URGENT VOTING RIGHTS UPDATE: HR-3899 | Eric Holder | Voting Rights Act Of 1965

This is the power Eric Cantor

is about to give Obama and
• States can be tarred with the
accusation of racial discrimination based on Eric
Holder’s opinion. There’s no standard of proof for
discrimination and no appeal once Holder smears a
state with the accusation.
• States can be forbidden to pass laws to prevent voter
• States can be forbidden to pass photo voter ID
policies... even though 81% of Americans agree
with it.
• The Obama “Justice” Department could come in to any
state and seize control of elections, not just states
with a prior history of discrimination.
• The Obama Administration could redraw your
Congressional and state legislative districts...based on
race alone. You could lose your voice in Washington
because of their racial gerrymandering. 
Because of his position in Congress, Eric Cantor can
stop this dangerous bill. Will Cantor take a stand for
Virginia or will he keep listening to partisan lawmakers
like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, will he keep rubbing
shoulders with far-left ACORN affiliated special interest
groups, and caving in to liberal media pressure.
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Election integrity should unite us not divide us.
HR-3899 does just the opposite.
Why would Eric Cantor put American on a regressive path of racial politics and division,
all to please special interest groups?
Because Eric Cantor isn’t hearing from Americans who know we don’t need the politics
of racial division HR-3899 guarantees.
Call or email Eric Cantor today and tell him to stop HR-3899!
Washington, D.C. (202) 225-4000 or (202) 225-2815
Richmond (804) 747-4073
Culpeper (540) 825-8960
It’s time for Eric Cantor to take a stand for Virginia.
As House Majority Leader Eric Cantor holds the key
to stopping a very dangerous bill - HR-3899.   This bill
amends the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act in a way
that sends our nation backwards - forcing states into
unequal treatment under the law and giving Attorney
General Eric Holder the power to approve all Virginia
election rules.
Why would Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority
Whip, NOT come out clearly against this dangerous,
racially discriminatory law? Why would Eric Cantor turn
over control of Virginia election rules to Eric Holder?
That’s what Eric Cantor is poised to do...unless you
take action.
Last June, the Supreme Court ruled that portions of the
1965 Voting Rights Act  that singled out certain states
and jurisdictions for special oversight based on 50-year
old data were obsolete and could no longer be justifed
under the U.S. Constitution.  The rest of the 1965 Voting
Rights Act and its protections against intentional voter
discrimination were left intact by the Court to guarantee
the civil right to vote to ALL Americans. But Cantor is
about to let Eric Holder undo that ruling, and permanently
make American elections about the color of our skin,
not the content of our political character.
HR-3899, the Voting Rights Amendment Act, is bad
news for anyone who believes the highly politicized
Obama “Justice” Department should stay out of state
elections...and bad news for America.
HR-3899 divides Americans into categories of citizens
and chooses who to protect, and who not to protect,
based solely on race
Why would Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority
Whip, NOT come out clearly against this dangerous,
racially discriminatory law?  

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