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Issue 1.1
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The purpose of this procedure is to document procedures to verify and report on the
achievement of specific servicing requirements in using customer survey. This procedure
sets out when and how customer surveys are to be carried out. Customer surveys
measure customer satisfaction by providing feedback on how well Company is meeting
customer needs and e!pectations.
".1 Applicability
This Procedure sets out how all customer surveys are to be carried out and applies to
both internal #including other $%I business units& and e!ternal customers.
"." R!p"#!ibiliti!
Customer 'urveys are undertaken by the (uality )anager* or an appropriate delegate*
who is independent of the function being assessed. +here applicable* the Pro,ect (uality
)anager is assigned as the delegate.
The (uality )anager #()& is responsible for the design and implementation of a
programme for-
a. surveys of Pro,ects that have no Pro,ect (uality )anager*
b. surveys of current customers including other $%I business units.
(uality )anual $../1 0 Paragraph 1.11
$ustralian 'tandard 23/1."* 133" 0 Paragraph 4.2.
'P /1./1 0 )anagement 5eview
'P 11./1 0 Corrective and Preventive $ction
'P 14./1 0 Control65etension of (uality 5ecords
'P 17./1 0 Internal (uality $udits
'P "/./1 0 'tatistical Techniques
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Issue 1.1
()1 S*+,y Ai-!
The primary aims of Company Customer 'urveys are to-
a. determine whether Company is providing a satisfactory service to its customers9
b. confirm that the requirements of the customer have not changed9 and
c. provide management with an ob,ective measurement of customer satisfaction* and
identify areas for improvement.
()2 S*+,y Pla##i#.
Customer 'urveys shall be undertaken on a planned and regular basis. $dditional
personnel may be seconded to assist with surveys. Customer 'urveys shall be
a. during the life of a pro,ect or contract9
b. following completion of a pro,ect or contract9 and
c. where there is an indication of actual or potential problems #eg customer
complaints* quality audits* etc&.
()$ C*!t"-+! t" b S*+,y/
The survey will be carried out by interviews with the customer:s personnel receiving the
service under survey* and where practicable* include a cross0section of personnel from the
applicable customer.
()% Mt0"/ "1 ca++yi#. "*t !*+,y!
+here practicable* surveys should be undertaken using statistical sampling.
()( Dci!i"# t" *#/+ta2 a C*!t"-+ S*+,y
5.5." The following points should be considered when deciding to conduct a Customer
a. status of any e!isting work or pro,ect and the pro,ected completion dates9
b. effectiveness of undertaking the survey when compared to the value of the
pro,ect or contract9
c. marketing and P5 value of undertaking the survey9
d. possibility of undertaking any future business with the intended customer9
e. results of previous Internal or ;!ternal (uality $udits and Customer
'urveys* and
f. contractual requirements
5.5.2 The C<)* () or Pro,ect )anager as appropriate shall decide on when to
undertake a Customer 'urvey. +here appropriate* the survey will be conducted
in consultation with applicable customer
()3 C*!t"-+ Liai!"# P+i"+ t" a S*+,y
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Issue 1.1
$ survey is part of the service to a customer. The person conducting the survey
#auditor& shall agree the aims of the survey with the customer. The advantages of
conducting a survey may not be obvious9 therefore* a well prepared initial approach to the
customer is important. The benefit to both parties of conducting the survey should be
carefully e!plained.
The customer:s agreement must be obtained before conducting any survey involving the
applicable customer:s personnel.
NOTE: 'urveys are undertaken on a =Confidential= basis.
()4 F"+-at "1 S*+,y
'uggested formats for Customer 'urveys are at $nne!es $ and >.
()5 S*+,y C"#t#t
5.?.1 The auditor shall prepare a check0list of the areas to be assessed by each survey.
Checklists should be in the form of tabulated points which will guide the auditor
and customer to matters which need to be covered during the survey. The survey
check0list should be reviewed with the customer prior to the survey.
5.?." The 'urvey should* where practicable* be specific and target the identification of
customer perceived problems. The original contract* pro,ect specification and6or
business plan could be used as the basis for planning the 'urvey. @owever* care
should be taken to ensure that check lists do not become too confining. The
auditor should follow up any line of inquiry which could yield useful information.
()6 Typ! "1 S*+,y!
5.3.1 C"#t+act7P+"8ct P+1"+-a#c S*+,y
The purpose of this type of survey is to establish a customer:s perceptions of
performance against the requirements of a specific contract and6or pro,ect.
'urveys should cover the points detailed in the e!ample format at $nne! $
a. a brief description of the Pro,ect* Contract element or service being
b. details of the Pro,ect6Contract Ab,ectives and whether these have been
c. an evaluation of performance in the areas of communication* quality*
liaison* pro,ect management9
d. review of performance against the Contract and 6or Pro,ect Plan and
measures taken to rectify deviations* and
e. other specific matters of concern to Company or the Customer.
5.3." C*!t"-+ P+cpti"# S*+,y
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Issue 1.1
The basis of this type of survey is to establish the Customer:s perception of the
performance of Company in its service or product delivery. The 'urvey should
cover the customer:s perception of the points detailed in the e!ample format at
$nne! > including-
a. The customers perception and general feeling about the organisation9
b. The customer:s evaluation of our responsiveness to requests from the
c. The customers perception of our willingness and capability to integrate
with the customer:s organisation9
d. $n indication of whether the customer would use Company again in the
e. The customer:s perception of value for money for the service provided9
f. +hat changes the customer would like to see and the customer:s
willingness to share cost or savings associated with any changes* and
g. $ny other comments that the customer wishes to make.
()19 Mt0"/ "1 A/-i#i!t+ati"#
If a small number of selected customer representatives are to be surveyed* a self0
administered questionnaire #as at $nne!es $ and >& may be suitable. @owever* if a larger
number of randomly chosen respondents are to be selected* a face to face interview* using
a structured questionnaire may produce more meaningful data.
()11 Rc"+/!
The results of Customer 'urveys are to be retained for the minimum period given in the
referenced 'P 0 Control65etension of (uality 5ecords.
()12 R,i: a#/ F"ll":;*p Acti"#
5.1".1 Internal perceptions #eg. from staff surveys& of the quality of service being
provided should be evaluated against results from customer surveys.
5.1"." The () shall produce a formal written report* detailing the results* including the
identification of any trends* weaknesses or areas for improvement. Corrective
action* if needed* shall be documented and agreed with the responsible manager.
The original of the report is to be held on file with the )anagement 5eview
records* and copies sent to the C<)* the applicable )anager and to the Customer
as agreed. +hen it is inappropriate to send the formal report to the customer* the
() shall provide feedback of survey results.
5.1".2 The () is to present the results of all Customer 'urveys for )anagement
5eview. The () shall monitor the results from each Customer 'urvey to ensure
that Corrective or Preventive $ction is completed by an agreed date.
$nne! $ 0 Contract Performance Check0list.
$nne! > 0 Customer Perception Check0list.

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