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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section – 4 (Part – 1) (R C) Direction for question 83 to 97 : Read carefully the four passages that follow and answer the questions given at the end of each passage : 83. The problem with the independent directors has been that : I. II. III. Their selection has been based upon their compatibility with the company management. There has been lack of proper tgraining and developement to improve their skills set. Their independent views have oftern come in confict with the views of company management. This has hindered the company’s decision-making process. IV. Stringent standards for indepent directors have been lacking (b) I, II and III only (c) II, II, IV only (d) I, II and IV only

(a) I and II only Ans : (a) 84.

Which of the following, according to author, does not have an impact on efffective corporate governnance ? (a) Increased role and importance of independent director (b) Increased compensation to independent director (c) Not hiring audit firms for other services (d) Stringent monitoring and control of related party transactions Ans : (b)


To improve the quality and reliability of the information reported in the financial statements : I. II. III. III. Accounting standards should keep pace with the dynamic business environment There should be a body of internal auditors to oversee the functioning of external auditors Reports should be certified by key company officials Accounting standars should be set by a body comprising of practicing accountants only and this body should be funded from a corpus built up from the contributions made by the companies (a) I, and II Ans : (c) (b) II and III (c) I and III (d) I, III and IV


Which of the following may not help in improving the accountability of management to the shareholders? (a) A third pary assessment of the performance of independent directors (b) Rotation of audit partner (c) Increasing the fixed component in the salary structure of the management (d) Laying down a proper procedure for hjandling complaints regarding unethical practiees Ans : (c)


The author of the passage does not advocate : (a) Increased activism of independent directors (b) Measures to improve the independent of auditors (c) Framing the accounting standards in the light of changing business conditions (d) Active intervention by the regulars in the day-to-day functioning of the company Ans : (d)

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 88. Which of the follwoing does not describe the features of cyclical movement ? Ans : (b) 89. Marginal efficiency of capital does not depend on which of the following factors ? Ans : (d) 90. Which of the following explains the phenomenon of crisis ? Ans : (a) 91. Which of the following statements is correct ? Ans : (d) 92. Which of the following statemnets is incorrect ? Ans : (d) 93. Increasing warming of earth has been due to : Ans : (d) 94. Which of the following, according to the passage are the fetures of fuels from heaven? Ans : (d) 95. Which one of the follwing is not a essential condition for setting up sugar refining plants ? Ans :(d) 96. Which the following is the correct sequence of sugar preparation process ? Ans : (a) 97. Which of the following statements, as per the paragraph, is incorrect ? Ans : (d)

Section – 4 (Part – 2) (English Usage)


When I first becam brand manager, we were spending most of our Ans : (b)


The growth rate of companies in several sectors like food, personal care, Ans : (d)

100. People who do good work to the corporation wherever they are whatever they do will be assets to the valued corporation. Ans : (b) 101. From What landscapes or flowerbeds would future painters draw their inspiration ? Would move poets to craft their symphonies, composers to contemplate the meaning of God, and philosophers writer their sonnets. Ans : (b) 102. Car sales in the country rose at an annualized rate of 7.8% in june, helped by a spater of new models and falling borrowing costs bringing new buyers back. Ans : (a) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to www.TCYonline.com Page : 7

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Direcitons for questions 103-107 » Select the most sutable synonym for the underlined word in the sentence. 103. The book did not get much acclaim because of its pedantic style of writing. (a) radical Ans : (b) 104. The policy announcement was made to the much chagrin of the farmers. (a) cuphoria Ans : (d) 105. The leader summoned the group and told that the time has come to act and not genuflect. (a) grovel Ans : (a) 106. The stentorian honks of the marching fleet could be heard for miles. (a) rhythmic Ans : (c) 107. Noticing the behaviour of the audience in the amphitheater the performer was more bemused than bitter. (a) amused Ans : (b) Direction for questions 108 to 112 Select the most suitable antonym for the underlined word in sentences. 108. The arguments pur forth by the speaker were rather specious, but somehow he got away with them. (a) fallacious Ans : (b) 109. The trends suggest that most of the new members got themselves deregirstered woth 7-10 days of theri joining due to the exacting instructor. (a) insouciant Ans : (a) 110. The congregration was awestruck at the sight of the levitating saint. (a) gravitating Ans : (a) 111. The congregation was awestruck at the sight of the levitating saint. (a) seized Ans : (d) 112. The sub-prime crisis has pushed millions of people in the quagmire of financial indebtedness. (a) predicament Ans : (c) (b) swamp (c) tranquillity (d) impasse (b) enmeshed (c) intrigued (d) relcased (b) enchanting (c) captivating (d) vacillating (b) discourteous (c) grievous (d) fastidious (b) unfeigned (c) obscure (d) pernicious the (b) bewildered (c) enlightened (d) enthused (b) cuphonious (c) blaring (d) subdued (b) procrastinate (c) renounce (d) incriminate (b) placation (c) glee (d) mortification (b) dogmatic (c) esoteric (d) applicative

