Powershop is designed to give people who
pay electricity bills something they’ve never
had before – Power.
We give our customers the power of
knowing how much electricity they use,
of not being shocked by inflated bills and,
most of all, the power to buy electricity on
their own terms at fair prices.
Offer for Residential Distribution area CITIPOWER
Product Details
Unlike most power companies whobuilda
lot of fat intotheir prices, andsmooth it out
over the year, Powershopprices goupand
down during the year following the cost
we pay for wholesale energy. Matching our
product prices towholesale costs reduces
our risk sowe don’t have tocharge you
extra tofix your rate. This is why we have
12 months of different tariff prices,
not just one!
The Powershop
Powershopoffers some of Australia’s
most competitive electricity prices.
By alsooperating an online energy shop,
we enable customers tosave even more
with specials anddiscounts. Further details
of these products andhowtoparticipate
in the shopare set out overleaf.
About this document
This price andproduct information
statement is presentedin accordance
with the requirements of the Essential
Services Commission (ESC) - the
independent regulator of the retail energy
industry in Victoria. For information
about choosing an energy retailer, visit Tocompare
electricity retailer offers available toyou,; tocompare
gas retailer offers available toyou; goto
The details presented in this Price and
Product Information Statement are
for Victorian residential customers
located in the Citipower distribution
area and subject to verification of your
meter configuration. Further eligibility
criteria may apply. See our full terms and
conditions at
For details on purchasing green energy at
4.95 c/kWh, please see the next page.
Meter Configuration / Tariff Unit Avg. Avg. with10%saving
Anytime Usage Inc. GST c/kWh 23.19 20.87
Controlled Load Inc. GST c/kWh 14.53 13.08 14.53 Inc. GST
Daily Charge Inc. GST c/day 107.33 96.60 107.33 Inc. GST
Anytime Usage Ex. GST c/kWh 21.08 18.97
ControlledLoadEx. GST c/kWh 13.21 11.89 13.21 Ex. GST
Daily Charge Ex. GST c/day 97.57 87.81 97.57 Ex. GST
Meter Configuration / Tariff Unit Avg. Avg. with10%saving
Peak Usage Inc. GST c/kWh 29.84 26.86
Off Peak Inc. GST c/kWh 14.53 13.08 14.53 Inc. GST
Daily Charge Inc. GST c/day 110.03 99.03 110.03 Inc. GST
Peak Usage Ex. GST c/kWh 27.13 24.42
Off Peak Ex. GST c/kWh 13.21 11.89 13.21 Ex. GST
Daily Charge Ex. GST c/day 100.03 90.03 100.03 Ex. GST
21.68 22.34 22.67 23.00 23.66 22.67 22.02 22.67 23.32 23.99 24.97 25.31
28.09 28.84 29.23 29.59 30.35 29.23 28.46 29.23 29.96 30.71 32.02 32.38
Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
19.71 20.31 20.61 20.91 21.51 20.61 20.02 20.61 21.20 21.81 22.70 23.01
25.54 26.22 26.57 26.90 27.59 26.57 25.87 26.57 27.24 27.92 29.11 29.44
Anytime - Single Rate Anytime - Monthly Breakdown
Peak/Off Peak - TwoRate Peak/Off Peak - TwoRate - Monthly Breakdown
With Powershop, you
can buy your power online
and in advance, when and
how it suits you. You can get
information fed from smart
meters to your online account
showing your usage, and useful
tools to help you save money.
Unit price and monthly tariffs
Powershop provides you with a
simple unit price, which is based on
the fixed daily charge and variable
c/kWh usage charge for that month.
As the Powershop approach is
to show a single unit price to a
customer that has to cover all costs,
it becomes necessary to adjust (or
scale) the amount of this charge
that covers fixed costs, based upon
how much a customer uses. So a low
user will see a higher per unit price to
ensure a similar amount per year is
contributed towards the fixed costs
as a high user.
