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Fundamentals of Asset Move Functionality

Prepared by
Oracle Support
August 1, 2013
able of !ontents
"ntroduction ######$####$############$ 1
ec%nical Overvie& #$#$##########$####### 1
Setup and Pre're(uisites ######$###########$ 2
roubles%ooting #####################$ )
"mportant Fi*es and +otes $$###$$######$######$$ ,
This paper describes the fundamentals of Asset Move functionality within Oracle Enterprise
Asset Management (eAM). Asset Move functionality was introduced in Release !...
"ou may need to move assets from one organi#ation (often a different location) to
another organi#ation for different reasons$ to replace a failed asset $ or to borrow an
asset for a particular %ob or pro%ect.
ec%nical Overvie&
The Asset Move &or'bench enables you to transfer an asset and its child assets from one
maintenance organi#ation to another as a single unit$ and the parent child asset
relationships are preserved. Asset Move functionality can also be achieved via the following 2
Inventory forms:
Inventory -> Transactions -> Inter-Organization Transfer
Inventory -> Transactions -> !ubinventory Transfer
"owever# the advantage of using it from $AM %I &i'e'# Asset Move (age) is that the entire hierarchy
can be moved as a single unit'
The following entities will also move with the asset(
) Activities( if the Activity *efinition is assigned to the destination organi#ation. +f
not$ you will need to use the Activity &or'bench to assign an activity to the new organi#ation.
) ,M schedules
) Meters
) -ailure history and setup
These entities do not move with the asset(
) &or' orders
) Routing
) .ost history
) .ollection plans
Setup and Pre're(uisites
The following setup steps are re/uired to ensure proper asset transfer.
1- Select "ntermediate Subinventory
0avigation( EAM 12 3etup 12 ,arameters
*efine an +ntermediate 3ubinventory in eAM ,arameters form in the source organi#ation (i.e.$ source
org and not destination org). This intermediate subinventory is the default
subinventory to which
all the assets undergoing miscellaneous receipt transactions are received while performing the
Asset Move transfer. The +ntermediate 4ocator value indicates the number assigned to the
e5pense intermediate inventory.

Only the e5pense subinventories associated with your organi#ation are available for selection.
&hy +ntermedia 3ubinventory is needed 6 +t7s a subinventory needed for autocreation of the misc
receipt to bring onhand needed for the transfer. This is mentioned in Oracle8 Enterprise Asset
Management 9ser:s ;uide Release !. 1 3ection 9sing the Asset Move &or'bench$ page !<1==(
EAM performs a miscellaneous receipt of an asset if there is no /uantity available in the e5pense
subinventory. This process does not trac' the /uantity for the asset. These miscellaneous receipts are
done at #ero cost$ and are placed in an e5pense intermediate subinventory.
2- /nable Service Fulfillment Manager 0SFM- /vent Manager 1ueue Service
- es(onsibility: !+M !ystem Administrator
- ,avigation: Administration -> -ueue .onsole
This manager will need to be enabled to allow user view transferred asset in 3elf 3ervice$ even
though it can be viewed in -orms. ,lease review *O. +* ><?>. for more information.
1 .lic/ on the !ervices button
- .hec/ the 1!+M $vent Manager -ueue !ervice1 is having 1Actual1 and 1Target1 values set to *
and *'
- To ensure that only one !+M thread is run' 2lease chec/ as follows'
!ystem Admin es(onsibility > .oncurrent > Manager > 3efine
-uery u( 4!+M $vent Manager -ueue !ervice5
The value for the (arameter should read li/e this# the last (arameter indicates the number of
3- Set up a S%ipping +et&or2
0avigation( +nventory 12 3etup 12 Organi#ations 12 3hipping 0etwor's
.lic' on -ind button to see if a shipping networ' already e5ists.
+f there are no rows$ let:s create a shipping networ' for testing purposes.
-irst row(
-rom( EM
To( -A.
