Learning 2007: The Fourteenth International Conference on Learning

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Using Assessment to Transform Higher Education from Teaching-
centered to Learning-Centered Organizations: Case Studies of Two
By: Dr. Michael Harris, Dr. Michelle A. Johnston
The case studies, which are the focus of this presentation,
provide models for reform that can be replicated at other
universities and are relevant as universities change from
cultures of teaching to cultures of learning. Through changes in
culture and orientation, universities can develop a structure for
the future by asking the following outcome questions regarding courses and programs:
a) What should the students know?
b) What should the students be able to do? and
c) What should the students have the propensity to be like? When faculty members clearly answer
those questions, they can design appropriate, multiple assessments that align to the outcomes and
provide data for decision making about curriculum, student engagement, and value-added practices.
With a focus on learning rather than teaching, higher education institutions are able to demonstrate
enhanced student achievement and knowledge acquisition which are essential in this knowledge age.
After examining the case studies, presentation participants will learn strategies and data collection
methodologies that they can apply to their institutions and initiate changes in the teaching-learning
balance to form learning cultures.
Keywords: Case Studies, Organizational Change, Cultural Change, Culture of
Learning, Student Learning Outcomes, Assessment of Outcomes, Learning Cultures,
Knowledge Age, Data Collection Methodologies
Stream: Organisational Learning, Organisational Change
Presentation Type: 30 minute Paper Presentation in English
Paper: A paper has not yet been submitted.
Dr. Michael Harris
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Division of Academic Affairs, Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan, USA
Dr. Michael Harris, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Political
Science at Ferris State University, serves as the chief ranking academic officer for
the institution. His academic career includes completing his doctoral studies at
University of Indiana and continue professional development at Harvard University.
Dr. Harris specializes in public policy and public administration and has published
books and articles on those subjects in the U.S. and Israel. Additionally, he
presented at several conferences, including international conferences. Prior to joining
Ferris State University, Dr. Harris received an Honorary Doctorate in Educational
Administration from Ave Maria College as well as several honors recognizing his
excellence in teaching and research at Eastern Michigan University where he was a
professor and the Associate Provost. As the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr.
Harris has made several significant and positive changes in the learning culture of

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