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Your personal guide to taking control of your local
business market and profting through print.
by Bob Ross
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Table Of Contents
Introduction ...................... 2
Section One
Proft by Design .............. 12
Section Two
Printing Out Profts ........ 26
Section Tree
Money from the Mail ..... 60
Final Toughts .............. 102
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Here’s a hint:
keep your eye out for the golden nuggets.
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Hi there, my name is Jake (although you may know me as “Bob Ross”) and I’m
excited to show some powerful marketing strategies that will propel you to new
heights for marketing local businesses in your community.
I don’t even care if you’ve never made a dime in marketing before; the techniques
you’ll learn shortly are able to be started from scratch. I’ll show you everything in
the most easy-to-grasp way as possible so you can start making money right away
and carving out a name for yourself in your local community.
As you probably know that over the past few years, the internet has been both a
pain and pleasure for marketing local businesses. Local “ofine” internet marketing
is exciting for sure, but nothing beats delivering real results without having to deal
with the unpredictable and volatile internet marketing landscape.
What you’ll learn over the course of this guide will likely seem revolutionary to
many of you, and at the least, will be refreshing and valuable. Start using these
methods immediately, and you’ll see money coming in quicker than you can blurt
out “gimme some cash!”
Te power that you’ll hold once you learn these simple-to-implement and
astoundingly efective strategies will empower you forever. Not only will you be
able to market your own business better, you’ll be able to deliver even more powerful
results to your clients.
And that’s really what’s important today, because business owners are tired of the
weekend marketers who pitch them services that don’t do jack.
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Today’s business
climate is diffcult!
No doubt, we live in some tough times for running a business. Even some of the
big boys are struggling to fnd efective marketing in this ever-changing landscape.
No longer can you just ‘build it and they’ll come’.
Marketing is essential, and more and more business owners are tightening up
their budgets and cutting out the things that don’t work. Tat’s why marketers are
struggling to sell their services too. If it’s not something they can see a quick return
on, you’ll struggle to sell it.
Even though there’s always the never-ending stream of business owners who
shouldn’t be in business and have no clue towards marketing, they’re getting
smarter and smarter about what they spend their money on.
So my thoughts are simple... sell things that they can see a result on right away.
Fortunately, if you can ofer some marketing services that they actually WANT,
you’ll be able to target all of these dreamers who shouldn’t be in business in the frst
place, in addition to the big boys who need even stronger marketing horsepower.
You’ll be able to help grow Betsy’s business. Betsy loves baking cupcakes (and
they’re darn tasty!) but that doesn’t mean she can make a thriving business out of
it. Poor Betsy will probably mortgage her house to keep her business going until it
just can’t go any longer. Her marketing is piss poor if anything.
Even with the fancy website, the mobile optimized site, and even the free $100
adwords card, she’s still not seeing results.
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Regardless of the quality of product or service, if it’s not marketed well, Betsy is
done. Your job is to help market these businesses properly so that they do in fact
thrive, grow, and become a recognized name in their community.
Best service in town? It doesn’t matter if no one knows about it continuously.
Best food in the area? Word of mouth only gets you so far.
Lowest prices around? How can you get enough people to come in and fnd out?
Te biggest advertising myth out there leads us to a huge problem with running a
Just getting your name out there won’t do squat!
Te most widely accepted marketing strategy by local business owners is to “get
their name out there”.
Tey don’t have a clue about targeting, copywriting, funnels, upsells, cross-sells, or
any of that. Tey just get roped into whatever the newspaper ad salesman says .or
the media sales guy, or the internet marketer selling SEO that never works.
A lot of money gets burned away on advertising quickly if you get carried away
with it. Tat’s why so many people are trying to get into the ‘ofine’ marketing.
Tey all want to get a piece of some of that money. Right?
I can’t blame you, that’s why I got into it too.
I mean, there’s so much money to get a hold of. Businesses have to market
themselves-even some of the dumbest ones understand that. It’s just a matter of
where they’ll spend the money and with whom.
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It doesn’t help the situation because virtually everyone selling advertising at the
local level is only concerned with how much commission or proft they’ll make.
Actual results are more like an unexpected surprise than a strategic goal to the
average marketer.
But you, the budding Print Profteer, will be about delivering tangible results and
high value products/services unlike the rest.
You, armed with the right resources, knowledge, and support, can bring them in
customers on a whim, and actually TRACK the incoming business so they know
where they’re getting it from. So they can ramp it up further and further.
I bet you didn’t know that most business owners have no clue whether their
advertising is even working or not.
Tat’s salt in the wound right there. See, most advertising does actually manage to
bring in people if you throw enough money into it.
What happens is a business will begin getting increased customer fow but they
have no clue where it’s coming from.
Most of my well-established clients were in nasty positions - spending thousands
per week on newspaper ads, billboards, radio spots, TV spots, and SEO yet had very
little to no clue what’s working or not.
They were scared to death to stop any of it
for fear they’d cut whatever’s working out.
Te swarms of advertising reps selling them hundreds to thousands of dollars per
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month in advertising were not focused on what kind of results they got. Tey just
want to sell the advertising space for the commissions.
Teys sell on big audience and circulation numbers, which play right into the “get
your name out there” marketing mentality.
“Pay $1,000 per month for this billboard over the freeway and 100,000 people will
see it every day!”
Te logic sounds good, which is why the advertising reps love selling it. It’s an easy
deal, especially when there’s no tracking to determine if the billboard is working or
not afterwards.
Trackable results scare the crap out of ad reps.
Instead of being the jerk who only wants to take the customers money, you should
have a diferent outlook. You should want to actually help these little guys spend
their advertising dollars wisely.
You should be helping them develop a real brand that they can proudly promote
and market efectively to exactly the right people.
And you should be a blessing to them, for providing them services that no one else
has the smarts to provide.
So you’ll fnd out by the time you’re done reading this guide, that...
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These systems allow you to take profts away
from your competitor’s and into your pockets!
Let me ask you a question... Can you really food your client with business if you
wanted to? If they gave you $5,000 what would you even do with it?
How are you going to bring that local business owner results that are measurable,
on even meager budgets? Go ahead and check the internet, you won’t fnd that
answer published. It’s the holy grail of marketing.
I’m going to show you how to do it. And before you know it, you’ll be the central
marketing force in your community. You’ll be the ‘go-to guy or gal. Sound good?
First of, you need to understand that regardless of what you may have heard…
The internet is NOT the holy grail of local marketing.
Mobile, SMS, SEO, ORM, PPC, and whatever other three letter acronym you
can think of doesn’t hold a candle to how much money is spent on traditional
advertising, particularly at the local level.
How much money are we talking about? Well, instead of quoting you some
skewered statistic about how much money is spent worldwide each year on
marketing, let’s use some real fgures that will help (and actually make sense).
Te large majority of local businesses spend between fve to ten percent of their
gross revenue on marketing. Some spend a little less; these tend to be companies
that have an established customer base and trafc. And some spend a lot more;
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particularly those who are selling high ticket products and services. Even upwards
of 30% or more is common when a business is trying to grow fast.
Tese numbers might surprise you, because any weekend marketer who has tried to
go out selling simple online services has no doubt ran into owners who seem like
they can’t even cough up a few hundred bucks
Unless you’ve ran a brick & mortar business, you’ll have to trust me, there’s always
some money to spend on advertising.
If they see something that they feel will truly beneft their business, they’ll fnd the
money, believe me! Even the small businesses that make $500,000/year in sales or
less, you’re still looking at marketing budgets in the $2,000 to $5,000 range PER
So why are they telling me they can’t even spend
$500 for my services?
Why? Because they don’t think what you’re selling them is interesting or valuable
enough. Tat’s why.
Sorry to break it to you but I’m not going to hold anything back. Believe me, if
they really were sold on what you ofered, they’d spend some money on it even if
they had to use their personal credit card.
$500 is pocket change to most businesses. Even the ones that are seemingly
running on fumes can come up with a few hundred bucks. It takes a lot of cash
to run a brick & mortar business and the problem for you is that the free cash is
accounted for.
Tere just not always a lot of money hanging around to spend on something on
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impulse unless it’s highly intriguing, simple-to-grasp, or fat-out necessary.
Tose thousands per month they spend on marketing is likely going to traditional
advertising, be it yellowpages, billboards, radio/TV spots, newspaper ads, etc.
You’re not going to hear “I’m spending $1,000 per month on mobile marketing”.
But you will hear them say “I’m spending $5,000 per month on newspaper ads” and
even “I’m spending $20,000 per month on billboards, TV, and Radio”.
Fact is, your average business owner is not spending the brunt of their marketing
money on internet services. Tey’re spending it with idiot local advertising reps
who are pocketing big commissions and delivering dismal results.
And even though the results suck...
They still spend TRUCKLOADS of money each
month with these ad reps!
All because they don’t really know what’s working or not when they’ve got so much
going on. My goal, by the end of this guide, is to teach you…
How to get all that money going to you instead!
Because that’s where their money belongs. In your hands, where you can do
something positive with it.
With the resources and knowledge you’ll soon have at your disposal, you’ll have
more marketing frepower than any ad rep in existence. You’ll be able to crush all
your competitors to smithereens and take the money away from them.
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I do believe that anyone (including you) can do this. Te beauty of my strategies
are that they are very easy to implement, highly simplifed, readily outsourced,
workable with any budget, long lasting, highly proftable, highly recurring, and
fexible to any scale you so desire.
If you’d like to make a few hundred dollars a month to help pay the bills, now you’ll
know how. If you’d like to build a million dollar business to sell for a large sum of
cash down the road, you’ll be able to.
While the frst and second sections will cover profting without having to deliver
response to their businesses, the third chapter will tie everything together and
introduce the methods that will start the infow of customers.
Because as a professional marketer, you should know that…
Effective local marketing is about generating
trackable response and a positive ROI.
Unlike most marketers peddling crap services today, you’ll be focused on delivering
response and tangible results for your clients. When you can deliver response and
tangible results, the money comes in non-stop.
You will have a supreme advantage over the part-time peddlers.
When you have the ability to deliver response on demand, you’ll have people
calling you wanting to give you money constantly. You’ll fnd yourself in the strange
situation where you actually turn down money, because your time will be worth too
Right away, I want you to start focusing on “what can I do to bring this guy some
business” rather than “what can I sell this guy on”.
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Tat’s what local business owners want. And the frst rule of making a lot of money
in marketing is:
Always promote a product or
service that people want.
I know it sounds so simple that you want to slap me upside the head and tell me “I
already know that, Jake!”.
But I’m not quite so sure you do.
Let’s move a little closer to the money.
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Section One
Proft by Design
In the brick and mortar world of business, there’s typically a lot of printed material
used for marketing (and everyday) purposes. Te basics would be business cards,
brochures, sales fyers, letterhead, and signage.
Everything printed requires some form of design, and should be branded with the
company’s identity to help market their business further.
We call this “print collateral” by the way.
Not every business has a true brand identity, but I’ll bet you bottom dollar that
every business wants a true brand identity that’s recognized in their local market.
Identity is the heart of their business summarized into something as simple as a
logo and color scheme. It’s something highly desired, but difcult to create.
For the smaller businesses, when they make an attempt to brand themselves, they’ll
typically just pick out templates from their local print shop or (gasp!) design some
of it themselves on their home computer software.
Te more established and bigger companies tend to like keeping everything
consistent with their brand, so using run-of-the-mill templates won’t cut it.
Everything is customized and tailored in a organized, consistent manner. And very
big money is spent creating it all.
Tis is why skilled graphic designers tend to have sky high workloads even though
they don’t advertise. A good designer is almost always highly in-demand. Most
graphic designers never even need to advertise their services ever; they receive all
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their work by referrals and repeat business.
One thing you can certianly count on is the fact that…
Business owners LOVE seeing their
own brand in print!
Tey love having beautiful business cards and brochures to hand out. Tey love
when everything about their business can be encapsulated into even the smallest
print collateral.
What, you don’t think they’ll pay good money to have this:
Turned into this:
And preview a ‘mockup’ what it would look like in real life, such as this?

Page | The Print Profteer 17
Most business owners tend to go batshit insane when they see what can be done
with design work and end up spending way more than they should on every
printed thing under the sun you can suggest.
Once they hook up with a good graphic designer and they start seeing how good
everything looks printed, they want more and more.
You, the soon-to-be Print Profteer, should be capitalizing on this.
By simply brokering out the design work.
You are the marketer. You’re the missing link between the oft-disconnected
relationship of a designer and a business owner.
Te designers job is to make everything look good. Your job is to help put purpose
behind that sweet looking design.
