Education Destroys UMNO

prepared by Michael Chick

“...(NST)The development of more matriculation centers, sports schools and arts schools may have to be placed on the back-burner under the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP)....”

What is education? The Malaysian Education Ministry defines it as the Automatic Regurgitation of Information during an Examination. OK, you might need to think a bit when it comes to the 1+1=10 part.... (BTW, 1+1 is equal to 10 in Binary) and you'll need a little Artistic Flair when it comes to English Literature and so on. But for the most Part, a good Majority of Students fail when it comes to handling real-life issues as soon as they Graduate. For this reason, many are still unable to find jobs upon Graduation. Far too often, they have been living in a “World of Illusion”, brought on by the system. And now, as if not bad enough seeks 6 items to further cripple the citizens of Malaysian. How often have parents told their kids that “If you study Hard now, then Life will be Easier for you later?” While I do agree that this mini “Sermon” has its merits, but the fact lies that Education is only the first step for kids into the real world. Education is merely a stepping stone. I would rather rephrase it as “If you study Hard, then you will be better equipped with a set of tools which will enable you to face the many dire challenges which Life will throw at you when you are an adult.” And I'd be quick to add that “Nobody owes you a Living”. Having made my Opening Statement, let's look at the following demands made recently by UMNO: 1) Challenging any amendment to the Constitution and Judicial System aimed at weakening the sovereignty and position of the Malays. 2) Demanding tight control on the building of places of worship for other religions according to size of the community and the location. 3) Rejecting any move to bring multilingualism in schools. 4) Rejecting the use of English in all tertiary institutions. 5) Demanding that Mathematics and Science be taught in Malay. 6) Rejecting the notion of multiculturalism. Let's Digress for a moment the demands made: Challenging any amendment to the Constitution and Judicial System aimed at weakening the sovereignty and position of the Malays. Upon reading Item 1, one has to immediately recognize that UMNO is a Race-Based Club. Their very existence relies on The Great Racial Divide. Breakdown this Racial Divide, and UMNO will cease to exist. Education, via any media, will immediately show that racism is not a virtue which is desired, and therefore needs to be abolished. Thus, with the abolishing of Racism, so too, will UMNO's demise be imminent; albeit, sudden death. Hence, their need for “Keris waving, and Keris Kissing”. And it has become so “in-grained” into Malaysian mentality, that her poor Citizens cannot live a day without experiencing these Racial Lines of Divide. The British “Divide and Conquer” still lives on in the minds of UMNO, and is still actively promoted, for UMNO to maintain Status Quo. Flip through any local Newspapers, and I guarantee one would find the word “Race” mentioned at least 5 times per day. I've written on numerous occasions to the editors before, but only received absolute silence on this issue. -Racist Buggers.... Sovereignty is reserved for the Sultans. Not for the Commoner. If the common citizen also has sovereignty, then the role of the Agong becomes Meaningless. So the very statement in Item 1, becomes what the local Austronesians term as “Khianat” and “Derhaka”; and thus, should be subject to the Malaysian Seditious Act. However, since UMNO knows that this Seditious Act is unconstitutional to begin with, they know that nothing will happen to them. Hence, the gall to publicly announce this silly notion. The Malaysian Royal Families however, might not react too kindly to their statement. I believe an UMNO public apology is due. Moving on to Item number 2. Demanding tight control on the building of places of worship for other religions according to size of the community and the location. Because of this obsession with quotas, and the need for ratios, and balance, we hear unceasingly, this orgasmic thrill of UMNO in announcing percentages for everything. Listen, if you really want fairness by your own yardstick, then pro-rata all Bumiputra Salaries, and give yourself one which is equally divided by the 27 million population. Your salary should be RM 2,500 per Minister. Coz that is the National Average. Is your salary below this? Then someone has corrupted your money away. (MTUC please take note) And whatever gave UMNO the idea that an Indian has to be a Hindu, or that a Constitutional “malay” has to be a Muslim? Isn't this very thought against the Constitution? After all, Article 11 (1) states clearly that :...Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion”. By interfering with this, UMNO is guilty of being unconstitutional “as enshrined in the Constitution” in your own words... Did I hear someone mention the word Apostasy? Then do the “Fatwa” and announce to stone the 1 million Muslim Converts in Malaysia, and see if you do not get a Civil Revolution on your hands overnight. Channel News Asia recently announced that at least 15% (1 million) of “Constitutional Malays” have converted to Christianity. What is UMNO going to do about this? Remember, that this is excluding the fact that most East Malaysian Bumiputras are Christian to begin with. This number falls circa 75%, at the last count. My friends at Sisters in Islam will be more than happy to take-you-on, on these issues.

