DepenrmeNT oF Verenerus Armlns

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery
20953 W. Hoff Road
Elwood lL 60421
ln Reply Befer To:
June 5, 2014
Mr. William Offerman
President. Village of Elu'ood
401 Mississippi Ave
P.O. Box 435
Elwood, lL 60421
I am writing to express my support for the traffic flow improvements made near the Abraham Lincoln National
Cemetery. During the past several years, the increased truck traffic not only posed a serious safety risk but also
disrupted the funeral processions of our deceased veterans. I applaud your efforts to maintain safety for the
citizens of Elwood and respect fbr those who served our country.
At Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, we pride ourselves on solemn, respectful burials for our beloved
veterans who gave their time, effort, and, in some cases, their lives for our country. We feel that in return for
their sacrifices, our veterans at the very least
deserve an unintemrpted burial process. We typically average
between l5 and 20 processions per day and we truly feel that each one demands the appropriate respect and
As a result of the increased truck traffic in recent years, funeral processions have been cut off by trucks
attempting to turn right onto Walter Strawn Drive, making it impossible for the family, friends, and other
mourners to follow or keep up with the procession to the cemetery. As a result, these mourners frequently show
up too late
or not at all
for the burials of their relatives and friends, missing their last moments before
The changes in truck tral'lic have made a tremendous impact on funeral processions, as funeral attendees are no
longer being cut off by l8-wheeltrucks on the way to our cemetery. The chaos and disrespect shown previously
by the trucki have decreased substantially in a short time, making myself, the staff of Abraham Lincoln
National Cemetery, and the mourners supportive of this initiative.
As one of only five open national cemeteries in the state of Illinois, it is incredibly important that we maintain a
sense of reverence foi our honored dead. To this end, thank you for recognizing the importance of keeping
excessive truck traffic away from the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery'
Peter Young
Cemetery Director, Abraham incoln National Cemetery
Abraham Lincotn, 16th
of the United States, is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, lllinois.

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