Team 7 Checklist

I. Provide multiple means of representation

Your Notes:

1. Provide options for perception

1.1 Offer ways of customizing the
display of information

1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory

1.3 Offer alternatives for visual

1.1- Use Active Inspire instead of worksheets

1.2- Students will listen to the story being read

1.3- Student will have the book in print,
memory game, and final worksheet.

2. Provide options for language,
mathematical expressions, and symbols

2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols

2.2 Clarify syntax and structure

2.3 Support decoding of text, and
mathematical notations and symbols

2.4 Promote understanding across

2.5 Illustrate through multiple media

2.1- New Vocabulary will be introduced
through activities on Active inspire.

2.3- Homophone memory game supports
decoding of text. If the words sound alike they
will match the correct words.

2.4- Unfamiliar words will be reviewed

2.5- The story will be available online as well
as print.

3. Provide options for Comprehension

3.1 Activity or supply background

3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features,
big ideas, and relationships

3.3 Guide information processing,
visualization, and manipulation

3.1- Using Active Inspire, design an activity
with homophone pairs and a simple definition.

3.2- Through the activities on the Active
Inspire, the students will match the words with
pictures to understand the meaning. Then they
will choose the correct homophone pair for each
3.4 Maximize transfer and generalization


3.3- There will be multiple activities, some of
which they will break into groups. The different
activities will give them a better understanding
of what a homophone is.

3.4- Students will complete a worksheet writing
a silly sentence using a homophone pair and
drawing the picture of the sentence.

II. Provide multiple means for action and

Your Notes:

4. Provide options for physical action

4.1 Vary the methods for response and

4.2 Optimize access to tools and and
assistive technologies

4.1- The responses can be given using the White
Board, talking in class, and written responses.

5. Provide options for expression and

5.1 Use multimedia for communication

5.2 Use multiple tools for construction
and composition

5.3 Build fluencies with graduated levels
of support for practice and performance

5.1- The students will be learning through the
story that is going to be read to them.
Communication is also being used with
multimedia through pictures to represent
different words.

5.3- The students will show graduated levels of
learning when they create their own sentences
and pictures to describe the homophones.

6. Provide options for executive functions

6.1 Guide appropriate goal-setting

6.2 Support planning and strategy

6.3 Facilitate managing and information

6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring

6.1- The goal setting will be guided by
discussion of homophones in the story. They
will then come up with homophones by

6.4- The students progress will be monitored by
the knowledge they show when listing their own
homophones. This can be shown when they
create their own sentences. The progress will
also be monitored throughout the lesson with
the white board matching.

III. Provide multiple means for engagement

Your Notes:

7. Prove options for recruiting interest

7.1 Optimize individual choice and

7.2 Optimize relevance, value, and

7.3 Minimize threats and distractions

7.1- Students can use lesson to list additional

7.2- Teacher will be interactive with students
about learning different homophones and
finding other homophones students may already

7.3- Most focus will be placed on promethean
board so students can be interactive.

8. Provide options for sustaining effort
and persistence

8.1 Heighten salience of goals and

8.2 Vary demands and resources to
optimize challenge

8.3 Foster collaboration and
8.1- Students can refer to their definitions and to
the promethean board.

8.3- Students will work in groups to complete
assignment including worksheet.

8.4- Students will be able to list as many

8.4 Increase mastery-oriented feedback

homophones as they can think whether they
relate to the story or not. Student will most
correct homophones can win a prize.

9. Provide options for self-regulation

9.1 Promote expectations and beliefs that
optimize motivation

9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and

9.3 Develop self assessment and

9.1- Teacher will explain lesson, groups, and
rules clearly.

9.2- Teacher will be interactive with students
and help come up with other homophones
and/or give some definitions or pictures if

How did you integrate technology into the
goals, materials, methods, and assessment for
this lesson to improve students’
understanding of content?

The activinspire board was integrated
throughout the lesson in order to deepen the
student's understanding and keep them

What technology was used? By whom?Why
was this appropriate technology to integrate?

In this lesson the interactive white board and
worksheets were used by the students and the

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