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The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

Greetings, everyone.

In the next two months, the Holy Roman Empire is going to be official in Europe. Now, it
will be mainly dominated and even domineered by the nation of Germany. They’re going
to sign the constitution in November 2009, and it’s all called the Lisbon Treaty, but that’s
really quite a lot of deceit because it is about a new constitution that is, in many ways,
very undemocratic. But there is a lot of deceit going on in Europe that the world is simply
unaware of.

On January 1 of 2010 they will implement their Diplomatic Service, they’ll appoint a
Foreign Minister and a President, and will officially become the Holy Roman Empire.
Then they’re going to begin to develop a military that your Bible says is going to be so
powerful it’s going to shock this world, and it’s going to excel any other military empire
on this Earth. So says your Bible.

So it’s not a good thing certainly for America and Britain and the Jews in the Middle
East, and we can prove that to you. But I want to read you something that Otto van
Habsburg said. He is from the famous Habsburg dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, and
a few years ago he was a member of the—well, very active in European politics, and he
had this to say: “The European community is living largely by the heritage of the Holy
Roman Empire, though the great majority of the people who live by it, don’t know by
what heritage they live.”

So what is the Holy Roman Empire all about? What is this new institution all about? It’s
going to be a political and a religious and a MILITARY union, and it’s going to be what
the Bible calls the “seventh head” of the Holy Roman Empire. Although the Bible
doesn’t call it that, it’s certainly the “seventh head” of what is called the Roman Empire.
So what is it all about?

Did you know that we have been prophesying for 65 years that that seventh head would
come on the scene? Even when Germany was beaten into rubble we were prophesying to
the world that it would rise again and become a great military power, and oh, so many
people scoffed! And perhaps for good reason because of what our leaders had said, but
they were all sadly wrong and we were right, simply because we were prophesying from
your Bible. You’re going to see this European Union pared down from 27 nations to ten,
or “ten kings,” as the Bible calls it, and it is going to be a combine that is going to start
World War III, and it’s going to lead DIRECTLY into the Second Coming of Jesus
Christ, Himself.

Now does that sound too far-fetched to be true? But I tell you there are hundreds of
prophesies in your Bible—certainly over a hundred—about that very event, and about
how that’s going to come to pass.

Already we have seen six Holy Roman Empires rise up, and each one being a very
bloody empire, and yet people talk about the Holy Roman Empire as if it were some great
thing for the world, but is it really? Do you know the history of the Holy Roman Empire?
Well, we have a booklet we’ll send you on that Holy Roman Empire. If you don’t have a
copy, you need to get one and understand what is really happening in Europe.

And on January 1 this is all going to go global. January 1, 2010. And it’s going to begin
to spread, and it is going to all have everything to do with the Fourth Reich of the
German nation.

Let me read to you something that we wrote about recently. “‘I will not sign the Lisbon
Treaty, says Czech President,’ headlined the Times on October 13.” The Times of
London. “‘Germans seek to oust Czech President Vaclav Klaus over EU Treaty,’
declared the headline in the Sunday Times a week ago. Then on Saturday, the Telegraph
ran an article under the headline, ‘Vaclav Klaus says it is “too late” to stop Lisbon

That’s only just five days later. Five days later, and the Germans sought to oust him.
Well, now, they must have quite a lot of power. Now, this all happened after the nation of
Ireland and Poland had capitulated to that same power. But here we see the Germans, the
GERMANS had the power to kick him out of office, get him out of office, and they’re
really throwing their weight around, and that alarms a lot of people if they know anything
about the history because Germany did start World War I and they did start World War
II. Now I think you can see why people are concerned about that, and yet we have all of
this going on and much of it disguised.

But there is one prophesy in your Bible that explains all of this, and you need to
understand it. Notice Revelation 17 and verse 10, “And there are seven kings: five are
fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a
short space.”

So you have five that are already fallen, and then there was a man that came on the world
scene at that time. That’s obvious from this. We have a very detailed understanding of
that in our booklet. But those five have all had very bloody histories, and were very
aggressive with their military. Now you see, this is not a new empire. This is an old
empire, really old, goes back about 1500 years. What do you know about it? See, this is
also the same—let me just put it this way, the sixth head was that of Hitler combined with
Mussolini, and we all should remember some of that history. Now there was a man that
came on the scene it says here, when “one is.” In other words, God sent His man to warn
the world about what was coming, and to do a work for God. This is really end-time
history in one verse in many ways. It’s a powerful and a revealing verse, and it’s one of
the greatest prophecies in the Bible, all in this one verse. Now if God says He sent His
man on the scene you can be sure there was a work going on, and there was a man that
came, God said, who would restore all things (Matthew 17, verses 10 and 11). He would
restore ALL things spiritually.

In Malachi 3 and verse 1, he would be a messenger that would precede and prepare the
way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 24 and verse 14, he would proclaim the gospel around the whole world, the
good news, because all of it’s going to lead to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

But that apostle has come and gone. He came when “one is,” and if you understand this
verse it shows, well, there’s one “not yet come,” so there is another work, another work
that has to be done. Now the “other” has come, that other head, that seventh head of the
Holy Roman Empire, which is becoming official January 1, 2010, and it’s all prophesied
in your Bible. Do you really believe God? Do you really believe what God is saying in
His Bible? I mean this is not difficult to understand. If we are willing to study, and study
prayerfully, God will show us.

Notice Revelation 17 and verse 14, “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb
shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with
him are called, and chosen, and faithful.”

So He’s coming, and He’s going to fight this European combine and also the great
military might of the East, as well, in Asia and that area. But notice verse 17, “For God
hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the
beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”

So again, this little remnant is going to warn about that seventh head, and at the same
time introduce the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It’s all going to lead directly into His
Second Coming!

See, I’m not trying to get you just to understand the Holy Roman Empire. I’m trying to
get you to understand God and what He’s doing on this Earth. It is MAGNIFICENT! And
yet so many people understand so little. So little.

But you see, in verse 17, again, God put it in their minds. I’m not blaming the Germans
or the Europeans, or anybody else. This is really God’s doing. He’s putting it in their
minds to do all this. What does that mean? Well, it means God has a plan, and He’s going
to use them to get some people straightened out that ought to know better than what
they’re doing, and that will all be explained in the booklet.

You can see in verse 7 it talks about “the mystery of the woman.” Well, it’s going to be a
church-state combine, the mystery of the woman. But it’s a mystery! Nobody
understands! But they should understand. They should understand, and they ought to
understand some of their own history.

Let me read to you something that ought to sober you if you haven’t been aware of it. It
ought to sober you even if you are aware of it. Let me tell you, it really should. Here is
what Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt signed after World War II. It’s a
document they signed, and let me quote just a little tiny portion of it. “It is our inflexible
purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism, and to ensure Germany will NEVER
AGAIN be able to disturb the peace of the world.”

See? Now, why would they say that, that Germany should never, ever be armed again?
And they were going to see to it that they wouldn’t be. Well, because they started World
War I, they started World War II, they started a war in 1870, and they’ve had a history of
starting wars and being very militaristic.

Well, after World War II when that nation had absolutely been smashed, there was a man
by the name of Herbert W. Armstrong on the scene prophesying that they would rise up
again, and be more powerful than ever, and more powerful than anybody else in this end
time. And a lot of people scoffed, and a lot of people scorned, but nobody is today.
Nobody is today.

Why would they say Germany must never rise again?

Let me read you something else that was written by Dr. Herman Hoeh, who was a part of
the Worldwide Church of God, and he wrote this in The Good News, April 1952, and he
said, “The question that President Truman and Secretary Atchison and YOU face is
causing careful observers to tremble.” To tremble! Wow! What’s the problem here?
What’s going on?

Well, let me just read a little more of this to you, and I’ll paraphrase most of it. But he
said, “Does America dare arm Germany? Can we unite Europe and guide the colossal
military machine we envision there by 1955?”

