... through Bertha Dudde
Introduction to spiritual knowledge ....
I want to gie people an easil! co"prehensi#le instruction$ I
want to enlighten the" in the si"plest possi#le wa! i% the! are
still entirel! without knowledge #ut willing to accept a correct
(ou hu"ans can i"agine that I did not create !ou as !ou are)
%or !ou can detect "an! shortco"ings in people) and i% !ou
spend so"e thought on it) it will see" dou#t%ul to !ou that the
"ost per%ect Being) Which !ou call *God+) should hae created
such an i"per%ect hu"an race ....
But since !ou) as well as all isi#le works o% creation surrounding
!ou) could not hae #een a#le to create !ourseles there "ust
hae #een a ,ower at work) in Which !ou are e&pected to #eliee
.... - God has to e&ist) a .reator o% eer!thing !ou can perceie)
including !ourseles ....
/hus this .reator is supre"el! per%ect) and !ou can procure
nu"erous eidence o% this in earthl! li%e .... 0e created !ou
hu"ans too) #ut not in the state !ou %ind !ourseles in at
present) rather) !ou e"erged %ro" 0i" in a supre"el! per%ect
state) !ou are products o% the a#solutel! per%ect .reatie ,ower)
Which is an intelligent 1ntit! .... 2ust like !ou #ut o% highest
per%ection ....
there%ore !ou were per%ectl! created #ut did not re"ain per%ect
#ecause !ou possessed %ree will which was a#le to eole in an!
direction and there%ore was also a#le to relin3uish all per%ection
and change into the opposite .... -nd this is what !ou hae
done .... (ou le%t the Father+s house) !ou distanced !ourseles
%ro" !our God and .reator) !ou re2ected 0is Fatherl! loe and
#eca"e unhapp! creatures) #ecause it re3uires God+s unli"ited
loe in order to #e happ!.
4! loe) howeer) is in%inite and also %ollows !ou into the a#!ss)
to which !ou aspired o% !our own %ree will .... 4! loe wants to
achiee !our return to 4e one da! and there%ore won+t leae !ou
in !our wretched state #ut will help !ou to ascend %ro" the a#!ss
again) it will help !ou to return %ro" the real" o% darkness into
the kingdo" o% light again and regain !our %or"er state o% #liss)
#ecause loe alwa!s wants to please) and so 4! loe will not
lessen until !ou hae co"pleted the path o% return to 4e.
-nd !our e&istence as hu"an #eings on this earth is a er! short
stage on the path o% return to 4e ....
(ou hae the gi%t o% reason) !ou possess %ree will and intellect)
!ou are a#le to think) %eel and want and there%ore can also
conduct !ourseles accordingl! .... -nd i% !ou think and want
correctl! then !our thoughts and intentions will alwa!s #e #ased
on loe) loe will deter"ine !our thinking and wanting #ecause a
correctl! directed will allows itsel% to #e deter"ined #! 4e 4!sel%
into actiities o% loe and #ecause the actiit! o% loe is the sa"e
as approaching 4e) Who is 1ternal 5oe Itsel% .... #ecause it is
the sa"e as trans%or"ing !our i"per%ect nature into the original
#eing which had once ca"e %orth %ro" 4e in utter per%ection ....
/hus !ou hu"ans on earth onl! hae the one task o% liing a li%e
o% loe .... In doing so !ou %ul%il the purpose o% !our earthl! li%e
which connects !ou with the 1ternal 5oe again and there#!
ena#les the 1ternal 5oe to "ake !ou a#undantl! happ! and !ou
will #eco"e #liss%ul again as !ou were in the #eginning ....
/his is the onl! goal !ou should endeaour towards reaching on
earth) and in order %or !ou to do so !ou will #e taught #! 4e
4!sel% through the oice o% conscience) through the oice o% the
spirit) the spark which glows within eer! hu"an heart and onl!
needs to #e kindled through kind6hearted actiit! in order to tell
!ou hu"ans what !ou should or should not do .... and which will
sti"ulate !ou into "ore and "ore loing actions ....
5oe is the %unda"ental su#stance o% !our nature) and i% !ou
want to #e and re"ain per%ect !ou also hae to #e co"pletel!
per"eated #! loe .... I%) howeer) !ou neglect loe !ou will
re"ain i"per%ect #eings) and then !ou will #elong to the
generation which !ou can presentl! recognise all oer the world'
heartless) sel%ish people who onl! eer think o% the"seles and
neer take care o% their neigh#our who is su%%ering in adersit!
ne&t to the" ....
But a lack o% loe also "eans a lack o% happiness) it "eans
spiritual darkness) ignorance) weaknesses and a lack o% %reedo")
%or then the hu"an #eing will not recognise his God and .reator
either) and he will not take the path to 0i" .... (et onl! through a
union with 4e can the #eing regain #eatitude .... -nd %or the
sake o% this union with 4e !ou are liing on earth.
(ou ought to achiee !our per%ection again which !ou once
renounced o% !our own %ree will) !ou ought to change !ourseles
into loe again which had #een !our %unda"ental su#stance) and
with this change !ou will also esta#lish uni%ication with 4e ....
(ou will #e allowed to gie loe and receie unli"ited loe
!ourseles) !ou will #e a#le to enter into a true li%e which lasts
%oreer) and !ou will #e per%ect and there%ore also in%initel!
happ! ....
,u#lished #! %riends o% new reelations o% God 7In%or"ation)
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