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June 2014 Newsletter

Summer Worship Services:
Due to joint summer worship, beginning June 8
worship times will remain the same through June
. Trinity will continue to worship at 9:00 a.m.
and urora at 10:!0 a.m.
June 8
- Aurora
June 15
Trinity (Communion)
June 22
- Aurora
June 29
- Trinity
July 6
Aurora (Communion)
July 13
Picnic (Communion)
July 2
Trinity (Communion)
July 2!
Au" 3
Trinity (Communion)
Au" 1
- Aurora
Au" 1!
- Trinity
Au" 2#
- Aurora (Communion)
Au" 31
- Trinity
Council Meetings:
Aurora: Wednesday, 6:30
Trinity: Sunday,
Mission Meeting on June 9

The Mission Committee will
be meeting at
y!"ee at 3:00 p.m. on
Monday, #une $
All are wel%ome&
Bible Study/ WELCA Meeting & Potluck
Join us for poolside fun at Julie Spinlers home on
Tuesday, June 24
at 6:30 p.m. We will e!in with a
potlu"# supper. $rin! a swimsuit and a dish to pass.
Lenten Folders for Boys nd !irls "lu#
As many of you know, our Lenten folder offering
this year was designated towards the Boys and
Girls Club of Blooming Prairie. The Boys and
Girls Club is an organization that helps feed
hildren and youth!s minds, by pro"iding help
with homework and leadership training for shool
aged youth in Blooming Prairie. Together, we
raise #$%& dollars to help support their mission and
reno"ation pro'et that they are working on this
summer. Thank you for your support of this
important loal ministry(
Speaker Courtney Lawson from NAMI on
June 8th
On Sunday, June 8
, the executive director of
NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness)
Southeast Minnesota, Courtney Lason, ill
!e "ivin" a #resentation on Mental Illness $%$
at Aurora, folloin" &oint orshi#' (lease &oin
us for this i)#ortant event, as e see* to care
for #eo#le+s )inds ith the love of Jesus'
Pastor Jon on Vacation:
Pastor )on will be away on "aation from )une
. ,f you ha"e a pastoral emergeny, please
ontat Pastor Lindsay -tolen at $./+00.+1/*2.
$ryer "hin Now %vil#le
3ur new parish prayer hain is up and
running( ,f you ha"e a prayer re4uest and
would like prayerful support from our
parish, please don!t hesitate to ontat
Pastor )on or
Aliyn Prestegard 56$%+%6%+/*&%7.
Meeting for Prayer Chain
There will be a short, 1-hour meeting for all
members of the prayer chain on June 22
following joint worship at Aurora. At this
meeting, we will briefly discuss the prayer
chain and answer any questions. e!t, we will
spend some time tal"ing about what prayer is
and what are some different ways that we can
pray for someone. #rayer doesn$t always come
easy and we don$t always "now what to say.
This meeting will gi%e you a couple of
different options for your prayer life. on-
prayer chain members are welcome too&
%a"ation $ile S"hool
Waitin! on &nfo for here.
Welcome "orner
On May 18
, we received 14 new members into
our parish. 8e welome them to our hurh
family and are grateful to ha"e them as part of our
ommunity. At Aurora and Trinity, we en'oy
seeing new faes and look forward to getting to
know them better.
