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Representative Brock L.

507 N. Smith St.
Clark, SD 57225

May 26, 2014

Dear Fellow Republican State Convention Delegate:

As a delegate to the Republican State Convention, you undoubtedly know the importance
of choosing the strongest slate of Constitutional office nominees for our general election
ballot. I appreciate your willingness to be involved in the selection process!

Over the past fourteen years, I have had the privilege of working for the people as a SD
Senator and Representative. Ten years ago, a new legislator, Shantel Krebs, joined our
Republican team. Immediately, it became obvious that she possessed tremendous
leadership qualities. Her ability to connect with fellow legislators helped her to establish
a strong alliance of legislative allies from all across the state. Shantel had grown up in
Arlington, so she understood issues that were near and dear to those of us in rural South
Dakota. Likewise, as the owner/operator of two small businesses in Sioux Falls who
interacted daily with her customers, she conducted herself with professionalism, and she
had a great feel for the pulse of what was on the hearts and minds of the people she
represented. I remember a conversation I had with fellow legislator, Al Koistinen, in
which he told me how impressed he was with Shantel's voting record. He said, "She's
really conservative. She votes like we do almost all the time!" While she certainly had a
mind of her own, and no two legislators share exactly the same perspective, it was true
that we shared a lot in common.

Over the years, Shantel has remained true to her roots. When I was elected to the House
of Representatives in 2009, Shantel and I served on the House Commerce Committee
together. As I observed her, she began to impress me even more than before. She worked
hard to dissect the issues, and when she spoke, people listened! She demonstrated an
ability to understand intricate matters, as well as to articulate her perspective. Not
coincidentally, Shantel has served on many important committees and in leadership
positions during her tenure in the legislature. She chaired the House Transportation
Committee during the 2009-2010 term, and has been entrusted with chairing the
Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee ever since her freshman term began in the

When I first learned of Shantel's interest in running to become our next Secretary of
State, I called her to visit about her intentions. What I found most impressive was that
even though she was still weighing her options, she had a well-defined vision concerning
the duties of the SOS and what she could do to improve the office. She had already
engaged in conversations with key people to solicit their input concerning the direction of
that office going forward. Since getting into the race, Shantel has been working tirelessly
to reach out to the county auditors, businesses/corporations, and--most importantly--the
voters who are affected by the ongoing operations and decisions of the Secretary of
State's office.

Those of you who know me know that I am unequivocally pro-life. From 2005-2007, I
worked as the State Director of South Dakota Right to Life. Last week, SDRTL issued
its 2014 Voter Guide, which included a look back at votes cast over the past two years. I
would be remiss if I did not mention that Shantel earned a 100% rating from Right to
Life! While I recognize the Life issue is not central to this race, I believe it is important
to know that Shantel stands with and for the values shared by so many within our party.
Truly, she is right on the issues, BIG and small!

As the Republican State Convention is fast-approaching, I wanted to share with you why
I am supporting Shantel in her endeavor to become our next Secretary of State. I have
every confidence in her ability to do the job with the honesty and integrity that is
demanded of that Office. If you have any questions, I know she would welcome a call to

I would love to have you join me in making Shantel Krebs our party's nominee--and
ultimately, our next Secretary of State!


Brock L. Greenfield
SD Senator, 2001-2009
SD Representative, 2009-present