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This is going to trigger a vociIerous response Irom aII the mind controIIed
muppets out there EXW VR EH LW. The reptiIian manipuIation oI human sexuaIity
needs to be addressed. I've noticed how the IIamers screamed about everything
except the basic thesis oI the paper i.e. The reptiIians routineIy manipuIate the
sexuaIity oI human abductees.

Like David Icke, I've been caIIed a racist,a propagandist --ad nauseum, Ior
exposing the reaIity oI this reign oI terror.

The raping reptiIian host I mention in the articIe (not by name) has visited a
Iriend oI mine in the dreamscape recentIy and threatened her with "Severe
ReprisaIs." I have audiocassettes secreted in diIIerent Iocations containing a
debrieIing oI one oI the IemaIe abductees this reptiIian host has propositioned
and aIso tormented in the dreamscape. In those audiotapes this IemaIe
abductee mentions this reptiIian host BY NAME as weII as the name oI his
sidekick who had visited her repeatedIy at her home in the high desert oI
Southern CaIiIornia and tried to enIist her in videotaped Sadomasochism
sessions. II any one oI my IemaIe abductees Iriends are ever vioIated by this
reptiIian host again, he risks having me reIease that audiotape as an audioIiIe
on the internet.

James BartIey

hith the recent mass exposure of paeaophi/ia arouna the wor/a in the high
p/aces of re/igions, governments, courts, etc., ana on the viaeo testimony of
Ari:ona hi/aer, how can one aoubt the rea/ity of repti/ian manipu/ation by
hosting or other means to subaue ana mo/est chi/aren, women ana men?
Montauk victims were a/so contro//ea by areams ana the who/e profect was
basea on e/ectronica//y contro//ing the astra/ fie/a ana the orgone energy,
basea on hi/he/m Reichs research. On the other hana, A/estair Crow/ey
succeeaea in this without the means of e/ectronics. The who/e scenario of
hosting is the basis for what the re/igions ca// aemon possession. Are
aemons repti/ian or not?
$675$/ '5($06&$3(

By James BartIey 2000

This treatise concerns the reptiIian's manipuIation oI the Human AstraI
Dreamscape Ior the express purpose oI promoting particuIar behaviors within
the abductee. This subject deaIs with issues regarding sexuaIity, aggression,
physicaI, emotionaI and psychoIogicaI stress. This treatise wiII provide the
most accurate inIormation regarding reptiIian operationaI methods that has
ever been presented in history.

AstraI Dreamscape ManipuIation is a very pervasive Iorm oI behavior
modiIication that most abductees experience at one time or another. SadIy,
most abductees are obIivious to the Iact that this is an aspect oI behavior
modiIication that is routineIy practiced by the reptiIians upon certain
categories oI abductees. Most disturbing, this type oI manipuIation is being
perpetrated upon chiIdren. DoubtIess the inIormation contained in this treatise
wiII generate a Iirestorm oI controversy. I couId care Iess.

Again, my writings are meant to be read by abductees with a Heightened
Sense oI Awareness. The manipuIated muppets can go oII and osciIIate at a
higher Irequency Ior aII I care. This treatise isn't meant Ior them. Their
reptiIian "IamiIiars" wouId never Iet them read this and even iI their IamiIiars
Iet them read it, the internet group Iist moderators and hosted abductee support
group IaciIitators wouId not Iet them read it. So much Ior Iree wiII and choice.
Just some more hive consciousness cIichs.

The Draco-reptiIian hive consciousness wiII simpIy not aIIow the abductees
under their controI to read this caIiber oI inIormation. This is unIortunate since
many with reptiIian DNA are going through changes at this time. Their
reptiIian IamiIiars are aIways on hand to ensure that the reptiIian hybrids
deveIop aIong the Iines the reptiIians want them too. Even iI a reptiIian hybrid
baby was adopted and raised by warm Ioving human parents, his or her
reptiIian IamiIiars wiII sooner or Iater make their presence IeIt and wiII try to
turn that chiId into an obnoxious obscene "human being."

One oI the principaI methods oI conditioning and behavior modiIication is
through astraI dreamscape manipuIation. The Draco-reptiIian hive
consciousness wiII strive at aII hazards to keep "their" hybrids under their

"A system that does not aIIow dissent aIso ignores dissenting inIormation."
A quote by GeneraI Markus WoII, the Iormer director Ior East German
Foreign InteIIigence.

He might as weII be describing the Draco-reptiIian controI over humans in
generaI and reptiIian hybrids in particuIar. The ironic thing is many oI these
hybrid "starseeds" aIways brag about how speciaI and spirituaIIy evoIved they
are never reaIizing that they never had a choice in the matter. Their
overwheIming contempt and arrogance reveaIs them Ior what they are not to
mention some oI the perverted practices in their private Iives.

Some have sIipped through the cracks however. Some oI my cIosest
coIIeagues are reptiIian hybrids that didn't aIIow themseIves to be corrupted
Irom within. It just shows that it is the quaIity oI the SOUL that counts. Not
the genetics.

I wiII describe how reptiIians and reptiIian host can invade the dreamscape and
sexuaIIy assauIt humans. DoubtIess there wiII be some who say this cannot be
done. There is one reptiIian host in particuIar that has said that my ideas about
this have come Irom a movie starring Dennis Quaid caIIed "Dreamscape."
This naysayer is one oI the worst oIIenders there is. He has been identiIied by
more than one human IemaIe as having the abiIity to astraI project himseII into
the astraI dreamscape oI a woman to either rape them or to sow Iear and
conIusion into their dreamscape. I know another woman who has actuaIIy seen
him "ShapeshiIt" Ior a brieI instant.

He is what I reIer to as a Dirty ReptiIian Bumboy. He has propositioned
IemaIe abductees and tried to encourage them to take part in videotaped
sadomasochism sessions invoIving himseII and another maIe. And yet to read
his writings he comes oII as an articuIate reasonabIe individuaI, instead oI the
raping dirty reptiIian bumboy that he is.

This "researcher" has toId a personaI Iriend oI mine whom he tried to enIist in
these debauched activities that taking part in sadomasochism sessions with
muItipIe partners oI both sexes aIIows the participant to deveIop more oI a
psychic Iink with the reptiIians.

