #hich he also
did+ Sehun ollo#ing short ater+ 0e kne# Sehun only !eant #ell but he #as so angry he couldn(t help but
#ant to be alone+ 0e stopped abruptly$ !aking Sehun crash in to his back+
ACould you lea%e !e alone<9C he said+ 't ca!e out !ore harsh than he had intended too$ but Sehun got the
idea and nodded+
A1kay+++C 0e said$ letting /ongin lea%e on his o#n+
/ongin #as going to go ho!e$ that(s #hat he planned on doing+ =oing ho!e to stay a#ay ro! trouble$ that
#as the plan+ So ho# he ended up on an e!pty street in the ghetto areas$ #as !ore than he could
0e checked his #atch$ only to reali&e that it(d been t#o hours since he let the school building+ Crap$ #hy
#as his !ind so ar a#ay these days<
A,idn(t e)pect to see you here+C A %oice said+ /ongin turned around and !et eyes #ith .yungsoo+
A' could say the sa!e about you$ here to beat so!eone up<C /ongin greeted+
A?ou could say that+C
AWhere(s your gang<C
.yungsoo chuckled$ or !aybe he snorted+ /ongin couldn(t e)actly tell+
A=et lost already+ ' don(t #ant to ha%e to carry you ho!e again+C .yungsoo said+
't didn(t take long or /ongin to get out o there+ 't(s not like he #anted to hang around those areas any#ay$
especially not no# that he decided not to get in to !ore ights+
Although ate really did see! to ha%e other plans or hi! today+ As he e)cited the #orst part o the area$
he !et the i%e guys that he(d ought a e# #eeks back+ -he #orst thing #as$ they see!ed to recogni&e
ACrap+++C /ongin !uttered to hi!sel$ he tried to speed up his steps and !aybe be able to escape the!+ 5ut
luck #as not one o his traits+
1ne o the !en grabbed his collar and pushed hi! against the #all o a building+ /ongin grunted loudly$ but
he tried to keep still+ >aybe i he didn(t pro%oke the!$ or ight back$ they(d let hi! o easy+
-hat #as not the case+ /ongin took a proper beating beore the guys cleared out+ 0is botto! lip #as
cracked$ nose bleeding$ sore bruises all o%er his body and a da!n good headache #as ho# he ound
hi!sel as he tried to !ake up a plan or getting ho!e+
0is parents #ould #ithout doubt !ake hi! transer school in a second i he sho#ed up like this+
A?ou look like crap+C
/ongin pried his eyes open+ -he light ro! the street la!p #as blinding$ but he could tell by the %oice that it
#as .yungsoo+ =reat+ -he last person /ongin #anted to !eet right no#+
A,idn(t ' tell you ' didn(t #ant to carry you ho!e again<C .yungsoo said #ith a sigh+
A/ust lea%e !e alone+C
A?ou see$ ' #ish ' could do that but i the police inds out$ '(ll be an acco!plice+C
A' #on(t tell anyone+C
A=et up$ ' kno# #here you li%e+ '(ll help you+C
A'(! not going ho!e+C
A?ou(ll ree&e to death i you stay here all night+C
AWhat do you care+C
.yungsoo didn(t ans#er+ 0e got up and #alked a#ay+ /ongin elt kind o stupid or not accepting his help$
because getting up on his o#n #as both painul and diicult+ 5ut he !anaged to do it$ and e%en though he
hadn(t planned on it$ he #as soon outside his o#n house+ 0e had no choice but to go in+ ;uckily$ he ound a
note on the table saying his parents #ould be ho!e late+ At last$ /ongin thought to hi!sel+ A grain o luck
on this god orsaken -hursday+
0e checked his phone and noticed he had three !issed calls$ all ro! Sehun+ /ongin elt strange about it$
#hy #ould Sehun call hi! so !any ti!es< 0ad so!ething happened< 0e pressed the dial button and
#aited or Sehun to pick up+
A/ongin9C Sehun practically screa!ed to his ear+
AShit$ Sehun9 '(! right here don(t yell++C /ongin co!plained+
ASorry+++C Sehun !u!bled+
AWhy did you call !e<C
A' #as kind o #orried+++C
A' can take care o !ysel you kno#+C
A' kno#++ '(! sorry+++ ' *ust++C Sehun stuttered+
/ongin sighed+
A'(! ine+ A bit bruised+C /ongin said+
A,id you get in to a ight again<C Sehun asked #ith #orry+
A'n !y deense ' didn(t ight back and they attacked unpro%oked+C
ACouldn(t you stop ighting<C
A,idn(t you hear !e<C
A/ongin+++ 't(s *ust+++ ' don(t like it #hen you ight+C Sehun #hispered+
AWell$ ' like it+ 5ut you kno# '(! trying not to do it any!ore+C
Sehun didn(t ans#er$ so /ongin hung up on hi!+ 0e ell on to his bed+ 0is sto!ach #as gro#ling and
screa!ing or ood$ but he didn(t ha%e any appetite let+
1n his #ay to school$ /ongin sees the sa!e guys ro! the night beore+ 0e starts looking or another #ay to
school$ a sidestep to be able to a%oid the!$ but there isn(t any+ An)iety loats through hi! as he
approaches the!+ -hey see! to be #aiting or hi! and /ongin eels his old bruises start to sting again+ 0is
plan on not ighting any!ore see!s to be ailing once !ore+
/ust as he passes the!$ the tallest o the !en grab his ar!+ /ongin tries to thro# a punch at hi! and be
able to escape$ but the !an dodges and /ongin is pushed to the ground+
A'(! really not in the !ood or you guys++C /ongin !u!bles+
-he guys laugh as they grab hi! and pull hi! up to his eet again+ 't(s really unair that they #ere i%e
against one+ /ongin kno#s he doesn(t stand a chance$ but he #on(t gi%e up #ithout a ight this ti!e+ Scre#
being the good guy+ -hat(s #hat he thinks as he tries his best to #in the ight against the guys+ 0is old
bruises sting e%en #orse as ne# ones appear+
So!eone grabs his shoulder and pulls hi! out o the ight+ /ongin learns soon that it(s .yungsoo$ and he
steps in to the ight in /ongin(s place+ -aking 4uite a good beating beore the guys decide they(%e had
-he t#o boys sit on the ground$ already late or school$ and pant hea%ily as they try to catch their breaths+
A?ou ha%e a tendency to appear out o no#here+C /ongin states+
ARight back at you+C .yungsoo says #ith a !ischie%ous s!ile+
A' had it under control thoughC /ongin lies+
A?eah$ ' could tell+C
-hey grab each other(s hand and pull the!sel%es up #ith the help o the other(s #eight+ "or a !o!ent it
eels as i they(re riends+ As i /ongin #as part o .yungsoo(s gang+ And or a !o!ent right there$ /ongin
#ishes he #as+
.yungsoo gi%es hi! a light s!ile beore #alking a#ay+ /ongin #alks behind hi! and they !ake sure it
doesn(t look like they arri%e late together+ 7eople are #ay to ast at spreading ru!ors$ and it(s a silent
agree!ent bet#een the t#o$ that incidents like these are not to be spoken o+
Another day ends$ and /ongin is back to his lack o concentration+ Sehun sighs and hands hi! the e)tra set
o notes he had taken during class+ /ongin eels bad about it and apologi&es+
A't(s okay+ ' don(t really !ind+++C Sehun says+
>aybe it(s *ust /ongin(s i!agination$ but Sehun is acting dierently these days+ And today he e%en blushed
as /ongin thanked hi! or the notes+ 0e tries not to think about it$ but it see!s a lot o things are changing
around hi!+ >aybe /ongin should change too< Nah$ he already tried that and it didn(t #ork+
0e is gi%en detention or being late and bruised up+ /ongin tried to e)plain #hat happened$ but naturally no
one belie%ed hi!+ As he(s sitting in the e!pty classroo! along #ith the teacher$ another student enters the
roo!+ -he teacher nods at hi! to take a seat and /ongin looks up only enough to see that .yungsoo is
there$ sitting ne)t to hi!+
A,etention<C /ongin !ouths+
.yungsoo s!iles and gi%es hi! a single nod+ /ongin goes back to put his nose in to the book he had been
gi%en+ 0e #as supposed to #rite so!e relection about it$ but he ound it e%en !ore diicult to
concentrate #hen .yungsoo #as ne)t to hi!+ 'n his peripheral %ision$ he sa# .yungsoo putting his legs on
the desk and leaning back co!ortably+ -he teacher cleared her throat and !otioned or .yungsoo to take
his legs do#n+ Naturally$ he didn(t+
A,o .yungsooC She said #ith ir! %oice as she stood up+ .yungsoo didn(t !o%e+
A?es+C #as all he said+
A-his is detention$ not your couch+C she stated+ A;egs do#n+C
.yungsoo kicked the desk hard enough or it to hit the chair in ront o it+ -he sound #as hurting /ongin(s
ears$ but he elt hi!sel getting e)cited at the scene that #as playing out in the classroo!+ .yungsoo #as
ob%iously !ocking the teacher$ and /ongin ne%er thought detention could be so !uch un+
-he teacher ga%e up and #ent back to reading a book o her o#n+ >ean#hile$ .yungsoo nudged /ongin
#ith his elbo#+ -hey leaned closer to each other$ but subtle enough or the teacher not to notice the!+
A=i%e !e a paper ro! your notebook+C .yungsoo #hispered and s!iled+
/ongin careully teared a#ay a page ro! his book+ "or a second he al!ost thought that .yungsoo #ould
actually do so!e sort o school related thing #ith it$ but he #as soon re!inded o ho# #rong it #as to
assu!e such things about .yungsoo+
-he older boy rolled the paper to a pipe$ and took out a e# tacks ro! his pocket+ Who #alked around
#ith tacks in their pockets any#ay<
.yungsoo !otioned or /ongin to put his stu together$ and /ongin got the idea they #ould ha%e to !ake a
run or it really soon+ 'n #hich$ he #as absolutely correct+ .yungsoo put the tacks in the paper pipe and
inhaled a lot o air+ /ongin readied hi!sel to 4uickly be able to get up and run+ -hen$ .yungsoo e)haled
#ith such orce it !ade the tacks ly straight to#ards the teacher+
She #helped in pain and surprise and the t#o boys rushed out o the classroo! #hile laughing+ /ongin
al!ost stopped #hen they reached the corridor$ but .yungsoo grabbed his ar! and they kept running
through the hall#ays$ do#n the stairs and out o the school building+ "or the second ti!e together no#$
they collapsed on the grass a bit outside o the school+ .yungsoo #as still laughing e%en though he #as
panting hea%ily+ /ongin stared at hi!+
A?ou(re cra&y9C he announced+
A-hanksC .yungsoo s!iled+
AWe could get e)pelled9C
AWe(%e done #orse things+C
/ongin laughed at ho# careree the older boy #as being+ >aybe it didn(t !atter to hi! but /ongin #as still
kept by a pro!ise o not ighting any!ore+ Although practically speaking he hadn(t in*ured anyone+
A,etention is so boring+C .yungsoo said+
/ongin hu!!ed in agree!ent+
A,o people really think ' ha%e a gang<C .yungsoo asked suddenly+
A?-?eah+++ ?ou don(t<C /ongin said in surprise+
.yungsoo si!ply laughed+ >u!bling so!ething about ho# rediculus it #ould be to go around #ith a gang$
as i he #as so!e kind o !aia+ 5ut /ongin didn(t pay !uch attention to it+ 0e #as absorbing the idea o
the act that .yungsoo #as actually #alking around picking ights #ith people on his o#n$ and or so!e
reason$ the idea o that #as e%en !ore thrilling than /ongin dared to ad!it to hi!sel+
AWhy do you let !e beat you up<C /ongin asked+
ASo!ething about you !akes !e #ant to get !y ass kickedC .yungsoo said sarcastically+
/ongin didn(t kno# i he #as satisied #ith the ans#er$ but he didn(t atte!pt to take it any urther+ 'nstead
the t#o o the! lay still on the grass and stared at the sky+ =rey+ S!all drops o #ater ell on their aces+
None o the! !o%ed+ 't #asn(t hea%y rain so there #as really no point to ruin the at!osphere bet#een
the!+ /ongin tried to igure out #hat .yungsoo #as thinking$ but it #as i!possible since the boy had his
eyes closed+ 0e looked as i he #as absorbing the sot rain in to his being+ S#allo#ing the drops #ith his
#hole body+ /ongin ound hi!sel en%ying ho# the #ater #as allo#ed to touch .yungsoo(s air skin in such
a tender #ay+
0e slapped hi!sel to snap out o the thought+
AWhat<C .yungsoo asked$ looking at hi! as i he had done so!ething #eird+ Well$ he did slap his o#n ace
ater all+
A-ickled+C /ongin lied+
Chapter 3
5and Aid
0istory class+ =osh ho# /ongin hated that class+ And the teacher+ And his class!ates+ 0e #as t#isting in his
chair$ begging #hate%er higher po#ers there !ight be$ that so!ething$ anything #ould happen and allo#
hi! to lea%e early+
A?es$ 1h Sehun<C the teacher said+
/ongin looked up and sa# that his riend had risen his hand+ 0e #as only hal paying attention$ assu!ing
Sehun #as going to ask so!ething about the sub*ect$ it #asn(t unlike Sehun+ 0e #as really good at
e%erything in school$ top grades+ /ongin al!ost en%ied hi!$ but as soon as he re!e!bered #hy his grades
had dropped$ the eeling didn(t linger+
A'(! not eeling #ell+++C Sehun #hined+ 't !ade /ongin a bit #orried to hear that his riend #as ill+
A1kay$ go to the nurse(s oice and rest or a bit+C -he teacher said+
ACan ' take /ongin #ith !e< ' eel like ' !ight aint+++C 0e begged+
-he teacher looked really #orried considering Sehun !ight be ill enough to actually aint+ She agreed to let
/ongin go #ith hi!$ it #as saest that #ay+ No one #anted to ind a sick student lying on the corridor loors+
/ongin held up the door to the nurse(s oice and #hen they stepped in$ they ound no one there+ -he nurse
#as probably out doing god kno#s #hat+ 5ut Sehun didn(t see! like he #as about to aint at all+ 0e had
*ust as !uch energy as al#ays and si!ply sat do#n on one o the beds$ #ith a big grin on his ace+
AWhat<C /ongin asked #hile Sehun #as staring at hi!+
A?ou really hate history$ don(t you< ' can see it ro! !iles a#ay+ 6%eryone can+C
A?ou(re not sick<C
Sehun shook his head+
A'(! sa%ing you beore you die out o boredo!+C
/ongin s!iled at his riend+ 0e #as so lucky to ha%e a riend like Sehun$ he al#ays took care o /ongin #hen
he didn(t e%en kno# he needed to be taken care o+ Suddenly it #as kind o lucky the nurse #asn(t in$
because that #ay Sehun didn(t ha%e to lie to her+
-hey stayed there long ater class had inished$ *ust talking like they had al#ays done beore+ /ongin learned
a lot o ne# things about Sehun and he elt bad or not kno#ing it already+ ;ike$ ho# he had al!ost started
dating that guy in .yungsoo(s class$ ;uhan+ Apparently they had gotten 4uite close and al!ost dated at one
point$ until ;uhan !et so!e guy called Eiu!in+ /ongin had no idea #ho that #as but it see!ed ;uhan had
allen or hi! at irst sight+ Sehun #asn(t sad about it though$ he e)plained$ because he already had
so!eone he liked+ /ongin tried but couldn(t get it out o hi! #ho this ne# crush #as$ but Sehun said it #as
pretty serious eelings in%ol%ed and that(s #hy he didn(t ha%e the courage to go urther #ith the!$ he could
get seriously hurt+
So!eone stu!bled in #ith a lot o loud grunts+ Sehun and /ongin ro&e as i they #ere doing so!ething
illegal+ Nor!ally$ /ongin #ouldn(t ha%e been able to kno# #ho it #as since he couldn(t see the ace o the
person+ 5ut that body$ the #ay it !o%ed$ ho# it stu!bled$ along #ith that a!iliar %oice$ !ade it possible
or /ongin to reali&e the identity o the person #ithing a split second+
5eore he kne# it$ he had .yungsoo(s ar! #rapped around his shoulder and helped hi! to sit on one o the
beds+ Sehun !u!bled so!ething about inding the nurse beore running out o the roo!+ Not that /ongin
listened$ because so!ething about .yungsoo al#ays !ade /ongin orget that there #as a #orld #here
other people e)isted as #ell+
.yungsoo spit so!e blood on the loor #ithout second thought+ >aybe it #as disgusting$ but /ongin didn(t
think so+ 0e orceully grabbed .yungsoo(s ace #ith one hand$ burying his !iddle inger and thu!b on
each side o his cheeks in order to get a good look at the boy+
A-he uck happened to you<C /ongin asked+
A?eah right+ "or once ' #asn(t in trouble so don(t go bla!ing this on !e+ ' #asn(t e%en in%ol%ed+C
.yungsoo chuckled+ 5lood running ro! his nose and ro! the side o his !outh as #ell+ -here #as also a
hunch o a black eye or!ing+
A?ou look like shit+C /ongin said+
A-hank you+C .yungsoo s!iled sarcastically+ A,id you kno# that those thugs are ollo#ing you around<C
AWhat thugs<C
A"ro! the other days$ ' sa%ed your ass t#ice ro! the!+C .yungsoo said+ 0is %oice #as so!e#hat serious
no#+ A' took care o the! though$ you can go ho!e sae today+C
A' can take care o !yselC /ongin spit+
A?ou(re #elco!e+C
-he nurse entered and ca!e running to their aid+ She told /ongin to back a#ay and started scolding hi!
since it had looked like he #as in*uring .yungsoo e%en !ore+ -hen she proceeded to put !edication on his
#ounds+ 't #ould take /ongin all until he #as #alking ho!e alone to reali&e that Sehun hadn(t co!e back
#ith the nurse and that he hadn(t seen the boy since he #as let alone #ith .yungsoo+
0e didn(t kno# #hy$ but /ongin elt annoyed that .yungsoo had taken on the roll o sa%ing his ass+ >aybe
he should be happy about it$ but he #asn(t+ 't pissed hi! o$ *ust like e%erything else these days+ ,id he
ha%e so!e kind o !ale 7>S< Was he going to start his irst period soon<
Sehun laughed at his riend o%er the phone as they talked+ 't #as already late$ but Sehun #as al#ays so
reliable and /ongin didn(t e%en eel bad about #aking hi! up in the !iddle o the night or so!ething as
tri%ial as his rustration and anger+
A?ou kno# they ha%e a na!e or #hat you(re eeling right<C Sehun said+
AWhat<C asked /ongin$ #ho ob%iously had no idea #hat Sehun #as reerring too+
A"uck you$ Sehun+ ;o%e doesn(t !ake you angry+C
ANo$ but it !akes you angry #hen the one you lo%e isn(t noticing you+C
A5ut .yungsoo does notice !e+ Re!e!ber$ he (took care o those thugs( or !e+C
A0e isn(t noticing you the #ay you #ant hi! to+C Sehun sounded al!ost sad+ As i he could eel #hat /ongin
#as eeling$ as i he kne# #hat he #as talking about+
A's that ho# things #ere #ith you and ;uhan<C /ongin asked sha!elessly+
ANo+ Not #ith ;uhan+C
-he other end #ent silent+ /ongin had to call Sehun(s na!e !ultiple ti!es beore the other inally replied
that he #as still there+ -he phone call didn(t last !uch longer though$ because Sehun #as tired$ but /ongin
thought he sounded !ore cranky than sleepy$ but #hat did /ongin kno# about anything any#ay< -hey
hung up and /ongin returned to staring at the ceiling since he #asn(t able to sleep at all+ ,a!n$ this boy #as
seriously going to dri%e hi! cra&y+
A' should *ust kick his ass+C /ongin decided$ and it #as his inal thought beore sleep inally de%oured hi!+
0e #as *ust about to grab .yungsoo by his clothing and sla! hi! against the lockers$ #hen he noticed ho#
bruised the older boy still #as+ Actually$ he looked #orse than he(d done yesterday+ >aybe .yungsoo had
gotten in to a ne# ight last night< >aybe /ongin should ask hi! about it< 5ut he ne%er got the chance
because the older boy al#ays had t#o or three other riends surrounding hi!+ /ongin elt like he #as in sort
o teenage dra!a #here the guy can(t approach the person he likes because the person is ne%er alone+ Not
that /ongin liked .yungsoo that #ay$ but the situation #as still si!ilar+ 't had nothing to do #ith liking or
hating so!eone+
't #as ne%er in /ongin(s personality to let things go easily like that$ so naturally he ollo#ed .yungsoo #hen
school inished+
0e hid outside and #aited or .yungsoo to lea%e$ he stayed really late as usual+ What #as he doing in
school or so !any hours any#ay< >aybe /ongin should ind that out to!orro#+ No#$ he #as ollo#ing
.yungsoo ro! aar+ 0e didn(t #ant to be noticed$ and he #asn(t sure he #anted to get in%ol%ed in
#hate%er ighting .yungsoo #as headed to+ /ongin #as sure that the older boy #as deinitely going to
punch so!eone+ 0e could tell by ho# tensely he !o%ed and looked around #hen they entered the ghetto
area #here they had !et a e# days ago+ /ongin #ondered i .yungsoo had so!e kind o ene!y here+
>aybe they e%en had a special day #here they #ould go ight each other to see #ho is the strongest< 0e
bet .yungsoo probably al#ays #on+
0ad /ongin kno#n #hat #as really going on beore today$ he #ouldn(t ha%e been so e)cited+
-he young boy #atched as the older put a key in to the lock o a door+ 't took /ongin a !o!ent to grasp the
act that this area #as the one .yungsoo li%ed in+ 0e had al#ays assu!ed that .yungsoo li%ed in a si!ilar
place as hi!sel+ A house #ith #elco!ing look+ 5ut instead he li%ed in this rotten place that looked as i it
#ould all apart any second+
/ongin approached the house and s4uatted outside one o the open #indo#s+ 0e didn(t !ean to spy like
this$ he #as si!ply curious+ Nothing #rong #ith that+ 0e thought to hi!sel+ Foices #ere heard ro! inside+
't sounded like a !an$ #ith deeper %oice than .yungsoo+ 't had a rasp to it$ #hich !ade it sound as i the
o#ner o said %oice had done nothing but drink #hiskey his #hole lie+
AWhy the uck are you al#ays so da!n late<C the %oice said+ So!ething told /ongin that it #as probably
.yungsoo(s ather+
AWorking+C .yungsoo(s %oice replied stily+ 't sounded al!ost careul and tense+ A'(%e told you that beore+C
A?ou lying piece o shit9 Where(s the !oney then< ' you(re #orking you should earn so!e !oney and care
or this a!ily9C the #hiskey %oice yelled+
A' gi%e you e%ery penny ' earn+ >aybe i you sa%ed it$ #e could actually li%e a decent lie+C
Rushed and hea%y ootsteps #ere heard$ beore a loud s!acking sound #as heard+ /ongin recogni&ed it as
skin !eeting skin+ A slap+ 0e #as ro&en in his spot$ unable to !o%e ro! ear and conusion+
AWhat i your !other heard you talk like that9C 7ain and guilt could be distinguished ro! the #hiskey
%oice$ and /ongin regretted since long that he had ollo#ed .yungsoo here+
AAnd #ho(s ault is it that she can(t<C said .yungsoo+ -here #as so!ething in his %oice that /ongin couldn(t
put a na!e on+ 't #as pain$ but at the sa!e ti!e it #as apathetic+ Nu!b but screa!ing+ -here #as no na!e
or a %oice like that+
/ongin listened as loud thuds and grunts #ere heard+ 0e #anted to #ake up ro! this night!are$ he #asn(t
supposed to be here+ 0e #as supposed to be ho!e$ eating dinner #ith his a!ily+ 0is !other #ould be
angry he #as late but e%erything #ould still be ine and-+
-he door le# open and .yungsoo stu!bled out+ 0e ell to the ground and scratched his hand$ not that it
stopped hi! ro! getting up 4uickly and turning to look at the door+ ;uckily or /ongin$ the older boy didn(t
notice hi!+
A=et out o !y house you #orthless piece o shit9C
.yungsoo stared at the !an #ith bla!e+ 0e #as bleeding ro! his eyebro# and %arious scratches and
bruises #ere %isible on his body as he stood in nothing but *eans and a t-shirt+
-he door #as shut close #ith a loud thud and .yungsoo #as let alone in the street+ /ongin #atched as he
turned around$ probably too shocked to e%en notice /ongin(s presence+ At ti!es like these$ it #ould only be
natural or /ongin to run a#ay and pretend like nothing happened+ 5ut the look in .yungsoo(s eyes #hen he
#as thro#n out #as still in /ongin(s sight and he couldn(t not ollo# .yungsoo or a bit longer+
-hey let the area and #ere out on the streets heading in the sa!e direction as the school #as+ -he air #as
cold and the blo#ing #ind sent shi%ers through /ongin$ he didn(t e%en dare to i!agine ho# cold .yungsoo
!ust be right no#+
When .yungsoo #as *ust about to cli!b o%er the #all to the school grounds$ /ongin ran up to hi! and
grabbed his ar!+ 0e couldn(t let .yungsoo sleep in the school like this+ Not ater #itnessing all this+ -he
older boy looked at hi! #ith #ide eyes$ but neither o the! said anything+
/ongin elt the goosebu!ps on the shorter one(s ar!s and it !ade his insides ache+ 0e couldn(t say #hy$
but it #as painul to see .yungsoo like this+
-hey entered /ongin(s house and #ere !et #ith the #orried scolding o his !other+ She had been in the
kitchen #hen she started talking but she stopped as soon as she sa# her son and the beat up boy he had
brought #ith hi!+ She stared at /ongin #ith a look that asked #hat her !outh couldn(t+
ASo!eone ro! school+ 0e(ll stay the night+C /ongin said shortly+ 0is !other nodded+ 0o# could she deny
an in*ured person their hospitality<
-hey #ent upstairs to /ongin(s roo! and he sat .yungsoo on the bed+ None o the! had said a single #ord
to each other during the #hole ti!e+ A silent knock on the door #as heard beore /ongin(s !other entered
#ith a irst aid kit+
A'(ll reheat so!e o the ood or you+ /ongin$ you kno# ho# this #orks right<C she said$ reerring to the irst
aid kit+ 't #as a stupid 4uestion considering ho# !any ti!es /ongin had had to patch hi!sel o ro! one o
his and .yungsoo(s ights+ She s!iled at .yungsoo beore lea%ing$ his ace #as still e)pressionless+
/ongin careully started padding a sterili&ed cotton pad on .yungsoo(s #ounds+ -he older boy linched at
the sting on the #ound$ but said nothing+ 't #as e%en #orse seeing .yungsoo like this$ /ongin thought+ ' he
had been angry or sad$ /ongin thought he could handle that so!eho#+ 5ut this nu!b person #as so scary
and /ongin elt so helpless+
0is !other entered /ongin(s roo! #ith a tray o ood+ She put it on his desk beore telling /ongin to bring
the dishes do#n later and she(d take care o the! to!orro# because she(d be going to bed no#+ 0er son
#asn(t paying attention because he #as too busy taking care o the in*ured riend+ She elt a hint o pride at
ho# caring her son #as ater all+ She had al!ost orgotten about his #ar! heart because o all the phone
calls ro! school$ but seeing hi! like this+ 't brought so !any happy !e!ories back to her+ Another s!ile
#as gi%en beore lea%ing the! alone+
.yungsoo say on the loor$ all plastered up and ready or the #ar! !eal that /ongin put in ront o the!+
0e handed .yungsoo a set o chopsticks and told hi! to eat a lot+ 0e didn(t try the ood hi!sel until he had
!ade sure that .yungsoo had started eating+ >aybe it #as *ust /ongin(s i!agination$ but he thought he sa#
a s!all s!ile try to orce its #ay across .yungsoo(s lips+ -hrough the !eal they still didn(t speak+ 1nly #hen
/ongin had taken the dishes o their inished ood do#n as his !other had asked$ did he ind the courage to
inally speak+
A,o you #ant to sho#er<C he asked+ 0e #asn(t going to !ention the incident that he had #itnessed unless
.yungsoo hinted that he actually #anted to talk about it+
A-hank youC .yungsoo ans#ered$ and /ongin interpreted that as a yes+ 0e sho#ed the older boy around his
house and to the bathroo!$ handing hi! a to#el and lent hi! a set o clothes+ Si!ple s#eat pants and a
clean t-shirt to sleep in+ 0e asked i .yungsoo needed anything else but the older boy said he(d be ine+
'n the !eanti!e$ /ongin 4uickly got in to the second sho#er+ 't #asn(t as #ell reno%ated as the one he had
sho#n .yungsoo but it #as good enough to reshen hi!sel up+ 0e !ade sure to be 4uick and inish beore
.yungsoo$ that #ay he could take care o the older boy #ithout lea%ing hi! alone+ 0e #aited in his roo!$
!entally preparing hi!sel or the !o!ent that .yungsoo #alked back in+ 5ut it see!ed it had done hi!
no good$ because seeing .yungsoo #ith his still #et hair and da!p skin #asn(t so!ething he could(%e
prepared or e%en in a !illion years+ /ongin silently #ondered i it #as legal to be like that+
0e cleared his throat+
A-ake the bedC /ongin said and seated hi!sel on the !attress he had prepared or hi!sel on the loor+
.yungsoo obeyed and looked at /ongin as he #as lying on the bed+
A?ou ollo#ed !e today$ didn(t you<C he said+
A?ou noticed<C
AWho #ouldn(t<C
/ongin s!iled+
ASorry+C /ongin said+
A.i! /onginC .yungsoo said #ith sot %oice+ /ongin had ne%er heard hi! speak #ith this kind o %oice+ No
trace o anger$ or teasing+ 't #as *ust sot+
A' should kick your ass+C
A?ou(re #elco!e+C
Chapter G
-hey didn(t speak about that night+ Neither o the! said a #ord about it+ .yungsoo had borro#ed /ongin(s
spare set o school unior! and returned it the day ater$ in secret+ Not a single #ord #as spoken about it+
/ongin$ because he didn(t #ant to step on sore toes and #hate%er reason .yungsoo !ight ha%e #as
probably ob%ious to /ongin$ #hich only !ade hi! !ore certain he had done the right thing not to ask about
it+ 0e #as con%inced that the older boy #ould talk to hi! #hen he #as ready$ i he #anted to+
A?ou(%e been 4uiet lately+C Sehun stated during lunch+ /ongin barely heard hi! and he could tell that his
riend had probably been talking or a #hile #ithout hi! listening+ -he tone he had spoken in #as sort o
annoyed$ or !aybe *ust tired+ Worn out+
ASorryC /ongin replied shortly+ A' had a lot on !y !ind+C
ACo!e o%er to !y place tonight<C his riend asked+ A't !ight help you take your !ind o o things and
rela)$ okay< 't can(t be good or your brain to suddenly #ork so hard+C
-he teasing !ade /ongin s!ile+ 0e agreed to spend his "riday #ith the riend+ 't #ould be good or both o
the!+ Ater all$ /ongin had pro!ised hi!sel to treat Sehun like the riend he actually #as$ and it see!ed
Sehun #as !issing hi! too+ 5ut beore they let school$ /ongin pretended he orgot so!ething and #ent
back in+ Sehun #aited outside+ As 4uickly as he could$ he ran to .yungsoo(s locker because he kne# the boy
#ould still be in school and probably hadn(t collected his stu yet+ 0e tore a piece o paper and scribbled
do#n his cellphone nu!ber along #ith a si!ple line to !ake sure the older one #ould understand #ho it
f you ever need anything.
