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University of Navarra: IESE Business School

IESE Business School is an international business school committed to the education and development of business leaders worldwide, and the generation and communication of new business ideas with impact. IESE´s mission is to create an outstanding learning context for business leaders that direct organizations that are successful in the long-term, develop people around them and contribute to the new challenges that society has to face.

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IESE is a unique school because its programs and research are based on:

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An international character that combines a global mindset with an understanding of the different cultural, institutional and social dimensions that play a role in business in different regions. A general management view of companies and business problems and challenges. A culture of learning that helps participants asks not only what, but why and how. The human and ethical values indispensable for personal growth and corporate sustainability. The belief that business leaders can have a profound impact on people and society through professionalism, integrity and spirit of service, fostering in this way true corporate social responsibility. A personalized approach to management education. Rigorous research on real problems which are relevant to the business world.

Programs offered:
1) Full-time MBA program 2) Global Executive MBA 3) PhD program 4) Continuous Education Program 5) Executive MBA 6) Executive Education 7) International Faculty Development Program

Full-time MBA program

The IESE MBA program draws students from some 50 countries each year. Diversity in terms of students' nationalities, experience and background is an important program asset. Classroom discussion is based on real life case studies and enhanced by the perspectives and experiences of students and professors from several professional backgrounds and multiple career goals. Inquisitive and insightful viewpoints make for vibrant class discussions and dynamic team work.

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Our aim is to mold our students into managers who lead and serve others and we do this through our professionalism, spirit of service, the dedication of our faculty and the personal approach to service which is the IESE trademark. Small class size, an open-door policy and active mentoring mean that you are able to form close working relationships with professors and other students during the MBA program. This highly personalized environment drives students not just to learn, but to think. The IESE community supports each individual's personal and professional growth, fostering a sense of community within the school. http://www.iese.edu/en/programs/mba/intro/highlights_program.asp

Global Executive MBA

The Global Executive MBA program is intended for successful senior executives who are unable to study full time but who need a broader foundation of business education to take their careers to the next level. The general management focus, which shines through in courses such as Operational Finance, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy, gives participants a solid base of business training, making them stronger, more effective leaders. Participants come from a dynamic mix of backgrounds and industries, bringing their own unique experiences and perspectives to the classroom. IESE's innovative program structure ensures that busy professionals maximize their time in the program while remaining fully engaged with their personal and professional lives. The flexible modular structure, which involves a combination of residential sessions and distributed learning, enables participants to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom to their work and the teams they lead. Participants can instantly see the impact the program has on their companies and organizations. Qualifications:
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Have a minimum of seven years of relevant work experience at an international level with steady, demonstrable career progression Hold an accredited university degree or its equivalent Be proficient in written and spoken English Have the ability to commit to a rigorous program Have good analytical skills Be ambitious and driven

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PhD program
The IESE PhD in Management, one of Europe s leading doctoral programs in the field, provides a rigorous grounding in the most advanced interdisciplinary research methods in business management. It is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching and research with leading academic institutions around the world. The Program is offered in Barcelona. The PhD in Management is a full-time program lasting for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. During the first two years, students take a range of required courses, advanced and specialized courses, and seminars, followed by a field examination. They then prepare their dissertation proposals. Upon approval, students proceed to research, write and ultimately defend their dissertations. The PhD in Management is designed to meet the following objectives: 1. To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to conduct world-class research on the most relevant issues in the field of management. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying and solving business problems, often in the face of uncertainty and incomplete information, and involving the management of people in organizational settings. 2. To provide a deep grounding in the key disciplines and analytical tools (mathematics, statistics, economics) necessary to move from mere problemsolving to the elaboration of general principles with a wide applicability to business situations. 3. To establish the philosophical, ethical and human principles that lead to a deeper understanding of the human being in an organizational context, and to ensure that authentic human values are at the core of key business decisions.