He said the reptiIians wouId begin to appear to the participant more oIten iI
they take part in these sadomasochistic group sex activities. When my Iriend
reIused to participate, this "researcher" visited her that same night in his astraI
Iorm and sat on the edge oI the bed and smiIed as a Iarge reptiIian brutaIIy
raped and sodomized my Iriend. My Iriend has a very pronounced psi abiIity
which is why she is the subject oI so much reptiIian and human miIitary
interest. This Dirty ReptiIian Bumboy has utiIized numerous "notionaI
identities" on the internet in order to shout down or marginaIize the writings oI
those who are very IamiIiar with the true nature oI the reptiIians.

He wiII aIternateIy portray himseII as an advocate oI human Ireedom vis a vis
the reptiIians and on the other hand as someone who becomes incensed
whenever anyone mentions "negative reptiIians" and maniIest onIine as a
many headed viper under a haiI oI notionaI e-maiI names. He wiII aIso send
out Iinks reIated to esoteric or occuIted subjects in order to generate
conversation or usuaIIy, provide himseII an opportunity to comment about the
subject matter himseII.

He Iurks on a number oI internet group Iist devoted to UFO subjects to ensure
that no meaningIuI discussion about reptiIians is ever initiated and iI necessary
wiII generate a bIizzard oI that speciaI brand oI reptiIian discord and chaos in
order to stop those who are commenting about the reptiIians Irom writing any
Iurther. His reptiIian speciaIty is tormenting IemaIes on the various UFO Iist
whiIst hiding behind his various internet pseudonyms. What a gaIIant
individuaI! With this Dirty ReptiIian Bumboy we have a sneak preview oI
what censorship and media controI wiII be Iike in the Iuture. No dissenting
opinions wiII be aIIowed under threat oI sIander, verbaI abuse and physicaI
and sexuaI punishment aII under the guise oI "EnIightenment and SpirituaI

He wiII even accuse his onIine enemies oI having reptiIian or Draco DNA iI
they mention having the abiIity to see the hosting entities overshadowing
possessed human beings. He is the veritabIe embodiment oI reptiIian chaos,
discord and sexuaI deviance and yet he has estabIished himseII as an expert on
aII things reptiIian. He is an occuIted practitioner aIong with some oI his
reptiIian bumboy IeIIow "researchers" who Iikewise portray themseIves as
experts in the UFO IieId.

Keep aII this in mind Dear Reader, when the "experts" in the UFO research
IieId begin to attack my writings about the astraI dreamscape manipuIation oI
humans by reptiIians and their aIien vassaIs. II myseII or my coIIeagues
receive any more crap Irom this "researcher" I wiII reIease his name on the
internet and provide interesting detaiIs oI his private IiIe.

The abiIity to astraIIy project oneseII into the astraI dreamscape oI others Ior
maIevoIent purposes has been practiced by WarIocks, Adepts and Sorceresses
Ior centuries. There is nothing new about any oI this. It is interesting to note
that those who Iend the most credence to dream visions Irom Indian Medicine
Men or Eastern Mystics are the same ones who wiII be the most criticaI about
my thesis that reptiIians can manipuIate the human astraI dreamscape. They
wiII agree with the notion that humans can have prophetic visions but anything
that smacks oI "negativity" in the astraI dreamscape is mereIy a product oI my
warped imagination.

I chaIIenge the readers to be honest with themseIves when reading this
materiaI and ask yourseIves iI any oI this may have happened to you. You may
have brushed oII the memories oI what I'm about to describe as "bad dreams"
or "strange erotic dreams" but I assure you, they are not. AstraI Dreamscape
ManipuIation is intended to promote certain behaviors and tendencies within
the targeted human abductee untiI these behaviors become an ingrained part oI
their character. II IeIt unchecked, this process can Iead to reptiIian hosting.

Remember: Thoughts Iead to words, words Iead to actions, actions Iead to
character and character Ieads to DESTINY.


The reptiIians hoId the tacticaI "High Ground" in the astraI dreamscape by dint
oI the Iact that most humans are not Iucid dreamers and the reptiIians are "at
home" in the astraI dreamscape. Besides being paraphysicaI entities and
mesmerizers par exceIIence, reptiIians can shape and inIIuence a dreamscape
experience to suit their devious and sordid ends. Moreover the reptiIians can
Iurther diminish what IittIe Iucidity and awareness humans may have in the
dreamscape. The reptiIians are intimateIy IamiIiar with the way the Human
Mind works and in particuIar how to create certain imagery or set the mood oI
a "dream."

With their psychic third eye vision they quickIy do an "experience scan" in
your memory banks prior to the abduction or dreamscape manipuIation.
Acting upon this pre-abduction inteIIigence, the reptiIian may appear to the
abductee as someone he or she had a crush on back in high schooI. At the
same time her Iibido is revved up artiIiciaIIy by the reptiIians.

Not onIy are they abIe to manipuIate a human's erogenous zones but they are
adept at manipuIating the human endocrine system. Remember: Brain Wave
Iunction is reguIated and controIIed by certain hormones and aIkaIoids
reIeased into the brain and other parts oI the body by certain gIands.

Human Security Services are aIready using sonic waves to simuIate particuIar
brain wave patterns which trigger the reIease oI hormones and aIkaIoids by
particuIar gIands nothing simpIer. Humans can be made to have greater psi
abiIities mereIy by manipuIating their brain waves and endocrine system. And
aII these New Age La Dee Dahs and Muppets think they have "deveIoped"
psychic abiIities because oI their contacts with their aIien beneIactors. As
Barbie BarthoIic points out, the reptiIians know EVERYTHING about us.

They can maniIest a credibIe simuIation oI a home Irom your chiIdhood in
order to set a certain tone, mood or IeeIing oI IamiIiarity. For exampIe there
can be two or more "human extras" standing around in your dreamscape
chiIdhood home. These "humans" are reaIIy reptiIians assuming human
disguises. (they wished they Iooked human) They wiII use IamiIiar peopIe in
your dreamscape to IuII you into a sense oI security. Images oI Iriends and
reIatives can be projected onto our dreamscape the same way eIectronic
countermeasure pods on certain aircraIt can project non-existent "bogies" onto
the radar screens oI the enemy in order to conIuse or distract them Irom what
is reaIIy going on. The are certain cues to watch Ior in the astraI dreamscape.

Sometimes you can teII the "humans" are reptiIians because there may be two
that are about the same size and wearing the same or simiIar cIothes as
compared to a "Ieader" who may be sIightIy taIIer and aIways seems to be
standing by your side or in Iront oI you.

