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June 9, 2014 Washington D.


Kachin Americans Take Advocacy to the U.S House and Senate
On the 3
Anniversary of the Renewal of Civil War in Burma

Today on the 3
anniversary of the renewal of civil war in Kachin region of Burma, members of Kachin communities
throughout the United States visited Capitol Hill and held meetings with staff of 29 Senators and Representatives from
more than 10 states.
As Americans of Kachin ethnic origin, we urge U.S elected officials to support the cause of national reconciliation, human
rights, and religious freedom in Burma by endorsing or co-sponsoring the bi-partisan S.R. 1885 Burma Human Rights
and Democracy Act of 2013. We further appeal for the support of elected officials from both the House and Senate to
include the language of S.R.1885 and H.R. 4377 in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2015.
By placing conditions on assistance to the Government of Burma and tying military-to-military engagement to meaningful
human rights achievements, this bill will hold Burmese government including its military accountable as only the United
States can, to restore ethnic rights to the Kachin and all ethnic and religious minorities in Burma. This will send a message
to all actors in the region that the United States stands in solidarity with the persecuted minorities and will not tolerate
sustained human rights abuses.
The Kachin War broke out on June 9
, 2011, when the Burma Army breached the 17-year old ceasefire with the Kachin
Independence Organization (KIO). This war has left more than 100,000 internally displaced people (IDP), living under
perilous conditions in camps scattered across the Kachin areas. Despite ongoing peace negotiations between the Burmese
government and the KIO, a political settlement is yet to be realized. The Burma Army continues its attacks on Kachins
despite its agreement to deescalate hostilities. Three years of civil war is long enough, and if nothing is done by the United
States the war will continue on for a fourth and beyond.
In solidarity with the members of Kachin communities and our friends around the world, we make this urgent appeal on
this the 3
anniversary of the renewal of civil war being waged against the Kachin ethnic minority by Burmese military
forces in Northern Burma.
For more information regarding this advocacy activity of the Kachin community, please contact us.

Gum San
Phone: 1-202-500-5076