Continuous Education Program
The Continuous Education Program offers a continual professional development during the academic year through business meetings centering on current themes within the varied areas of the economic and business world. The object of this program is the continual up-grading of knowledge as applied in the contemporary business world. These themes are covered by the professors of IESE and key-note speakers from the areas of Economics, Business and Public Administration, both at national and international levels. To access any of these meetings, the presentation of the membership card of the Alumni Association at the beginning of each session is mandatory. http://wwwapp.iese.edu/continuidad/index.asp?lang=en

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Executive MBA
The EMBA is a part-time program with a clear international focus, offered at IESE's Madrid and Barcelona campus. Any professional with more than five years of experience and want to take a significant leap forward in training, without having to put career on hold, the EMBA is an excellent option. Many of the program's features make the EMBA the only one of its kind:
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General management perspective: All topics are covered from the position of a top executive. International focus. Excellent faculty. Bilingual program: Spanish and English. Intensive use of case method. International week at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai (China). Team work: Students from each year are divided into heterogeneous teams comprised of students with differing experiences and professional backgrounds. IESE's Global campus is a technological platform of e-learning complimented by classroom education.


Executive Education Program:
IESE's general management programs give managers an invaluable opportunity to step back from their careers to learn new skills, gain fresh insights and reflect on how they are leading their organizations. IESE faculty, who hail from 17 countries, provide a broad and enriching view of today's changing business environment. http://www.iese.edu/en/Programs/ExecutiveEducation/ProgramasDireccionGeneral/Progr amasdeDireccionGeneral.asp

International Faculty Development Program
The International Faculty Development Program The International Faculty Development Program (IFDP) concentrates on teaching methodologies in management education, research and development of curricula. It is designed for faculty members of Business Schools worldwide. The overall aim of the program is to improve the general quality of management education. The Case Study Method

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The IFDP introduces participants to the case study method, a dynamic pedagogical tool. Participants in the program also have the opportunity to gain new teaching competencies, improve their existing techniques and share them with other colleagues. During the four-week residential course, they also gain new ideas for curriculum and course design for implementation at their home institutions. Other aims of the program are to:
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Improve participants communication skills through different teaching tools, especially the case study method; Expose faculty to new institutional structures that might lead to improvements in their home institutions.


Campus: IESE's global campus

IESE is a business school of extraordinary global reach. While many IESE programs are held on the school s two international campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, others take place at various global locations in order to meet companies diverse needs. IESE faculty are frequent travelers, leading programs throughout Europe, as well as Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States. Key IESE initiatives held at international sites include the Global Executive MBA and the Executive MBA, which feature sessions spanning over three continents, and the school s top-ranked portfolio of executive education courses, which are offered all over the world including Munich, New York, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

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IESE maintains two first-rate campuses, in Barcelona and Madrid. Both offer stimulating multi-cultural learning environments, while serving as outstanding meeting points for executives from all over the world. At both campuses, personal attention and excellent service are integrated to produce unparalleled educational experiences.

Student life
One of the highlights of the IESE experience is the vibrant and personal character of student life on campus. A host of student clubs, ranging from the Responsible Business Club to the Marketing Club, provide opportunities for contributing to the community, as well as building teamwork and leadership skills outside of the classroom. The school s size lends itself to forming friendships with other students, as well as the school s staff and personnel, immediately after arriving on campus. IESE is extremely proud of the warm and friendly reputation it has gained over the years. It is is often noted by alumni and visiting faculty as one of the school s key assets.


The IESE faculty consists of 96 full-time and 45 part-time professors. They are dedicated to providing learning opportunities of excellence for IESE's students and corporate clients around the world. IESE is one of the largest producers of business cases in the world. With full-time professors from 13 countries and professors with PhDs from some of the world's leading universities, the faculty's teaching and research efforts are global in outlook and content. A hallmark of the IESE faculty is its dedication to the individual development of each and every student and participant in IESE programs. They do this by giving priority to being excellent teachers, by fostering a culture of learning, and by maintaining an open

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door to all students. This spirit of service is an outgrowth of the faculty's belief that the most essential role of leaders and managers is to put people at the center of their professional concerns. http://wwwapp.iese.edu/faculty/directory.asp?lang=en

Fees And Expenses:
Full Time MBA: Application Fee: For the course starting in September 2008: $130 through The Princeton Review/Embark Tuition Fee: Tuition, including virtually all course materials and health insurance, for enrollment in September 2008 is 64,900 for both years payable in two installments by the end of September of each academic year. A non-refundable deposit of 4,500 Euros (deductible from the total program fee) must be paid on acceptance to secure a place on the course. LIVING EXPENSES Living expenses in Barcelona are comparable to those in any major European city. IESE has no on-campus accommodation, but IESE can assist you with a list of apartments for rent and general advice on how to find housing. ESTIMATED MONTHLY BUDGET (in Euros) Students Living Alone - 1.450 Married Students and Students Sharing Housing - 1.930 Global Executive MBA:

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PhD in Management:
Tuition for 1st and 2nd academic years is 18,500 euros per academic year, and 9,250 euros the following years. Estimated monthly budget Single students (in Euros) Housing Utilities Telephone Lunch at IESE Groceries Public Transportation Total per month 600 60 60 120 155 60 1,055 Married students and students sharing houses (in Euros) 725 95 100 120 275 60 1,375

Executive MBA :
Tuition for the program commencing in the 2008/2009 academic year (both the weekly and bi-weekly format) is: 56,500 euros. Above mentioned monthly costs.

International Faculty Development Program:
Tuition Fee: 4,000 euros This includes all course materials, academic activities and lunch on campus from Monday to Friday. Accommodation is not included in the cost of the tuition fee. Accommodation: 1,700 euros Hotel Residencia Torre Girona June 1 - June 29, 2008
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Breakfast included (from Monday to Friday). The hotel is a 10-minute walk from IESE Business School.

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Placements and Recruiters:
MBA Career Services aim is to help companies solve their recruitment needs by connecting them with the ideal student profiles in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We do this by developing corporate relations, organizing events on campus and facilitating the recruiting process. Whether you are a long-time recruiter at IESE or are thinking of recruiting for the first time, it is essential to take into account that many students will be hearing about your company for the first time. With this in mind, MBA Career Services organizes a series of recruiting events on campus which provide companies with the opportunity to directly present themselves, describe their career opportunities and meet students. On-campus events include the Career Forum and Company Presentations. With the aim of enhancing interchange between companies and the students, MBA Career Services organizes logistics for these events including advertising, booking facilities, coordinating interview schedules or setting up networking events with students.

For companies not able to participate in the Career Forum or Career Days, MBA Career Services can also organize individual company presentations. These are open to both first and second-year students and give students the opportunity to learn about the company, its business activities, and career opportunities, openings available and specific details on the selection and recruitment processes for both summer internships and full placement. MBA Career Services can also coordinate the process of scheduling student interviews. Should companies need to, MBA Career Services can organize a cocktail reception where students can network with the company s employees and IESE alumni working there in a more relaxed atmosphere. http://www.iese.edu/en/OurCommunity/MBARecComp/MBARecruiting.asp

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Ranking # 3 in the world # 1 in Europe

MBA Ranking

MBA Ranking

# 1 in the world

Executive Education Ranking

# 2 in Europe # 4 in the world


More than 27,000 IESE Business School alumni work and live all over the world, holding high-level positions in multinationals and leading their own companies. They play a key role in the development of the school, and IESE is deeply grateful for their support. Some 40% of IESE s graduates belong to the Alumni Association.

Notable Alumni:

· Ruben Bonet, MBA, IESE - CEO, Fractus · Javier Cebrián Sagarriga, MBA, IESE - Chairman, Bonsai Technologies group, S.A. · Andrea Christenson, MBA 1983, IESE - CEO & Owner, Käthe Kruse Puppen GmbH · Jacobo González-Robatto, E-MBA 1986, IESE CEO, Barclays Spain · Luis Hernández de Cabanyes, MBA, IESE Chairman, Renta Corporación · William MacDonald, MBA, IESE CEO, Lazard Asesores Financieros S.A. · Jordi Mercader Miró, MBA 1969, IESE CEO and chairman of the board, Grupo Agbar · Amparo Moraleda Martínez, MBA, IESE President of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, and Turkey

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· Javier Robles, PDG (General Management Program) 1990, IESE President, Danone Spain · Juan Antonio Samaranch, former President of the International Olympic Committee · Carmen Valera, MBA, IESE - CEO, Burson-Marsteller Spain · María del Pino Velázquez, MBA 1991, IESE CEO, Unisono · Rafael Villaseca Marco, MBA, IESE - CEO Gas Natural SDG, S.A.