See, that’s actually a quote that he was giving us at that time. I can’t quite pick up exactly
where that quote came from, but it’s in this article. And anyhow, that was at the time that
treaty was signed at Lisbon. Again in Lisbon. It started there and it’s ending there,
officially, anyhow. But they signed that treaty there to rearm Germany, and many of our
own generals were saying it’s a great risk to do that! But we went ahead, and at that very
time, 1952, Germany was trying to bargain for domination of Europe! Did they repent of
what they did in World War I and World War II? Well, I don’t think so. I don’t think so,
and I think we ought to know about that history. We ought to know about it.

Notice what Otto von Habsburg said, again a man of great stature in Europe, and had a
lot to do with building this Holy Roman Empire. Notice what he said, and understand it,
because almost nobody does! Here is what Otto von Habsburg said. “We possess a
European symbol which belongs to all nations of Europe equally. This is the crown of the
Holy Roman Empire, which embodies the tradition of Charlemagne.”

Well, as if that were some great thing, the tradition of Charlemagne. Well, he just waded
through Europe in rivers of blood, converting people to his religion. And of course you’re
also talking about, if you talk about that tradition you’re talking about the tradition of
Hitler and Mussolini in World War II. Now, these are historical facts. Believe me, I’m
not conjuring up these out of my imagination. These are facts that you can find in our
literature or any history book. That’s not easy to prove to yourself. But is that tradition
good? Is this something we ought to want, this tradition?

Charlemagne was called the First Reich. Hitler—his leadership was called the Third
Reich. Now, he believed the Germans were God’s chosen people, that the Jews had failed
God, but he brought all of that insignia and those crown jewels and the crown and all of
that to Nuremburg, and said they would NEVER be taken away. He knew all about the
Holy Roman Empire. But do we? Do we?

Even recently Germany was working to get control of the Balkans, and that is what
happened, whether we realize it or not. Even though NATO provided the power,
Germany reaped the harvest, as they absolutely forced their way into this position, and
people just let it happen.

Notice what the New York Times said about the Balkans takeover. “The Security Council
backed away from a confrontation with Germany over Yugoslavia today, after
Germany’s European allies on the Council decided they did not want a major clash with

See, even the United Nations decided not to fight against them, because Europe wouldn’t
do it, and they didn’t want to fight against Bonn, or against Germany. Already, even at
that period, they had great power, and they were USING it, and people acted like, well,
it’s okay, but it struck fear in a lot of people, certainly the people of the Balkans and
Czechoslovakia and other people like that.

The New York Times said, this is from December 16, 1991, they said, “This has stirred
troubling historical associations. Nazi Germany DOMINATED the two Yugoslav regions
during World War II, absorbing Slovenia into the Third Reich, and creating a puppet
regime in Croatia.”

See, there have been signs along the way, signs along the way that Germany was rising
again. And did you know that they planned that all from the very beginning? Let me read
to you a document that was just released in 1996 by the United States government. Now,
here’s what I wrote in The Rising European Power, “In 1996 a shocking World War II
intelligence document was made public. The document, detailing an August 1944
meeting between top German industrialists, reveals a secret post–war plan to restore the
Nazis to power. Several of Germany’s elite industries were represented, including
Messerschmitt and Volkswagenwerk. These companies, the document asserts, must
‘prepare themselves to finance the Nazi party which would be forced to go underground.’
When the U.S. declassified this document it received only sparse news coverage. Yet,
even more disturbing than the deep deception of the press is the fact that the U.S.
government did not make it public until 1996, over fifty years later.”

And you can read Brian Connell’s Watcher on the Rhine if you want to see how all that
happened, if you can find a copy of it. It details all of that.

But why would the U.S. government do that? Why would they keep this document from
us where the Nazis planned to regain power? Of course, they knew it would take time, so
they just went underground, and we hid the document. We classified it, and wouldn’t
release it in the U.S.