Transfer Type( *irect
Elemental Bisibility Enabled( .hec'ed (chec'bo5 ne5t to -OC 4OB)
3et the accounts in primary and secondary accounts
("ou can add another row with -A. as origin and EM as destination with the same setup)
3- "mportant +otes
a' Asset outes cannot be moved'
b' The !ource Org and The transfer Orgs should be in o(en (eriod'
c' The Asset 7rou( should be transactable'
d' The Asset &Or ebuild) 7rou( should already be assigned to the 3estination org in the Item
Master +orm'
e' Asset should not have 2ro(erty Manager ;in/' +n Asset 0umber -orm( 4ocation Tab has
,roduction Organi#ation and E/uipment *etails. This value corresponds to ,roduction
E/uipment 4in'.
f' Transfer Ty(e should be 3irect# not Intransit'
g' @ou should not have 2roduction $>ui(ment ;in/' +n Asset 0umber -orm( Others Tab has
Management Region (-ields( 4ocation 0ame and 4ocation .ode). They correspond to
,roperty Management 4in'. "ou may refer to user guide for further clarification.
h' If a user wants to (erform transfers between $=(ense !ub Inventories and Asset !ub
Inventories# They
have to set the (rofile o(tion AINV: Allow Expense to Asset TransferA to A@esA'
i' If the Asset has no On "and -uantity# a Misc ecei(t Transaction is (erformed in bac/ground into
Intermediate !ubinventory that was defined in the $AM 2arameters'
%. Only $=(ense !ubinventories are shown in the Intermediate !ubinventory ;O?'
!o one has to set the below (rofile O(tion AI,?: Allow $=(ense to Asset TransferA to A@esA'
Otherwise# the Asset Transfers will not be allowed to 3estination !ubinventory from the
Intermediate !ub Inventory if the 3estination !ubinventory is an Asset !ubinventory'
/' If an AssetBebuildable is already issued out of stores then a new serial would be created by
doing a
Miscellaneous ecei(t Transaction if the 2rofile o(tion AI,?: estrict ecei(t of !erialsA is set
to A,oA'
If user wants to !to( that then the (rofile O(tion should be set to A@esA'
l' There is a demand from some customers that an AssetBebuild is AIssued out of storesA# it is
fine to
.reate and eceive a new !erial Cut if the AssetBebuild is AIssued to 2roDectsA or AIssued to a
OrderA# then the a new serial should not be created'
m' .urrently Inventory does not distinguish between AIssued out of !toresA # AIssued to
AIssued to a 8or/ OrderA' All it considers is the above (rofile O(tion and (erforms a ecei(t
of !erial
Cased on its ?alue' There is an $=isting $ to ma/e changes as above: $ E F2:00F2'
m' If An Asset is defined in a (roduction Org &$=am(le M* is (roduction Org maintained by $M*)
there is no on hand -uantity on that serial and user wants to transfer this to other
Maintenance Org#
say +A.# then a Misc ecei(t Transaction is triggered in $M* and then a transfer ha((ens
from $M*
to +A.'
n' If An Asset is defined in a (roduction Org &$=am(le M* is (roduction Org maintained by $M*)
there is on hand -uantity then a transfer ha((ens from M* to +A. directly'
There are common troubleshooting steps that come into play when debugging issues related to Asset Move$
e.g.$ asset cannot be viewed in the destination org after performing Asset Move.
*) If user is not able to achieve the Asset Move functionality at all for any Assets# via Asset Move
functionality# user should try (erforming from Inventory %Is first to see if there is any issue from
Inventory res(onsibility:
Inventory -> Transactions -> Inter-Organization Transfer
Inventory -> Transactions -> !ubinventory Transfer
2) Resubmit transactions via Inventory Transaction Open Interface form and Pending
Transactions form.
a. ;o to Inventory -> Transactions -> &Transactions O(en Interface or ,ending Transactions).
b. Euery for the asset for which +nter1org transfer is being done.
c. ;et the screen shot of all the tabs and also the error e5planations for further analysis by
0) Process stuck transactions by resubmitting the transactions from the
FTransactions Error Processing" in the Install Base dministrator responsibility.
