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General Procedure for Export - Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo

Exporter/CHA requests the Traffic Manager for moving the cargo into the port and
based on the permission given the cargo is moved into the port with cartchit.

Exporter/CHA submits Shipping Bill with Customs along with
supportingdocuments like packing list, letter of credit etc

Customs give a serial number to the shipping bill.

CHA files Export Application along with invoice, Packing list etc.

The Steamer Agent files the Vessel Arrival Intimation 7 days prior to theexpected
arrival of the vessel

The Port allocates the berth and the vessel is berthed.

Steamer Agent files for Entry outward

After passing the shipping bill by the customs export department, goods
arepresented for appraisal and examination.

The Vessel Related Charges are paid in advance by the steamer agent

Customs officer verifies the contents/cargo and permit clearance by giving
letexport and customs passed Shipping bill.

Stevedore indents for labor and equipment

The CHA submits the Export application along with allowed for Shipment bythe
Customs to the port. The documents are compared and boat note issued.

Cargo is loaded with proper tally and Mates receipt is received. Theconsolidated
cargo exported by the vessel is filed as EGM with Customs.

x p o r t Fl o wSA f i l e s v e s s e l ar r i val i nt i mat i onwi t h p o r t SA /
CHA g e t s Ga t e o p e n i n g p e r mi s s i o n f r o mpor t ei t her f or Ve s s e l /
Ca r g o Ex p o r t e r Ap p o i n t s CHA f o r c a r g o Be r t h Al l o t me n t CHA
f i l e s EAal ong wi t h i nvoi ce& p a c k i n g l i s t As s e s s me n t
a n d p a y me n t a t p o r t SA a p p o i n t s St e v e d o r e CHA / SA
mo v e s c a r g o i n t o t h e p o r t ei t her t o t he pl ot or t r ansi t shed
f or a g g r e g a t i o n ( Ad mi t t a n c e o f c a r g o b y ECR) ECR v e r i f i e d
EA &LEOCa r g o o p e r a t i o n s Bo a t No t e v e r i f i e d Ex p o r t Ta l l y
s h e e t Pr e p a r a t i o n o f Ma t e Re c e i p t Sh e d Ma n i f e s t Un Ex p o r t e d
/ Cu s t o ms Pe r mi s s i o n n o t p a s s e d c a r g o s h u t o u t Fi l i ng of
decl ar at i onb y Ex p o r t e r / CHA a t Se r v i c e Ce n t r e wi t h I n v o i c e &
p a c k i n g l i s t As s e s s me n t b yc u s t o ms Ap p r i s a l u n i t Pa yme n t o f
c u s t o ms d u t y i f anyEx a mi n a t i o n o f c a r g o b yc u s t o ms
e x a mi n a t i o n u n i t I ndent f or l abour a n d e q u i p me n t f r o m
p o r t SA - St e a me r Ag e n t CHA - Cu s t o m Ho u s e Ag e n t EA -
Ex p o r t Ap p l i c a t i o n SB - Sh i p p i n g Bi l l LEO - Le t Ex p o r t
Or d e r ECR - Ex p o r t Ca r g o Re c e i v e r
E x p o r t F l o w
Up l o a d i n g o f s h i p p i n g b i l l b y
s e r v i c e c e n t r e Cu s t o ms . g e n e r a t e s h i p p i n g
b i l l n u mb e r Ve r i f i c a t i o n o f g o o d s b yc u s t o ms p r e v e n t i v e
o f f i c e r at t he por t I s s u e o f a l l o we d f o r s h i p me n t o r d e r f o r
l o a d i n g Fi l i n g o f e x p o r t g e n e r a l ma n i f e s t ( EGM) b y
s t e a me r a g e n t wi t h c u s t o ms I s s u e o f Le t Ex p o r t
Or d e r ( LEO) Ex p o r t e r I EC n u mb e r CHA a u t h o r i s e d
b yc u s t o ms Ex p o r t e r : I EC No : f r o m DGFTSh i p p i n g Bi l l
a l o n g wi t h GR f o r m, I nvoi ce, packi ng l i st , BL, cer t i f i cat e
of or i gi n and cer t i f i cat eo f me a s u r e me n t Bo a t n o t e pr epar at i on

Figure 3.3.: Flow Chart for Export Bulk/Break Bulk

General Port Procedure for Import - Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo

The Steamer Agent files the Vessel Arrival Intimation 7 days prior to theexpected
arrival of the vessel

The steamer agent files IGM manually or electronically.

The Port allocates the berth and the vessel is berthed.

Customs, PHO, Plant Quarantine, Immigration etc officials board the vesseland
entry inward is granted.

Port/terminal operator commences the cargo operations

The steamer agent pays the Vessel Related Charges in advance.

Bill of Entry filed by the CHA/Importer and BE number is obtained.

