... through Bertha Dudde
God wants to be loved and not feared ....
I do not want you to look uon !e as an aveng"ng and un"sh"ng
God Who ruthlessly #onde$ns and "nfl"#ts hardest un"sh$ents
on all those who a#t "n oos"t"on to %"$ .... I do not want to
#ause you to fear !e as a stern &udge be#ause I only want you to
love !e .... I want to gain your love,
therefore you should also recognise Me in My nature and
give no credence to those who provide you with a
completely wrong image of Me which will never be
suitable to awaken love for your God and Creator Who is
also your Father and wants to be recognised as Father ....
very doctrine which portrays Me as a God of revenge and
an eternally wrathful !udge is wrong' for su#h $"sgu"ded
tea#h"ngs w"ll only ever "n#rease the d"stan#e between you and
!e' be#ause as long as love for !e "s not "n you' you #annot
#o$e #loser to !e e"ther ....
!y funda$ental substan#e "s love and you e$erged fro$ th"s
love ....
But th"s love re$a"ns un#hang"ng and #onstantly re(uests
re#"ro#ated love .... It #an ne"ther #hange "tself nor van"sh' and
therefore !y love w"ll aly to you for all etern"ty.
It w"ll follow you "nto the deeest abyss "n order to release you
fro$ "t aga"n .... but at no time ever will I throw you into
this abyss, I will never ever condemn that which
originated from Me, even if it opposes Me and re"ects My
But th"s love w"ll do whatever "t takes "n order to en#ourage you'
!y l"v"ng #reat"ons' to #o$e #lose to !e aga"n... !y love w"ll seek
to attra#t your love unt"l' one day' you yourselves w"ll turn to !e
w"th burn"ng love and try to f"nd un"ty w"th !e. )nd then your
fate w"ll be unl"$"ted bl"ss as "t was "n the beg"nn"ng before you
re*e#ted !y "llu$"nat"on of l"ght.
!y nature has been wrongly ortrayed to you hu$ans on earth'
at best you fear !e "f you a#knowledge !e as a +ower wh"#h
brought everyth"ng "nto e,"sten#e .... but you dare not #o$e to
!e l"ke #h"ldren and aeal to !e for so$eth"ng be#ause you are
unaware of !y greater than great love for you wh"#h wants to
g"ve "tself away yet re(u"res you to aroa#h !e voluntar"ly ....
%owever' I do not $erely want to be re#ogn"sed as a God of
ower but also as a God of love and therefore I #onstantly reveal
!yself to eole who e,er"en#e hardsh" or sad events an
untold nu$ber of t"$es "n earthly l"fe and are t"$e and aga"n
heled to over#o$e the$ .... -hey would #erta"nly be able to
re#ogn"se !e as a lov"ng God Who knows everyth"ng and t"$e
after t"$e "s w"ll"ng to hel .... For I #o$e #lose to every hu$an
be"ng "n earthly l"fe' by *ust ay"ng attent"on to "t he would be
able to dete#t a h"gher rov"den#e "n h"s earthly l"fe' "n h"s
dest"ny' "n all e,er"en#es he en#ounters.
But I also reveal !yself to eole through the Word' I seak to
the$ and also g"ve the$ a s"gn of !y great love by ad$on"sh"ng
and warn"ng the$' by offer"ng adv"#e and #o$fort' by la"nly
e,la"n"ng to the$ the"r urose of l"fe and ro$"s"ng the$
strength and ass"stan#e for the"r earthly rogress so that "t $ay
lead to the goal' to un"ty w"th !e .... For the Father longs for %"s
#h"ldren who e$erged fro$ %"s love .... and love w"ll never
abandon "ts #h"ldren.
%owever' for as long as the hu$an be"ng fa"ls to re#ogn"se God.s
love be#ause false do#tr"nes only taught h"$ to fear God .... he
w"ll not establ"sh the r"ght relat"onsh" of a #h"ld to "ts Father
e"ther' and h"s return to !e w"ll be at r"sk.
)nd you #an re*e#t every do#tr"ne as error "f "t #auses you to be
fr"ghtened of your God and /reator' for I take "ty on the
greatest s"nner and try to hel h"$' but I do not worsen his
state of torment which he precipitated himself .... I do not
#onde$n but l"ft all fallen be"ngs u aga"n .... I do not punish,
instead the being punishes itself as a result of its guilt of
sin and I try to bring him redemption.
#nd what you consider divine !udgment is only a "ust
compensation and helpful act on My part, because every
transgression against My eternal order must have a lawful
conse$uence, in which case I only ever help that which
has become disorderly back into order again' be#ause !y
love and w"sdo$ re#ogn"ses th"s to be benef"#"al' for I want to
g"ve !yself away and )$ only able to do so w"th"n the s#oe of
!y eternal order ....
)nd whatever you hu$ans regard as sad only ever hels you to
f"t "nto !y law of eternal order aga"n one day so that I w"ll then
also be able to bestow g"fts uon you on#e $ore' so that I w"ll be
able to $ake you hay w"th !y "nf"n"te love' as "t was "n the
beg"nn"ng ....
+ubl"shed by fr"ends of new revelat"ons of God 0Infor$at"on'
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