The Islamic Republic of Iran is inciting Shia-Sunni Civil War in Iran

Reza Hossein Borr - 6/10/2008 "Damn Omar, the Murderer of Fatema." This was the slogan of the Shia revolutionary community in Zahedan, the capital of Baluchistan on Saturday, 7 June 2008. They marched in the style of grand elections. These marches were organised by the Shia fanatics who were supported by the Iranian regime. The demonstrators had written this slogan on many cars and cardboards and they were shouting it as they were marching in Zahedan, the Sunni dominated city of Baluchistan. The Shia fundamentalists have fabricated the facts of history and alleged that Fatema, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, was murdered by Omar, the second Caliph. The organizers of these demonstrations were deliberately inciting conflict with the Sunni community of Iran. They were prepared for any encounter and the security guards were waiting for the people to react against these offensive slogans. The demonstrators attacked several Sunni youth and businesses and provoked them into retaliation. The Sunnis did not believe this first. The slogan shocked them to the core. The demonstrators stopped the passersby’s cars and painted them with this slogan. Omar is the second caliph of Islam whose leadership was conducive to the collapse of Persian Empire. This matter was raised first after the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is no any document to prove that Fatema was murdered by anybody. All the historical facts show that she died naturally and her husband, Ali, buried her somewhere privately and nobody knows where he buried her. To create conflict between Sunni and Shia in Iran and around the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran advertised this matter as an offensive propaganda to blame Omar for her death. And amazingly, the fact is that it was Khatami the so called reformist president of Iran that announced the day of her death as the day of her martyrdom and made it a public holiday. Even the most reactionary religious authorities of Iran had refused to believe this fabricated event to prevent any further gap between the Sunnis and the Shias. The more shocking is that Mr Abtahi, a close colleague of former President Khatami claimed in his blog that Fatema was the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad. This is another gross fabrication of history. Prophet Muhammad had four daughters: Fatema, Zeinab, Roqqayyaa and Omkolsoom. These demonstrations in Zahedan were the worst kind of inciting the Sunni community into reaction. Hundreds of young Baluch reacted immediately and encountered the security backed demonstrators and demanded them to stop their anti- Sunni demonstrations but the organizers who had the support of security forces ignored the demand of the Sunni commune and continued their marches with more enthusiasm and excitement. They even increased their anti-Islamic slogans to generate violent reaction from the Sunni community to give the security guards an excuse for a complete clampdown and suppression of the Sunni Baluch in Zahedan. As soon as the Baluch people found out that the demonstrators increased their activities and shouted, "Damn Omar, damn Omar, the Murderer of Fatema," more vigorously, they began action. When the demonstrators encountered the resistance of the Sunni community of Zahedan, the security forces intervened but instead of stopping the demonstrators, they began shooting at the Sunni Baluch people of Iran. Several Sunni Baluch were killed and injured in the shootout. Hundreds were arrested. The Sunni leaders of Zahedan were called to intervene but the security guards

continued to attack the Baluch community and encouraged the demonstrators to continue their anti Sunni marches and slogans. After controlling the situation, the security forces began searching the homes of Sunnis in many areas of Zahedan using the opportunity for harassing the innocent people who have been the victims of discriminatory and aggressive behaviors of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was very clear from the beginning that the Islamic Republic of Iran intended to provoke a Shia-Sunni conflict by insulting Omar, the second Caiph. The Baluch and Sunni people of Baluchistan showed wisdom and character and restrained to be pulled in the trap of the Islamic regime. There are about 20 million Sunnis in Iran. They live all around Iran at the border areas and they have their Sunni relatives in the neighboring countries. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been engaged systemically since the beginning of the revolution to incite a Shia-Sunni Civil War in Iran but the logical wisdom and the common sense of the Sunni leaders of Iran have prevented many occasions which were rife for severe conflicts. Many Sunni mosques have been destroyed and many have been closed. Many Islamic scholars and religious Sunni leaders have been murdered in serial killing episodes and many of them have been hanged and executed. There are more than one million Sunnis in Tehran but they do not have even one Mosque to perform their religious duties. They have been barred from performing their Friday collective prayers in public parks. Their religious principles are attacked on a regular basis on television and media, conferences and public illustrations. There are some news that few ambassadors in Tehran have officially protested against these kinds of behaviors of the regime and called on the Islamic regime to stop sowing the seeds of religious hatred and conflict. This just happened after a conference in holy Macca in which different religions were invited and called to help bring more understanding among different religions. Hashmi Rafsanjani attended this conference on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He fabricated a rosy picture and pretended that there was a constructive and productive mutual understanding and cooperation among Sunnis and Shias in Iran while the Sunnis are being attacked, persecuted and hanged on a regular basis. 155 Sunni Baloch were arrested on the first day of last month, according to Students News agency.(1) Two Sunni men were also hanged in Zahedan in the next day on fabricated charges. (2) The political activists of Baluchistan are hanged and executed for different false charges. Six innocent Baluch were killed on 8th of this month on Sunday. (3) These are the news which has been somehow published by government. There have been many other incidents that they were not published and confirmed by the Iranian media. The inactivity of the Sunni people and governments of the world have encouraged the Islamic Republic of Iran to fabricate new events and place them in history as facts and pave the way for a destructive conflict and civil war among the Muslims. The danger arises from the fact that the Shia people from different parts of the world use Iranian media as a source of inspiration and therefore, the regime's fabrications will lead them to conflict with the Sunnis. Many Shia people of the world have been misguided and misled by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their further misleading will lead to civil wars among Sunnis and Shias everywhere. This is a warning to all Moslem people, the Islamic Conference, all governments, all human rights organisations, the United Nations and its affiliated organisations and international community that the Iranian regime is in preparation stage of launching a Shia-Sunni conflict in Iran which will have worldwide consequences. Now it is time to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from creating a situation like Iraq where the Moslem skills each other. The patients of the Sunnis of Iran are running out.

Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World. He can be contacted by email: