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Jorge Tanioka

CEO at CI Services International S.A

Graduated in Chemical Sciences, experience acquired in first level chemical industries. Production, R&D,
Supplier development.
Technical service and support. Quality and process control.
Familiar with English and Portuguese.
Product Development, Quality Assurance, Product Registration
Project Manager, Quality control laboratory and Effluent Treatment Plant.
- 2 Millon dolars Capital Projects Manager.
- Six Sigma Project leader (savings higher than 1.6M U$S / year)
- Process optimization and waste treatment plant expertise.
owner at Ci Services International S.A at CI Services International S.A
July 2010 - Present (4 years)
Consulting group with expertise in agrochemicals, project development, product registration, technology ,
waste water treatment systems,
R & D Chemist at Monsanto Argentina
November 1992 - Present (21 years 8 months)
Quality and Research chemist. March, 2006 - Actual
In charge of:
- Regional New product development (Mercosur); responsible for the standardization of the Company quality
guidelines and Competitive intelligence.
March1998March 2006
Process Chemist and Six Sigma Black Belt
Technical assistance for daily operations to the Project Engineering Department, quality control laboratory
and Effluent Treatment Plant.
# Participated in setting in motion a new herbicide producing Plant.
# Optimized the process and its liquid waste.
# Reached previously set production and cost goals.
8 recommendations available upon request
Research and Product Development at Monsanto
1992 - Present (22 years)
7 recommendations available upon request
R&D Chemist at Monsanto AgChem
1992 - Present (22 years)
6 recommendations available upon request
lims team leader at zarate Monsanto Zarate plant at Monsanto ARggentina lims zarate sute leader
September 2008 - April 2010 (1 year 8 months)
Iwas since the beginning of the project, kiick offf .2008 unti april 2010 after the firt succefully demo or first
test done
Supervisor at Petrobras
November 1992 - March 1998 (5 years 5 months)
Unistar S.A. Zrate Plant March 1997 March 1998
Quality and Development Manager
Implementation of New Projects, Development of new products, group Leader for following norms ISO
9001. Process Statistical Control. Quality Assurance. Development of new Raw Material suppliers. Customer
assistance, support and complaints. Production planning.
- Implemented the ISO 9000 norms system for the Quality Control Laboratory.
- Developed new products for new customer companies, avoiding material importation.
- Implemented a new software for storing analytic data and process control.
- Led different quality auditing in suppliers improving quality of provided services.
- Implemented a new team for measuring color in plastic material, reducing analysis Down times by over
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lab supervisor at Unistar SA- Join venture Monsanto- PASA SA
1997 - 1998 (1 year)
Skills & Expertise
Quality Assurance
Product Development
Process Optimization
Waste Treatment
Six Sigma
Process Improvement
Buenoas Aires University
Chemist, Chemistry, 1984 - 1992
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Chemist, Chemystry, 1983 - 1992
photography, gourmet, playStation II !!!!!!!!
Jorge Tanioka
CEO at CI Services International S.A
22 people have recommended Jorge
"Jorge has en extensive experience in his work, an objective vision and criteria to give opinion. For me, his
best skill is his ability and humility to impart knowledge."
Carolina B., Quality Assurance Engineer, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge is bright and very engaged. He enjoys bringing the latest technology to bear on improving production
efficiency. He has broad interests and likes to learn. He would enjoy working abroad."
Mark Leiber, Senior Research Specialist, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge es un profesional especialista, y utiliza su claro perfil analtico para la resolucin de problemas. Es una
persona responsable y buen compaero, tanto en general como siendo parte de un equipo."
Rodrigo M., Process Engineer, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge is an excellent chemist. He is self motivated and goal oriented. He works well with people. He is
willing to accept a challenge even in areas outside of his expertise in order to accomplish the goal regardless
of whether the goal is a team goal or a personal goal. Jorge is honest and sincere."
Robert Byrd, Process Engineer, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge has strong skills leading working groups, fulfilling objectives in a very efficient way. He has the
particular capacity of developing in the people their qualities orientated finding good results for the hole
Vernica Viejo Sacha, Process Eng, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge is an experienced chemist and a technical reference at Monsanto. He participated in many projects
with successful results. Jorge is a very perceptive person and it is very easy to work with him."
Fernando Santesteban, Project Engineer, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto Argentina
"Jorge has developed experience supporting chemical processes and laboratory activities at Corporative
Companies. He has strong skills to built interpersonal relationships and he has made contacts with
professionals all over the world."
Pucheta, Claudia, Environmental Specialist, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto
"Jorge is an experienced R&D Chemist with broad experience in Plant startups, Process Engineering, Quality
Assurance, Laboratory, Process Chemist, New product development, product registering and launching. He is
a qualified six sigma black belt with demonstrated skills to lead complex six sigma projects delivering on
commitments reaching or exceeding expectations. It was a great pleasure to work with Jorge Tanioka during
3 years."