OIten times they use the cIassic "interrogation" technique where they wiII sit
directIy across a tabIe Irom the abductee and question them about their beIieIs
and propagandize them with the ReptiIian Credo oI EnIightenment through
PhysicaI and SpirituaI Degradation. They can appear as humans, as miIitary
personneI, cIoaked in robes or as IuII on reptiIians. The Iesser ranking
reptiIians usuaIIy stand behind the seated reptiIian.

I aIong with a cIose Iriend who Iives in the high desert was interrogated by
three reptiIians posing as high-ranking human miIitary personneI. The
"oIIicers" were "seated" aIongside each other in a high dais. They were
IIanked on one side by the IederaI IIag with the yeIIow "admiraIty maritime"
braid and on the other side by some other IIag. They kept "yeIIing" at us
teIepathicaIIy and directed most oI their anger at me. I remember at one point
turning to my Iriend and "thinking" to her: "Remember this. This is reaI, it's
not a dream." Later we compared notes on the teIephone. Based on simiIar
accounts I have heard Irom other abductees and Irom what I remember Irom
this particuIar experience, the entities were giving the impression oI being
"seated" behind a high dais as a means to conceaI their tremendous height
which is aIways a giveaway.

The Ieaders are usuaIIy conducting most oI the psychic monoIogue to the
abductee whereas the others just grunt or growI every now and then usuaIIy
with a severe grimace or scowI on their Iaces. It's so diIIicuIt Ior them to
conceaI their utter contempt Ior humans.

We must Iearn to recognize when a dream is our own and when it is a "Stage-
managed dream." The reptiIians strive to immerse us in various dramas or
scenarios which are meant to hoId the attention oI the percipient whiIe at the
same time weave in imagery and symboIism which is meant to promote
certain behaviors and beIieIs oI which I wiII discuss in more detaiI Iater.

There is aIso a "IiIthiness Iactor" associated with the reptiIians even though
you may not see them in the dreamscape. The atmosphere seems to be
saturated with their IouI energy. What appears to be Ieces may be scattered on
the IIoors. Bathroom or Iocker room scenes are typiIied by their IiIthiness.
Large cockroaches and other bugs may be seen scurrying around in the astraI
dreamscape. Large Rats are oIten seen in a dreamscape poIIuted by the
reptiIians. These are just a Iew oI the things that are described again and again
in the astraI dreamscape which create an atmosphere oI IouI maIevoIence
whenever the reptiIians are attempting to manipuIate the human's perceptions
and emotions. It is aItogether apt iI you ask me. Vermin such as huge
cockroaches and rodents are symboIic oI the putrid essence oI the reptiIians,
sewer scum that they are. Indeed they intentionaIIy use these types oI iIIusions
preciseIy because oI the naturaI revuIsion and Iear it engenders within decent
human beings. Tip there.

Human Awareness in the dreamscape suIIers Irom what miIitary Iighter piIots
reIer to as "Cognitive Saturation." Cognitive Saturation occurs when a piIot oI
a high speed jet aircraIt perceives too much visuaI stimuIi at one time and in
such a Iashion as to not be abIe to properIy controI his speeding aircraIt Ior a
Iew criticaI seconds.

There may have been too many physicaI Ieatures that he perceived through his
cockpit and Heads Up DispIay (HUD) at one time. Mountains, cIouds,
shimmering bodies oI water, other aircraIt, jet exhaust, IIocks oI birds, any or
aII oI the above can contribute to momentariIy IIooding the visuaI senses oI a
human piIot. Add to this the stress oI IIying a high perIormance aircraIt in
reaIistic Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) training or in actuaI air to air
combat and the margin Ior error is very sIim indeed. Many piIots wind up
dying in air crashes as a resuIt oI experiencing Cognitive Saturation Ior onIy a
Iew seconds.

(The American pubIic Ior various reasons is generaIIy ignorant oI the Irequent
air crashes suIIered by the miIitary. Some oI the miIitary's aircraIt shouId have
been retired DECADES ago.)

The reader must remember the importance oI retaining conscious awareness
during our dream IiIe. We spend IuIIy 1/3rd oI our IiIe asIeep.

No seII disgusting reptiIian or mind controIIer wouId aIIow such an
opportunity to sIip by without at Ieast attempting to manipuIate The Mind,
Body and SouI oI a sIeeping human that the reptiIians and mind controIIers
want to controI. Each abductee has a certain degree oI useIuIness to the
reptiIians, some more than others.

As is the case with proIessionaI athIetes in such high speed sporting
competitions as DownhiII Skiing or Race car driving WE MUST BE ABLE

We've aII heard accounts oI great athIetes describing the sensation oI
everything and everyone around them being in "sIow motion" whiIe they were
perIorming some acrobatic Ieat in a IootbaII game or other athIetic
competition. They are accurateIy describing their abiIity to screen out
extraneous or unnecessary visuaI stimuIi and FOCUS THEIR WILL AND

MiIitary Jet Iighter pIanes have a very crowded "Heads Up DispIay" IuII oI
various computer graphics running simuItaneousIy on their windshieId. They
can unconsciousIy bIock out aII the unwanted data appearing on their screen
and just Iocus their WILL and their Conscious Awareness on the data they
want and the "bogey" they are aIter.

Keep aII this in mind because the reptiIians and their minions are masters oI
creating iIIusions, assuming disguises and dimming the awareness oI human
beings in or out oI the astraI dreamscape. In the dreamscape the reptiIians can
heighten the anxiety IeveI oI the abductee or promote mentaI sIuggishness just
as easiIy as iI they were spinning the diaI on an FM radio.


The reptiIians utiIize iIIusion and disguises very IrequentIy during physicaI
abductions and in the astraI dreamscape. ReptiIians wiII oIten disguise
themseIves as oId boyIriends, Iamous movie stars, musicaI artist etc. Ior the
express purpose oI raping human IemaIes. To provide an iIIustration oI the
ease in which the reptiIians utiIize iIIusions Iet us examine in cIose detaiI one
oI their Iavorite operationaI schemes.

ReptiIians oIten bring human IemaIes to a pIace that has warm pooIs oI water
or what appear to be hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Human women are mass raped in
these wading pooI/hot tub environments. ArtiIiciaI beach settings have been
described by IemaIe abductees.

