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Liberal Lie #1: Islam is peaceful and beautiful.

Response: Islam is an inherently intolerant and warlike religion that has become
synonymous with its most militant elements--for good reason. Organized Islam is
essentially dominated by Islamists and Islamist apologists and sympathizers.
Islamists are clerical fascists who seek global dominance through the imposition
of Islamic law across the planet.

Liberal Lie #2: Bush overreacted to 9/11.

Response: President George W. Bush actually under-reacted to the worst-ever

attacks on American soil. He should have used any and all available weapons to
obliterate the Taliban and Al Qaeda, setting an example for generations to come of
the fate that lies in store for those who dare to commit atrocities against the
United States. Additionally, Bush should have revoked the visas of all aliens from
Muslim countries, and captured, detained, interrogated and imprisoned or deported
the estimated 100,000 visa over-stayers from these barbaric places.

Liberal Lie #3: American support for Israel is the root cause of the conflict.

Response: The root cause is Islam--and Islamism, a political ideology that has
overtaken the religion. The United States could stop supporting Israel; it could
disappear tomorrow (God forbid), and the Islamists would still hate and hope to
conquer the U.S. (and Europe) through terrorism, immigration, and conversion.

Liberal Lie #4: Israeli "settlements" in the "West Bank" are another root cause of

Response: Appeasement and accommodation of Palestinian Arab/Islamist opposition to

Israel's very existence is the root cause of conflict. Radical Palestinian Arabs
and their Islamist allies aim to destroy Israel will not rest until they are
victorious or crushed. The thriving Israeli towns and villages in the disputed
territories of Judea and Samaria, west of the Jordan River, which Israel captured
during the defensive war of June 1967 (the Six-Day War), are a source of tension,
because they signal Jewish determination to retain sovereignty over liberated
parts of the Land of Israel, but by no means a root cause of a more than century-
old struggle by the Jewish people for political independence in its historic
homeland (which in modern times included both sides of the Jordan River until the
British, in 1921, prohibited Jewish settlement in 77% of Palestine--i.e. the
entire East Bank--to create Transjordan, which, in 1946, became the Hashemite
Kingdom of Transjordan, and, three years later, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan--a
country, commonly called Jordan, that is now at peace with Israel). An Israel
limited (God forbid) to the greater Tel Aviv area would still be a target for
radical Palestinian Arabs and their Islamist allies; they oppose any sort of
independent Jewish State, no matter how small. Its existence threatens them
theologically and ideologically.

Liberal Lie #5: Diplomacy and dialogue are always good things and therefore always
worth pursuing.

Response: Dialogue and diplomacy are means, not ends. In some cases, engaging in
dialogue and diplomacy with enemies can be counterproductive, self-defeating, and
even suicidal. The lesson of the Munich Pact, for example, is that a totalitarian
country that is pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--meaning, a policy that
aims to overthrow the status quo and change its power relationships, regionally
and globally--cannot be successfully engaged (appeased). Misreading such a
country's intentions can be a fatal error, as the world learned in the case of the
British/French failure to preserve the peace in Europe by appeasing Nazi Germany.
Instead of preventing war, appeasement made it inevitable--on Germany's terms.

U.S. President Barack Obama has not only appeased Islamist Iran; he has tried to
align with it and with Islamism in general, seemingly seeing himself as the de
facto president of "the Muslim world," in competition with Osama Bin Laden, leader
of Al Qaeda, the only Islamist organization, apparently, which is still beyond the
pale of U.S. engagement. As a result of Obama's perfidious policies, Iran is
another year closer to acquiring atomic arms and ballistic missiles capable of
destroying Israel, driving the U.S. from the Middle East--before bringing it to
its knees through an indirect and deniable atomic attack--and dominating and
intimidating Europe as it steadily Islamizes.