!te(s are:
a' 7o to Install Case Administrator-> Transactions $rror (rocessing form
b' !elect the record and re-submit from the Tools menu
H) Ma/e sure that the !+M manager is u( and running' This can be verified by the following action
a' es(: !+M !ystem Administrator -> Administration -> -ueue .onsole -> .lic/ on A!ervicesA
b' $nsure that for A!+M $vent Manager -ueue !erviceA Actual and Target values should be 1*1
I) 7o to res(onsibility: !+M !ystem Administrator ->.oncurrent -> 3efine Manager -> -uery +or
A!+M $vent Manager -ueue !erviceA
a' .lic/ on A8or/ !hiftsA button'
b' In the 2arameter field# ensure that the string ends with 1<3263-6I,IT6,%M6T"$A3!9*1
ma/es the number of <32 threads being (rocessed as * at a time' If it ends with 121# the
asset move
transactions error out'
J) If the issue (ersists after (erforming above ste(s# (lease generate trace with binds as follows:
a' 8hen in the web(age# clic/ the A3iagnosticsA in the to( then set 3iagnostics: !et Trace
b' Then set Trace with binds and waits and clic/ save
c' 7o bac/ to re(roduce the issue' Once done# disable trace and note down the Trace I3# then
go to
SELECT value
FROM v$parameter
!ERE name " #user$%ump$%est#&
'et t(e we) serv*+e S,L-Tra+e relate% t(e tra+e I./
If 0ou nee% furt(er +lar*f*+at*on on +reat*n1 a tra+e2 please follow .o+ I. 345678/3/
G) !enerate "SI #og $hile re%submitting the transactions. This $ill help in
revie$ing additional debugging messages. Steps are as follo$s&
a' !et (rofile A.!I: 3ebug ;evelA 9 *:
b' !et (rofile 1.!I ;og +ile ,ame1 to test
c' 2erform the test case &i'e'# asset transfer transaction)'
d' %(load log file 1test-counter'log1 generated in directory s(ecified in (rofile 1.!I ;og +ile 2ath1
,ote: efer to 3O. I3 20KJ2G'* for more clarification on how to obtain the log'
"mportant Fi*es and /4s
The following shows important bugs$ Enhancement Re/uests (ERs) and 0otes that addressed Asset
Move related issues. Please not t%at patc% 135)60)7.412$/AM$8 is %ig%ly recommended, since
it delivers latest set of files related to Asset Move Functionality$
"ssue 9escription 9O! "9 Patc% : /4 : 4emar2s
After asset move is done$ asset can no
longer be searched in the source org.
AA?<@G. AGAG>D@(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
Transaction ,rocessor Error &hen *oing
An +nter Org Transfer Of Asset
<GD!D. 3etup issue described in the note.
9nable To ,erform +nternal Receipt
Transaction -or Eam Asset Transfer
=>>?A=. <=G@@<(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
E5ception Error ,age Encountered &hen
Moving An Asset
=!=GDA. !=G<=@(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
Assets from level1! onwards are
transferred even though asset at level1 is
end dated in a given hierarchy
=?!=<!@(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
&ORH+0; -OR TRA03A.T+O0 T",E
@<@>?DG(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
+n EAM$ +nter Org +n1transit Asset
transfers are failing from Maintenance
3uper 9ser Responsibility After 3etting
,rofile :+0B( .reate R.B 3hipments in
Cul': to F"esF
@?>D<>A(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
+n Maintenance 3uper 9ser Responsibility
while attempting Asset Move$ error was
seen in inventory interface tables with
message :+nvalid Transaction 9OM:.
G<!?GA(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
&hen performing an Asset Move Transfer
for a newly defined asset that has no
onhand Euantity against it$ there is a
mismatch in the date for the
miscellaneous receipt transaction and
actual date of asset move transfer
GA??>A(R!.EAM.C .ode issue that was fi5ed. ,atch is
&hen ,erforming Asset Move -rom One
Organi#ation To Another$ *estination
Organi#ation field is not enabled
ADA==@. 3etup issue described in the note.
Asset Move ,rocess *id 0ot 3uccessfully
Cring Activity &ith Asset *uring +nter1
Org Asset Move ,rocess
=><!G. 3tuc' records for the asset move
transactions which halted the asset
move process.
"mportant Fi*es and /4s 0cont$-
"ssue 9escription 9O! "9 Patc% : /4 : 4emar2s
.O0TRO4 +3 *"0AM+.
D>A=DA This ER is under review and has not
been approved for future
implementation as of yet.
OR*ER +0 OR+;+0A4 OR;
8hen the (rofile o(tion
AI,?:estrict ecei(t of !erialsA is
set to A,oA# The recei(t of serials
into inventory through transactions
such as
Miscellaneous recei(t# 2O recei(t
should e=clude the serial numbers
that are issued out of inventory
through the following transactions:
- Issue to +ield location
- Issue to (roDects
- !ales order shi(ment
>!<==>! This ER is under review and has not
been approved for future
implementation as of yet.