.yungsoo #ould surely understand$ and nothing needed to be said about it+ Although /ongin didn(t kno#
#hy$ he still elt like i he could help .yungsoo so!eho#$ ho#e%er big or s!all the issue$ he(d be okay #ith
that+ No one #as allo#ed to hurt .yungsoo apart ro! /ongin+ -hat #as the strongest thing he had e%er elt
in his #hole lie+ ' he only kne# one thing$ that #as it+
When they entered Sehun(s house$ his !other greeted the! #ar!ly+ She #as surprised but happy to see
/ongin there again+ Ater talking about ho# !uch she had !issed hi!$ she ser%ed the! the ood she had
already prepared+
;ike old ti!es$ Sehun and /ongin #ould play %ideo ga!es+ 't started out riendly at irst$ like al#ays+ 5ut as
soon as /ongin lost the irst round o >ortal Co!bat$ things got a little out o hand+ /ongin #as ne%er a
good loser$ he #asn(t a good #inner either+ Sehun #as laughing as his riend #as sotly kicking hi! and
yelling at hi! or cheating$ like old ti!es+ /ongin pouted as they started another round$ ho# !any had they
played already< -hey glanced at the clock and it #as 2 a+!+ /ongin le# up to check his phone only to ind
that his !other had called 23 ti!es already+ 0e 4uickly called back$ kno#ing the horror that a#aited as the
!other picked up+
7 !inutes o scolding passed and /ongin agreed to co!e straight back ho!e+ Sehun apologi&ed but /ongin
con%inced hi! that he #asn(t the one to bla!e+
-he #alk ro! Sehun(s house #asn(t really long$ but it did take 33 !inutes or so and /ongin #as in no hurry+
0e en*oyed the night+ -he air and the lights al#ays !ade hi! eel co!ortable although he didn(t kno#
#hy+ Co!e to think about it$ he didn(t kno# a lot about #hy he elt certain #ays+ "or e)a!ple$ he couldn(t
e)plain to hi!sel ho# he$ #ithout e%en looking at the unkno#n nu!ber that #as calling hi! and causing a
bu&& in his pocket$ could kno# that it #as .yungsoo+ A eeling rooted deep in his sto!ach started lickering
as he ans#ered the caller+
A/ongin+C 0e said$ pretending that he didn(t kno# #ho it #as+
No reply+ 't conir!ed #hat he thought+
AWhere are you<C /ongin asked+ 5ut the only reply he got #as the hea%y breathing o the person on the
other line+ >aybe there #as sobbing as #ell$ but /ongin #asn(t sure+ 0e hear !uled %oices in the
background and suddenly he reali&ed that .yungsoo probably hadn(t dialed /ongin(s nu!ber by hi!sel+
So!ething #as terribly #rong$ /ongin elt it do#n to his core+
An unkno#n %oice !uttered so!ething about the old #arehouse in the area that .yungsoo #as li%ing in+
-hat #as all the directions /ongin needed to run there aster than he e%er #ould(%e guessed his legs could
carry hi!+
-he best decision he had done today #as to kick that darn door open because as luck #ould ha%e it$ he
knocked so!eone unconscious in the process+ 1 course$ three ne# guys ca!e at hi! but at least he had
one do#n already+ As /ongin #as dodging punches the best he could$ he tried to scan the roo! or any
sight o .yungsoo$ but it #as too dark to see anything at all+ 0e #as lucky he #as able to see the guys e%en
a little because it allo#ed hi! to ight back e%en though he #as clu!sy #ith the punches+
A punch to his eyebro#$ a kick in the sto!ach$ and then /ongin #as on the loor+ 0e hated losing+ 0e hated
it so bad he could %o!it+ What he hated e%en !ore #as that .yungsoo #as so!e#here in there$ probably
beat up e%en #orse than /ongin+ 0e #as sick #ith anger and hatred$ but it #as also said eelings that !ade
hi! able to get up and start punching again+ -he last o his adrenaline allo#ing hi! to beat the! up+ 1r at
least$ that(s #hat he thinks happens+ 5ut /ongin blacks out because o the anger !i)ed #ith adrenaline$ and
the ne)t thing he re!e!bers$ the guys are stu!bling out and lea%es hi! alone in the #arehouse+
A.yungsoo<C he asks$ still out o breath+
So!e kind o grunt is heard only a e# eet a#ay+ /ongin pulls out his phone and searches #ith the help
ro! the display light+ 't(s not surprising to ind .yungsoo so badly beat up$ or !aybe it is+ 5ecause
.yungsoo is a good ighter$ he could(%e easily taken on the guys+ -he eeling that sho#ers /ongin #hen he
reali&es that the older boy let hi!sel get beat up is e%en #orse than losing$ or !aybe it(s the sa!e eeling$
he isn(t sure+
Although he(s got #ounds o his o#n$ he helps .yungsoo up and they stu!ble out in to the night and the
city lights+ 1nce again$ it(s raining+ /ongin thinks he used to hate the rain$ but tonight it eels sot and nice
#ith the cool droplets on his beat up ace+
0is house is dark and parents asleep since long$ so /ongin 4uietly brings .yungsoo in to the bathroo!+ 0e
cleans up both their #ounds because his !other #ould kill hi! i they co%ered the sheets in blood$ that(s
the e)cuse he uses in ront o .yungsoo+ -he truth about ho# he can(t stand to see the older boy like that$
is kept secret+
/ongin is #ay to tired and #orn out to pull out a spare !attress to sleep on$ and ater handing .yungsoo
the sa!e set o clothes he had borro#ed earlier that #eek$ they curled up in the sa!e bed+ "or the irst
ti!e since they let$ /ongin noted ho# .yungsoo hadn(t said anything+ >aybe he #asn(t going to either$ but
that didn(t satisy /ongin(s curiosity+
A' only ha%e your nu!ber in !y phone+C .yungsoo #hispered #ith rasping %oice+ -he younger boy #as only
seconds ro! sleep but ound hi!sel ully a#ake at the spoken #ords+
AWhat<C he said$ !ore rhetorical than an actual 4uestion but #hate%er+
A' you #ere #ondering #hy they called you+C
A' didn(tC /ongin #hispered+ Why those guys had called /ongin #as his last concern at the !o!ent+
A1h+C #as the only reply he got+
When /ongin #oke up$ he #as incredibly sore and his bed elt so s!all+ 0e #as sure his bed #asn(t this
s!all+ -here #as also so!e kind o #eight on his chest$ and so!ething #rapped around his legs+ When
/ongin opened his eyes$ he re!e!bered the pre%ious night+ .yungsoo #as sleeping #ith his head on
/ongin(s chest and #ith his legs #rapped around /ongin(s+ So!ething about it !ade /ongin eel sae and
0e put his ar! o%er .yungsoo(s and used his other hand to play #ith strands o .yungsoo(s hair+ 't #as
!essy$ but you could still tell it had been sot the day beore+ -he co!orting !o!ent al!ost !ade /ongin
orget about ho# sore he #as$ until .yungsoo !o%ed a little in his sleep+ @nortunately it !ade /ongin gasp
in pain and accidentally #oke the older one up+ 0e #atched as .yungsoo s4uinted to the sun and looked
around$ still not registering ho# their li!bs #ere intert#ined+ When he noticed /ongin$ he al!ost ell out o
the bed in surprise$ but /ongin #as 4uick and grabbed hi!+ 0e pulled the older boy tightly to his chest$
sa%ing hi! ro! alling on the loor+
ASorryC /ongin #hispered #ith uncertain %oice #hile releasing his tight grip around .yungsoo+
A't(s ine+C the older boy hu!!ed against his chest+
6%en though /ongin #as no longer holding .yungsoo #ith orce$ the older boy stayed close to his chest$
listening to the sound o /ongin(s heart+ >inutes o silence passed$ until .yungsoo broke it+
A' ' didn(t eel so bad about getting you beat up$ '(d punch you right no#+C
/ongin chuckled at the #ords+
A?ou(re usually the one beating !e up you kno#+C
A?eah+++C .yungsoo !u!bled+ 0e #as s!iling$ although /ongin couldn(t see it+
't pained /ongin to ad!it to hi!sel that he !ight en*oy .yungsoo(s co!pany a bit too !uch+ 0e didn(t
#ant to ad!it that his heart rate had gone up a bit as he pulled the older !an closer to hi!$ or that he
didn(t #ant to let hi! go+ /ongin could keep hi! in his ar!s or the rest o his lie$ that #ay .yungsoo #ould
be sae and /ongin could be happy+
-he older boy pulled a#ay and or a second /ongin didn(t understand #hy$ then he reali&ed that his phone
#as ringing+ .yungsoo grabbed the phone ro! the nightstand and ga%e it to hi!+
A?eahC /ongin didn(t e%en reali&e ho# disappointed he sounded+
A@h+++ Sorry to call you this early+C -he person at the other end said+
/ongin recogni&ed the %oice as i he(d heard it his #hole lie$ but he #as to tired to put a na!e to the %oice+
0e 4uickly checked the screen to get a gli!pse at the caller$ then he elt bad or not kno#ing i!!ediately+
ASehun$ it(s ineC he said #ith brighter %oice+ AWhat did you #ant<C
6%en though he #as talking to Sehun$ he couldn(t steal his ga&e a#ay ro! .yungsoo$ #ho #as still lying
ne)t to hi! and staring at the ceiling+ 0e looked better tan yesterday$ happier+ Sleep really could #ork
!iracles on so!e people+ /ongin looked at the #ay his eyes #ould open and close$ it looked so sot as i it
happened in slo# !otion+
A/ongin<C Sehun said loudly ro! the other line+
0e #atched ho# .yungsoo s!irked+ -he older boy had probably heard #hat Sehun had said$ but /ongin
hadn(t+ 0e(d been too busy ad!iring the boy ne)t to hi! that he had co!pletely orgotten Sehun$ again+
AAre you ree today<C Sehun repeated+ A' hope your !o! isn(t too angry #ith !e since yesterday+++C
A1h$ ' ha%en(t talked to her yet but '(! sure it(s ine+C /ongin replied+
.yungsoo #as on his #ay out o the bed ater hearing Sehun ask about /ongin(s day+ -he younger boy
caught the !o%e!ent and grabbed his ar!$ keeping the older one put on the bed ne)t to hi!+
A'(! sorry but '(! a bit busy today+C he said to Sehun+
A1hC -he disappoint!ent #as clear but /ongin so!eho# !issed it in his riends %oice+
A?eah$ ' ha%e to go no#+C /ongin said beore hanging up+
-he older boy #as looking at hi! #ith his perectly round eyes$ his breath landing soothingly on his neck+
Although /ongin could think o nothing but to kiss the boy right no#$ he elt like he shouldn(t+
A?ou(re a dick to your riend+C .yungsoo said+
A'(! not$ ' *ust don(t #ant to hang out #ith hi! today+C
A'(! going to lea%e no#+C
.yungsoo #as getting up again$ and this ti!e /ongin #asn(t 4uick enough to stop hi!+ 0e sat up and #as
about to go ater the boy #hen the t-shirt that .yungsoo had been #earing #as thro#n on hi! and landed
on his head+ /ongin 4uickly pulled it a#ay and sa# .yungsoo in the !iddle o changing clothes+ @nder
nor!al circu!stances this #ould(%e !ade hi! blush$ but no# he #as si!ply illed #ith the ear o being
#ithout .yungsoo again+
A?ou don(t ha%e to go you kno#+ Stay as long as you like+C /ongin e)plained+
A' don(t #ant to stay+C the older boy replied harshly+ AAnd '(! not going to say thank you because ' ne%er
asked you to do any o this+C
Wo#$ really< -his #as ho# he #as going to act< /ongin thought to hi!sel+ 0e #as getting pissed o again+
What an ungrateul$ stupid$ arrogant little bastard he #as+
Although /ongin had only thought about ho# pissed o he #as$ he suddenly ound hi!sel standing up+ Not
only that$ but he had so!eho# trapped .yungsoo bet#een his ar!s$ against the closet doors+ -he
adrenaline in his body #as pu!ping his anger out and he really #as ne%er good at controlling his anger+
A' helped you #hen you #ere thro#n out o your ho!e+ ' ran to your aid at 2 a+!+ 'n the !orning+ ' got beat
up or you+ ' helped you take care o your in*uries+C /ongin breathed angrily+ A-he least you can do or !e is
s#allo# that da!ned pride o yours and say thank you Jongin! appriciate that.C
A"uck you$ /ongin+C he spit out$ as i he(d heard nothing o #hat /ongin *ust said+
-he young boy had clenched his ist and hit it against the closet door$ only centi!eters a#ay ro!
.yungsoo(s head+ 0e #as so angry he barely e%en noticed that .yungsoo #asn(t #earing a shirt+ 0e elt a
pair o hands ir!ly push hi! a#ay$ and then .yungsoo let the cage that /ongin had or!ed around hi!+
5ut /ongin #ould ha%e none o that+ 0e #asn(t going to let the older boy get a#ay that easily+
0e didn(t !ean to physically in*ure the boy since he had already gone through enough$ but seeing hi! act
this childish really pissed .yungsoo o+ 0e s#ung around and ga%e the boy a good punch #ith his ist+ What
.yungsoo #asn(t e)pecting #as that /ongin didn(t care he(d *ust gotten punched$ !aybe he #as used to it
any#ay+ 'nstead$ /ongin tripped hi! and they both ell on the loor #ith .yungsoo at the botto!+ -here
#as so!ething dierent in /ongin(s eyes+ .yungsoo had seen those eyes so !any ti!es$ they(d been like
this so !any ti!es$ but so!eho# it #asn(t the sa!e+ 't didn(t eel the sa!e to .yungsoo$ and /ongin didn(t
look the sa!e+
/ongin had no idea #hat #as going on$ he #as *ust so angry he could kill so!eone+ 1r !aybe he #as hurt<
0e didn(t ha%e !uch e)perience #ith pain$ the !ental kind any#ay$ so he the easiest #ay or hi! to
describe #hat he elt #as anger+
0e #atched as the boy$ #hose hips he #as sitting on$ leaned up and ist at his hair+ -he ne)t thing he
re!e!bers is the s!ashing i!pact o his lips on .yungsoo(s+ 0e(d al#ays i!agined the! to be sot like rain
clouds$ but ha%ing his lips punched against the older boy(s #as nothing like he(d i!agined it to be+ A
!uled !oan escaped ro! /ongin$ e%en though he hadn(t intended it to+
5ecause o the surprise o being kissed by .yungsoo$ /ongin lost ocus$ and thereby let his guard do#n+ -his
allo#ed .yungsoo to tilt /ongin o%er and their positions #ere changed+ 0ad .yungsoo #anted to$ he
could(%e easily escaped right no#+ 0e could *ust get o /ongin and lea%e the house$ that #ould be the end
o it+ >aybe that(s #hat he should do$ because #hat he #as about to do could start so!ething bet#een
the! that #as not supposed to be+ @nluckily or .yungsoo$ his body had longed or /ongin(s or too long to
be able to listen to the reasoning o his !ind+
0e leaned do#n and kissed /ongin again+ -ender this ti!e+ As i /ongin #as ragile$ because in .yungsoo(s
eyes he #as+
/ongin(s heart luttered at the kisses$ he started biting and nibbling at .yungsoo(s plu! botto! lip but he
learned soon that he should(%e grasped the !o!ent and held on to .yungsoo because no# the older !an
shot back ro! hi! and stood up as i so!ething had grabbed hi!$ or punched hi!+ -hey e)changed one
last look beore .yungsoo grabbed his stu and let+ /ongin #as still lying on the loor+ 0e put an ar! o%er
his ace$ trying to clear his !ind ro! #hat had *ust happened+ >aybe he(d pushed .yungsoo too ar< 5ut
#ait$ #asn(t .yungsoo the one #ho started it< 5ut #hat i he changed his !ind< Regretted it< 0e #as going
to go cra&y like this+
0e #ent do#nstairs and sa# a note on the kitchen table$ although he kne# it #asn(t ro! .yungsoo$ he
couldn(t help but #ish+ 't #as naturally ro! his !other$ saying they had gone out shopping+ "or the irst
ti!e since this !orning$ he thought about the act that his parents could(%e been ho!e+ 0e #as so lucky to
learn that they #eren(t+ What i they had heard hi! and .yungsoo< 0e didn(t e%en dare think about it+ 0e
really #as lucky this ti!e+ 5ut he #ould ha%e to be !ore careul in the uture+
As i he and .yungsoo actually had a uture+
0e snorted at the thought+ 1 course they didn(t+ 0o# #ould that be< -he! thro#ing ists at each other$
kissing so!eti!es+ 6%en !ore i!possible because .yungsoo see!ed to ha%e so!e serious a!ily issues
that needed to be taken care o+ 0e #ished he could help hi! so!eho#$ but #hat could he possibly do<
Ne)t to the door in the hall#ay #as the pair o s#eatpants that .yungsoo had borro#ed+ "or a second$
/ongin #ondered i .yungsoo stu!bled outside in his under#ear$ but he probably put his o#n pants on
beore e)iting+ /ongin picked the! up and let the! in his roo!+ >aybe he should call Sehun ater all< 0e
couldn(t *ust stay inside and do nothing or the rest o the #eekend+ 0e(d die ro! boredo!+ Whate%er+
0o# co!e #eekends al#ays pass so 4uickly< Although /ongin had #ished or it to end so he could see
.yungsoo again$ he still couldn(t bring hi!sel to like the s!ell o an)iety that classroo!s al#ays had+
0al#ay through class$ /ongin #as al!ost asleep as so!eone bashed the door open+ 0e le# to his eet
#ith an une)pected orce$ so!eone #as pulling hi!+ 5ut it #asn(t .yungsoo$ #hich #as strange+
A'(! gonna borro# hi! or a !o!ent+C the person said to the teacher as he dragged /ongin out to the
hall#ay+ Sehun ollo#ed short ater #ith a #orried look+ 0e tried to pry /ongin a#ay ro! the one pulling
hi!$ but he #asn(t strong enough+
/ongin #as thro#n in to the lockers #ith a loud s!ashing sound and a grunt that orced its #ay out o his
lungs+ 0e #as still shaken by his hal sleeping state and had no idea #hat #as going on+ What had he e%er
done this !an< -hen so!ething in the boy(s ga&e re!inded hi!+ -his #as the guy #h had beaten up
.yungsoo a #hile back$ the one that /ongin had kicked+ Wo#$ he #as in trouble no#+ 0e tried to dodge the
punches thro#n at hi! but he #asn(t ast enough+ /ongin stu!bled as a punch hit hi! clean on the nose+
-he sting spread through his #hole head and reused to subside+ /ongin elt the blood slo#ly reach his lips
and the !etallic taste #as so unco!ortably a!iliar he couldn(t but s!ile+
A?ou cocky bastard9C -he guy spit beore kicking hi! in the sto!ach+ -here really #asn(t !uch roo! or
/ongin to ight back+
0e did his best in getting a e# punches hit the !an but it didn(t #ork out the #ay he #anted+ @ntil
suddenly$ the guy stopped and /ongin sa# a !illion openings or hi! to use+ 0e punched and kicked until
the !an dropped do#n to the loor$ grunting and t#isting in pain+
A.i! /ongin9C A ir! and loud %oice said ro! behind hi!+ /ongin had heard the %oice so !any ti!es he
could recogni&e it beore e%en turning around$ and it !ade it all so clear to hi! as o #hy the guy had
stopped punching hi!+ 0e(d seen the principal+
AReally+++<C /ongin sighed to hi!sel+
A?ou(%e gone too ar this ti!e /ongin9C he said+ ACo!e #ith !e+C
/ongin could do nothing but oblige+ 0is parents #ere going to kill hi! this ti!e or sure+ 0e(d barely
escaped #ith his lie this #eekend ater the scolding he got or not calling until 2 a+!+ About being late+ 0e
could al!ost see his lie lash beore his eyes as he #alked behind the principal+
0e #as scued in to the oice and sat do#n on the chair like he(d done so !any ti!es beore+
A' don(t understand you$ /ongin+ ?ou ha%e so !uch potential but you *ust keep thro#ing it a#ay+C he
sighed+ ASuch a #aste+C
-he principal scribbled so!ething do#n in a book$ like he(d done a !illion ti!es beore+ /ongin kne# ho#
these !eetings #orked by no#+ 0e(d get so!e scolding$ a e# threats #hich he(d counter #ith pro!ises o
acting better in the uture and in the end he(d be let go+ So!eti!es he got suspended or a #hile but that
#asn(t the case today+
A'(! letting you go no#+ 5ut kno# this$ .i! /onignH Ne)t ti!e '(! sending you to another school+C
/ongin let the oice+ Angry as usual+ 't really #asn(t his ault this ti!e+ 't had been that stupid$ god kno#s
#hat his na!e #as+ 0e #as going to look hi! up and punch hi! so bad his ancestors #ould eel it+
0e #ent to the school library ater classes had ended+ 0e #as going to look hi! up in a yearbook or
so!ething+ Whate%er+ 0e *ust needed to kno# the na!e o his %icti!$ then that bastard #as going to suer
or real+
As /ongin approached the librarian$ he reali&ed ho# he barely e%er co!e here+ When .yungsoo looked up
and !et his eyes$ he looked surprised to see /ongin there+ As i he #as the one #ho #as supposed to be
surprised+ When /ongin connected the dots and reali&ed .yungsoo #as #orking there$ he !erely chuckled
in rustration+ 0o# co!e e%en this pissed hi! o<
ASo!eone #oke up on the #rong side today+C .yungsoo stated+
A=osh ' hate you so !uch+ 7lease shut the uck up and gi%e !e a yearbook+C /ongin snorted+
.yungsoo see!ed al!ost hurt at the #ords$ but /ongin couldn(t care less+ 0e #as *ust so angry at
e%erything he didn(t e%en take a second to consider hu!an e!otions+
AWho(re you looking or<C .yungsoo asked as he ga%e /ongin one o the libraries copy o the yearbook+
ANone o your business no# get out o !y sight+C
A-hat guy #ho punched you is called -ao+C .yungsoo inor!ed+
ANobody asked you+C /ongin said as he closed the yearbook and handed it back to .yungsoo+ 0e started
#alking a#ay but .yungsoo kept talking+
AAbout last #eekend--C 0e started+
ANo+ "uck you ,o .yungsoo+C /ongin said #hilst s#inging around+ 0e approached the older !an #ho
surprisingly enough backed a#ay until his back hit one o the bookshel%es+ A,on(t go around acting all nice
or #hate%er no#$ okay< ?ou(re a bastard and ' hate you$ and '(! going to continue hating you ro! no# on
so don(t co!e near !e because the !ere sight o you !akes !e so pissed o ' could kill so!eone+C
0e #as breathing hea%ily$ as i the #ords had been spoken during a !arathon+ 0o# #as it e%en hu!anly
possible to be this angry$ he #ondered+
.yungsoo put his hand around /ongin(s neck and pulled hi! in or a kiss+ -he s#eet kind$ not the rough irst
kiss that they had$ but the sot second one+ /ongin elt hi!sel get rela)ed at irst$ then angry again+ Could
this guy *ust !ake up his ucking !ind o #hat he #anted< -he older boy sotly bit at his botto! lip and
/ongin opened his !outh *ust a little bit or .yungsoo(s tongue to slide in+ 0e placed his hands on the shel
behind .yungsoo and pressed hi!sel e%en closer to the !an$ as i tasting hi! #asn(t enough+ 5ecause it
#asn(t enough+ /ongin #as going cra&y because o this bastard and no# he #as being kissed and it #as all
*ust so conusing to hi!+
A' hate you so !uch+C /ongin !u!bled bet#een their kisses+
A' kno#+C .yungsoo replied beore sticking his tongue inside /ongin(s !outh again+
-he older boy slid his hands under /ongin(s shirt$ sotly touching the skin that hid underneath beore
tugging at the boy(s pants+ /ongin broke the kiss and backed a#ay in surprise+ 5oth o the! lustered and
panting$ but .yungsoo s!irked+ /ongin couldn(t tell #hat it !eant but or a second he elt like !ight be
toyed #ith+ 't #asn(t like .yungsoo to do so!ething like that but on the other hand he didn(t really kno#
.yungsoo that #ell either+
0e didn(t ha%e ti!e or urther analy&ing because .yungsoo #as pulling hi! a#ay ro! the bookshel%es
and in to so!e kind o oice+ 0e locked their lips in a rough kiss and they stu!bled inside the e!pty roo!+
/ongin tried to !u!ble so!ething about ho# people !ight co!e here and ind the! but .yungsoo
brushed it o #ith so!ething about ho# no one e%er co!es there and that his #ork is !ostly or sho# and
(*ust in case(+
.yungsoo(s hands resu!ed their place under /ongin(s shirt and the younger boy hissed at the touch+ 't #as
oreign but also #anted$ and he couldn(t but like it+ /ongin undid the older boy(s tie nicely$ but didn(t care
!uch about the neatly buttoned shirt$ #hich he ripped apart in pure need and #ant+ 0e didn(t ha%e ti!e to
u!ble #ith tri%ial things like that+
0e pushed .yungsoo against the cold #all and started biting at the sot skin abo%e the !an(s collarbone$
earning sot #hi!pers ro! the !an+ /ongin soaked in the pleasured sound beore biting his #ay back up
to .yungsoo(s lips$ #here he once again tasted the !an+ 'n the back o his head he #ondered i they !ight
be going a bit ast or#ard$ but thoughts like that #ere erased as .yungsoo pulled at his pants and their
crotches grind against each other+ /ongin put his ar! around the older boy(s #aist and pulled hi! closer$
reducing the space bet#een the! to nothing$ *ust the #ay he #anted it to be+
6%erything #ould(%e been perect$ had it not been or the sudden calling ro! outside the oice+ /ust
/ongin(s luck$ he thought to hi!sel as he stopped in his !o%e!ents+ .yungsoo(s hand hal in his pants and
the! both hea%ily panting$ they stayed 4uiet and listened+
A0ello<C so!eone said+ A' need help inding a book+C
AWhy #ould anyone co!e here or a book<C /ongin #hispered+
A't(s the library$ ucktard+C the older boy sighed+
-he older boy escaped ro! /ongin(s ar!s and tried to button his shirt+ /ongin chuckled at the struggle
because !ost o the buttons had allen o #hen he tore the shirt open earlier+ 0e 4uietly undressed his
o#n shirt and handed it to .yungsoo$ #ho looked at hi! #ith 4uestioning eyes+
A'(! not the one #orking+C
A'(! not going to thank you+C
A' kno#+C /ongin s!irked+
.yungsoo 4uickly changed in to /ongin(s shirt and buttoned it+ 0e ran his ingers through his hair a e#
ti!es and then i)ed his pants in the crotch area+ 't !ade /ongin s!ile but .yungsoo !erely shot hi! an
e%il look beore lea%ing hi! alone in the oice+ "or a !o!ent$ /ongin thought about staying$ #aiting or
.yungsoo to co!e back so that they could inish #hat they started+ 5ut he kne# ho# these kind o things
#orked and let(s *ust say that they didn(t ha%e the right++ 64uip!ent to pick up ro! #here they *ust let o+
0e 4uickly sneaked out #ithout .yungsoo or the other girl in the library noticed+ 't #as or the better
any#ay+ ;et(s say they had a uture together$ then there #ould be !ore ti!e or these kind o things later+
/ongin dared to ad!it to hi!sel that he #anted the! to ha%e a uture together+ 0e #anted to eel the
sotness o .yungsoo(s !ilky skin under his ingers again$ and he #anted to taste his tongue a thousand
ti!es !ore+ -here #ere *ust so !any things to do together+
While being caught up in his thoughts on his #ay ho!e$ he #asn(t paying attention at all so !aybe he
shouldn(t ha%e been so surprised #hen he accidentally bu!ped in to so!eone+ 5ut !aybe he #asn(t really
surprised by that+ >aybe #hat surprised hi! #as the person he(d bu!ped in to+ 1h god this #as going to
A0ello$ /ongin+C -he !an s!irked #ith e%il eyes+
A-ao$ '(%e heard+C /ongin replied careully+
Chapter I
CSo youB%e heard o !e$ huh<C -ao said #ith pride+
AWell$ i it #asnBt or the act that you got !e in a lot o trouble earlier$ ' probably #ouldnBt ha%e heard
about you+ Why$ are you a!ous<C /ongin asked carelessly$ #hich !ade -ao scu+
A;isten here you piece o shit-A
ASorry$ 'B! not in the !ood or you+C Said /ongin$ #hose brain #as still con*uring up i!ages o #hat
.yungsoo #ould look like naked on a bed$ laid out to his !ercy+ 0e #alked passed -ao$ hoping they could
*ust lea%e things at that+
-ao grabbed /ongin by his upper ar! and sla!!ed hi! in to the #all o a building+ 't !ade the younger boy
linch in pain$ but it #asnBt as bad as he had thought+ -he older boy caged hi! bet#een his ar!s #hile
leaning to#ards /ongin+ -hen -ao leaned in closer$ al!ost too close$ and it !ade /ongin suspicious+
So!ething in his gut told hi! that this #as not ho# -ao #as going to kick his ass$ because had the older
boy intended or /ongin to hurt$ theyBd probably be beating the li%ing shit out o each other by no#+ 't #as
getting a bit dark around the! as e%ening #as !olding in to the night$ and it only !ade /ongin unsure
about #hat to do+ 0e held his breath$ practically #ishing that the older boy #ould punch hi!$ because it
#ould be better than #hat /ongin assu!ed he #as doing+
Although /ongin tried to escape$ -ao #as noticeably stronger than hi! and he didnBt stand a chance against
the older boy+ /ongin #anted to screa! or help$ but at the sa!e ti!e didnBt #ant to risk anyone seeing
hi! #ith -ao like this+ 5eing noticed #hile kicking so!eoneBs ass #asnBt so!ething /ongin cared about$ but
the #ay he #as no# #as so!ething heBd only risk being seen doing #ith .yungsoo+
AWhat the uck are you doing$ -ao<C /ongin asked$ trying to sound steady though his knees #ere shaking+
ASo!ething 'B%e #anted to do or a #hile no#$ but you #ere al#ays too busy #ith .yungsoo to notice !e+
So ' got your attention+C
/ongin s#allo#ed hard as he reali&ed #hy -ao had picked a ight #ith .yungsoo irst$ and then /ongin+ 't
didnBt !ake hi! any!ore co!ortable kno#ing #hat #as going through -aoBs !ind$ and in all honesty
/ongin ound it repulsing+ 0e elt like a hypocrite since he had a thing or another guy as #ell$ but it didnBt
!atter at the ti!e+ 0e *ust needed a #ay to escape ro! this !an+
-he older boyBs breath #as #ar! against /onginBs cheek as he turned his ace a#ay ro! the !anBs lips+ 0e
elt like a da!sel in distress$ #aiting or so!eone to co!e and sa%e hi! but at the sa!e ti!e kne# that he
#as on his o#n this ti!e+ -aoBs lips sotly touched the skin on /onginBs neck$ it tickled /ongin but he didnBt
!o%e$ he didnBt #ant to gi%e -ao the pleasure o #inning+
A?ou kno#C -ao started slo#ly+ A'B! on 4uite good ter!s #ith the principal$ and ' could probably put in a
good #ord or you so that you donBt ha%e to transer schools+C
"or a second$ -ao had /onginBs ull attention and the younger one looked straight in to his eyes+ 0e reali&ed
his !istake as -ao #as s!irking$ as i heBd *ust one irst pri&e in so!e big e%ent+
A1 course$ youBd ha%e to repay !e or that+C -ao #hispered close to /onginBs ear+ -he younger boy #anted
to purge in disgust because this #as probably #orse than any beating heBd e%er gotten+ 0e didnBt #ant to
o#e -ao a thing$ not i it #as like this+ /ongin gra%ely considered kicking -ao in the balls$ and he #as *ust
about to do it$ #hen -ao spoke again+
A' hope you understand that ' can by the sa!e !eans thro# so!eone out+C
A' donBt care i you get !e thro#n out+C /ongin spit back+
AWho said 'Bd do it to you<C -ao s!irked+ 0e inally leaned a#ay and turned around+ A' think 'Bd consider
that i ' #ere your position+C
-hen he #alked a#ay+ /ongin stared at his silhouette as the !an disappeared in the !ob o people a e#
!eters ahead+ At irst he didnBt understand a #ord o #hat -ao had !eant$ but ater gi%ing it a e# good
!inutes o thinking$ he reali&ed -ao couldB%e !eant Sehun+ 0e ob%iously kne# they #ere close riends
considering hos Sehun had stu!bled ater /ongin #hen he #as dragged out o the classroo! earlier+ 0e
rested his head against the cold brick #all behind hi! and let out a deep sigh$ ho# #as he going to keep
Sehun out o this< 0e had done nothing #rong and didnBt deser%e to get thro#n out o the school+ /ongin
#ent back and orth #ith his thoughts+ Sehun had gi%en up a lot or /ongin$ helped hi! so !any ti!es+ -he
least /ongin could do #as return the a%or$ or at least keep hi! out o trouble+ >aybe he should *ust go
ahead #ith #hat -ao #anted ater all< 0is thoughts #ere interrupted by the sound o his cellphone+ 0e
checked the caller ', and sa# that it #as so!eone #ho #asnBt in his list o contacts+ Ne%ertheless$ /ongin
recogni&ed the nu!ber+
AWhat<C is ho# he ans#ered the caller+ -o rustrated to e%en be polite$ not that this #as so!eone heBd
e%er been polite #ith but #hate%er+
A?ou look like shit+C .yungsooBs %oice said+
/ongin looked around #ithout ans#ering$ until he spotted .yungsoo across the street+
A0o# long ha%e you been there<C he asked+
A;ong enough+C .yungsoo said$ #ith all that it !eant+ A?ou and -ao<C
ANone o your business+C
AAre you *ust #horing around or do you like hi!<C
A"uck o+C /ongin said beore hanging up the phone+ 0e didnBt spare .yungsoo a second glance beore
0e #alked #ith 4uick steps but it #as no use+ .yungsoo e%entually caught up #ith hi! and pulled hi! a#ay
ro! the !ain street #ith all the people+ -hey #ent in to a s!all alley$ lit up only by the street lights on the
!ain street+ /ongin ound hi!sel pressed against a brick #all or the second ti!e today+ 0e really #asnBt
hoping or this to beco!e a habit$ e%en though the co!pany o .yungsoo #as ar better than -ao+ /ongin
elt .yungsooBs #eight on his chestH the older boy #as resting his head against /ongin+ -he taller one stood
conused and tried to igure out #hat #as going on+
A.yungsoo<C he asked+
A' had a shitty day+C
A' honestly donBt gi%e a uck+ No# get o !e+C /ongin #ondered ho# it #as possible or his !outh to speak
the e)act opposite o #hat he #as eeling+ 0e hated hi!sel !o!entarily$ but the older boy didnBt !o%e+
>aybe he kne# #hat /ongin really elt< 1r !aybe he *ust couldnBt care less about #hate%er orders /ongin
ga%e hi!+ 0e #as rebellious ater all+
A,onBt be #ith -ao+C .yungsoo said against /onginBs chest+ 0is ar!s #ere still caging the younger boy but
his head #as acing the pa%e!ent$ leaning on the other boyBs chest+ 't #as so!e strange kind o co!ort to
be this close to hi!+ 0e kne# /ongin had e%ery reason to hate hi!$ and probably had a hundred reasons to
kill .yungsoo$ but yet he elt sae+
A't really is none o your business+C
A,o you like hi!<C
A' donBt like anyone+ And youBre the shittiest listener ' e%er !et+C
A-hat Sehun boy$ do you like hi!<C
A' hate e%eryone+C
A?ouBre lying+C
ANone o your business+C /ongin sighed+
.yungsoo tilted his head up and bit hard on /onginBs botto! lip+ -he younger one pushed hi! a#ay #ith a
grunt+ 0e hissed and touched the lip #ith his inger$ blood got s!udged out on his lips+
ANo# you look like a cross dresser+C .yungsoo teased as the boy see!ed to be #earing lipstick+
A'B! honestly not in the !ood or this right no#+C
AWhy< 5ecause your baby -ao #ill be *ealous<C
A.?@N=S11 "1R "@C.BS SA.69C /ongin yelled and pushed the boy to the #all behind hi!+ 0e #as !ore
than ready to beat the lie out o hi!$ but as he launched hi!sel to the older boy$ he sa# so!ething in his
eyes+ As i .yungsoo #anted hi! to do it+
Whate%er strength /ongin had$ let hi! as he ga&ed in to .yungsooBs dark eyes+ 0e #as tired and rustrated$
and in no !ood to play stupid ga!es #ith .yungsoo #ho probably didnBt gi%e a rats ass about hi! any#ay+
0e #as *ust here or the tease+
A'B! tired o being your toy+C /ongin breathed in deeat+
AWhat<C .yungsoo asked and looked earnestly surprised+
/ongin didnBt ans#er+ 0e si!ply let the ally and #alked ho!e$ e)pecting that .yungsoo #ouldnBt ollo#$
and he didnBt+
-he older boy stood still and stared at the brick #all across ro! the one he #as leaning on+ 0o# co!e all
the things heBd #anted to say had let as soon as he sa# /ongin$ and instead been replaced #ith harsh
#ords< When he sa# hi! #ith -ao$ he had *ust lost it+ -he #ay -ao #as leaning close to hi! and
#hispering things+ 0e hated it+ /ongin #as his+ No one else could hurt$ or in other #ays touch hi!$ besides
.yungsoo+ /ongin #as .yungsooBs to do #hat he sa# it #ith+ .yungsoo ne%er liked sharing his belongings
#ith other people+ -hen he thought about #hat /ongin had *ust said+ -oy+ ,id /ongin really think he #as
treated like a toy< 5ecause .yungsoo ne%er !eant or that+ /ongin #as so !uch !ore than a toy+ 5ut he
#asnBt a riend+ 0e sure as hell #asnBt an ene!y and they #erenBt really lo%ers either+ >aybe toy #as the
only #ord to describe it+ 5ut it elt #rong+ .yungsoo elt it through his #hole body+ -oy #as not the #ord
he #anted to use to describe /ongin+
0e snapped out o his thoughts and reali&ed that the boy had probably let a long ti!e ago+ 0e should go
ho!e as #ell+ 5ut it #as disappointing$ because he hadnBt been able to say the things heBd #anted to say+
>aybe he #as too late any#ay$ -ao had gotten to /ongin irst+
A?ouBre a%oiding !e+C Sehun stated as he blocked /ongin ro! lea%ing the classroo! to attend lunch+
A?es ' a!+C /ongin said$ cold and harsh+
Sehun linched and looked as i so!eone *ust killed his cat+ 0e let his guard do#n and /ongin used the
opening to sho%e the boy aside+ 0o#e%er$ Sehun regained his strength and pulled /ongin back in$ he closed
the door and trapped /ongin against the #all and bet#een his ar!s+ 0e had o course no idea that /ongin
had gotten tired o this position since the incident three days ago+
AWhy<C Sehun pleaded to kno#+
A'tBs co!plicated+C
AWeBre riends$ you can tell !e+C Sehun said$ although his o#n #ords hurt hi!+
/ongin sighed and ga%e in to the boy+
A'tBs *ust so!ething #ith -ao+C /ongin ad!itted+
A-ao< ' thought you #ere in to .yungsoo< WhatBs it got to do #ith !e any#ay<C Sehun #as conused+
A'B! not into -ao+ ' #ant to kill hi!+C
A?ou say that about .yungsoo too+C
A'tBs not the sa!e+C
A7lease e)plain+C
Another sigh ro! /ongin+
A0e #ants !e to be his boyriend or so!ething+ 1r else heBll see to ha%ing you re!o%ed ro! the school+C
AWhat<C Sehun al!ost laughed in disbelie+
ASo 'B! a%oiding you because 'B! selish and donBt #ant to date that guy$ and !aybe he #onBt #ant to
thro# you out i you ha%e no connection to !e+C
Sehun stayed 4uiet+ 0e #as hurt and touched at the sa!e ti!e+ /ongin cared or hi!$ although it #as not
the #ay he #anted$ and he #as being treated roughly and unair+ 0e couldnBt help but orgi%e /ongin o%er
and o%er$ but thatBs #hat itBs like #hen youBre in lo%e$ isnBt it< 0e #as so caught up in his thoughts he
al!ost orgot that /ongin #as still trapped in his cage+
ASehun<C /ongin asked$ looking at hi! #ith #idened eyes+ Sehun al!ost elt asha!ed about ho# beautiul
he thought /ongin looked at that !o!ent+
A'B! sorry+C Sehun said and shook his head back to reality+ 0e stepped a#ay ro! /ongin and let the !an
A'B! the one #hoBs sorry+ Really$ SehunJ 'Bll i) this so!eho#+C Another sigh$ and then a ob%iously ake
s!ile+ AWho kno#s$ !aybe dating -ao isnBt a horrible thing ater all+C
/ongin let+ 'n the corner o his eye$ he noticed .yungsoo standing ne)t to the door+ ' heBd been
ea%esdropping on the!$ he didnBt gi%e it a#ay #ith his body language+ /ongin didnBt say a #ord and si!ply
#alked a#ay+
'n his !ind$ he cursed his looks or #hate%er it #as that !ade !en chase ater hi! like this+ /ongin #as so
da!ned angry again$ that #hen he noticed .yungsoo #as ollo#ing hi!$ he s#ung around and punched
hi!+ Straight in the ace+ 't hit the older boy #ith such surprise he ell to the loor+ 0e stared at /ongin #ith
#ide open eyes beore he recogni&ed the angered punch+ 0e got up to his eet and #as *ust about to punch
/ongin$ #hen three teachers ca!e #alking do#n the hall#ay+
A0ey9 ?ou t#o again9 Stop right there9C one o the! said+
5y instinct$ .yungsoo grabbed /ongin and !ade a run or it+ -he ran the opposite direction o the teachers$
and practically le# up the stairs+ .yungsoo spotted a broo!s closet and 4uickly pulled the! both inside$
locking the door ater the!+
't #as cra!ped and s!all and the boys #ere tightly pressed against each other in the darkness+
AReally$ .yungsoo<C /ongin started$ annoyed+ AWeB%e been ighting and getting in trouble or a year and
no# you decide #e should a%oid getting caught<C
.yungsoo blushed$ and thanked god it #as dark so /ongin couldnBt see it+ 0e hadnBt e%en thought it through
beore grabbing /ongin and running+ -hey stayed 4uiet in there$ listening or the teachers$ but they see!ed
to ha%e lost track o the!+ Neither o the! !ade any atte!pt to lea%e+
A-ell !e about your dad+C /ongin suddenly spoke$ surprised at hi!sel$ he co%ered his !outh #hile #ishing
he could take the #ords back+
ANothing to say+ -ell !e about -ao+C .yungsoo coldly responded+
ANothing to say+C
.yungsoo let his hands tra%el under /onginBs shirt and pinched the skin on his #aist #hile hea%ing hi!sel
up to his toes and biting at /onginBs neck+ -he younger boy !ade a #hi!per that #as hal ro! pain$ hal
ro! pleasure+
A,onBt lie to !e$ .i! /onign+C
AW-What do you #ant !e to tell you then<C /ongin stuttered+
A-ell !e about -ao+C
A' like hi!+C /ongin lied+
-he older boy stiened and re!ained still+ 0is hands #ere still under /onginBs shirt as he let the #ords sink
in+ When he inally let his hands start to escape ro! their positions$ he elt the younger boy grab his #rists$
keeping his hands on their positions+ At irst$ .yungsoo thought it #as because the younger one #anted
hi! to keep touching+ 5ut as soon as /ongin spoke$ .yungsoo kne# he #as being held in place$ not allo#ed
to escape+
A-ell !e about your ather+C /ongin #hispered+
AAlcoholicC .yungsoo said shortly+ AWhat do you like about -ao$ any#ay<C
A0eBs got a nice body+C /ongin !ade up+ 'n all honesty he had no idea #hat -aoBs body #as like because he
hadnBt been paying attention+ AWhat about your !o!<C
ACar accident #hen ' #as 13+ Are you dating<C
/ongin searched sotly #ith his ace until he ound .yungsooBs lips+ 0e kissed the older !an deep #hile
pushing hi! against the door+ 0e elt good about being in the do!inant position again+
AWeBre kind o dating+C /ongin said bet#een the kisses+ A0o# long has your ather been drinking<C
ASince !o! died+C .yungsoo breathed+ 0e had no idea #hat #as going on$ but he didnBt possess the kind o
sel-control that it #ould take to push /ongin and his sot lips a#ay right no#+ A0a%e you kissed hi!<C
-he younger boyBs ar! slid around .yungsooBs #aist$ pulling the! e%en closer+ .yungsoo #as *ust about to
let a sot !oan escape #hen /ongin slid his tongue inside his !outh$ !uling the sound o .yungsooBs
AWhat i ' ha%e<C /ongin teased+ A0o# long has he been hurting you<C
A-oo !any 4uestions$ /ongin+C .yungsoo #hispered+ ASince he started drinking+ Why do you care<C
.yungsoo ound hi!sel pushed e%en harder against the door+ At this rate$ he al!ost elt like he #ould be
s4uashed to death+ 5ut at the sa!e ti!e$ it #as perect$ because he could be this close to /ongin and that
!ade e%erything else irrele%ant+ -he only thing that #ouldB%e possibly been better #as i they had been
A' donBt care+C /ongin #hispered as he kissed .yungsooBs neck+
-he older boy elt a shot o pain$ but he didnBt let his body respond to it+ -he darkness concealed his pained
e)pression$ so all he had to do #as to not let /ongin igure it out any#ay+
A?ouBre too kind$ .yungsoo+C /ongin spoke as he #as unbuttoning .yungsooBs shirt+ -he older boy had
ob%iously no idea #hat #as going on+
A?ouBre telling !e all these things about your lie #hile 'B! lying straight to your ace+C /ongin conessed as
the last button ca!e undone+ 0e ran his ingers o%er the !ilky skin that he couldnBt see due to the
darkness+ As he brushed against one o the boyBs nipples$ .yungsoo hissed in a pleasured kind o #ay+
A-he uck are you talking about<C .yungsoo asked #ith a orced %oice+ 0e tried to stay sane and not gi%e in
to /ongin+
AWhate%er you think about !e and -ao is only in your head+ ' donBt kno# i ' should eel lattered or
insulted that you i!agine !e that #ay #ith so!eone else+C /ongin said beore kissing .yungsooBs
A' s#ear 'B! going to kill you /ongin+C .yungsoo threatened+
0e pushed /ongin a#ay$ not that there #as !uch space bet#een the! in that s!all broo!s closet$ but it
did gi%e .yungsoo a second to breathe and co!prehend the situation+ /ongin had been playing #ith hi!