Please elcome:
The 9elson :amily
"rian, #rystal, $aylen, % &e'eah
Lynn )ensen
;olli <abry
Bobbi <iller
The =lland :amily
aron, (abrina, #arter, )enelope, *raham
% "ennett
>yan 8illiams
Newsletter Information Deadline
Please have all information for the July newsletter
and calendar to Lisa by Friday, June 13
(Lisa will be on vacation June 21
Send your information to: or you can call

#eedin$ Minds with the %ove o& Jesus
&he Wy &hin's Loo( from )ere
%any o& you already 'no( that (e ha)e a %i$$ion Committee that ha$ *een &ormed and (or'in" hard to"ether
&or o)er a year no(+ ,e $-end time each month readin" a *oo' to"ether and di$cu$$in" the to-ic o& .od/$
mi$$ion &or u$ and &or the (orld+ 0t i$ a li)ely and -a$$ion &illed "rou-1 and (e ha)e a lot o& &un to"ether+ 0t i$
al$o an o-en "rou-1 $o 'no( that anyone can 2oin u$ anytime+
The %i$$ion Committee came u- (ith $ome "oal$ &or our -ari$h &or thi$ year o& &ocu$in" on Feeding Minds
with the Love of Jesus+ 0 (anted to "i)e you an u-date on (hat "oal$ (e ha)e (or'ed on and accom-li$hed
already thi$ year1 and an idea o& (here (e are "oin"+ 3i$ted *elo( are the "oal$ &or thi$ year+ 0n bold are the
"oal$ that (e ha)e touched on or (or'ed on already thi$ year+ 0n italics1 you (ill &ind an a--ro4imate time o&
year &or (hen (e ho-e to addre$$ a -articular "oal+ .oal$ (ithout any identi&ier are $till$ "oal$+ ,e $im-ly
ha)e not &ound the ri"ht (ay or time to meet them yet+
5 .ro( educational o--ortunitie$ (ithin the -ari$h
- 6&&er an adult catechi$m cla$$7$ermon $erie$ Fall 2014
- 8tart a re"ular 9i*le $tudy on 8unday mornin"$ Fall 2014
- Teaching/Education around mental health (Mental health 101)
- 8uicide -re)ention e)ent: 0n)ite ;+Corrine Chil$trom to $-ea' Fall 2014
- Ask the pastor column in the newsletter
- !!er intentional silence or "uiet space at beginning o! worship to rest our minds
5 8u--ort local and "lo*al mind-related mini$trie$
- 9uild $chool 'it$ &or 3utheran ,orld <elie& End of September
- #aise awareness o! and support !or the $o%s and &irls 'lub in $looming (rairie
- #aise awareness o! )ational Alliance on Mental *llness ()AM*) and in+ite 'ourtne% ,awson
(E-ecuti+e .irector) to speak at our churches
- 8u--ort .rand-arent$ &or ;ducation
5 =ee-en relation$hi-$ (ithin the -ari$h
- =inner $mall "rou-$ - Fall 2014
- 'onsider /oint worship again !or the summer
- 0n)ite $omeone to a church-related e)ent (ith you n!time"
- 0tart a parish pra%er chain
- <eadin" time &or Cradle <oll children on 8unday$ Fall 2014
- 0tart a ,i!e1s 0tresses 0upport &roup
- 3i&t u- the (ay$ mem*er$ are already >&eedin" mind$? in their e)eryday li)e$
A$ you can $ee1 (e ha)e already accom-li$hed a lot thi$ year+ ,e al$o $till ha)e a lot to do+ 0 ho-e that thi$
mi$$ion theme ha$ o-ened you u- to the need$ o& our mind$ and ho( (e can care &or *oth our mind$ and the
mind$ o& other$ (ith the lo)e o& Je$u$+
0& you ha)e any idea$ or thou"ht$ on ho( (e can &urther our mi$$ion and mini$try in any o& the$e "oal$1 -lea$e
don/t he$itate to $hare them (ith me+
0t i$ a 2oy to *e in mini$try (ith you all+
,ith lo)e1
Pastor Jon
Sunday, May 4, 2014
Meetin" called to order !y #res' Jan' O#enin" #rayer "iven !y (astor Jon'
Sec' re#ort #resented !y Shari, a##roved as read'
,reas' re#ort #resented !y Lorna, a##roved as read' (astor Jon+s insurance has !een set u# as -%.-% ith
