Commentary on 'Operation Paperclip or Project Paperclip' post
!ere is some in"ormation that you #ill $e a$le to research "or yoursel" no# that you #ill %no# #hat to loo% "or a"ter
& tell you this.
& #ill attempt to just 'i(e you a summation as it #ould ta%e the a !)*+ $oo% entitled ,-he !istory o" the #orld
$e'in destroyed,
.othchild "inanced /apoleon 0onaparte's army.
-hey #ent out and destroyed1 ro$$ed and then controlled $y creatin' their o#n .othchild corporate central $an%s.
2ll Corporate crimes are hidden $ehind their (ery pretty Corporate &ma'e.
-hat (ery modusoperendi is still in e""ect today.
3ou need you rip that Corporate mas% o"" to see the horri"ically u'ly e(il insanity o" the 4ionist satanic criminals.
5ollo# the trail o" deception1 destruction and death and it #ill lead to the "a%e money1 then you #ill understand
e(erythin' you #ill learn at and $eyond on the 7orld 7ide 7e$ o" -ruther sites.
8ust $e sure to $e $ra(e -ruth 6oldiers and 'o out and unload your truth munitions to the e(ery corner o" the -he
-hen $e sure to return to the 7orld 7ide #e$ o" -ruth to 'et more truth munitions.
.emem$er that truth can not $e %illed....
/a9is #ere created and "inanced $y the 6atanic 4ionist $an%ster criminals.
-hen a"ter !itler #as "inished doin' #hat /apoleon 0onaparte had started1 !itler retired to a com"orta$le li"e in
2r'entina alon' #ith all his $uddies.
0ut the 4ionist /a9i machine #as not "inished. -hey then set their tar'et on the last t#o "ree societies on this planet.
0ein' Canada and -he )nited 6tates o" 2merica.
-he /a9is #ere then put in char'e o" the ne#ly created )nited /ations1 5ederal 0ureau o" &n(esti'ations and the
Central &ntelli'ence 2'ency.
2"ter the 4ionist 0an%sters too% control o" the creation o" money $y creatin' -he 5ederal .eser(e they no# had the
money to 'o on there insane mission o" $uyin' up and ta%in' control o" the #hole planet #ith their "a%e money.
6o they "looded the )6a #ith "ree easy money and they called it the roarin' 20's.
-hen the 'reat depression #as $rou'ht a$out $y the $an%sters remo(in' o(er "orty percent o" the money in
-hey too% that money to "inance !itlers $uildin' up *ermany.
-hat "ortune spent on the reconstruction o" *ermany had the same $rain #ashin' on the *erman population as did
the roarin' 20's.
0ut in the )62 all that easy money came #ith a (ery nasty loan clause.
-hat clause $e'in in small print1 that all loans could $e recalled "or "ull (alue anytime the $an%ters #ished.
-he $an%sters #ere (ery cunnin'.
-hey loaned money to all the prosperous $usiness o#ners in the )62.
6o no# the 0an%sters in one "oul s#oop o" deception1 no# too% o#nership and control o" all the real (alue assets o"
the )62.
-hat is #hat happens #hen the people 'i(e up the control o" their central $an%.
8ust %eep "ollo#in' the "a%e money.
/o# here in Canada as in the )62 #e no lon'er ha(e any peoples 'o(ernments.
7e only ha(e Corporate 'o(ernments that ha(e not1 can not and #ill ne(er create any real common la#s.
-hey only create '2cts' 2cts a'ainst #e the people.
&t is time "or a 7orld 7ide -ruth .e(olution, 5or truth only comes "rom Common sense.
-he less common sense an indi(idual has the stran'er they 'et.
-hrou'h social en'ineerin'1 "a%e media1 !olly#ood su''esti(e scripts and the ma'ic $o: %no#n as a pro'rammin'
tal%in' $o:.
-hey ha(e completely scre#ed you up the ass #hile you %ept your head $uried in the 'round.
3our $are ass has $een a real turn on "or those sic% $an%sters.
-hey ha(e literally raped your mind and your ass..
& thin% no# you %no# #hy /apoleon -ore !is 0one2parte...
#ritten $y ;aniel 8 -o#sey.

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