To make it easier to compare our
monthly prices, we have also set out
the annual average price assuming
usage is consistent over the year
including with the benefit of our
special saver products
What do I have to do differently
if I’m a Powershop customer?
You can deal with Powershop in
exactly the same way as you deal
with your existing power company -
where a meter reading is taken (or an
estimate of your usage is made) and
you pay for the power that you’ve
used each month. If you want to take
advantage of all that Powershop has
to offer you can use our online shop
where you can log in as often as you
want, enter your meter readings, see
how much power you’re using and
snap up our offers and specials and
get an even better price!
How often will I get a bill and on
what date?
Normally we will review your account
monthly after a meter read or
estimation. After your account
review we email you to let you know
how much power you’ve used, and
what the cost of any shortfall will
be using your preferred product.
You will have the opportunity to
purchase power yourself by the day
notified to you (a few days after the
email), after this we will go ahead and
buy the minimum amount required
of your preferred product, to cover
your usage during the billing period
using your preferred payment
Electronic billing
We will email you a monthly bill
(called an Account Review) letting
you know how much power you’ve
used over the month and, if you have
not purchased sufficient products
in advance in our online shop, how
much we will debit your account or
credit card.
Also, we don’t normally send out
paper bills. You can go online at
anytime to view and print your
account history. Save the trees,
do it digital!
Variation of Prices
We may update your tariff from time
to time to reflect market changes
and economic conditions, usually
no more often than once every six
months. We will always notify you at
least one month prior to any tariff
change, and because we have no
‘lock in’ contracts you can always
switch away if you like.
Other fees
In addition to the applicable tariff,
you may incur other fees (additional
retail charges). We only charge these
fees where set out on our fees page, If no
fee is set out for a particular service
on our website, then even if our
contract or applicable regulations
says we may charge a fee for that
service, you will not be charged a fee.
No lock in contracts
Powershop believes customers
should always have choice. You have
the right to choose not only to switch
to Powershop, but also to move
away if you wish. Powershop has no
termination fees whatsoever.
Benefits of specials
You may save as much as 20% by
participating in our online energy
shop. For example just by regularly
selecting our specials each month,
you are guaranteed to save at least
10% off the Standard Power tariffs.
Green energy offer
Powershop allows you to purchase
all, or some, of your energy from
accredited green sources. For an
additional 4.95 c/kWh Inc. GST you
can purchase products that are
backed by Meridian Energy’s Mt
Millar Wind Farm. This accredited
wind farm produces approximately
180 GWh of renewable energy each
year. For each unit of green products
purchased we will surrender a
sufficient number of Renewable
Energy Certificates from the
Mt Millar Wind Farm.
Which rate applies to me?
Anytime – Single Rate tariffs:
These tariffs consist of a fixed daily
charge, and then a per kWh energy
charge which is the same at all times
of the day, 24 hours a day. The c/kWh
charge applicable to Anytime Usage
in a particular month will apply to all
usage within that month. These tariffs
do not have any ‘Off Peak’ rates but
Controlled Load Rates may apply.
This tariff is the basic network tariff
for general usage for most cases.
Controlled Load Rates:
Rates for time switch controlled hot
water services, space heaters and
other dedicated loads, generally
controlled between 11pm and 7am
Peak/Off Peak – Two Rate tariffs:
These tariffs consist of a fixed daily
charge, a per kWh energy charge
which applies during peak times
(generally between 7am and 11pm
AEST Monday to Friday, although
may be Monday to Sunday for
some customers), and a per kWh
energy charge which applies during
Off Peak times (generally between
11pm and 7am AEST Monday to
Friday, and all weekend). The c/kWh
charge applicable to Peak Usage in
a particular month will apply to all
usage during peak times within that
month. The c/kWh charge applicable
to Off Peak Usage will apply to all
usage during Off Peak times. This
tariff is the basic network tariff for
general usage where usage charges
vary based on Peak and Off Peak
times and currently may also apply
to ‘Time Of Use’ metering.
Further Information
For further information in relation
to Powershop and this offer, see
our full terms and conditions at: