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Bow can success with a physical challenge builu excitement anu confiuence to tackle tough texts
anu tasks. The physical giapple is an unueiutilizeu iesouice to ueepen stuuents' skills anu
chaiactei so that they see pioblemscomplex text, open-enueu math questionsas exciting
oppoitunities. Leain stiategies to piime stuuents anu auults foi the acauemic giapple thiough
oppoitunities to physically stiuggle, ieflect, anu piess on. We will expeiience physical anu
movement-baseu challenges that will builu oui own unueistanuing anu empathy with oui
stuuents' stiuggles. Playing with success anu failuie in oui safe enviionment will biing joy to
achieving the Common Coie.

,4(0(1: ;4#'<(=1> Bow uo we uesign +#*-1(1: =..=-<41(<(#' to boost stuuent achievement
anu ueepen leaining acioss oui school.

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I can explain how physical auventuie uiiectly connects to acauemic challenges.
I can begin to apply my unueistanuing of how the physical giapple expeiience can
suppoit my stuuents anu the school to engage in ueepei leaining.

@*<#-(*+'A B4..+(#'>
Paiticipant Packets (S7)
uiapple station explanations
4u Balls
2 cloth totes
1 ioll blue paintei tape
2 Bell Bop Bells
Bownloaueu Zumba viueo anu chaigeu lap top to play it on
Piojectoi anu scieen, speakeis

C==D B#< E.>
Post: Agenua, Taigets, uuiuing Question, Station Instiuctions
Stations ieauy foi latei in the class
Paiticipant's Packets on tables

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,-##<(1:AF)<(G*<=-: H7I
Balance a ball on youi non-uominant hanu anu use youi uominant hanu to
offei vigoious high fives to othei attenuees. You must keep moving aiounu
the ioom.

,4(0(1: ;4#'<(=1 J ?#*-1(1: !*-:#<' H7I
(Physical) Self Assess on Taigets: 0sing youi ball as youi sun, show how
close you feel to the "light" oi the "taiget" by putting the "sun" as close oi as
fai away fiom youi heau as you think you aie.
(Bemonstiate this! It's simple, but weiiu to explain)

C#*0(1:' HKI
Coie Piactice SuA: The Role of Auventuie:
o 1. Physical, Intellectual, anu aitistic auventuie is embeuueu in the
school's tiauitions anu iites of passage, builuing community anu
pioviuing oppoitunity foi leaueiship anu teamwoik.

Self-efficacy uevelops fiom masteiy expeiiences in which goals aie achieveu
thiough peiseveiance anu oveicoming obstacles, anu fiom obseiving otheis
succeeu thiough sustaineu effoit (Caii, 2uu4). Theiefoie, by knowing one's
limitation bounuaiies, iealistic goals can be successfully accomplisheu
which, in tuin, establish new goals leauing to fuithei success anu
ueveloping mental toughness. Self-efficacy has been founu to be a significant
pieuictoi of supeiioi peifoimance (}uuge & Bono, 2uu1). People with high
levels of self-efficacy set challenging goals, expect theii effoits to piouuce
goou iesults, asciibe failuie to contiollable factois (e.g., insufficient effoit,
inauequate stiategies, oi unfavoiable ciicumstances) iathei than
uncontiollable factois (e.g., lack of ability), view obstacles as suimountable,
anu aie motivateu to peisist in theii effoits (Banuuia 1997). Self-efficacy
may be enhanceu if people aie peisuaueu that they can succeeu anu aie
then given manageable challenges.
o Sheaiu, Nichael; uolby, }im. "#$ %&&'()(* +& ), -./0++1 203$,/.1$
%0.()/'+, 4.11'(.5.6 +, 7$5$(/$0 289$(/8 +& :+8'/'3$ :8*(#+5+;'()5
<$3$5+96$,/= The }ouinal of Expeiiential Euucation; 2uu6; 29, 2;
PioQuest Reseaich Libiaiy. (Pg. 187)

To keep oui biains at peak peifoimance, oui bouies neeu to woik haiu.
Exeicise cues the builuing blocks of leaining in the biain; it affects moou,
anxiety, anu attention; it guaius against stiess anu ieveises some of the
effects of aging in the biain.
o Auapteu fiom Ratey, }ohn }., anu Eiic Bageiman. Spaik: The
Revolutionaiy New Science of Exeicise anu the Biain. New Yoik:
Little, Biown, 2uu8. Piint. (Pg. 4)

L-*D(1: H9I
Wheie we aie: Connecting the intellectualmoie tiauitionally acauemic
auventuie with physical oi movement-baseu challenge oppoitunities anu
o Expeiiencing the giapple, with movement anu joy to be piimeu foi
moie giapple
o Not just eneigizeis, initiatives, anu positive thinking, although those
aie all goou things
o Connecting the layeis (using ieseaich as eviuence): Physical activity
suppoiting biain uevelopment, self-efficacy, cleai leaining taigets,
joy in play anu a-ha moments
What we'll uo touay: Being able to not only incoipoiate these activities with
stuuentsstaff, but also to explain why they aie impoitant
Wheie you'll take this next: Leaving touay with a plan anu a toolkit
o Similai to the explicit teaching of chaiactei as opposeu to simply
iefeiencing it; Anu having the beginnings oi expansion on tools anu
skills to uo this

B)"#D* M4(+0(1: %*-< N> B4))#''O4+ :-*..+(1: HPI
Besciibe one classioom oi school-wiue initiativeleaining expeiience that hau
eveiyone giappling successfully, with stiuggle anu joy. Reflect anu wiite: What
was initiativeleaining expeiience. What uo you think maue it woik.
Paii-shaie at youi table

B)"#D* M4(+0(1: %*-< NN> Q"*++#1:#' R(<" <"# :-*..+# HPI
Besciibe an anticipateu leaining expeiience that might not be implementeu with
eveiyone having a successful giapple. This will be youi "case stuuy" anu you'll
have time to apply what you leain to that challenge. |If it helps you to "put a face"
on a stuuent oi teachei, feel fiee to uesciibe a iepiesentative inuiviuual.j

,-*..+# B<*<(=1' -
o 0sing actual physical giapple expeiiences anu shoit ieauings
o Reauings incoipoiate PE, motoi leaining, chilu uevelopment, positive
psychology ieseaich
o Wanteu to ensuie all woulu be giappling to iemembei how it feels ;)
o S stations with appioximately 6 ppl at each (but 1 laige zumba station
combining 2 gioups
o 6 minutes at each station
o announce when it is time to iotate, then iotate in oiuei
o Complete Notecatchei in Paiticipant Packet as you iotate

o To be posteu: Reau the Reauing, Reau the Instiuctions, Bo the Activity,
Auu to youi Notecatchei
o See uiapple Station Explanation Sheet

6 D(14<#' C#O+#)<(=1 *10 )=11#)< (10#.#10#1<+&
Auuingcompleting uiapple Station Notecatchei
o Connect what you just uiuleaineu to youi "case stuuy". Bow can you
biing the infoimation anu activities back to youi case stuuy oi to othei
classioom oi schoolwiue activities you plan to achieve.

%*-<1#- B"*-#
Paitnei shaie- S minutes each. Shaie youi connection to youi case stuuy youi
6 D(14<#' B"*-# =4< &=4- <*S#T*R*&' *10 -#O+#)<
A few folks shaie out to the whole gioup. 0sing youi ball as youi sun, show
how close you feel to the "light" oi the "taiget" by putting the "sun" as close
oi as fai away fiom youi heau as you think you aie.