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Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Unfailing Novena To The Virgin Mary Untier of Knots

How this devotion started?
To show us the mission granted to the Virgin Mary by Her Son an artist !ohann Mel"hior
#eorg S"hmittdner $ainted Mary Undoer of Knots with great gra"e% Sin"e &'(( his $ainting
has been venerated in the )hur"h of St% *eter in *erla"+ ,ugsburg #ermany% -t was originally
ins$ired by a meditation of Saint -renaeus ./isho$ of Lyon and martyred in 0(01 based on the
$arallel made by Saint *aul between ,dam and )hrist% Saint -renaeus in turn made a
"om$arison between 2ve and Mary saying342ve by her disobedien"e tied the +not of
disgra"e for the human ra"e5 whereas Mary by her obedien"e undid it6%
/ut what are these +nots?
There are the $roblems and struggles we fa"e for whi"h we do not see any solution 7 +nots of
dis"ord in your family la"+ of understanding between $arents and "hildren disres$e"t
violen"e the +nots of dee$ hurts between husband and wife the absen"e of $ea"e and 8oy at
home% There are also the +nots of anguish and des$air of se$arated "ou$les the dissolution of
the family the +nots of a drug addi"t son or daughter si"+ or se$arated from home or #od
+nots of al"oholism the $ra"ti"e of abortion de$ression unem$loyment fear solitude7,h
the +nots of our life9 How they suffo"ate the soul beat us down and betray the heart:s 8oy and
se$arate us from #od%
;ay after day more and more )hristians +neel to $ray to Her as soon as they meet the
Mother of the <air Love% Many families have be"ome re"on"iled9 Many diseases have been
healed9 Many s$ouses have returned to the )hur"h9 Many 8obs have been given9 Many
"onversions have ta+en $la"e9 Many )atholi"s have been on their +nees $raying and giving
than+s for gra"es re"eived from our sweet Mother% <or that reason Mary =ho undoes the
+nots =ho was "hosen by #od to "rush the evil with Her feet "omes to us to reveal Herself%
She "omes to $rovide 8obs good health to re"on"ile families be"ause She wants to undo the
+nots of our sins whi"h dominate our lives so that > as sons of the King > we "an re"eive the
$romises reserved for us from eternity% She "omes with $romises of vi"tory $ea"e blessings
and re"on"iliation%
Then free from our +nots > filled with ha$$iness we "an be a testimony of the ;ivine *ower
in this world li+e $ie"es of #od:s heart or small bottles of $erfume e?haling mer"y and love to
our neighbor% Li+e ambassador of !esus )hrist and the Virgin of the fair love we "an res"ue
those who "ry without any "onsolation those who are lonely tied with +nots who have no
#od no <ather nor Mother%
Mother of the @ising Sun -mma"ulate our ,dvo"ate Hel$er in moments of affli"tion Mother
of #od and made by Him our Mother this is how Mary Undoer of Knots is $resented% ,bove
all She "omes as the Aueen of Mer"y the one who +nows all about us who has "om$assion
for us and hurries to res"ue us $raying for ea"h one of us to Her beloved !esus%
Novena t o Our Lady Undoer of Knot s B ;ay &
&% Ma+e the sign of the "ross
0% Say the ,"t of )ontrition% ,s+ $ardon for your sins and ma+e a firm $romise not to "ommit
them again%
Oh my #od - am heartily sorry for having offended you% - detest all my sins be"ause - dread
the loss of Heaven and the $ains of Hell% /ut most of all be"ause - offended you oh my #od
who are all good and deserving of all my love% - firmly resolve with the hel$ of your gra"e to
"onfess my sins to do $enan"e and to amend my life% ,men
C% Say the first C de"ades of the @osary%
D% Ma+e the meditation of the day .to be $osted ea"h day1
E% Say the last 0 de"ades of the rosary
F% <inish with the *rayer to Our Lady the Undoer of Knots
Meditation for ;ay &
;earest Holy Mother Most Holy Mary you undo the +nots that suffo"ate your "hildren e?tend
your mer"iful hands to me% - entrust to Gou today this +not%%%%and all the negative
"onseHuen"es that it $rovo+es in my life% - give you this +not that torments me and ma+es me
unha$$y and so im$edes me from uniting myself to Gou and Gour Son !esus my Savior%
- run to Gou Mary Undoer of Knots be"ause - trust you and - +now that you never des$ise a
sinning "hild who "omes to as+ you for hel$% - believe that you "an undo this +not be"ause
!esus grants you everything% - believe that you want to undo this +not be"ause you are my
Mother% - believe that Gou will do this be"ause you love me with eternal love%
Than+ you ;ear Mother%
Medi t at i on f or ;ay 0
Mary /eloved Mother "hannel of all gra"e - return to Gou today my heart re"ogniIing that -
am a sinner in need of your hel$% Many times - lose the gra"es you grant me be"ause of my
sins of egoism $ride ran"or and my la"+ of generosity and humility% - turn to Gou today
Mary Undoer of +nots for Gou to as+ your Son !esus to grant me a $ure divested humble
and trusting heart% - will live today $ra"ti"ing these virtues and offering you this as a sign of
my love for Gou% - entrust into Gour hands this +not .%%%des"ribe1 whi"h +ee$s me from
refle"ting the glory of #od%
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Mary offered all the moments of her day to #od%
