Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association – April 2, 2014

Meeting convened at 6:30 p.m.
Board members in attendance: Erika Wilson, Nicole Green, Jonathan Brandt, Meghan Humphreys,
Patrick Fuller, Scott Vala, Daniel Portis-Cathers, Marcel Hermans
Mt. Scott Community Center Report – computer with membership information has been in process of
changing over, and has challenges. New system for registration will make it easier to register for classes.
There will be a movie night on August 5
. One neighbor suggested moving some picnic tables away
from Knight Street once Putters comes to the neighborhood to keep some “questionable” folks from
congregating there.
and Martins Street development - Mark Dane –; phone is 503-332-
7167. The project is essentially purchased by a builder, proposing a 4-lot subdivision. Zoned R2.5A – so
there could be additional density, but he’s choosing not to do that. This developer is choosing to put 3
facing Martins (24 ft wide) and one facing 77
. Houses will be 17-1800 square feet. Trees will be put in
planting strips (smaller ones on Martins and larger ones on 77
). Planning to engage Deconstruction
with the Rebuilding Center. Trees that are on Martins will have to be removed because the City is
requiring the builder to move the sidewalk back into the property to make a planting strip.
Why is the sidewalk having to move? The City says it needs to come up to standard with a planting strip,
even though that’s not the case on the rest of the street.
The company that purchased the property is in Las Vegas – do they have a vested interest in Portland?
Comment was that those trees should be spared.
Trees on the property are considered significant trees? An application has been submitted but not
reviewed to get a variance for them. If you look at, you can see open applications
and permits for every lot in the City. Erika says anyone is welcome to submit input about this
development directly to the City Planner assigned to this project, but it’s unknown what result that will
have. The project can be slowed by appeals, but it’s unlikely to be stopped (according to Mark Dane.)
Trees – there is one large Black Walnut across the street that might be weakened by the loss of other tall
trees in the area.
Where has the developer built inside the city? Hasn’t built anything in last four or five years.
Putter’s – Peter Goforth attended, says his family members have owned Putter’s at 44
and Woodstock
for many years, and they are having to move. Similar food at current Putter’s will be served at new
Putter’s. They have many bars in neighborhoods owned by the same group. There’s no foolproof plan
for bad customers, but they try to prevent that from affecting the neighborhood. There will be a
barbecue also in Putter’s when they move. Peter Goforth says they have been building within the
current building footprint. Most of the bar facility will be in the front of the building on Woodstock. One
resident is asking about an area being bulldozed in the back. There will be an outdoor patio in the front
that will be fenced in. The back area will be a shop, and the restaurant will have 50 seats. The patio in
the back (ten feet wide or so) will primarily be for use by smokers? That is undetermined but Putters
wants input from neighbors on this.
Are you required to build a higher fence than the current 6 feet to protect neighbors’ privacy? 6 feet is
the city requirement. There might be ways they could plant arborvitae or other foliage to screen for
privacy. Both patios are to close at 9 p.m. The resident that is directly next door is concerned about the
noise from people sitting in her yard along the small wall/planter that’s there. Peter Goforth says he
would expect people going into 73
Ave if they want to smoke where there is not a house. What’s the
level of staffing you’ll have late at night? We don’t have a lot of customers late, so down to one
bartender by closing time. No parking lot will be added, so street parking will be on 73
and other
streets around there.
Do you have a Good Neighbor Agreement at any of your restaurants? Putter’s has one from 15 years
ago in Woodstock. Erika Wilson offered to work with Putters and other interested neighbors on a Good
Neighbor Agreement. The new location will allow minors in the building, and the lottery will be closed
off from the rest of the restaurant.
Q: When you have had concerns from neighbors, how have you rectified them in the past? Tennessee
Red’s has a huge bbq smoker, and there’s a neighbor that didn’t like that. They added height to the
stack to get the smoke to disperse. They owned O’Briens in NW 23
and they always sweep the
sidewalk every morning. To deal with noise, and they have worked to mitigate sound levels when
residents have issues.
Are you insulating the new Putter’s for sound? One neighbor says she is glad to have development and
something positive is a good thing, but she asked to please make it a family restaurant that people can
bring kids to.
SE 72
& Woodstock – Slip Lane Closure – Originally, 72
and Woodstock didn’t have an east lane. The
City acquired the right to some of the property that’s now the Arleta Triangle. The PBOT analysis has
shown that the volume at this location means the street could be closed to some extent. PBOT is
offering to do free engineering work and the neighborhood would purchase the planters or other
barriers. Greg Raisman from Portland Bureau of Transportation offered four different concepts.
Q: If this project goes through, how would the City maintain the asphalt? The city would maintain the
roadbed, but the planters would belong to the community. How hard would it be to move from one
plan to the other? Not hard to change, Greg says. Is it possible to depave the street in the future? It
may not be possible, but could look into it. Is there any possibility that people would drive through it?
It’s not likely, Greg says. In all the scenarios, parking would not be affected by the design. There is a
concern about using Knight Street as a way to enter the businesses. Courtesy queuing is what happens
when cars wait for each other to pass – those streets are some of the safest in the city. Who would be
responsible for maintaining this site? It would probably be similar to the ownership of the Arleta
Triangle, owned by the City but maintained by the neighbors and the neighborhood.
Library Update -- Vickie demonstrated a new research tool – MasterFILE Premier – you can access
Consumer Reports and lots of other magazines. Vickie is available at Holgate Library every Friday at 10
a.m. to help with e-books. City is coming to Holgate library the first two weeks in June to teach bike
There were additional updates on SE Uplift, Treasurer’s report, Transportation, Sustainability.
Marcel motioned and Jonathan seconded the motion to give Kelsey (owner of Pieper Café) a bell and
MSANA t-shirt a thank you for selling them at her shop.
Woodmere Elementary School Centennial celebration – May 10
– inviting the neighborhood to come to
the celebration.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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