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Application to Present at SC EdTech 2014

The final Application to present must be submitted online via the EdTech website located at after creating your draft with this document as a guide.

List up to two presenters on this form. Conference registration fees will be waived only for the main
presenter listed on this application. Please note: co-presenter information will not be included in the
conference guidebook due to space constraints.

Highlight the appropriate selections below.

Main Presenter
Name : Chris Humphreys
Title: Mr.
Category Type: Student/ Educator
Position: First Grade
School/Organization: Galer Elementary School/ DoDEA
Address: 1516 Cardinal Lane
City State Zip: Beaufort, South Carolina 29906
Business Phone: (843) 846-6100
*Email address:

Equipment Needs

EdTech 2014 will provide a screen, projector, standard wired microphone, a computer audio
connection, and a standard internet connection in each breakout room. Presenters MUST supply
computers (including any adapters necessary to connect it to the VGA cable which feeds the
projector) and any equipment not listed above. If you will require help with your setup or have
special circumstances, please check the box below and a conference technical staff member will
contact you prior to the conference:

Equipment needs: screen, projector, microphone, audio connection, and internet connection.

Highlight the appropriate selections below.

Title of Submission (15 words or less): Using Blogs to Support Project-Based Learning in a K-2

Intended Audience (Select all that apply):
General K-5 6-8 9-12 Higher Ed Administrative Technology Coordinators

Track (Select one)
q Teachers
q Media Specialist
q District/State Personnel
q Elementary School
q Middle School
q High School
q Technology Directors
q IT Security
q Instructional Technology Directors
q Teachers/Media Specialists
q Administrators
q PowerSchool
q Technology Integration
q Networking and Infrastructure
q Special Education
q Technology and Common Core
q Technology Proficiency
q Tablet Devices
q Whiteboards
q One-to-One Initiatives
q Computer Devices Education
q Computer Applications Education
q Teacher Curriculum & Resources Education
q Technical Support
q Others (Cloud Applications, Video/Audio, Network, Voice/Data Network, etc.)

Presentation Format: Demonstration/ Lecture
Hands on Activities based Demonstration / Lecture

Submission Description (no more than 50 words in length)
This description will be used in the conference program book and will assist participants in their
selection of sessions. NOTE: no edits will be made to this content so be certain to proofread your text.

Are you ready to take PBL to the next level? Consider blogs as a way for your students to demonstrate
century skills in an elementary K-2 setting. Participants will explore Kidsblog as a platform to
support PBL in their classrooms. The presenter will share sample activities, student examples from K-
2, and challenges faced in the classroom.

Expanded Submission Description (no more than 500 words in length)
This information is not included in the guidebook; however, including an expanded description or
additional information will assist the selection committee in evaluating this session.

Given the increased popularity of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the elementary classroom, many
educators, such as teachers and educational technologists, have raced to meet the demands of this
type of learning using technology as a means to support their students. Through the use of blogs
educators can assist students in demonstrating the four Cs of 21
century skills in an elementary K-2
classroom where students are at the emergent level of technology. Project-Based Learning has
opened the doors for various ways students can communicate, collaborate, critically think, and show
creativity with their projects. One of the best resources for this type of learning is the use of blogs.
Specifically, Kidsblog because it is free to use and easy to establish a classroom account where each
student has their own blog space to share their ideas and collaborate with others using creativity and
are able to respond critically to the ideas of the class or group.

The participant will explore Kidsblog as a platform to support PBL in their own classrooms. It has been
found that the some teachers will not use a new technology in the classroom until comfortable
enough to use it themselves, as well as, show others how to use it. This presentation aims to give the
participant that comfortability with a basic understanding of how blogging can support project-based
learning in their classrooms. Participants are encouraged to bring their own device as we will
establish accounts and create a fictional class to gain insight into the ease of use of the web 2.0 tool.

The presenter will share sample activities from the project for the participants to take back to their
schools to implement, as well as, share student examples from the work that was conducted in the
presenters own K-2 experiences, and the challenges faced with implementing this type of technology
in an early elementary classroom.

Would you be willing to present this session more than once? qYes qNo