Call to Serve The Jury

Okay- They ARE Many But There’s More of Us-
Okay- Well That’s Not Quite True…
We Are Just A Proud Few.
But That Still Begs The Question?

Where’s The Rest Of You?
A Sovereign Grand Jury Is A 25-People Crew
How About For Good Measure We Assemble Four Score Of Us?
Don’t Need One In Every County Just A Wrapped Tour Bus
Educating The People Not To Blindly Trust.
Judicial Immunity Results Are NOT Always Just
We Refuse Consent. We Are Under Duress.
And These Continuing Violations Simply Do Not Pass The Test.
Not Under The Strictest Of Scrutinies Not Even At Best.
These Criminals Infiltrated Like Terrorists.
With Gold Fringed False Flags Kidnapping Our Indigent;
And When Brought Publicly To Their Attention They Don’t Even Seem Reticent.
Now Off With Their Heads Seems Oddly Prescient…
With 18,000 Guillotines Under Executive Order Of The President?!
For Harvesting Organs Or Tongues That Wag With Dissent???
Whatever It Is…
Somebody Sure Seems Hell Bent On Eroding Our Freedoms As Outlined And Set
In The US Constitution
That Some Of Them Haven’t Even Read Yet?!
So They’re Kind Of Surprised By The Resistance They’ve Met.
See We Value This Soil That Wasn’t Ours To Beget.
And We Honor That Oath We Haven’t Done A Good Job To Protect.
Our Complacent Apathy Doesn’t Mean We Forget
How They Treated The Meek And The Peaceful Worthy Regret.
No Statute Of Limitations Will Protect Those InHumane Crimes Of Intent.
Still They ARE Getting Away With Murder, Torture And Jets
Across County Lines Placing The City In Debt
Making In-Chambers Rulings
Like If The Illuminati Wants A Game Thrown By The Nets
Thinking No One Will Notice The Corpus Is Missing Of Hundreds Of Vets?!

If You Feel Called To Serve, No Time Like The Present!
Sign Up For Jury Duty With The Fourth Branch Of Government!
The Sovereign Grand Jury Is Setting International Precedent.
Sanctioning ANY Government Harassing Its Residents;
And That Includes Stalking And Unlawful Surveillance;
With A Writ Of Quo Warranto & Postcard Indictment
And No More Of Our Taxpayer Monies “EARMARKED” To Fight It!
We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists, Whether They Be County Or Domestic.
Sovereign Is Not “Above The Law” But Our Rights ARE Majestic
We The People Say: “Don’t Try It”.
One Nation Indivisible. We Stand United.

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