Not only can brokering design work be a fantastic foot-in-the-door opportunity
to sell bigger services, it gives you an extreme sense of accomplishment, when you
become the person responsible for creating a whole brand!
Te good thing is, you don’t need to even have any design talent at all. Look at
Steve Jobs, he couldn’t program a computer if his life depended on it. But he (like
most wealthy people) use the skills of others and take most of the profts and all the
Because I’d like you to do the same, I’ll show you exactly how to let everyone do
the dirty work for you.
Page | The Print Profteer 18
Get paid hundreds per hour for doing almost nothing!
$50 an hour is a typical rate for professional graphic design. Most people will never
challenge that (and if they do they’re not worth the aggravation, trust me!).
Real-life examples would be $100 for a business card design, $300 for a brochure,
$200 for a postcard, and all the way up to $1,000 and much more for logo design
and full brand identity.
All of this can now be easily outsourced to highly talented designers all over the
world—for a fraction of those costs. Because the world has gotten smaller with
the growth of the internet, there’s now a massive pool of design talent all over the
world at your disposal.
So, in good business form, you, the Print Profteer, has the advantage of connecting
these relationships, charging full-pop, and pocketing the diference.
Outsourced designers work in the background, allowing you to take complete
credit for the result.
Tey’re like ghostwriters, and they prefer it that way. It’s no diferent than
outsourcing web design-except there’s no annoying html/css issues or technical
So where do you fnd these outstanding, magical and
inexpensive ghost designers?
Plenty of on-demand designers are available on sites like:
• Warriors for hire
Page | The Print Profteer 19
• Fiverr
• Odesk
• Elance
I also recommend for very inexpensive logo design, brand identity,
and everyday collateral design. Current rates are only $47 for a logo, $47 for a fyer,
$57 for a brochure, $27 for a postcard, and $17 for a business card design! is also fantastic for outsourcing logo’s primarily. You can’t
beat the price and quality. It’s a fantastic feeling to charge $1,000 or more for logo
& brand development when all it costs you is around $150!
If you’re a premier member of mine and would like to have a
relationship with my own screened designers that you can rely on,
you can simply use the ones I suggest.
Te good thing is that print design is a LOT easier to deliver than web design. Te
lack of technical issues and complexity, the ease of reproduction, and the fact that
you can see (and touch) it physically, make it a much more ‘valuable’ perception.
Now you’re about one-third on your way to becoming a full-blown Print Profteer,
ready to proft by using every unfair advantage available.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering why more business owners aren’t using these
cheap talented designers on their own...
It’s because they don’t have the time, don’t have the motivation, and often don’t
have a big enough brain to even think of it in the frst place!
Convenience, communication, and a person they can have a real relationship with is
much more important to them than trying to seek out a designer from abroad.

Page | The Print Profteer 20
You are the link between the two and deserve all the credit.
So how do you get these projects in the frst place?
Hopefully by now you want to get out and start making some design cash.
When prospecting for design work, you’ll fnd that it’s very easy to get owners
interested in talking with you because in most cases, they’ll actually admire you.
Designers are looked up to by most people, because it’s a skill that many people
wish they had but never could learn.
Simply introduce yourself to the owner, tell them you own a local design and
marketing business, and ask if they’ve ever considered having professional design
work done to help brand their business.
Specifcally mention business cards, brochures, fyers, or any printed material.
Nearly all businesses either have a need for some of these or will have a need for
these in the future.
Mention the fact that you didn’t notice a company logo or a color scheme.
In my experience, business owners tend to want a logo even more than they want a
website, Who the heck doesn’t want a nice logo for their business. Give them what
they want!
All you need to do is open up some communication with them and believe me
they’ll start yapping about all sorts of design stuf they need. Tey might as well
just open their wallet and tell you to start taking some cash in most cases.
Go to my personal printing site - - and take a look on
Page | The Print Profteer 21
the left side for all the things that I ofer printing for, and see all the things that
business owners use everyday in print.
Rack cards, hang tags, stationery, banners, display signs, posters, thank-you cards,
table tents, brochures, postcards, fyers, business cards, letterhead, envelopes,
calendars, catalogs, booklets, yard signs, doorhangers, presentation folders, and
All of those commonly ordered products needs design!
Need a pitch that works like gangbusters?
Here’s a script that I’ve used with almost unfailing success:
“Nice to meet you (handshake),
My name’s Jake and I own a small graphic design business right in Smithville.
I don’t want to bother you but I’ve got a quick question. Have you ever thought about
having new brochures, business cards, or fyers designed?
What’s great about this introduction is that 1. You establish yourself as a local
business owner (just like them!), and 2. You’re asking a question that’s very easy to
lead to a sale”.
If they tell you they’re all set, ask them if they may consider anything in the
future and see if it’s OK to contact them later on or if you can give them more
information. Get their info and permission, and keep following up.
As far as picking out the best businesses to target, that’s a whole separate subject
and I’m trying to keep things brief in this guide.
Page | The Print Profteer 22
Te best way is to just go out and fnd smaller businesses that will have owners who
are easy to reach. Even email works great for these services.
Over email, I tend to use the “light workload” approach, which I think you’ll have
success with as well.
I saw your sign the other day
Hi, I drove by your store the other day and I thought I’d send you a quick email. I
own a small design and marketing business here locally and I’d love to design some
nice business cards, fyers, or brochures for you down the road if you’re interested.
Have you ever thought about getting some fresh design work done on your print
materials? I’m easy to work with and I’ve got a light workload at the moment, so I
thought I’d take send you a quick email.
If so, give me a ring at 555-1212 or you can email me back, thanks and have a great
Keep your emails very simple and casual. You want to solicit a response, that’s it.
Don’t try to sell them all on the frst shot on the frst email.
If they’re interested, they’ll respond and you’ll likely come out with a sale every

Page | The Print Profteer 23
One really really juicy type of business to target is the one that just opened. Tese
are as close to shooting fsh in a barrel as you can get. I love ‘em and would visit
them all day if possible.
New Businesses are as good
as money in the bank!
You can build an entire business model solely on targeting new businesses. Tey are
ripe for the picking and ready to be juiced for the profteering.
Tis is your chance to get in good before they’ve spent all their money, wasted their
advertising dollars, and become jaded by advertising and marketing salespeople
who will never give them anything useful.
How do you fnd new businesses? If you have a subscription to you
can look them up anytime you want, anywhere in the USA. If you don’t have an account, google around for new business listings in your community
and you’ll fnd that many counties release these publicly.
One of the best ways to fnd them are simply to keep your pulse on the local
community yourself. As a professional marketer, you should be looking at
businesses wherever you go and no matter where you live, I am 100% certain that
you’ll see new businesses popping up all the time.
Explains how bad these places need better marketing!
Anytime you see a new business pop-up, get your butt in there ASAP. Help
them build a brand and design every piece of print collateral with their identity
prominently displayed.
Logo identity, business cards, stationery, brochures, fyers, are all a basic necessity.
Page | The Print Profteer 24
New businesses want to feel established. Tey’ll feel that if they don’t have these
basic and required materials, they won’t be taken seriously.
Tis is one of the most PERFECT ways that even a young student or an older
retiree can get into marketing and make some nice side money.
Designing for local businesses
is a walk in the park!
Honestly, it will get very repetitive and boring as you go on. You’ll fnd that most
business owners are easily impressed and tend to be amazed at anything with a
remote look of professional design.
Tis is also why good designers can be found working so cheap online. Tey’re
cranking out dozens of designs per week and tend to learn exactly what works and
A good designer tends to take your information and get it right the frst time (or
maybe with a small revision or two).
Keep in mind you likely won’t be working with big corporate staf and bloated
marketing departments. Tat’s a pain in the ass regardless of the money!
All you’ll be working with is the hardworking local businessperson who simply
wants their company to look interesting and professional.
Most of the time everything is straightforward. Particularly with re-design.
Example: you see some poorly made brochures or business cards and you ofer to
re-design it inexpensively. Tat’s some of the easiest $100 to $300 proft jobs ever-
and you can pick these projects up daily if you go out looking!
Page | The Print Profteer 25
Whether you want to make a few hundred per month or a few thousand, you can
certainly do it just by brokering out design jobs for everyday business needs.
Once they see what they’re missing
they freak out by not having it!
Few business owners want their marketing to look amateurish and cheap so you’ll
fnd that they often get scared when they realize how bad their marketing materials
look (and feel).
Don’t be surprised if they start shelling out hundreds or even thousands on
redesigning everything to match. It snowballs fast, believe me.
And when you’re ready to make even more money, you can start getting deeper into
brand identity, because...
There’s a lot of hidden money in brand
identity you can take advantage of.
Re-design and new design is all fne and dandy (especially because it’s so cut and
dried) but there’s a lot of hidden money that can lead to much bigger marketing
Business owners ENJOY talking about how their print collateral should look.
Anything that spurs conversation and interest with a business owner is good for
you, the budding Print Profteer, because they’ll refer you to everyone.
When you’ve got the conversation fowing, and you’re discussing their entire
identity, you have the pleasant opportunity to start branching of into printing,
copywriting, online marketing, and other direct marketing.
Page | The Print Profteer 26
Not only are you a positioning yourself as a “branding guru” in their eyes, but you’re
quickly able to solidify your ability to help them market their business even further.
You see, when you position yourself as an expert in branding and marketing in
general, you have so much more to credibly sell them. When you make the mistake
of positioning yourself as an internet marketer, they might never take you seriously
enough when you recommend other services outside of online methods.
“But Jake, I can’t pretend to be a designer!”
Some of you might feel uncomfortable carrying yourself as a designer when all
you’re really doing is outsourcing it out and capturing the proft.
What’s funny is that no one seems to have a problem telling people they’re a web
designer when they outsource that out!
If you willingly want to help the owner come up with the best “identity” for their
business, you have the right to run a design business. You don’t have to ‘be’ the
designer to own a design business.
Tis is what wildly successful business owners do, my friend.
Te entrepreneurs who fail to hire skilled people to work for them will always be
struggling, trying to do all the work themselves.
To make the most money for your talent and your time you need to work on what
you do best, and let your workers do the hard work.
You don’t have to lie. Tell them you have a small team and that your job is to
come up with the concepts so that your skilled design team can create it fast and
Page | The Print Profteer 27
You aren’t exactly pitching to rocket scientists here. Most of the time, a business
owner will hand you their brochure and say “make this look better!” Tat’s it. $300
or more in your pocket.
You just hand the work of to the pro’s, take all the credit, and half or more of the
Even though these projects can be simple and will make a few hundred dollars per
pop for you, keep your eyes on the BIG picture...
Graphic Design natura lly leads to Printing, Copywriting,
Consulting, and all sorts of Direct Marketing Opportunities.
(which all mean very BIG money for you!)
Over the next section of this handy dandy money making guide, you’ll learn how to
turn these simple design projects into some big recurring money.
All in a natural and logical continuation that virtually pushes itself forward.
You don’t want to limit yourself to just selling design services. Tink of it as an easy
foot-in-the-door. Tink of it as the frst step in the automatic funnel.
If you focus solely on selling design services, you’ll end up only making a few
hundred to maybe a thousand or two a month. Even though that can easily make
your car payment or even your mortgage, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table
if you stop it there.
While profteering by design is a great way to make money; more importantly-
it’s a way to open the door to a beautiful relationship with the business owners so
Page | The Print Profteer 28
that you can show them how to make direct marketing work for them and bring in
You’ll snowball into a relationship that pushes more of their fve to ten percent
advertising budget to you instead of someone who isn’t going to truly help them.
So let’s talk about how to snowball more money in your pocket.
Page | The Print Profteer 29
Section Two
Printing Out Profts
Oh dear Lord do I love this money-making machine. Bear with me and you’ll see
how your pocketbook can get a lot fatter.
You’re now a full one-third of the way to becoming a true Print Profteer. By the
end of this chapter you’ll be two-thirds of the way there.
Now that you know how to broker out design, I’m going to show you exactly how
to make a bunch of money by brokering out printing.
Because if you’re designing for them, why would you want to lose out on all the
money they’ll be spending with the printing?
You might think, “Crap I don’t know anything about printing and I sure don’t have
a God-forsaken commercial printing press in my house!”
As crazy as this sounds, you don’t need to know anything about printing and you
don’t need to own any kind of printer at all.
You wanna know something crazy? I went from being totally clueless about
printing to selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in print jobs within months.
All you need is an internet connection and the right resources. It’s literally that
straightforward these days.
Take a moment and think about how often people need things printed. Even
though some of you nerds may think that paper will be obsolete in a year, there
are still foods of people right now in your community that run to the printer and
spend money with them every single day.
Page | The Print Profteer 30
And this will be the case for a long, long time. Contrary to the very dumb
“weekend marketer” belief, print is still alive, well, and thriving.
Te naysayers who are against print, are the same ones that think a link wheel, a
mobile site, and a QR code are the keys to marketing success.
Printing and design is in higher demand than internet services by leaps and
bounds. Yet there’s eight zillion marketers pushing trendy (and quickly-outdated)
internet services rather than the stuf that’s in high-demand.
When so many of your prospects spend money on printing all the time, why would
anyone miss out on this huge revenue stream that’s so easy to tap into it’s almost
Some run-of-the-mill examples:
• A Business needs 5,000 fyers printed to promote a big sale.
• A Charity needs three versions of 1,000 brochures to promote their cause
• A Community event needs 5,000 event programs printed to sell at the door
• A Chinese take-out restaurant needs 1,000 magnets printed
• A Church event needs 500 programs printed for a community event
• A Business preparing for a trade show needs 2,500 business cards, 5,000
brochures, 5,000 rack cards, 2,500 catalogs, 5,
• A School needs 5,000 booklets printed for a big fund raiser
Just those examples above would total an amount of $15,000 or more in sales.
And by sticking with print, you never need to worry about search engine
Page | The Print Profteer 31
algorithms, unpredictable changes, outdated strategies, and all that horsecrap.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of internet marketing, I just view it as
supplemental services to ofer. Last thing I want to deal with is worrying if my
clients will ditch me when their search rankings plummet out of nowhere!
I’ll stick to the proven stuf. I keep my eyes on the free-fowing money that goes on
in the local printing world everyday.
Now who’s likely to get all this business?
Te large majority of people get their artwork printed at whatever printing shop is
It might be a local print shop; a chain store with printing departments like
ofcemax and staples; or a big corporate chain printer like fedex(kinko’s) and
minuteman press.
A small percentage of them will go online through sites like vistaprint.
Printing is a commodity-so they tend to seek out wherever is cheapest, fastest or
most convenient. Since it’s a commodity, you will rarely, if ever, fnd a printing shop
having to go out and fnd prospects.
It’s one of those businesses where you “build it and they will come” because it’s in
such demand. Te ones who get the majority of the business will be the ones who
keep their costs low and their convenience high.
Printing needs are so common that they fnd you.
Sounds like a good industry to be in huh?
Page | The Print Profteer 32
If you’ve been spending your months peddling marketing services that require
banging your prospects over the head just to listen to you, you might not be used to
something as easy as to sell as this.
Personally, I can’t remember the last time I saw local biz owners heading on down
to “Mike’s Mobile Webshop” or “Samantha’s SEO Specialty Store” hoping to spend
some of their money.
But stop into a local kinkos and you’ll see no shortage of people happily making
the efort to go in and pay hundreds or thousands for printing and generic design
Tis is exactly why I’m suggesting you learn how to broker printing because you’ll
make money very fast with very little work and with very little prospecting eforts
once you get your stuf together.
Ok Jake, tell me how to make money on this!
Just print everything on your home inkjet printer to keep costs low.
Just kidding.
Fortunately, the recent growth of the internet has given birth to a big fat cash-baby
known as the online printing industry.
What these online printers do is get their business without physical storefronts, and
proceed to group multiple orders together on the same print runs-which lowers
the operating cost tremendously. Te extreme efciency and high volume creates
lower retail costs than anywhere local.
(It’s called gang-run printing but don’t even worry about remembering that!).
Page | The Print Profteer 33
Because of their ability to generate business 100% online, the whole country
(regardless of what country you live in) becomes no farther than a place down
the road, so they are pulling in orders from anywhere. Tey’re not limited to a
struggling local economy.
Placing an order from Detroit won’t be any diferent than if you placed an order
from Maine or Texas. You can even live in Baltimore, do your printing in Kentucky,
and blindly ship it all to your client in Florida without you ever touching anything!
God bless the interwebs, ferce online printing competition, and print profteering.
Even though online printing is growing tremendously, the large majority of
business owners…
Have no clue it even exists in the frst place!
Even if they do fnd out about it, most of them are so intimidated by the printing
process (making sure artwork is acceptable for print standards, selecting the proper
paper stocks and coatings, etc) that they seek out the convenience of the local
professional print shop instead.
Although online printing is almost always cheaper in cost than a local printer,
the convenience of speaking with someone they have a relationship with is worth
spending more.
Which is why you can capitalize on this so easily.
If you learn the basic lingo and familiarize yourself with the printing process to a
small degree, you’ll be able to broker these jobs out with no problem at all.
You’ll not only become their design guy and branding guru, you’ll be their go-to
Page | The Print Profteer 34
person for printing now!
Tey’ll say (in all seriousness)... “Is there anything you CAN’T do!?”
Here’s a question for you...
Is it bad to offer commodities for cheaper than
all your competition?
Heck no.
See, here’s my opinion:
Printers (both online and local) know that they sell a commodity. Tey are in
business to print whatever someone wants.
You however, are helping them build their business, with printing just being a piece
of the marketing puzzle that you’ve created for them. You’re selling much more
than simple printing services, so you deserve to have this advantage.
Page | The Print Profteer 35
You, my budding Print Profteer, are ofering more value than what your printing
competitors do.
Bad for the local printer who isn’t out there scooping up the business pro-actively.
But very good for you, entrepreneurial Print Profteer!
Your street smarts, resources, and business sense allow you to leverage others hard
work and resources instead of slaving away on a printing press like the competition.
With a click of a button, you leverage a multi-million dollar
printing press from your kitchen table.
Tat’s right, a multi-million dollar printing press. Tat’s how much the good ones
cost. Tey can fll half of a gymnasium in size and require multiple teams of trained
people to operate.
Tere’s a huge diference between these big boy printing presses and the old
dinosaur presses that are in mom ‘n pop shops. So not only can you print at better
prices than your local competitors, you’ll be able to print at better quality as well.
This is one of those very rare situations where better quality
can come at a better price.
Te way you’ll make money is by using specifc online printers who can print dirt
cheap and ship blindly. You have to know the right ones to go to or you could be
overpaying, or getting junk quality.
Tat’s why I’m here, to help. Just like brokering the design, you will be pocketing
the proft and taking all of the credit.
Page | The Print Profteer 36
So how do you fnd the best print sourcing possible?
...use “TRADE PRINTING” whenever possible.
Trade Printing is the BIGGEST SECRET to
making big profts in printing.
Trade printing is a secret underworld in the printing industry; which puts the
power of super-proftable print right into your grubby little palms.
Trade printers are online printing companies that specifcally cater to people already
in the printing trade-hence the name “trade printers”.
Instead of trying to compete with other local printers, they support them by
giving them wholesale prices in order to resell at a proft. Tis gives you the unfair
99.9% of all consumers and business owners will never see the trade printers prices
because they are solely open to print brokers who they approve. And approval
generally requires proof that you’re in the printing industry, such as reseller
certifcates and copies of your business license.
Te screening process looks for someone who falls into these categories:
1. Local print shops who want to expand their oferings but don’t have the
equipment to produce certain items.
2. Local print shops who want to take advantage of lower cost printing, where
they can simply act as if they printed it in the back of their shop.
3. Design professionals and ad agencies who want to proft from printing but
Page | The Print Profteer 37
don’t want to own printing equipment.
You will fall into the last category. You’re the rogue marketer who wants to get out
and generate this business by becoming a kitchen table print-profting machine.
Since you don’t have nearly the overhead a print shop or a design agency would
have, you’ll be able to proft of slimmer margins than anyone else can compete
I mean seriously...
Where else can you sell a commodity for cheaper and have
better quality than anywhere else locally!?
Only the rogue print broker in town. ‘Tis you.
You can go out and drum up the business yourself. Virtually no one is out doing
this. You’ll be the ‘connection’ that everyone refers their business buddies to.
Tese local print schmucks never go out and talk with business owners themselves.
Tey don’t go out and introduce themselves. Shame on them.
New business opening up down the road? Tey probably pass by it and hope the
owner will come in sometime! Pure laziness.
Not you, fellow Print Profteer. You’re smart enough to go out and introduce
yourself. Call people. Visit them. Email them. Whatever you have to do to simply
introduce yourself and grab that business.
Page | The Print Profteer 38
Just reach out I swear on Gods green earth you’ll fnd business. I will fnd at least
ten local business owners who will pay me for printing services before I fnd one
that will let me sell them a website.
Business owners either want to have things designed and printed for them-or
they’re already doing it and are open to getting it done cheaper by you.
You win either way.
Now I’m certainly not saying that you can land a deal from every business
you contact, but go out and see how easy it is to get them interested. You’ll be
astonished that everyone else isn’t doing this.
What does it take to process a print job?
Not much. I print jobs retailing from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand bucks
every day and it takes me maybe fve minutes each one. All you do is learn the basic
industry jargon the best you can, and click a few buttons everytime you want to
print the money.
Tat’s it.
Using a trade printer, you get to run your print jobs on million dollar presses that
are calibrated daily with whole teams dedicated to quality control-yet you don’t
have to incur any of that cost.
So how exactly does one become a
trade printing profteer?
I know you’re a giddy little school right now, seeing all this cash in front of you by
Page | The Print Profteer 39
printing without doing much, but you can’t go totally blind into it.
Trade printing is not something to attempt unless you have a tiny bit of experience
and preparation. And I do mean tiny. Just some basics will be fne.
In fact, you could make some serious mistakes if you’re not careful, so I better be
careful going forward and warn you that you might have to pay a little attention.
You want to avoid mistakes that could cost you a whole lot of money-because one
little screw up might put you in the red very fast. You don’t want to mess up an
order that could cost you thousands to reprint!
One way I can help make sure you’re OK is by giving you the best trade printing
resource and print-profteering hand-holder in the USA… myself !
I happen to own a trade-priced site that caters almost exclusively to my members
just like you.
If you live outside of the USA, just search in your favorite search engine for trade
printers in your country... or simply target businesses in the USA and let me do all
the printing for you!
By the way, here are some great printing sites with low pricing to use
internationally: (they have sites for UK, France, Belgium, and Ireland) (Standard shipping is free to Germany, Belgium, Italy,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. France,
Principality of Monaco, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom also beneft from free
standard delivery when ordering for a certain minimum merchandise value.
Page | The Print Profteer 40
In the USA, if you use my trade printing prices (check ‘em out at I’m able to do your printing at rates lower than you’ll
fnd anywhere published publicly online. And if they’re not cheaper, I can match it
and generally get it to you faster.
More importantly though is my personal assistance making sure you won’t screw
anything up. Have any questions? Email me at anytime you
fancy and I will personally get back to you ASAP. I’ll look over your artwork to
make sure it’s print-ready and I’ll give you any templates and specs to give to your
I ship everything right to you or your clients, and they’ll have no way of fguring
out where the printing actually came from, so that you never get cut-out.
Of course you can apply for any trade printer you like (google “trade printers”) but
you’re on your own with fguring out how to get approved, let alone upload artwork
Before I continue tooting my own horn, here are some of the pros and cons of trade
printing in general:
Tere are two main benefts to using trade printing:
1. Trade printing is signifcantly lower in cost than any retail online printers.
2. Trade printing allows products shipped blindly to your clients or yourself so
that no one has a clue where it really came from. Tus protecting your proft.
3. Trade printing is not designed to compete with you or force people out of
the market. It’s there to KEEP printers in the market, if they so choose to
use it.
Page | The Print Profteer 41
Te difculties associated with trade printing is:
1. You will not be able to land a traditional trade account if you are not a
legitimate business that is already in the printing or design industry.
All trade printing accounts are manually verifed for legitimacy and often
require minimum volumes to be met in order to keep the account active.
(Tat’s why I recommend using my services).
2. Pricing is often dependent on your volume and history. If you’re not doing
high volume, you won’t get the lowest pricing.
3. Trade printing is not full service. Te reason it’s so cheap in the frst place is
because it doesn’t need the full support and bells & whistles that consumer
printing requires. If you’re not familiar with the printing industry and how it
works, you can very easily make mistakes that can cost you a ton.
In order to compensate for very small proft margins, trade printers automate
everything so that there’s as little human assistance as needed. Tis is why mistakes
can be common if you’re new to the printing process.
If you don’t know what crop marks, bleed, colorspace, safety zone, resolution, and
rich black are, then you are deep doo-doo if you place orders on a trade account!
