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Agri Velt
Todays the day Ive been so excited for I could barely
sleep a wink the night before! Also I had to fast the night
before because there was a possibility I would be getting
my first surgery done. Woke up early morning for
consultation at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, which also explains
why I had my eye mask on.


Met Emily for the first time in person, weve been liaising
via email for a couple of months now & it was great to
finally meet her! If you must know, she looked after us like
a big sister for the entire trip & Ive never felt more



This is how the interior of the clinic looks!




Filled out some forms before waiting to see the doctors &
we went a lil crazy camwhoring today, after all it might be
the last time wed be seeing our old faces, its time to keep
some memories!


First up, I went to see Dr. Seul for fat grafting consultation. Prior
to this trip, Ive been really eating a lot more than usual so
that thered be more than enough fats to extract from my
thighs. According to Dr.Seul, the fats quality from the thigh
is better than the tummy. He told me the areas where hed
be injecting the fats & honestly, I couldnt wait to get


Next, I went to see Dr.Choi for eye surgery consultation. I had
addressed to him that Im looking to achieve deep-set looking
eyes & to make them look less tired. I was initially advised
to get Incision Ptosis Correction/Double Eyelid Surgery to even out +
open up both my eyes but upon hearing that I have to lay
off contact lens/glasses for a month, I decided this
procedure might not be for me since Im a blind bat
without contacts.


Dr. Choi then suggested I did a Sub-brow Incision Eyelid-Lift
Surgery together with a Forehead Lift so that my eyelids
wouldnt look droopy anymore & I thought an eyebrow lift
would do wonders for me. Decided to put the forehead lift
on hold for the moment since I havent hit the big 30 yet!


Lastly, I went to see Dr. Suh for nose surgery consultation. I
already like my side profile of my nose but I believe it
could be further improved without the droopy tip. From the
side view, my nose looks hooked & it makes me look older
than I am. I am looking to achieve a super straight nose
bridge, more equivalent to a mans nose, because I notice
a girls nose bridge from the side is more curved.

From the frontal view, my nose tip is bulbous & is not
proportionate to my other facial features. He assured me
hed do his best to give me the nose that I desire (straight
nose-bridge,less bulbous nose, no droopy tip) & I believe in him
because Ive heard so much about Dr.Suh having
magicalhands when it comes to sculpting a beautiful nose.

Did a CT Scan & realized all that nose fillers Ive done over the
years measure up to 5mm! I had to get jabbed again to
dissolve all the fillers that was left in my nose. Goodbye to
you fillers, Im really to go for the real deal.







Here Dr.Choi is making his final markings on my new
eyebrow position.



Can you spot the pair of deeper-set looking eyes & the distance
between my eyelids & brows are brought closer? Very happy with
the results because now my eyes look awake without any
makeup! Thank you so muchJW Plastic Surgery Korea & Dr.Choi !
Im still in the swollen stage at the moment, theres a
downtime & Id be showing you more pictures on the
progress & final result in subsequent posts.