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Students’ Expressions:
Challenging Quant | Easiest possible GK | Manageable Verbal | Score Decisive DI

1/3rd Negative Marking

Like CAT, IIFT is also getting synonymous with uncertainity. Starting with IIFT 06, it has consistently been springing one surprise after another every year. Major one this year was the increased penalty for a wrong answer. Negative marking increased from 1/4th in IIFT 08 to 1/3rd this year. This coupled with a highly challenging Quantitative section, “CAT-LEVEL Quant” as some test-takers reacted, kept the test takers on their toes. Indeed 4-5 Quant questions qualified as typical CAT questions. However, IIFT also had pleasant surprises, for instance, General Awareness. Over half of GK was doable. When we say doable, we mean “anyone” (yes, literally any MBA aspirant) would have answered between 10 ad 13 questions correctly. This would also have given them extra time to spend on Quant. Verbal department was quite manageable with EU being the favourite of all. 2 RCs out of the given 4 were also doable.

Overall, the number of questions decreased from 150 in IIFT 08 to 122 in IIFT 09. Although, there was miniscule increase in number of questions in Quant, RC & EU, a substantional decrease in the Arrangement and GK questions lead to overall 122 this year. Moreover, It was crystal clear from the


Below Average Level of GK Questions

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No. 1 T e st ing P l a tf orm

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intentions of the exam setters that IIFT is also getting less GK intensive. It was quite apparent from the surprising 33% decrease in the number of GK questions and an uexpected dip in their difficulty level, especially when one compares it with IIFT 08’s GK which was the toughest of all.

The detailed sectional break-up of the test is given below:

Overall Distribution of Sections
General Awareness 8%

English Usage 15% Reading Comprehension 15%


Logical Reasoning 15%

Quant 28%

DI 19%

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No. 1 T e st i ng P l a t f orm

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IIFT 2008 – An Overview
1. Sectional Cut-offs declared but no figures committed. 2. Number of sections: 3. No. of questions: 4 (4th had further 2 sub-sections)

122 (Almost 19% less Questions as compared to IIFT 07 & 08)

4. Quant section had maximum questions and the ones that were most challenging. 5. All questions had only one correct answer and each incorrect answer carried 1/3rd negative marks. 6. Exam setters did keep minor variation in weight-age of questions from various sections, as happened in IIFT 07 & 08




1 2 3 4


Logical Reasoning DI General Awareness Quant

Reading Comprehension English Usage



Marks per Question Total Marks Difficulty Level Cut-offs

15 19 20 28 15 25

1 1 0.4 1 1 0.6

15 19 8 28 15 15

Moderate Moderate Low High Moderate Low

8-10 9-11 6-8 5-7 7-10




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No. 1 T e st ing P l a tf orm