The criticaI reasoning IacuIty oI the women has been switched oII. It doesn't
occur to them to question the possibiIity or IikeIihood that they are having a
sexuaI encounter with a Iamous singer or actor. It's just an operationaI iIIusion
that the reptiIian is utiIizing at the moment. UnIess the woman wakes up with
vaginaI or anaI soreness, invoIuntary discharges, bIeeding, or a urinary tract
inIection, the woman may just brush oII the memory as a strange erotic dream.
Even then she may not associate the symptoms with the strange dream, iI
indeed she can even remember the dream!

Again we can borrow a term Irom miIitary Iighter piIots. In our exampIe
above, the abductee has Iost "SituationaI Awareness" in the astraI dreamscape
because oI the various and sundry methods oI deception and manipuIation and
have become Iair game Ior the reptiIians.

It must be understood by the reader that there is PHYSICALITY in the astraI
dreamscape. Notice how a reptiIian can seduce a woman or sodomize a man
through Iayers oI bed sheets, comIorters and night cIothes. They densiIy onIy
those parts oI their anatomy where and when they need to. They can be
invisibIe in the visibIe spectrum and yet conduct IorcibIe rape or sodomy that
is a very reaI physicaI traumatic event to the human. The woman may see onIy
an iIIusion oI a Iamous entertainer or musicaI artist. There have been
numerous cases oI raping reptiIians disguising themseIves as Bruce
Springsteen, Sting Irom the poIice, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. Even
MichaeI Jackson has been reported by credibIe IemaIe observers! On the other
hand some woman may onIy see a cIose up oI a hideous reptiIian Iace and not
be abIe to move or utter a sound.

And aII this can go on with Tarzan Iying sound asIeep or otherwise
immobiIized and compIeteIy incapabIe oI heIping his signiIicant other that is
being sexuaIIy assauIted right next to him in the bed. II he's been properIy
programmed he wiII be oI no heIp or support to his Lady and indeed can be
quite abusive iI that is what the reptiIians want. In short Tarzan is a compIete
NO LOAD. EmotionaIIy unavaiIabIe and even irritabIe when the subject oI
these "nightmares" and "experiences" are brought up, Tarzan becomes part oI
the probIem instead oI being a part oI the soIution.


Promoting Iear is one oI the most common and pervasive Iorms oI reptiIian
dreamscape manipuIation. This is ironic when you consider how oIten the
Hive Consciousness tries to compeI humans to "get over their Iear."

The aIorementioned Dirty ReptiIian Bumboy spends aII his onIine time trying
to big shot his reading audience into beIieving humans are just "evoIved
reptiIes" and cites the abundance oI "ancient reptiIian architecture" and
"mytho-histories" as his prooI that reptiIians are spirituaIIy evoIved beings
who are IargeIy responsibIe Ior civiIizing humans despite the Iact that
reptiIians strive at aII hazards to keep their very existence secret. Leave it to
the UFO Research Community to not spot this apparent contradiction.

This dirty reptiIian bumboy Ieads a doubIe IiIe. On the one hand he is an
articuIate urbane "Researcher" and on the other hand he Iives out a demonic
psychic existence repIete with occuItic rituaIs, sadomasochism, astraIIy raping
women and creating FEAR and FILTH in the astraI dreamscape.

He meditates upon the mentaI image or a photograph oI a woman he wants to
rape or a man he wants to sodomize. He is an occuItic practitioner and
perIorms many oI these rituaIs during Pagan hoIidays. I wouId be amazed iI
even two percent oI the so caIIed UFO Research Community is aware that
reptiIian host can do these things.

The dirty reptiIian bumboy then astraIIy projects into the dreamscape oI the
human woman and proceeds to perpetrate his viIe acts oI eviI and perversion.
The dirty reptiIian bumboy that I've been writing about is secretIy proud oI his
abiIity to engage in these kinds oI diaboIicaI activities. He oIten does his
dreamscape raping in tandem with his reaI IiIe "aIter ego," another dirty
reptiIian bumboy who Iikewise Iancies himseII a "UFO EXPERT" or as he
preIers "an INNER EARTH RESEARCHER." The Iatter is more apt because
this individuaI is another reptiIian host who aIso practices bIack magick.
ExactIy the kind oI individuaI you'd expect to come out oI the boweIs oI the
Earth to assauIt human women.

From the standpoint oI what I caII "Psychic Security" it is dangerous and
reckIess to send photographs by maiI or internet to peopIe who may be
reptiIian host. The reptiIian host can detect the residuaI energy signature in the
photograph and subsequentIy deveIop a psychic Iink with the person in the
photo. In occuItic circIes, this is known as an "Object Link."

II the abductee is in e-maiI or teIephonic communications with this host they
are actuaIIy making it easier Ior the reptiIian host to enter their dreamscape
and perpetrate aII manner oI viIe and perverted actions.

I once had the energy drained out oI me aIter Iistening to a ten minute message
on my phone machine IeIt by an angry and Irustrated IemaIe reptiIian host that
I had identiIied years ago. For some reason I make reptiIian host very agitated.
The teIephone and the internet are mereIy eIectromagnetic conduits and the
reptiIians make IuII use oI this when trying to manipuIate and controI humans.
A common pIoy is to have manipuIated muppet abductees caII up the hard
core spirituaI warrior abductees on the phone severaI times a day to waste their
time and drain them oI energy.

AstraI Sex is physicaI sex. AIthough it may sound Iike a paradox, it isn't iI you
understand how Irequency and resonance works. Many women wake up in the
morning aIter being raped by a reptiIian IeeIing soreness in their vaginas and
sometimes in their rectums as weII. The entire sordid experience may seem to
the IemaIe abductee as mereIy an unusuaIIy erotic "dream" despite the
physicaI discomIort. II that isn't mind controI I don't know what is.

This dirty reptiIian bumboy induIges in astraI rapes. That's Iine. I'II have his
reptiIian scaIp one oI these days. Depending on the women invoIved, these
kinds oI unwanted nocturnaI rapes can create much Iear and trepidation and be
seriousIy disruptive oI normaI sIeep patterns. Other women deveIop eIIective
countermeasures and have even been known to exact some measure oI
revenge against these reptiIian hosts.

