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Physiologic Deficit OBJECTIVE CUES:


SCIENTIFIC BASIS When a pathogic retraction ring occurs in early labor, it is usually from uncoordinated contractions. In the pelvic division of labor, it is usually caused by obstetric manipulation or the result of the administration of oxytocin. The fetus is gripped by the retraction ring cannot advance beyond the point. The undelivered placenta will also be held at that point.
Mater nal & Child Health Nursing By Adele Pillitteri (4th Edition) Chapter 21 ; Unit 4 P.569

OBJECTIVE OF CARE After 8 hours of student nursepatient interaction, the patient will be able to alleviate pain.

NURSING ACTIONS 1. Provid e inform ation about the condit ion. 2. Assist levels of pain. Deter minin g the intens ity at its best or worst. 3. Teach Relaxation technique like deep breathing, progressiv e muscle relaxation , and imagery. 4. Encou rage suppo rt for involv ement in


severe abdomin al pain • excited or restless emotions
• Increase tempera ture

Altered comfort: abdominal pain related to uterine contraction.

1. To increase patient’s knowledge.

2. Determine the baseline of future assessment.

SUBJECTIVE CUES: • Verbaliz e feeling of Pain and discomf orts

3. Reduces tension and anxiety, which potentiates the perception of pain.

4. To promote effective care.

5. for patient to gain knowledge and perform self-care.

interv ention proce ss 5. Encou rage patien t to partici pate in treat ment regim en.