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Direction for question 113 to 116 : Select the most appropriate set of words from the given choices to fill in the blanks. 113. The organization takes its cue from the person on the top. I always told our business leaders their personal ________ determined their organization __________. (a) screndipity ;faux pas (c) intensity ; sucess Ans : (c) 114. The Himalayas ran from east to west and cut off the cold winds from the north. This allowed agriculture to prosper and ________ wealth, but it also ________ barbarian invaders. (a) attracted ; dissipated (c) created ; restricted Ans : (b) 115. Our _____ diversity may also be of some value. Because we have always learned to live with pluralism, it is possible that we may be better prepared to _________ the diversity of global economy. (a) stupefying ; negotiate (c) variegated ; annihilate Ans : (a) 116. My inward petition was instantly _______. First a delightful cold wave descended over my back and under my feet, _________ all discomfort. (a) acknowledged ; banishing (c) acceded ; exacerbating Ans : (a) Direction for question 117 to 122 : A number of sentences are given below which, when properly sequenced, form a COHERENT PARAGRAPH. Chose the most LOGICAL ORDER of sentences from choices given to construct a COHERENT PARAGRAPH. the (b) repudiated ; infuriating (d) decimated ; assuaging (b) plural ; alleviate (d) dreary ; exasperate (b) created ; attracted (d) attracted ; evicted (b) predilection ; despair (d) oddity ; condormity

117. I. II.

As a retention strategy, the company has issued many schemes including ESOPs. Given the track record and success of our employees, other companies oftern look to us as a hunting ground for talent.


The growht of the indian economy has led to an increased requi9rement for talented managerical personnel and we believe that the talented manpower is our key strength.


Further, in order to mitigate the risk we place considerable emphasis on development of leadership skills and on building employee motivation.

(a) I, II, III, IV Ans : (c) 118. I.

(b) II, I, IV, III

(c) II, I, IV

(d) IV, I, III

It reverberateds throughout the entire Universe. And you are transmitting that frequency with your throughts!


The frequency you transmit reaches beyond cities beyond countries, beyond the world. You are a human tansmission tower, and you are more Your transmission creates your life and it creates the world.

(a) IV, I, III, II (b) II, IV, III, I (c) III, IV, II, I (d) I, II, III, IV _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to www.TCYonline.com Page : 9

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ans : (c) 119. I. II. III. IV. Asia economies will need alternative sources of growht to compensate for the pair fall in demand But the crisis has exposed the limits of region’s dominant economic growth The export led model that properlled many Asian economies so effectively Asia is less exposed to the financial turmoil than the west is. (b) I, II, III, IV (c) III, I, II, IV (d) II, III, IV

(a) IV, II, I, III Ans : (a) 120. I.

The dangers of conflicing irrational majoritrianism with enlightened consensus are, indeed, great in developing democracy


Real democracy is about medinting the popular will through a network of institutional structure and teh law of the land


While law making and govermance are meant to articularte the latter, the judiciary is supposed to protect the former from any kind of excess that might occur, unwittingly or otherwise, in the conduct of legislative and government functions.


The principle of separation of powers is meant to embody a diserable tension between individual rights and social consensus.

(a) I, II, III, IV Ans : (c) 121. I. II. III.

(b) II, I, III, IV

(c) IV, III, I, II

(d) II, III, IV

First may be necesary for immediate relief. However, to cure teh problem from teh root the treatment at the elemental level is a must. Therefore synergy of modern medical science and ancient indian wisom in the interest of humanity


Allopathic treatment is symptomatic while Ayurveda treats at an elemental level. (b) IV, I, II, III (c) IV, III, II (d) II, IV, III

(a) IV, II, I, III Ans : (b) 122. I. II. III. IV.

He somehow knew he would find what he was looking for. So instead, for perhaps the first time in his life, he shed the shackles of reason At first he thought about hiring a Sherpa guide to aid him in his clim though the mountain The next morning, as the first rays of the indian sun danced along the colourful (b) I, III, II, IV (c) III, IV, I, II (d) IV, III, II, I

(a) I, II, III, IV Ans : (d)

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