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International Institute for Management Development (IMD):

Every year, thousands of business leaders from around the world come to IMD s global meeting place in Lausanne, Switzerland to learn and network. Expert Faculty offer cutting-edge knowledge based on relevant, innovative and rigorous research. IMD s unique "Real World. Real Learning" approach allows executives to immediately apply new insights to their business challenges.

Programs offered:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Open Enrollment Program Full time MBA Family Business Partnership Programs Executive MBA

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Open Enrollment Program:
IMD offers one of the world's most comprehensive ranges of open enrollment executive development programs. IMD executive education was ranked 1st worldwide in the 2008 Financial Times rankings. 1) Top Management Program 2) General Management Program 3) Leadership Programs 4) Executive capability Programs

Top Management Program
This series of short and intensive programs brings together executives at the very senior level of management. They come from widely different industries but have similar responsibilities and face similar issues.

General Management Programs
Designed for executives who have reached a decisive stage in their careers, preparing them to move forward. There is one program for each level of management responsibility. http://www.imd.ch/programs/oep/index.cfm?nav1=true

Full time MBA:

The IMD MBA is grounded in the extensive relationships we have built over the years with successful global organizations. It is a highly selective program that combines innovation, relevance to business, and a unique blend of intensity and dedication to the individual. The IMD MBA program is focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. You will work directly with a start-up company, as well as with CEOs and board-level executives of global companies. 1) Program content 2) Learning methods 3) MBA diary

Tenaday MBA Information Centre (www.tenaday.co.in)

Family Business:

The Family Business Center is unique in being able to assist families with governance, role and relationship issues as well as with their specific challenges of business renewal and continuity. 1) Open Enrollment Programs 2) Customized Programs 3) Integrative Program 4) Team

Partnership Program:
IMD Partnership Programs are designed and delivered in collaboration with a select group of IMD Learning Network members to address their specific learning objectives. These tailor-made programs help them to build new capabilities and to address their most significant business challenges. The programs blend academic expertise with hands-on implementation and are designed for learning and business impact. Partnership Programs are a significant part of IMD's business. All our Faculty design, lead and deliver Partnership Programs, and all have strong experience working with clients to build programs that address their specific objectives. In 2007, IMD designed and delivered 150 Partnership Programs with 90 clients. For the past 5 years we have been ranked No.1 in Europe and No.2 or No.3 globally in custom programs, according to the annual Financial Times Global Survey of Executive Education. IMD's ranking reflects the emphasis we place on practical, hands-on learning: We are No.1 globally for:
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Quality of teaching and ability to deliver a coherent program Program follow-up Degree to which academic and business aims and objectives are achieved Likelihood of future use by existing clients

No.2 globally for:

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Pre-course preparation Quality of teaching materials, particularly the mix of academic rigor and practical relevance Quality of facilities - classrooms, IT and library facilities International participants in programs

Company Specific Partner Programs

Executive MBA:
The IMD EMBA program is practice-oriented, structured in six modules and linked by distance learning. The class sizes vary between 60 and 70 members. In the first two modules, participants cover the fundamentals of business by taking IMD's Program for Executive Development (PED). Then participants spend a year of elapsed time working on assignments covering the major functions of business, but tailored to their company's needs. During this year they also compare and contrast how business is done in diverse economies by visiting Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Dublin and Bucharest. Participants in the IMD EMBA class come from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and business experiences, and all are fast-rising, internationally-experienced managers. The IMD EMBA


IMD s physical environment provides a tranquil space in which to learn and network among peers. The mental environment is just as conducive: participants and Faculty are committed to supporting each other and sharing their experience and knowledge.

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Location The IMD campus is located in the heart of Europe, on the shores of one of Switzerland s most beautiful lakes, in one of the world s most international regions. It is situated about 40 minutes by road or rail from Geneva, its intercontinental airport, and the home of many international organizations and global corporations.

Campus IMD s purpose-built campus provides the best possible learning facilities, including auditoriums, study group rooms and meeting rooms equipped with advanced audio-visual and computer equipment. It also includes a restaurant, coffee bar, shops and sports facilities. IMD is a non-residential campus, but you can stay in one of several first-class hotels located within easy walking distance.

Fees and Expenses:
CHF 350 - payable by credit card when you submit our online application. Program fees CHF 58,000 - tuition CHF 21,500 - all program and project related fees, including books and course materials, the discovery expedition and weekday on-campus lunches, excluding personal expenses. Payment timing for 2009 Sum Ist installment: upon acceptance of admission CHF 15,000 2nd Installment: 31 October 2008 CHF 24,500

Tenaday MBA Information Centre (www.tenaday.co.in)