and he sure as hell #as not going to let that pass+
.yungsoo put his hand on the younger boyBs inner thigh$ dangerously close to /onginBs clothed !e!ber+ 0e
had a teasing look on his ace but /ongin couldnBt see it in the dark+ A #hi!pered !oan let /onginBs lips
and .yungsoo started kissing hi! iercely+
A?ouBre a *erk+C .yungsoo breathed+ AA *erk$ and a bastard+ ?ouBre so ull o shit and so!eone should
seriously kick your ass+ ?ou used !e you ucker+C
ASo !any ugly #ords ro! that pretty !outh o yours+C /ongin si!ply stated #ith teasing tone+
AWhy are you so curious about !y lie<C .yungsoo asked+
A'B! not+C /ongin lied+
A-hen #hy did you ask<C
A5ecause ' kne# it #ould piss you o+ Why are you so interested in !e and -ao<C
A>aybe ' didnBt #ant so!eone to co!e steal !y toy+C
.yungsoo reali&ed the !istake seconds ater the #ords had already been spoken+ 0e #anted so bad to take
it back$ 0e dearly #ished he could+ /ongin had stopped+ 0e #asnBt !o%ing at all+ @ntil he pushed .yungsoo
aside$ !aking hi! hit his ar! against so!ething sharp he couldnBt see+ -he younger boy let the broo!s
closet and sla!!ed the door shut$ lea%ing .yungsoo alone in the darkness+ 0e didnBt care that his shirt #as
unbuttoned$ and ran out ater /ongin+ 0e did his best to try and catch up #ith hi!+
A/ongin9C .yungsoo called$ but he didnBt stop+ /ongin 4uickly got his stu ro! his locker and kept raging
or#ard+ 0e #as lea%ing+
When they reached the !ain entrance the rain #as alling hea%ily+ /ongin #as too hurt to care and didnBt
e%en stop or a second beore e)iting the building+ .yungsoo #as still ollo#ing hi!+ 0e begged the higher
po#ers to stop .yungsoo ro! ollo#ing hi! or else he #as risking being caught crying by the !an+ 0e
didnBt #ant .yungsoo to see hi! in such a #eak state$ but he couldnBt stop+ 0e couldnBt belie%e that the
older boy had *ust spoken such #ords to hi!+ And neither could he belie%e that he #ould eel so upset
about it+
.yungsoo didnBt grab /ongin until they #ere standing on his doorstep$ because it #as the irst ti!e /ongin
had stopped+ 0e needed to unlock the door+ -he older boy s#ung hi! around and kissed hi! deeply+ 0is
hand around the younger oneBs neck+ /ongin tasted like salt+ -he #etness #as e)pected since it #as raining
the lood$ but the salty taste spoke a horrible truth to .yungsoo+
So!eho#$ /ongin had gotten the door open and the t#o o the! stu!bled inside$ still locked in each
otherBs lips+ -he younger boy dropped his stu on the loor and they tried to !ake it to /onginBs roo!$ it
#as a struggle since it #as on the second loor and they *ust couldnBt let each otherBs lips go+ 'n the
distance$ /ongin !ight ha%e registered the! bu!p in to a lo#er pot and tripping it o%er$ but his body #as
too busy transporting blood ro! his brain to his southern parts$ that he si!ply couldnBt care+
.yungsoo grinded hi!sel against /ongin$ #ho #as so!eho# pushed against the #all o his roo!$ neither
o the! had any idea ho# theyBd gotten there in one piece+ A breathy !oan escaped /onginBs lungs and he
buried his ingers in the shorter boyBs hair$ #hile he #as being kissed on the neck+ .yungsoo #hispering
so!ething he couldnBt hear+ >aybe about ho# lucky they #ere that /onginBs parents #erenBt ho!e+
AWhy are you like this<C /ongin practically !oaned out as .yungsoo pressed hi!sel tighter against a hard
A' didnBt !ean #hat ' said beore+C
A-here are other !eans or apologi&ing you kno#+C
A' donBt apologi&e+C
A1 course you donBt+C
/ongin used all his !uscles to push .yungsoo hard enough so that he #ould all on the bed$ and then he
to#ered o%er hi!+ 0e noticed ho# .yungsoo had only !anaged to button t#o o the buttons on his shirt
since they had let the broo!s closet+ So!ething /ongin greatly en*oyed no# that he #as ree to e)plore
.yungsooBs skin+
A?our bed is going to get #et+C .yungsoo stated$ already undressing /ongin+
/ongin helped get hi!sel out o the clothes and then proceeded to undressing the rest o .yungsoo as
#ell+ -he sheets had already sucked up so!e o the !oist$ not that either o the! cared because they #ere
both co%ered in !oist and #asnBt sure #hat #as rain or #hat #as s#eat any!ore+ .yungsoo bit /onginBs
botto! lip$ sot and teasing #hile kissing hi!+ 0e elt the younger boy e)plore e%ery inch o his skin$ and
.yungsoo lo%ed e%ery second o it+
-he older boy hissed #hen /onginBs ingers brushed against the head o his cock+ 0e elt the t#itch probably
a hundred ti!es !ore intense than it really #as$ and it !ade /ongin s!ile+ /ongin took .yungsooBs ull
length in his hand and stroked it slo#ly$ kno#ing *ust ho# torturous it #ould be or the older one+ /ongin
tightened his grip #hile speeding up and .yungsoo ound hi!sel so!e#here in the grey bet#een pain and
pleasure+ A #ild and load !oan let his lungs and it sent shi%ers through /ongin$ kno#ing he #as the reason
or the panting breaths o the older !an+
/ongin started kissing .yungsoo ro! the neck$ and #orked his #ay do#n until his lips #ere #rapped
around .yungsooBs sti cock+ 0e careully licked the precu! that #as leaking$ beore bobbing his head up
and do#n+ /ongin used a lot o his strength to hold the older !an do#n because he insisted on thrusting
up$ al!ost causing /ongin to gag+
AAhhJ /onginJ NnhJC .yungsoo !oaned #hile gripping at the sheets in order to hold on to so!ething+
A'B! going toJC
/ongin pulled a#ay$ !uch to .yungsooBs disappoint!ent$ and gripped tightly at the core o his length+ 0e
#asnBt going to let the older !an leak his se!en *ust yet+ Not that it #as anything to brag about$ but /ongin
had #atched a lot o !o%ies and learned that !en could co!e dry+ 0e had tried it hi!sel but igured it
#asnBt or e%eryone+ 't see!ed to #ork on .yungsoo though+ -he older boy gro#led in rustration #hen he
reali&ed #hat /ongin #as doing+
A/ongin$ donBt ucking do this to !e9C he ordered$ but it #as all in %ain+ 'nstead$ he put his hand on /onginBs
length+ -he boyBs ar!s bucked and they #ere only seconds a#ay ro! bu!ping their heads in to each other
but /ongin so!eho# !anaged to catch hi!sel+ .yungsoo #as pu!ping hi! ast and /ongin elt his body
%ibrate to the pleasure+
AStop9C /ongin abruptly said$ or al!ost screa!ed+ .yungsoo i!!ediately stopped and stared at the boy
o%er hi!+ 0is lustered cheeks and glossy eyes+ -he plu! !oist lips that #ere s#ollen because o the ierce
kissing+ Suddenly he #ondered ho# heBd been able to li%e his lie #ithout seeing /ongin like this+ ' he had
been born only to li%e a certain !o!ent$ he #as sure that this #ould be it+
AWhat<C .yungsoo breathed$ #ondering #hat had caused the sudden urge to stop in /ongin+
AWe need to stop no#JC /ongin sighed+ 0e looked disappointed hi!sel$ #hich only !ade things !ore
diicult or .yungsoo to understand+ ,idnBt /ongin #ant this<
AWhy<C he asked in rustration+ 0is sti cock still de!anding attention$ and his body screa!ing or the
release it had been robbed o+
A'-' #e donBt stop no#J 'B! not going to be able to stop at allJC /ongin shyly conessed+ -he older boy
pulled hi! do#n by the hair$ and in to a kiss+ /ongin groaned in pain o ha%ing his hair teared at$ but it #as
s#allo#ed in the kiss .yungsoo #as gi%ing hi!+
/ongin elt .yungsoo start pu!ping hi! again+
A' ha%e no intention o e%er stopping$ /ongin+ 'B! seeing this to the end+C .yungsoo breathed+ -he younger
one !oaned at the #ords+ -he relie o hearing such things turned /ongin on e%en !ore$ he could take
.yungsoo right then and there and nothing #ould stop hi!+
.yungsoo sucked on /onginBs tongue #hile pu!ping hi! near his end+ 0e stopped #hen he by instinct
kne# that the younger one #as close+
A?ou need to lie do#n no#+C .yungsoo #hispered in /onginBs ear+ 't !ade his body tre!ble and al!ost all
on his o#n+
ANo$ 'B! going to take you no#+C /ongin !oaned #hile reaching or the cupboard #here he had hid lube
and condo!s+ 5ut .yungsooBs hand reached out and stopped hi!+ -hey #ere both still panting hea%ily ro!
their pleasured states$ and .yungsoo stared at /ongin #ith sharp eyes+
A/ongin+C 0e said #ith serious tone+
A'B! not going to botto!+C
A?ou donBt ha%e a choice+ >y house$ !y rules+C 't #as a la!e reason and /ongin kne# it$ but he *ust ne%er
i!agined hi!sel as the botto! and he sure as hell #as not going to let .yungsoo #in this one+ A5esides$
you o#e !e+C
.yungsoo stared at hi!$ as i he #as considering the act+ 0e #as+ .yungsoo had said so!ething really bad+
Not to !ention the act that he had been punching /onginBs lights out since the boy had started high
school+ 0e did kind o o#e hi!+ 5ut he could repay that debt in so!e other #ay+
A'B! not going to botto!+C .yungsoo repeated+
/ongin distracted the older boy by biting hi!$ a bit too hard+ While .yungsoo s4uir!ed in pain$ /ongin !ade
a grab or the lube and condo!s+ 0e placed hi!sel so that .yungsoo couldnBt ight hi!$ although he still
A/ongin ' s#ear$ i you do this ' #ill ha%e !y re%enge9C .yungsoo threatened$ although it #as #eak+
-he young boy started stroking .yungsooBs still sti cock+ 0e could tell that the older one #as trying to
s#allo# his !oans$ not to let /ongin #in+ 5ut it only turned /ongin on !ore to see the !an struggle so
!uch #ith so!ething that #as supposed to be easy+ Again$ he al!ost dro#ned in the pleasure o kno#ing
he #as the one !aking .yungsoo like this+
/ongin u!bled #ith the lube using only one hand+ 0e didnBt #ant to re!ind the boy o #hat he #as going
to do+ 0e s!eared so!e on his ingers and !assaged .yungsooBs entrance$ beore slipping inside+ -he boy
hissed in pain and /ongin kne# that this isnBt ho# things #ere supposed to be but he sure as hell #asnBt
going to botto! and .yungsoo #as too stubborn to gi%e in to hi! as #ell+
A?ouBre a dead !an$ ' pro!ise you that+C .yungsoo breathed+
-o !ake up or the pain he had caused the older boy$ /ongin spent a lot o ti!e preparing .yungsoo+ Ater
inserting t#o ingers and scissoring hi! or a !o!ent$ he prepared or the third inger+ /ongin let go o
.yungsooBs dick and leaned o%er the !an to kiss hi! deeply$ trying to pry his attention a#ay ro! the pain+
0e !o%ed inside .yungsoo$ eeling the #alls and his tightness and dared al!ost not to e%en think about
#hat it #ould eel like to ha%e this e!brace his erect !e!ber+
A' hope you ucking kno# that ' #ill kill you ater this /ongin9C .yungsoo breathed+ A?ou #onBt let !e co!e
and no# youBre hurting !e+C
't did pain /ongin to kno# that he #as hurting .yungsoo$ but he hal thought he deser%ed it+ 5esides$ he
kne# by the #ay .yungsooBs body #as reacting$ that it #asnBt as bad as he %erbali&ed it to be+ 0e could tell
by .yungsooBs hea%y breaths and restless body that he en*oyed it+ /onginBs ar! beca!e tired and
accidentally *erked by its o#n and .yungsoo screa!ed his na!e+
-he boy ro&e$ sure he #as going to !eet his !aker any second+ 5ut .yungsoo breathed and his body
t#itched$ not able to do anything but or! a s!ile on his ace+
A' you dare stop no#JC .yungsoo started$ but /ongin !ade the sa!e !o%e!ent heBd done accidentally a
second ago+ -he older boy arched his back o the bed #ith a load !oan+ 0e did it again$ and again$ until his
o#n !ind couldnBt clearly inish a thought due to the pleasure o hearing .yungsoo !oan like that or hi!+
/ongin pulled his ingers out and .yungsoo cursed during the short seconds it took /ongin to place hi!sel
in the condo! and slo#ly enter his sti !e!ber in to .yungsooBs tightness+ -he older boy ro#ned in pain$
but said nothing+ 0e pulled /ongin by his neck and do#n or a kiss$ trying to distract hi!sel and /ongin
4uickly caught on the act+ -heir kisses #ere deep and barely any roo! or breathing #as let bet#een
Ater a short #hile$ .yungsoo started !o%ing against /ongin slo#ly+ -he young boy !e#led ro! pleasure
and his breathing beca!e hea%ier+ 0e #anted badly to keep going in to .yungsoo by his o#n orce$ but
didnBt #ant to risk hurting the older one !ore+
When .yungsooBs breathing #as e4ually #illed #ith pleasure as /onginBs$ the younger one started to !o%e+
0e i!!ediately earned load !oans ro! the other as he al!ost pulled ull out$ only to sla! back in again+
-hey #ere going aster and .yungsoo #as !atching /onginBs thrusts$ !aking hi! reach e%en deeper+
/ongin elt his leg slip and #as going to discretely correct it to its right position$ and the ne# angle !ade
.yungsooBs back arch up again and a content !oan let hi!+ 0e begged and pleaded sha!elessly or /ongin
to go harder at the sa!e spot+ -he younger one happily obliged and had to orce hi!sel to hold out a bit
longer not to co!e beore .yungsoo+ 0e #anted the older one to inish irst+ ;ucky or /ongin$ .yungsoo
#as as close as he couldB%e been #ithout co!ing$ and ater hitting his prostate #ith three !ore thrusts$
.yungsoo ca!e #ith a !uled !oan o /onginBs na!e+ While .yungsoo #as still riding his high$ /ongin let
his control go and /oined his partner in the glorious high o euphoria that dro#ned the! at the cli!a)+
0e ell do#n ne)t to the !an+ 0is ar!s nu!b and tired ro! holding his body up or so long+ -hey #ere
breathing hea%ily$ trying to cal! the!sel%es+
A/ongin+C .yungsoo panted+ /ongin #as sure he #ould ne%er get tired o hearing his na!e being spoken like
A'B! still going to beat you up or this+C
A' kno#+C
.yungsoo !otioned or /ongin to lit his head up and #hen he did$ he slid his ar! under and pulled /ongin
close+ /ongin rested his head on .yungsooBs chest$ #hile the older one #as stroking /ongin sotly on his
back$ painting childish things #ith his ingers on the skin he had access to+
ASo$ you and -ao<C .yungsoo started+
A' s#ear hyung i you bring that up one !ore ti!e 'B! kicking you out o the bed+C
AWhat<C .yungsooBs eyes #ere illed #ith #ar! e!otions but his %oice told o surprise+
A0e threatened !e+ -hatBs #hat you sa#+ ' donBt #ant to ha%e anything to do #ith hi!+C
A5ut #hat did you say$ *ust no#<C
A' s#ear youBre the #orst listener ' e%er !et+C /ongin sighed+
.yungsoo pinched /ongin lightly+ 't #as supposed to be so!e kind o re%enge but the t#o o the! si!ply
s!iled at it+ -hatBs ho# easy things #ere bet#een the!+ .yungsoo hadnBt apologi&ed and he #asnBt going
to+ Not that he e%en needed to$ because /ongin had already orgi%en hi!+ >aybe he #anted to be angry
#ith .yungsoo$ but he couldnBt+ Not #hen his skin #as so sot$ his breath so #ar! and his touches so light+
-here #as nothing to hate about .yungsoo$ /ongin decided+
Chapter K
-he alar! clock goes o+ /ongin turns it o and thro#s it so!e#here on the loor$ he canBt stand the sound
o that de%ilish creation+ 0e tries to stretch out$ but or so!e reason the bed is s!aller than usual+ 0e uses
!ore orce to stretch out$ but eels a harsh push on his let side instead$ and he alls out o bed and on to
the loor+ -he i!pact o the loor is !ore surprising than painul+ 0e sits up and rubs his eyes$ then looks at
#hat it #as that !ade hi! all out$ or !ore precisely$ #ho+
.yungsoo stares at hi! #ith *ust as !uch surprise as /ongin has+ A e# seconds pass as they re!e!ber
#hat had happened the pre%ious day+ -heir eyes trace o%er the loor and ind the clothes scattered all o%er+
/ongin eels his cheeks lush and he tries to co%er it #ith his hand+ 0e stares at the loor because heBs too
e!barrassed to look at the older boy on his bed+
A?our parents<C .yungsoo starts slo#ly+
A5usiness trip$ theyBll be back on >onday+C
A1h ' seeJC
>ore silence ills the roo!+ .yungsoo pulls the blanket o%er hi! and turns around to go back to sleep+ -his
snaps /ongin out o his e!barrassed and surprised state+ 0e shoots up and kick the body on the bed lightly+
A?ouBre on !y bed9C he yells as .yungsoo is taking up pretty !uch all o the bed+ >uled sounds o a
!u!bling .yungsoo under the blanket are heard and or a second$ /ongin #onders i heBs suocating the
boy+ 0e stops kicking and #aits or the older one to say so!ething+
A?our alar! #ent o$ arenBt you going to school<C .yungsoo !u!bles+ /ongin had co!pletely orgotten it
#as only "riday$ there #as still one day o school let+
AArenBt you<C /ongin asks as he sits do#n on the blanket co%ered body+
ANot a !orning person+C
A'B! not lea%ing you alone in !y house+C
AAre you thro#ing !e out<C
=uilt punches /ongin in his gut as he re!e!bers the night he had ollo#ed .yungsoo and seen hi! get
kicked out o his o#n house+ 0e ne%er #anted anything like that to happen to .yungsoo again$ because the
!e!ory #as so painul$ he couldBnt e%en i!agine #hat it !ust be like or the older boy+
0e slid do#n ro! the body and pushed hi! closer to the #all$ then cra#led under the blanket ne)t to the
boy+ 't #as #ar!$ and sae+ 0e hadnBt elt anything like this$ at least not since he #as a kid and slept
bet#een his parents+
A'B! not thro#ing you out+C /ongin said and the sadness in his %oice #as so thick you could al!ost touch it+
A' #as *ust !essing #ith you+C
AStill not thro#ing you out+C
>ore silence+ /ongin #asnBt going to skip school$ because he really needed to get a grip o hi!sel or else
heBd be transerred+ 5ut heBd be ine i heBs *ust late or class$ or skipping irst class+ 't #as only history and
he hated that sub*ect any#ay+
A,onBt go out #ith -ao+C .yungsoo #hispered+
A0e threatened !e pretty seriouslyH ' donBt think ' ha%e a choice+C
A.ick his ass+C
A?ouBre the one #hoBs opposed to the idea$ you kick his ass+C
ASo youBre not opposed to the idea<C
AWellJ ?es ' a!$ but ' canBt risk getting Sehun thro#n out o school+C
AWho cares about hi! any#ay<C .yungsoo said rustrated+
A0eBs !y best riend+C
A0eBs a #uss9C
A?ou kno#$ this is the reason you donBt ha%e any riends9C /ongin blurted out+ .yungsoo i!!ediately got
out o bed and started dressing hi!sel+ -he younger boy regretted the #ords !aybe e%en beore they had
been said$ because he didnBt !ean it+
.yungsoo #as on his #ay out o the roo! #hen /ongin inally reacted+ 0e thre# on a pair o s#eatpants
and ran ater the older boy+ Right beore .yungsoo #as about to open the door and lea%e the house$ /ongin
grabbed hi! and pulled hi! a#ay ro! the door$ sla!!ed hi! in to a #all and put his ar!s on the boyBs
A' didnBt !ean that+C /ongin said as he stared in to the boyBs eyes+ A' really didnBt+ ' *ust donBt like people bad
!outhing !y riends+C
.yungsoo didnBt say anything and /ongin #atched as the boyBs ada!Bs apple bobbed #hen he s#allo#ed
!ultiple ti!es+
A.yungsoo$ please+C /ongin #hispered+
AWeBre not riends$ /ongin+C .yungsoo said #ith harsh %oice+ AWe ha%e ne%er been riends$ and #e #ill
!ost likely ne%er be riends+ ' donBt care #hat you say to !e+C
A-hen #hy did you lea%e< 0ell$ #hy did you e%en co!e here i you donBt #ant to be riends orJ Whate%er+C
A;ea%e !e alone+C
A' #ill ucking not9C /ongin yelled+ A' did not let you in to !y house *ust so #e could uck and then let you
lea%e as i it !eans nothing9C
A't !eans nothing$ /ongin9 =et it in to your head9 WeBre nothing9C
/ongin couldnBt belie%e his ears+ Nothing !ade sense at that !o!ent+ Why #ould .yungsoo help hi! i he
didnBt care< Why did he not #ant /ongin to be #ith -ao i #hat happened bet#een the! !eant nothing<
Why had he ollo#ed /ongin ho!e yesterday i they #erenBt riends< Why had they been kissing i they
#ere nothing< Why #as /ongin crying< Why #as .yungsoo lying on the loor$ bleeding<
0e snapped out o his blackout and reali&ed he #as straddling the older boy+ /ongin got o and sat on the
loor$ leaning against the #all+ 0e hated the act that .yungsoo had seen hi! cry and it !ade hi!
e!barrassed+ /ongin elt a hand on his leg and it !ade hi! so angry he could kick .yungsoo to death+
A=et lost9C /ongin yelled+
A/onginJ-A .yungsoo started but it #as in %ain+
ANo9 A second ago you #ere lea%ing$ and #e #ere nothing so donBt go around pretending like you care all
o a sudden9 /ust get+ -he uck+ 1ut9C
.yungsoo got up and let+ -he sla!!ing sound o the door closing screa!ed out the truth that no# hung
o%er /ongin+ 0e #as alone+ Suddenly so!ething #as clear to /ongin+ 't #as #hat /ongin had elt #hen he
#as #ith .yungsoo$ and the reason he couldnBt truly hate the boy+ 't #as the reason it al#ays hurt #hen he
said things like that$ and the reason that he elt like shit #hen .yungsoo let+ 5ecause #hen /ongin #as #ith
.yungsoo$ he elt belonging+
0is parents #ere al#ays #orking$ and couldnBt really be bothered unless it #as because /ongin had caused
trouble+ And he hadnBt been close to Sehun or so!e ti!e no#+ -he !ore he thought about it$ the !ore it
!ade sense+ And the !ore sense it !ade$ the #orse it hurt+ 0e couldnBt re!e!ber #hen the last ti!e had
been #hen he elt like he belonged so!e#here+ /ongin reali&ed that heBd been alone or so long he had
orgotten #hat it #as like to be close to so!eone+ -hen he re!e!bered that he had punched$ yelled at
and thro#n out the only person that had !ade hi! eel good in so long$ and he igured itBs *ust his luck+ 0e
#as in lo%e #ith so!eone #ho #ould ne%er lo%e hi! back and he had no idea ho# to keep on li%ing ro!
So!e#here ar a#ay$ he registered knocking sounds on the door+ 1r !aybe it #asnBt really ar a#ayH it #as
*ust that he #as so out o his conscious state to be able to hear it clearly+ 0e re!e!bered #hat had
happened$ and that he ell asleep ro! the e)haustion o crying+
A/ongin-ah9C SehunBs %oice called+ 0e probably let hi!sel in because suddenly he #as pulling /ongin to his
eet+ /ongin #as still barely a#ake+
AWhatBs #ith you< ,o you kno# ho# #orried ' #as #hen you didnBt sho# up or school or ans#er your
phone9<C Sehun scolded+
/ongin put his ar!s around his riend$ relie%ed that he #as no longer alone$ e%en though it #asnBt the
person heBd #ished or$ it #as so!ething+ And so!ething #as a hell o a lot better than being alone+ 0e elt
Sehun #rap his ar!s around /onginBs #aist+ -he touch #as oreign but yet #ay too a!iliar$ and it #as
AWhatBs #rong<C Sehun asked+ /onginBs sto!ach !ade a large gro#l and kept hi! ro! ans#ering the
A'Bll !ake you so!ething to eat+C Sehun said+
A'B! not hungry+C
/ongin sat on a chair #hile #atching his riend search the cabinets or ingredients to a noodle soup+ 0e had
gotten up to /onginBs roo! and etched hi! a shirt beore starting to cook$ so!ething about it being
a#k#ard ha%ing a hal-naked !an in the kitchen+ /ongin couldnBt care less but he didnBt ob*ect+ -hey #ere
both 4uiet #hile Sehun #as cooking+ /ongin had !ade it clear that he didnBt #ant to talk about #hat had
happened and #hy he #asnBt in school+ 5ut #hile eating$ /ongin elt the thick a#k#ardness that the silence
created and decided he should at least sho# so!e good !anners by talking+
A0o# #as school<C he asked+ Not that he cared$ but #hate%er+
AAs usual+C Sehun said+ A1h$ #ait9C
AWhat<C /ongin looked up ro! his soup+
A-hat ,o .yungsoo guy got in to a ight again+C
AAs usual+C /ongin !u!bled+
ANot reallyJ 0e sent thatJ @hJ WhatBs his na!eJ -ao< ?eah ' think thatBs the oneJ Any#ay$ they had this
huuuge ight and -ao got sent to the hospital+C
A-he nurse<C /ongin asked$ adrenaline rushing through his body+
ANoJ 0ospital+C
-he blood in /onginBs %eins ro&e+ 0e stared at the one in ront o hi!$ not kno#ing ho# to react+ 0e didnBt
eel like eating any !ore$ but he didnBt kno# #hat else to do+
AWhat #ere they ighting about<C /ongin asked #ith careul %oice+
A,onBt kno#+ ' donBt care about that stu and you shouldnBt either+ ' really hate it #hen you ight+C
A'B! sorry+C
Sehun looked as i heBd seen a ghost+ /ongin igured it #as because it had been a #hile since he had
apologi&ed or ighting+ 0e #asnBt arguing about ho# he en*oyed it$ or talked about ho# good it elt to
relie%e his anger or #hate%er he used to say+
-he boy got up and cleared the table ro! their !eal+ /ongin re!ained seated$ #atching his riend care or
hi!+ 0e #ondered #hy he didnBt eel the sa!e around Sehun as he did around .yungsoo+ Sehun #as #ay
kinder$ and !ore caring+ 0e #ondered #hat itBd be like to kiss so!eone like Sehun$ and !aybe all o his
body #as #ondering that because he ound hi!sel hugging Sehun ro! behind as he #as cleaning the
A/-/onginJC the boy stuttered+
/ongin buried his ace in the skin bet#een SehunBs shoulder and neck+ 0is ar!s tightened around his
riendBs #aist and unless he #as hearing things$ he couldB%e s#orn he heard a sot !oan ro! his riend+
So!ething in /ongin told hi! that this #asnBt the right thing to do$ but the screa!ing loneliness inside hi!
blocked out any sense o right and #rong+ 5eing alone #as cold and harsh and e%en though /ongin #ished
that .yungsoo #as here instead o Sehun$ he yearned or the #ar!th o skin+
AReally$ /onginJ What happened to you< ?ouBre ne%er like thisJC Sehun said #hile trying to turn around to
ace his riend+ 0e put his hands on /onginBs ar!s$ trying to pry hi! a#ay because he #asnBt sure #hat #as
going on and it scared hi! a little+
A'B! *ust soJ Alone+C /ongin breathed against SehunBs neck$ and this ti!e he #as sure that the other one
let out a hea%y breath that al!ost turned in to a !oan+
A?ouBre not alone$ /onginJ 'B! here$ and your parents #ill be back soonJC Sehun tried+
/ongin kne# his riend #as right$ but it #asnBt the sa!e+ -hat #asnBt the #ay he #anted things to be$
because heBd still be lonely as long as .yungsoo #asnBt there+ Crap+ Since #hen did he beco!e such a
dra!a 4ueen< -he #orld #asnBt going to end because .yungsoo didnBt lo%e hi!+ 0e #as too caught up in
his o#n thoughts to notice #hat Sehun #as doing+ 't #asnBt until Sehun locked their lips together that
/ongin #as pulled back in to reality+ 0e elt the boyBs hands on his hips$ holding hi! ir! and close to his
o#n body+ 5y instinct$ /ongin pulled a#ay #hich let a %ery unco!ortable and a#k#ard tension in the air+
A'B! sorryJ ' *ustJ 5ecause you #ereJ And thenJC Sehun stuttered #ith a lustered ace beore running
out o the roo!+ /ongin stayed put until he heard the door open and close+ Alone again+
At irst there #as *ust the nu!b eeling o nothing+ As i he #as si!ply a character in a book #ithout any
kind o real e!otion+ 0e si!ply e)isted in li!bo or a e# !inutes+ -hen it ca!e sneaking up on hi!+ -he
anger+ 't started deep inside and it elt really painul at irst$ as i his body #as tearing itsel apart ro! the
inside and out+ Adrenaline started pu!ping through his body$ !aking hi! react in anger+ 0e kicked o%er a
chair and screa!ed+ 0e #as breathing hea%ily$ as i heBd *ust run a !arathon+ Still he elt as i heBd inished
0e ran to his roo! to grab his phone and called Sehun+ No ans#er the irst three ti!es$ then he inally
picked up #hen /ongin called a ourth ti!e+
A/ongin$ donBt call people !ore than t#ice unless so!eone is dying+ 't !akes !e #orried+C SehunBs %oice
A'B! dying+C
A?ouBre not dying+ ?ouBre e)aggerating+C
A1kay$ yes ' a!J 5utJ 0eJC
Sehun sighed+
AWhat<C /ongin asked+
A' itBs about ,o .yungsoo then ' donBt #ant to kno#+C
A5ut youBre !y closest riend Sehun$ ' really need to talk to you-A
A0as it e%er occurred to you that !aybe ' donBt #ant to be riends$ /ongin<9C Sehun cut hi! o and the
pain hit /ongin again+ ,id no one #ant to be his riend any!ore<
A' ha%e eelings too you kno#9 "eelings or you9 5ut ' guess that doesnBt !atter because 'B! not ,o
.yungsoo9C Sehun yelled beore hanging up+
/ongin stared at his phone$ then he thre# it on the bed+
ANo+ 'B! not going to be like so!e cra&y girlriend #ho canBt let go+ ' he doesnBt #ant to$ then 'Bll *ust suck
it up and be a !an about it+C /ongin said to hi!sel+
6%en though no one #ould ha%e e%er thought that things bet#een /ongin and .yungsoo could get any
#orse$ it did+ -hey kept ighting *ust as oten as they al#ays had$ but this ti!e they al!ost punched each
other unconscious+ -he teachers #ere ha%ing !eetings solely to discuss ho# to handle the situation$
because it see!ed that suspending the! didnBt help+ /onginBs parents #ere urious about the act that their
son ca!e ho!e looking like a punch bag e%ery day+
5ut #orse o all #as ho# /ongin elt+ 0e #as #ay !ore unstable than heBd e%er been$ not only because he
#as angry but because he #as hurting+ 0eBd take it all out on .yungsoo #hene%er the opportunity #as
gi%en$ e%ery single ounce o pain along #ith the rustration o not being able to handle it in any other #ay+
0e hated it+ 0e ound hi!sel still not #anting to go ho!e until .yungsoo #as so badly beat up that heBd
need help getting ho!e$ but this ti!e it #asnBt to get closer to hi!+ 't #as re%enge$ although deep do#n he
kne# that .yungsoo didnBt care #hat !oti%e he had+
.yungsoo kept beating up /ongin because he hated hi!sel+ 't took a #hile or hi! to actually igure it out
and it #asnBt until he reali&ed that he elt better ater /ongin had #on than #hat he did #hen he had been
the #inner o the ight+ 0e had or a brie !o!ent seen hi!sel as a %icti! o sel-har!$ until he decided
that it #asnBt the sa!e because /ongin #as the one in*uring hi!+ 5ut the core #as the sa!e+ .yungsoo
#asnBt #orthy o lo%e or sot eelings+ 0e deser%ed to be punished and his ather had not #asted a single
#aken !o!ent to re!ind hi! o that+ And that day at /onginBs house$ that !orning they had ought$
.yungsoo kne# that it #as the #orst !istake o his lie+ 0e had been so araid that /onginBs eelings or hi!