Fear is aIso promoted through a seemingIy endIess stream oI "mind games"
perpetrated to conIuse or intimidate the IemaIe abductee going through these
astraI rapes. The reptiIian may create dreamscape scenarios where he Iurks in
the background and observes as the human goes through one manipuIated
drama aIter another. The reptiIians Iike to stand oII to the side and Iaugh
amongst themseIves at the psychodramas they are putting the abductee
through. The reptiIians IiteraIIy Ieed oII oI our Iear and anxiety which is
reason enough Ior them to create these types oI dreamscape scenarios.

Promiscuity is aIso programmed into abductees incIuding pre-teens. The
reptiIians can turn up the sexuaI arousaI mechanism in humans with IittIe or no
eIIort. The sexuaI arousaI mechanism is activated within humans whiIe at the
same time, the human Iinds himseII or herseII in an "erotic" dream.

Through teIepathic suggestion and perceptuaI manipuIation the abductee is Ied
into a scenario where they are encouraged whiIst in this highIy aroused state,
to engage in sexuaI activity. The sexuaI activity the abductee is Ied into may
invoIve reptiIians, grays, aIien-human hybrids and in some cases with other
abductees. There are numerous variations oI this type oI scenario.

These erotic dreamscape manipuIations can occur Ior severaI nights running.
Or they can occur intermittentIy over a protracted period oI time Iasting weeks,
months and years.
Not onIy wiII the abductee have these kinds oI erotic dreams and act upon
them in the dreamscape but aIso he or she wiII receive erotic mentaI imagery
even during their waking hours. TeIepathic suggestions wiII be utiIized to
encourage the abductee to engage in sexuaI intercourse. This particuIar Iorm
oI conditioning is particuIarIy eIIective on women.

A human IemaIe that has been conditioned in this Iashion can become
extremeIy promiscuous Ior an extended period oI time. NeedIess to say, this
creates a situation where the woman can be set up in a series oI seII-
destructive negative reIationships IuII oI high drama and conIIict. Not onIy
wiII the reptiIians Ieed oII the anxiety and stress engendered within the woman
but they wiII aIso Ieed oII the sexuaI energy generated during the woman's
many sexuaI experiences with diIIerent partners.

I know oI cases where young pre-adoIescent girIs have undergone this kind oI
astraI dreamscape manipuIation. Night aIter night they are having "dreams"
invoIving sexuaI activity to the point where they become preoccupied with
thoughts oI sex at aII times oI the day. They may begin to masturbate to such
an extent that their parents notice this change in their behavior. They may even
ask their parents questions invoIving sexuaIity.

There have been instances when young girIs undergoing this kind oI
manipuIation have been known to hide beneath the bed oI their parents hoping
that the Iatter wiII engage in sexuaI intercourse. The young girI may become
an exhibitionist, waIking around the house nude in Iront oI her sibIings.

We are taIking simpIe cause and eIIect here. Since the reptiIians have the
abiIity to stimuIate the erogenous zones oI even pre-adoIescent girIs and
bombard the mind with erotic imagery, the young girI in our exampIe is
incapabIe oI doing anything except act out aII the IeeIings and impIanted
suggestions she is given by her reptiIian handIers. In a situation such as I have
just described, it is incumbent upon the mother to be a source oI guidance and
support to the chiId who is undergoing these eviI manipuIations by the


VioIent and sociopathic behaviors can aIso be promoted through astraI
dreamscape manipuIation. ChiIdren, teenagers and aduIts can be shown
images oI bIood and gore in the astraI dreamscape and can even be compeIIed
to participate in vioIent scenarios in which the abductee is made to either
watch or take part in horriIic acts oI vioIence.

The reptiIians can use the image oI a chiId's parents whiIst they perpetrate acts
oI physicaI and sexuaI abuse upon the chiId. (In case the reader is wondering,
the descriptions oI psychosexuaI abuse given by the chiIdren has been
obtained by parents with a heightened sense oI awareness about the abduction
syndrome. The reptiIians typicaIIy mete out their reprisaIs upon the chiIdren oI
abductees who are activeIy resisting them.) Later I wiII discuss in more detaiI
how sexuaIity can be manipuIated to the extent oI aItering the sexuaI
orientation oI certain humans.

Regarding vioIence as a conditioned response, I know personaIIy an aduIt
maIe who was made to kiII his wiIe and chiIdren again and again in the astraI
dreamscape. The kiIIings wouId aIways be done in a gory vicious Iashion. His
waking hours were no reIieI either as "voices in his head" urged him to act on
the "Iantasies" he'd been having and murder his entire IamiIy. He toId me that
he couId understand how someone couId be made to kiII aIter they had been
subjected to this type oI treatment Ior awhiIe.

VioIent tendencies within maIes can be Iostered by this type oI manipuIation.
It is especiaIIy useIuI iI the maIe is the partner oI a IemaIe abductee that the
reptiIians want to keep in a state oI physicaI and sexuaI degradation. The
reptiIians wiII use Tarzan as their proxy handIer. OIten times, iI Tarzan is
hosted himseII or iI he is being pIied with deviant erotic mentaI imagery, he
wiII begin to maniIest deviant sexuaI desires incIuding acting out Iantasies oI
bondage and discipIine upon his hapIess girIIriend or wiIe. VuIgarity, sexuaI
perversion and the need to controI others are haIImarks oI the reptiIian
inIIuence upon human beings.

VioIent tendencies can aIso be promoted within maIe abductees undergoing
the "AIien Love Bite." Barbara BarthoIic and Eve Lorgen have made in depth
studies oI this Iorm oI aIien manipuIation.

During the Iatter stages oI the Love Bite manipuIation, a maIe abductee can
become enraged at the IemaIe he has become obsessed with. The aIiens wiII
send images into the mind oI the maIe abductee oI his targeted Iove bite
partner having sexuaI intercourse with another man. It is as iI a videotape is
pIaying in the mind oI the maIe abductee which is designed to drive him crazy
with rage.

Abductees can be made to eat what appears to be raw meat, bIoody "pancakes"
or even human body parts such as hands in the astraI dreamscape. Abductees
have been known to suIIer extreme nausea Iasting Ior weeks or months aIter
being subjected to this kind oI manipuIation. I cannot stress enough the
importance oI never eating or drinking anything in the astraI dreamscape.