Nothing like printing 5,000 brochures for your client and they wonder why there’s
white borders around the edge, the graphics are jagged and fuzzy, and the beautiful
blue background is now a splotch of purple mud.
And when your client wants their money back, the trade printer replies two days
later in a support ticket reply; “you deal with it buddy, you’re the pro who should’ve
known better!”
Page | The Print Profteer 42
But if you’d like me to help you…
Let’s make some money
printing and profting!
Tere are a lot of fantastic reasons to use me for your printing and I really don’t
know why you wouldn’t let me help you. Unless you’re plum crazy of course, or if
you live across the big blue sea.
Here’s the main reasons why it’s a good idea to use my printing services,
First of all, I’m going to give you better pricing than anywhere published online for
the same specs. Tat’s a reason in and of itself. I’ll match or beat anything for the
same specs so long as it’s publicly published viewable online.
Second, you’re going to feel very comfortable working with me. I will look at your
fles and make sure they don’t have any issues that would normally cause a disaster
Tird, I get things printed very FAST, without the crazy upcharges that other
printers tack on. And shipping is swift as a bird, without the upcharges.
Again, my printing site is where you can see all my
products and pricing. Feel free to email me at with any questions
or help about your specifc jobs.
Even though I have thousands of members, I answer all emails personally and I
look forward to helping anyone with their projects. I am truly devoted to your
Enough talk about me, you’re probably curious...
Page | The Print Profteer 43
“Bob (I mean Jake!)... tell me how much money I
can make selling these services!”
Yeah, let’s talk about proft here.
Well, here’s a simple example to wet your whistle. One of the most commonly
ordered items are tri-fold brochures. 500 of them printed locally will be around
$300 to $1,000 or more. Yet with me it’s only about $120, so you can make
hundreds without doing anything technical!
And you will be re-ordering these again for your client down the road, as well as
printing more and more products for them as they need.
Here’s some general guidelines on pricing for proft:
1. Don’t price yourself too low
2. Don’t price yourself too high
3. Use your competitors pricing as a reference to know what you should charge.
4. Always have a distinct advantage, such as convenience, special coatings,
thicker paper stock, etc.
Let’s assume you’re at the dentist ofce and turns out they’re almost out of the
three brochures they distribute in the waiting room. You tell the dentist that you
noticed it and said she should check your prices out.
It’s a standard 8.5x11 (or A4) brochure that’s tri-folded. She says they usually order
about 500 every couple months from the print shop down the road.
Page | The Print Profteer 44
Te quality is OK, nothing special. Paper is fimsy and the colors look dull (almost
always the case).
How do you price it?
Well, there are some factors that will come into play as you strategize your pricing
but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We’re just trying to make some quick cash
at the moment.
Let’s look at some straight pricing comparisons.
I don’t know what your local printer charges but give them a call and ask. Don’t tell
them you’re a competitor of course, just tell them you need a quote for your spouses
Most will likely charge around 30-50 cents each, or somewhere around $150
to $250 for 500. Don’t be surprised to fnd that some printers will charge even
upwards of 75 cents or more than a dollar per brochure.
Your price from me (or a similar trade printer) for 500 tri-folds will be only around
$120 (less than 25 cents each).
And if you double the quantity to 1,000... trade printing prices will be only around
Tese print products (remember we call them ‘collateral’) are in use ALL THE
TIME by the majority of businesses and 90% of the time they just stroll down
to the nearest local printer or ofce supply chain store with their credit card or a
check to get them printed when they run out.
Te faster they want it printed, the more expensive it gets.
Page | The Print Profteer 45
I’ve seen businesses pay $1 or more each for business cards, just so they could get
them printed that day. Tis is important, so keep reading.
Here’s an example of pricing and how proftable print profteering works.
Let’s get back to our dentist who wants to have 3 brochures printed in quantities of
500 each.
As of mid-2013, these are the prices for 3 brochures of 500 each through various
sites that I searched online:
Ofcemax: $1035
Staples: $1949.97 for in-store printing
$929.70 for 7 day delivery $705.45 (3 day delivery)
$674.55 (7 day delivery)
$629.01 (14 day delivery) $645.72 (2 day delivery)
$608.34 (5 day delivery) $819.36 (10 day delivery)
$617.25 (8 day delivery) $789.48 (5 day delivery)
$732.36 (8 day delivery)
Page | The Print Profteer 46 $492.27 (6 day delivery)
$402.00 (10 day delivery) $361.93 (5 day delivery)
Gosh, that’s a big difference!
My suggestion is to take what the average local pricing tends to be and try to get
as close to that as possible. Personally, when I need to quickly fgure out what an
average retail price might be, I look at’s pricing calculator and I
charge that.
I’ve got to give credit to this strategy to Doran Peck from the Warrior Forum, who
really opened my eyes to these possibilities of profting through printing. is almost always 20% or more cheaper than what any place local is
charging, so I like using their calculator as a quick guideline for what to charge my
For our hypothetical Dentist client, you might charge roughly $263 each or $789
total, plus tax if required in your area.
Tis should save her a hundred or more dollars, plus give her the convenience
of not having to spend time to deal with a print shop. You’ve now become her
personal print source.
You receive a proft of $427 for simply clicking a few buttons.
And most likely, you worked a re-design in there too and pocketed a couple
Incredibly low pricing, allowing
you to proft MASSIVELY
Page | The Print Profteer 47
hundred more.
Ten in a couple months you’ll get the call to print another run when she’s running
low, and make another $427 for clicking a few buttons.
And you’ll get calls from their friends in business who want their stuf printed as
well! Within months you might fnd yourself clicking buttons every couple days to
simply print more of whatever your clients are running low on. Clickety click click
and the proft starts printing more and more.
Trade printing is the gift that keeps on giving.
Businesses from the tiniest startup to the largest corporations routinely fnd
themselves in need of things printed. Don’t forget all the basics.
For example:
• Brochures to showcase services or give information
• Flyers to promote sales
• Rack cards to pass out cheaper than brochures
• Postcards to send out to customers with sales or coupons
• Letterhead and envelopes for communications, invoices, etc…
• Catalogs to showcase inventory
• Business cards to promote their brand and leave contact information
And even more!
Page | The Print Profteer 48
Te options are truly endless.
Next, let’s squeeze some more juice out...
Profting on extras
On most initial print jobs, you’ll be able to tack on some extra charges that they’ll
more than willingly pay for.
Te frst thing is design costs. You’ll need to either use their existing artwork or
create new artwork. In almost all cases, your client is going to want new artwork
because they’ll want to make changes to their existing piece.
Charge for this! Don’t be shy.
Most graphic design pro’s will charge somewhere around $200 to $500 for a
brochure design. Price whatever you feel is appropriate for the project. Even if it’s
only costing you $75 or whatever to outsource it! [insert maniacal laughing here]
Here’s a hot tip, if the client is a pain in the neck, charge them more. Believe me,
you don’t want to be doing this for charity. If they’re taking up a lot of your time,
make sure that you’re charging enough to make it worth it.
Here are some upsells to make sure you’re ofering and charging for:
• Adding bleed
• Adding new stock images
• Ticker paper
• Setup fee
• Better paper coatings
• Faster turnaround
• Logo reconstruction
Page | The Print Profteer 49
• Logo creation
• Copywriting assistance
Tese are the ‘extras’ that you can easily use to bump up your order by a good 30%
to 200% or more.
So you know this is basically how makes money. Tey advertise
very low prices and very low quantities, then add-in small upsells over and over
throughout the ordering process until you’re paying signifcantly higher than what
you originally were drawn into.
It works for a reason. Mimic it.
Confused by words like ‘bleed’? Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, you’ll need
to learn some very basic printing terminology to get up to speed. Slug through the
next couple pages and you’ll be good to go.
I promise, this should be the only boring part of the guide.
Page | The Print Profteer 50
Boring Print Lingo and Terminology
(unfortunately important)
I like to keep things as non-technical as possible but since we’re dealing with a
pretty technical industry, I’ll need to give you some of the basics to bring you up to
You want to know just enough to get by. Te rest will come to you as-you-go.
Much like web design, you only need a generic understanding of the technical
side of things, since all the tough stuf with be handled by your hard-working and
talented outsourcers.
Tese are the terms you’ll need to somewhat familiarize yourself with so you can
become a true print profteer in the near future:
Always request a template from the printer you’ll be printing with. Hand this
template over to your designer so that there’s no hiccups as far as how the printer
wants the artwork setup. Tis will eliminate most major headaches!
File Formats
Printers will require various fle formats for your artwork. I highly suggest that you
always submit your fnal fles in PDF format, because it will have as little screwup
potential as possible but here are descriptions of other types:
Page | The Print Profteer 51
Tis is mostly used for web images. Tey are compressed formats that makes the
fle very small and as a result, lose quality every time it’s reproduced. Most printers
will accept these if needed.
Don’t ever use this for anything in your artwork. Ever. It’s junk, let’s just leave it at
PSD, Ai, and IDD
Tis is the format that’s used in adobe photoshop. While the quality can be near
perfect, it’s not a good idea to submit your fnal fles in. It can be accidentally edited
and it may have used fonts that were only on the designers computer, forcing a font
‘substitution’ which is never good! You want to provide formats like .PDF which
embed the fonts and restrict editing.
I like these 2
best to pdf. Tey can be exported as fnal print fles with virtually no
loss in quality from the original artwork. You must have them saved using LZW
compression or else the fles will end up HUGE.
Tis is the preferred format for virtually every printer out there. It displays
everything the same regardless of the computer it’s on and it can be customized to
work for any printers specifcations. Always try to get your fnal fles as PDF and
tell your designer to use the preset “PDF/2001”.
Page | The Print Profteer 52
Colorspace and Resolution
Printing uses a diferent way of creating colors than a computer monitor does. Tis
causes some confusion because the way everything looks on a screen might look
diferent when it’s printed.
A computer screen illuminates everything, so colors tend to look brighter and more
vivid. Your computer screen uses three colors - Red Green and Blue - to make
every color. You’ll see this called RGB color and it is NOT what is to be used for
print. It’s used only for web design.
Print uses four colors to create all other colors, which consist of Cyan, Magenta,
Yellow, and Black. You’ll see this called CMYK and ALL your print artwork
should be in CMYK colorspace.
You just simply make sure your designer knows that you want them to use the
printers template, pdf format, and CMYK colorspace. Tat’s all.
Our computer screens not only use a diferent set of colors and light, but they use
far less detailed resolution than print requires.
What looks totally fne on a computer screen might look very “fuzzy” when printed.
Always make sure that your designer creates your artwork in a resolution of 300 dpi
(dots per inch). Web images tend to be 72dpi or 150dpi, and if you want to check
on how it might look when printed, zoom in 300% and if it looks fuzzy or jagged,
then it will likely look fuzzy when printed.
Page | The Print Profteer 53
Always get everything done in 300dpi when working with print so tell your
designer that!
Bleed and Safety
Such a brutally named term isn’t it!
Sorry it’s not actually gruesome though. I know you’re disappointed.
Bleed is when the ink goes all the way to the edge of the paper so no white paper
stock is visible. Tis is preferred on nearly all artwork because it looks highly
professional. When you print something on your home printer, there will always be
borders around it because the ink can’t go to the edge of the page. Tere’s no bleed.
Even on a million dollar printing press, the ability to print directly to the edge of
the paper is impossible.
In order to print to the edge, the size of the overall size of the paper has to be
bigger than the size you need and the extra paper is chopped of afterwards with a
guillotine so that the edges all ‘bleed’ with color.
Tis means you always have to add extra size to your artwork to accommodate it
being chopped of by the guillotine. If you’re printing something that is 8.5x11 (or
A4), you’ll need to actually make it 8.75x11.25 because the bleed is almost always
.125” around all sides (1/8
If this starts to sound confusing, don’t worry because your designer can simply use
templates provided by the printer and it lays everything out.
Page | The Print Profteer 54
Safety Zone
Te safety zone is an imaginary line inside the edge of your artwork where there’s
absolutely no chance for it to be trimmed of.
Te blade is very accurate at the top of the stack, however as it slices down, it may
slightly move 1/16
of an inch or so, which is why we have the safety zone.
Important graphics and/or text that you cannot risk getting chopped of should
be no less than 1/8
of an inch inside the trim line. So, on all your ready-to-print
artwork, you should have an outside area that will get chopped of for bleed, and an
inside area that is the boundary for all important things you can’t risk losing.
Again, if it sounds confusing, just use templates and you’ll be totally fne.
Paper stock
For the most part, you’ll be choosing between two types of stock. One is non-rigid
and one is semi-rigid.