#ould end$ that he hadnBt dared to let hi!sel accept those eelings at all+ What .yungsoo eared !ost in
this #orld #as to be unlo%ed+ Not that people he didnBt kno# #ouldnBt lo%e hi!$ but that so!eone #ho
already did #ould stop+ 0e rarely let hi!sel ad!it it$ but he !issed /ongin+ -hey ne%er got to the point o a
riendship or relationship #here you get really close$ but he still elt that /ongin understood hi! in a #ay
that no one else could$ and he ound hi!sel #ishing that /ongin could sa%e hi!$ !aybe ro! the hellhole
he #as li%ing in$ but !aybe also ro! hi!sel+ 5ecause .yungsoo had ne%er in his #hole lie #anted to
change anything about hi!sel$ until he !et /ongin+ @ntil that stupid !otherucker had sho#n up at school
and then e%entually opened a door in his ace+
.yungsoo #atched as /ongin #alked in to the caeteria along #ith Sehun and -ao+ 0e had no idea ho# it
happened but suddenly the dyna!ic duo had beco!e a trio+ 0e #ondered i they #ere all ucking each
other and *ust the !ere thought about so!eone else touching /ongin #as enough to ha%e .yungsoo on his
eet$ #alking in their direction+ A !illion #ays to !ake /ongin all lat on the loor passed through the older
boyBs !ind as he approached the three$ but so!eho# he ended up not punching /ongin$ but instead
dragging hi! out o the caeteria and out to the e!pty corridor+
As .yungsoo reali&ed #hat he #as doing$ he also kne# that this !ight be his only chance to set things right+
't had been al!ost a !onth since that day and soon it #as going to be too late+ /ongin !ight punch hi! and
then they #ouldnBt be able to talk and .yungsoo #ouldnBt be able to tell /ongin e)actly ho# !uch he
!eans to hi!+
-hey ound the!sel%es in the sa!e broo!s closet they had been #hen escaping ro! the teachers once
beore+ 5oth o the! breathing sti and hea%ily$ as i they #ere both preparing or so!ething horribly
ASo this is the part #here you !urder !e and hide the body until ater e%eryoneBs gone$ right< ?ou kno#
itBs a sha!e that a lot o people sa# you because they #ill co!e looking or !e but !aybe you donBt care i
you get caught or !urder because you donBt care about anything+C /ongin ra!bled on+
A=ee&$ #ill you *ust shut up<9C .yungsoo interrupted+
A0onestly$ do !e a a%or and *ust get it o%er #ith+C
A/ongin donBt be a pussy+C
A,onBt tell !e #hat to do+C
-here #as a hea%y silence$ and they both beca!e a#are o ho# cra!ped the s!all closet #as+ -heir bodies
#ere as ar a#ay possible in the roo!$ but it #as still %ery close and they could al!ost eel each otherBs
bodies+ Ater a e# long !inutes$ .yungsoo inally spoke+
A' tend to say$ and do a lot o things ' donBt !ean #hen 'B! around you+C 0e said+
A?ouBre not like that at all+ ?ou !eant e%ery #ord you said that day+C /ongin replied coldly+
AShut the uck up and let !e inish+C .yungsoo scolded+ A7eople lea%e+ -hatBs #hat 'B%e learned #hen
gro#ing up+ ?es$ ' donBt ha%e any real riends because ' donBt #ant any$ ok< -hey lea%e+ 6%erybody lea%es+
And #hen they lea%e$ 'B! let alone and thatBs the #orst ucking thing in the #orld because ' ha%e no one+
>y so called dad is the #orst alcoholic asshole ' e%er !et$ !y !o! is dead and ' ha%e no one+ And donBt
you ucking dare eel sorry or !e because ' donBt #ant any godda!n pity because e#+C
0e !ade a pause to catch his breath beore he continued+
AAnd #hen 'B! around you$ 'B! not alone+ 6%en i #e ight$ itBs dierent ro! #hat it is #ith other people+ '
kno# that the last ti!e #e #ere in here ' said you #ere !y toy and youBre not$ but ucking hell /ongin
youBre !ine+ ?ou belong to !e+ ' donBt #ant -ao or Sehun or anyone else touching you because 'B! the
only one #hoBs allo#ed to do that+C
A?ouBre *ust *ealous because ' ha%e riends and you donBt+C /ongin shot back+
A/ongin$ are you e%en listening to !e< ' *ust said ' donBt #ant riends9C .yungsoo yelled+ A/ongin$ 'B! not
going to apologi&e because ' donBt do that shit but canBt you *ust orgi%e !e any#ay and letBs start o%er<C
AStop9C /ongin screa!ed+ 0e hated this con%ersation$ because .yungsoo kept saying his na!e and he
doesnBt kno# #hy but he likes it too !uch+ 0e likes the #ay the older boy says his na!e careully as i itBs
so!ething precious to hi!+ And /ongin hates #anting to orgi%e .yungsoo *ust because the !an asks it o
hi! #ith a sot pronunciation o his na!e+ 'tBs *ust a godda!n na!e+ A #ord like anything else+ ?et he lo%es
the #ay .yungsoo #ants to clai! hi! as his+
A' ne%er got to tell you #hat ' really #ant$ because ' al#ays end up saying things ' donBt !ean+C .yungsoo
A7lease$ donBt+C /ongin pleads but .yungsoo continues+
A' kno# 'B! pretty !essed up and donBt deser%e a lot but ' really #ant to deser%e you$ /onginJC
A?ou need to stop+C /ongin #hisperes$ trying to keep the tears ro! alling+
AJAnd ' #ant you to stay #ith !e+C
.yungsoo #atch as the door opens and /ongin lea%es #ithout a #ord$ as ast as i he #as running or his
lie+ .yungsoo leans hea%ily against the #all and sighs+ 0e doesnBt kno# #hat he e)pected+ -hat /ongin
#ould accept his eelings ater he ob%iously hurt hi! really bad< 't #as kind o stupid #hen thinking about
it+ 1 course /ongin #ouldnBt accept hi!+ 0e #as too late+ 0e didnBt deser%e /ongin+ 0e already kne# that$
so #hy did it hurt so bad< 0o# co!e that #hen /ongin La boy he barely kne# outside o their ights- let$ it
hurt al!ost as bad as losing his !other had+ .yungsoo couldnBt re!e!ber the last ti!e he cried$ but the
burning eeling o tears strea!ing do#n his cheeks #as all too a!iliar+ ?et he deser%ed to eel like this+
Suddenly the door opens again and .yungsoo is too chocked to react+ 0eBs being pressed against the #all$
his lips locked in the sot ones he recogni&es as /onginBs+ And /ongin is kissing his breath a#ay$ literally$
because he canBt breathe at all through the sobs and hea%y kisses placed on his lips+ -he older boy gasps or
breath #hen /ongin pulls a#ay or a second+
A' s#ear to god and the uni%erse and on e%erything ' lo%e$ that ' #ill kick you to your !otherBs side i you
dare do so!ething like that to !e e%er again+C /ongin said+ 0is %oice breaks and e%en though itBs dark$
.yungsoo can tell that /ongin is crying too+
0e doesnBt ha%e ti!e to ans#er #hat /ongin said$ and !aybe /ongin #asnBt e%en e)pecting an ans#er
because no# heBs kissing .yungsoo again+ -he older boy barely kno#s #hat to do because /onginBs kisses
are so needy$ and heBs already e)hausted ro! all these painul eelings inside that suddenly transor!ed in
to relie and the kno#ledge o learning that heBs not alone any!ore+ 5ecause no# heBs inside a s!all stupid
broo!s closet #ith the boy he canBt i!agine li%ing #ithout and theyBre kissing+ 0e eels /ongin nibble at his
botto! lip and #astes not e%en a second beore opening his !outh to taste /onginBs sot tongue+ 0e eels
ho# /ongin put his hands around his neck and holds hi! close$ not breaking their kiss or a second e%en
though itBs diicult to breathe through their noses+ .yungsoo slides his hands under /onginBs shirt and
places his hands sotly on the boyBs #aist+
-his is ho# they belong together+
/ongin gasps #hen he eels the older boyBs sot #ar! lips on the tip o his cock+ "or the irst ti!e in years$
he lo%ed the act that his parents #ere #orking a lot and #erenBt ho!e+ Although he tried to organi&e his
thoughts$ it #as really diicult to think anything co!prehensi%e #hile .yungsooBs #et tongue lick around
his length+ 0e didnBt #ant to lose hi!sel in the pleasure$ but gi%ing in #as so te!pting+ 0e kne# it #as
#hat .yungsoo #anted$ thatBs #hy the older boy #as teasing hi! so$ but being the stubborn kid he #as$ he
reused to gi%e .yungsoo the satisaction o #inning+ 0e bit his botto! lip$ trying to suocate a !oan that
al!ost ca!e out too loudly #hen the older boy took his ull length in #ithout gagging+ .yungsoo #as
bobbing his head so slo# that /ongin thought he !ight seriously lose his sanity to the rustration+ 0e isted
at the older boyBs hair$ trying to control the pace but .yungsoo #as *ust as stubborn as /ongin+
-he older boy decided to increase the pleasure by teasingly pressing near /onginBs hole$ #hile careully
speeding up his bobbing !otion+ -he tanned boy couldnBt contain the !oan this ti!e and he elt the
tension in his abdo!en as he #as closing in on his cli!a)+ -he sounds that let /ongin #as the best part o
e%erything$ .yungsoo thought+ .no#ing that he #as the reason or those s#eet sounds that /ongin so
desperately tried to control$ #as turning hi! on !ore than he #ould e%er like to ad!it+ 5ut it #as also that
act that !ade hi! s#allo# e%erything that /ongin shot in his !outh as he ca!e #ith the s#eetest and
!ost content !oan that .yungsoo had e%er #itnessed+ 0e looked up and sa# ho# the taller boyBs eyes
#ere illed #ith nothing but pleasure and need+ Need or .yungsoo+
/ongin pulled hi! back up and kissed hi!$ tasting the still lingering saltiness that #as let in .yungsooBs
!outh$ he didnBt !ind though$ because he #as too caught up in the pleasured state to be able to think
clearly about anything+ 0e bit and sucked careully at .yungsooBs tongue #hile holding his naked body
close$ as i he #as scared the older boy #ould run a#ay+ /ongin pushed .yungsoo closer to the bed$ not
letting their lips part #hile tipping the! both o%er and landing on the bed+ -he younger boy u!bled or
the lube as discretely as possible$ kissing .yungsoo deeply in an atte!pt to keep hi! ro! noticing+ 0e
didnBt #ant to repeat the con%ersation they had last ti!e+ /ongin so!eho# !anaged to get the lube
s!eared o%er his ingers #ithout the older one noticing #hat #as going on$ but #hen /ongin accidentally
haltered his !o%e!ents to place his ingers in their position$ .yungsoo got suspicious+
A/ongin$ #hat are youMahh++9C .yungsoo cut hi!sel o !id Lsentence to let out a !oan #hen he elt
/ongin press the irst digit inside hi!+ AReallyJ /ongin$ youJ AhJ Son o a-aah++9C the older one panted
#hile /ongin #as spreading hi!+
.yungsoo didnBt really !ind it$ because /ongin elt so good inside o hi!+ 't #as !ore o a principle thing$
that he hadnBt gotten his #ish last ti!e and ob%iously #ouldnBt be topping this ti!e either+ When /ongin
added a third inger ater a #hile$ he pressed ar in at the sa!e ti!e+ 't #as !ore o an e)peri!ental thing$
because it #ould !ost likely hurt like hell or .yungsoo but he hoped to hit his prostate in the sa!e go$ and
by that eli!inate the pain 4uicker+ /ongin counted hi!sel lucky #hen .yungsoo screa!ed as his back
arched$ because had he only hurt the older one he #ould surely be !eeting his !aker %ery soon+
't #as a strange eeling or .yungsoo because it hurt like hell and he should *ust kill /ongin right no#$ but at
the sa!e ti!e he #as so o%errun #ith pleasure that he couldnBt e%en con*ure up a clear thought about ho#
to kill so!eone$ or e%en punch the!+ 0e thinks that !aybe one uses his ists to in*ure so!eone$ but in
bet#een all the pleasure that /ongin #as gi%ing hi!$ he couldnBt kno# or sure+
/ongin #atched as .yungsoo s4uee&ed his eyes shut in pleasure and it #as the !ost re#arding pri&e he
couldB%e e%er recei%ed or his actions+ -here #as so!ething indescribably beautiul o #atching the older
boy in this state+ -he droplets o glittering s#eat that !ade his !ilky skin glisten by the relection o the
light strea!ing in through the #indo#+ -he #ay .yungsoo helplessly grabbed the bed sheets$ because he
#asnBt sure i heBd be able to handle the pleasure unless he #as holding on to so!ething+ -he breathless
!oans that %ibrated in his throat and !ade e%ery other sound pointless$ #as the best part o pleasuring
A/onginJC .yungsoo breathed+
AWhat<C s!irked the younger boy+ 0e #as ully a#are o #hat a tease he #as$ but he pretended not to
kno#+ .yungsoo pulled hi! do#n by the hair and kissed hi! roughly+
A' need you inside !e like about$ no#+C 0is %oice #as orced because speaking took so !uch concentration+
A5ut ' a! inside you+C /ongin teased+
A-his really is not the ti!e or you to be !essing #ith !e9C .yungsoo al!ost screa!ed in rustration as
/ongin hit his spot once again+
-he younger boy pulled out his ingers #hich !ade .yungsoo #hine+ 0e s!iled at the reaction and pulled
his hyung up ro! the lying position+
AWhat are you doing<C .yungsoo asked+ /ongin s!iled as he pulled the older one up on his knees and !ade
hi! ace the #all+
A;etBs do it like this$ okay<C /ongin #hispered near .yungsooBs ear and his breath landed on the neck o the
older one$ !aking hi! shi%er+ .yungsoo could only nod in response+
A' think it !ight be easier or you i you place your ar!s on the #allJC /ongin suggested+ -he shorter !ale
did as he #as told$ and also spread his legs apart a bit !ore to gi%e the other one better access+
/ongin placed hi!sel closer behind the boy and lubed his o#n erection beore careully entering .yungsoo$
#ho hissed in pain and leaned his head on his ar!s+
A"uckJC .yungsoo !u!bled in pain+ /ongin put an ar! around hi! and hugged hi! #hile pushing inside
deeper+ 0e kept #hispering sot pro!ises about ho# the pain #ould pass soon and all he had to do #as
rela)+ .yungsoo really did his best to listen$ but it #as diicult+
-he younger boy #as kissing and biting at .yungsooBs neck until he heard the hea%y breaths o the older
one+ /ongin *erked his hips up a little$ and then he pulled al!ost ull out beore going deep again+ -he older
boy !oaned through clenched teeth and the s#eat on his skin #as !aking his hair stick to his orehead and
As /ongin sped up the pace a little$ he had to use the ar! #rapped around .yungsoo as a saety line not to
collapse ro! the pleasure+ 0e used his other hand to trail o%er the skin on the older boyBs chest$ slo#ly
going do#n and e%entually grabbing .yungsooBs leaking erection+ -he second he touched it$ the older boy
thre# his head back in pleasure+ /ongin kept biting at the skin #here .yungsooBs shoulder !et the neck+ 0e
started pu!ping the erection in his hand in an atte!pt to !ake .yungsoo co!e beore he did so hi!sel+
0e lo%ed #hen .yungsoo ca!e beore he did$ because that #ay he could ride in to his o#n cli!a) as the
older one #as !oaning his na!e+
AAhJ /onginJ 0nngJ9C .yungsoo !oaned #hen /ongin hit his prostate once !ore+
A0yungJ ?ouBre so tightJ AhJC
A'B! going toJ =ahNJC
ACo!e or !e$ baby+C /ongin #hispered$ and as i on cue$ the older one shot his seeds on to the #all in
ront o hi!+
A1h god /ongin++9C he !oaned as he kept riding the high #hile /ongin #as still thrusting inside hi!+ -he
younger boy ca!e soon ater$ his !uscles tensed and /ongin elt his thighs %ibrate as he cli!a)ed+
/ongin pretty !uch collapsed on the bed #hen he pulled out o his lo%er+ 't had been$ #ithout doubt$ the
best orgas! o his lie so ar+ 0e elt his !uscles still %ibrating #hene%er he tried to !o%e$ #hich resulted in
hi! only !o%ing to gi%e the older boy enough space to lie do#n as #ell+ /ongin closed his eyes$ al!ost
do&ing o to sleep but kept a#ake by the eeling o ingers sotly stroking his skin+ .yungsoo #hispered
so!ething but it #as too lo# or /ongin to be able to register it in his hal sleeping state+
AWhatJ<C /ongin #hispered$ a!a&ed that he still had enough strength to talk+
A?ouBre a!a&ing+C .yungsoo said+ ' it #as #hat he had originally #hispered$ /ongin #asnBt sure o+
A' kno#$ right<C
.yungsoo pinched hi! really hard and /ongin opened his eyes again #ith a s!ile+ 0e looked at the older
boy #ho #as also s!iling+ .yungsoo put his ar! under /onginBs head again$ and used his other hand to tilt
the younger boyBs head up and !eet hi! #ith a kiss+
/ongin learned ho# the t#o o the! had a lot o dierent #ays o kissing+ So!eti!es it #as rough$ like
their ist ights$ the #ay they #ere used to hurt each other+ 1ther ti!es their kisses #ere needy$ as i horny
beca!e !ateriali&ed in the clash o their lips+ 5ut the best kisses #ere the ones like no#+ When he elt the
true sotness o .yungsooBs plu! lips+ A careul kiss illed #ith so !uch e!otion$ yet none that /ongin could
co!pletely na!e+ 0e #ould like to say that itBs lo%e$ but he hadnBt e)perienced it beore so he #ouldnBt
really kno#+ Also$ he didnBt #ant to *u!p to conclusions #ith .yungsoo$ since the boy #as *ust as
unpredictable as a stor!+
AWhen are your parents co!ing back<C .yungsoo asked #ith sleepy %oice+
A-hree days ro! no#$ #hy<C
ACan ' stay here<C
A'B! not going to let you lea%e e%en i you #ant to+C /ongin said #ith a s!ile beore closing his eyes again+
A?our #all+C
A'Bll take care o it to!orro#+C
A;etBs sho#er+C
A'tBs only 7p+!+C
A'B! tired+C /ongin said and he #as al!ost asleep+
A'B! icky+C
/ongin started laughing+ At irst it #as *ust a chuckle in his throat but it soon de%eloped in to a loud outburst
o laughing and .yungsoo had no idea #hat #as #rong #ith the boy+ 0e tried asking$ but /ongin *ust kept
laughing and repeating the #ord AickyC+ 6%entually$ .yungsoo got irritated and pinched the boy to bring
hi! back to reality+
AWhat<9C he de!anded to kno#+
A'B! sorry+ 'tBs *ustJC /ongin tried to suppress his laughter+ A?ou said icky and youBre usually so hardcore
but no# youBre *ust a dork+C
-he boy started laughing again+
A"ine9C .yungsoo said irritated and #ithdre# his ar! ro! under /onginBs head+ A'Bll sho#er by !ysel
then+C 0e said #hile getting out o bed+
ANo$ okay$ 'Bll co!e #ith you+C /ongin laughed and got out o bed too$ but it #as too late because .yungsoo
#as already !arching to the bathroo!+
A7lease$ 'B! sorry$ it #as *ust so unny+C /ongin continued+
.yungsoo rushed to the bathroo! and locked the door behind hi!+ 0e let the laughing hyena outside and
he kept banging the door$ begging or .yungsoo to let hi! in+
A0yung$ open the door$ please$ 'B! sorryC /ongin tried a !illion ti!es+ -he older boy !elted bit by bit as he
heard ho# the other one called hi! 0yung+ 0e didnBt kno# #hy he liked it so !uch$ but it had undoubtedly
beco!e his #eakness+ 6%entually$ .yungsoo ga%e in and opened the door or /ongin to *oin hi! in the
/ongin kept kissing hi!$ apologi&ing o%er and o%er or laughing+ 5ut he ne%er said hyung again+ "or a
second$ .yungsoo #ondered i /ongin kne# ho# he elt about it$ but then decided that it #as i!possible
because /ongin couldnBt read thoughts+ 0e #asnBt that a!a&ing+
Chapter 7
'(! sorry
.yungsoo #as lying on his back in /onginBs bed$ #ith the younger one still sleeping on his chest+ 6%en
though /ongin #as signiicantly taller than .yungsoo$ he #as still the one resting on the shorter one$ this
resulted in his eet sticking out o the bed unless he curled hi!sel around .yungsooBs body$ #hich he did+
-he older boy strokes a strand o hair a#ay ro! /onginBs ace so that heBd be able to ha%e a better look at
the sleeping boy+ 0e inds hi!sel regretting the ti!e he spent !aking /onginBs lie !iserable$ because i
heBd *ust approached hi! like a nor!al$ sane person$ !aybe this #ouldnBt ha%e been the irst ti!e he #as
so stunned by the boyBs beautiul sleeping eatures+ 5ut then again$ .yungsoo #as ne%er %ery good #ith
e)pressing his true e!otions+ ;ike no# or e)a!ple$ he #as #aking /ongin up by poking hi!+
AWhat++<C the boy !u!bled #ith rusty %oice+
A' you drool on !e 'B! gonna kill you+ ' donBt #ant your sali%a all o%er !y bare chest+C .yungsoo said+
/ongin stuck his tongue out #ithout opening his eyes$ and then turned his head do#n to .yungsooBs chest
and licked o%er hal his chest until his tongue beca!e dry and he had to pull it back in again+ 0e looked up
at the older boy #ith a de%ilish s!irk+
A"uck you+C .yungsoo said #ith a s!ile+ 0e couldnBt e%en pretend to be angry #ith the boy$ not #hen he
looked so beautiul #ith that !essy hair and hal lidded !orning eyes+
A?ou gonna kill !e or #hat<C
A?eah$ ' a!+C
/ongin !o%ed a#ay ro! .yungsooBs #ar! chest$ to#ering o%er the !an #hile supporting hi!sel on his
o#n elbo#s and knees+ 0e sotly bit at .yungsooBs botto! lip$ not caring #hat sort o !orning breath he
!ight be ha%ing$ because .yungsoo #oul #ithout doubt ha%e the sa!e breath+
AWhat i ' !ake it up to you by ucking you senseless until youBre screa!ing !y na!e again<C /ongin
't #asnBt .yungsooBs intent$ but a #hi!pered !oan let his lips and he elt a t#itch in his lo#er regions+ 0e
tried to co!e up #ith so!e #itty response but blood #as already lea%ing south and he had no !eans to
stop it+ 0e elt /onginBs breath on his neck beore the younger boy started kissing hi! teasingly+
A?eah<C the younger one breathed+
.yungsoo couldnBt ans#er+ 0e elt /onginBs hand trace o%er the sot skin on his sto!ach+ 0is *a# ell open
#hen /ongin grabbed the base o his hal erect !e!ber+ -he younger boy places #et kisses on his already
s#ollen lips and .yungsoo did his best to reply but had to keep his !ain ocus on not orgetting ho# to
breathe because o the #ay /ongin touched hi!+ -he older boy pressed the back o his head roughly in to
the pillo# #hile s4uee&ing his eyes shut+ A sot AhaaNahC #as !oaned as /ongin pu!ped hi! aster+
A0yung$ you are so beautiulJC /ongin #hispered+
-here #as in all honesty nothing that .yungsoo could do at that !o!ent$ he #as si!ply too absorbed in
the pleasure+ 't al!ost !ade his eyes #ater and the only thought he could inish #as #ondering ho#
/ongin could kno# his body and ho# to touch it better than .yungsoo did hi!sel+
When .yungsoo ca!e$ his %ision #as blurred #ith #hite dots o pleasure+ 0e elt the #hite$ sticky li4uid on
his sto!ach but let it up to /ongin #ho dried it o #ith so!e paper he took ro! the cupboard ne)t to the
A/ongin$ you !ade !e tired againJC .yungsoo !u!bled+ 0e put his ar!s around /ongin and pulled hi!
do#n on top o hi!$ hugging the boy as i he #as a hu!an si&ed teddy bear+
ASay that again+C /ongin re4uested in a #hisper+ .yungsoo looked at the !ess o hair on his chest but
couldnBt see enough o /onginBs ace to be able to read his e)pression+ 0ad he not heard #hat he said<
A?ou !ade !e tired<C .yungsoo said+
ANot thatJC
.yungsoo thought about #hat he had said or a second+
A/ongin<C he said$ sounding out o breath+
0e still couldnBt see /onginBs ace$ but he elt the boy s!iling+ 6%en though .yungsoo tried to think that
/ongin #as being a dork$ he couldnBt help but s!ile hi!sel+
Suddenly an annoying and all too a!iliar sound #as heard+ /onginBs alar! clock+ 't re!inded the! both o
the act that today #as only "riday+ .yungsoo grunted #hen /ongin got o hi! to turn o the alar!+ -he
boy inor!ed hi! that it #as only K+33 a+!+ so they didnBt ha%e to rush+
.yungsoo got up and pushed /onginBs naked body against the #all and the younger boy hissed #hen the
cold surace touched his skin+ .yungsoo kissed /ongin sotly and teasingly$ nibbling at his lips and biting at
his neck+ When he heard the younger one start to slo#ly !oan$ he pulled a#ay and grabbed a pair o
/onginBs s#eat pants to put on+ /ongin stared at hi! #hile he got dressed+
A'Bll !ake you breakast$ #hat do you #ant<C .yungsoo asked the still stunned /ongin+
A7ancakesC he replied ater a e# seconds+
ASeriously< ?ou ha%e !y a!a&ing cooking skills in your house$ and you ask or pancakes< "ine$ but ' really
can do better than that+C .yungsoo said #hile lea%ing the roo!+ /ongin 4uickly grabbed a hold o hi!+
AAre you going to lea%e !e like this<9C /ongin asked and !otioned or his lo#er regions+ .yungsoo spared
hi! a glance and sa# that he #as reerring to his erection+ A #ide s!ile spread o%er the older boyBs ace as
he ans#ered+
A?es$ ' a!+ 'tBs !y re%enge since you licked your sali%a all o%er !e+C
"rustration sho#ered /ongin as he reali&ed heBd ha%e to take care o it hi!sel+ 0e let the older boy lea%e
and prepare the breakast #hile he tended to hi!sel$ %ery un#illingly+
.yungsoo #as *ust putting the last pancakes on the plate #hen /ongin ca!e in to the kitchenH he #as
cleaned up and dressed or school+ /ongin approached hi! 4uickly and pushed hi! hard against the
counter$ !aking .yungsoo #ince in pain+
A' hope you kno# that 'Bll get you back or that later+C /ongin said against his ear+
0e took the plate ro! .yungsoo$ a!a&ed that the boy hadnBt dropped it already$ and then seated hi!sel
at the table+ -he shorter boy took out another plate and stole so!e o the pancakes ro! /onginBs plate or
hi!sel to eat+
/ongin stu!bled inside the classroo!$ #ondering ho# the hell heBd ended up stressing so #hen they had so
!uch ti!e to begin #ith+ 't #as all .yungsooBs ault$ he decided+ -hat ucker had taken ore%er to get ready$
i /ongin #as slo# in getting ready then .yungsoo #as e%en #orse+ /ongin didnBt e%en understand #hy
.yungsoo bothered so !uch #hen he looked so la#lessly beautiul the #ay he already #as+
Ater class$ /ongin stayed in the classroo!$ copying the notes that Sehun had taken beore /ongin got there+
-hings #ere a bit a#k#ard bet#een the! because they hadnBt really talked about #hat happened that day
#hen they kissed+ Neither o the! had brought it up but /ongin could tell that they really needed to talk
about it+ 0e also hadnBt told Sehun #hat happened bet#een hi! and .yungsoo the day beore and he
#asnBt sure ho# he should tell hi!+
ASehun-ahJC /ongin started but he #as interrupted+
A' can hear in your %oice #hat youBre about to say and 'B! begging you to please donBt say it+ ' kno# #ho
you like and ' kno# that you canBt help it$ ' also kno# that it !ight not pass soon so can #e *ust not talk
about #hat happened and get on #ith our li%es<C Sehun ra!bled on+
A?eahJ SureJC
A' also talked to -ao and he agreed to let you o$ unless you noticed thatJC
A' #as #ondering #hy he #as suddenly so riendly but not !aking any !o%es on !e++9 5ut Sehun$ you
really donBt ha%e to take care o !eJC
A' did+C Sehun said+ A5ecause you #ere so broken and couldnBt !anage yoursel and ' had to
do so!ething+C
A-hank you+C
AAre you inished #ith the notes or #hat<C
A?eahJC /ongin s!iled+
-he ne)t class #as biology and it re!inded /ongin that he had to !ake .yungsoo pay or #hat he did this
!orning+ 0e elt an unintended t#itch in his pants and buried his head in his hands+ 1h god not no#+ 0e
thought to hi!sel+ -he teacher #as talking about the !ale anato!y and !ost students #ere *ust giggling
and sending each other looks+ /ongin ho#e%er$ #as not pleased at all because all he could think about #as
the dierent sounds that .yungsoo #ould !ake #hene%er /ongin touched the parts that the teacher #as
talking about+ 0e elt his unior! pants get tighter around his crotch and by the ti!e the lecture inished$
/ongin practically le# out o the classroo!$ ignoring Sehun #ho #as calling ater hi!+
0e ound .yungsoo on the #ay to his locker and dragged the boy in to the bathroo! #ithout a #ord+ -he
older boy stared at hi! #ith 4uestioning eyes as /ongin locked the door+ -he taller one didnBt e%en try to
e)plain anything and #ent straight to undressing the older one+
AWhat are you doing<C .yungsoo asked$ trying to halter /onginBs !otions+
A' need you+ No#+C /ongin breathed #hile grinding his erection against the other+
A'B! not going to ha%e se) #ith you here$ no# let !e out+C .yungsoo tried$ but /ongin didnBt !o%e a#ay
and kept blocking the e)it+
A,onBt do this to !eNC /ongin pleaded+
A=osh$ /ongin9 What class did you ha%e<9C
A>ale anato!y+C 0e !u!bled in response #hile kissing .yungsooBs neck+
A>ale anato!y !akes you this horny< ?ou ha%e a %ery #eak !ind+C
A' s#ear it #ouldB%e been a thousand ti!es easier i ' #asnBt thinking about your anato!y the #hole ti!e+
No# please shut up and help !e out here+C
.yungsoo laughed as /ongin kept grinding hi!sel against hi!+ 't #as really a!using to see /ongin in this
state but he also elt a bit bad or hi!$ but only a little+ And he stuck by #hat he had said and he #as not
under any circu!stances going to ha%e se) #ith /ongin in that cra!ped toilet in the !enBs roo!+
A?ou need to stop+C 0e said$ hal laughing+
A5ut hyuuungNC /ongin tried+
A?ou kno# youBre like a spoiled puppy right no#$ ' canBt belie%e youBre the sa!e person as the /ongin #ho
beats !e up so!eti!es+C
A-hink about !eJC /ongin #hispered near .yungsooBs ear$ letting his #ar! breath caress the s!ooth skin
on the older boyBs neck+ AJWith your dick in !y !outh$ sucking #ildly until you canBt think straight+C
AAre you talking dirty to !e no# /ongin$ really< Are you that desperate<C .yungsoo said #hile orcing his
%oice to sound nor!al to hide the act that he #as e)tre!ely turned on+
A1r !e$ thrusting inside youJC /ongin once again grinded his erection up .yungsooBs thigh$ ignoring the
older boyBs #ords+ AJ0itting that certain spot o yoursJ 1%erJ And o%erJ AgainC
.yungsoo pushed /ongin a#ay$ trying to hide his lustered ace #hile prying his #ay a#ay ro! /ongin and
lea%ing hi! alone in the toilet+ /ongin hit his ist in the #all+ 0e #as so rustrated$ and horny$ and ho# the
hell #as he supposed to sur%i%e the rest o the day<
/ongin shited unco!ortably in his seat+ 't #as inally the last class and it #as al!ost o%er+ ' s#ear #hen
this class is o%er$ 'Bll ind that ucker and drag hi! ho!e at the speed o light and then 'Bll uck his brains
out+ /ongin thought to hi!sel+ 0is ga&e #as i)ed at the clock and he #as literally counting the last seconds
beore the bell rang+ 0e #as *ust about to run out #hen Sehun grabbed hold o hi!+
A/ongin$ ' thought #e could hang out or a #hile<C he asked+
ASorry Sehun-ahJ ' ha%e so!ething to do+C >ore precisely$ so!eone+
A1hJ 1kay$ 'Bll see you to!orro# then+C 0e s!iled+ /ongin ga%e hi! a 4uick s!ile in return beore running
out o the roo!+
/ongin grabbed his stu ro! the locker and rushed out to the school yard and sa# that .yungsoo #as
already #aiting or hi!+ 0e started running to#ards the boy$ but instead o stopping #hen he reached the
other$ he kept running+ .yungsoo 4uickly ollo#ed ater and they #ere both laughing as they #ere running+
/ongin #as trying really hard to stay on both his eet and not tripping$ but he #as out o breath and
laughing #asnBt really helping the situation+ -he older boy caught up #ith hi! and actually ran past hi!$
triggering /onginBs co!petiti%e side+ -hey #ere both sprinting the last !etres to /onginBs house and al!ost
tackled the door+ An out o breath /ongin clu!sily u!bled or the keys #hile .yungsoo #as biting at his
neck and trying to slide his hands up under /onginBs shirt+
A?ouBre really not helpingC /ongin bla!ed but he #as too out o breath to sound like a threat+ 0e inally got
the keys out but he #as too shaky to be able to it the! in the locker+
A?ou need help #ith that<C .yungsoo s!irked !ischie%ously+
/ongin handed hi! the keys and he got the door open 4uick and easy+ -he taller boy pretty !uch pushed
the! both inside and barely had ti!e to shut the door beore he got tackled by the other one #ith kisses
and touches+ /ongin could al!ost touch the need that #as lo#ing out o .yungsoo because it #as so
ASo!eoneBs in a good !ood+C /ongin said+ 0e still hadnBt been allo#ed to catch his breath and #ith all the
kisses that the older one placed on his lips$ he didnBt really see any opening or intake o o)ygen+
A'tBs your ault or saying all those things #hen #e #ere in the bathroo!+C .yungsoo replied+ -he younger
one really #asnBt breathing %ery #ell and .yungsoo could notice it+ 0e pulled /ongin to the li%ing roo!