Rogerio W Andrade, Manufacturing Manager, Monsanto Argentina, managed Jorge at Monsanto
"Jorge es una persona fuertemente orientada a las actividades de analisis que puede encaara los problemas
previendo relacioned mas alla de su zona de confort y manteniendo la calma en situaciones de extrema
Jorge Fernando Bollini, Estudiante, Universidad de Buenos Aires, worked with Jorge at Monsanto
"La participacin de Jorge en el equipo ha tenido una importancia clave para el diseo y desarrollo de las
formulaciones ms exitosas que ha tenido la Compaa en los ltimos aos. Humana y profesionalmente;
Jorge siempre se ha destacado en su lugar de trabajo."
Julio Eduardo Delucchi, Gerente de TD - Crop Protection, Monsanto Argentina SAIC, worked directly
with Jorge at Monsanto
"During the time that I have worked with Jorge, he always demonstrated a consistent pattern of performance
and strong result oriented. He has a very good skill to work with other people, and he always deal with new
project with energy and enthusiasm. Jorge is the kind of people that I would want to bring on board."
Jorge Musso, Project engineer, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto
"Jorge is talented and hard working professional. He is an ideal person to think solutions out of the box. He is
a team player."
Daniel AGUZIN, Manufacturing supervisor, MONSANTO, worked with Jorge at Monsanto
"Con Jorge hemos trabajado juntos en operaciones de produccin de herbicidas y control de insumos y
Materrias primas, siendo este un inmejorable colaborar, expeditivo y con una gran contraccin a la tarea.
Siempre dispuesto a la mejora continua, y sus reflexiones siempre tuvieron criterio relevantes para alcanzar
eficiencia en las distintas tareas que se le encomendaron."
Javier Carriego, Supervisor de Almacenaje Externo, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto
"Jorge tiene una experiencia muy importante en el manejo de temas relacionados con control de calidad de
diversos productos, control de procesos de produccin, y desarrollo de nuevos productos. Haber participado
en nuevos proyectos, en arranques de planta, en la capacitacin de tcnicos le confieren un perfil adaptable a
varias funciones mas alla de lo directamente vinculado a un laboratorio de control de calidad."
Gustavo Karnincic, market research manager / Selectives business manager, Monsanto, worked directly
with Jorge at Monsanto
"Deep chemist knowledge and interpersonal skills are two of the highest fortress Jorge have. He is always
committed to go further in his knowledge and interacts perfectly well with any member of the organization to
reach his goal."
Fernando Lobos, Project Engineer, Monsanto, worked directly with Jorge at Monsanto
"During my interaction with him he has shown leadership and initiative in many ways. He is a hard working
person with the ability to encourage others to accomplish a goal. He has developed many technical solutions
to our always challenging production process. He also has built a strong internal network and has taken
advantage in benefit of the company."
Federico Bergallo, Plant Controller, Monsanto, managed Jorge indirectly at Monsanto AgChem
"I work in support of the Tech proceses across Monsanto, and had the pleasure of working with Jorge during
the time of his support of the Zarate tech process. I was always impressed by the combination of his technical
knowledge of the operation, his insite into such, and the practical approaches he suggested to resolve issues.
He alsways presented information and issues in a non-confrontational manner, making everyone feel they
were part of the solution and not the problem, so it was easy to be part of the TEAM solution. His personality
made this demeanor even more acceptable."
Eduardo C., Senior Manufacturing Technologist, Monsanto, managed Jorge indirectly at Monsanto
"Jorge posee muy buenas habilidades anliticas aplicables tanto a laboratorios de desarrollo y control de
Calidad como a procesos Industriales"
Diego Kavanas, Quality, Environmental , Safety and Health Manager, Monsanto, managed Jorge
indirectly at Monsanto AgChem
"Jorge is a very professional technical scientist. I worked with him over 8 years on a number of issues and
was very impressed with his technical abilities."
Bill M., Procurement Manager, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto AgChem
"As part of the new product development team, Jorge was a key Manufacturing member who had great
technology knolwedge about new formulations technology as well as marketing needs for these potential new
products. Jorge always worked closely with US and other Global Technology Teams in designing and
performing plant experiments and scale up work of liquid and dry formulations. His expertise in this field is
remarkable. He has also experience in processes and cost improvements projects by developing new raw
materials sourcing alternatives or participating in cost managements initiatives. His multilingual and
interpersonal skills were strong assets to these multifunctional teams."
Flavio Asch, Global Sourcing Manager, Monsanto Latin America South, worked with Jorge at Monsanto
"Jorge is a an excellent professional, extremely dedicated to his job, always focused not only on solving an
issue , but also looking for the causes of any problem. Very good person, reliable."
Rolando Balsamello, Project Manager, Monsanto, worked with Jorge at Monsanto AgChem
"Jorge is results oriented, with high performance team work. He has a deep technical and analytical capacity
for decision making and problem solving. He knows to build good 360 relationships and he has leadership
Marta S., Logistic Boss, Unistar (Monsanto Arg + Perez Companc), worked with Jorge at Petrobras
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