3rd Installment: 31 January 2009

CHF 40,000

The above payments are all non-refundable, and are all due irrespective of your loan disbursement dates. Personal living expenses Rent and other living expenses vary considerably depending on family situation and lifestyle, however the following are approximate estimates for a single person: Expense type Estimated cost Annual base rent CHF 13,000 Living expenses CHF 23,000 Total annual budget CHF 36,000 CHF 1,000 phone etc. Advance deposits plus 3 month's rent IMD is committed to helping you finance your year. Accepted applicants with demonstrated financial need may apply for both IMD scholarships and bank loans to a maximum of CHF 65,000. IMD MBA Scholarships The following scholarships aim to help you finance your year at IMD. MBA candidates who can demonstrate financial need may also apply for IMD loans (maximum financial aid awarded CHF 65,000). http://www.imd.ch/programs/mba/fees/scholarships/index.cfm Bank loans The IMD MBA finance committee works with two Swiss banks to provide student loans. As there are only a limited number of loans and funds available, the committee allocates financial assistance to individuals who demonstrate no alternative sources of funding for their IMD MBA. The maximum amount of any individual loan is CHF 65,000. Applicants are eligible only after:
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Gaining acceptance into the IMD MBA Confirming their intention to participate in the program by paying the advance deposit of CHF 15,000 to reserve their seat Completing the MBA financial aid application form and submitting it to IMD



Tenaday MBA Information Centre (www.tenaday.co.in)

IMD is an independent institute with over 50 years of experience in executive education. We have over 50 Faculty from 20 countries, all of whom teach, research and consult with executives about current business issues. IMD employs about 300 people from all around the world For further details visit this site: http://www.imd.ch/about/facultystaff/index.cfm?nav1=true

IMD's programs are ranked highly by the world's most influential business publications. Position No. 1 Worldwide (2008) No. 1 in Europe (2007) No. 1 in Europe (2007) No. 1 in Europe (2007) No. 1 worldwide (2007) No. 2 in Europe (2007) No. 2 worldwide (2007) No. 3 worldwide (2007) Ranked by Financial Times Forbes Financial Times Financial Times FT "Ranking of the Rankings" The Economist Wall Street Journal Financial Times Program Executive Education MBA Program Open Enrollment Programs Partnership Programs MBA Program MBA Program MBA Program Executive Education

Placements and Recruiters:
IMD s reputation for developing top MBA candidates with the Real World. Real Learning approach makes IMD one of the most attractive recruiting destinations for companies around the world. The general management program together with the exceptional experience and maturity of the IMD MBA graduates continues to be a winning combination. In 2007 IMD was selected for the second year in a row as the #1 MBA program in the ranking of rankings (Financial Times, 2006 and 2007). As our 2007 MBA graduates move into leadership roles throughout the world, we would like to thank the organizations and individuals who have participated in recruiting our MBAs.

Average starting base salary of accepted offers: Average $ 129,000 ( 94,000) Median $ 125,000 ( 91,000) Sign-up bonus $ 30,000 ( 21,000) % that received a sign-on bonus: 75% http://www.imd.ch/programs/mba/careerservices/index.cfm

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The IMD alumni directory provides you with a unique, user-friendly guide to the professional details of more than 55,000 executives your colleagues worldwide.

Notable Alumni:
Bo Risberg: CEO, Hilti Corporation, Liechtenstein Paul Choffat: CEO, Novartis Consumer Health, Switzerland Thomas Schmidheiny: Chairman, Holcim, Switzerland Soren Skou: Partner and CEO of Maersk Tankers, Denmark Claus Hemmingsen: Partner and CEO of Maersk Contractors, Denmark Jean-Frédéric Mognetti: Owner & Managing Director, Professor at HEC School of Management in Paris Carlos Rivera: Owner & Managing Director, Management Recruiters International, Mexico Jon Fredrik Baksaas: President and CEO, Telenor, Norway Svein Aaser: CEO, DNB NOR ASA, Norway Gerard Stricher: CEO, Sidel, France Shashank Tripathi: CEO, Inaltus Ltd, UK K.Y. Lee: President, BenQ Corporation, Taiwan Bjarni Ármannsson: CEO, Glitnir Bank, Iceland Jimnah Mbaru : Chairman, The Nairobi Stock Exchange Kenya, Chairman of Dyer and Blair Investment Bank Dieter F. Uchtdorf : Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Ton Büchner: CEO, Sulzer, Switzerland Mariano Puig: CEO, ISDIN, Spain Mario Rotllant Sola: CEO, Cobega SA, Spain Thomas Bachmann: CEO, Tecan Group Ltd, Switzerland Gilbert Achermann: President & CEO, STRAUMANN HOLDING AG , Switzerland Mark Aegler: CEO, Bishofszell Food Ltd, Switzerland Marc R. Geissbuehler: CEO, Global Hotelindex Ltd, Switzerland Abed Hammoud: CEO, Schaerer Mayfield Holding AG, Switzerland Remo Viscardi: CEO, Omnisec AG, Switzerland François Badoux: Founder & CEO, Mistral Engines SA, Switzerland

Tenaday MBA Information Centre (www.tenaday.co.in)

Lorenzo Giarré: CEO, Ismeca Semiconductor SA, Switzerland Beat Knecht: President & CEO, Zattoo International AG, Switzerland Andreas Koopmann: CEO, Bobst Group, Switzerland Kubr Thomas: Co-founder & CEO, Capital Dynamics, Switzerland Andreas Lusser: CEO, The Screener Investor Services AG, Switzerland