june07.2014Proposed Open Distance Learning Act approved on 2nd reading | Distance Education | Curriculum

Proposed Open Distance Learning Act approved on 2

The House of Representatives has approved on second reading Wednesday the
proposed law expanding access to educational services by institutionalizing open distance
learning in higher education.
The House Committee on Higher Education chaired by Rep. Roman Romulo !"one
#istrict $asig City% endorsed sponsored and defended for plenary passage House &ill
'(() a consolidation of nine separate bills.
The original bills are House &ills *+ +,-( +)'' +',. +(,* /,(( /*.- /.0-
and ),0' authored by Reps. 1nthony #el Rosario !+
#istrict #avao #el 2orte% 2eptali
3onzales 44 !"one #istrict 5andaluyong City% Rufus Rodriguez !/
#istrict Cagayan de
6ro City% and 5aximo Rodriguez 7r. !$arty "ist 1&1542% Harlin 1bayon !+
2orthern 8amar% &ellaflor 1ngara9Castillo ! "one #istrict 1urora% 5ariano $iamonte
!$arty "ist 1 TE1CHER% and 7ulieta Cortuna !$arty "ist 1 TE1CHER% Roman Romulo
!"one #istrict $asig City% 5ar: ;illar !"one #istrict "as $i<as City% and Czarina
=mali !)
#istrict 2ueva Eci>a% respectively.
House &ill '(() as contained in Committee Report 2o. /., entitled 6pen #istance
"earning 1ct see:s to expand and further democratize access to ?uality education in
higher education through the promotion and application of open learning as a philosophy
of access to educational services.
The bill intends to implement distance education as a system of delivering ?uality
higher educational services in the country.
The measure applies to public and private higher education institutions !HE4s% that
have existing open learning and distance education programs and to other higher
education institutions which shall later be authorized as ?uality implementers of open
learning and distance education programs.
The bill outlines the admission and other academic policies and re?uirements
programs curriculum and course development offerings and re?uirements HE4s offering
distance education programs as well as support to open learning and distance education
programs and to students.
The measure also mandates the Commission on Higher Education !CHE#% to assist
HE4s in developing their capability to offer open learning@distance education programs.
The CHE# shall act as the regulator of HE4s involved in open learning and distance
NR # 3490
JUNE 7, 2014
The measure mandates the =niversity of the $hilippines 6pen =niversity !=$6=%
to provide expertise to the CHE# in the performance of its functions such as leadership in
the development of open learning and distance education expertise in the country and in
the appropriate use of information and communications technologies in support of ?uality
higher education.
The measure also mandates the =$6= to design model curricular programs which
shall serve as prototypes for similar programs to be offered by other HE4s among others.
The measure encourages media and telecommunications networ:s to provide as
much assistance and cooperation to HE4s offering open learning and distance education
1ssistance may include the transmission of learning materials for formal and non9
formal courses to learners not only within the $hilippines but also outside the country.
"i:ewise the measure provides tax exemptions to individuals and organizations
including private entities which shall provide appropriate materials time and delivery
support services for the promotion of open distance learning in partnership with HE4s
delivering academic degree programs through distance education. !),% jsc

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