Well, in this book here on The Rising Beast, we have a copy of it if you’d like to write for
this booklet. We have a copy of it, and it tells you exactly what they were doing and the
companies that were involved, and everything else that you need to know.

Now, these are just historical facts. Is everything okay with Germany? Are you sure?
Considering their history and what they’ve done in the past? And I’m not castigating the
Germans by any means; they’re a great people. And as I said, this is all God’s doing. But
is this a wise thing to do, to allow Germany to have all that power now over all the
nations that Hitler was trying to conquer in World War II? And he did conquer many of
them. Now Germany will have control over them through treaties where they’ve bullied
their way all through the process. That’s a fact.

Margaret Thatcher, who was Prime Minister of England at that time, opposed the
reunification of Germany and tearing down the Berlin wall because of their past history
and the character of the German people and their own history, because they’ve been, in a
way, captured by a Holy Roman Empire system, which has done some very evil things in
the past.

Francois Mitterand also, he was the leader of France at that time, and he was against that.
And many world leaders.

This is what one of our writers wrote about in our Trumpet magazine, the Trumpet
magazine that we have, and you really do need to get a copy of it, the printed version so
you can study and mark and see if what we’re telling you is true, because we are making
some pretty bold statements, but it’s all right there in your history books, if not, maybe in
a few other places. But there was the Premier Rykov of the Soviet Union, and he says, “If
Germany is allowed to reunify on its own terms, then in twenty or thirty years Germany
will start another world war.” That’s what they were saying back at the time when they
were tearing down the wall; that’s only twenty years ago.

And the President Jacque Otoli, Adviser to the French President, said this, “The USSR
has made peace with the prospect of a united Germany, and will not take any steps to
prevent it. Well, this has caused a fear approaching panic.” And he said if this comes to
pass he would fly off to live on Mars.

Now, I’d like again, for you to understand all this. You don’t want to take my word for it
or any man’s word for it, you want to understand for yourself, but you really do need a
copy of our Trumpet magazine, this printed version so that you can study what we’re
writing. And I have a very important article I’ll have in the next issue, because this Holy
Roman Empire is now looking for an emperor and we believe there is a prime candidate
to fulfill that job.

And again, all of this is prophesied in your Bible. It’s prophesied right there where any of
us can see it.

I might just read to you if I still have that booklet here, yes, I do. Let me just read you one
quick comment that Herbert Armstrong made about that on a radio broadcast May 1945,
May 9, 1945. Listen to this. Now, how could he know this? Here’s what he said: “We
don’t understand German thoroughness. From the very start of World War II they have
considered the possibility of losing the second round, as they did the first, and they have
carefully, methodically planned in such eventuality the third round—World War III!
Hitler has lost! This round of war in Europe is over, and the Nazis have now gone
underground in France and Norway. They learned how effectively an organized
underground can hamper occupation and control of a country. Paris was liberated by the
French underground and allied armies. Now a Nazi underground is methodically planned.
They plan to come back and to win on the third try.”

Now how could he know that? How could he possibly know that? How could anybody
know that this would happen, unless they knew the prophecies of your Bible? Your own

Now, I’ll tell you, you can read if you want to study into the Holy Roman Empire and see
that this last head, the fathers of it—I’ll just say two of them—Monet and Schumann
were the men that actually were the ones that really founded this. Well, first of all Monet
said that it’s disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and
irreversibly lead to a federation. In other words, strong government from the top, not a
democracy; it was never intended to be that. It couldn’t be that and be the Holy Roman
Empire. And then Robert Schumann said that it’s not about European Coal and Steel as a
community, but the first step in the federation of Europe. See, they planned this from the
very beginning. They planned it! And now look how it has worked, and it is turning out
exactly the way they said it would, and it’s very federated, and it’s not democratic, and
it’s very, very strong and powerful, and it is going to do a lot of damage in this world,
and it’s going to SHOCK this world into its senses. And it’s going to lead, thankfully,
directly, DIRECTLY to the very return of Jesus Christ, Himself.

Until next week, this is Gerald Flurry. Goodbye, friends.

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