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A -
B - I have a stomachache.

2. I'm very tired. I need to

3. I have an earache. My ear

4. I have a stomachache. I ate

5. Water, juice, and mi! are a

". A - #he doctor says I have to e$ercise i% I &ant to ose &ei'ht.
B - #hat's 'ood .

(. I'm on a diet. I need to eat %ood that is o& in

). *on't eat . +ou' 'et a

,. #a!e the instead
o% the eevator. It's 'ood e$ercise-

1.. I'm on a diet. I'm 'oin' to eat %ruit
a dessert.
Not being able to sleep at night is called ___.
hay %ever
Some people are ___ to dogs.
A doctor who operates on people is called a ___.
My nose has been ____.
I ___ a fever.
am havin'
I have a ___ throat.
I have a stomach ___.
I'm feeling a little under the ___.
run do&n
Doctor '!hat are your ___ "
#a$e this ___ to the pharmacy and get your medicine.
3.- Thick the correct option or remedy.
-I have a headache.-
You should listen to the radio.
You should take an aspirin and rest.
-I have a stomachache.-
You should eat junk food.
You should drink some pepto-bismol.
-I have a sore throat.-
You should drink cold beverages.
You should drink some chamomile tea with honey and
-I have a toothache.-
You should eat a lot of candies.
You should go to the dentist.
-I have a cold.
You should see a doctor, drink lots of fluids,
stay home and rest.
You shouldnt see a doctor, you must go to work.
-I have diarrhea.-
You should eat healthier and wash your hands
You shouldnt eat healthier, and dont worry about
washing your hands constantly.
-I have a backache.-
You should go to the chiropractic.
You should carry heavy things.
".- #rite the correct word inside the bo$.

%&'&( )*+I) ,-).-)/& &-(-)/& )*+0
/&-0-)/& 1*(& T/(*-T

1T*2-)/--)/& T**T/-)/& )*34/

".- - respiratory disorder characteri5ed by
snee5ing, sore throat, coughing, etc.
6.- -n illness characteri5ed by fre!uent coughing.
3.- 1cratchiness in the throat, painful and
sensitive condition.
7.- - pain located in the head as over the eyes,
at the temples or at the base of the skull.
8.- 1evere abdominal pain caused by spasm.
9.- -bnormally high body temperature.
:.- ;ain in the ear.
<.- - pain or discomfort in the region of the
back or spine.
=.- ;ain in or about a tooth.
">. ;ain in the stomach or abdomen.
%uman &ody
Your heart is really a muscle. It's located a little to the left of the middle of your
chest, and it's about the size of your fist. There are lots of muscles all over
your body - in your arms, in your legs, in your back, even in your behind. But
this muscle is special because of hat it does - the heart sends blood around
your body. The blood provides your body ith the o!ygen and nutrients it
needs. It also carries aay the aste that your body has to get rid of.
Your heart is sort of like a pump, or to pumps in one. The right side of your
heart receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs. The left side of
the heart does the e!act opposite" it receives blood from the lungs and pumps
it out to the body. By the time you're gron up, your heart ill be beating
#pumping$ about %& times a minute.
'o does the heart beat( Before each beat, your heart fills ith blood. Then it
contracts to s)uirt the blood along. *hen something contracts, it s)ueezes
tighter - try s)ueezing your hand into a fist. That's sort of like hat your heart
does so it can s)uirt out the blood. Your heart does this all day and all night,
all the time. +very day, an adult heart pumps ,,&&& gallons #%,-&& liters$ of
recycled blood by filling and contracting. The heart is one tough orker.
/. *here is your heart located(
,. *here else can you find muscles in
your body besides the heart(
0. *hy do e need a heart(
1. *hich organ#s$ directly orks ith
the heart(
2tory /

3octor" 4ood afternoon. 'o can I help you today(
5atient" 6y son doesn7t feel very ell.
3octor" That7s too bad. *hat symptoms does he have(
5atient" 'e has an earache and a fever.
3octor" 2it on the table please, young man, so I can look in your ear. #pause$
'e has an ear infection.
5atient" *hat do I need to do(
3octor" You need to put drops in his ear tice a day. 'ere is a prescription.
5atient" 8o maybe e can get some sleep again. Thank you, doctor.
3octor" You7re elcome.

9uestion /" *hat symptom does the patient have(
9uestion ," *hat health problem does the patient have(
9uestion 0" *hat does the patient need to do(

2tory ,
5atient" 4ood afternoon, 3octor. I have a terrible toothache.
3octor" *hich tooth is bothering you(
5atient" This one on the bottom left.
3octor" :pen ide so I can look in your mouth. #pause$ I see. You have a
5atient" *hat do I need to do, 3octor(
3octor" You need a filling. I can do that today. But remember, you should
brush and floss your teeth to or three times a day. :kay(
5atient" :kay, 3octor. But I can still eat candy, right(

9uestion /" *hat symptom does the patient have(
9uestion ," *hat health problem does the patient have(
9uestion 0" *hat does the patient need to do( ;istening ;esson 5lan