Non rigid stocks are mostly used for letterhead, brochures and fyers. You’ll see the
term “book” or “text” stock for these types.
Semi-rigid stocks are typically used for greeting cards, upscale brochures, postcards,
doorhangers, rack cards, and business cards. Tese are named “cardstock”.
All paper stocks will come in diferent weights and thicknesses. Tis can get
slightly confusing but I’ll try to make some sense out of it for you.
70lb smooth
Page | The Print Profteer 55
Tis is what most letterhead and notepads are printed on. It’s a fairly thick piece
of a paper that feels ‘premium’ in the hands compared to what we normally use for
paper everyday. It doesn’t have any gloss to it but it’s fnished smoothly so that ink
still looks crisp and clear.
80lb book or text
Tis is usually the minimum thickness for fyers and brochures. It’s not a very thick
paper stock for fyers and will wrinkle somewhat easily.
100lb book or text
Tis feels thicker in the hand and also doesn’t wrinkle nearly as easily as 80lb. I
suggest always using this stock for fyers and brochures as it holds up well and feels
100lb cover
Even though it’s the same ‘weight’ as the 100lb book/text, the fact that it’s on
cardstock means that it’s semi-rigid. Tis makes it a good choice for upscale
brochures in my opinion.
14pt cardstock (250gsm)
Most of your printing besides fyers and brochures will be on this stock. At a local
print shop, this would be considered a premium stock but for online printers, it’s
almost always the standard.
14pt cardstock is thick and pretty rigid, so it holds up well. It’s defnitely a big
diference when someone holds it for the frst time compared to what they’re used
Page | The Print Profteer 56
16pt cardstock (300gsm)
If 14pt is still too thin for you, then 16pt will be your buddy. Tis stock might cost
more but some places will keep the cost the same as 14pt. Te added weight will
likely increase shipping costs though keep in mind.
16pt feels even thicker and it also holds up slightly better. Business cards and
postcards are what you would primarily be considering this heavyweight stock for.
I rarely use uncoated stock.
Uncoated paper stock does not have any fnishing on it, it’s just plain paper. If
you’re going for that “green” look then use uncoated stock, because it looks and feels
very organic.
Because it’s not coated, the ink tends to ‘splotch’ and soak into the paper pretty bad
if you’re using a lot of dark ink.
Colors will also become very dull because there is no sheen to it.
Aqueous Coating (AQ coating)
Aqueous coating is a water-based coating that goes on the paper to make it glossy
or dull, depending on which you want. Tere are diferent levels of ‘glossiness’ and
Aqueous would be considered in the middle.
Page | The Print Profteer 57
Glossy paper (aka 14pt C2S Glossy) is the frst level. Tat means it’s a very slight
shine. Aqueous coating gives it a little more shininess and also makes it slightly
slippery to the touch.
Most glossy coatings people have felt are Aqueous coatings. Tey also make colors
look slightly more vivid because they refect, like a car polish.
Ultraviolet Coating (UV coating)
Te most glossiest coating of them all is Ultraviolet coating or UV coating for
short. UV coating not only makes everything super glossy and slippery, but it adds
thickness and protection to the paper.
Because of it’s thickness and super glossy amazing-ness, it makes colors look even
more brilliant. It’s just like putting a thick coat of wax on a car and polishing it
really really well.
If you hold something UV coated you’ll know it, it’s unmistakably smooth and
slippery to the touch. Postcards, rack cards, business cards, and doorhangers are best
suited for UV coatings although it can be done even on fyers as well.
Specialty Coatings
Tere are lots of unique coatings that specialty printers provide and some of them
are quite impressive. Examples of these are:
Spot UV
Spot UV is kind of neat. Tat’s where everything is dull except for parts of the card
that you specify, where UV is applied to. So maybe your logo will have UV coating,
making it super shiny while the rest of the card is subdued.
Page | The Print Profteer 58
Foils and Metallics
Metallic colored ink and gold or silver foil can be applied to specifc areas as well.
Picture a dark black background with a logo or text in silver metallic foil.
Silk Laminate
Tis is one of my favorite coatings of all. It’s actually a laminate, which means the
edges are covered too unlike UV or Aqueous.
Silk Laminate is a super smooth but not glossy fnish that is slightly translucent. It
has a fantastic upscale feel that is unlike almost anything you’ll ever touch made of
Suede, Leather, Wood
Some specialty printers ofer cards with soft suede fnishing, leather fnishing, and
even some made of very thin wood!
Tat’s pretty much all you need to know about printing terminology. Just refer back
to this when you get confused, or shoot me an email!
Ok let’s get back to money-making stuff!
Enough with the boring terminology and specifcations. Let’s get back to the
money ok?
You might be asking... Jake aren’t business owners likely to want samples to see?
My answer is, sometimes yes. A lot of times no. Regardless, it might make sense for
Page | The Print Profteer 59
you to have some physical samples to show so they can see what quality printing
looks like.
Here’s just how to get a ‘portfolio’ built freely. Go on google and search out all the
online printers you can fnd.
Tere are lots of them out there in internet-land. Most of the ones that rank in the
top of the SERPS will have free samples available.
Order all the free ones you can. Within a week or so you’ll have every paper stock
sample under the sun along with every product sample under the sun.
Cherry pick the best ones and make sure they don’t have the printers name on
them (some will some won’t). Now you have some samples to show in the feld so
your prospects can see and feel what real quality looks like.
Tere’s a million diferent ways to prospect for business but whatever you do, keep
this in mind-little print jobs will almost always turn into bigger and better ones.
Business owners get HOOKED on printing and design. It’s like a drug.
Often they go completely overboard, wanting things printed like crazy because it
appeals to their ego and they feel their business won’t be taken seriously without it.
Tey want awesome business cards, awesome brochures, awesome rack cards, and
so on. Sell them everything you can. Package up deals for them. Trow something
in if they buy a bigger quantity or upgrade to a thicker stock.
Raise the price and lower it and tell them you’re giving them a discount. Whatever.
Just make them feel like you’re taking care of them.
Page | The Print Profteer 60
Here’s an example of creating value out of thin air:
Say your client wants 1,000 glossy business cards and he’s you’d normally charge a
low cost of $175.
Tell him the normal turnaround is 12 days but if wants to order now, you’ll upgrade
him to faster printing and get it to him within a week or so (which is the normal
turnaround, so you’re not spending any more anyway!).
While you’re at it, tell him you’ll upgrade him to super mega glossy UV coating for
free since it’s his frst order. (Again you won’t pay extra for this!).
Or better yet, wait to tell him when you deliver the cards to him. Ten casually
mention it and make his eyes fall out of his socket when he sees them and feels
Too many people will just mouth of every feature and beneft when they could
shut up and build value to it instead.
You know another reason to build value like that? When he orders again he will
want to pay for those upgrades! Now you’ve got a guy shelling out $265 for his next
1,000 business card run with no qualms at all, for something that costs you maybe
$25 or so!
There’s opportunity everywhere
You’ll start seeing printed material everywhere. Tere’s your opportunity to mention
you do printing. If you see some brochures somewhere, why not ofer your services
and save them some money?
Tat’s the beauty of prospecting for print, you’re not pitching “I’d like to make you
Page | The Print Profteer 61
money”, you’re pitching “I’d like to save you money”. It sounds messed up, but
people often respond to saving money more than making money.
Businesses aren’t the only prospects either. Charities, events, churches,
municipalities, and everyday people all need stuf printed that you can ofer.
Cold walk, Cold call, Email, SEO, PPC, Direct Mail, Networking, Linked in,
Facebook, Craiglist, Kijiji, and whatever other ways of reaching people will work
for getting clients.
You have a commodity available at a lower price and better
quality than anyone. What better unfair advantage can you
get as a marketer?
Push referrals. Word of mouth will build your clientele fast, so you want to
accelerate the process all that you can. Simply asking your customer who they know
that needs printing will be sufcient.
Everyone wants to share their ‘connection’.
You should be getting two or three referrals minimum from each job you sell.
Before you know it, you’ll be getting calls frequently from referrals, and referrals of
your referrals!
Every businessperson wants to know a trustworthy and attractively priced designer/
printer. You become their drug dealer in a sense.
You’ll get calls from business owners who ran out of business cards and need them
in their hands like their lives depend on it. You’ll get emails that go like this...
Page | The Print Profteer 62
“Hey Debbit it’s Aaron the business owner, I REALLY need some business cards and fyers printed

I’m almost out and I have a big sale coming up. What can you do for me to get these in by the end of
next week?

I don’t mind paying extra, just tell me how much I need to pay!
I once had a client tell me he needed business cards so bad that he told me fat out
he’d pay $500 if I could get him 100 within the next day or two
Don’t even think for a moment that I’m feeding you hype. I’m telling you, future
Print Profteer, you’ll be getting these emails in no time!
Now, let’s get to the third requirement to become a full fedged Print Profteer...
Page | The Print Profteer 63
Section Tree
Money from the Mail
Welcome to the third and fnal avenue of making money as a print profteer.
Tis is where the really big money is.
I’d like to show you how to incorporate direct marketing into your arsenal of print
profteering. I know some of you may doubt the efectiveness of direct mail, but
whatever you’ve heard negative is wrong. Direct mail is money in the bank.
Your bank and your clients bank.
Direct mail has been the reigning king of advertising for a long time and if you
know how to use it correctly, it will literally become you and your client’s personal
money-printing machine. You will run the machine and it will print money.
Like all advertising, it only works reliably if you know how to properly use it. It can
be loser in the wrong hands-but in the right hands (which will be yours very soon)
will generate so much cash it’s insane.
Tis will all start making sense shortly.
Let’s frst explore some everyday situations where people are using direct mail
currently. Tese are always good situations because as a Print Profteer, you’ll be
looking to replace their existing services with your own at a cheaper (or more
convenient) rate.
Here are some everyday examples of direct mail already in use everyday at the local
Page | The Print Profteer 64
• A politician running for local ofce sends 50,000 postcards mailed
throughout the city
• A charity sends 10,000 postcards mailed to past donors
• A Chinese take-out sends 2,500 magnets out twice a year
• A restaurant sends 1,000 postcards each month to his customer list
• A dentist sends 5,000 postcards to everyone in the neighborhood each
• A pizzeria sends 2,500 menus to their local neighborhoods
• A car dealership sends 100,000 giant fyers out to the nearby communities
• A furniture store sends out 10,000 sale fyers each month
• A village sends out a monthly newsletter to the entire village
• A school mails out a quarterly newsletter to the community
If you look at the examples above, which happen throughout the world on a daily
basis, you should see all this as an opportunity to broker the mailing services just
like you would for printing.
Tere are four diferent methods I recommend using to generate profts through
the mail:
• Overtake existing campaigns for clients
• Create new campaigns for clients
• Create campaigns for yourself
• Create Co-op direct mail platforms
Page | The Print Profteer 65
All of these above are proftable, it’s just fguring out what’s best for each situation
and for you. Depending on the campaign size and involvement...
You’ll be earning profts of around $300 to $3,000 or
more every time you handle someone’s campaign.
It doesn’t take a genius to do the math for what you’ll earn if you run even a few
campaigns per month.
I told you it was some big money. And it’s all out there ready for whoever wants to
take it.
“But Jake, how do I broker mailing?”
Just like brokering the printing, and brokering the design, you can broker the
mailing. Most major online printers ofer mailings services and you can even
handle some of them on your own if you wish (I’ll explain shortly).
I ofer mailing services as well, so feel free to leverage me to be the “ghost” mailer
for you. You’d be hard pressed to fnd a better person to trust your mailings to (if
you’re targeting within the USA) and my pricing is rock bottom.
Before we get too far, let me give you a crash course in how mailings work and
what some diferences are.
Mail Campaigns aren’t diffcult to sell
I’m going to simply show you how to fnd fresh prospects in ways you never
thought of, and ofer them the most powerful form of local marketing in existence
today, postcard direct mail.
Page | The Print Profteer 66
Tis material that is going to give you the power to become a truly professional
marketing consultant almost overnight. Once you have the ability to drive new
business in for your clients on a whim, you’re going to instantly become the expert
that they will trust and ultimately depend on.
By delivering results and gaining their trust, you position yourself to be able to
sell them any other services you suggest, since you’ve proven yourself. Tey’ll refer
you to their business friends and within a short amount of time you can literally
become the hottest commodity in town.
I don’t care what your experience in marketing is so far, how old you are, how ugly
you are, how broke you are, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to make everything push
button easy for you like no one has ever done before in ofine marketing.