because /onginBs roo! #as all too ar a#ay+ 0e let the boy all do#n on the couch and #atched or a
second ho# his chest hea%ed up and do#n+ .yungsoo straddled the sitting boy and started unbuttoning his
unior! shirt+
A'B! going to undress you no#+C 0e inor!ed /ongin$ as i it #asnBt ob%ious+
A'B%e been #aiting or those #ords all day+C /ongin replied+ 0e let his head all back on the backboard #hile
lo%ing the eeling o .yungsooBs tickling ingers that slo#ly unbuttoned e%ery single button o his shirt+
/ongin shi%ered #hen .yungsooBs lips sotly caressed the skin on his neck+ -he lips #ere #ar! and !oist
and #hene%er the boy pulled a#ay to place a ne# kiss so!e#here$ it let a chilly !ark #here the pre%ious
kiss had been placed+ "or the irst ti!e$ /ongin en*oyed the slo# pace+ 't elt as i he #as li%ing in slo#
!otion and he could en*oy e%ery second or a little #hile longer than usual+ 't #as perect+
.yungsoo let /onginBs shirt all o the boyBs shoulder$ helping hi! take it o because so!eho# the boy #as
still tired+ 0e gently allo#ed his ingers to stroke /onginBs perectly bron&e chest+ 0e lo%ed absorbing the
sight o /ongin like this$ because he could tell in /onginBs eyes that no one else had seen hi! like this+ -he
sot blush on his cheeks as he beca!e sel-concious #hen .yungsoo looked at hi!+ -he #ay he s!iled shyly
as .yungsoo intently brushed his ingers against one o his nipples+ /ongin #as his+ 0e didnBt ha%e to say it
out loud$ because .yungsoo kne# it any#ay+ -hey had been each otherBs irst+ And !aybe /ongin didnBt
kno#$ and !aybe heBd ne%er kno#$ that he had sa%ed .yungsoo ro! so !any things$ and asked or
nothing in return+
-he younger boy hea%ed hi!sel up to !eet the lips o the one straddling hi!+ 0e had noticed that
.yungsoo beca!e distant and #ondered #hat he #as thinking about+ 0e really didnBt #ant to be let hal
erect again+ 0e #as in need or so!e serious attention right no#+
A0yungNC /ongin purred+ 0e licked the lips o the older one and nibbled at the! careully+ .yungsoo stuck
his tongue out and /ongin sotly sucked at it+
.yungsoo got /onginBs pants open and the young boy hissed #hen .yungsooBs cool hand grabbed his
gro#ing erection+ A #hi!per let his lips #hen the older one started pu!ping hi! slo#ly+ /onginBs cheeks
beca!e pink and his head ell back once !ore$ lea%ing a lot o access or .yungsooBs kiss-hungry lips+
-he tanned boy #as breathing hea%ily and .yungsoo #as pu!ping his hand harder until he could sense
/ongin being close+ 0e slid do#n to the loor and took the leaking !e!ber in his !outh$ sucking and licking
/ongin in to his cli!a)+
A1h shitJ9C /ongin !oaned+ AAa-ahhNC+
.yungsoo s#allo#ed !ost o #hat #as shot in his !outh$ and he looked up at the boy #hose eyes #ere
still glo#ing #ith #ant+ 0e opened his o#n &ipper because his o#n !e!ber #as unco!ortably trapped
inside pants that #ere #ay too tight+ 0e sa# /ongin bite at his o#n botto! lip and got up to kiss hi!+
A'B! hungryJC /ongin #hined+
A,idnBt you eat at school<C .yungsoo asked+
AWell$ no+ ' #as ha%ing a %ery erect proble! and ' didnBt #ant the #hole school to kno# about it+C
-he older boy started laughing+
ASo you skipped lunch because you #ere horny<C
A'tBs your ault so you should take responsibility9C
.yungsoo groaned as he reali&ed he #asnBt going to get anything at the !o!ent+ 'nstead$ he had to go in to
the kitchen and cook /ongin ood because that bastard #as spoiled+ -he younger one &ipped his pants back
up and ollo#ed .yungsoo to the kitchen+
AWhat are you !aking<C he asked+
A=ee&$ ' ha%enBt e%en started yet and ' donBt e%en kno# #hat you ha%e ho!e+C .yungsoo sighed #ithout
turning around to look at the boy+
/ongin put his hands on the otherBs #aist and pressed his chest against .yungsooBs back+ 0e then ollo#ed
.yungsoo around in the kitchen$ hands still on the otherBs #aist as i theyBd gro#n stuck there+ -he older
boy didnBt co!plain$ !ostly because he didnBt !ind+ 0e sa# that there #asnBt really !uch to #ork #ith
around the house$ probably because /ongin #as the #orst grocery shopper e%er and his parents #erenBt at
ho!e to take care o it+ .yungsoo !u!bled so!ething about /ongin being spoiled and useless but the
younger one si!ply laughed+ 6%entually$ .yungsoo ound enough to !ake ki!chi spaghetti+
When he #as done$ /ongin #as already sitting do#nH #aiting like a puppy or its !eal and .yungsoo could
only s!ile at the boyBs beha%ior+ 0e liked cooking or /ongin because he see!ed to appreciate it a lot !ore
than his ather did+
A"eed !e+C /ongin de!anded+
AWhat<C .yungsoo laughed as he #as *ust about to take a bite o the ood+ 0e didnBt e)pect to see such a
serious look on the boyBs ace+
A?ou heard !e+C -he boy said #ith the sa!e serious tone+
A'B! not going to eed you+C .yungsoo replied and put the ood in his o#n !outh+
/ongin kicked the other under the table+
A=osh$ /ongin are you i%e years old<9 /ust eat the godda!n ood on your o#n9C
A5ut hyungNC-he boy pleaded+
A'Bll punch you i you dare say it one !ore ti!e+C
A"eed !e+C /ongin s!irked+
.yungsoo got o his chair so 4uickly it ell back#ards to the loor+ 0e took three short but loud steps to
/onginBs side and he #as *ust about to grab the boy by his collar$ #hen the younger one grabbed his shirt
and pulled hi! do#n or a kiss+ Although .yungsoo is taken by surprise$ he reacts ast and straddles the boy
#hiles heBs sitting$ and ans#ers the deep kisses #ith e4ually as !uch eeling+
A?ouBre so spoiled+C .yungsoo says #ith lo# %oice as he pulls a#ay ro! their kiss and holds the cutlery
#ith ki!chi spaghetti L #hich he so!eho# picked up #ithout the boy noticing- near /onginBs !outh+
-he younger boy s!iles shyly beore opening his !outh to let the other bring the ood to his !outh+
.yungsoo #atches his ace$ trying to deter!ine #hether heBs done a good *ob #ith the !eal or not$ and
#hen /onginBs ace lights up$ so does .yungsooBs heart+ -he older boy holds out his hand to dry o the
sauce thatBs spilled on the corner o /onginBs !outh$ but the boy 4uickly grabs the hand beore it reaches its
destination+ .yungsoo leans closer to /ongin and sotly sticks his tongue out and licks the sauce a#ay+
A?ouBre gonna !ake !e horny again+C /ongin #hispers+
A-hen you shouldB%e let !e use !y hand+ No# eat up+C .yungsoo retreats back to his o#n seat and they
eat the rest o the !eal in peace+
AWe should #atch a !o%ie+C .yungsoo says ater theyB%e cleaned the dishes$ although .yungsoo did !ost
o the cleaning because /ongin #as too busy co!pli!enting hi! about his lo%ely cooking+
AWe could do so!ething else instead<C /ongin suggests #hile sliding his hand under the older boyBs shirt+
A' #ant to #atch -F though+C
A?ou *ust #ant to do the opposite o #hat ' #ant+C
A' hate you+C
A' kno#+C
.yungsoo s!iles as he #alks out to the li%ing roo! and turns the -F on+ 'tBs so!e kids sho# about penguins
thatBs on but /ongin i!!ediately inds his spot on the couch #ith e)cite!ent+
A;etBs #atch this9C he says+
A?ouB%e got to be kidding !e< -his is or kids9 Are you e%en a high schooler<9C
/ongin doesnBt reply and .yungsoo inds hi!sel deeated once again+ 5ecause ho# can he change the
channel #hen /ongin has brought his eet up on the couch and heBs resting his chin on his knees and s!iles
like the !ost adorable kid e%er<
0e sits do#n ne)t to /ongin and the younger boy soon rest his head on .yungsooBs shoulder+ .yungsoo
t#irls his ingers in the boyBs !essy hair #hile only hal concentrating on the sho#+ 0e !uch !ore
appreciates the sot chuckles that !ake /onginBs chest %ibrate a little$ and !aybe /ongin noticed that
.yungsoo #as no longer #atching the sho#$ because he tilts his head up to !eet the older oneBs ga&e+
/onginBs bro#n eyes are ull o so !uch trust and care that .yungsoo al!ost eels a #eight on his
shoulders+ As i heBs responsible or the boy #ho he has curled up ne)t to hi!+ 0e leans do#n to place a
sot kiss on the boyBs plu! lips+
A' ' had kno#n you #ere a dork and a baby$ ' #ouldB%e continued to kick your ass e%ery ti!e ' sa# you+C
.yungsoo s!iles$ because he doesnBt really !ean that$ and he kno#s that /ongin kno#s it too+ -he younger
boy s!ile back and kisses hi! again$ and soon$ the -F beco!es a aint noise in the background as their lips
hungrily taste each other+
When /ongin breaks a#ay$ itBs only to get up ro! the couch and gently tug the older boy #ith hi!+
So!eho# the at!osphere bet#een the! has changed+ 't used to be rushed and needy$ but no# itBs slo#
and caring$ as i the air #as illed #ith lightning that !ight strike i they take one #rong step+ -he younger
one careully brings .yungsoo to his roo! and he obediently lies do#n on the bed and letBs /ongin undress
hi!+ -heir lips !eet slo#ly$ as i /ongin #as asking per!ission to do so!ething theyB%e already done+ /ongin
kiss and bite gently at .yungsooBs neck and the sot !oans ro! the other goes straight to his crotch and he
can easily tell by the older boyBs body$ that he likes this *ust as !uch+
-heir touches beco!e needier but the slo# !otion at!osphere stays+ /ongin orceully pulls o .yungsooBs
pants o along #ith his bo)ers and then 4uickly proceeds to undress hi!sel as #ell+ 0e to#ers o%er the
older boy and halters his !o%e!ents or a e# seconds$ only to look in to .yungsooBs big eyes+ 0e s#ears
he can see so!ething dierent in the #ay he looks at /ongin$ but he doesnBt ha%e a na!e or #hat it !ight
be$ still it so!eho# eels rele%ant to the at!osphere around the!+
/ongin listens as .yungsooBs breath hitched #hen he strokes the skin abo%e the al!ost ully erect !e!ber
bet#een .yungsooBs thighs+ A s!ile spreads across his pink cheeks beore he keeps on kissing the older
boyBs neck+ .yungsoo grabs /onginBs #rist and brings it do#n to his !e!ber because he needs to be
touched no#+ -he young boy happily obliges to his lo%ers needs and start stroking the erection in his hand+
/ongin learns that .yungsoo doesnBt ha%e to touch hi! in order or hi! to get hard$ si!ply listening to the
#hi!pers and !oans that elaborate ro! the boyBs lips is enough to !ake /ongin ully erect hi!sel$ but he
can no longer co!ply #ith the slo# pace because heBs too greedy to control his need or the !an
.yungsoo no longer pays any attention to #hen /ongin gets the lube ro! the cupboard$ it doesnBt !ake
hi! unco!ortable or insecure any!ore+ 0e e%en inds hi!sel anticipating ha%ing /onginBs ingers pressed
inside hi! and luckily$ /ongin #orks ast and he soon places his ingers a!iliarly near .yungsooBs entrance+
0e patiently #aits or .yungsoo to rela) beore pressing the irst digit inside+ 't slides in easier than it had
the irst ti!e and /onging shi%ers at the thought o .yungsooBs body getting used to his o#n this #ay+
-hree ingers inside and .yungsoo is literally begging /ongin to take hi! because heBs so dangerously close
and he canBt handle it and /ongin has no idea #hat else heBs saying because he canBt ocus on anything
besides their hea%y breathing+
0e #ithdra#s his ingers and coats his erection #ith lube$ condo! long orgotten because /ongin needs to
eel .yungsoo+ 'tBs so !uch better or the! both #hen itBs like this+ -he younger boy gently presses hi!sel
inside$ heBs still scared heBll hurt the !an but once again inds it going !ore s!oothly than beore+ >aybe
.yungsoo is !ore rela)ed this ti!e+ When /ongin is ully inside he still #aits a e# seconds beore he starts
thrusting+ -he older boy breathes hea%ily and both o their skin is slippery ro! all the s#eat but itBs okay
because this is so perect+ /ongin canBt ocus on anything besides the hea%y breathing$ the #ar!th around
his cock and the pounding beats in his chest+ 0e only aintly hears the !oans ro! the other$ but heBs too
absorbed in so !uch e!otion and pleasure that he canBt concentrate on anything+ 0e kno#s #hen he hits
.yungsooBs right places because the #ay the !an arches his back o the bed is i!possible not to notice+
/ongin snaps out o his ha&e #hen he eels the older boyBs !uscles tighten around hi!$ and he spills o%er
both their sto!achs+ A e# thrusts later$ /ongin releases as #ell+ 0e keeps riding the high beore he
collapses on .yungsooBs chest+ So!eho# this #as ar !ore e)hausting than any o their pre%ious ti!es+
-his se) #as dierent+ 6%erything about .yungsoo see!ed dierent+
-hey lay there or a e# good !inutes$ /ongin on top o .yungsoo$ still breathing hea%ily and heart
pounding like cra&y+
AWhere ha%e you been all !y lieJC .yungsoo #hispers rhetorically+
A5ehind your ists+C /ongin replies #ith eyes closed+
A'B! sorry+C -he older boy breathes+
At irst$ /ongin think heBs drea!ing+ >aybe heBs already asleep+ 5ut the unco!ortably sticky eeling o their
skins assures hi! that heBs still a#ake+ 0e tries his best not to react to #hat the boy had said$ because
kno#ing .yungsoo$ heBd probably take it back i /ongin !ade a thing out o it+ 'nstead$ /ongin s!iles and
buries his ace in the older boyBs neck+ .yungsoo start giggling and his body t#irls under /ongin+
AWhatJ<C /ongin groans+
A't tickles+C .yungsoo laughs$ reerring to the #ay /onginBs nose presses on his neck+
/ongin lits hi!sel up and #atches the boy as he cal!s do#n ro! laughing$ heBs still s!iling and /ongin
lo%es the #ay .yungsoo only s!iles like this or hi!+ 0e kisses the older boy at the corner o his !outh+
-here are so !any things he #ants to say+
?ou ha%e the !ost #onderul s!ile+
What #ould !y lie be #ithout you<
?ouBre so incredibly beautiul+
Stay #ith !e+
' need you+
' lo%e you+
5ut it all *ust dies on his lips+ 0e canBt e)press it+ 0e #ants .yungsoo to hear it$ but his tongue #onBt or!
the #ords+
A0yungJ ;etBs sho#er+ 'B! icky+C 0e says$ repeating the childish state!ent that .yungsoo had said beore+
-he older boy s!iles and pinches /ongin in re%enge beore they go and clean the!sel%es up in the sho#er+
/ongin al!ost orgot he actually had parents that he used to li%e #ith$ and that .yungsoo couldnBt stay or
!uch longer+ 0e hated the thought o ha%ing to send the boy back to that hell house he li%es in+ CouldnBt he
*ust adopt .yungsoo< Can you adopt a boyriend< /ongin #anted to+
Ater they changed in to pa*a!as and put the bed sheets in the #ashing !achine$ they curled up on the
couch again$ #atching that sho# /ongin see!ed to en*oy so !uch+ .yungsoo had to ad!it that it #as 4uite
a!using actually+
-he thick and careul at!osphere that had co%ered the! beore #as gone+ /ongin had no idea #here it had
gone$ but e%erything see!ed back to the #ay it had been beore+ 0e didnBt kno# #hy but it see!ed as i he
!issed that strange eeling+ 0e #anted to ask .yungsoo i heBd elt it too$ but he couldnBt ind enough
courage to do so+
When /onginBs parents returned$ .yungsoo had already let+ -hey #ere surprised to ind the house in a
cleaner state than in #hat they had let it+ As parental intuition #ould ha%e it$ they kne# it couldnBt ha%e
been the doing o their son$ because he ne%er cleaned the house+
AWhat happened here<C /onginBs ather asked+
ANice to see you too+C /ongin s!iled in response+
ASeriously$ /ongin<C
AA riend ca!e o%er and heBs got so!e sort o 1C, ' s#ear+ 0e cleaned #hile ' #as resting+C
0is !other s!iled+ /ongin thought he sa# so!e sort o second !eaning behind it but couldnBt igure out
#hat it !ight be+ 0e hated those !o!ents+
AAny#ay$ /ongin+ ?our ather and ' ha%e talked a bit about you+C 0is !other said+
AWhat< ?ouBre not transerring !e are you< 5ecause ' pro!ise 'B%e changed-9C /ongin tried+
A-he school is putting you in a poetry class+C
/ongin couldnBt help but laugh+ 7oetry< Seriously< 0e #as so not going to attend those classes because
dude thatBs gay+ 1h yeah$ and ucking a guy is not gay< 0is better *udg!ent argued+
A>o!$ 'B! really not going to do that+C
A?es you are+C
0is !other let the roo! #ith a #inning look on her ace+ /ongin kne# that there #as no point in ollo#ing
her$ but he sure as hell #asnBt going to attend those lessons any#ay+ 0eBd skip+ 0eBd spend that ti!e #ith
.yungsoo instead+ 't #as a good idea$ he thought to hi!sel+ 0eBd ha%e so!ething to do #hile pretending
to be in class+
/ongin looked at the pile o books on his desk+ 0e couldnBt re!e!ber the last ti!e he had actually done any
ho!e#ork+ 0e opened one o the! on rando!+ >ath+ 0e lipped through the pages$ looking at or!ulas
and theore!s and oh god #as he actually e)cited< 't had been so long since heBd gotten anything done and
he only %aguely re!e!bered that !ath used to be his best sub*ect+ 0e re!e!bered all o the things heBd
learned and #hile lipping through the pages$ he could al!ost re!e!ber the ne# things he #as supposed
to kno# in order to get a good grade+ 0e took out a pen and a notebook and started scribbling do#n notes
#hile sol%ing e4uations on rando!+
0is phone bu&&ed and /ongin al!ost *u!ped through the roo as he #as orceully snapped out o his
e4uations+ -he sender #as only a nu!ber and he re!e!bered that he had orgotten to sa%e .yungsooBs
nu!ber under a na!e+
Are you a#ake<
/ongin #as about to ans#er #hy he #ouldnBt be$ but glanced at the clock and ound that it #as al!ost 2
a+!+ ,a!ned be !ath+
0e put the phone aside and closed the book in ront o hi!+ 0e changed to pa*a!as and brushed his teeth
beore going to bed and taking the phone #ith hi!+
,o you really hate !e<
-he ne)t !essage said+
Since #hen did you beco!e so sel-conscious<
't #as strange or .yungsoo to say such things+ 0e kne# that /ongin didnBt really !ean it #hen he said he
hated hi!$ it #as only teasing+ 5ut /ongin didnBt get any reply so he decided to si!ply ans#er the 4uestion+
No$ 0yung+ ' donBt hate you+
0e sa%ed .yungsooBs nu!ber in his phone this ti!e+
'Bll see you to!orro# at school+
/ongin didnBt reply+ 0e kne# he didnBt ha%e to+ -heyBd see each other soon$ and or so!e reason he elt
butterlies ly through his sto!ach+ What #as suddenly #ith hi!< Why #as he acting like a lo%e struck
teenager< 1h right$ he is a teenager+ 0e thre# an ar! o%er his ace as he tried to cal! do#n$ or else he
#ouldnBt be able to all asleep+ ,o ' really lo%e .yungsoo this !uch< /ongin thought to hi!sel+
Chapter O
/ongin hasnBt seen .yungsoo or t#o days$ #hich is strange+ 6specially since he #as the one to say that they
#ould see each other at school+ 0e #orries a lot$ because .yungsoo also isnBt ans#ering /onginBs calls or
te)ts+ -he boy decides to %isit .yungsoo house that day+ 'n all honesty$ heBs scared+ 5ecause he had a taste
o #hat the boyBs ather is like$ but also because he kno#s that$ he canBt help but #orry !ore+ /ongin has
tried to deny it to hi!sel$ but it has beco!e ob%ious to hi! that .yungsoo #asnBt al#ays bruised up
because o !eaningless ighting ater school+ .yungsoo #as being beat up by his o#n ather+ 0e didnBt ha%e
a gang$ and he didnBt ha%e any close riends+ All he had #as an abusing ather+ /ongin elt his insides t#ist
and turn as he approached the house+ 0e took a deep breath beore knocking on the door+
At irst$ it see!ed as i no one #as ho!e$ but then rushed and hea%y steps #ere heard and /ongin al!ost
ell back#ards as the door le# open+ 0e !et eyes #ith a big !an$ #ho had lots o grey hairs and puy
eyes+ 0e #ore si!ple and dirty clothes and /ongin #as glad heBd taken a e# steps back because the thick
s!ell o alcohol #as so bad he al!ost elt hi!sel getting drunk *ust by breathing+
AWhat<9C -he !an said+
A@!JC /ongin started+ A'B! looking or ,o .yungsooJC
AWellJ 's he ho!e<C
A-his is not his ucking ho!e any!ore9 -hat bastard took o #ithout saying shit to !e and #hen he ca!e
ho!e ' thre# hi! the uck out+ 0a%enBt seen hi! since+C
AWhat<9C /ongin blurted out+ A?ou thre# your o#n son out t#o days ago< What kind o parent does that<9C
A0e #as nothing but a burden and you should not butt in to other peoples businesses9C -he !an yelled+
A0eBs your son9 And he lo%es you and he goes to school but still got a *ob in order or you to keep li%ing like
this9 ?ou should be thankul or hi!9C /ongin didnBt e%en kno# #here all this anger ca!e ro!+ 5ut it *ust
see!ed so unair that .yungsoo #as treated so badly by his only li%ing parent$ and /ongin hated #hen
.yungsoo didnBt get the best out o lie+
-he !an said nothing$ and si!ply sla!!ed the door shut in /onginBs ace+ >aybe it #as *ust as good
because at least /ongin didnBt ha%e to e)cuse hi!sel or lea%ing+ 0e ran a#ay ro! the area and searched
or .yungsoo+ At so!e point$ his !other called and #orried about #here he #as$ but /ongin !erely shook
it o saying that heBd be late and that heBd probably be bringing a riend ho!e+ 0is !other said that it #as
ok$ not that /ongin e%er cared or her appro%al because heBd bring .yungsoo #ith hi! any#ay+
5ut inding the other boy #asnBt easy+ 0e searched the school grounds$ the library$ so!e alleys and inally
the park+ /ongin #as *ust about to gi%e up and take the sub#ay ho!e$ #hen he sa# a s!all boy$ #ay too
young to be hiding in the sub#ay #ith the hobos+ 0e #alked up to the boy and pulled the #orn out blanket
o the body and sa# .yungsooBs puy eyes stare right back at hi! in ear+ 0is lip #as cracked and bruises
sho#ed on his skin+ 5lood #as s!eared along #ith dirt and /ongin #ondered or a !o!ent ho# he could
look like this ater only t#o days+ 5ut he said nothing o it+ 0e si!ply looked at the older boy #ith care and
hurt and asked hi!H
AWhy didnBt you call !e<C his %oice #as a #hisper and .yungsoo didnBt reply e%en though he ob%iously
heard hi!+ A' #ouldB%e co!e and taken you back to !y ho!e i you had only let !e kno#+ ' #orried so
!uch about you$ and 'B%e been out all night looking or you+C /ongin #asnBt angry though$ his %oice told
only o care and #orry and .yungsoo elt his eyes #ater+
A'B! sorry+C -he older boy #hispered+
/ongin pulled hi! to his eet and thre# his ar! around his shoulders #hile keeping his o#n ar! #rapped
around .yungsooBs #eight+ As they got on the sub#ay and #ent back to /onginBs house$ .yungsoo told
about #hat had happened+ When heBd gotten ho!e$ his dad had been asleep and didnBt #ake up until ater
he had te)ted /ongin+ When he #oke$ he #as so angry that .yungsoo hadnBt told hi! #here heBd run o to$
and kept yelling at .yungsoo about ho# #orthless and pathetic he #as+ 6%entually his ather had started
hitting hi! and then thro#n hi! out$ lea%ing .yungsoo alone in the !iddle o the night+ 0e didnBt #ant to
be a bother to /ongin so thatBs #hy he hadnBt called$ and he didnBt co!e to school because he couldnBt
sho# up looking like a rag doll+
-hey entered /onginBs house as 4uietly as possible$ but it see!ed his parents #ere still up and #aiting or
the!+ 0is !other i!!ediately rushed to the! and helped /ongin take .yungsoo to the couch+ She ordered
/ongin to go help his ather reheat the ood in the kitchen and /ongin reluctantly obliged+ 0e thre# one last
glance at .yungsoo beore lea%ing hi! to his !otherBs care+
'n the kitchen$ /onginBs ather #as already sitting at one o the chairs$ ood in the o%en or reheat+ /ongin
could tell that there #as ob%iously going to be so!e talking done #hile they #aited$ and he elt his
sto!ach turn in ner%ousness+
A's that the riend #ho #as %isiting<C his ather asked+ Although he see!ed serious and sti$ there #as no
hint o anger in his %oice+
A?es+C /ongin careully replied #hile sitting hi!sel do#n across the table ro! his ather+
A's he really *ust a riend$ /ongin< 5ecause 'B%e ne%er seen you out in the !iddle o the night #ith so!eone
like this beore+C
/ongin didnBt kno# #hat to ans#er+ 0is parents had ne%er said anything about their thoughts o
ho!ose)uals and he #asnBt sure theyBd be accepting o it+ What i they #ere disgusted< What i they
diso#ned hi! and thre# hi! out as #ell< 0e and .yungsoo #ould ha%e no#here to go$ ho# #ould they
A' donBt #ant so!e a#k#ard scene #here you co!e out o the closet to !e and your !other$ okay< We
ha%e kno#n you #ereJ=ayJ Since you #ere a kid$ and #eB%e both lo%ed you since you #ere born+C 0is
ather said$ in a tone that said donBt !ake !e repeat this+ 'n the ne)t second$ the ti!er #ent o and the
ood #as ready+ 0is ather let /ongin speechless at the table #hile he took the ood out+
0e #hispered a silent A-hank you+C And his ather si!ply s!iled+ /ongin pushed a#ay the tears ro! his
eyes and got up to help his ather put ood on t#o plates+
>ean#hile$ /onginBs !other #as helping .yungsoo clean up the #ounds+ She still didnBt kno# ho# to start
a con%ersation so she si!ply cut straight to the point+
A,id !y son do this to you<C She asked$ eyes pleading to kno# the truth and a hint o anger ready to burst
i it needed to+
ANo9C .yungsoo ans#ered$ !aybe a bit too 4uickly+ ANoJ 't #asnBt /ongin+ 0e #ouldnBt hurt !e like thisJ '
!ean$ #e do get physical in our ights$ but not like thisJC
/onginBs !other let out a sigh in relie+ A-hank god$ ' #ouldB%e had to kill hi! other#ise+C
.yungsoo couldnBt really tell i she #as *oking or not+
AWho #as it then<C she asked+
.yungsoo re!ained silent+ 't #asnBt that he didnBt trust /onginBs !other$ but he didnBt+ 0e hated spilling his
pri%acy to people he kne# nothing o+
A'tBs ok i you donBt tell !e+ 5ut ' #ant you to kno# that you #ill al#ays be #elco!e here$ long ter! or
short ter! stay+ 1 course$ #e #ill ne%er orce you to stay or %isit against your #ill$ but #e #ill also ne%er
orce you to lea%e+C She said #ith caring %oice+
0e couldnBt stop the tears that strea!ed do#n his ace+ .yungsoo had no idea ho# the #ords could aect
hi! like that$ but !aybe it #as because she re!inded hi! o his o#n !other and the ti!es #hen things
#ere actually happy at the ,o house+
She put the last band aid on his orehead and then put her ar!s around the crying boy+ She didnBt say
anything$ but .yungsoo liked that+ She didnBt ask any !ore 4uestions and she didnBt pull a#ay until they
heard /ongin and his ather enter the roo!+ .yungsoo 4uickly dried the tears #ith the he! o his shirt+ -he
parents s!iled and let /ongin and .yungsoo alone in the li%ing roo!+ 0is !other told the! to clean up
beore going to bed$ and said that they should probably not go to school because theyBd ha%e to get up in G
hours i they #ere to !ake it+ /ongin lo%ed his !other a bit !ore in that !o!ent$ because she #as so
AWhy are you crying<C /ongin #hispered+
A' donBt kno#+C .yungsoo replied+ A'B! sorry+C
A,onBt be+ ?ou ha%e nothing to be sorry about+C
-hey inished the !eal$ got in the sho#er and then cra#led under the blankets in /onginBs bed+ -his ti!e$
.yungsoo #as the one lying on /onginBs ar! and he traced his ingers o%er the da!p$ naked body+
AWhat did !y !o! say to you<C /ongin #ondered+
AShe told !e ' could stay here as long as ' #anted to$ i ' #anted to+C
A,o you #ant to<C
.yungsoo nodded and buried his ace in /onginBs skin+ AWhat did you and your ather say<C 0e #hispered to
/onginBs chest+ /ongin blushed+
A0e said they kno# youBre !y boyriend+ And that itBs ok+C
A?ou ha%e great parents+C
A' think so too+C
8Wait$ '(! your boyriend<8 .yungsoo asks in surprise$ as i it had taken hi! a #hile to process the #ords+
8Well+++ 1nly i you #ant to<8
8?ou kno#$ no# is the ti!e you should tell !e i you #ant to or not+8
8' #ant to+8 .yungsoo #hispers+
/ongin placed a kiss on .yungsooBs orehead+
A0yung$ are you tired<C /ongin asked+
AShould #e sleep<C
A?eahJC .yungsoo said$ already hal asleep+
AWait9C /ongin blurted out$ al!ost gi%ing .yungsoo a heart attack+
AWhat<9C .yungsoo hissed+
ASince #eBre not going to school to!orrJ -odayJ;ater+++ ;et !e take you on a date$ ok< No punching or
hurting+ /ust you and !e$ like nor!al people+C
A'B! not !aking any pro!ises about the no punching part because i you piss !e o youBll ha%e to pay or
it+C .yungsoo *oked+
A'Bll take that as a yes+C /ongin s!iled+
AWould you ha%e accepted a no<C
A7robably not+C
"or the irst ti!e in a long #hile$ .yungsoo ell asleep #ith a genuine s!ile on his ace+ 0e elt sae and
#ar!+ Not only in the physical !eans$ but also in his heart+ 0e elt that being #ith /ongin #as the only
thing right in his !essed up #orld+ Who cared i he had an abusi%e ather #ith an alcohol proble!$ as long
as he could stay #ith /ongin< 5ut .yungsoo kne# that he couldnBt li%e #ith /ongin and his parents ore%er$
e%en though he !ight #ant to+ 0e silently !ade up his !ind$ right beore alling asleep$ that he #ould get a
real *ob and !o%e to his o#n place soon ater he graduates+ And then heBll keep #orking and sa%ing !oney
to buy a bigger place$ so that #hen /ongin graduates$ he could co!e li%e #ith .yungsoo i thatBs #hat he
#anted to+
When .yungsoo #akes up$ he snuggles close to /ongin$ burying his nose in the otherBs back+ -he sun is
peaking in through the curtains and tells that itBs already late and !aybe not e%en !orning any!ore+ 0e
thro#s his ar!s and legs around the taller boy and #akes hi! up by annoyingly poking hi! in his sto!ach+
A?ou ha%e three seconds to stop and let !e all back to sleep or ' #ill ha%e !y re%enge+C /ongin !u!bles+
.yungsoo takes that as a challenge and keeps poking$ a s!ile etched on his ace+
/ongin grunts+
A1neJ+ -#oJJ++ -hree9C 0e yells and 4uickly o%er po#ers the s!aller boy+ 0e sits up and straddles hi!
and or a !o!ent$ .yungsoo is co!pletely surprised+ -hen it all #ashes a#ay as /ongin starts tickling hi!
and he laughs so loud heBs al!ost screa!ing+ So!eti!es$ /ongin accidentally press one o .yungsooBs sore
bruises and the older boy #inces in pain but goes back to laughing #hen /ongin keeps tickling+
AStop it$ /ongin9 7lease9C .yungsoo laughs+
/ongin stops and #atches .yungsoo cal! do#n+ -ears are alling ro! the corner o his eyes$ itBs ro!
laughing too hard and /ongin thinks that these tears are the pretties heBs e%er seen+ Although .yungsoo is
naturally a beautiul crier$ these tears o *oy take the irst place on the pedestal+
AWhat<C .yungsoo asks #hen he notices /ongin staring at hi!+
AJ?ouBre *ust so$ so beautiul+C /ongin #hispers as he leans do#n to steal a kiss+ -he older boy blushes and
closes his eyes+ 0e lo%es it #hen /ongin does these kinds o things because it !akes hi! belie%e that #hat
he says is true+ .yungsoo eels /onginBs heart the !ost #hen he spaces out or a !o!ent and then tells
.yungsoo that heBs beautiul+
.yungsoo parts his lips e%en though /ongin ne%er hinted or hi! to do it+ 0e does it si!ply because he
#ants to+ 0e #ants to taste /ongin$ and kno# that this is all real+ 0e canBt pinpoint the e)act !o!ent #hen
/ongin beca!e such a huge part o his lie$ but he can still say that this is the best ti!e o his lie so ar+
6%ery second that their lips are touching$ are the best that .yungsoo e%er li%ed+
AWhat are you thinking about<C /ongin asks #hen he notices that .yungsoo is spacing out ro! the kiss+
A' could spend a lieti!e si!ply kissing you+C .yungsoo ans#ers i!!ediately and he curses hi!sel or
being so da!n honest all o a sudden+ 'tBs al!ost e!barrassing ho# cheesy that co!!ent sounded and he
regrets it e%er lea%ing his uniltered !outh+ /ongin s!iles and kisses hi! again+ 5utterlies lutter in
.yungsooBs sto!ach as i e%ery kiss is their irst$ and he #onders ho# he L#ho #as al#ays so tough-
beco!es this #eak$ lo%estruck boy e%ery ti!e /ongin touches hi!+ 't re!inds hi! o the thick aura that had
surrounded the! last ti!e they #ere together$ .yungsoo lo%ed that$ but he didnBt kno# i /ongin elt the
sa!e$ and he had al!ost spilled his lo%e or the boy+ -hat scared hi!$ because he couldnBt e%er be sure that
/ongin elt the sa!e #ay he did$ and he didnBt #ant to ruin #hat they had *ust because o so!ething so
stupid as his conession+
A/onginJ ;ast ti!eJC .yungsoo started$ trying to gather enough courage to ask hi! #hat had happened
last ti!e+ Although it see!ed i!possible+ "ear spread through his body and the #ords got caught in his
A0!!<C /ongin hu!!ed #hile kissing the boyBs neck+
/ongin sat up$ surprised at the sudden change o !ind+
AWhat<C 0e asked+
A"orget it+C .yungsoo said #ith a s!ile+ >aybe there #ould co!e a day #hen he #ould spill out all his
eelings or the boy$ but today he couldnBt ind the courage to do so+
A0yuuungN ,onBt lea%e !e hanging like this itBs not air- Why are you blushing<C /ongin interrupted hi!sel
and s!iled at the boy underneath hi! #ho or so!e reason had pink cheeks+ /ongin could ne%er guess that
it #as at the sound o his %oice$ calling .yungsoo hyung+
A't doesnBt !atter+ 'B! hungry$ letBs eat9C .yungsoo tried to change the sub*ect+
A'B! hungry or you+C /ongin #hispered and nibbled at the older boyBs ear lobe+
AAl#ays so cheesy+C .yungsoo sighed teasingly+
ASays the boy #ho could spend a lieti!e kissing !e+C
AShut up+C
/ongin laughed and let hi!sel be o%erpo#ered by the s!aller boy+ .yungsoo straddled hi! and si!ply
looked at hi!+ -he #ay /ongin looked at .yungsoo through hal lidded eyes that burned #ith so !uch lust
and passion or hi!$ !ade hi! eel special$ and he #ouldnBt !ind getting used to this+
AWhat are you thinking about<C /ongin asked once !ore+
AWhen you look at !e like thisJ 't really turns !e on+C .yungsoo ad!itted+ 0e en*oyed the sharp intake o
air that the younger one !ade #hen he spoke those #ords$ and #hen /ongin leaned up to kiss hi!$
.yungsoo gently pulled or#ard to !ake sure their lips connected sooner rather than later+
/ongin parted his lips and .yungsoo 4uickly slid his tongue inside+ 0e sotly e)plored /onginBs !outh$ e%en
though he already kne# it by heart$ and #hen the younger boy !oaned in to the kiss$ he beca!e !ore
ierce and needy+ 0e elt /onginBs !e!ber gro# against his skin and it turned hi! on e%en !ore+ A rush o
heat loated through his body and straight to his lo#er regions$ !aking his o#n !e!ber larger by the
second+ 0e took /onginBs erection in hand and !o%ed it slo#ly+
A0yung+C /ongin started #ith serious %oice+ A' a! not in the !ood o being teased so either you do this
properly or ' uck you ra# #ithout regrets+C
.yungsoo let out a #hi!per and started pu!ping his lo%er aster$ lo%ing the sound o the !oans that
erupted ro! the one underneath hi!+ 0e has no idea ho# /ongin does it$ but so!eho# heBs gotten the
lube out ro! the cupboard ne)t to the bed$ but he lea%es the rest up to .yungsoo because heBs too lost in
his pleasured state to be able to properly do so!ething else+ Although /ongin e)pects .yungsoo to coat his
ingers #ith lube or hi!$ he doesnBt+ 'nstead$ .yungsoo coats his o#n ingers #ith lube and starts ingering
hi!sel on top o /ongin+ ,igits pressing inside and he letBs go o /onginBs erection to prepare hi!sel+
/ongin eels as i he !ight co!e si!ply by looking at the !an ingering hi!sel in ront o hi!+ .yungsoo
!oans loud and it eels like ore%er until heBs grabbing /onginBs cock again and guiding it to his o#n
entrance+ 0e presses hi!sel do#n on /ongin and the younger boy is surprised at ho# tight the older one
still is+ 0e lo%es it+ 0e lo%es eeling the #ar!th o .yungsoo #hen he takes hi! #hole like this+ 0e lo%es the
ace the boy !akes #hen /ongin is ully seated inside o hi!+ Although he can tell itBs still a bit painul$
thereBs also an indescribable a!ount o pleasure sho#ing$ and /ongin lo%es that heBs the reason+ -he older
boy lits hi!sel up$ careul not to let /ongin slip out o hi!$ and then sla!s back do#n$ !aking /ongin
thro# his head back and al!ost screa! in pleasure+ .yungsoo repeats the sa!e cycle slo#ly a e# ti!es$
until /ongin is cra%ing or !ore so badly that he can no longer be still on the bed+ 0e thrusts his hips
up#ard$ orcing .yungsoo to grab the headboard in ront o hi! in order to stay in reality and not loose
hi!sel in the pleasure+
AAgainJC .yungsoo breathes and itBs a plea so lo# that /ongin only barely hears it through their hea%y
pants and !oans+
/ongin orceully thrusts up#ard again and #atches as .yungsooBs eyes roll back and his !outh gapes open+
/ongin sits up to kiss hi!$ but itBs sloppy and it only gets sloppier #hen he keeps thrusting inside his lo%er+
-he t#o o the! beco!e a !oaning !ess o pleasure and #hi!pers+ 0ea%y panting and s#eat ill the roo!