Aurora' ,his cannot !e chan"ed, therefore ,rinity ill !e #ayin" extra )onthly, and then "et a /uarterly
rei)!urse)ent fro) Aurora to !rin" it !ac* to 0-.1-' ,he church si"n as /uoted to !e a##rox' 213%'%%' 4e
have received the si"n, and it only cost 28%'$5' 6alances include7 2$3,880'11 in chec*in", 2$$,53$'83 in
Me)orial account, and 2$,588'%1 in Mainstay account' A#ril collections totaled 2$80%'%%, ith ex#enses at
2$,0$1'8-' Lent services and folders !rou"ht in 21$%'%%' $
insurance rei)!urse)ent as 20$0'%%' $
/uarter ex#enses to Aurora have not !een #aid as of yet'
Synod Asse)!ly7 (astor Jon said that it as #retty ta)e this year, ith not )any decisions to !e voted on'
,here as )ore focus on the the)e of food and hun"er'
Or"anist7 Jan su""ested that e #lace an add on the S9 MN Synod face!oo* #a"e, and also in the :9A
,rees7 Jan and Crai" have so)e nice trees that can !e )oved' Still aitin" to "et #rices on )ovin" the)'
6anners7 ;o e ant #er)anent !anners for the front all of the church on each side of the altar, or do e
ant seasonal !anners that ould !e chan"ed as needed< ,he council leaned )ore toard #er)anent
!anners, and then still use our seasonal ones for no' Jan ill co)e u# ith so)e ideas to loo* at'
Insulation7 :o"er !rou"ht a #a)#hlet and #rices fro) =ersa >oa)' ,his is a non?fla))a!le s#ray foa) that
ould or* on the #late of the church to sto# cold air fro) co)in" in' ,he cost is a##rox' 23-%'%%' Motion
as )ade !y @ary, and seconded !y Lorna to "o ahead and "et this done' :o"er ill "et it ordered' ,he ell
house ce)ent ill also "et done once the eather ar)s u#'
Lifetouch (hoto ;irectory7 (astor Jon !rou"ht a sa)#le !oo* to sho us' Aurora ants to do this' 4e
a"reed to !e #art of this also' A co))ittee ill !e for)ed to ta*e care of this' Anyone interested #lease let
(astor Jon, or Jan *no' 4e ould !e loo*in" at fall 1%$8, or s#rin" 1%$-'
Ao)osexuality in the church7 ,he council #artici#ated in a series a!out this' No it is ti)e to start the
conversation ith the con"re"ation' (astor =ern Christo#herson and (astor Nor) 4ahl, !oth of :ochester,
have #ut to"ether a res#ectful conversation shoin" their to different vies on this to#ic' (astor Jon ill
contact the) to see if they could co)e to our #arish and "ive this #resentation to us' A"ain there ill !e no
votin" or decisions )ade' ,his is &ust to o#en the door of conversation, and #lant the seed for thou"ht on this
su!&ect' ,his ould ta*e #lace on a ee* ni"ht, or Sat' )ornin"'
BAs* the (astorC7 ,he )ission co))ittee has co)e u# ith this' It ill !e a colu)n in the )onthly nesletter'
If you have any /uestions for (astor Jon, let hi) or a )ission co))ittee )e)!er *no'
Su))er Schedule7 ,he &oint su))er schedule has !een set, and ill !e #osted'
Ne Me)!er7 ,rinity ill have a ne fa)ily &oin our #arish' ,his is set for Sunday, May $8
' Coffee and !ars
ill !e served folloin" the service'
Ae!les*iver Su##er7 A vote ill ta*e #lace on Sunday June $
' ,he choices are D$ ? to *ee# it on Sat', !ut
"o a little !it later so the clu! can still serve it+s noon lunch, or D1 E chan"e it to Sunday )ornin"' If you ill not
!e at the church service on June $
, let Jan *no hat your o#inion is' 4e also need a co))ittee to head this
#ro&ect u#, so that it can !e )ore or"aniFed and efficient'
4ith nothin" further to !e discussed, )otion to ad&ourn as )ade !y @ary, and seconded !y :o"er'
:es#ectfully su!)itted,
Shari Man"es, ,rinity Secretary