BE is cross checked with IGM and tallied

BE is sent for assessment. Assessed and payable duty is arrived at.

Duty is paid by the importer or CHA

Stevedore indents for labor and equipment

Unloading of cargo operation starts with tally

CHA files import application along with the Delivery Order. Port cargo
Relatedcharges are paid. IA is verified with IGM

Selected packages are opened and Customs examines the cargo.

On obtaining the Out of Charge from the Customs the CHA approaches theport for
delivery of cargo with BE and IA.

The documents are cross-verified, vehicle ticket is issued and delivery
iseffected. The delivered goods pass the port gate after physical
examinationand document check at the gate

General Port Procedure for Import - Container

Vessel Operating Agent (VOA) issues Vessel Identification Advice (VIA) to
thePort / Terminal and Customs. VIA is registered.

VOA files IGM with Customs.

The VOA registers the Vessel details like vessel profile, stack height, reeferpoints
etc., with the terminal.

VOA requests berth allotment to the Port and the vessel is berthed.Immigration /
Customs / PHO completes their formalities.

Discharge starts and containers are moved to the Yard / delivery point.
Delivery procedures for direct delivery containers.

VOA issues container arrival notice to Container Operating Agent (COA).

COA issues delivery Order to CHA.

BE is registered parallelly and duty is paid and request for delivery ofcontainers is
made to terminal by the CHA.

The terminal operator issues job order intimating the location of the containerto the

The hauler enters the terminal with requisite documents

Container is located and equipment interchange request is prepared by theterminal

Container is loaded and the container is moved out of the terminal with gatepass
and customs endorsed EIR
Delivery procedures for CFS designated containers

Delivery order issued by VOA to COA

COA nominates CFS and container list is issued to the CFS/Terminal

Request for movement by PNR is made to the terminal

PNR approved and permission given for movement of containers.

Location of the containers is intimated to the hauler by the terminal operator

Copy of the job order and copy of EIR is given to the Hauler.

Container is located and loaded on to trailer and moves out of the terminal.
Delivery Procedures for ICD Containers.

Delivery order issued by VOA to COA

COA submits Transshipment Advice to Customs.

COA requests movement of container to ICD terminal.

Containers are moved to ICD through EIR.

Containers are received at ICD terminal and EIR is endorsed.

Containers loaded to trailers, wagons. Inland Waybill is prepared parallellyand
containers move out.

Delivery Procedures for LCL Cargo (Delivery to Terminal / CFS)

Terminal operator moves the LCL containers to CFS.

Permission to open the container obtained from the Customs by CHA andOpen
Chit generated.


DO issued and terminal charges paid.

BE registered, duty paid,

Container de-stuffed under tally.

Hauler enters terminal / CFS gate.

Cargo loaded onto the hauler. EIR generated.

Receipt for cargo obtained from CHA.

EIR endorsed by Customs and cargo moved out of the Terminal / CFS.

Documents involved in each stage of voyage:
Document FlowSl.No:Activity DocumentModeofFilingFrom To
ArrivalNoticeLetter M Steamer Agent Importer2 Transfer of BL BL MOwner/Char
terer(Principals)Steamer Agent3Bank Guarantee OrCorporate Letter
ofIndemnityForm Consignee owner4Delivery
OrderInstructionsForm Owner Steamer Agent5Issue Of
DeliveryOrderDelivery Order Agents consignee6 Filing of IGM Prior IGMOnline
/ ServiceCenterSteamer Agent Customs7 Arrival IntimationVessel
ArrivalIntimationPortwebsiteSteamer Agent Port8GeneralInformationForm I Man
ualMaster / SteamerAgentPort / Customs / MMD / PHO
/ Police9 Arrival Report Form III ManualMaster / SteamerAgentPort / Customs
/ MMD / PHO / Police10 Grant entry InwardsGrant EntryInwards for
vesselOnlinePOCustomsCustoms11GeneralDeclarationForm II ManualMaster /
SteamerAgentPort / Customs12 Import clearancePermission togrant
entryinwardsManual Customs Steamer Agent13 Rummaging Shipping Journal Ma
nual MasterPreventive OfficerCustoms14 DeclarationGold / Bullion
/ SilverManual Master Customs15 Declaration Agency for vessel Manual Master C
ustoms16 DeclarationSame bottomcargoManual Master Customs17 DeclarationNo
opiumcertificateManual Master Customs18 DeclarationNo Arms
&AmmunitionManual Master Customs19 Declaration Deck Cargo Manual Master
Customs20 DeclarationNo Passenger
onboardManual Master Customs21 Declaration Store list Manual Master Customs
22 Draft survey Survey certificate Manual Surveyor Steamer Agent23 Receipt Stor
e list Manual Customs Master24Report of arrival ofvessel in
portEmigrationJournalManual Master Immigration Officer