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Crude Oil Refining - Step 1

De-gumming Process / Removing of impurities and gums

Crude Oil Refining - Step 2
Neutralizations Process / removing of FFA

Continuous Transesterification Process
Semi - Continuos -Batch
Transesterification Process
IKA Plants & Turnkey Systems
Highly sophisticated designs, using IKA dispersing and mixing equipment.
IKA - Process has been renowned the world over for many years as a
manufacture of high-shear mixing and dispersing machines.
IKA Engineering provides the capability to design and fabricate complete
turnkey systems incorporating the IKA High-Shear technology.
As a result, IKA plant programs are created to precession with engineering

Batch Agitation vs. Batch High-Shear
Conventional batch agitation for the transesterification process takes between 2 4 hour
per batch to convert the feedstock, methanol, and catalyst to methyl ester and glycerin.
Precise designed batch high-shear mixer (not batch shear-pump mixer) accelerates the
conventional batch mixing process down to 10 - 30 minutes depending of quality of refined
oil, temperature, pressure and amount of methanol.
For mixing tanks above 1000 Gal. a recirculation process with in-line mixer is
recommended instead of top-entry mixer. Multiple sets of rotor and stator combined in one
machine can adopt the process in max. two passes. High-shear mixers with up to tree
sets of rotor/stator and flow-rates up to 1,500 GPM are available. In addition, these mixers
can operate with tanks after tanks.

Batch Process vs. Inline Process
Continuous flow processing is favored by larger
facilities. Continuous flow facilities usually process
at high temperatures and with Ultra-Shear to
shorten the processing time and ensure highest
quality. The equipment (e.g. biodiesel reactor,
inline - high shear, centrifugal separators) for
continuous flow processing does not usually
require a lot of space, and it can be scaled-up to
provide increased capacity without taking a
corresponding increase of space.
Current manufacturing
The leading oil refining
manufactures have adopted
the more cost effective in-line
ultra shear process. The
same manufactures are
adopting this process within
the new in-line
transesterification process.
More and more Bio-diesel
producer realizing that the
conventional batch agitation
process is to time consuming
and expensive.

Biodiesel Process Systems
KA is a global company that manufactures in Wilmington, NC. IKA provides a complete
line of batch, in-line high-shear mixing process equipment, and biodiesel reactors for a
variety of applications in the Bio-Diesel, Ethanol and Petroleum-Oil industry, such as de-
gumming, neutralization, bleaching, transesterification, esterification, water washing, wet-
grinding of cellulose solid, catalyst reactions, and fuel-blending
The comprehensive IKA program emphasizes on scale up
from Laboratory to Processingplants, with applications for ultra-shear and high-shear
mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, grinding, emulsifying, and particle size reduction IKA
has a fully equipped testing facility for testing, and also has trial machines available for on-
site testing in Wilmington, NC

1 GPM primary and secondary
transesterification system (left)
1,500 GPM multiple stage biodiesel reactor

Proven Technology for Biodiesel Production!
Features of the BR
Continuous capacity of 1 gpm,
or optional 2 gpm
Capacity is suitable for pilot
plants or production
Ultra High Shear mixer
technology - used in reactions
for over 50 years
Two stage transesterification
process ensures 100%
conversion to M.E. & Glycerin
Accurately meters the
feedstock, methanol and
catalyst with precision gear
pumps and high accuracy mass
flow meters
Connect the inlets to supply
tanks, and outlets to the
separation process, and start
producing biodiesel !
A Complete Line of IKA Systems are Available for Transesterification, as
well as Degumming, Neutralization and Water Wash.
BIOREAX System Capacities
BR 2000/04 BR 2000/05 BR 2000/10 BR 2000/20 BR 2000/30 BR 2000/40 BR 2000/50
2 gpm 10 gpm 40 gpm 100 gpm 180 gpm 300 gpm 550


Technical Specifications BR 2000/04
System Type: Transesterification
Capacity: 1 or 2 gpm
Classification: Class I, Div I, Grp D
High Shear Mixers (2): IKA LP 2000/04
Number of Stages: 3
Wetted materials: Stainless Steel
HP (each): 3
Sealing: Lip seal
Pumps (6): Rotary Gear
Wetted materials: Stainless Steel
Sealing: Mag Drive
Flow Meters (6): Coriolis / Mass Flow
Wetted materials: Stainless Steel
Piping: Seamless Tubing
Material: Stainless Steel
Base Frame: Two piece, stackable
Material: Stainless Steel
Controls: Optional
Type: Automatic or Manual
Enclosure: NEMA 12

BR 2000/4-T, Two Stage Transesterification, 1 gpm................... $109,000
Control Package for BR 2000/4, Fully Automatic........................... $49,000
Special Show Pricing Valid Through April 1, 2008
:BR 2000/4-T, Two Stage Transesterification, 2 gpm.................... On Request
Crude Oil Refining - Degumming and Neutralization ..................... On Request
Washing Process Two Stage Water Wash.................................. On Request
Control Package Options: Manual, Refining, Wash, etc............... On Request