but neither o the! cares+ At so!e point$ /ongin is digging his hands so hard in to .yungsooBs thighs that
the older one #inces in pain due to the bruises that ha%e yet to heal$ but or so!e reason this only adds to
the pleasure and #hen /ongin grabs .yungsooBs neglected !e!ber and pu!ps it along #ith his thrusts$ it
only takes a e# strokes until .yungsoo is spilling #hite li4uid+
A/ongin++NC he !oans as he co!es+
-he younger boy canBt hold hi!sel !uch longer$ and #hile .yungsoo is still lost in his high$ /ongin co!es
inside o hi!+ 0e e%entually slo#s do#n his thrusts and allo#s hi!sel to slip out o .yungsoo+ -hey both
#hine in disco!ort #hen the heat o the other is lost+ .yungsoo can no longer stay on top and alls to
/onginBs side$ e)hausted+
A;etBs go back to sleep+C .yungsoo !u!bles$ al!ost hal asleep already+
A?ou can sleep$ 'Bll take care o you+C /ongin pro!ises$ and itBs the last thing .yungsoo hears beore heBs
asleep again$ satisied ro! his relie+ 0e lo%es /ongin+ 0e truly does+ Not only or their a!a&ing se)$ but or
e%erything that is /ongin+ 0e lo%es /ongin also because o #ho he beco!es #hen heBs #ith hi!+ 0e #ants to
tell hi! this$ but sleep de%ours hi! beore he has a chance to do it+
Chapter :
-hank you
Although the bed .yungsoo #akes up in is !uch !ore co!ortable than the one heBs used to$ thereBs still
so!ething that see!s #rong+ 0e stretches out -still too tired to open his eyes$ but inds he can stretch out
perectly+ So!ething is #rong+ 0e rubs his eyes and tries to pry the! open$ inding hi!sel alone in /onginBs
roo!+ 0e #ould ne%er ad!it it$ but he eels really disappointed or so!e reason+ 0e lo%es #aking up #ith
/ongin+ -he boy takes a peek at the clock and sees that itBs already 2p!+ As i so!ething #as on ire$ he
shoots up ro! bed and hisses at the pain in his lo#er back$ and stu!bles a bit+ 0e ne%er !eant to sleep
a#ay al!ost hal o the day+ Crap+
/ongin enters the roo! #ith a rightened ace and holds the older boy up by the #aist+ 0e #onders #hat
happened$ because he heard the stu!bling and thought so!ething !ight be #rong+ .yungsoo ignores his
4uestions and pushes /ongin a#ay so that he hits the #all #ith a pain-illed #hi!per+ 0e launches hi!sel
or#ard and puts his hand around /onginBs neck in a ir! grip$ and pulls hi! in or a rough kiss+
A,onBt lea%e !e+C 0e #hispers$ but !akes sure it sounds like a threat e%en though itBs plea+ 0e #ould ne%er
ad!it ho# !uch he likes /ongin$ especially not to /onginBs ace because heBd probably ne%er shut up about
it+ -he younger boy s!iles in to the kiss+
A' only #ent to !ake us break-J ;unchJC /ongin replies$ as i he #as deending hi!sel+ ANo# hurry up
and clean yoursel$ get your cute ass do#nstairs and letBs not #aste the rest o the day+ 'B! taking !y
boyriend out today+C
A1h$ is that #hy you #ant !e to lea%e< So ' #onBt interrupt youC .yungsoo teased and /ongin bit the !anBs
botto! lip$ al!ost hard enough to bruise it+ .yungsoo took a sharp intake o air and pulled a#ay+
/ongin #aited or .yungsoo in the kitchen$ and #hen he ca!e in$ /ongin si!ply kne# he !ade the best
choice in boyriend e%er+ -he #ay .yungsooBs hair #as still da!p and glistening ro! the sho#er$ the #ay
the borro#ed shirt #as *ust a little bit too big or the s!all !an and the #ay those *eans hung perectly
ro! the !anBs delicious hips+ /ongin let out a #hine$ #hich #asnBt supposed to be heard$ but #as+
AWhat<C .yungsoo asked #ith his usual #hat-do-you-#ant attitude+
' lo%e you+
' lo%e the #ay you al#ays talk to !e as i youBre picking a ight #ith !e+
' lo%e the #ay you look #hen youB%e *ust gotten out o the sho#er+
' lo%e ho# pink your lips are+
' lo%e ho# sot your !ilky skin is+
' lo%e ho# you look good in anything you #ear+
' lo%e ho# those bruises !ake you look a hundred ti!es hotter+
' lo%e your attitude+
' lo%e your !ocking look+
' lo%e ho# you al#ays look at !e #ith a !i)ture o ' #ant to punch your ace and let !e suck your dick+
' lo%e that youBre !ine+
ANothing$ letBs *ust eat+C /ongin a%oided the topic+
AWhere are your parents<C
AAt #ork ob%iously+C
A-heyBre going on another business trip by the #ay+ -hey said itBll be the last one in a #hile+C /ongin s!iles
to hi!sel$ because he doesnBt like his parents being a#ay a lot+
When they let the house$ it #as already aternoon and /ongin see!ed like he #as in so!e kind o hurry+
Still$ he insisted on saying that he hadnBt planned anything+ 0o# could they be in a hurry i nothing #as
planned< .yungsoo thought to hi!sel+ 5ut he en*oyed #atching this side o /ongin+ 6%en though /ongin
#as e)tre!ely hot #hen he #as all punched and bruised up$ this s#eet hearted /ongin #as so!e#hat cute+
.yungsoo #ouldB%e ne%er thought heBd like so!eone #ho #as cute+ 5ut /ongin #atches kidBs sho#s #ith
Christ!as eyes$ and he tries to cook e%en though he al#ays !anages to burn the ood$ and he has a really
sot and #orried look #hen .yungsoo is in pain and ok he ad!its+ /ongin is cute+ 0eBs so cute heBd !ake
princess bubblegu! *ealous+ And .yungsoo likes that as #ell+
/ongin 4uickly turns around and sees the bus co!ing closer$ and theyBre still a bit a#ay ro! the bus stop+
0e grabs .yungsooBs ar!s and rushes to the bus stop #ith a #ide s!ile on his ace+ -hey !ake it on in the
last second and take a seat in the urthest back$ both o the! panting+
A' hate running+C .yungsoo breathes+
A'B! sorry$ but itBs going to rain so ' donBt eel like #aiting outside or the ne)t bus to co!e along+C
A' like rain+C
/ongin stares at the !an #ith surprise+ -he bus see!s to be !ostly e!pty$ #hich is nice because that
!eans they can talk !ore reely$ and donBt ha%e to dodge looks ro! other passengers+
AWhat<C Again #ith the cocky tone+
A' rarely hear you like anything so 'B! *ust surprised$ thatBs all+C /ongin teases+
A' like rain+ And ' like singing+ ' like the sound o hea%y bass in cro#ded areas+ ' like punching you because
that !akes !e eel good+C .yungsoo replies$ as i /ongin had asked hi! #hat else he likes+ 0e also #hispers
that he likes /ongin$ but itBs purposely too lo# or /ongin to hear it+
/ongin grabs .yungsoo by his hair and pulls hi! in or a kiss+ Although .yungsoo isnBt really sore to his hair$
he still #inces at the orced sho# o aection ro! /ongin+ -he younger boy s!iles into the kiss beore
letting go+ Rain starts s!attering on the #indo#s and .yungsoo is re!inded that they boarded a bus$ and
he #as no idea #here theyBre going+
AWhere do #e get o<C he asks+
A' donBt kno#+C
A,onBt !ess #ith !e$ /ongin+C
ASay a nu!ber bet#een 13 and 33<C
A-hen #eBll get o in 23 !inutes+C /ongin says as a !atter o actly$ and pulls out his phone to set the ti!er+
A' hate you+C
/ongin kisses hi! again+
A-his is the #orst date 'B%e e%er been on+C
A-his is the irst date 'B%e e%er been on+C /ongin #hispers shyly+
.yungsoo can see the blush in the boyBs ace$ and he eels a bit guilty or being so !ean to hi! #hen itBs
the irst ti!e he e%er took so!eone on a date+ 'tBs .yungsooBs irst date as #ell$ but heBs too cool to ad!it
that he likes this side o /ongin$ so he keeps teasing$ and saying things he doesnBt !ean+ 5ecause itBs easier
that #ay+
0e looks at the disappointed look on /onginBs ace and then sighs+ 0e nudges and pus the younger one$
and sho%es his shoulder in to /onginBs chest$ and the boy takes the hint+ 0e lits his ar! and puts it around
.yungsooBs shoulders+ /ongin s!iles and he sees ho# hard .yungsoo is trying not to s!ile+ 't #ar!s his
AWake !e up #hen #eBre there+C .yungsoo says and closes his eyes+
A,onBtJC /ongin start but pauses or a !o!ent+ A,onBt sleep$ ok< ' #ant to share e%ery second o this #ith
you+ 'B! sorry i itBs boring+ 'Bll plan it better ne)t ti!e$ ok<C
.yungsoo blushes and nods+ 0e #hispers that itBs not boring+ 5ecause #hen heBs #ith /ongin$ nothing e%er
gets boring+
A0ey$ isnBt that your riend<C .yungsoo asks #hile peeking out the #indo#+
/ongin looks out and sees Sehun talking to so!eone$ in the pouring rain+ What the hell< Sehun hates the
rain+ 5ut the spray o #ater ro! the sky is too hea%y or hi! to see #ho the other person is$ or #hat kind
o con%ersation theyBre ha%ing+
-he bus dri%er !akes a turn and they end up in so!e kind o station slash parking lot and the engine shuts
A-his is the inal stop+C -he dri%er says+ /ongin checks the ti!er and sees that theyBre supposed to go or
another O !inutes+
ACan #e stay or a #hile< 'tBs raining+C
A?eah$ sure+ ' #ouldnBt orce you out in this #eather+C -he dri%er says beore stepping out and taking
shelter under a roo$ he lights a cigarette$ then /ongin turns his attention back to his boyriend+
AWe still ha%e to stay or another O !inutes+C /ongin s!iles and sho#s the ti!er to .yungsoo+
A?ouBre a dork+C
A' should punch you+C .yungsoo lits his head up and kisses the sot lips that belong to /ongin$ his boyriend+
When the hea%y rain subsides$ they go outside although /ongin insisted they still ha%e to #ait I3 seconds+
.yungsoo sighed and let any#ay #ith /ongin ollo#ing hi! short ater because he didnBt #ant to be alone+
-hey #alk around an e!pty street and e%erything s!ells like #et concrete+ .yungsoo likes this s!ell+ -hey
talk about nothing$ and !aybe this #asnBt at all ho# the date #as supposed to be$ but itBs nice+ 5ecause
they are together and as long as they are$ e%erything is ok+
A1kay ' got it9C /ongin says as heBs struck by an idea+ AWeBll #atch the sunset together9 -hatBs ro!antic+C
A6)cept thereBs no sun today+C
A1hJ RightJC /ongin pouts+ Wait$ he pouts< .yungsoo stares at hi! like a deer staring in to the headlights
o a car+ /ongin did not *ust pout+
AWhat<C /ongin asks+ .yungsoo slaps hi! lightly+
A?ouBre a !an$ /ongin+ ,onBt pout+C
A-he uck are you slapping !e or<9C /ongin says and pushes .yungsoo+
A/ongin$ 'B! #arning you+ ,onBt !ess #ith !e+C .yungsoo says$ trying hard not to react to the act that he
#as *ust pushed+
AWhat are you going to do< Slap !e<C
.yungsoo punches hi!+ Straight in the ace+ 0e kind o regrets it$ but at the sa!e ti!e$ /ongin #as asking
or it+ "or a !o!ent$ .yungsoo #onders i heBs ok$ but /ongin grabs hi! roughly by the ar! and sho%es hi!
to the #all o a building+ .yungsoo prepares or the painul i!pact o a ist$ a knee$ or #hate%er #ill co!e+
5ut heBs !et #ith sot lips pressing against his o#n+ -he kiss is hard and rough$ sloppy and !essy$ but the
lips are al#ays sot$ because /onginBs lips are like that+ 't tastes !etallic$ like the blood running ro!
/onginBs nose+ .yungsoo s!iles at that+
-he older boy al!ost orgets that they #ere ighting$ until /ongin bites his lip and it starts bleeding+ 0e
doesnBt break a#ay ro! the kiss e%en though it hurts and #ill probably s!udge blood o%er both their
aces+ Neither o the! cares+
/ongin pushes his leg bet#een .yungsooBs and the older one gasps+
A/onginJC 0e breathes+
-he taller on lo%es hearing his na!e like this+ 0e licks at the older oneBs broken lip$ it tastes !etallic$ but itBs
not that bad+ 0e actually likes it+ .yungsooBs !outh is open and /onginBs tongue is inside$ like al#ays$
.yungsoo tastes so good+ 0e tastes o lie+ Struggles$ tears$ hardship$ !isery and pain+ 5ut thereBs also
hope$ happiness$ s!iles and !ost o all$ .yungsoo tastes like lo%e+ Well$ right no# he tastes like blood !ost
o all$ but thatBs beside the point+
ANobody else can touch you+C /ongin says possessi%ely+
AWhy #ould '-A .yungsoo starts but /ongin interrupts hi!+
A,onBt ight #ith anyone else+ ' you need to take out your rustration on so!eone$ do it on !e+ 5ut donBt
touch anyone else+C
A,onBt be a clingy$ *ealous$ possessi%e boyriend$ /ongin+C
A?ou kno# ' donBt take orders ro! you+C
A5ut 'B! supposed to take the! ro! you<C
AWhy not<C
A?ouBre a douche+C
.yungsoo tries to sound annoyed$ but heBs s!iling+
-heir clothes go da!p by the sot rain thatBs alling+ 'tBs not a spray any!ore$ but itBs still raining+ -here are
so !any things they #ant to say to each other$ but the ear o ruining e%erything gets in the #ay+ 'nstead
they keep kissing$ sot !oans and #hi!pers lea%ing their lips bet#een the kisses+
AWeBre in public+C .yungsoo tries to stop his boyriend+
A' donBt care+ ' #ant you+C
A' reuse+C
A?ou only do that to piss !e o+C /ongin !oans as he grinds his clothed erection against the other+
A?es+C .yungsoo replies and he pushes the other a#ay and start #alking+
A;etBs go shopping9C /ongin e)clai!s as he runs up to .yungsoo+
A?ou canBt borro# !y clothes all the ti!eH they donBt look good on you+C /ongin lied+
A' ha%e clothes o !y o#n thoughJC .yungsoo !u!bled slo#ly+
A;etBs go9C /ongin says and skips steps to#ards a nearby shopping area+
'tBs not a big area$ but it has enough stores or the! to ind .yungsoo so!ething ne# to #ear+ As they scan
so!e stores$ .yungsoo changes in and out o %arious clothes and #ait or /onginBs appro%al+ 0e doesnBt
really like being *udged or scanned like this$ but /ongin lea%es hi! no choice+ 0e also reali&es he canBt #alk
around in /onginBs clothes ore%er+
-he younger !ale lets out an appro%ing #hine #hen .yungsoo tries on the O
pair o skinny *eans+ -hey
are light blue and trashed$ but #hat dierentiates the! ro! the others are the #ay they cur%e around the
older boyBs butt perectly$ and hugs his thighs in an oh so delicious #ay+
AWhatBs #ith the sound<C .yungsoo asks and scans hi!sel in the !irror+ Checking hi!sel critically to see
#hat /ongin had !eant+ -he younger one pushes hi! back in to the changing roo!$ and shuts the door
behind hi!+ .yungsoo starts eeling unco!ortable because /ongin is staring at hi! as i heBs going to eat
/ongin presses hi! against the #all and cups his ass in his hands+ 0e leans in to kiss the shorter boy and
i!!ediately slides his tongue inside the otherBs !outh+
A-hese are perect+C 0e says+ And bet#een all the kissing and touching$ .yungsoo al!ost orgets #hat heBs
reerring to+ 0e slides his hands up under /onginBs shirt and it see!s his ingers lo%e the skin under there
e%en !ore or e%ery ti!e he touches it+
'tBs during !o!ents like these$ #hen /ongin has hi! cornered and is kissing the breath out o hi!$ and
hands touching e%erishly against burning skin$ that .yungsoo al!ost spills the #ords he has yet to utter+ So
he kisses /ongin e%en deeper$ and or a bit longer$ *ust to keep hi!sel ro! truly saying it+ 5ecause$ #hat i
itBs too !uch< What i /ongin doesnBt eel that #ay too<
/onginBs ingertips dip inside the otherBs *eans$ but .yungsoo pushes hi! a#ay and hisses Anot hereC+ 5ut o
course$ /ongin doesnBt ha%e the decency to #ait+ 0e strips his boyriend out o the try on clothes$ trying to
ignore the bulging erection hiding behind the thin abric o the otherBs under#ear$ and thro#s his old
clothes at the boy$ then rushes out to pay or the *eans$ and a e# o the t-shirts that it incredibly good on
the older one+
As theyBre #alking ho!e$ theyBre not holding hands because theyBre both too cool or such childish stu+
5ut /ongin #ants to$ he really #ants to+ And itBs only a e# !eters let until they reach the door+ And !aybe
/ongin should *ust take .yungsooBs hand+ And !aybe that #ould be ok+ 1r !aybe .yungsoo #ould punch
hi! i he did+ 5ut that #ouldnBt e%en be the irst ti!e so #hy does he #orry+ 1kay+ 0ere it goes+ 'n threeJ
A/ongin<C .yungsoo says and he does not look a!used+ -he younger boy blushes iercely as his hand is
al!ost$ al!ost touching .yungsooBs+
AAre you going to open the door$ or do ' kick it in<C .yungsoo says and gestures or the door in ront o
the!+ When did they reach it< ,a!n$ crap$ ucking hell$ !onkey poo and a lot o other nasty #ords co!e
to /onginBs !ind as he curses the act that he spent the last bit o the #alk by preparing hi!sel or
so!ething so silly+
With an annoyed look he unlocks the door and they step inside+ -heyBre barely e%en greeted as /onginBs
parents are running around the house inding things+ .yungsoo halters his !o%e!ents to stare at the!$ but
/ongin goes by as i itBs so!ething heBs used to$ he probably is+
0e #ants to ask #hatBs going on$ and !aybe the 4uestion had been tattooed on his ace because /ongin
ans#ers that theyBre packing or a business trip$ e%en #ithout the older one %oicing the #ords+ .yungsoo
nods and ollo#s /ongin to the kitchen+ -hey stay a#ay ro! the parents and /ongin !akes the! tea+ At
least he can do delicious tea+
A' like your tea+C .yungsoo says #hile sipping on the hot li4uid+
A?ou like a lot o things today+C
AWhat about you<C
A' like -ao+C
.yungsoo conte!plates i he should deliberately spill his al!ost boiling tea o%er his boyriend$ but
so!eho# !anages to suppress his anger+ /ongin si!ply laughs at the olderBs e)pression+
AWhatBs #ith the -ao-thing any#ay< 0eBs around you a lot these daysJC .yungsoo says$ and i /ongin isnBt
!istaken$ thereBs a hint o *ealousy in his tone$ but he doesnBt co!!ent on it+
A' donBt kno#+ Sehun talked to hi! or so!ething$ and heBs *ust hanging aroundJ 7laying %ideo ga!es$
talking and stu$ #ith us+C
A?ou play %ideo ga!es #ith -ao<C
A?eah$ #hat about it<C
A?ou should *ust get !arried already$ youBd !ake a cute couple+C .yungsoo retorts in annoyed tone+
/ongin lets his eet ind .yungsooBs under the table+ When they do$ the older boy pulls the! back and gi%es
hi! a look+
A'B! not going to do that cheesy stu$ /ongin+ 'tBs gay+C
A?ou are gay+C
A?ou kno# #hat ' !ean+C
-he younger one sits on his knees on the chair$ he supports hi!sel #ith a hand on the table and then
gently leans o%er it until his lips are as close to .yungsooBs that they could e%er possibly be #ithout
touching+ 5eore pushing the last centi!eters$ he looks at the older one as i asking i itBs okay+ .yungsoo
si!ply closes his eyes and #aits or the a!iliar sot eeling o /onginBs plu!p lips that he canBt see! to
e%er get enough o+
.yungsoo accidentally !oans and /ongin goes in deeper$ prying the !anBs !outh open by pressing t#o
ingers in to his cheeks$ lea%ing the other no choice but to open up to the kiss+ /ongin gets !essier because
teenage hor!ones and the kiss beco!e sloppy and #et+ -he older one tries to pull a#ay but /ongin has his
hand ir!ly placed on the back o .yungsooBs neck$ he has no escape+
When the shorter !ale inally !anages to press /ongin a#ay enough to speak$ /ongin is still only
centi!eters a#ay ro! hi! and a single strand o sali%a still connects the!+
A/ongin+++C .yungsoo #hispers+
A?ou need to understand that ' donBt #ant to be #ith anyone else but you+C
A-hatBs actually so cheesy ' think ' !ight thro# up+C
AAre you telling !e you donBt eel the sa!e<C
A'-A .yungsoo starts but heBs cut o by /onginBs !other #ho runs in to the roo!+ She stops to look at the
boys #ho are so dangerously close to each other$ and itBs ob%ious #hat they #ere doing *ust no#+
She e)cuses hersel and e)plains that theyBll be lea%ing no#+ 5oth .yungsoo and /ongin get a hug each ro!
the !other and a stern be sae ro! the ather$ beore they lea%e+
.yungsoo #ished that they #ouldnBt continue the pre%ious con%ersation$ because he #as ne%er good #ith
#ords and eelings so he elt he !ight end up saying the #rong things+ So instead o speaking$ they #ent to
take a sho#er together$ since they #ere both still cold ro! the rainy #eather they had been out in+
1nce again$ /ongin noticed that the at!osphere around the! #as thick and slo#$ like that ti!e beore
#hich he hadnBt talked to .yungsoo about+ 6)cept this ti!e$ he could na!e the eeling o the at!osphere+
-his #as lo%e+ -his #as /onginBs heart beating solely or .yungsoo+ -his #as e%ery iber o /onginBs body$
lo%ing e%ery inch o .yungsoo+
>o!entarily$ his !ind #ent blind #ith passion and aection or the naked !an #ho #as standing #ith hi!
in the sho#er$ and he pushed .yungsoo against the cold #all and let his hands slide o%er the !anBs skin as
i !apping e%ery cur%e o his body+
0e needed to say it+ 0e needed .yungsoo to kno#+ 5ecause right no#$ he honestly al!ost elt like crying
because o all the intense e!otions he elt or the older boy+
.yungsoo opened his !outh to allo# /onginBs tongue to slide inside and deepen their kisses+ 0e elt
so!ething dierent$ yet a!iliar #ith /onginBs !o%e!ents+ 6%erything elt intense and he al!ost spilled his
eelings out to the boy #ho #as kissing hi! so e%erishly+ Sot !oans and #hi!pers let their lungs as they
kept kissing+ -hey al!ost orgot that they #ere in the sho#er under a #ar! spray o #ater due to all the
!ind blo#ing kisses+
/ongin kept kissing as i his lie depended on it+ 1nly #hen .yungsoo ound no roo! or breathing$ did he
push the other a#ay+ -hey #ere both panting as i theyBd *ust run a !arathon+
A>aybe #e should get out o the sho#erJC .yungsoo started$ but /ongin see!ed to ha%e no such plans+
ANo ti!eC he breathed against the otherBs ear$ sending shi%ers through his body+ /ongin started kissing the
older boyBs neck sotly #hile letting his breath all gently on the sot skin+
A7lease$ /onginJC .yungsoo breathed+ -he taller boy took the olderBs erection in hand and a sharp intake o
breath #as heard+
A-hatBs not #hat ' !eantJC he continued but his %oice #as orced+
A' kno#+C /ongin #hispered+
ANghJC .yungsoo !oaned as the taller one started !o%ing his hand #hile grinding hi!sel against his
ASay !y na!eJC /ongin breathed+
A/-/onginJ Ah--9C .yungsoo tried but his %oice #as orced and unsteady due to his pleasured state+ 0e
leaned against the cold #all and hissed or a !o!ent as the cold surace #as in such contrast to his o#n
heated skin+
-he taller !ale kept his pace ast and steady until the older one spilled his seeds in his hands along #ith
that blissul ace that turned /ongin on ully+ 0e lo%e #atching .yungsoo as he ca!e because at that
!o!ent there #as no sign o anything bad in his lie$ all that !attered #as that hea%enly orgas! that
/ongin ga%e hi!+ -hat thought turned the younger one on e%en !ore+
.yungsoo pulled hi! in or a sloppy kiss #hile trying to steady hi!sel and stay standing+ 0e once again
ound hi!sel close to spilling his eelings+ -he thick slo#-!otion at!osphere that surrounded the! didnBt
really !ake it any easier or hi! to hold it back+
-hey so!eho# !anaged to get out o the sho#erH to#els and drying up #as long orgotten and they ound
the!sel%es on /onginBs bed locked in each otherBs e!brace and lips ne%er parting+
A !illion thoughts raced through .yungsooBs !ind$ creating a blur+
And e%erything stopped #hen /onginBs ingers traced o%er his da!p skin+
't #as like an on and o button+
6%erything #as on or a second+
-hen /ongin shut hi! o #ith touches+
-his ti!e /ongin !o%ed slo#ly+ 0e let .yungsoo kno# e)actly #hat he #as doing+ >aybe it #as the lo%ing
at!osphere that ga%e hi! a change o heart$ but /ongin no longer #anted to uck the senses out o his
boyriendH he #anted to !ake lo%e+ 't sounded la!e to ad!it it$ but he didnBt #ant the older one #incing in
pain or being in pain to!orro#$ he #anted this to be sot+
>aybe thatBs #hy .yungsoo #as so surprised #hen /ongin gently pressed his lubed inger inside o hi!H it
#asnBt rushed like it used to be+ /ongin used to be so eager and passionate but today he see!ed al!ost
careul$ yet the passion #as still there+
/ongin !assaged the inside o his lo%er and spread hi! slo#ly$ being patient beore adding the second
inger and taking e%en longer ti!e to let his boyriend adapt to it+ -his ho#e%er$ !ade .yungsoo rustrated
since he #as pretty !uch being teased+ Although he did appreciate /ongin being gentle$ he did not possess
that kind o patience+
A/onginJ >hh!!J ' think itBs nice that ah-J youBre trying to be nice and all that butJ uahJ-9 'Bd rather
not be able to #alk to!orro#$ than ha%e you tease !e like thisJC .yungsoo !anaged to say through his
!oans+ /ongin chuckled a bit and pushed his ingers inside roughly one ti!e beore pulling the! out to lube
his aching erection+
AW-Wait-9C .yungsoo burst out beore /ongin could press hi!sel inside+
AWhat<C /ongin asked #ith #orry+
A' #ant to be on topJ ' !ean++9 Not top you$ you kno#J /ust$ be on top+C .yungsoo blushed+
/ongin s!irked and #ondered to hi!sel ho# .yungsoo could be so adorably cute and e)tre!ely se)y at
the sa!e ti!e+ 0e nodded and !o%ed a#ay ro! his to#ering position o%er the other+ 0e sat on the bed
#ith his back leaned against the #all and #atched as the older boy straddled hi!+ 't !ightB%e been the
!ost erotic scene e%er to #atch .yungsoo lo#er hi!sel do#n on his throbbing erection and ad*usting to
his si&e+ /ongin #anted so badly to thrust up#ards but re!inded hi!sel that he #as going to be gentle this
't didnBt hurt .yungsoo at all$ #hich #as so!ething he #asnBt used to+ @sually there #as at least a bit o
pain but not this ti!e+ /ongin !ade a good *ob preparing hi! this ti!e+ 0e lited hi!sel up and sla!!ed
hi!sel back do#n on /ongin and the younger one hissed in pleasure+ 0e thre# his head back so that it hit
the #all #hile .yungsoo buried his ace at the crook o /onginBs neck+ 0e kept liting hi!sel up and /ongin
thrust up to !eet hi! #hen he ca!e back do#n on hi!+ 't elt so good$ /ongin thought he !ustB%e died
and gone to hea%en+
/ongin beca!e !ore eager and being gentle beca!e !ore and !ore lost in the pleasure$ but .yungsoo
didnBt !ind+ 0e liked this best$ because it !ade /ongin thrust harder up and inally hit his s#eet spot+
.yungsoo let out a !oan so loud it couldB%e easily been !istaken or a screa!$ but /ongin recogni&ed it and
started thrusting aster at the sa!e angle$ pounding .yungsooBs spot o%er and o%er again until they #ere
both !oaning so loud that any other sounds #ere !uled out+
Ater getting cleaned up they #ent back to the bed+ -hey #ere both e)hausted$ in a good #ay+ Although
they had #oken up late and the day #asnBt e%en o%er yet$ they still elt content #ith ho# e%erything had
passed by+
A-hank you$ /ongin+C .yungsoo #hispered as he buried his ace in the otherBs chest+ /ongin pulled hi!
closer$ in a protecti%e !anner+ 0e tilted the shorter !aleBs ace up#ards and brushed their lips slightly
A' lo%e you+C 0e #hispered+
.yungsooBs eyes #idened and he could eel /onginBs heart start to race+ /ongin #asnBt sure i !aybe he #as
!o%ing too ast+ >aybe that #as not the right thing to say$ but it *ust slipped out o hi!+
A' !ean++9 '-++ @hJC /ongin stuttered+
.yungsoo s!iled and blushed slightly+ 0e kissed /ongin sotly another ti!e+
Stupid$ /ongin+ ' #anted to say it irst+ .yungsoo thought to hi!sel+
A' like you too$ /ongin+ Although youBre annoying and cheesy+C 0e teased+
A?ou only like !e<C /ongin said$ pretending to be hurt+
AShould ' not do that< 1kay 'Bll stop+C
ANo9 ' !eantJ9 0yuuungNC /ongin #hined+
.yungsoo laughed a little+
A' lo%e you$ stupid+C
A'B! not stupid+C
A' you donBt shut up 'B! going to take it back+C
/ongin kissed hi! again$ although it #asnBt !uch o a kiss since they #ere both still s!iling+
-hank you$ hyung+ /ongin thought to hi!sel+
Chapter 13
C' hate >ondays+C .yungsoo says and itBs the irst kind #ords heBs said all !orning+ /ongin had ound out
the hard #ay that the older !ale #as really no !orning person+
0e had tried his best to stay cheerul and ha%e .yungsoo #ake up in a good !ood$ but it only resulted in
ailure as he annoyed the other greatly+ -he older one pushed /ongin so hard he al!ost dislocated his
shoulder #hen hitting the #all+ No apology$ as usual+ And #hene%er /ongin tried to do or say so!ething$
.yungsoo #ould shut hi! up %erbally or physically+ So #hen .yungsoo talked about hating >ondays$ that
#as actually the least threatening thing he said so ar+
A'tBs not e%en >onday though+C /ongin !u!bled$ trying not to blo# things up again+
A-hatBs beside the point+C
A0o# could it possibly be beside the point< ' you hate school$ say you hate school and i you hate !ornings
say so+C
A,onBt be a kno#-it-all+C
A'B! *ust saying+C
AShut up$ please+C
A,id you *ust say please<C /ongin asked surprised+
A' hate you+C .yungsoo sighed beore speeding his steps and #alking in to the school building+ /ongin s!iled
to hi!sel and ran to the class that #as about to start+
Sehun #as in his usual spot$ #hat #as unusual ho#e%er #as that he had his eyes glued to the phone and he
#as ob%iously trying to hide a s!ile+ 0e didnBt e%en notice /onginBs presence+ Not that /ongin #as trying to
peek or anything$ he *ust #anted to get a gli!pse o #hat #as so interesting that Sehun couldnBt take his
eyes o it+ All /ongin sa# #as that it #as a !essage #indo# so ob%iously he #as te)ting so!eone$ but
beore he could !ake out the personBs na!e$ Sehun turned around #ith a surprised gasp+
A/ongin9C he e)clai!ed and 4uickly sho%ed his phone inside his pocket+ A' didnBt kno# you could actually
get to school on ti!e+C
AFery unny+C /ongin s!iled+
AWhere #ere you yesterday<C
A !ischie%ous s!ile spread across /onginBs ace+ 5ut he didnBt ans#er+ 'tBs not like he had to any#ay$ Sehun
#as sharp enough to put the pieces together and !ake so!ething plausible up in his head+ 5ut the
4uestion brought back /onginBs !e!ory o seeing hi! #hile on the bus$ out in the pouring rain+
AWhat about you<C /ongin asked+ Sehun got a serious look on his ace$ a bit surprised+
AWhat< ' #as in school+C
A1n the aternoon$ ' #as on the bus and sa# you outside in the rain$ #hatBs up #ith that< ' thought you
hated the rain+C
A' do+ ?ou !ust be !istaken+C Sehun ans#ered+ 5ut it #as a bit too 4uick and /ongin #as absolutely sure he
had seen Sehun+ 5ut he didnBt in%estigate urtherH he didnBt like to pry in to otherBs pri%acy+ ' Sehun #anted
to tell hi!$ he #ould+
'nstead o paying attention in class$ /ongin #as starting to #onder ho# it #as possible or anyone to sit
through a ull class o biology+ 't !ustB%e been the !ost boring thing he e%er had to attend+ 6)cept history+
0istory #as probably #orse+
When e%eryone #as rushing out o the class$ /ongin #as called to stay$ #hich didnBt really surprise anyone
any!ore+ 0e sighed hea%ily and leaned against one o the desks$ #aiting or #hate%er scolding he #as
about to recei%e or not paying attention+
A' think you already kno# #hat ' a! about to talk to you about+C -he teacher said #ith his usual$ better-
than-you tone o speaking+ /ongin let out a single chuckle at the co!!ent$ o course he kne#+
A;ook$ 'B! sorry ok+ 'B! *ust not that in to biology and stu+C /ongin said+ -he teacher raised an eyebro#+
AWhat<C /ongin repeated the teacherBs #ord+
A' #as going to talk to you about poetry class+C
/onginBs !outh ell open and he !ight ha%e looked like a deer staring in to the headlights at that !o!ent$
because the teacher s!iled a!used at the reaction he recei%ed+
A"uck no+C
A,onBt s#ear in !y class !r+ .i!+C
A"uck you+C
A' #ill ail you+C
ASorry$ ' think !y care-bo) is already illed+C
A,etention it is+C
A1h co!e on9C /ongin #hined rustrated+
ASee you at our oBclock+C -he teacher said beore lea%ing the classroo!+
/ongin kicked one o the benches so that it ell #ith a loud thu!p that couldB%e scared anyone+ 'n the
corner o his eye$ /ongin sa# so!eone *u!p+ 0e turned his head to say so!ething rude$ but ound that
Sehun #as there+ 0e let out a sigh in deeat+
AWhatBs up<C Sehun asked+
A' need to punch so!eone+C
A' think ' sa# ,o .yungsoo *ust a second ago+C
A?ou see! !ore cheerul lately+C
A?ou used to ha%e this gloo!y air around you$ but it has changed+ ' donBt kno#+ .yungsoo you say<C /ongin
said$ changing sub*ect again+
AAhJ -hatJ Well++ @hJ ?es+ 0e #as at the lockers+C Sehun said$ not kno#ing #hat part o #hat /ongin said
to reply to+
/ongin gi%es Sehun a riendly pat on his shoulder beore lea%ing the roo!+ 0e proceeds to ind .yungsoo as
heBs *ust about to lea%e the corridor ull o lockers+ 0e takes .yungsoo by surprise #hen he pushes the
older !an in to the lockers a bit too hard+ .yungsoo hisses in pain and gasps #hen /ongin buries his ace in
the crook o his neck+ 0e bites at the skin and .yungsoo canBt tell i heBs angry or horny+
AWhatBs #ith you<C he asks+
ASo ucking angry+C /ongin groans+
/ongin ro&e+ 0e #as not going to tell .yungsoo about the poetry thing+ 0e #asnBt going to attend those
classes any#ay so there #as no reason or the older !ale to kno# about it$ also he didnBt #ant to
e!barrass hi!sel by ad!itting that he had actually been assigned this kind o class+ .yungsoo #ould ne%er
shut up about it$ and ho# gay it #as+
/ongin bit .yungsoo hard enough to bruise and it #orked the #ay /ongin had planned it out+ -he older one
pushed hi! a#ay and kicked hi! in the sto!ach as re%enge or the biting$ and any reasons as o #hy
/ongin #as angry #as orgotten so!e#here bet#een punches$ alling on the ground and spitting blood+
-he clock struck our and /ongin sho#ed up to detention+ 0is teacher #as already #aiting and had placed
pen and paper on a desk or /ongin+ -he boy had hal a !ind o #hat it #as !eant or but he played du!b
any#ay+ 0opeully he #as #rong+
ASo<C /ongin started+
A' #ant you to #rite one thousand #ords about #hy you ight+C -he teacher said #ithout looking up ro!