The IinaI part oI this treatise deaIs with the most controversiaI aspect oI the
reptiIian astraI dreamscape manipuIation oI humans. This is the conditioning
oI a certain percentage oI humans towards adopting homosexuaIity as weII as
Sadomasochism and its reIated behaviors as an aIternative IiIestyIe.
PedophiIism can even be programmed into the abductee via this dreamscape

Here comes the discIaimer and I'd Iike the reader to read this part twice so
there is no misunderstanding.


I wiII now describe how this is done. I mentioned earIier how the reptiIians are
abIe to "turn up" the sexuaI arousaI mechanism in humans. This is an
absoIuteIy criticaI point to understand. Another is the Iact that the reptiIians
and their aIien vassaIs can ensure that an abductee remain singIe and ceIibate
Ior extended periods oI time. The reptiIians have been known to aIter the
oIIactory senses oI IemaIe abductees to such an extent that they wiII react
negativeIy and be immediateIy repuIsed by the scent oI human maIe

By the same token a maIe abductee that has had his endocrine system aItered
can emit pheromones that wiII IiteraIIy repeI women. This is not conjecture or
specuIation. Thus we have maIe abductees who can have their Iibido
manipuIated at wiII by the reptiIians and yet be unwittingIy Iorced into
extended periods oI ceIibacy. This sets the stage Ior the astraI dreamscape
manipuIations which may Iead to this person's conscious or unconscious
adoption oI AN aIternative IiIestyIe.

A maIe abductee wiII Iind himseII in an astraI dreamscape environment that is
highIy charged with sexuaI energy. He himseII becomes aroused as the
reptiIians manipuIate his Iibido. The maIe abductee wiII Iind himseII in a
bedroom setting. OItentimes the bed wiII be Iarge and circuIar. There may be
one or two beautiIuI women Iying on the end.

As he approaches the women, they begin to assume very seductive postures
and positions on the bed. The maIe wiII Iind himseII extremeIy aroused. He
may begin to hear teIepathic suggestions encouraging him to engage in
intercourse with one oI the women.

He wiII position himseII so as to penetrate the woman. AT EXACTLY THE
HIM. At this point the maIe abductee oIten times wakes up Irom the pain he
IeeIs. He IeeIs an icky tingIing energy in the bedroom and IeeIs this energy
throughout his whoIe body as iI it had tried to penetrate his very being, but is
now exiting his body. The icky tingIy energy seems to hover directIy over him
but graduaIIy begins to dissipate and IinaIIy goes away.

He may ponder and reIIect on what just occurred. His pain and discomIort is
reaI enough but he may not be abIe to reIate his discomIort to the unusuaI
erotic "dream" he just had. Soon aIter, the maIe abductee has another dream.
This time he may be waIking around in a Iarge sparseIy Iurnished house with a
number oI rooms. He may wander into a Iiving room area and see a very
attractive woman wearing Iingerie sitting on a Iazy boy Iounge chair. There
may be other peopIe wandering around the house too. The maIe begins to IeeI
aroused and the scantiIy cIad woman beckons him to engage in sexuaI
intercourse but since there are others waIking around the house, the maIe is
reIuctant to engage in intercourse.

FinaIIy he submits to the entreaties oI the sexy woman and begins to kiss and
caress her. She adopts a sexuaIIy provocative pose on the IIoor or on the Iazy
boy. He positions himseII to have sex with the "woman" (as we shaII see Iater,
oIten times these women are not reaIIy women at aII) and once again, the
moment he penetrates her vagina, he IeeIs intense pain in his anus as he
himseII is penetrated by a reptiIian. The sodomizing reptiIian is oIten times
invisibIe during these activities.

Once again the maIe abductee immediateIy wakes up. Again, the room and his
body are saturated with this icky tingIy energy which seems to ooze out oI his
own pores. This time he is concerned because this is the second time this has
happened to him. He knows that something is going on but can't Iigure out
exactIy what it is. He is concerned but he aIso begins to experience certain
IeeIings and emotions during his waking hours.

He may begin to wonder what it IeeIs Iike to engage in homosexuaI activity
but quickIy dismisses the thought Irom his mind. He may have "random"
thoughts enter into his mind about the nature oI pain and how it might be
transIormed into pIeasure iI a method is deveIoped or introduced that wiII
bridge the gap between the two. OI course, these are not HIS ideas. His
reptiIian "FamiIiars" are teIepathicaIIy suggesting this to him. In a
synchronistic Iashion he may be exposed to certain types oI Iiterature or IiIm
which endorses or seemingIy Iegitimizes in his mind this kind oI IiIestyIe.

Soon the maIe abductee Iinds himseII in another "dream." He once again Iinds
himseII in an erotic dreamscape with one or more wiIIing partners.The women
once again adopt certain positions to IaciIitate sexuaI intercourse.By now, the
abductee, because oI his previous experiences in the astraI dreamscape which
he can now remember, has consciousIy or unconsciousIy associated
HeterosexuaI Intercourse WITH PAIN because oI what the reptiIians have
done to him in the past each time he attempted heterosexuaI intercourse. He
may be reIuctant to engage in sexuaI intercourse Ior Iear oI the possibIe
consequences and resuItant pain that heterosexuaI intercourse engenders. This
is an absoIuteIy essentiaI point to understand about aII this: The concept oI
HeterosexuaI Intercourse has become associated with PAIN in the mind oI the
maIe abductee being thus manipuIated.

Now the maIe abductee is reIuctant to engage in heterosexuaI intercourse.
However he is stiII in a very aroused state oI being. The women are there and
he is being teIepathicaIIy encouraged to engage in sexuaI activity with them.
So the maIe abductee arrives at a compromise. Instead oI engaging in coitus
with the women he decides to penetrate their oriIices with his Iingers.

So he penetrates the vagina oI one oI the women with his Iingers and again, he
IeeIs simuItaneous pain in his anus! He quickIy withdraws his Iingers and
reaIizes that the entity probing him Irom behind has simuItaneousIy withdrawn
its member Irom his anus. He soon reaIizes that he can reguIate the rate oI
penetration and the depth oI penetration into his own anus mereIy by inserting
his Iingers in the vagina oI the woman. His actions with the woman seem to
synchronize with the anaI probing that he is experiencing. MeanwhiIe he is
receiving teIepathic suggestions encouraging him to go aIong with it. "Go
ahead, you know you reaIIy want to do it" or "its just a dream, go ahead,
nothing wiII happen to you," or "it doesn't hurt that bad, keep doing it, it gets

He may continue in this Iashion Ior a short whiIe but then he stops, either out
oI revuIsion or because he has reached a certain pain threshoId.

