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Space and Time - What are they


Just as we create a whole universe and all its contents in our
Consciousness creates the whole existence in its imagination
using a different formula.
Just as we don't play any independent role in the dream that
we have created in us,
Consciousness creates each one of us and sustains us in its
Space and Time are constructs of our Mind. We don't reside
in Space and Time, rather,
Space and Time reside within us

Whatever we experience as Universe happens within the domain of
Space and Time. At first, we have to decipher and find out what
exactly Time and Space are in order to understand the whole
existence. The fundamental doubt everyone encounters about Time
and Space is thus:

Are we inside Space and Time, or else, Do Time and Space
exist in us?

The popular belief is that we feel that we reside inside Space and
Time. But, shockingly it may be the other way also. By logical
argument we can prove that Space and Time exist in us, rather than
outside of us. Let us see how:

1) If Consciousness is the one and the only thing that exists in the
Universe which is Immutable and Eternal, and all of us are the
byproducts of the one single consciousness, there are some reasons
to believe that Consciousness creates the Space and Time and all its
contents within its vastness.

2) The above seems perfectly logical because we can not answer
the question, if Space is say X-Trillion Sq.Km, we can not answer
the question what lies beyond the space. We know that space
expand by scientific experiments. If space expands, what is that
into which space expands? Is it expanding into space less space?

3) If Space and Time started with Big Bang from a minute dense
dot, where did the dense dot existed prior to Big Bang. Which Space
and Time it occupied?

4) How could Big Bang all of sudden Explode and Jump from
nowhere? where was its Locus and what was its content prior to Big

5) Albert Einstein has proved that Space-Time is a single
inseparable "Space-Time Continuum". If one vanishes the other will
automatically vanish.

6) As per Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory it has been consistently
proved beyond doubt and experimentally verified that Time Dilation
occurs when you travel at very high speeds. This means if you can
travel at the near speed of Light, Time slows down extremely and
finally comes to a stand still. This proves that Time is a variable and
not a constant factor. This means if you could travel at the near
speed of light or somewhat less, you will always remain young.
More so, if you travel to the nearby galaxy at this extra ordinary
speed and comeback to earth after few months, several thousands
of years would have passed away in earth, since Time is a relative
measurement and not a constant. How does this become possible?

7) Science simply assumes Space and Time as an unquestionable
basic factors and proceeds from there without ever cognizing the
roots of Space and Time.

8) When a glass tumble falls it breaks into pieces. But the reverse of
the same broken glasses getting assembled to a single glass never
occurs in reality, except by rewinding in a movie clip. That is, we
are sure that from perfection to imperfection is the orderliness of
existence and not the reverse. But theoretically it is possible to re-
assemble the broken pieces of glasses into a perfect glass, just by
reversing the 'arrow of time' if the reverse formula of 'Big Crunch' is
enabled. We call this inorderliness phenomena as Entropy in
Science, moving from orderliness to inorderliness, just as a drop of
ink diffuses into a random fashion inside a cup of water. Why does
entropy only follows the arrow of time as inorderliness and not the
opposite way?

9) As seen from Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Space bends, warps
and twists near heavy objects, due to high gravitational force. If
space can bend, where does the bending of space takes place?
Science is in total silence about Space and Time, when asked about
Bending of Space and Slowing down of Time and the status of
existence prior to Big Bang.

An Alternate Theory about Space and Time

Alternative to the normal belief all of us have been taught about
Space and Time we can surmise a different theory also as given

1) Consciousness is all that exits.

2) All existence is part and parcel of consciousness. There is nothing
else that exists, what so ever it is. Consciousness creates
everything in its imagination, just like we do create different worlds
in our Dreams.

3) Existence is impossible outside the ambit of consciousness.
Consciousness alone is Real. Everything else is Inevitable Maya
(illusions) we need to undergo and experience.

4) We are all one single consciousness, You and I, Dogs and Cats,
Snakes and Mongoose, Sun and Moon, Tables and Chairs, Gods and
Devils, Heaven and Hell etc, whichever you can see, visualize or

4) Space and Time are mere constructs of Consciousness, for
experiencing the Reality as a drama of life. When consciousness
arises, simultaneously it creates Space, Time and all its contents.
When Consciousness collapses, simultaneously Space and Time
collapse into it, just as it happens in our Dream and Deep Sleep.

5) Consciousness alone is the primary Source of all creations and
eventually Space, Time and its contents can only collapses into it.

6) Consciousness is eternal and is beyond Space and Time. Rather
Space, Time and all its contents reside inside consciousness. So
consciousness does not exist, in the sense, consciousness is eternal.
All that exists can always become non existent. Consciousness has
no beginning and will have no end. Conscious is neither existence or
non existence. Consciousness is one step beyond existence.
Consciousness alone is. IT is what IT is.

7) Since, Consciousness is eternal in Nature, we, being
consciousness rather than our body and Mind, Death exist only for
our Body and Mind and literally we don't die at all. We don't have
Death at all. We can never Die except in our Body and Mind. We will
always exist in one form or another, just like different kinds of
Flower Blooming on different types plants. We will continue to exist
forever, forever and forever, somewhere, somehow as some thing.

8) We are primarily Consciousness experiencing the form of some
sort of Insects, Animals, Humans etc simply for the sake of
enjoyment. All existence is a single inevitable fun drama one must
undergo. You can not avoid your existence at all even after your

9) As consciousness alone exists as an everlasting, immutable,
birthless and deathless phenomena, we are also Consciousness
only. Our Bodies and Minds are mere figurative concepts created by
consciousness, just like waves that arise and subside in a big
Ocean. All the problems of the worlds are mere conflicts arising due
to the Mind Conundrum, which separates our existence. Hence, the
whole existence is a Grand Maya created by Consciousness.

10) As consciousness alone exists, Consciousness alone is God.
Everything is part of God. We are also a part of God.