Rejecting any move to bring multilingualism in schools. Item 3 is all about keeping the citizens stupid. By not being able to communicate with the outside world (for this proposed lack of linguistic abilities), her citizens are thus, severely handicapped. You know what? Start by example. First, all UMNO Minister's Children should be barred from overseas education. Why are they given scholarships which promote the use of English among the many other Languages? Without batting an eyelid, I'd tell you. It's to continuously keep the Malaysian Citizens stupid, so that UMNO themselves will be able to handle foreign deals... (Like the Halliburton in Iskandar). The poor marginalized kampong folk will still look up to UMNO, teary-eyed, awe-struck and perceive them as “gods with supernatural capabilities” whilst never realizing that they themselves, are still being severely crippled by these “gods” in the first place. What a beautiful foolproof plan!!

“...To win in an athletic event, one needs to train and improve himself/ herself; not by crippling the competitors by “poisoning” them...” , and you can quote me on this.

Sadly, UMNO forgot about the Internet, and its ability to disseminate information. Perhaps UMNO got this bright idea to cripple the language so that her citizens could no longer understand all the beautiful Human Rights Articles written in ENGLISH? Education of the Malaysian Citizen hurts UMNO, and she is going all out to stop it.

Rejecting the use of English in all tertiary institutions. Demanding that Mathematics and Science be taught in Malay. Item 5 and 6 is exactly as dumb as it sounds. There seems to be this irritating mentality that if we look away, they problem will miraculously resolve itself. This is as bad as “marking on a curve”, or lowering the standards so that one may pass the Exam. This creates a false sense of security, lulling the mind to think that he/ she has achieved something, when in actuality, this lowering of standards actually retards growth, and will definitely guarantee the failure of Malaysia. How sad.... This is UMNO's Great Game-plan for her Austronesian population to excel. Please take a moment to relish how hard the World is Laughing at Malaysia again at this juncture. By removing English from Tertiary education, you immediately catapult Malaysia back into the Dark Ages. While the rest of the world tries so hard to educate their citizens in every possible language, UMNO strives to severely handicap her citizens. I once had to make a presentation at The Tabung Haji HQ (Circular Road) a couple of years back. This was during one of the meetings where all the Top Brass were there. Not one of them understood English. This is so unfortunate. Fortunately I am “quad-lingual”, and made the appropriate language shift. Needless to say, they understood my Bahasa Malaysia, and I finished the presentation, completed the job, got paid, and I left. I'm currently working on being “penta-lingual”. Rejecting the notion of multiculturalism. This one really takes the biscuit. By making this statement, UMNO has openly asked for the demise of all other cultures in Malaysia. This is an open-ended attack on freedom, and should be construed as an Aggravated Aggression towards its Citizens. Not only are the Ibans, Muruts, Kelabits, Kadazans immediately swept aside, and thrown into the drain, the other darker-colored and pale-skinned citizens are also “Demonized” in this single sweeping announcement. This is by far the most brilliant way UMNO has etched its own Tombstone. The writing on the Wall, as some would call it... This is also in violation of Article 12 (1), which states: “...There shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of birth ...” Also to note, that the Malaysian Constitution also states Culture, and Religion in plural terms, by which, it clearly defines the boundaries of each, means that for one to even suggest to undermine this, and suggest a Mono-Cultural and Mono-Religious Malaysia is also undeniably, Un-Constitutional. So, while the Bell Tolls, May Allah have mercy on their Souls. Will the relevant Parties please take note, and if this is allowed to be implemented, please take cover.

Truly Asia, Truly Retro-Progressive.....