First, let’s learn about direct mail and it’s power...
The Marketing Beast
Literally nothing else will even come close to the efectiveness of a properly
strategized direct mail campaign yet there’s virtually no one out there selling it to
business owners.
The average ROI for direct mail is
over FIFTEEN DOLLARS for every $1 spent.
Postcard marketing can achieve 100% exposure rates with an almost infnite choice
of people to target instantly. A giant billboard on a freeway with 300,000 cars
passing by it everyday can get zero response, yet a tiny postcard sent in the mail to
1,000 specifc people can bring them in by the dozen.
Page | The Print Profteer 67
Direct marketing has the ability to pinpoint exact people who are likely interested
in some ones product or service, and can place a compelling ofer for it into the
persons hands within days.
When other marketing methods fail, postcard direct mail is tirelessly working and
succeeding. It’s a beast, but when you know how to tame and control it you’ll have
the most reliable marketing out there, ready to print money at a moments notice.
I can guarantee that almost anyone who’s had a bad experience with direct mail has
simply NOT done it properly. It’s a completely fail-proof method of bringing in
business when utilized correctly.
Direct mail looks simple at frst glance... “Just send out a bunch of postcards or
letters”. But the truth is, direct mail campaigns involve some deceptively difcult
elements that lie out of the skill range of 99% of small business owners.
A lot of small business owners will think negatively of it because they view it as
“junk mail” or something way too expensive or difcult to put together. Most
weekend marketers coincidentally think the same thing, so they foolishly bombard
business owner with ofers for internet services that barely do anything at all.
Some owners will have tried direct mail previously and had poor results, but again,
it’s because they didn’t do it right. Tey likely didn’t put a good enough ofer on it
or a call to action. Tey likely didn’t send it to the right people.
If you don’t know what you’re doing...
I’ve talked with quite a few business people who have spent hundreds to thousands
Page | The Print Profteer 68
on failed direct mail campaigns. I even spoke with one owner who spent close to
ten thousand dollars last year on a letter campaign that didn’t produce one stinking
response. Now we have a monthly camapaign that costs her 1/3 of that and gets
response every single month.
Te keys to direct mail is simply not understood by most small business owners
and often their shot-in-the-dark campaigns turn out to be nothing but a complete
Tey’ll spend thousands on newsprint ads, outdoor advertising (billboards), and
TV/Radio, that gets minimal response but they’ll keep doing it over and over
because they see their name out there.
It’s reassuring to them to when they see their own ad in the newspaper, on a
billboard, or on TV, but mailings are diferent. Direct mail is a very private, one-
on-one experience and doesn’t readily ofer that “highly visible” experience that
billboards and TV ads do.
If the response isn’t high enough to cover the cost of the mailing, they’ll simply
ditch it and call it a failure. Even though it might have required one or two more
mailings before the customers really started fowing in.
No diferent than running a series of TV commercials for a week and saying the
response sucked!
Direct mail is not made for “do it yourself-ers”
Tere’s just way too much involved in a mailing for most business people to take on
themselves. Copywriting, printing, designing, targeting, and postal prep all require
separate skill sets, each one seriously afecting the success of a campaign.
Page | The Print Profteer 69
Direct marketing is best left to professionals like yourself, who concentrate on what
they’re doing, not business owners who are busy running their business. Tis is
where you come in.
I can’t really help you if you want to handle targeted direct mail campaigns entirely
by yourself. You could buy a postal permit, list sorting software, NCOA services,
high speed inkjetting machine, and then sort all of the mail pieces and transport
them to the post ofce bulk entry units, but who in their right mind would want
deal with all that?
Seriously, forget doing any campaigns entirely by yourself and just use someone like
me or a mail provider who can take care of everything for you.
Within the short time it should take you to get through this whole report, I’m
going to empower you with the ability to develop powerful direct mail campaigns
that will drive in rapid response to nearly any business you choose.
I highly doubt that anyone else has ever published anything like this before. I’ve
seen plenty of articles on how to do direct mail campaigns for yourself but never on
how to ofer campaigns to other businesses. Tis is where the real money is though
and I’ll tell you why...

Continuous results will bring you endless profts.
What this means is that if you can bring continuous results to your clients, you’re
Page | The Print Profteer 70
going to make some serious money as a result. If you want to get emails every thirty
days from clients who are thanking you for another month of bringing them new
customers, you’ll get that if you ofer them successful direct mail campaigns.
Reaching new levels of expertise.
Te best thing about delivering a successful direct mail campaign is that once
you’ve brought in such tremendous response to your client, you open yourself up to
selling other services that will increase your profts exponentially. Now, not only are
you a true Print Profteer, but you can credibly sell any marketing service under the
You become a guru in their eyes and they’ll follow your lead because you’ve proven
yourself. All the other marketing services you can think of can come into play.
SEO, PPC, SMS, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, etc... all become an easy sell
but it’s only easy AFTER you’ve gotten their attention with the high response that
only direct mail can give you within a short period of time.
You become the go-to guy (or gal). You hold the cards, you give the directions. As
you continue to bring in sale for these businesses...
They’ll become completely and utterly
dependent on you.
Tey know that if they leave you, you’ll simply stop generating business for them
and most likely go to their competitors. You’re like a heroin dealer. It’s really that
You can never get this reputation from doing all the dinky online marketing
Page | The Print Profteer 71
services that are so common today. Stop thinking you’re going to sell 100 websites
at $50 per month and make $5,000.
Tat WILL NOT happen, and it’s not a real business.
Print Profteering, and specifcally direct mail marketing is what will bring results
instantly and consistently, almost without fail, which leads to cementing your
reputation as a local marketing enigma.
Te best part is that I’m making it fantastically easy for you to do.
How to put together a direct mail
campaign for your client
If you can click some buttons on your computer, you can develop successful direct
mail campaigns. It’s really that simple.
Creating postcard direct mail campaigns is actually ridiculously easy if you have the
right resources.
In the next part of this section, I’ll show you how to fnd these lists easily, and you
have the printing/mailing resource of myself (
Or you can even put together your own local campaigns using the USPS “EDDM”
program. If you’re not in the USA, there’s a 99% chance that your postal system has
the same program available, typically called ‘unaddressed mail’.
Te US Post Ofce has confusing terminology and it’s important that you
Page | The Print Profteer 72
understand something frst. Te post ofce considers postcards to be no more than
4.25” x 6”.
Tose are those small sized postcards you would send to a family member while
you’re on vacation. Anything larger than that and it falls under the “letter” rate and
is called a letter even if there’s no envelope.
Any postcard larger than a letter falls under the “fats” rate.
A 6.25” x 11” or larger will be considered a fat.
Size Matters
Te bigger the postcard, the more it will stand out. You can send up to 9” x 12”
postcards that don’t require folding, but that’s going to cost you an absolute fortune
to send (unless you’re familiar with the EDDM process where we focus solely on
that size).
For targeted mailings, you’re usually looking at sizes of:
• 4” x 6”
• 5.5” x 8.5”
• 6” x 11”
I like the 6x11’s the best, they are really impressive and will stand out instantly.
So all-in-all, just like you would with SEO or Web design, all you have to do is
outsource this baby to the experts!
Tere’s no better way to establish yourself as an expert than by delivering results,
Page | The Print Profteer 73
and direct mail is absolutely the BEST way to drive in response. And you don’t
have to do any dirty work! Sit in your pajamas all day and cash in.
Our next few pages will cover the process of targeting a little more in detail.
Page | The Print Profteer 74
Targeting for proft
Te essence of direct mail is its ability to precisely target it’s recipients. It’s truly a
beautiful system when used properly.
A lot of people don’t realize this, but a tremendous amount of information on each
of us is being stored, analyzed and sold everyday.
In the last three years have you bought a bunch of electronics? Well you’re probably
on a list somewhere of people that buy electronics.
Do you use credit cards when you go to the health food store to buy supplements?
You’re probably on a list somewhere not only as someone interested in healthy
living but also on a list of people who use credit cards. Your age, sex, marital status,
credit profle, household size, vehicle make and model, buying habits, birthday, and
about a million other things are on lists everywhere for marketers to purchase at
any time they please.
Te reason that people want information like this isn’t to scam you it’s to market
products or services that you might like, getting their message directly to you.
Targeted Marketing Example
Let’s pretend you are an avid wine drinker. On the internet one day you were
searching for reviews of certain wines. You happened to sign up for an online
newsletter that popped up on the screen.
Tey might sell their list of subscribers to others who want to market to wine
“Wine Conneiouser” buys the list and sends you a free issue with an ofer for a 12
Page | The Print Profteer 75
month subscription for only $12. You subscribe and they sell their list of to large
databases that tracks buying behaviors and lifestyle interests.
Soon, you’re getting catalogs with gorgeous wine racks, wine-of-the-month club
promotions, and maybe even Alcoholics Anonymous letters.
Smart advertising departments will begin to intelligently market to you because
they know you’re interested in their products and aren’t likely to perceive anything
with wine in it as junk mail.
If you, the wine enthusiast,
happen to get a postcard in the mail
from a local liquor store for 15% off any case of wine,
Are you likely to use the coupon?
Of course you probably will!
Tat’s a perfect example of direct marketing efectively.
Now what if you start getting coupons from them every month, would you likely
stop buying wine from your normal place and start going where the deals are? Of
Are you seeing how beautiful a good direct marketing campaign can work? It
reaches the right people and keeps getting in front of them until they break down
and buy.
Ten it keeps continuing to make them come back as often as possible.
Now if this liquor store ran an ad in the newspaper that just said:
Page | The Print Profteer 76
“Jim’s Fine Spirits, in business over 20 years”
Tey would have a terribly inefective result. It wasn’t targeted enough and it didn’t
have any element of eliciting response.
Yet that’s how the majority of business owners advertise today. It’s backwards.
Want to know what makes a good direct mail campaign that generates response? A
good direct mail campaign:
• Reaches the right people
• Has high visibility
• Contains a compelling ofer and a call-to-action
• Repeatedly gets in front of them over and over.
A bad campaign may stem from the lack of any of those above bullet points. If you
send out one single mailing to random people, put no coupon or ofer, and hide it
in an envelope or squashed in a catalog, I can guarantee that you won’t be happy
with the results.
In fact I’d be surprised if there were any results. Tis is why people have bad
experiences with direct mail (and most advertising in general).
Tey don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Tat’s why they need someone who
does, like a Print Profteer such as yourself.
Page | The Print Profteer 77
Response rates
Tis is the part that makes those of us who are experienced in direct mail shake our
heads. Inexperienced marketers and business owners will often say things like:
“Well, direct mail gets a 2-3% response rate so...”
Statements like this are crazy. Tere’s no way to base your expected results on some
concrete number.
Te response of the campaign depends on a lot of variables such as: average sale
price, ofer, timing, scarcity, etc...
3% or whatever percent is a bad rule to go by.
Here’s how I’ll prove that...
If I send out a hundred postcards to random people with a big bold graphic of the
brand FERRARI, are you telling me I should get at least 2 or 3 of them interested
in buying a Ferrari? Of course not! I’d expect zero response.
Now what if I sent 100 postcards with a coupon for a free car wash, timed it to
land on a sunny spring weekend, and sent it only to newer vehicle owners that lived
within a quarter mile radius of the car wash location?
Should I expect only 2 or 3 responses? Of course not! I’d expect a ton of response!
Page | The Print Profteer 78
Response is variable, but can be predictable.
Both of the above scenarios are ridiculous and will immediately disprove any
estimated response crap when someone mentions it.
Te industry averages for direct mail do tend to hover around 3% as a whole
but that’s only an industry wide statistic. It means almost nothing in relation to
individual campaigns.
Response is afected by so many things that there’s no way to really predict it until
you consider all the variables and run mailings often enough to test it.
It doesn’t have to be risky though because once you understand how it works, you’ll
be able put the right ingredients in to make it proftable almost every time.
Key visual ingredients of a successful
postcard direct mail campaign.
• A good ofer
• A clear call to action
• A bold image
• A compelling headline
Key logistical ingredients of a successful
postcard direct mail campaign.
• A precisely targeted list

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• A large enough sample to mail (ideally 5,000 minimum)
• Repetitive marketing to the same list.
The List
Te list is the most important element. You must have a targeted list in order to
direct market efectively. Your message has to reach the right people as accurately as
possible, which means you have to know who the right people are. Sometimes it can
take a bit of creative discovery, but that’s why you’re so valuable.
Because this section of the guide is devoted to you being able to ofer direct mail
services to local businesses, it’s important for you to understand what will be the
ideal customer for your prospect.
