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(For Viva)

Dear Pinky and Nikhil, please go through the following links and notes, we shall discuss the full working
of the project tomorrow however the following are the prerequisites.
What is Arduino Board?
Which Arduino Board we are using?
Basics of Arduino-Duemilanove?
Which is the microcontroller chip used in Arduino-Duemilanove?
Atmega328 (Study About it)
Note: Pre-programmed into the on-board microcontroller chip (ATMEGA328) is a boot loader that allows
uploading programs into the microcontroller memory without needing a chip (device) programmer.
Note: The core libraries are written in C and C++ and compiled using avr-gcc.
Various Modules in Our Project:
1. RF Module - 433MHz
RF Transmitter (on Remote along with RF Encoder IC)
RF Receiver (on the bot along with RF Decoder IC)
2. Sensors Module
MQ2 & MQ6 (Works at 5v with 10kOhm Load resistance)
3. Motor Driver Module
Using IC L293DNE (commonly known as H-Bridge)
Two 12v DC 60rpm Geared Motors

4. Other Components
Bread Board for Connections
Single Strand wires,female to female connectors,male to female connectors
12v rechargeable Battery
Other Things to Know:
- ICs what it does, How many Pins ,working voltage etc
- How sensors works
- Coding (Not to be by hearted)
- How robot movement is controlled

H Bridge
Baud Rate
Load Resistance
Geared Motor
Note: The Following things need to be learnt as it is and written in exam if asked (abstract and block
The main aim of this Project is to monitor the smoke level and any LPG gas leakage of an Industry, Home
or Mines and if it exceeds the permitted limit, it alerts through the Beep sound. The unit has gas and
smoke detecting sensors, which senses the any leakage of gas or smoke.
In this project we are using the MQ2 & MQ6 sensors. This project is designed around a microcontroller
which forms the control unit of the project and is wirelessly controlled using an RF remote.
The application program for the microcontroller will be written in embedded C and will be stored in the
flash memory of the microcontroller.
The microcontroller gets the information regarding the leakage of any gas through the gas sensor and
alerts about the condition being sensed using Buzzer. By this way we can take the prevention steps
before occurring the major fire accidents and we can avoid the human losses and financial losses.
1. Provides security.
2. Highly sensitive
3. Low cost
4. Simple and Reliable.

The major building blocks of this project are:

1. Microcontroller (ATMEGA 328 as Arduino) with regulated power supply.
2. RF Modules. 433MHz
3. Robot Vehicle with two DC Motors.
4. LED Indicators.
5. Gas sensor
6. Smoke sensor
7. Buzzer with driver
8. DC motor drive with H-bridge

Block Diag: