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G.Sandeep Reddy Email :

Mobile : +919989820131

eing a !o"t#a$e Enginee$ and #ell %e$sed in #eb based applications& ' am loo(ing
"o$ a long)te$m association #ith an o$gani*ation ha%ing dynamic #o$( en%i$onment #he$e
my s(ills co+ld be e""ecti%ely +sed& enhanced and the$e by g$o# in the hie$a$chy o" the

3+ yea$s o" e,pe$ience in '- ind+st$y as a so"t#a$e enginee$ in de%elopment o" #eb
based .pplications +sing /a%a& /2EE.
E,pe$tise in 0b1ect 0$iented 2$og$amming in /a%a.
E,tensi%e 2$og$amming E,pe$ience in !e$%lets& /!2& !t$+ts& /a%a!c$ipt and 3-M4.
E,pos+$e to 5atabase +sing Mic$oso"t !64 !e$%e$2007& 0$acle 8i.
8ood 9no#ledge on /!22.0.
E,pe$ience #ith -omcat 7.0.
8ood team playe$ #ith e,cellent comm+nication s(ills& $es+lt o$iented leade$ship and
st$ong attit+de to#a$ds lea$ning ne# technologies.

3a%e been #o$(ing in the .pollo Mic$osystems :2; 4td :an '!0 9001:2000 company;&
since sep 200<& till date.
=ni%e$sity>?ollege @ea$ o" 2assing
.-ech :?!E; ?h$isth+ /yothi 'nst o" !cience A -echnology 200<
'nte$mediate 8eethan1ali /$ ?ollege
!!? !$i Bani 3igh !chool 2001
0pe$ating systems : Cin 98& Cin 2000 p$o& Cin D2 p$o& Cin 2000 !e$%e$
5ata ase : 0$acle 8i& M! !64 !e$%e$ 2007& M! .ccess.
Ceb -echnologies : !e$%lets& /!2& /5?& !t$+ts& asp,.net& ? and .1a,
!c$ipting 4ang+ages : 3-M4& /a%a!c$ipt.
Ceb>.pplication !e$%e$: -omcat 7.0.
?lient : -.-. !teel& /amshedp+$.
En%i$onment : !e$%lets& /!2& !t$+ts& /a%a!c$ipt& 3-M4 and o$acle 8i.
-eam !i*e : 7
Fole : -eam Membe$
P!"#e$% De&$!'p%'"n( G'nteg$ated mines management !ystem :'MM!;H is being designed
"o$ a+tomate the mines en%i$onment. this so"t#a$e $ecei%es the data pac(ets "$om the
eI+ipment li(e& 5+mpe$s& !ho#els& E,ca%ato$s& 5$illing Machines and J+el tan(e$s "$om
the mine to the cont$ol $oom th$o+gh Fadio Modem& +sing se$ial po$t ta(es and sto$es
them into the app$op$iate tables o" the database& and gene$ates $epo$ts li(e& pe$"o$mance
o" the eI+ipment& pe$"o$mance o" the ope$ato$s& n+mbe$ o" t$ips pe$ shi"t& total tonnage
p$od+ction etc.
-his so"t#a$e also displays the c+$$ent location o" the eI+ipment in a mine on the 5igital
R")e& and Re&p"n&'*')'%'e&(
.naly*ed the J+nctional !peci"ications.
5esigning o" +se$ inte$"aces in /a%a !e$%e$ 2ages +sing 3-M4& /a%a!c$ipt and ./.D.
!to$ed and $et$ie%ed data +sing database I+e$ies& !to$e p$oced+$es "$om 0$acle 8i
5e%eloped b+siness logic +sing /2EE& !t$+ts.

+. PROJECT( A,%"-a%ed P!"#e$% Mana.e-en% Sy&%e- /APMS0

?lient : 2$od+ct.
En%i$onment : !e$%lets& /!2& !t$+ts& /a%a!c$ipt& 3-M4&M! !64 !e$%e$ 2007.
-eam !i*e : 3
Fole : -eam Membe$
P!"#e$% De&$!'p%'"n( G.+tomated 2$o1ect Management !ystem :.2M!;H is an int$anet
based #eb application that is being designed "o$ assigning p$o1ect #o$( to %a$io+s
employees in an o$gani*ation and monito$ing thei$ pe$"o$mance daily. !o"t#a$e acts as a
$eposito$y o" all the p$o1ects& depa$tments and enginee$s in%ol%ed& data t$ansactions
bet#een depa$tments& ac(+p management& 5aily $epo$ts monito$ing and inte$nal
mailing. -h$o+gh this application #e can gene$ate daily $epo$ts o" all the employees in an
o$gani*ation in o$de$ to cont$ol +nde$)pe$"o$me$s and to enhance employee p$od+cti%ity
and it also contains 'nte$nal Mailing !ystem s+ch as compose& 'nbo, and !ent items etc.
R")e& and Re&p"n&'*')'%'e&(
5esigning o" +se$ inte$"aces in /a%a !e$%e$ 2ages +sing 3-M4& /a%a!c$ipt and ./.D.
!to$ed and $et$ie%ed data +sing database I+e$ies "$om M! !64 !e$%e$ 2007
5e%eloped b+siness logic +sing /2EE& !t$+ts.
?lient : 'K5'.K K.B@& M=M.'.
En%i$onment : !e$%lets& /!2& !t$+ts& /a%a!c$ipt& 3-M4& o$acle 8i.
-eam !i*e : 3
Fole : -eam Membe$
P!"#e$% De&$!'p%'"n( GEmbedded !o"t#a$e Feposito$y !ystem :E!F!;H acts as a
$eposito$y o" all the ships $elated to 'ndian Ka%y. Each ship is classi"ied as pe$ hie$a$chical
st$+ct+$e li(e& depa$tments& sections& s+b sections& eI+ipments& s+b eI+ipments& etc..
Ko# this so"t#a$e allo#s the +se$ to c$eate a ship and its s+b seI+ent child$en :depts.
Etc.; assign the incha$ges to them& allocation o" =pdate& Bie#& 5elete pe$missions to the
+se$s etc.
Each eI+ipment> s+b eI+ipment in the ship is an embedded system& and #ill consist o" a
p$og$am #hich is +sed to d$i%e the ha$d#a$e.
Ko#& this so"t#a$e also p$ese$%es the bina$y p$og$ams and the ope$ational man+als o" the
embedded systems.
R")e& and Re&p"n&'*')'%'e&(
5esigning o" +se$ inte$"aces in /a%a !e$%e$ 2ages +sing 3-M4& /a%a!c$ipt and ./.D.
!to$ed and $et$ie%ed data +sing database I+e$ies "$om o$acle 8i
5e%eloped b+siness logic +sing !e$%lets.
Kame : 8. !.K5EE2 FE55@.
Jathe$Hs Kame : 8. !EE-3.F.M FE55@.
5ate o" i$th : 9th Ko%embe$ 198L.
Ma$ital stat+s : =nma$$ied.
2e$manent .dd$ess: 2lot no 17& Keh$+naga$& Famanthp+$& 3yde$abad)70000<& ..2& and
:8.!andeep Feddy;
2. PROJECT( E-*edded S"3%4a!e Rep"&'%"!y Sy&%e-/ESRS0