... through Bertha Dudde
Examination of spiritual ‘reeptions! ....
" #ant to send $% Word to all plaes& " #ant all people to 'e
informed of it and I will also lead all those to you to whom
you shall impart My Word. " #ill pour $% spirit upon all flesh
and hoose the right (essels for $%self far and #ide #hih " #ill
'e a'le to instrut mentall% or e(en through the inner Word
'eause it is essential to inform people of $% #ill and their
earthl% tas).
*nd thus " #or) e(er%#here 'eause the last da%s 'efore the
end #ill re+uire extraordinar% help. *nd time and again " sa% to
%ou that " spea) to %ou diretl% or indiretl% through $%
messengers of light #ho reei(e $% Word from $e and pass it on
to those of %ou #ho allo# the flo# of spirit to enter %ou.
"n the latter instane $% Word& #hih is gi(en to these
messengers of light '% Me& #ill also 'e reognisa'le '% the st%le
of the Word .... ,et it #ill al#a%s 'e the pure truth from $e&
'eause the messengers of light merel% ompl% #ith $% #ill and
#ill not pass on an%thing other than truth to those of you #ho
sincerely desire the truth.
-e(ertheless& %ou should al#a%s he) it and& at all times& 'ear
in mind that $% ad(ersar%& too& #ants to express himself in the
last da%s and that he #ill present himself as an angel of light ....
you should always remember that I have warned you
about false Christ’s and false prophets .... For the%& too&
#rea) ha(o on earth and intend to onfuse people.
*nd %ou #ill al#a%s 'e a'le to arr% out this examination '%
appealing for $% support and '% ta)ing $% Word into
onsideration. that every spirit which professes that Jesus
Christ came in the flesh can also be regarded to have been
called by Me ....
But attention always has to be paid to the fact that this
embodiment in the flesh has to be explained to you .... or
in order to deceive you an evil spirit can use the same
words too! since it "nows them well yet it will be
incapable of explaining them.
/imilarl%& immature spirits #hih are as %et unenlightened 'ut
'ear no ill intentions ma% also #ant to express themsel(es and
thus pass on what they remember from earthly life.
0hese should not to 'e a)no#ledged as teachers ....
*nd& again& the reipient!s attitude is deisi(e as to #hether suh
immature 'eings #ill 'e a'le to express themsel(es or #hether
the sinere #ill for truth #ill pre(ent them from arr%ing out their
In the same way as preachers exist on earth who only use
what they "now as sub#ect matter for their sermons
#ithout& ho#e(er& 'eing spirituall% enlightened .... and %et the%
need not 'e 'ad .... so beings express themselves in the
beyond which had also once performed this ministry on
earth and then continued their instructions in the beyond.
$nd as long as they pass themselves off as otherworldly
teachers the% #ill 'e listened to or re1eted .... depending on
the person the% tr% to eduate.
But sine these 'eings in the 'e%ond don!t )no# that God and
2esus are one and onl% e(er see the ‘human 'eing! in 2esus Who
perfeted 3imself on earth .... 'ut neither do the% )no# #hat
this ‘perfetion! implies .... the% a(ail themsel(es of 3is human
name in order to ma)e their instrutions redi'le .... or they
lac" the full realisation of this great sin otherwise they
truly would not commit it .... 0he% still intend to lead people
into the ‘hea(enl% )ingdom! 1ust as the% planned to do on earth
during their #or) as preahers.
0his is #h% their reports from the spiritual )ingdom #ill also gi(e
people the impression that the% are perfet spirits from higher
spheres ....
0he spirituall% a#a)ened person& ho#e(er& an sense that " *m
not and annot 'e the soure of this spiritual )no#ledge& 'eause
$% di(init% in 2esus is not learl% emphasised& 'ut this shall
al#a%s 'e made omprehensi'le through $% Word sine 2esus
4hrist!s at of /al(ation #ill onl% 'e understood and
a)no#ledged if %ou humans reei(e truthful larifiation a'out
%ou can never be advised often enough to constantly enter
into heartfelt contact with Me and to pray to Me in spirit
and in truth! so that everything is excluded which is
misguided or incomprehensible to you and does not
benefit your soul but is more li"ely to cause it damage ....
For $% ad(ersar%& '% using shado#s& eagerl% tries to dar)en the
light #hih shines 'rightl% #here(er the #ill for truth pre(ails and
#here he himself is therefore una'le to lead people astra% ....
%et whenever you are unsure! as" Me and I will always
grant you illumination and! time and again! give you the
evidence of My love which will lead all of you to the light
so that you will be able to become blissfully happy ....
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