Water Level Indicator – 3 Levels with Alarm

(Manage the water wisely and Avoid water overflow..)

Standard Features:
1. Usable with water tank of any size/type 2. Usable with water sump of any size/type 3. Three Level Indications: A. RED LED - Low Level B. YELLOW LED - Mid Level C. GREEN LED - High Level 4. Loud alarm when the water reaches high level 5. 12volts AC sensing technique with Stainless Steel probes 6. Tested for 5 years and Available with 6 months warranty

This product can be used in Residential/Commercial/ Institutional building with water tank and/or sump.

Working principle:
Three level sensors is place in the tank/sump at the required water levels. 12V AC sensing voltage is sent through 4-core telephone cable to the sensors from the system. Whenever the water reaches the sensor probe, the concerned LED is lit ON. When the water reaches the high level probe, the green LED is lit ON and alarm is also activated. The alarm can be switched of with Switch provided. Low cost 4 - core telephone cable connects the stainless steel sensors with the system (Cable not a part of the package. To be arranged by the buyer). Kindly indicate the depth of the tank/sump from the level of overflow, Accordingly the custom made probe would be shipped to you. Minor level adjusments can be done by the buyer.

Installation notes:
1. Choose the location for installation that is always under observation e.g., Hall, kitchen etc., 2. The switch board with one 5A socket of 5pin or 2pin needs to be within 5feet spacing from the system location

3. The system installation point shall be between 5ft to 6ft from the ground level for easy access to the system (specifically for switching ON/OFF the buzzer) 4. Use good quality 4-core telephone cable to interconnect the system with the probe. The joints shall be soldered for better connectivity and life 5. The probe shall be firmly fixed and hung to the tank / sump so that the water levels are not disturbed so easily

Shipping and Handling:
 All products are shipped within 4 working days and courier may take 2-4 working days for delivery.  Kindly provide correct shipping address with PIN code and phone number.  All local taxes, if applicable are to be borne by the buyer and paid to delivery agent.

Return and Warranty Policy:
 All the products are warranted for the duration of 6 months against any manufacturing defects.  The proven system technology is expected to provide you a long and trouble free life. In case of defective item, the buyer should send the product to us at his own cost. Replacement system would be send to you at the earliest.  Warranty will void if system is broken or gets damaged due to improper usage.

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