Meditation for ;ay C
Meditating Mother Aueen of heaven in whose hands the treasures of the King are found turn
your mer"iful eyes u$on me today% - entrust into your holy hands this +not in my life%%%and
allthe ran"or and resentment it has "aused in me% - as+ Gour forgiveness #od teh <ather for
my sin% Hel$ me now to forgive all the $ersons who "ons"iously or un"ons"iously $rovo+ed this
+not% #ive me also the gra"e to forgive me for having $rovo+ed this +not% Only in this way
"an Gou undo it% /efore Gou dearest Mother and in the name of Gour Son !esus my Savior
who has suffered so many offenses having been granted forgiveness - now forgive these
$ersons%%%and myself forever% Than+ you Mary Undoer of Knots for undoing the +not of
ran"or in my heart and the +not whi"h - now $resent to you% ,men%
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Turn to Mary you who desire gra"e%
Meditation for ;ay D
;earest Holy Mother you are generous with all who see+ you have mer"y on me% - entrust
into your hands this +not whi"h robs the $ea"e of my heart $aralyIes my soul and +ee$s me
from going to my Lord and serving Him with my life%
Undo this +not in my love%%%% O mother and as+ !esus to heal my $aralyti" faith whi"h gets
down hearted with the stones on the road% ,long with you dearest Mother may - see these
stones as friends% Not murmuring against them anymore but giving endless than+s for them
may - smile trustingly in your $ower%
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Mary is the Sun and no one is de$rived of her warmth%
Meditation for ;ay E
Mother Undoer of Knots generous and "om$assionate - "ome to Gou today to on"e again
entrust this +not%%%in my life to you and to as+ the divine wisdom to undo under the light of
the Holy S$irit this snarl of $roblems% No one ever saw you angry5 to the "ontrary your
words were so "harged with sweetness that the Holy S$irit was manifested on your li$s% Ta+e
away from me the bitterness anger and hatred whi"h this +not has "aused me% #ive me o
dearest Mother some of the sweetness and wisdom that is all silently refle"ted in your heart%
,nd 8ust as you were $resent at *ente"ost as+ !esus to send me a new $resen"e of the Holy
S$irit at this moment in my life% Holy S$irit "ome u$on me9
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Mary with #od is $owerful%
Meditation for ;ay F
Aueen of Mer"y - entrust to you this +not in my life%%%and - as+ you to give me a heart that is
$atient until you undo it% Tea"h me to $ersevere in the living word of !esus in the 2u"harist
the Sa"rament of )onfession5 stay with me and $re$are my heart to "elebrate with the angels
the gra"e that will be granted to me% ,men9 ,lleluia9
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Gou are beautiful Mary and there is no stain of sin in Gou%
Meditation for ;ay '
Mother Most *ure - "ome to Gou today to beg you to undo this +not in my life%%%and free me
from the snares of 2vil% #od has granted you great $ower over all the demons% - renoun"e all
of them today every "onne"tion - have had with them and - $ro"laim !esus as my one and
only Lord and Savior% Mary Undoer of Knots "rush the evil oneJs head and destroy the tra$s
he has set for me by this +not% Than+ you dearest Mother% Most *re"ious /lood of !esus free
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Gou are the glory of !erusalem the 8oy of our $eo$le%
Meditation for ;ay K
Virgin Mother of #od overflowing with mer"y have mer"y on your "hild and undo this +not%%%in
my life% - need your visit to my life li+e you visited 2liIabeth% /ring me !esus bring me the
Holy S$irit% Tea"h me to $ra"ti"e the virtues of "ourage 8oyfulness humility and faith and
li+e 2liIabeth to be filled with the Holy S$irit% Ma+e me 8oyfully rest on your bosom Mary% -
"onse"rate you as my mother Aueen and friend% - give you my heart and everything - have
.my home and family my material and s$iritual goods%1 - am yours forever% *ut your heart in
me so that - "an do everything !esus tells me%
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
Let us go therefore full of trust to the throne of gra"e%
Meditation for ;ay L
Most Holy Mary our ,dvo"ate Undoer of Knots - "ome today to than+ you for undoing this
+not in my life%%%Gou +now very well the suffering it has "aused me% Than+ you for "oming
Mother with your long fingers of mer"y to dry the tears in my eyes5 you re"eive me in your
arms and ma+e it $ossible for me to re"eive on"e again the divine gra"e%
Mary Undoer of Knots dearest Mother - than+ you for undoing the +nots in my life% =ra$ me
in your mantle of love +ee$ me under your $rote"tion enlighten me with your $ea"e9 ,men%
Mary Undoer of Knots $ray for me%
!oyful Light Sorrowful #lorious
&% ,nnun"iation
0% Visitation
C% Nativity
D% *resentation
at the
E% <inding in the
&% /a$tism of
0% =edding of
C% The
n of the
Kingdom of
D% The
E% The institution
of the
&% ,gony of
!esus in the
0% S"ourging of
!esus at
C% )rowning with
D% )arrying the
E% )ru"ifi?ion
&% @esurre"tion of !esus
0% ,s"ension of !esus
C% ;es"ent of Holy S$irit
D% ,ssum$tion of the
Virgin Mary
E% )oronation of /lessed
Virgin Mary