Once you’ve got a business owners attention and can talk with them about their
customers, it’s easy to narrow down who to target, but I fnd it’s best to have a good
idea of what list might work best for your clients prior to contacting
Tis way you can pique their interest and use it as a closing tool.
When you approach a business owner with the fact that you already have a list of
interested people, you get their attention much faster.
Targeting Example
Let’s say your wife works next door to a uniquely decorated children’s store that
showcases unique hand-woven diaper bags in the window. Tink to yourself “what
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kind of customer is likely to shop there and buy those expensive diaper bags?”
Personally, I’d imagine it would be the families who have a baby in the house.
People tend to be twice as likely to buy things after a major life event.
Now what if you could instantly fnd the addresses of all the people that have just
had a newborn?
Do you think that the store owner might be interested in getting her products
directly in front of everyone who in her area who just had a baby?
Of course she would and she’d have no problem paying you if you could market
directly to them for her. While this example involves a baby store, the concept is
what’s important for you to understand. If you have a list of people that are highly
likely to buy something, all you have to do is get that product or service in front of
A professional direct response marketing consultant would instantly put together a
direct mail campaign to reach the right people, which in turn would drive in loads
of new customers to her business. A person selling websites or social media isn’t
going to bring in any noticeable business.
Tis is why direct response marketers get paid the big bucks.
This is why YOU need to do these type of
campaigns for your clients!
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Pulling lists
For decades, and up until recently, if you wanted a list of certain customer profles,
you’d have no other choice but to contact a “list broker” who could source the
targets you wanted and deliver them in a spreadsheet that you could rent for a
Over the years, there have been more and more websites that allow you to hand
pick your own lists online and buy them at very reasonable prices (usually ten cents
or less per lead).
But if you approach things the way I’ll show you, you don’t have to shell out any
money until you actually charge your client for it FIRST!
The best list sources
Trough my own experience, I’ll give you the best list sources that I have used or
currently use:
• (cheap and good data)
• (very good data)
• (cheapest lead costs, and with a subscription, allows you to view
any list on-screen an unlimited amount of times).
Te awesome thing about the frst two is that you can look up counts of what you
want without having to buy anything!
Tat way, you can approach the prospect with a detailed count and list
demographics without having to spend any money at all.
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Hot lists
“Hot leads” can be your best friend forever. Hot leads are ones that change
frequently and are typically in very receptive buying stages. Tese lists revolve
around major events which create a window of behavior that involves typically
needing certain services and products.
New businesses, recent movers, new homeowners, turning 65 years old, recent
bankruptcies, new parents, are all examples. ( has these lists by the
Let’s use “Recently Divorced” as an example. Tink about who might beneft from
a having a targeted list of people just recently divorced in your area? How about a
gym or ftness center.
A targeted mailing campaign with postcards from a local gym headlining:
“Remember how your body used to look?
“Get it back in 30 days with our proven
rapid ftness program!”
Tis might deliver a very good response to recently divorced individuals that are
starting a brand new life, don’t you think?
Hot lists are incredibly responsive to direct mail and in my experience, they are
ultra-deliverable too (which means they have a low chance of being returned
because the data is typically fresh as can be).
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Get into the mind-set of the prospect
When someone experiences a major life event, they often have new desires, new
outlooks on life, and new responsibilities.
In order to fulfll those needs, wants, and responsibilities, they’ll need certain
products and services. Since we were just talking about recently divorced people,
let’s think about them...
You have to start thinking of what goes on in their heads during this life changing
event. By understanding their thoughts and wishes, you can target business that
may want to market to those people through you.
What happens when someone is recently divorced?
• they have a fresh new look on life
• they want to become attractive again
• they want to meet new people
• they might want to buy a new house
• they want to buy new clothes
• they might be depressed
• they might be horny
• they might want spiritual guidance
• they might suddenly have more income
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• they might have bad credit
• they might want a new car
All of these reasons can provide great marketing opportunities. Tis is where the
professional direct response consultants shine and there’s no reason you can’t follow
this same process in order to proft yourself.
At frst glance, most marketers would say “who the heck would want a list of
people recently divorced?”
But as you see, with some thought, we’ve come up with a lot of reasons why
someone would want to. I bet there’s well over 20 industries in your local area that
would love to get ofers in front of every recently divorced individual.
Tey just never thought about opportunities like this, and if they did, they probably
never found anyone to handle it for them.
Strong emotional/visual marketing
When people are in emotional states (happy or sad), they’re much more receptive
to direct response marketing. Tat’s why when you’re targeting hot leads, you want
to hit them hard with an image and an ofer.
Tink of the typical recently divorced female. She probably has endured a difcult
marriage and most likely she’s ready to experience the world like she did before she
got married. Chances are, she’d like to get her body back in shape and restore some
A postcard with a great image on the front that matches a similar age range to
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the average divorced female who wants to get back in shape can be very powerful.
Here’s one I made while writing this...
Tere’s no doubt about it, that image and headline is going to hit home with a large
percentage of recently divorced females.
Divine Intervention?
Te headline reads “Isn’t it time to get your body back?”
She’ll probably think “Wow, yeah it actually is time to get it back”, and may very likely
blame this postcard on divine intervention.

She has no clue that someone has intelligently marketed to her!
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Now for the back of the card:
The back of the card
Te back of the card is even more important because that’s actually what gets seen
frst in the mail (the postage side up). Some key elements to have on the back of a
postcard is:
• A bold headline at the top
• A short blurb of copy
• Bullet points featuring the benefts
• A clear call to action
• A clear way to respond (website and phone number)
• A compelling ofer
You want your target to be interested enough to turn the card over, where they can
see the striking visual that hammers home the message you want to send.
You can actually design the back of smaller postcards in black & white if you’d like
but on larger size postcards (6x11 in particular) you almost always want to print the
backs in color.
If you’re printing with me, full color printing costs almost the same anyways! Here’s
an example of the format for the back of cards that works for almost any business.
You can simply plug and play with this format.
Page | The Print Profteer 87
Te back of the card (plug & play)
• Lose weight FAST
• Feel better about yourself
• Look younger instantly
Bold, clear
Compelling offer that
stands out
Red Arrow
for strong
Short copy
and benefts
driven points
Clear phone number and
website to respond to.
Clear call to
Divorced Female
123 Lonely Lane
Smithville, TX 12430
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Okay so now you should understand the concepts behind direct mail and how it
can be targeted, written, and designed proftably.
Not only do you now know how to run your own successful direct mail campaigns
but you now have the ability to ofer them to others, which is where some very big
profts lie. You literally are now able to generate business on a whim for almost any
industry you can imagine. If you can think of a specialized list, you can think of
businesses that would want to market to it.
If you’re ever in the position where a business owner needs to generate proft, this
is the answer for them. Te only other way to generate business rapidly would be
to implement a PPC campaign, but that is still only limited to the people locally
searching for their services.
No Limitations
Direct mail isn’t limited to people already looking for a place to buy something, like
SEO is. Targeted mail seeks and fnds people who are most likely to be interested.
It gets the right message in their hands without fail. Because of this fnd-and-seek
ability, it generates any amount of business you wish.
If you or your client need to make X amount, direct mail is the only method to
predictably bring it in on command. You just need to fgure out the best ofer, the
best people to mail to, and the correct amount to mail. Tat’s the PIN code for the
direct mail ATM.
Nothing else touches this kind of automated power.

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The interest is all in the list, not the service itself.
I can tell you from experience, business owners will be most interested in hearing
that you have a specialized list that you can help them market to.
Te baby store earlier was a good example. Imagine if you were the owner of
a children’s store, which of the following two sales pitches would sound more
attractive to you?
Sales Pitch #1:
Hi, my name is Bob Ross and I specialize in offering direct mail services. I can send mail to targeted
prospects for you which can generate a lot of business and customers.
I can handle everything and we can lookup a list of the type of people that typically frequent your
Would you like to send mail to targeted prospects consistently?

Sales Pitch #2:

Hi, my name is Bob Ross and I maintain a list of every new parent in our area, which is updated
weekly. I can inexpensively send postcards in the mail to every single one of them with coupons or a
special offer on it.
We all know how new parents look forward to coupons for baby products in the mail. I also maintain
a list of local families that make over $75,000 per year and have children younger than fve.
Would you like to consistently get your products in front of all the brand new parents in our area?
Hopefully you said pitch #2.
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Te reason that the second pitch is so much more efective is because it revolves
around the exclusive list, not the service itself.
If I didn’t explain this to you, I think you’re natural reaction would be to start
pitching people on the fact that you can handle direct mail, which isn’t that
impressive to them.
Te list is what will interest them and you must be very clear about what type of
list you have. Tat’s the big selling point, not just the fact that you can do direct
mail for them.
I want to pound this in your head,
it’s all about the LIST.
Approach businesses with the fact that you maintain and can market to a list that
they’d be interested in.
If you’re prospecting for kitchen remodelers, you want to say things like:
“I maintain a list of 45-55 year old couples making $200,000+ per year in the
Atlanta suburbs” Have you ever thought about ofering your services to them?”
Rather than
“I ofer direct mail and can send postcards of yours to a targeted list that I can buy”.
Make sense?
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Pricing your campaigns are where you decide how much you’re going to make.
Notice I said YOU decide. You don’t have to follow a strict price, you can make any
proft you want.
All you have to do is sell it for more than what it costs you to run the campaign.
Te easiest way to deal with pricing is to separate it in diferent elements. Tis is
also going to actually make it much more easy to present to your clients as well. Te
price you pay to send the campaigns will only be around 40 to 50 cents per piece
(depending on size) including printing,sorting, addressing, and postage!
All you need to provide is the list and the artwork.
Keep in mind, you want to mark all of your services up or rearrange them so that
they’re covered.
The typical piece rate that most businesses will easily pay is
around 70 cents or more.
Yellowpages for example, charges 90 cents and more for each piece mailed and they
mail out more than you’ll ever dream of !
Don’t believe me? Check it out here
If you ever see a logo on the very bottom edge of a postcard arriving in your
mail, you should be calling that business and taking over that campaign.
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Seventy cents per piece is totally fair to charge, which means that you end up
profting anywhere from 20 to 30 cents on each piece.
A 5,000 piece campaign should net you around $1,500 in proft.
Just like drug dealers move people up to higher power drugs once they’re hooked,
you’ll be able to continue to sell your clients on larger campaigns. Once people
realize the power of postcard direct mail, they’ll want to do more and more.
It’s EXTREMELY common for small businesses to start out with small campaigns
of 1,000 to 2,500 pieces per month, then move up to 5,000, then 10,000 etc.
Remember way back in the beginning of this guide where I told you we’d create
little money-making machines for ourselves and our clients? Now you see how.
How to quote pricing to your clients
Even though it’s easy for you to gauge your proft by reducing it all to per-piece
mailing, it’s not actually the best way to quote your prospects or clients.
Te reason why is that if you group everything together into one, they will base the
whole cost on just each postcard, which may seem too high at frst glance.
Use the per-piece metric only for yourself to gauge your profts quickly. You’ll need
to break your prices quotes down into certain elements that are easily understood.
Pricing & Strategy Example
Let’s say you are going to quote a campaign for a local Audiologist (hearing-aid
business). Audiologists are great targets for us because their target market is senior
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citizens, who tend to respond extremely well to direct mail.
You strategize with them and they tell you one third of all people over 65 sufer
from hearing loss. All he needs to do is get people to come into his business so that
he can examine them and show them how much better their hearing can be with
inconspicuous modern hearing aids.
A typical custom hearing aid set will run anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 and
up. Insurance doesn’t pay for convenient hearing aids so he needs people who can
aford them out of pocket or on fnancing that they provide.
You pull up a list of people in the local zip codes that are 60 and older. Let’s say
there’s 25,000 of them. Next you may want to ask him whether females or males
are more commonly buying hearing aids? He says males, so you narrow the list to
males, which cut it to 11,500.
Now we narrow it further by whether or not they are typically married. He says
that most of them are married. Tis brings the list to 8,000. Since the devices are
expensive, you narrow the list down to 5,000 by selecting only $25,000 incomes
and up.
Now you have 5,000 of his prime prospects in a list. Tis is a great number to send
out. I try and not send out anything less than 2,500 but 5,000 tends to give a very
good response when mailed to with a good message.
You do some research and fnd that “FREE battery replacement” and “FREE
hearing exam” seem to be the best ofers that large audiologists are promoting in
other states (all found via online searching around).