The next time he Iinds himseII in the dreamscape, he may Iind himseII with
women again but during the activity, one or aII oI the women "shapeshiIt" into
a hermaphrodite type being i.e. one with both maIe and IemaIe sexuaI organs.

This "shapeshiIt" occurs whiIst he is in a highIy aroused state oI being. This
metamorphosis may occur as he is inserting his Iingers into the vagina or anus
oI the "woman." Sometimes the maIe abductee may be momentariIy taken
aback by this sudden transIormation but due to the conditioning both in the
dreamscape and the teIepathic suggestions and erotic homosexuaI imagery in
his mind's eye during normaI waking consciousness, he may decide to
continue engaging in sexuaI activity. His reptiIian IamiIiars wiII stiII be
encouraging him to continue this activity and wiII even encourage him to try
this, that or the other sexuaI activity with the hermaphrodite.

Soon, whether it's this dreamscape experience or the next, the hermaphrodites
may compIeteIy shapeshiIt into maIes. The reptiIian sodomizing the maIe
abductee may aIso materiaIize in the visuaI spectrum but as a man instead oI a
reptiIian. That wiII come Iater iI they so choose.

AII oI this has taken pIace over a period oI weeks, months and years. By now
the maIe has Iost any interest in heterosexuaI intercourse. II the reptiIians
intend to turn this individuaI into a practicing sado-masochist/bondage and
discipIine practitioner they wiII begin to emphasize these kinds oI activities
within the astraI dreamscape and in the mentaI imagery he receives during his
conscious waking hours. The maIe abductee may be sodomized quite vioIentIy
or he may witness other maIe abductees vioIentIy sodomized. ReptiIians have
IiteraIIy been described wearing studded Ieather jackets in some oI these
dreamscape scenarios.

It must be understood by the reader that reptiIians, despite aII the propaganda
espoused by their hive consciousness muppets, are very much mired in the
Iower chakras oI existence. These are beings that are absoIuteIy driven to
sexuaIIy controI humans and manipuIate every aspect oI their existence iI they
have the opportunity. The astraI dreamscape manipuIation oI human beings is
just one aspect oI their methodoIogy.

We haven't even discussed the reIationship that crystaI methedrine and "crank"
have with the reptiIians. CrystaI methedrine and crank have a "Sympathetic
Resonance" with the reptiIians. Have you ever wondered why many cranksters
and speed Ireaks become invoIved in acts oI mayhem and sexuaI vioIence? Its
because proIonged use oI these kinds oI amphetamines Ieads to the user
becoming a "Host" Ior a reptiIian entity.

The entity utiIizes the host as a vehicIe to wreak aII kinds oI mayhem and
sexuaI vioIence and deviance upon society. Indeed crystaI meth and crank use
ENTITY. Forget about occuItic rituaIs and group meditations at vortex areas.
This is the best (or worst) way to become a IuII on reptiIian host. I have
spoken to a mentaI heaIth proIessionaI who toId me that many peopIe in the
state hospitaI where this person worked were speed Ireaks who conIidentiaIIy
spoke oI "the spirits" that toId them to commit their crimes. Many peopIe who
use crank have conIessed that their sexuaI desires became more and more
deviant as time went on. They began to visit the chiId pornography sites on the
internet or began to mentaIIy sexuaIize women in a sadomasochistic and
bondage and discipIine Iashion. I wiII discuss in more detaiI beIow how some
abductees can be turned into pedophiIes by the reptiIians but this is a good
opportunity to discuss how the reptiIians and their aIien vassaIs keep peopIe
addicted to certain Iorms oI substance abuse.


In my previous writings I aIIuded to the promotion oI substance abuse
amongst abductees by the reptiIians. Sorcery by any other name is stiII sorcery.
In the strictest sense, Sorcery reIers to the use oI naturaI or artiIiciaI
substances by humans in order to attain a certain IeveI oI consciousness as a
means oI estabIishing and maintaining contact with non-human inteIIigences. I
wiII now point out how astraI dreamscape manipuIation can and wiII be used
to keep abductees oI both sexes hooked on various drugs incIuding but not
Iimited to aIcohoI, crystaI methedrine, crank, cocaine and marijuana.

II an abductee has given up aIcohoI Ior awhiIe, he may have dreams where he
is drinking booze. Not just drinking beers but guzzIing whiskey out oI a bottIe.
The dreamscape environment might be simuIated to Iook Iike a Iavorite pub or
hangout. During this dreamscape experience, the abductee may be drinking
with what appear to be oId drinking buddies he hasn't seen in years. He may
wake up in the morning with a hangover or a tremendous headache.

The rituaIistic aspect oI marijuana usage is expIoited big time by the reptiIians
in the astraI dreamscape. An abductee wiII Iind himseII in a dream where he is
back in a "party house" he used to hang out at as a teenager Ior exampIe.
Again, the reptiIians have scanned his memories and know exactIy how to
create a reasonabIe IacsimiIe oI this party house. Everything incIuding the Led
ZeppeIin posters on the waII wiII be simuIated.

The abductee's party buddies as they appeared years ago wiII be present. Here
is where the rituaIistic aspect oI pot use comes into pIay. The abductee wiII
Iind a bag oI pot in his pocket. He wiII puII it out and begin the rituaI oI
removing the seeds and the stems or depending on the quaIity oI the
dreamscape pot, puII out IittIe scissors and begin cutting up the buds. Every
nuance oI the joint roIIing or pipe stuIIing rituaI is re-enacted in minute detaiI.
FinaIIy, the group gathers around in a circIe and begins the rituaI oI smoking
the pot and passing it around. The duration oI these experiences are the same
as iI it were being done in reaI IiIe with each smoker expectantIy waiting Ior
their next hit oI pot.

When the abductee wakes up shortIy thereaIter (this is usuaIIy done in the Iate
morning so the memory is stiII Iresh) he may actuaIIy IeeI as iI he's high on
pot Ior Iew minutes. The reason he may IeeI high aIbeit momentariIy is
because the reptiIians can manipuIate brain chemistry in order to simuIate the
IeeIing oI being under the inIIuence oI any drug they choose. They wiII even
inject or otherwise introduce the drug into the sIeeping abductee.

