History Quiz in the Year 2099

Short fiction of the future –Scribd.Com Edition

History Quiz in the Year 2099 By Russell Twyce

A teacher stands before her class of Junior High School students. The fashions and hairstyles have changed much over the last ninety years, but the arrangement of desks and the faces flushed with life of the children remains as it is today. The history teacher is holding a paper for a pop quiz.

“Quiet now.” She holds up a flat hand to call for silence and attention. “Now who can tell me what the three main era’s of the previous 2000 years were called?” She chose one from amid the small wheat field of raised hands. “Jilvian?”

“The first was the dark ages,” a girl answered, “of which not very much was recorded with full accuracy.”

“Correct. And who will tell us what period came next? Rodagar?”

“Yes mam.” A blond boy stood up to answer. “Then came the age of feudalism and serfdom when people were owned by the land and where the land was owned by the nobles.”

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“Very good.” The teacher smiled. “What was the third? Jacqeleze?”

“Industrial Age.” A timid girl answered quickly. Then she saw the imploring look on her teacher’s face and expanded on her answer. “It is also known as the second age of feudalism and serfdom.”

“Thank you.” The teache said. “Now can someone tell me the difference between the first and second ages of serfdom? Barklane?”

“In the first, the nobles owned the land and the land owned the people. In the second, the lawyers, police and politicians owned the law and the law owned the people.”

“That’s close, but you missed something important.”

“Nations owned the land and the people?”

“Yes.” The teacher nodded. “In order for it to be considered serfdom, human bondage needs to be involved and that was certainly the case when nations were thought of as all-powerful. Who can remind us of what other overly powerful entities people had to overthrow before they gained real freedom?”

“The corporations that had been given super-human status.” A boy answered after the teacher nodded at him. “They had huge revenues and they bought and sold politicians, lawyers and judges. I think it should be called the black age of corruption and greed. How were people stupid enough to abide with it?”

“As we covered in the lesson, populations under the two Nazi regimes were repressed mostly by the harsh police action, economic blackmail and a mass media that pumped out propaganda. Adstell, will you tell us how the two Nazi regimes differed?”

“The German Nazi government was anti-Semitic and the American Nazi government was pro-Semitic. And while the German Nazis called themselves Nazi, the American Nazi government used the names Democrat and Republican.”

“Fazette, can you elaborate on why the American Nazi government was not named for what it was?”

“The Americans fought the German Nazis during World War Two and so a stigma was attached to the term. However, the American Nazis were just as racially intolerant of all non-Americans as the German Nazis were. The American Nazis were also as violently expansionist. They felt that their strong economic and technical abilities entitled them to crush ‘inferior’ nations, cultures and people.”

“Well done.” The teacher beamed. It seemed like her whole class of students were likely to score well on the formal test. “So for a final question in this quiz, who will describe what finally ended the Nazism and serfdom to give us the wonderful civilization we enjoy today? I’ll point and you can each offer an answer.”

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“Excellent!” The teacher applauded. “Next week we’ll be starting our next module. That will cover the history of economics. We start at the gold standard and finish when the criminal greed practices like the commodity futures market and debt based currency were abolished. Have a great weekend!”

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