Going with a standard 4x6 postcard, total quote for the mailing on your end might
be around $90 for the design, $220 in printing, $120 in addressing, and $1400 in
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Aside from the design, the total is only $1,740. (35 cents each), so anything you
sell more than that is PURE PROFIT. As I mentioned before, charging 70
cents per piece to the business is a perfectly fair deal.
Big Profts with just a few campaigns
If you keep reaching out to good prospects, and telling them that you have targeted
lists of people they’d have good results mailing to, you’ll be reaching fve or more
clients running campaigns with you monthly in no time.
Tat’s some major income fowing your way and remember, it doesn’t require barely
any work to do.
And they won’t be calling you for tech support issues. You can run everything from
your couch in your pajamas. You’ll never be overwhelmed since you have the perfect
outsourcing resources to handle everything.
How exactly should you best format the pricing quote? Take a look on the next
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Here’s an example of how you should be quoting your direct mail marketing:
Design and copywriting $289
Customer profle list research and development: $600
Married Men over 65 years old in
zip codes 83281 and 83282,
income over $30,000 per year:
5,000 Glossy postcards, full color printed $1125
UV Coated high gloss
Addressing/sorting/mail prep $431
First Class Postage: $1,400
total cost for design/copy/list/printing/addressing/postage $2245
only 44 cents each
total cost monthly for postage $1400
only 28 cents each
Hypothetical response with an incredibly good offer:
1% (50 responses).
If 10% convert = 5 sales @ $3,500 each = $17,500 in revenue.
So the audiologist only pays a few thousand but could very well get $17,500 in
Page | The Print Profteer 96
You proft over $1,600 and he gets lots of people coming in the door and lots of
proft himself.
Show the possibilities and try to get the most amazing ofer you can to the most
targeted list of prospects possible. Tat’s what drives response in.
Your proft
You just keep collecting checks from your client on autopilot. Meanwhile, you can
sell them SEO, PPC, and all those other fancy acronym marketing services because
now they’re just a supplemet, so when they don’t work you just cut them and
continue what’s working.
Tat’s why I like dealing with businesses that have high sale prices and high lead
costs. When you mail to a list of laser targeted prospects, the response can be
dramatically more than they’ve ever experienced in advertising.
As you increase the mailing size, just broaden your targeting criteria or expand into
new territory. Continue mailing to the same lists so long as response keeps coming.
You can ALWAYS keep mailing if the response keeps happening.
You don’t have to use the pricing I used as an example, charge anything you’d like.
Te system is completely fexible to whatever markup you choose.
You are in control.
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All I can tell you is that you’re ofering the very best service these businesses can
ever get and you should be properly paid for it. If they’re going to make tens of
thousands each time you mail, you deserve to make a few puny thousand, right,
fellow Print Profteer?
Let’s discuss pricing a little further because it’s one of the most important-to-know
topics when selling direct mail campaigns.
How to casually quote the cost while in conversation
When you initially communicate with prospects that are interested in marketing to
your lists, you want to give them an idea of the cost but you need it to sound easily
It’s best to say something like this...
“Well, printing high quality full color glossy postcards run about 40 cents each.
Researching and targeting the exact local people you’re looking for costs about 15
cents each. Complete design is about $300. Postage as you know is almost ffty
cents Tis brings everything to around $1.50 for each piece to be mailed.”
Now you’ve justifed to them the high cost of direct mail. You’re in a great position
at this point to make a very attractive pitch for what you can do.
“Because I take care of everything myself and don’t have salespeople or high
overhead, I can cut down the cost of printing by more than HALF.”
“Te average ROI of targeted direct mail is over $12 for every $1 spent”. You’re
missing out on tremendous business if you’re not marketing directly to all the
people locally who want your services”.
Page | The Print Profteer 98
Making it simple to understand
You don’t want to overcomplicate anything when you’re talking about direct mail
to your clients and prospects. Tis is the same issue that people who sell PPC and
SEO deal with. Tey aren’t really interested in the technical details so much.
You want to really hit home that you:
• have names and addresses of exactly the type of people that are likely to want
their products and services.
• can get their business name and special ofers directly into their hands with a
proven method that brings in results every time when one properly.
Sometimes you’ll come across objections but they’re more like “concerns”. You’ll
prevent most objections if you can handle them before the ever come up.
Te main objections that you’ll get are “It’s not afordable or “costs too much” and
“direct mail doesn’t work”.
First of all, to overcome afordability issues, just simply target businesses that
can aford it. Again, this is why it’s best to target businesses that have high ticket
services or products and high lead costs. Tese people spend thousands on good
advertising without batting an eye.
If you’re running into businesses that are saying they can’t aford it, you’re simply
targeting the wrong businesses so you should go fnd where the money is.
The low advertising budget businesses are better off with my 9x12
Te smaller mom ‘n pop places are MUCH better suited to the 9x12 program I
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developed in 2011 (which is still pumping out profts like nothing else!)
If you’re interested in learning more about that system, you can go to my original
warrior forum mega-thread that was locked (according to the mods it “sucked all
the air out of the forum”) or if you’re feeling particularly jovial, you can purchase
the guide at:
Now back to the objections and how to handle them...
“Direct mail doesn’t work”
Tis is a fairly common objection and it’s really more of a concern. Te reason that
people say this is almost always directly due to the “low” response rates.
You’re bound to hear people say
“No one looks at this kind of mail, 90% of it gets thrown out”.
Just think about that statement for a second. Flip it around and you get
“10% of people keeping it!”
You can reply to their statement with, “I wish that only ninety percent threw it out!”
“We would both be billionaires if that were the case! Te truth is, only a very few
percent will look at it and do something about it.”
You want to put in perspective that very low response rates are actually super
If you send out 1,000 pieces of mail directly to the most common buyers of your
service, even a 2% response will get you twenty new paying clients!
A billboard on a highway gets “seen” by tens if not hundreds of thousands of people every
day. What percentage of those people respond to it?
Page | The Print Profteer 100
A newspaper ad gets seen by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands per day, how
many respond to that each time you run one?
You want to make them realize that direct mail is diferent than ANY other form
of advertising. A super “low” response rate is actually tremendously much higher
than any other form of advertising. A great instant reply is:
“ You’re not interested in the thousands of people who will throw your postcard out. You’re
interested in thee ones that end up responding to it-and becoming new clients!”
I mean really, if you’re going to knock direct mail for its low response rates then you
might as well knock every other advertising medium out there because I’d love to
see a billboard pull even a thousandth of a percent response, seriously!
Taking over direct mail campaigns
When you’re targeting medium to larger size companies, you’ll often run into
businesses that currently do direct mail. Tis is a great opportunity for you actually
because you’re able to do everything cheaper. You don’t have the overhead like the
company they probably are using.
When someone tells you they already do campaigns, ask them how it works out for
them and whether they’re interested in getting the same thing done signifcantly
lower. You’re ALWAYS going to get interest here because they know how expensive
direct mail is, so someone who says they can do it cheaper is defnitely a big thing.
Like I said before, most places charge around 70 or more cents each to mail,
depending on the mail piece. You can just take over their current campaigns,
undercut their current provider and STILL make a big proft. It’s not like you have
to do much work other than email and click buttons.
Even if you manage to land only a few clients, when each one makes a whole car
payment in proft for you, it’s worth it!
Page | The Print Profteer 101
Reaching Every One
Here’s a refreshing piece of information that you can use to literally reach “every
As far as I know, every country with a functional postal system has a program
typically called “unaddressed mail”. It may also go by the name of Saturation Mail
or something to that efect but it’s all the same.
In the USA, we recently had a more user-friendly version of it pop up, which is
known as “Every Door Direct Mail” or EDDM for short.
What saturation mail does is reaches every address that a mail carrier goes to.
Instead of buying a list and trying to pick out targets, you simply look at the
neighborhoods that most likely ft the demographics you like, and the mail carrier
delivers your postcards to every address.
Tis is very, very convenient because it takes 90% of all the difculties in handling
mailing yourself, away.
By following the very simple-to-do preparations for a saturation mailing, you can
have postcards reaching entire communities instantly.
Yes, by using programs like the EDDM system, you can literally send a postcard to
an entire local market, almost instantly.
Most local business is well... local!
Page | The Print Profteer 102
Tat means for the most part, the buyers come from the very close radius of people
that happen to be living near their store or service area.
For some of you, who live in low population areas, that might only mean 5,000
Even in big cities, for your local mom ‘n pop stores, the buyers typically still come
from a compacted radius. Maybe 20,000 address at most.
Keep in mind that a household has 2.2 people on average in it, so a 10,000 address
area would be a population of around 22,000 people.
Service providers tend to have larger market coverage but can often be honed down
into specifc neighborhoods and communities where most of their business comes
Regardless, you can - for the most part - concentrate marketing eforts on a fairly
tight geographical area around where your clients location is, and most likely that
specifc area is only 5,000 to 20,000 addresses strong.
With saturation mail like EDDM for example, you can reach those addresses for
postage at the ridiculously low rate of only 16 cents (as of 2013)!
And... to top it of, the postcard sizing required are HUGE.
6.5x9, 6.5x11, 6.5x12, 8.5x11, 9x12, and even a mind boggling 12x15!
If you were to send targeted mailings at these sizes, you’d be spending almost a
dollar in postage alone.
So, my full-blooded Print Profteer, you should be taking massive action in selling
Page | The Print Profteer 103
EDDM campaigns.
If you live outside of the USA, use your “unaddressed mail” program or target the
USA and have me do your mailings. (I currently only charge 35 cents per mailing
for 9x12 EDDM to any carrier routes anywhere in the USA).
You can mail saturation campaigns easy. Just go to to look
up all the routes you want anywhere in the USA.
You get the printing done, bundle it in 100 piece packs (I provide shrink wrapping
if needed), and slap the paperwork together that the EDDM website provides for
You bring it to the post ofce (5,000 per day limit), pay your postage and it arrives
the next day or two in everyone’s mailbox.
People sell SEO over the phone for thousands per month, and that takes months to
even see results (if there’s even any!). Don’t tell me you can’t sell postcard campaigns
that reach every single stinking person in their local community, instantly, with
results right away to boot!
And fnally, let’s talk about one of the most fantastic ways to get prospects to try
out direct mail...
Co-op Direct Mail!
Tis takes a little legwork but it’s incredibly proftable. If you’re having a hard
time fnding people to cough up enough to do solo mail campaigns, simply patch
together multiple businesses to share the same card!
If you’re sending EDDM out (saturation, unaddressed mail), you can use a giant
Page | The Print Profteer 104
postcard size like 9x12 (or A4 outside the usa), which can comfortably hold even
18 spaces on it for advertising.
Tink of it this way, if you partner up just two businesses that want to reach a
similar target, you cut the cost to them in HALF.
Te more you add, the more their cost goes down, which makes it an easier sell.
Also, you get the beneft of charging more per piece since it’s diluted so much by
the partners.
If a 10,000 piece campaign to blanket a whole village costs $3,000 or so in printing
and postage... you can charge a dozen or more businesses only a few hundred bucks
each to ‘take a ride’ on the card and you’ll proft anywhere from a couple thousand
to $7,000 or more!
Yeah, do the math on that. How many cards would you need to run to make
$10,000 per month in proft, $20,000 per month proft, or even $30,000 or more.
Not many!
How difcult can it be to sell nearly any business on a few hundred dollars in
exchange for reaching their ENTIRE local market!?
I could talk about this method further but I have entire guides dedicated to it and
it would be better for you to acquire them if you want to progress in co-op direct

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Final Toughts
Congratulations, Print Profteer, you made it through the whole guide.
You’ve learned there’s a lot more to being a local marketer than selling simple
internet services for peanuts ‘a pop.
A true marketing pro should be able to do a lot more than just put up a website or
outsource unpredictable cross-your-fngers SEO.
You’re now be able to help your local businesses develop a real brand and identity
that you can use to market directly to the people who are likely to buy.
You know how to get their message directly into the hands of the best prospects,
from start to fnish, and without having to do any technical or difcult labor. If a
prospect handed you over his advertising budget of $5,000 per month, you would
actually KNOW how to bring him a return on it.
No longer do you have to limit yourself to selling intangible services that are
too confusing for your prospects to simply grasp in the frst place. Or worry that
anything will become outdated.
Tere’s nothing like seeing a business owners face light up when they see a new
logo for their company created and a fresh set of collateral that feels and looks like
a million bucks.
You can look back a year from now and be amazed at how you’ve grown struggling
businesses that had no identity and no marketing focus, to thriving local brands
that constantly engage their local market better than anyone else.
You, Print Profteer, are now armed to the teeth with the resources to truly market.
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Email me with any questions at

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