#hate%er he #as reading+
AAnd i ' reuse<C
A' canBt hold you or longer than t#o hours$ but kno# that ' #ill ha%e you co!e here e%ery day until itBs
/ongin scoed+ 0e #as here instead o in that stupid poetry class and ob%iously heBd rather ha%e detention
than attend those gay-as-uck classes+ 0e dropped his bad on the loor ne)t to the desk$ sat do#n and put
his head on the desk beore taking a nap+
0e shouldB%e been used to it by no#$ al#ays ending up running because he #as late$ but this ti!e #as
dierent+ -his ti!e he orgot that his boyriend didnBt ha%e a spare key to his house and that his parents
#erenBt ho!e yet+ "uck uck uck uck$ he repeatedly thought as he !ade his #ay ho!e+ .yungsoo #ould
probably kick his ass or lea%ing hi! stranded on the street or o%er t#o hours+
6)cept #hen /ongin got ho!e$ there #as no one there+ 0e stepped inside and let the door unlocked$ then
he searched the house to see i !aybe the older one had gotten in so!eho#$ but he #as no#here to be
ound+ 't #as a bit strange+ /ongin called his cellphone but there #as no reply+ /ust as he #as about to go
out search or hi!$ because /ongin #as paranoid and couldnBt stand not kno#ing #here the other !ightB%e
gone$ the ront door opened and a loud thu!p #as heard+ /ongin recogni&ed it as .yungsoo dropping his
bag to take his shoes o+ 0e let out a sigh in relie and #ent to greet the other+
A?ouBre ucking late+C
A?es !o!+C .yungsoo replied #ith dull tone+
AWere you cheating on !e<C
A?ouBre a dick+C
A?ou lo%e !y dick+C
A6# thatBs gay+C
/ongin burst out laughing$ #hich !ustB%e been the #rong thing to do because .yungsoo punched hi!$ a lot
harder than he e)pected+ /ongin gasped and adrenaline !ade hi! punch the other back+
.yungsoo stu!bled and hal leaned on a s!all cupboard+ -he taller one launched or#ard and lited hi! up
on the cupboard and .yungsoo locked his legs around the taller one #ho #as kissing hi! uriously+
Although !aybe kissing #as not the proper #ord because it #as !essy$ #ay too !uch teeth and bites and
licking$ but so!eho# it let .yungsoo !oaning and gasping #hich in turn !ade /onginBs pants see! #ay
too s!all in certain areas+
A/onginJC .yungsoo purred in the taller !anBs ear as he careully nibbled the lobe+ -he younger boy
co!pletely orgot #hat it #as that had !ade the! end up like this and any reasons as o #hy .yungsoo
#as so late re!ained unkno#n+ 'nstead$ /ongin #as busy grinding hi!sel against the panting boy #ho #as
still locked around his #aist+
A0!!J<C /ongin replied #hile proceeding to kiss the otherBs neck$ earning !ore #hi!pers and !e#ls
ro! the older boy+
A' lo%e youC .yungsoo #hispered$ but it #as so lo# and al!ost got lost in the !oans and hea%y breathing$
but /ongin still caught it+
>aybe it #as ho# rasping and sensual the older boyBs %oice sounded$ or !aybe it #as ho# ob%iously it #as
laced #ith lust$ or perhaps it #as si!ply the #ords the!sel%es that sent /ongin o the edge+ 0e got the
other one do#n ro! the cupboard but didnBt ha%e ti!e to !ake it to any co!ortable surace so the loor
#ould ha%e to do$ because he needed .yungsoo$ right no#+
.yungsoo hissed in pain as his back hit the loor #ith a thu!p$ but he didnBt co!plain+ /ongin #as orceully
undressing hi! in such a hurry that he al!ost ripped the clothes apart$ and it #as !o!ents like these
#hen /ongin cursed the !an #ho in%ented clothes at all+
Soon they #ere both naked and /ongin had no idea ho# it happened$ but or so!e reason he #as the one
lying on the cold surace #hile .yungsoo teasingly ran his tongue o%er the slit o /ongin(s erection+ 0is hand
gi%ing attention the the base beore he ully took all o /ongin in his !outh+ .yungsoo !oaned sotly #hich
sent shi%ers up /ongin(s spine+ -he younger boy couldn(t hold his %oice and sha!lelessly breathed his lo%er
na!e o%er and o%er+ .yungsoo used his tongue to add pressure to the head o /ongin(s cock and oh god$ he
#as so clsoe+ Where did .yungsoo learn to use his !outh like this< 't elt hea%enly+
.yungsoo stopped beore /ongin got the chance to get o$ and he let hi!sel s#itch positions #ith /ongin
again$ only to be let on the loor alone #hile the younger one got up to get the lube+ /ongin #asn(t gone
or %ery long but it elt like hours to .yungsoo #ho #as lying naked on the loor+ When /ongin returned
there #as no ti!e to #aste$ breathy !oans and the sound o sloppy kissing illed the air and tuned out the
sound o /ongin uncapping the lube+
-hey #ere getting used to each other by no#+ .yungsoo rela)ing his legs as /ongin #as on his knees and
prepared hi!$ and it didn(t hurt any!ore+ 1nly pleasure as /ongin !o%ed his ingers in and out o hi!+
.yungsoo #as stroking hi!sel as /ongin added lube to his o#n length and /ongin nearly ca!e at the sight+
"or a !o!ent he #ondered ho# it #as possible or a single hu!an being to ha%e so !uch se) appeal and
look so ucking good naked$ but as he pushed hi!sel inside o his boyriend$ his !ind natrally stopped
.yungsoo(s legs #ere securely #rapped around the #aist o his lo%er and he leaned hi!sel up on his
elbo#s+ /ongin #as holding on to .yungsoo(s thighs as i his lie depended on it$ and #atched as the older
!ale(s chest hea%ed up and do#n 4uickly and breathy !oans escaped his lungs+ -he sight #as so beautiul
and thrilling$ and it only added to his pleasure to kno# that this !an #as his in e%ery #ay possible+
.yungsoo let one o his hands #rap around his o#n neglected !e!ber and stroke hi!sel in the ryth! o
/ongin(s thrusts+ 0is head ell back and e%erything #as e)posed to /ongin #ho gripped harder around his
lo%er(s thighs as i his sanity #ould slip i he lost grip$ and !aybe it #ould+
-he older !ale spilled the #hite li4uid all o%er his sto!ach and tensed up around /ongin #ho #as still
thrusting inside o hi!$ rocking hi! through his ecstacy+ /ongin(s legs #ere tre!bling as he ca!e$ and he let
hi!sel untagle his legs ro! underneath hi! and all do#n on .yungsoo #ho #as still catching his breath+
When his chest touched .yungsoo(s the #hite seeds contributed to !aking a splatting sound #hich caused
the! both to start laughing$ albeit the e)haustion+
8-hat(s disguisting+8 .yungsoo breathed+
8Shut up+++8 /ongin replied as he nustled his ace in the crook o .yungsoo(s neck+
8=et o$ you(re choking !e+8
8'n a !inute+8
8No$ no#+8 .yungsoo said as he tried to push the taller one o o hi!+ /ongin inally got up #ith a groan o
both disappoint!ent and e)haustion+
-hey #ere both #oken up by the sound o .yungsoo(s cellphone ringing+ Which #as #eird and ga%e the!
both a bad eeling+ 't #as 1 a+!$ but the thing is that .yungsoo ne%er ga%e his nu!ber to anyone$ so #ho
#ould call hi! at such an ungodly hour<
80ello<8 .yungsoo(s rasping %oice said to the unkno#n caller+ /ongin #as kissing his shoulder and trying to
all back asleep+
8.yungsoo+++8 said a a!iliar %oice that /ongin couldn(t place+
-he older boy shot up ro! the bed and #as dressed in less than a !inute+ /ongin got #orried and hurried
up to ask hi! #hat(s going on+
8>y dad+++8 .yungsoo said+
8'(ll go #ith you98 /ongin tried but .yungsoo shook his head and kissed hi! sotly+
8'(ll be ine$ see you at school+8
8,on(t disappear on !e+8 /ongin begged as he gripped .yungsoo(s ar!+
8' pro!ise+8 .yungsoo replied #ith conidence+ /ongin let hi! go and listened as he #alked out o the roo!
and e%enually let the house+
2 hours late$ there #as a knock on the door and /ongin hurried to get it$ hoping it #ould be .yungsoo$ but
he #as !et #ith a !essed up looking Sehun$ rouled hair and puy red eyes+
8-he uck<8 /ongin breathed as he dragged the riend inside+ 8What happened to you< ?ou look like a
Sehun didn(t reply+ /ongin #alked the! both to the li%ing roo! and the t#o o the! popped do#n on the
80a%e you been crying<8 /ongin tried again$ although it #as ob%ious that he had+
8Can #e talk about -ao<8 Sehun #hispered+
8-ao did this to you< ' s#ear to god '(ll !ess hi! up so bad-8
8No9 't(s not like that+++ 't(s *ust+++8
8What<8 /ongin said #ith curious look+ Sehun sighed+
81h$ you like hi!<8 /ongin asked+
-ears #elled up in Sehun(s eyes but he tried to blink the! a#ay$ ailing !iserably and hot salt #ater burned
do#n his cheeks again+ /ongin put an ar! around his riend and !essed his hair up a little !ore+
8Nobody e%er likes !e back+8 Sehun sobbed and pulled the slee%es o his shirt do#n o%er his hands and
dried his tears #ith the stetched abric+ /ongin had no idea #hat he should say+
8'(! sorry+++8 #as all he could think o+ 8What happened<8
86%erybody *ust likes you+ ' s#ear /ongin you(re the reason or e%erything that(s !essed up in !y lie9
?ou(re not e%en there or !e #hen ' need a riend98 Sehun bla!ed #ith loud tear strained %oice+ 0e #as
hitting /ongin #ith ists$ but he #asn(t putting his heart in to it and it didn(t hurt+ /ongin kne# he kind o
deser%ed it though+
8' thought this #as about -ao<8 /ongin asked+
8't is+ 1h god$ it is+ 6%erything in !y lie is so!eho# about hi! lately+8 Sehun cried+
80e doesn(t eel the sa!e<8
8' don(t ucking kno#98
8-hen #hy are you crying< /ust ask hi!+8
8't(s not that easy$ /ongin+ ?ou(re such a shitty riend ' s#ear+ ' don(t e%en kno# #hy ' bother #ith you+ 0ad
you not been so busy #ith .yungsoo all year$ you #ould(%e understood+8
/ongin elt really crappy about hi!sel+ 0e kne# he(d been a really shitty riend to Sehun$ he *ust hadn(t
been e)pecting the other to eel this bad about it+ 0e #anted to apologi&e$ but #hat good #ould it do<
6%entually$ Sehun cal!ed do#n and /ongin #alked hi! ho!e+ -hey didn(t really speak about the
heartbreaking things any!ore+ -hey #ere *ust *oking and talking like they al#ays did$ and it elt good+
Sehun e%en said it helped and that he elt better+ /ongin properly apologi&ed but Sehun e)cused hi! saying
that nobody controls their eelings+ 0e took a !ental note to hi!sel to ne%er take Sehun or granted again$
and to gi%e -ao a good ucking punch the ne)t ti!e he see hi!+
0is night beca!e a bit easier to bear #hen he ca!e back ho!e and ound his stranded boyriend sitting on
the stairs+ /ongin s!iled and #alked up to the hal sleeping boy+ 0e #alked pass hi! to unlock the door and
.yungsoo grabbed his pants+
8?ou #ere gone+8 .yungsoo said #ith sleepy %oice+
8?eah$ Sehun ca!e by+ What #as #ith your dad<8
8' don(t #ant to talk about it+8
/ongin helped hi! inside and they collapsed on his bed+ -he clock on the night stand said I+3O+ =ood thing
it #as Saturday+ /ongin traced his ingers o%er the e)posed skin on his boyriend #ho slept in a t-shirt and
bo)ers+ 0e touched a rough surace that didn(t eel like the sot skin .yungsoo usually has+ -he !ale hissed
in his sleep and stirred a little$ but didn(t #ake up+
0e reached or his phone and let the light ro! the display #ork as a lashlight to get a look at #hat it #as+
>aybe he shouldn(t ha%e been surprised to ind a bruise there$ but it did catch hi! o guard and he pulled
.yungsoo closer+ Ar!s #rapped securely around hi! and trying to push the tears a#ay+ 0e kne# #hat had
happened$ but he didn(t kno# #hy .yungsoo #ouldn(t talk about it+ Not that it really !attered$ because
.yungsoo rarely talked about things and /ongin #as used to that+ 0e *sut #ished that .yungsoo could li%e
an easier lie than this+
8'(ll take care o you+8 0e pro!ised and kissed the cro#n o .yungsoo(s head+
Chapter 11
A change o heart
't(s not that /ongin #as particularly angry #ith -ao$ it(s *ust that #hen he sa# hi! at school the ne)t
>onday$ he #as re!inded o the !idnight %isit that Sehun had payed hi! and although it #as !ostly
about hi! being a shitty riend$ there #as also so!ething about -ao that had hurt his riend+ So basically$
/ongin #as *ust taking care o his riend because riends look out or each other$ right<
-hat(s ho# he e)cused hi!sel #hile catching -ao o guard and punching hi! in the ace+ -he #hole
corridor stopped !o%ing and e%eryone #as staring at the!+ Not because /ongin #as in a ight again+ 1r
that -ao #as in a ight again+ -hat #as all part o e%eryday lie+ What #asn(t part o e%eryday lie #as /ongin
punching -ao$ because lately they had beco!e riends and people pay attention to those kind o details+
-ao see!ed to be *ust as surprised as the audience #as+ 0e #as staring at /ongin #hile co%ering his nose
#ith his hand+ ,a!n that punch had hurt+
8,ude$ #hat the uck<8 -ao said and al!ost chuckled$ he couldn(t belie%e /ongin #ould punch hi!+ 8'
thought #e #ere past all this<8
/ongin punched hi! again+ -ao stu!bled but /ongin caught hi! by the neck+ 0e #as too angry to speak and
kicked -ao in the sto!ach and elt so!e#hat satisied #hen the older !ale #as grunting in pain+ -ao #as
starting to get angry as #ell$ and got ree ro! /ongin(s grip only to push hi! in to the lockers behind the!+
/ongin hissed and shut his eyes closed #hen he elt one o the locks dig in to his back+ -he older on held
/ongin trapped against the lockers by pressing his under ar! against /ongin(s throat+
8Care to e)plain this<8 -ao de!anded+
80e #as crying+8 /ongin grunted+
85ecause o you+ ?ou ucking bastard+8
-ao sighed hea%ily and !o!entarily released /ongin+ 0e pressed gently on the bridge o his nose as i he
#as i!plying he #as dealing #ith idiots+ -hen he punched /ongin in the sto!ach+
8We both kno# that you(re the real %illain here$ /ongin+ ,on(t !ess #ith !e$ ' probably kno# !ore about
hi! than you do and you(%e kno#n hi! or so !uch longer so you should be asha!ed+8 -ao(s #ords stung
like kni%es in /ongin$ but he reused to ad!it that the older !ight actually be right+
8?ou piece o shit98 /ongin yelled and launched at hi!+
81h$ please+8 -ao easily dodged hi!$ and landed a deense punch on the other so that he stu!bled back+
/ongin gently touched his lip and his ingers got s!eared #ith blood+
8Stop it98 So!eone screa!ed and the t#o boys both turned their head to look at the de%astated blonde
boy #ho #ere staring at the! #ith tears in the corners o his eyes+
8Sehun$ '-8 /ongin started+
8No98 Sehun interrupted+ 8Could you *ust stop< /ongin$ you kno# nothing9 ' already talked it out #ith -ao$
it(s ine98
8Well$ #hy didn(t you tell !e<98 /ongin yelled back+
8?ou ne%er tell !e anything either$ re!e!ber< ?ou(re too busy ucking around #ith your boyriend98
/ongin honestly didn(t !ean to do it+ 't #as *ust the adrenaline ro! ighting -ao$ along #ith the rustration$
and anger+ >ostly he #as angry #ith hi!sel$ and !aybe he had only picked a ight #ith -ao because he
kne# he deser%ed to get punched+ 5ut he had ne%er !eant or things to turn out like this+ 't #as as i the
#hole #orld #ent !ute or a e# seconds$ or as i the earth stopped spinning+ 6%eryone held their breaths$
adding to the thick silence+
Sehun(s gasp or air #as #hat pulled /ongin back to reality and he stared at the boy #ho he had punched so
hard in the sto!ach that he le# in to the lockers+ 0is eyes #ere #ide open and he practically le# to
Sehun(s aid+
8'(! so sorry9 ' didn(t !ean to-9 ' *ust lost control and--98 /ongin #as apologi&ing #hile trying to pull his
riend to an upright position+ -ao sho%ed hi! a#ay+
8=et o hi!98 he yelled and #rapped his ar! possessi%ely around Sehun to help hi! stand+ -he youngest
coughed a e# ti!es but tried to assure the ighters that he #as ine+
8Sehun+++ '(! so sorry+++8 /ongin #hispered+
8' kno#$ /ongin+ ?ou didn(t !ean it+ 't(s ok+8 Sehun said and orced a s!ile+
-ao helped Sehun get to the nurse and let /ongin standing in the corridor #ith a cracked lip and !ultiple
bruises+ 0e didn(t care though+ 0e had *ust in*ured his best riend+ 0e kne# or sure that the punch had
been pretty hard$ the #ay he(d punch -ao$ or .yungsoo+ 5ut they #ere dierent+ -hey could take it+ Sehun
#as so s!all+ /ongin pause at the thought+ Sehun #as incredibly thin and the orce behind his punch #as
probably a hundred ti!es !ore than his body could handle+
/ongin buried his ace in his hands and !assaged it sotly+ What #as he going to do no#< Would Sehun
e%er orgi%e hi! ater this<
0e elt a hand on his shoulder and looked up+ /ongin !et eyes #ith beautiul round eyes laced #ith a
#orried look+ 7ale skin that contrasted perectly #ell #ith pink$ plu!p lips #hich #ere cur%ed up slightly to
a s!ile+ A light chuckle escaped the older !ale(s lungs+
8What(s so unny<8 /ongin asked$ rustrated and really not in the !ood or .yungsoo(s shit+
8?ou s!eared blood all o%er your ace+ ?ou look like you *ust ate so!eone+8 0e s!iled+ "ucking uck$ #hen
.yungsoo s!iled$ i that #asn(t the !ost precious thing in the #orld then /ongin didn(t kno# #hat #as+ 0e
*ust stared at his boyriend in a#e+
8;et(s get you cleaned up+8 .yungsoo said and steered the! to#ard the !en(s roo!+ 0e sat /ongin do#n
on the loor and #et a e# pieces o paper to clean the blood+
80e probably hates !e no#+8 /ongin sighed+
8' doubt that+8 .yungsoo said+ /ongin both lo%ed and hated ho# !ature he see!ed right no#+
8?ou don(t understand98 0e yelled like a child+ 8' punched !y best riend98
8' #as beating the shit out o so!eone ' lo%e or o%er a year$ so yes ' do understand+ 0e(ll orgi%e you+8
8;ike hell he(ll orgi-- so!eone you lo%e<8 /ongin interrupted hi!sel+ .yungsoo si!ply s!iled and hu!!ed
barely audible in response+
-he blood #as !ostly gone and they re!ained silent+ .yungsoo leaned in and kissed /ongin(s orehead+
8/ongin<8 .yungsoo started+
8?eah<8 /ongin #hispered in response+
8;et(s not ight any!ore+8
8What<8 Surprise #as all o%er /ongin(s e)pression+
8Not #ith each other$ or anyone else+8
8' need to get !y grades up and not get kicked out o school+8
8Since #hen do you care<8 /ongin al!ost laughed+
8Since you+8 .yungsoo(s ace #as so serious that /ongin didn(t dare to laugh+
8' don(t understand+8
8'(%e gotten a better paid part ti!e *ob+ ' #as at an inter%ie# that day$ #hen ' #as late+ ' got the *ob+ ' ' can
graduate like a good boy$ then ' can get an apart!ent and-8
85ut you(re li%ing #ith !e$ don(t you #ant that<8 /ongin interrupted$ but .yungsoo !erely continued
e)plaining hi!sel+
8-and you can co!e li%e #ith !e+ /ust the t#o o us+ -ogether+8
/ongin s!iled #idely+
8So++ ;et(s *ust+++ 5e good boys and do #hat #e(re told$ okay<8 .yungsoo said and held out his pinky inger+
8?ou kno# you see! all tough and cool but you(re really a sot$ cheesy dork+8 /ongin said+ -he older !ale
licked /ongin(s orehead+
81uch9 No ighting98 /ongin teased+
.yungsoo leaned in and caught /ongin(s botto! lip #ith his teeth+
8Ah++ 0yung+++ 't hurts98 /ongin tried+ .yungsoo snickered and kissed hi! sotly+
-hey(re lying in bed$ .yungsoo resting on /ongin(s bare chest #hile the younger strokes his hair+ /ongin
stares at the ceiling$ thinking about that past night #hen .yungsoo had disappeared+ 0e sneaks a peak at
the !an resting on his chest$ .yungsoo(s eyes are closed but /ongin can tell he isn(t sleeping+ 0is breathing
rhyth! changes #hen he sleeps$ /ongin kno#s that+ 5ut he decides to ask any#ay+
8Soo$ are you sleeping<8
8?es+8 .yungsoo replies and /ongin chuckles+
8-he other night+++ What did your dad #ant<8
0e eels the other sighing deeply$ and he kno#s this is hard to talk about$ but /ongin so badly #ants to
kno#+ Wants to help+
8>oney+8 .yungsoo replies in a #hisper+
80e called because he had been in an accident$ sort o+ ' don(t kno# the details because ' thought he #ould
e)plain #hen ' got there+++ 5ut he only #anted !oney or (!edicine(+ ' kno# he(ll only use it or alcohol so '
reused+8 .yungsoo(s body had gone tense and /ongin kne# #ithout hi! e)plaining #hat had happened
ater that+ /ongin hugged the !an tight and kissed the cro#n o his head+
8'(! sorry+8 /ongin #hispered+ .yungsoo nustled his ace in the younger(s chest+
8't(s not your ault+8 -he older !u!bled+
8Can ' ask so!ething else<8 /ongin #ondered and he elt .yungsoo nod+ 8' ha%e detention$ but you are also
late ho!e+ Why<8
.yungsoo stirred and it #as ob%ious that the 4uestion had !ade hi! a#k#ard+ 5ut the younger #aited
patiently or a reply+
8' ha%e to take a kind o+++ 7unish!ent class+ 5ecause '(%e caused a lot o trouble+ -hey(re orcing !e and
threatening to ail !e i ' don(t attend+ And ' need to graduate so ' can get a better *ob+8 .yungsoo speaks
4uickly$ as i /ongin #on(t ask any !ore i he inds out aster+
87unish!ent class< Sounds kinky+8 /ongin teases+
8't(s not like that+++8 .yungsoo tries$ but still doesn(t #ant to re%eal anything else+ /ongin has his !ind set on
inding out the truth though$ so the older !ale(s atte!pts to change the sub*ect ails+
8-ell !e<8 /ongin says as he shits so that he(s ho%ering o%er the s!aller !an+ 't(s dark but he kno#s
.yungsoo(s ace too #ell already so he still consider it as seeing hi!+
8No+8 .yungsoo reuses+
/ongin starts to kiss his neck$ licking sotly at the skin and collarbone+ 0e keeps repeating ho# he #ant(s
.yungsoo to tell hi!$ but ro! ti!e to ti!e he orgets #hat he(s e%en asking about+ 5ecause .yungsoo(s
skin is so sot$ and he s!ells like /ongin(s sha!poo #hich holds a s!all le%el o possessi%eness that /ongin
en*oys+ -he older begs hi! to stop through #hispers and #hines$ his body ho#e%er does not play along
#ith his #ords and he arches a little in to /ongin because his neck is so sensiti%e+
0e !anages to o%er-po#er the younger one and their positions s#itch+ 5oth o the! laugh sotly and
.yungsoo leans do#n to kiss /ongin(s lips+ 0is ingertips trace o%er the toned body under hi! and /ongin(s
breath hitches+
8Why #on(t you tell !e<8 /ongin #hines+ 8' thought ' #as your husband$ you should tell !e e%erything+8
8No$ irst o all$ you(re the #ie+ '(! the !an+ And it(s not a big deal+8
8Are you cheating on !e< ?ou stupid pig98 /ongin teases+
8' take it back+ ?ou(re not the #ie$ you(re the kid+8 .yungsoo says #hile rolling o the younger+
8Where are you going<8
8;et !e co!e #ith you<8 /ongin says as he sits up+
80yuuuuungN+8 -he younger #hines again$ but his only reply is the closure o his bedroo! door+
.yungsoo is sure he shouldn(t be surprised by no#$ but #hen /ongin barges in to the bathroo! and al!ost
thro#s .yungsoo out o the sho#er so that he hits the #all$ he is taken o guard+ -he younger !an is still
ully dressed and the slee%e o his shirt beca!e #et ro! pulling the older out+ .yungsoo lets out a hea%y
sigh to #hich /ongin only s!irks+
0e launches hi!sel to#ards .yungsoo and presses hi! up to the cold #all and bites at the older(s botto!
lip as .yungsoo hisses ro! the cold surace that his skin is pressed against+
8/ongin$ '(! naked+8 .yungsoo states coldly+
8' kno#+ 'sn(t it great<8 /ongin teases #hile kissing the older(s neck+
8We(re done ighting+ ,idn(t ' tell you<8
8' pro!ise not to ight in school+8 0e pauses to create a bruising hickey on the older(s collarbone+ 8And '
#on(t lea%e !arks #here anyone can see+ ,eal<8
.yungsoo !e#ls and pushes /ongin a#ay+ 0e !akes sure to push e)tra hard so that the younger one
stu!bles in under the still running #ater in the sho#er$ and then 4uickly ollo#s ater+ 0e(s on his toes and
kissing /ongin #hile undressing hi!$ #hich is a task !ore diicult #hen the soaked abric sticks stubbornly
to the younger(s skin+ Ater unbuttoning !ost o the other(s shirt$ he rips the last part open so a e#
buttons pop$ he(ll i) that later+ Right no#$ top priority is to not be the only one naked+ /ongin gladly helps
to get his o#n pants o$ #hich probably #ould ha%e been i!possible or .yungsoo due to the hea%iness o
the abric #hen #et+
As the older one pull /ongin(s pants o along #ith his bo)ers$ he s4uats$ and beore /ongin(s !ind could
e%er begin to grasp the situation$ .yungsoo takes the hal erect !e!ber in his !outh+ /ongin has to lean on
the cold #all behind hi! in order not to collapse ro! the intense pleasure+ -he heat o his body rises as
the older !ale bobs his head$ and /ongin is no longer sure i the #ater ro! the sho#er is #ar! or not
because e%erything eels cold against his heated skin+
A sot !oan dies in .yungsoo(s throat and the %ibrations send shi%ers through /ongin(s spine+
Chapter 12
At irst sight
#arningH top9soo
/ongin tug at .yungsoo(s hair to pull hi! up or a kiss+ 't(s !essy and #et along #ith e%erything else under
the steady run o #ater that alls on the!+ Neither o the! can breathe properly$ but it doesn(t
!atter+ /ongin takes .yungsoo(s !e!ber in hand and starts pu!ping hi!+ -he pace is slo# and not nearly
enough to satisy .yungsoo #ho #hi!pers+
80urry up+8 he breathes as he rests his orehead against the crook o /ongin(s neck+ 0is eyes are shut close$
trying to get the !ost out o the pleasure /ongin is gi%ing hi!+
/ongin s!iles and paces up *ust a little+ 5eore .yungsoo eels hi!sel getting too close$ he
turns /ongin around so that the !an leans #ith his chest agains the #all+ .yungsoo orceully pushes t#o
ingers inside /ongin(s !outh as he kisses the !an(s shoulder+ 0e grinds his naked !e!ber
against /ongin(s skin and the younger !an groans+ .yungsoo starts pu!ping /ongin(s !e!ber to distract
hi! or a !inute$ because he kno#s this #ill be painul$ and that /ongin hasn(t really agreed to anything
yet$ not that he cares+
80yung+++8 /ongin breathes and .yungsoo can hear a protest co!ing+ 8'(! not going to++-8
8Shut up+8 .yungsoo silences hi! and bites the tan shoulder+ As /ongin gasps$ the older sei&es opportunity
to #ithdra# his ingers ro! the other(s !outh and press it near the younger(s entrance+ 0e #hispers a
sharp this is going to hurt$ beore pressing t#o ingers inside #ithout urther #arning$ .yungsoo #asn(t
patient enough to play kind+ /ongin #inces and punches his hand against the #all$ trying to choke
the painilled -and e)tre!ely un!anly- #hi!per that threatens to lea%e his lips+ Although .yungsoo #ould
ne%er ad!it to #hat a co!plete botto! he is$ he inds satisaction in kno#ing #ell #hat angles #ork the
best and prays that si!ilar angles #ill do hea%enly things to his lo%er as #ell+
-he younger one struggles to think about so!ething other than the unco!ortable eeling in his lo#er
back+ -hankully$ .yungsoo still has his other hand on /ongin(s cock but he(s !o%ing too slo# as
usual+ /ongin #ants to co!plain about it but *ust as he opens his !outh to %erbali&e his
thoughts$ .yungsoo brushes his inside at a di%ine angle and instead o #ords$ the younger !ale !oans+
.yungsoo stops or a !o!ent$ at irst not sure #hat happened because #ho kne# /ongin #as such a %ocal
at heart+
8Well$ that #as ne#+8 .yungsoo says #ith teasing tone+ -he younger one #ould shoot back a sassy
co!!ent$ but right no#$ re!aining standing #as so!ething that took all his ocus+ -he pain and #onderul
sensation #as going to dri%e hi! insane and he #asn(t e%en a#are o his pleading or .yungsoo to take
hi!$ until the older one snickered+
While .yungsoo !o!entarily retreated ro! /ongin(s backside to grab the lube ro! the bathroo!
cabinet$ /ongin took a step a#ay ro! the #all$ partly to sa%e hi!sel but also to allo# .yungsoo better
access to all o his body+ -heir height dierence taken in to account$ /ongin #ould ha%e to bend or#ard a
bit and he #asn(t sure he #as co!ortable #ith that+ 0e conte!plated i !aybe he should *ust
tell .yungsoo he #asn(t up or it$ but he !ust(%e spent too !uch ti!e thinking about it because a ir! hand
gripped his neck and pushed hi! or#ard$ orcing hi! to bend and he elt .yungsoo(s t#itching !e!ber
brush against hi!+
/ongin #ould ne%er out loud ad!it ho# !uch he liked this do!inant side o .yungsoo+
0e could(%e ne%er ully prepared hi!sel or the penetration$ but he #ould(%e appreciated a #arning
beore .yungsoo pushed the head o his lubed cock inside /ongin+ -he younger punched the #all once !ore
and groaned through gritted teeth+ 't #as painul and slo# but /ongin ound that he #ouldn(t #ant it any
other #ay either+ -he older !ale had paused$ because he #as not heartless and he #anted his boyriend to
get used to hi! beore they continued+ .yungsoo held one hand on /ongin(s hip and the other tra%eled to
stroke his cock again$ he #anted to get past the painul part so that he could ully ocus on gi%ing /ongin the
best uck he(d e%er ha%e+
-he sensation o being stretched by the !an he lo%es as said !an si!ultaneously strokes hi!
causes /ongin to push hi!sel back until .yungsoo is ully sheated inside hi!+ .yungsoo let out a !e#l in
surprise and satisaction+ /ongin elt so tight and #ar! around hi! and he al!ost lost hi!sel at that
!o!ent+ 0e no longer cares about being gentle or kind to /ongin$ he leans in to nibble at the younger(s ear
lobe but accidentally -or !aybe it(s intentional but he isn(t sure about anything any!ore- bites it too hard+
0e(s still stroking /ongin(s cock and it see!s that /ongin(s patience has also run up+
8>o%e+++ --7lease+++ 0yung+++- 1h god please !o%e+8 /ongin breathes hea%y #hile trying to push hi!sel back
e%en urther+
.yungsoo can(t but oblige+ 0e pulls al!ost ull out beore thrusting or#ard again+ ;oud gasps escape the
younger(s lungs as .yungsoo repeats the sa!e thing a e# ti!es$ slo#ly$ because he lo%es teasing /ongin+
0e lo%es that /ongin is pushing back$ trying to !atch his !o%e!ents to .yungsoo(s$ and he lo%es ho#
tight /ongin is$ and he lo%es the sot !oans that lea%e his lips+
8=od ucking da!nit$ Soo+++-8 /ongin grunts bet#een the pantings+ 8"aster+++- ' need+++-- ' need !ore+++98
-he older decides that it is inally ti!e to stop teasing+ 0e pulls back slo#ly but sla!s in to his boyriend
hard #hen he thrusts or#ard+ -he !o%e catches /ongin o guard and he has to le) his !uscles in order
not to hit his head against the cold #all he(s leaning against+ .yungsoo keeps pounding in to hi!
