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Which of the following is most important to your personal happiness?

Rank them in order of -:,: -:

---: -
compare your list to your partner's.
possessions .
self image
a' Look at the title, the first and the last paragraph
of the article and discuss the following:
1 What is the article about?
2 What do you expect to read?
3 What do you think .Janet's steps to
happiness will be? Make a list.
Skim the text and check if your guesses were correct.
Read the article and choose from the list A-lthe paragraph which best fits each gap (1-7)
in the article. There is
one extra paragraph
which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Which words
helped you with your answers?
Read the text Think orwhat kind of inrormationTji;ffJJ;:iltt
Read the missing paragraphs
and identify the main point in each.
cross out the one used in the example. Remember there is one extra paragfa0^
Match the topic of the missing paragraph
with the paragraph
before and after eac^
words (he,
there, it etc) or linking words before and after each gap.
Check that your option fits the gap grammatically.
Read the whole text and check whether it makes sense.
slch as reference
These days, it is thar particular group that feel quite
comfortable talking openly about happiness or a lack of
it. They generally belier-e thar a stare of happiness equals
success and that without success we are nothing.
She actually began to slowly achieve contentment urhen
she realised her attitude was changing. She began to
understand that she herself had madi liib difficult as she
tended to think in a panicular
way, for example, never
admitting that she was tr'rong
that would
undoubtedly make her r..* *.rI and lulnerable. At the
same rime she cnticised herself endlessly, cerrain that she
did not deserve success and happiness,
{-}ur desire fur happinrss has }reiped
cl*r,"etr*p e mu,$r1liil*n p*unc{ industry
f*cused $n pleasurr, Dcspite this, t]lsfi_y CIf
us $till seem tEr be unhappyl Psychoiogisr
aner Walls srcrfls rr: $ul*w rxaetly R,hy.
$trm ws uft{$ver i:er se{-jr*t$ *f h*w th
*ec{u*}ly ffckifve thar rnissing happiness,
The ruming point in her life was when the knowledge she
gained through her studies allowed her to face up to the
fact that it was, in facr, possible to acrually get rid of
doubts and learn to be more conrenred with
your life. This helped her to change many aspects of her
Iife including her outlook, her relations with others and
the choices she made.
If we do decide to change things. however, we then begin
that only we can map out. We can, however,
according to
learn from other people. Xfhat she
understood from her research was that aithough peopie