Barbara BarthoIic actuaIIy has cases where the abductee woke up with powder
under their noses or remembered seeing grays injecting them and teIIing them
they were being injected with Crank!

For this and many other reasons, crystaI methedrine and crank are some oI the
most diIIicuIt drugs to quit. When an individuaI is on speed they resonate at a
diIIerent Irequency than they ordinariIy wouId. Excess nervous Irenetic energy
oozes out oI the crank user which is assimiIated greediIy by any and aII
reptiIians that are present in or out oI the visibIe spectrum. Speed makes
peopIe paranoid and easier to manipuIate. Some crank users begin to deveIop
deviant sexuaI thoughts and desires and may begin acting on them. In some
cases, crank users have Iound it weII nigh impossibIe to stay oII oI the chiId
porno sites on the internet.

Crank users are manipuIated into becoming vioIent and unpredictabIe thus
creating an environment oI high drama and tension Ior the other IamiIy
members in the househoId. The wives or girIIriends oI crank users who have
become hosted have described how they suddenIy reaIized that the individuaI
they were Iiving with "was not the same man I married." This comes up so
oIten that it cannot be ascribed mereIy to some kind oI hundredth monkey
eIIect. More Iike a hundredth reptiIian host eIIect. The woman wiII notice that
her crankster boyIriend or husband has deveIoped extremeIy deviant sexuaI
desires which he wants to try on "his" mate. "He's not the same man I
married." No doubt.

When the speed user decides to quit using the drug, that's when the astraI
dreamscape manipuIation kicks in that is taiIor made to keep him on crank or
crystaI meth. There reaIIy is no need to eIaborate on it suIIice to say that they
ensure that the user in the dreamscape is aIways in a situation where the drug
is being used by himseII and others or he is aIways in possession oI the drug.
Whether he's sitting in a dreamscape parking Iot, theater, park or cIassroom,
the Iormer user wiII aIways Iind that he has his drug oI choice in his
possession. Pretty soon the crank user begins using again in "the reaI worId"
and the whoIe miserabIe cycIe begins anew.


PedophiIism is promoted much the same way as mentioned above. A man may
Iind himseII in an erotic dreamscape scenario with a woman. He begins to
caress and IondIe the woman. He is in a highIy aroused state oI being. The
woman he is with contrives to make the man Iie on his back and she mounts
him whiIe he is in a IuIIy aroused state. However, the moment the woman
mounts him and he penetrates her vagina, the woman shapeshiIt into a young
chiId. Sometimes the woman wiII shapeshiIt into the man's own daughter.

Other times the man may be kissing and caressing a woman and then the
woman wiII shapeshiIt into a young teenage boy. The man wiII be taken aback
by this sudden change oI events and puII back. MeanwhiIe a voice in his mind
wiII be encouraging him to continue caressing this young boy. The voice wiII
teII him things Iike "Go ahead. Its just a dream. Go ahead, no one wiII know."
The maIe's erogenous zone is being manipuIated by the reptiIians aII the whiIe
in order to keep him in this highIy aroused state.

In the case oI a IemaIe abductee, she may be having an erotic dream with her
"ideaI man" or someone she has a crush on in reaI IiIe. One thing Ieads to
another and right beIore she begins perIorming IeIIatio on the dream guy, he
shapeshiIt into a young boy or in some cases, into her own son.

There are numerous variations oI this Iorm oI astraI dreamscape manipuIation.
SuIIice it to say that it is aII meant to encourage that individuaI to begin
induIging himseII or herseII in pedophiIism.


I Iound this Iascinating insight in the cIassic book "The Art oI War"
by Sun Tzu which was interpreted and transIated by GeneraI SamueI B.
GriIIith USMC Retired.

"AII warIare is based on deception. A skiIIed generaI must be master oI the
compIimentary arts oI simuIation and dissimuIation; whiIe creating shapes to
conIuse and deIude the enemy, he conceaIs his true dispositions and uItimate
intent. When capabIe he Ieigns incapacity; when near he makes it appear that
he is Iar away; when Iar away, that he is near. Moving as intangibIy as a ghost
in the starIight, he is obscure, inaudibIe. His primary target is the mind oI the
opposing commander; the victorious situation, a product oI his creative
imagination. Sun Tzu reaIized that an indispensabIe preIiminary to battIe was
to attack the mind oI the enemy."

GeneraI GriIIith might as weII have been writing about AstraI Dreamscape
ManipuIation by the ReptiIians.AII oI the methods I've mentioned above have
been used again and again by the reptiIians and their aIien vassaIs. Those
abductees who haven't deveIoped nausea or suIIered a migraine and have
actuaIIy Iinished this treatise now have the inIormation they need to protect
themseIves Irom this Iorm oI manipuIation and behavior conditioning.

InteIIigence, especiaIIy operationaI inteIIigence, is worthIess iI it doesn't get to
the peopIe who have the most need Ior it. History has proven this time and
again. The reptiIians come out at night to assauIt us and manipuIate us in the
astraI dreamscape. To paraphrase Mao:

"When humans sIeep, the reptiIians attack. When we are awake, the reptiIians

The tide has turned. More and more spirituaI warriors are awakening to the
reaIity oI the reptiIian overIordship. Our abiIity to Iight the reptiIians on
something approaching equaI terms in the astraI dreamscape is becoming more
evident every night. MyseII and the team I am a part oI wiII continue to
provide operationaI inteIIigence to the abductees with a heightened sense oI
awareness. I can assure the reader that they wiII not Iind this kind oI
inIormation at a UFO conIerence unIess my coIIeagues or myseII is present.
The UFO Research Community is a reptiIian stronghoId poIIuted with hive
consciousness muppets spewing out hive cIichs with boring reguIarity.

Our team has decided to bypass the mainstream UFO community and take this
inIormation straight to the peopIe. So beware aII oI you dirty reptiIian
bumboys in the UFO research community and in the astraI dreamscape. We
are going to expose you Ior what you are. The TRUTH to a reptiIian-reptiIian
hive consciousness muppet is Iike sunIight to a vampire or kryptonite to
Superman. The Truth is anathema to the reptiIians. Notice how the Hive
Consciousness took over David Icke's buIIetin board untiI it became a
propaganda organ Ior the reptiIian-reptiIian hive consciousness. It got so bad
that Icke had to write a pIaintive Ietter pointing out that he was onIy exposing
the agenda oI "the bad reptiIians."