and /ongin(s *a# drops open and he can(t hold his %oice back+ Concentration solely i)ed on re!aining
standing because uck .yungsoo is doing e%erything so right /ongin barely e%en re!e!bers e%er eeling any
When .yungsoo grabs /ongin(s hips in a bruising !anner in order to go deeper$ and harder$ /ongin cries out
in ecstasy because oh god that !ust(%e been his prostate+ 0e breathes !ore$ !ore$ !ore$ bet#een the
!oans and he grasps at the #all in %ain$ trying to ind so!ething solid to hold on to because he eel he
!ight collapse soon+ -he older !ale #raps an ar! around his #aist to keep hi! standing$ /ongin can no
longer keep up #ith the erratic thrusts and unintentionally spreads his legs a bit urther in a co!plete sign
o sub!ission+ 0e rests his head against the #all$ o%er#hel!ed #ith e!otions and endorphins that are
racing through his body straight to his already leaking !e!ber+
0e hears the older !ale groan and !oan and he kno#s .yungsoo is *ust as close as he is$ because
e%en .yungsoo ha%e start tre!bling and it(s not long beore he can eel .yungsoo tensing and he kno#s
that he(s co!ing inside o hi!+ With a e# !ore hard -e)tra hard because .yungsoo is ucking hi!sel dry
inside o /ongin- and /ongin co!es #ith a screa! o .yungsoo(s na!e+ 0is %oice cracks and his legs gi%e
a#ay #hile he(s shooting #hite li4uid on the #all he(s leaning on+
.yungsoo pulls out and all to the loor+ 0is !uscles are tense and #orn out$ breath une%en and eyes still
burning #ith lust and need+ /ongin doesn(t resist #hen his body drops to the loor ne)t to .yungsoo+ 0e
looks in to the older(s eyes and s!irks contently+ 0e(s ne%er going to ad!it ho# !uch he lo%ed this$ but
so!ething tells hi! .yungsoo already kno#s any#ay+ -he shorter one con*ures up enough strength to
straddle his e)hausted boyriend and kiss hi!$ once !ore interrupting their intake o o)ygen+
8-he #ater has turned cold+8 /ongin co!plains+
8' kno#+ 't(s nice isn(t it+8 .yungsoo breathes as he bites /ongin(s botto! lip+ 0e starts licking and kissing his
#ay to /ongin(s ear beore #hispering+ 8We(re going to do this a lot !ore ro! no# on+8
A %ery un!anly and e!barrassing #hine o agree!ent escapes /ongin beore he can stop it+ 0e
eels .yungsoo s!iling and his heart s#ells+
't(s the second #eek o detention and /ongin still hasn(t #ritten a single #ord in the essay he(s supposed to
#rite$ about #hy he is ighting+ 't(s not that /ongin doesn(t #ant to -#ell$ he doesn(t but still-$ he has tried
really hard to co!e up #ith so!ething+ Anything+ 5ut #ords *ust #on(t lo# #ell or hi! and he can(t e%en
igure out a #ay to start+
0e ca!e clean to his teacher$ saying that since he accidentally punched his best riend$ he decided not to
ight any!ore$ and that he can(t describe #hy he did it beore$ because he(s not good #ith #ords+ 0is
teacher see!ed understanding but still #ouldn(t let hi! get a#ay so easily+ 0o#e%er he did agree to
let /ongin out o detention on one condition+ -o #hich /ongin happily replied that he #ould do anything+
-hat$ #as the biggest !istake o his lie+
So there he #as$ hand on the door knob$ but still couldn(t ind the strength to open the door+ 7oetry class+
' he does this$ there(s no turning back+ ' anyone e%er inds out$ /ongin(s reputation as a bad boy #ill get
shattered to pieces$ not to speak o ho# .yungsoo #ill ne%er shut up about it+ 0e(s still hesitating as he
inally pulls the door open+ 0e shouldn(t be surprised that e%eryone is staring at hi!+ 0e is hal an hour late
ater all+ -he teacher see!s to kno# he(s co!ing and in%ites hi! to take a seat$ and so!ething about
ha%ing a #ord #ith hi! ater class+ /ongin doesn(t hear it though$ his eyes are etched on the person staring
at hi! like he *ust kicked a puppy+ /ongin doesn(t need to see anything else than those eyes or the rest o
the #orld to tune out or hi!+ Although .yungsoo is seated in the back o class and is the urthest a#ay
ro! /ongin$ he still only sees .yungsoo+ -here(s a silence$ although !aybe so!eone #as speaking
but /ongin didn(t hear+ 0e *ust stares in to .yungsoo(s #ide eyes+
0e also breaks do#n laughing because ,o .yungsoo$ the school(s badass$ is sitting in poetry class$ taking
notes on top o that and the #hole scenario is *ust so gay and hilarious and /ongin orgets the act that he is
also there+ -he teacher sternly coughs and tells /ongin once !ore to take a seat+ /ongin agrees and tries to
choke his laughter+ 0e doesn(t dare turn around or the re!aining GI !inutes o class because he(s
scare .yungsoo !ight actually see hi!$ and he(d hate that$ although it is ine%itable since .yungsoo is sitting
right behind hi!+
8' didn(t kno# you #ere in to poetry+8 .yungsoo teases as they lea%e the classroo!+
8' could say the sa!e to you+8 /ongin tries to sound conident but it sounds ake e%en to hi!sel+
8't(s !y punish!ent class+ 6%erybody kno#s '(! only there because ' caused a lot o trouble+ ?ou$ on the
other hand$ *ust #alked in by your o#n ree #ill+ -hat(s kind o gay actually+8
/ongin pushes .yungsoo against the #all and the older grunts+
8?ou like !y dick stuck up your ass$ that is also kind o gay+8 /ongin #hispers+ .yungsoo grabs the tie o his
unior! and pulls /ongin do#n or a sloppy kiss$ not caring #ho is #atching+
8;ast ti!e ' checked it #as !y dick up your ass and you #ere screa!ing !y na!e and begging !e or !ore
so---8 .yungsoo starts but /ongin cuts hi! o #ith kisses+ 0e closes his eyes and hopes
that .yungsoo doesn(t see the blush on his cheeks$ because that #ould be e%en !ore e!barrassing than
ad!itting ho# !uch he liked it+
/ongin can(t re!e!ber #hen he last elt his lie all in to place like this beore+ 6%erything *ust see!s to be
lo#ing perectly+ 0e hasn(t gotten detention$ although he still has to take the poetry classes$ and although
he hasn(t #ritten anything yet$ he has co!e to appreciate listening to the #ords o other(s+
While .yungsoo is #orking at his part ti!e *ob$ /ongin inds ti!e to be around his parents$ #ho greatly
appreciate the change in their son(s beha%ior+ No !ore phone calls ro! school$ no !ore patching up a
bruised body+ Although it #as a bit too late or /ongin to get good grades again$ at least he #asn(t risking to
ail any classes any!ore+ Not e%en history -although he(d barely !ake it$ it still counts+
0is parents #ere proud o hi!+ And they #ere also proud o .yungsoo #ho #as #orking and studying like a
!aniac+ /ongin actually so!eti!es elt a hint o *ealousy about ho# his parents #ould praise .yungsoo all
the ti!e$ and ho# his !other #ould pack an e)tra set o lunch so that .yungsoo had so!ething to eat at
#ork+ 5ut as soon as he sa# the look o co!plete and utter gratitude and happiness on his boyriend(s ace$
all such thoughts %anished+ 5ecause s!iling .yungsoo #as better than any other -e)cept !aybe
do!inant .yungsoo$ but /ongin ne%er spoke o that+
-he only thing that bothered hi! #as #hen .yungsoo #ould co!e ho!e late ro! #ork+ 0e kne# the !an
could handle hi!sel$ but he hated alling asleep alone$ so albeit .yungsoo(s constant nagging about ho#
he shouldn(t #ait up or hi!$ /ongin still did+ 0e #ould pretend to be asleep #hen the older entered the
roo!$ *ust to sneak a peek as .yungsoo undressed and tried his best to be as 4uiet as possible+ 't #as cute+
When .yungsoo ca!e to bed$ /ongin #ould !ake his a#aken state kno#n by kissing the other and sotly
running ingers o%er the sot !ilky skin+ .yungsoo #ould spend a !inute or t#o trying to
con%ince /ongin not to stay a#ake or hi!$ although he kne# /ongin #ould ne%er listen+
>aybe it all see!ed !onotone ro! the outside$ but /ongin had ne%er been happier$ and he couldn(t e%er
i!agine hi!sel being happier either+
0e #as running late to poetry class$ again+ And !aybe i he hadn(t been running$ he #ouldn(t ha%e bu!ped
in to Sehun so %iolently$ but as it stands$ they #ere both alling to the loor due to the
i!pact+ Sehun !uttered a lo# '(! sorry$ to #hich /ongin 4uickly said that it #asn(t his ault and
that /ongin #as the one #ho #as sorry+
-he silence bet#een the! #ere a#k#ard+ -hey hadn(t really had the chance to talk to each other
since /ongin accidentally punched hi!+ -hrough ru!ors he had ound out that Sehun and -ao #ere a
thing+ /ongin #as genuinely happy or his riend$ because i anyone deser%ed happiness it #as 1h Sehun+ A
hint o guilt pierced through /ongin because he really hadn(t been a good riend lately+ 0e tried to e)plain
hi!sel to the other$ but Sehun si!ply s!iled and said that it(s ok+ 7eople gro# apart+ /ust because they
don(t see each other e%ery day doesn(t !ean they(re not still best riends+
/ongin pro!ised he(d co!e o%er to Sehun(s place later that aternoon$ ater the poetry class$
but /ongin didn(t !ention that part+ .yungsoo #ould be #orking any#ay so it(s not like he #ould be
!issed+ -hey e)changed s!iles beore /ongin suddenly re!e!bered that he #as still late$ and ran o+
When /ongin entered the classroo!$ nobody #as looking any!ore+ -hey #ere used to it+ 6%en the teacher
#as used to it and as /ongin took his seat in ront o .yungsoo$ the teacher briely illed hi! in on #hat they
#ere doing+ -hey #ere #riting$ or rather$ discussing$ ho# e!otions elt in their bodies+ A e# girls had
presented their thoughts on lust and lo%e$ but the boys -#hich #eren(t that !any$ belie%e it or not- had yet
to say a #ord to take part in the discussion+ -hat is o course$ apart ro! a e# i!!ature co!!ents about
Whene%er the teacher asked the! to ill so!ething in$ all the boys reused+ Nobody #anted to share their
eelings like that+ So /ongin si!ply en*oyed his silence and listened as the girls #ere struggling to ind the
prettiest set o #ords in their brain(s %ocabulary and !ake the! in to sentences+
80o# about you !r+ ,o<8 the teacher said+
8What<8 .yungsoo asked in shock+ 0e hadn(t e)pected to be asked so personally and #as taken o guard+
8What does lo%e eel like to you<8
.yungsoo thought about it$ !aybe or a !inute too long+ 5ut since he had been paying attention to the
girls( con%ersations$ he #as in the right !ood to actually say so!ething about that+ 0e #ondered
i /ongin #ould understand #hat it !eant+ 0e had #anted to say it so !any ti!es$ but ne%er ound the
opportunity or the proper #ords to use+ -his #as his chance+ -he thing he had al#ays #anted /ongin to
8;ike getting your ace sla!!ed in to a door+8 .yungsoo replied+
A #a%e o shi%ers le# o%er /ongin as he listened to .yungsoo(s reply+ 0e took in each #ord$ each syllable$
and etched it in his !e!ory in the e)act sa!e tone that .yungsoo had said the! in+
87lease e)plain+8 -he teacher said #ith conusion+
8Sudden+ @ne)pected+ Without #arning+ And it(s that kind o eeling$ you(ll ne%er orget+8
-he clock struck I and e%eryone got up ro! their chairs$ not !inding #hat .yungsoo had said+ 6%eryone
e)cept /ongin$ o course+ 0e #as in a state o trance and only snapped out o it because .yungsoo #ere
snapping his ingers in ront o his %ision+ /ongin looked up at hi! and a 4uestioning look #as plastered
on .yungsoo(s ace+
8-hat(s #hen you ell or !e<8 /ongin #hispered although he didn(t e%en reali&e the thought had let his
8At irst sight+8 .yungsoo said back+ -rying to re!ain his cool and not break in to a s!ile$ but it #as diicult+
0e turned around and started #alking$ !u!bling so!ething about ho# /ongin should hurry up or he(d be
let behind+ /ongin didn(t try to hide his s!ile though$ especially not #hen he sa# the blush on the older(s
ace that stretched all the #ay to his ears+
Chapter 13
0is pal!s #ere s#eaty$ his !outh #as dry and his heartbeats #ere racing+ /ongin kept pacing back and
orth$ trying to keep his !ind occupied but #ith no success+ -his #as probably the !ost stressul day o his
entire lie+
8=odda!nit /ongin9 Sit the uck do#n+8 Sehun hissed and tried to pull his riend do#n in to the seat ne)t to
8'(! sorry+ '(! *ust so ner%ous+ -his is !y one and only chance and ' don(t #ant to uck !y lie up *ust yet+8
/ongin said as he leaned back in the chair in deeat+
8?ou(ll do ok+ ?ou studied your ass o the entire ti!e+8
/ongin gro#led+
8?ou did study$ didn(t you<8 Sehun said as he raised an eyebro#+
8' studied++ ?eah+++ 5ut ' #as kind o distracted+8
85y #hat< ?ou li%e alone #ith your parents again$ and ' ha%en(t called you$ and ' kno# or a act that
.yungsoo has been busy lately because you ha%en(t stopped talking about it or a second+8
8Well$ ' kept thinking about #hat #ould happened i ' actually passed the test+ '(ll inally be able to see hi!
again you kno#+++8 /ongin trailed o+
8' kno#$ ' kno#+8 Sehun patted his riend on the back+
80e #orked so hard or !e+++ ' #ant to !ake hi! proud$ and ' #ant hi! to kno# that ' try hard or hi!
8'(! sure .yungsoo is already !ore than #ell a#are o your eelings or hi!+8
8' *ust really need to pass this entrance e)a!+8 /ongin sighed+
1nly 13 !inutes let until the results #ould be released+ 't #as the longest 13 !inutes o /ongin(s lie+
8So$ #hat #ill you do #hen you see hi!< 't(s been al!ost a year$ right< Wait$ don(t e%en tell !e+8 Sehun
8Actually$ he see!s to ha%e a neighbor #ho(s a bit too interested in hi!+ /un!yeon--- so!ething$ ' don(t
care$ but ' need to teach hi! a good ucking lesson about keeping his hands to hi!sel+8 /ongin said and
cursed /un!yeon(s na!e through gritted teeth+
8.yungsoo can handle hi!sel though+8 Sehun tried$ but it #as all in %ain+
8'(ll rip that /un!yeon guy(s throat out ' s#ear+ ' he as !uch as talks to .yungsoo '(ll ucking kill hi!+8
8?ou(ll go to *ail+8
8't(d be #orth it+8
8=od a! ' glad '(! not your boyriend+8
8Speaking o the de%il$ ho# is he any#ay<8
8"ine$ ' guess+8 Sehun ad!its+ 80e(s thinking about 4uitting his *ob and getting in to college to get a better
education and higher paid *ob+8
8?ou guys are so lucky+8 /ongin says en%iously+ 85oth o you ha%e the brains to be successul+8
8't(s not like you and .yungsoo are lacking in brain capacity$ /ongin+ ' you had *ust ocused on studying
instead o beating the crap out o each other and *ust dated like nor!al teenagers then you could ha%e a
decent *ob as #ell+8
8"irst o all$ there(s nothing #rong #ith not being nor!al+ And secondly$ and !ost i!portantly !ight ' add$
don(t talk about .yungsoo so riendly$ he(s !ine$ stay a#ay$ you(%e got your o#n+8
8'(! not ater your boyriend(s ass$ ucktard+ Stop being so possessi%e$ he !ight du!p your sorry dick or
so!eone #ho(s not a !aniac+8
/ongin #as about to reply #ith so!ething sassy$ but the clock inally signaled that the ti!e or the release
o the test results+ /ongin(s heart *u!ped and he dared not get up ro! his seat+ 0e had studied his ass o
or a year+ .yungsoo had !o%ed out and didn(t gi%e /ongin any address$ he did get the spare key though+ 0e
had no !eans to ind the older and they only spoke on the phone+ .yungsoo insisted that it #as best or
both o the!$ but /ongin hated it+ 't had !ade hi! in to a *ealous type o boyriend #ithout !eaning to+
.yungsoo al#ays spoke so ondly o his ne# neighbor and ho# his colleagues #ere treating hi! nicely+ 0is
boss see!ed really kind too+ Actually$ /ongin thought he see!ed a bit too kind or a boss+ 5ut .yungsoo
#anted /ongin to ocus on his studies$ and also or hi!sel to do #ell at his ne# *ob+ 't(s not that .yungsoo
and /ongin couldn(t be together #ithout physically abuse each other$ it(s *ust that+++ they couldn(t+
/ongin ser%ed the tea too hot$ and got slapped+
.yungsoo took too long in the bathroo!$ and /ongin bit hi! hard enough to dra# blood+
-heir ights al#ays ended the sa!e #ay+ 5oth o the! on the loor$ #restling and so!eho# undressing at
the sa!e ti!e+ ;ube #asn(t al#ays nearby and neither o the! had the ti!e or patience to go get it$ so it
usually also resulted in so!e soreness and inability to #alk properly+ Which #ould be !ocked by the other+
Which resulted in another ist ight+ And so!eho# they #ere naked again+
So !aybe .yungsoo #as right that they should spend /ongin(s last year in high school apart ro! each
other+ 't see!ed to ha%e payed o because .yungsoo had gotten an e!ploy!ent contract 2 !onths ago+
0e #as #orking as an assistant or so!e high up business !an that /ongin hadn(t bother to !e!ori&e+ 0e
didn(t really kno# #hat .yungsoo did e)actly$ e)cept illing schedules and returning phone calls+ 0e(d say
he cared$ but in all honesty he didn(t+ As long as .yungsoo #as happy #ith his *ob$ /ongin couldn(t care less
#hat the older !an did+
/ongin had also !ade i!pro%e!ents+ Sure$ so!e o his grades #ere beyond rescue$ but i he could *ust pass
this college entrance e)a! then he #ould be able to get in to econo!ics -he #as good at !ath ater all+
And then he could beco!e so!eone !ildly i!portant$ so!eone in need o an assistant$ so!eone like
.yungsoo+ /ongin s!iled to hi!sel #hile i!agining the scenario+ .yungsoo #alking in to his oice$ dressed
in a suit and looking %ery i!portant -although he #asn(t- and asking /ongin about so!ething i!portant$ like
a schedule change or #hate%er+ And then /ongin #ould push .yungsoo against the #all and kiss hi! all
o%er+ @ndressing hi! to e)pose !ore skin$ lea%ing !arks that no one could see but still !arked hi! as
/ongin(s+ -hey could spend e%ery day like that$ and it #ould ne%er get tiring+
8Are you not going to check your result<8 Sehun asked as he stepped in ront o /ongin(s %ision+
8What<8 /ongin asked$ una#are that ti!e had passed #hile he #as daydrea!ing about business !an
8' already got !y result+8 the younger said$ !atter o actly+
8?ou passed<8
81 course+ What did you e)pect<8 Sehun s!iled triu!phantly+
/ongin inhales deeply and gets up ro! the chair+ 0e #alks up to the co!puter and signs in on his student
account+ -he link to check the e)a! result is the irst one on the ne#s eed so he clicks it$ closing his eyes
#ithout e%en reali&ing it+ K3 out o 133+ -hat(s all he needs to pass+ K3+ /ongin #hispers #ith eyes still shut+
7lease be K3+
0e goes through the 4uestions that still stuck #ith his !e!ory$ trying to recall his ans#ers+ Were they
plausible< 0ad he scre#ed up e%erything< No+ 't(s only K3 points$ he should be able to ha%e at least that
Careully he opened his eyes$ not e%en caring about ho# long he(d been standing there+ 0e sa# Sehun
stare at hi! in his peripheral %ision and turned to look at his riend+
8What<8 0e said+
8"unny thing is ' sa# your result but you didn(t+8 Sehun says+ /ongin tries to read ro! his e)pression i he
had passed or not$ but Sehun has a %ery good poker ace and /ongin can(t tell+ 0e looks at the screen #ith
see!ed to had started the screen sa%er+ 5lack hid his result+ 0e 4uickly shook the co!puter !ouse to get
the bright screen on again+
-he nu!ber stared at hi!+ 1r rather$ screa!ed at hi!+ As i it kne# it #as i!portant+ 5ig black nu!bers
and a 8/1338 #ritten a bit s!aller ne)t to it+ /ongin(s knees #ent #eak and he elt like he had *ust lost 13
kilos o his shoulders+ An enor!ous a!ount o relie and happiness sho#ered o%er hi! and he s!iled
#idely at his riend+ Sehun looked proud as #ell+ 0e held up his hand in an in%ite or /ongin to high-i%e hi!$
#hich o course$ /ongin did happily+
8' #ould ask i you #ant to go out and celebrate but '(! guessing a certain doe-eyed hyung is #aiting or
you+8 Sehun s!iles+ /ongin nodded shyly+ 0e #anted to tell .yungsoo i!!ediately$ and Sehun understood+
-hey hugged each other goodbye beore /ongin rushed a#ay+
/ongin undid !ost o his unior! beore he e%en got inside the house+ 0e greeted his parents si!ply by
shouting the nu!ber$ earning hi! a congratulations$ son and #e(re so proud o you+ 0e didn(t ha%e ti!e to
chit chat #ith the!+ -he suitcase #as already placed in his roo! and he thre# so!e clothes in+ =rabbed a
to#el$ his toothbrush and si!ilar necessities$ the rest could #ait$ he(d !o%e his stu gradually$ but right
no# he needed to be so!e#here+ 0e took the spare key to the apart!ent that hung neatly on his #all$
ne)t to the calendar+
't took /ongin co!pletely packing his suitcase and running to the hall#ay and putting on his shoes$ al!ost
saying goodbye to his parents #hen it hit hi!+
80e hasn(t gi%en !e his address yet98 0e burst out+ 0is !other s!iled at hi!+ She thought it #as s#eet
ho# /ongin #as in such a hurry to see his boyriend that he had co!pletely orgotten that he didn(t e%en
kno# #here to ind hi!$ luckily she did+ She ga%e hi! an en%elope+
80e said to gi%e you this i you passed+8 She s!iled+ /ongin thre# his ar!s around her$ and his dad *oined in+
/ongin #hispered thank you(s all o%er$ saying he #ould co!e %isit oten and that he still had so!e things
let to !o%e+ All in good ti!e$ his ather said+ 0is !other pro!ised he and .yungsoo #as al#ays #elco!e
back i they e%er had inancial proble!s$ or i they *ust elt like it+
/ongin stepped outside beore he opened the en%elope+ 0e had e)pected it to say so!ething ro!antic$ like
a s!all !essage$ or so!ething encouraging$ but o course that #asn(t .yungsoo(s style at all+ -here #as
si!ply an address #ritten on it+
-he knock #as still echoing and /ongin(s heart #as pounding hard against his chest+ 0e tried to listen or
ootsteps or any sound on the other side o the door$ but nothing #as heard+ >aybe .yungsoo #as still at
#ork< Should /ongin *ust let hi!sel in< 0e had the key ater all+ /ongin couldn(t help but eel it #asn(t his
apart!ent yet ater all+ 0e hadn(t seen .yungsoo or a year$ so #hat i the older !an no longer #anted
the! to li%e together< Would he toss /ongin a#ay< ' /ongin hadn(t been so occupied #ith i!agining
horrible scenarios about being re*ected$ he #ould(%e heard the clicking sound o the door unlocking$ but as
it stands he #as caught o guard as ruled black hair hid the look o surprise on his boyriends ace+ 0e #as
dressed in an o%ersi&ed t-shirt and s#eat pants and /ongin had ne%er seen anyone !ore handso!e+ 0e
reached out slo#ly to brush a#ay a e# strands o hair ro! the older(s orehead+ .yungsoo(s eyes #ere
puy ro! sleep$ and his !outh slightly open as i he had *ust tried to say so!ething but #ords ailed hi!+
/ongin also had so !any things he #anted to say+
've missed you.
'm so happy to be here.
(et's live together from now on.
love you.
A73+C Was all /ongin could say$ the sa!e greeting he had gi%en his parents earlier$ the sa!e nu!ber that
had stared at hi! through the co!puter screen #hen he reali&ed he had passed the e)a!+ And it ca!e out
!ore as a #hisper that tra%eled on a content sigh+
0e elt his boyriend(s ar!s tra%el around his neck and suddenly he #as pulled both in to the apart!ent
and in or a kiss+ 't #asn(t the bruising type kiss that /ongin #as used to+ -his #as sot and 4uestioning+ 's
this okay< Can ' still touch here< Will you push !e a#ay i ' do this< -hat(s #hen /ongin reali&ed that
.yungsoo #as *ust as unsure o /ongin(s eelings as /ongin #as o .yungsoo(s+
/ongin kicked his shoes o and let go o the suitcase+ 0e placed his hands on .yungsoo(s hips$ letting one
sneak around to the s!all o his back to pull hi! closer to /ongin+ 0e elt the older(s breath hitch in the kiss+
6%erything tasted s#eet+ .yungsoo(s sot lips$ the inside o his !outh #hich /ongin had tasted so !any
ti!es beore$ yet it see!ed he could ne%er get enough+ -he shorter !ale see!ed to ha%e regained so!e
conidence and /ongin still couldn(t igure out #hy he hadn(t+ >aybe because he had drea!ed o this
!o!ent or so long+ >aybe because he #anted this so bad+
0is hands tre!bled slightly as he slid the! under the older(s t-shirt to eel the sot skin o his #aist+ 0e elt
.yungsoo press against hi!$ in%iting hi! to touch !ore$ eel !ore+ And so /ongin did+ 0e al!ost couldn(t
belie%e that this sot skinned !an #as his+ -hat e%en though they had been apart or so long$ they still
belonged together+ 't !ust be a sign o so!ething+
5ut #hate%er philosophic thoughts /ongin had about higher po#ers and soul!ates$ #ere soon tossed a#ay
along #ith his shirt$ and .yungsoo(s shirt+ So!eho# they !ade it in to #hat appeared to be the bedroo!$
/ongin couldn(t care less about a house tour but kno#ing #here the bedroo! is #as a good start$ especially
considering their relationship+ -he younger boy(s !o%e!ents #ere slo# and careul$ ingers traced slo#ly
o%er the pale skin o his lo%er+ -hey collapsed on the bed$ /ongin #ith his back against the !attress and
.yungsoo licking and kissing his e)posed *a#line+
8' #asn(t sure you(d #ant to co!e+8 .yungsoo said+
8,id you !iss !e<8 /ongin asks+ 't #as a thought circling in his head and he ne%er !eant to %oice it out$ but
apparently his !ind isn(t cooperating at the !o!ent+
8No+8 .yungsoo replies+ -he younger one s!iles because really$ #hat other response #as he e)pecting<
With .yungsoo you *ust had to eel$ because he #asn(t %ery good #ith #ords+ So /ongin ocused on the #ay
the older one kissed hi!+ Slo# and careul+ Sot lips barely e%en touching skin beore pulling a#ay+ War!
hands undoing his pants and pulling the! o along #ith his bo)ers+ Although .yungsoo(s !o%e!ents
#eren(t rushed$ /ongin still sensed a hint o eagerness$ as i .yungsoo had run out o patience+ /ongin pulled
the !an up or another kiss+ 0e #ould ne%er be able to kiss .yungsoo enough+ ' he had the rest o eternity
to si!ply kiss the other$ it still #ould ne%er be enough$ because /ongin is greedy like that+ 0e #anted
e%erything+ 0e needed e%erything+ /ongin #anted to take it all$ to be de%oured$ to eel needed and !issed+
0e #anted to be co!plete+
8?ou(re tre!bling+8 .yungsoo #hispered against /ongin(s !outh+
8'+++8 /ongin couldn(t inish+
8?ou kno# you can still tell !e anything+8
Silence hung thick and #as only broken by the lo# sound o the s!acking o lips against each other+ /ongin
cupped .yungsoo(s still clothed !e!ber+ .yungsoo elt no sha!e in already being hard$ because it had
been too long since he(d been kissed$ or touched$ or lo%ed+ -he #ay /ongin(s ingers #ere iddling #ith the
#aistband o his s#eaters$ .yungsoo understood the hidden !eaning behind it and took the! o+
No# that clothes #ere a thing o the past$ the older boy reached do#n to stroke his boyriend+ /ongin(s
eyes closed and he inhaled sharply at #hat see!ed like a oreign touch+ 't(s re!arkable ho# !uch you
orget in a year+ 't(s e%en !ore re!arkable ho# !uch your body re!e!bers+ /ongin(s body kno#s beore
his !ind$ #hat co!es ne)t$ and so he bucks up his hips to !atch the older(s !o%e!ents+ -heir lips barely
part during the #hole ti!e+ 1nly the younger boy breaks a#ay shortly e%ery no# and then because his
body is still in need o o)ygen$ especially since he(s being *erked o+
't(s re!arkable ho# !uch you still re!e!ber ater a yearH and .yungsoo still kno#s #hen /ongin is getting
8>aybe #e should s#itch position+8 .yungsoo states$ but the younger one shakes his head and gasps or
8No+++8 0e starts and suddenly .yungsoo reali&es #hy /ongin is tre!bling+ 8No$ ' #ant this+8 0e inally says$
cheeks red ro! the %iolent blush that his conession ga%e hi!+ -he older one s!irks a bit$ !ostly because
he(s a tease$ but also because it(s #hat he hoped /ongin #ould say+
.yungsoo reaches o%er to the nightstand and opens the top dra#er+ 0e #atches ho# the younger s#allo#s
and his ada!(s apple bobs+ 0e can tell /ongin is ner%ous and tries to reassure hi! that it(s going to be ine$
because he #ill be careul especially since it(s been a #hile+
8A #hile+8 /ongin chuckles #ith sarcas!$ a #hile #as to put it !ildly$ but he(s 4uickly shut up by cold ingers
circling his entrance+ 0e does his best to rela) and .yungsoo bends do#n to kiss hi! #hile slo#ly pushing
his irst inger inside+ 0e !o%es only a short #hile beore pressing the second one in+ 0e #ait a e# seconds
beore !o%ing$ #atching the ace o his lo%er+ When /ongin nods$ .yungsoo presses in knuckle-deep and
starts !o%ing his ingers !ore inside o hi!+
As he bends his ingers$ /ongin tries to stile a !oan+ .yungsoo dee!s his lo%er ready and coats hi!sel
beore positioning hi!sel bet#een /ongin(s legs+ 0e pushes inside slo#ly$ careul not to cause unnecessary
pain+ .yungsoo #atches the younger(s e)pression$ searching or any signs o pain or disco!ort but inds
nothing but trust in his eyes+
.yungsoo goes slo# and deep and it(s nothing like the se) they(%e e%er had beore$ !aybe because it(s
nothing like se) at all+ -his is so!ething greater$ so!ething .yungsoo could e%er only gi%e to /ongin+
So!ething /ongin could only eel or .yungsoo+
't doesn(t take long until /ongin has settled in .yungsoo(s apart!ent+ -hey all in to routine 4uickly+
.yungsoo #akes up or #ork$ /ongin studies and !akes sure he #on(t all behind once college starts+
.yungsoo co!es ho!e and they eat together$ talking about their days and it(s a co!ortable kind o saety
to be like this+ 5ut so!ething still eels !issing+ Not that either o the! is displeased #ith their situation$
it(s *ust that it doesn(t eel the sa!e as beore+ -here also hasn(t been any se) since that irst day they !ade
lo%e+ /ongin eels hi!sel being e%en !ore on edge than beore+
-he solution ho#e%er$ co!es in the o%er riendly neighbor knocking on the door one day+ .yungsoo is at
#ork so naturally /ongin #ould ans#er the door+ 0e doesn(t kno# ho# he kno#s$ but e%en beore the
stranger introduces hi!sel$ /ongin kno#s #ho it is+ 't(s the s!ug s!ile plastered on his ace$ supposed to
be riendly and in%iting but it pisses /ongin o+
80i$ '(! .i! /un!yeon+ -he neighbor+ 's .yungsoo in<8 the dark haired !ale asks+ /ongin has to resist
sla!!ing the door in his ace right then and there+
8No+8 /ongin ans#ers coldly+ /un!yeon is taken aback at the short ans#er+ Not that /ongin cares$ but it is
kind o a!using #atching hi! linch+
A1h+C /un!yeon says+ AWell$ '(! assu!ing you(re .yungsoo(s high school riend$ right< /ongin #as it<C
0igh school riend< -hat(s #hat .yungsoo had said< "riend< -hat(s all< /ongin elt his insides set on ire as
his anger got #orse+ As i that #asn(t enough$ the !an has the guts to keep talking+
A'(! sure .yungsoo told you o !e right< We(re kind o close+C /un!yeon s!iled+ /ongin scos and he(s *ust
about to actually shut the door in the other(s ace$ #hen .yungsoo sho#s up+
A/un!yeon9C 0e s!iles+ /ongin glares at .yungsoo but the older barely pays attention to hi!+ ACo!e on
When he does$ /ongin lea%es+ Sla!!ing the door shut behind hi! #hen he lea%es+ -he #ind is resh and
cool and he takes a long #alk+ Cursing /un!yeon(s na!e as he !utters to hi!sel+ 0igh school riend$ he
scos once !ore+ /ongin doesn(t reali&e he(s been gone or hours but #hen he gets back ho!e$ it(s already
dark and .yungsoo is sitting on the couch+ /un!yeon is no#here in sight$ he escaped #ith his lie this ti!e+
/ongin thinks+
AWhere #ere you<C .yungsoo asks+
AWhat #as that about<C /ongin retorts+
AWhat #as #hat about<C
A0igh school riend< 's that #hat ' #as called #hile you #ere ucking that guy instead<9C /ongin didn(t kno#
#here that accusation had co!e ro!$ but he couldn(t stop the #ords ro! spilling ro! his lips+
AWhat the uck are you talking about<C .yungsoo gets up ro! the couch+
A?ou kno# %ery #ell #hat '(! talking about9 -hat ucking neighbor o yours better keep his hands to
A-hat ucking neighbor o ours$ /ongin+ 1ur neighbor+ ?ou li%e here too9 1r did that ne%er occur to you<C
.yungsoo said and the hurt in his %oice #asn(t so!ething that could be ignored+
AWhat is he to you<C /ongin said as he #alked #ith deter!ined steps to#ards the other+
A/ust a neighbor+C .yungsoo says as he stares in to /ongin(s eyes+ -he taller(s breath alls on his ace and he
can tell that /ongin is still !aneu%ering on anger+
AAnd '(! *ust your high school riend< 1r is this ho# you treat all your se) rien-C /ongin doesn(t get to inish
the sentence because all the air in his lungs suddenly lea%es and a pain in his sto!ach appears in seconds+
-he i!pact o .yungsoo(s ist hit hi! harder than he e%er could recall that it had done beore+ 0e coughs a
e# ti!es as he stu!bles back+
A,o you seriously think ' scre#ing around #ith hi!<9C .yungsoo yells+
AWell you looked ucking riendly enough9C /ongin yells back as he punches .yungsoo in re%enge+
A?ou(re unbelie%able9 ,o you seriously think '(d let you stay here i ' #asn(t serious about you<C .yungsoo
argues+ A?ou(re so ucking stupid ' can(t belie%e you e%en passed that e)a!9C
A' passed it or you9C /ongin yells+ A' studied !y ucking ass o or you9 't #as all or you9C
A?eah #ell ' #orked !y ucking ass o$ and ' a! still #orking !y ucking ass o so that you can li%e here
#ith !e9C
-hey #ere still thro#ing ists at each other through the yells and accusations+ When /ongin hit .yungsoo in
the sto!ach$ the shorter stu!bled back and kicked o%er a %ase that ca!e crashing do#n on the loor+
/ongin took a step or#ard to continue the ight but .yungsoo kept yelling at hi!+
A,on(t ucking co!e here you !oron9 ?ou(re going to step on the shards and get hurt9C his %oice #as angry
but /ongin didn(t stop+
A,on(t tell !e #hat to do9C /ongin yelled back+
.yungsoo punched hi! so hard he stu!bled and lost his balance+ 0e e)pected to all on the loor but it
see!ed the couch had caught hi! and sa%ed hi! ro! the all+ .yungsoo #alked up and straddled hi! on
the couch+ 0e grabbed /ongin(s shirt #ith his ists and pressed his lips hard against the other(s+ /ongin
parted his lips and the kiss beca!e a ull on #ar+ 5iting and sucking on each other$ not caring about hurting
the other+ /ongin(s rustration and anger and built up *ealousy all ca!e pouring out in his kisses+
/ongin let his hands tra%el under .yungsoo(s shirt to touch the sot skin he #ill re!e!ber ore%er+ 0e elt
the older shi%er at the touch and /ongin !o%ed his hands !ore conidently o%er the body on top o hi!+
Words #ere long orgotten and replaced #ith #hi!pers and the rustling sound o clothes being taken o+
>inutes later$ both o the! #here naked and .yungsoo #as on his back on the couch$ /ongin positioned
bet#een his legs+ 0e #as #orking .yungsoo open$ re!e!bering e)actly ho# to ind that sensiti%e bundle
o ner%es that had his lo%er reduced to a !oaning !ess+ -his is #hat it #as supposed to be+ Soon .yungsoo
#as begging or !ore$ panting and pleading underneath hi! and /ongin could ne%er in a !illion years
reuse to gi%e his lo%er #hat he so desperately needed right no#+ 0e pushed his erection inside and
.yungsoo arched his back o the couch$ !oaning /ongin(s na!e loudly+

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